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To further my research I have decided to do a short questionnaire about horror movies - which I will distribute across various age ranges. The results are as follows: 1) Which age category do you fit into (please circle)? 0-10 11-20 21-30 31- 40 41-50 50+

First of all, I decided to ask the age of the participants in order to better understand the demographic of my potential audience. Also, I thought that it would be helpful to try and ask a range of people (all with different ages) in order to get a better perspective of the horror genre and what different age groups expect from a horror film/ teaser trailer etc. 2)Do you normally watch horror movies? (if not proceed to question 4)

I then n decided d to ask my m particip ipants wh hether the ey normaally watch h horro or moviess to see how ho manyy people like li the horror ho gennre. As yo ou can see, m more peop ople don’tt normallyy watch horror h mo ovies. I m must admiit this reallyy shocked d me as I expectedd more peeople to enjoy e the horror genre. g ht, I thinkk that it would w mak ke sense for less people p Howevver, with hindsigh to likee horror films f as the t sole aaim of ho orror movvies is too scare an nd instil ffear in th he audien nce, and sso I can understan u and why m many peop ple don’t like watcching thin ngs that w would sca are them.. 3) Which h horror films f are your favo ourite (please listt them) an nd why are a they yyour favou urite?      

Here iis a selecction of answers a th that I receeived: “Th he shinnin ing” “ Th The Texass Chain sa aw massaacre” “Th he Living Dead” “Th he Saw Seeries’ “Th he Grudge ge” “Mi Mirrors”

4) What would yo ou expectt to see in n a horro or film? (p please lisst a minim mum of threee thingss)

Firstly, I was amazed at the variety of answers given, as I had expected a narrow variety of answers. I was also quite surprised to see that “blood” was the answer mentioned the most. I actually thought that the most common answer would have been murder. However, this has been informative for me, as I will think about including other aspects such as ‘Flashbacks’, within my teaser trailer – as I had not previously thought about including them. 5) What could a potential film producer include in a horror movie teaser trailer that would make you want to watch it? Here is a selection of the comments that I have received: · Suspense · Shock · A cliff hanger · Crying · Psychologically frightening scenes In my opinion, this was the most helpful question as this research has given me new ideas for my movie teaser trailer. For example: I am now considering doing a psychological teaser trailer as opposed to a gory horror teaser trailer, as I feel that 1) it will be more realistic, 2) It will possibly look more professional, and 3) it is in response to receiving the feedback that I have previously mentioned. After gathering all this information I have now started to process some ideas of what I can include in my movie teaser trailer.

Questionnaire Results  

A brief questionnaire about horror movies