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Public Interest Points involving the Law you should be aware of when coming to the University of Waterloo

Impaired driving

Do not Drink and Drive! Upon conviction, you will face costs of up to $30,000.00 in increased insurance, fines and lawyers fees, even if no one is injured or killed.

Protect your property

Make life TOUGH for criminals and look after your personal property! Lock your bike and NEVER leave laptops, purses or backpacks unattended.

Upon conviction, anyone caught stealing on campus may be expelled from school and face a substantial fine, imprisonment or both.

Controlled Drug Substances Act

Illegal drug use is a health issue and a CRIME. The possession and trafficking in controlled drugs and substances is aggressively investigated on campus. Conviction may result in expulsion from school and a substantial fine, imprisonment or both.

Waterloo City By Laws As citizens of our campus and our community we must respect the rights and property of others. The following activities are not only wrong but will result in a fine of up to $300.00.

Public Nuisance Violations: By-Law 05-18 $155 Fine •

Littering on Private Property

$300 Fine •

Littering on City Property

Urinating In Public

Noise Violations By-Law 86-75 & 78-79 $125 Fine •

Yelling, Shouting, Hooting, Whistling or Singing between 23:00 hrs. of

one day to 07:00 hrs. the next day (09:00 hrs. Sunday)

$300 Fine •

Making, Causing or Permitting to be made, noise likely to disturb

inhabitants at anytime.

Liquor Licence Act Violations The irresponsible use of alcohol on campus can result in a fine and in some cases a very unpleasant visit to the Emergency Room. Drinking alcohol in excess is a hazard to your health. Look after yourself and your friends!

Did you know?

No Set Fine – Court Appearance

Selling or supplying liquor to a person under 19 years of age, or to a person who appears to be under 19 years of age

$65 Fine •

Being Intoxicated in Public

Entering a licensed establishment under 19 years of age

$125 Fine

Possession or consumption of liquor under 19 years of age

Presenting a fake ID

Unlawful possession or consumption of open liquor in a public place.

$180 Fine

Having open liquor in baggage and readily available in vehicle

$215 Fine

Open container of liquor in vehicle

Things you should know  
Things you should know  

Laws you need to be aware of