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Allan Neil Robinson

MA Fine Art 2012 - 2013 Allan Neil Robinson

Installation for East Kent Cultural Conversations Shelves, Copper Plates and Objects June 2012

Corrosion Paintings Part of Installment for East Kent Cultural Conversations Verdigris on Copper Plate 30x21cm and 10x5cm

Shelf Piece Installation 200 Wooden Shelves Hand made wooden shelves mounted on wall June 2012

Endless Installation, Copper PLates and Shelves October 2012

'When The Light Breaks' Graduate Show The Horsebridge Centre, Whitstable October - November 2012

Corrosion Istallation Tools and Objects on Shelves November 2012

Paintings of Corrosions Acrylic and Spray Paint on Board Janurary 2013

'One ' and 'Two' Acrylic, Spray paint, Gouache and Oil on Board March 2013

Untitled Triptych Acryclic and Spray paint on Board May 2013

Map of Canterbury for City Bricks Finding and locating Bricks on the map to be collected June-August 2013

Kent Curiosities Locating and Collecting objects from around East Kent Linking object with map in studio Installation June 2013

Photograph of Kent Curiosities and Studio Map, objects and wool Installtion June-July 2013

Displacing and structuring objetcs through arranging and staging of objects through the use of plinths and objects found and postioned. June-July 2013

Trolley and shelves Playing and testing temporality and staging within the studio July 2013

Allan Neil Robinson MFA  

MA Fine Art Portfolio