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Coffee destinations for RMITers

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The Voice of Vietnam

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Small tips, big changes

* Please note that the views expressed in these pages are the personal views of the authors, and do not necessarily reflect the views of RMIT management.

Trần Anh Vũ- editor in chief

Green living

5-6. Successful alumni story Ngo Huy Anh from Standard Chartered

7. The List 5 Coffee destinations for RMITers

8. The Scence Looking for date ??? Let’s do a cupcakes date <3

9-10. Movie review Change begins with a whisper: The Help

11-12. Sport Report English Premier League: The Downfall of an Emperor ?

12-13 Club Pub Japanese Culture Day p.16 Accounting CFO series

13-14 Research Corner What is Real Art?

After the publication of the 1st issue, we have received many positive feedbacks and helps from SLAM, Culture, Accounting Club and also the readers. Current Magazine is the brainchild of the whole RMIT Hanoi campus; therefore, we appreciate your helps very much. I would like to thank Mr. Luu Duc Minh and the Student Council for your helpful support in processing the magazine. And, I also would like to show my appreciation to Quan, Mai Anh, Hiep, Nhan, Nhat Anh & every Current Magazine’s members for staying with us through all the struggles. With you all by my side, I believe we can be the next best thing in RMIT soon, without doubt.

currentmedia staffs

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f o e c i The vo

m a n Viet “

Remember what makes music so incredible? And what connects you to those songs that you love? It’s the voice. The Voice, originally from Holland, is a reality TV show aimed to search for beautiful, special voices and has been produced in 47 countries. Now adopted by Vietnam, only the second Asian country after South Korea, The Voice of Vietnam, or “Giong Hat Viet”, will be coming this 2012 with the winning prize of up to 5oo mil VND. The contestants also have the chance to learn and work with Dam Vinh Hung, Ho Ngoc Ha, Thu Minh and rocker Tran Lap (four expected judges of the show). Different from other singing competitions such as Idol, “Giong Hat Viet” is designed just for real singing talents. Why? Firstly the candidates who perform in the first phase – the blind audition are selected strictly by experienced singers and only max 70 of them are chosen (Compared to Idol’s 500). Secondly, during the blind audition, all judges cannot see the performances, only hear. The selected candidates may not be those who present a song in a stylish way or perform successfully, but must be those who are able to show their voice impressively. No pretty faces, no cool tricks, no swags, just Voice. After the first phase of the show, singers can be selected by, or select a judge to work

with. They will be mentored and supported by their coach to prepare for the battle phase. Therefore, being able to choose a suitable coach is very important. However, since in this phase they also have to compete against other members within the same team, so they could consider avoiding joining a team with lots of good singers. Finally, in the final phase-the live performance shows, the coach continues to support their contestants. However, their fate is relied on public vote. In the end, both the coaches and the people decide who has the most amazing voice in the show. The preliminary will be held on May 24th and June 1st in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City respectively. Let us all look forward to the surprises it will bring.

Huy Col

current magazine issue02 | 2

Green Living Lan-Anh Ngoc Bach

What is “green living”? Green Living actually is a way that helps reducing natural resources consumption and negative environmental effects by re-acting your living habits. Green Living means to meet the present demand without damaging resources for future generations. It can be seen as the most viable aspect of Sustainability Development.

Green living

Have you ever thought about changing yourself for the better? Changing your way of living may sound hard but it’s actually just about some small changes you’ll have in your daily actions to make your life “GREEN”. Follow these easy steps and see how your life will improve!

Step 1: Consume wisely, or better yet, eco-wisely!

Step 2: Home safe home

- Choose eco friendly covers such as paper or leaf instead of plastic (E.g: Choose leaf-covered “xoi” instead of plastic-covered ones). Moreover, try to use reusable shopping bags instead of plastic ones. - Plan your shopping, or have a to-buy list. Never put yourself in a dilemma where you are stuck with undesired items. Be smart and your money will stay with you.

- Grow vegetables on roof /balcony. I bet you have once tried to grow a small black pea plant when you are studying Agriculture Technology in primary school. It was fun and easy! You can do the same with small tomato or red chili trees. They don’t take much space but can be useful when you need some spices or a slice of tomato for your salad. It’s surely healthy because it is your own product.

current magazine issue02 | 3

Step 3: Take out the garbage!!! - Classify garbage to reuse and recycle. Recycling not only helps to reduce the amount of raw materials taken from natural resources for manufacturing but also helps to decrease the garbage on our planet. - Everyone should consider using fabric handkerchiefs instead of paper ones. Saving paper means saving trees. Additionally, remember to use both sides of paper. This simple action can help us save tons of trees.

Step 4: Save your energy

Green living

- Use energy saving electric appliances and turn off electric appliances when not in use. Duh. Your mom had said it. The TV had said it. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s also been promoted during Earth hour campaign as well. Do it. - Participating in Green Transport. Even though nowadays we cannot avoid using transportations which produce a lot of emissions to the atmosphere, we can still minimize their impact on the environment. What we can do in fact is to turn off your motorbike when you stop for more than 25 seconds to wait for the traffic red light, for example - Slow food. Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t depend too much on fast-food. Provide yourself with enough nutrition. More fresh vegetables and fruits in your daily meals.

Step 5: Stay healthy, be happy - Keep a good posture while working at the desk, daily exercise helps too. Students like us spend most of the time reading, writing or sitting in front of the computer screen. If you are not in a good position, your neck or your backbone will hurt badly. - Surround yourself with good music and arts. Living green means that you have not only a strong physical body but also a good spirit for your daily work and activities. Keep a healthy mind! Good luck!

current magazine issue02 | 4

Successfu “Communication: key to success” Indeed. But how do you communicate at work? Imagine yourself as a bank officer. Now imagine you have a staff of dozen. You also meet hundreds of people per month. For business. VIPs watch your every single movement. No. Mistake. Allowed. Admittedly, how should you communicate at work? Ngô Huy Anh, an RMIT alumnus, knows the right answer. He does them all on regular basis. “In every situation, keep calm and be formal to seize the customer’s trust”, he advises.

After graduating from RMIT Saigon in the late 2010, friends invited him to start as a trainee in Standard Chartered Bank* in January 2011. 10 months later he got promoted to be the leader of Sales Department. To progress this far in less than a year, especially in such a big international bank, only a few people are capable of. Fact is: he is NOT a born - genius, he was just like us, mostly. He used to be a normal high school student just like we were. But what impressed Huy Anh and made him give up his University Conventions to go to RMIT

current magazine issue02 | 5

ul Alumni Story Standard Chartereds’ Ngô Huy Anh, the guest speaker of Accounting Club’s Junior CFO Event talks about his early success and experience in Banking Industry – the Leader of Sales Department.

is neither its facility nor education but its active envi- your words“, he continues, “A misunderstanding in a ronment. Unlike other university, where the students conversation, which frequently happens, might lead rarely participate in any events, “RMIT students are to the worst scenario: end of partnership.” He also really proactive and sociable” – said Huy Anh – “this noted that, in the real world, small behaviors are being environment suits me in every way”. Thus, Huy Anh observed even harsher than the normal ones. This exenjoyed his univerplains why Business sity life with many Communication Standard Chartered Bank: which is one of the world’s leading banks, has new friends durwas his most favorbeen working in the most dynamic market for over 150 years with worlding university time. ite subject at RMIT. wide customers comes from over 60 countries. In 2010-2011, Standard Chartered Bank is one of a few banks that earn profit during the economic

He is also close Now all the effort crisis. In Hanoi, it is well-known for employee service and salary. The center office located in 49 Hai Ba Trung street, the other is in 25 Le Dai Hanh with most profeshe spent has restreet. Also according to Huy Anh, there are about 8 or 9 RMIT alumnus sors, “Till now, warded him with there so good luck to all who’s interested in working for SCB. I still keep in confidence to stand touch with them tall in the hottest and some have even become my clients”. Exchang- yet challenging industry, banking. “Only when we ing ideas with the professors helps Huy Anh to ex- seem confident, will the customer trust us”. Well, Mr pand his knowledge much further than the textbooks Ngô Huy Anh, good luck with your future career path! could. Especially when he goes to work and actually implement his knowledge into practice, the professors’ suggestions become even more valuable. In his interview, Huy Anh shares one of the main reasons for his early success: his perfected communication skill. It was only until he took Business Communication class had he realized the importance of communication in future career. Unfortunately, most current RMIT students underestimate Business Communication because of its lack in practical application. “BCom (business communication class) is very important, it teaches us the very basic principles of how to do business with people from various backgrounds, T.Vu when your attitude and etiquette mean more than

current magazine issue02 | 6


Coffee destinations for RMITers


89A Ly Nam De Specialty: Free style piano and guitar Location: No parking space. Price: 20k – 60k for a drink. Vintage but clever interior design with theme colors of yellow, green and blue very suitable for teenagers. With 3 different floors with distinctive styles: luxurious, warm and dynamic, Chillout has attracted many engaged couples to take pictures for their wedding albums. Score:

Dinh coffee

13 Dinh Tien Hoang Specialty: Live rock for old avid rock fans Location: Small but cozy Price: only 6k – 15k No fancy souvenir, no sweet love song, no table, just the atmosphere and the peacefulness of a 30 year old coffee shop. And forget about all those love songs you hear over and over again, rock is the main genre at Dinh and no surprise when Dinh’s owner is the fan of Pink Floyd. Score:

Giang coffee

39 Nguyen Huu Huan Specialty: Egg coffee Location: Now bigger and cleaner than old Hang Gai venue Price: 6k-15k Giang is actually the father of Dinh’s owner so like father like daughter, there might even be some similarities in the flavors. Dinh is already old but Giang is the oldest coffee bar in Hanoi so you‘ll definitely enjoy the peace, good coffee and memories of old Hanoi the bar brings.



Level 5 73 Cau Go

1B Ma May

Specialty: Best view, overlooking the Old Quarter and Ho Guom. Price: 50k– 70k for a drink

Specialty: exquisite 3D paintings Location: In the heart of Hanoi town Price: 20k– 50k

I have to confess many times I go to Avalon just to enjoy the fresh air at here and to watch Ho Guom in the morning. The interior is also very classy, decorated with delicate artworks and fine lamps and furniture. Very suitable for office staff, couples or partners. Score:

Align is very popular among coffee lovers because of its unique style. With its “Align 3D”, Align also attracts many 3D designers in Hanoi. We can find in here a new vision of the old tree, pictures of old Hanoi with tilting poles, old roofs of Hanoi houses… all in 3D. Score:



current magazine issue02 | 7


ear readers,

I bet most of you are thinking about a romantic date with your boyfriend or girlfriend right now. But have you ever tried a date with your friends? It is great fun, especially when you can bake and chit chat with your BFFs at the same time. Are you curious? Let me tell you all the fun that my friends and I had. We, RMIT students, were enjoying the rest of the semester break. But how come, we felt so lonely when there’s no one home. We were also so bored of the sleep late days. As a result, our gang decided that we had

some games which I found pretty similar to Songoku’s tricks in “The Dragon Balls” comic series. You should try it someday if you have never heard of it. It’s extremely fun to play with and to exercise as well!

After lunch, we hurriedly headed back to my home sweet home for some more fun.

When the day came, before the main activity, we gathered at another friend’s house from early in the morning to try some Kinect battles - motion sensing device by Microsoft. We played with many different games such as: volleyball, boxing, bowling and even

mixture little by little. Finally, the little uncooked cupcakes were put in the oven at about 180oC. When we were waiting for the miracles to happen inside the oven, we played some games. One is Scrable, is a very academic game. It is the best game if you want to improve your English vocabulary. Another game is Poker, which I guess, is already familiar with all Vietnamese. Poker is not allowed at university, so we played it at home. “Ding dong”. The oven’s clock alert that the baking time is up. Our cupcakes were baked nicely and

to organize a meeting, simply because we were bored and we missed each other. Hey! Don’t laugh just yet? The feeling of missing someone can exist between friends too, not just between lovers, right? After considering some options, we finally decided on the location, which was my house, and the main activity, which is baking cupcakes.

is hard and puffy. Then, flour was poured into the

tastefully. We ended our day with a huge dinner. It is also my best dinner ever.

I know how to bake, am I talented? Yes, of course I am. Out of all the recipes in my special baking techniques notebook, my friends chose cupcakes. The ingredients for our cupcakes included only eggs, sugar and flour. There are two must-have items if you want to be successful at baking cupcakes are egg mixer and oven. First, the eggs had to be beaten together with sugar until it

Would you like to join our gang and have a date with us? >:D< You’re welcome!

Your lovely writer

Ruby Nguyen

current magazine issue02 | 8


Change begins

eing fired for using the employer’s toilet was one of the main reasons why many African American housemaids lost their jobs back in the early 1960’s, when racial discrimination was a disturbing issue at its most controversial level. Based on Kathryn Stockett’s novel ‘The Help’, the movie of the same name, directed by Tate Taylor, has succeeded to portray American society in the South during the Civil Rights era, especially in Jackson, Mississippi. ‘The Help’ with the combination of irony amusement and painful paradoxes, which can only be caused by racial hatred, can make you both laugh, and cry. ‘The Help’ is about the relationships between three women, one white – Eugenia “Skeeter” Phelan (Emma Stone) – who works as a writer, and two colored – Aibileen Clark (Viola Davis) and Minny Jackson (Octavia Spencer) – who are housemaids working for white people, and their stories of pursuing their dreams. ‘The Help’ takes us back to the 60’s when such dreams are constrained by the law of discrimination, and that’s where all the featured details making this movie stand out differently start to come in.

The interview

It was a world where all African American girls already know their future jobs when they are only six – to be servants working for elite ‘white’ families. The maids have to do all the housework such as cooking, cleaning, doing the laundry, even raising the children for the white ladies. A moment of silence when an innocent baby girl kisses on the cheek of the maid and says, “You’re my real mother, Aibileen!”, which has us thinking about how good in nature these maids are but how badly they are treated by the host families. ‘The Help’ begins by the interview with Aibileen Clark about how h a rd it is to work as a maid in a white family, where she gets no respect because of her race. Aibileen is a middle-aged black woman who has spent her life raising white children, but her true desire is to do something else, something that her lost son has always wanted them to do. Her best friend, Minny Jackson, is known as the best cook in Mississippi, but her outspokenness has put her in situations of being fired several times, all she ever dreams of is to get her children away from Leroy, her brutal and domineering husband. The interviews with these women, done by Eugenia Phelan, are all carried out in secret and served to the completion of a book called ‘The Help’, which tells stories of the colored women when working as housemaids – the experiences that they would never have shared. It is the idea of Eugenia, and her burning ambition is to have it published. Three fates, three dreams, one purpose – the book. However, it is not an easy job as all media products discussing about race equality are forbidden in the law in the recent time; the maids are also afraid to cooperate and share their thoughts due to fear of unemployment. Many obstacles are facing them along the way, even when things are in the most darkness, a small light of hope

current magazine issue02 | 9

with a whisper

Director: Tate Taylor Starring : Emma Stone, Viola Davis, Bryce Dallas Howard, Allison Janney, Octavia Spencer, Jessica Chastain can still bring changes. ‘The Help’ tells an amazing story of how these three women overcome difficulties to fulfill their wishs, even though they are “illegal”. And for that, it takes them more than just efforts to achieve such dreams, especially when society is pointing their swords against them. A maid is threatened with death just because she steps on a beautiful garden on theway to work; another is literally willed to her host’s daughter and granddaughter, like they own her. The hatred even

A typical shop in Jackson with separate entrance for colored citizens

reaches its pitch when “Home Help Sanitation Initiative”, a bill whose content is an obvious insult to the African American community, is reviewed by the Surgeon General and passed to the State Governor. Plenty of such heartbroken and inhumane stories combining altogether have formed a complete picture of the time, best left for the viewers to discover.

The movie was nominated for Best Picture in over ten reliable movie awards including the 84th Academy Awards 2012. Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer also won a number of awards for Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress.

Octavia Spencer Wins Best Supporting Actress Oscar For ‘The Help’


current magazine issue02 | 10


The Downfall of an Emperor ?

re you a football fan? (As in using “foot” to play the “ball”, not the stupid American football where you use “hand” to play with an “egg”). If you are, then which country’s football league do you find most thrilling and intriguing? I bet about 90% of your answers would be “English Premier League” (EPL). The fact that EPL has long taken a respected place around the world is not surprising. One of the reasons is that EPL invests a lot of money and efforts to help fans everywhere “experience” not just “watch” games. The stadiums stands are built close to the fields so that some lucky fans can literally touch the players, others shout at the players, express their emotions to the finest to their heroes on the fields. And if some fans are really lucky, maybe even a ball to the face.

For fans watching on TV, it is without a doubt that the EPL’s camera system is the world’s best. Unlike many other leagues including V-League, EPL have perfected their camera setting and placements providing replays from every angle possible for the fans to see things that the referees and the players do not. Hence fans have the chance to be unprofessional critics, raise their voice and enjoy cursing the incompetence of the people involved. In other words, EPL has long managed to let all football fans “live” every moment of the game. Result? EPL occupies a very special place in the fans’ hearts. But just the flashy look and lively views cannot build up EPL’s image that successfully without high quality standard of the English football clubs themselves. Almost every clubs plays with high tempo, very physical football style. That creates a very enthralling atmosphere for the watchers. Their best teams – Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool… are loved all over the worlds for their styles. English clubs also win trophies with style as well. Statistically, in recent years, EPL’s teams have proved to be in complete dominance compared to other leagues in Europe in UEFA Champions League (UCL). From 2005 until now, there was only one UCL final featuring both nonEnglish teams. During that period, three seasons 3 out of 4 teams in the semi-finals were English and 2008 title was the domestic matter between Manchester United and Chelsea.

current magazine issue02 | 11

But things seem to have changed. Even Chelsea’s miraculous semi-final win against Barca cannot mask an obvious decline of English football. Their domestic Champion – Manchester United failed to make it out of an easy group stage against Benfica, Basel and Otelul Galati (don’t blame me if I get this anonymous team’s name wrong) whose class and skill cannot compare to that of the English champion. Man United put on a very weak, dispirited show and lost out to Basel, humiliated right at their home “Theatre of Dreams”. Another team just as disappointing was Manchester City. Despite spending nearly a billion dollar over the years upgrading the team, Man City still proves to be so naïve in European competition. Their fans can blame their failure on that they were in a tough table with Napoli, Bayern Munich and Villarreal, but their performance still did not live up to the money they’ve spent, it’s a fact. They lost to Napoli who spent no more than 15mil each year. Even worse, after going down to the lower competition – Europa League, the two Manchester teams totally showed what an embarrassment they were. The

English Champions were outplayed in both legs against a 7th-place team in La Liga- Atheletic Bilbao and went out in the most terrible fashion. Meanwhile, Man City showed more spirit with a 3-2 win against Sporting Lisbon at Etihad after losing 2-1 in Portugal but still got K.O. What a shame! Two leaders of the EPL got toyed in a second-rate league! That makes you wonder what have become of the prestigious EPL we used to know. In the next few years, if EPL clubs do not try to improve and continue to play like they did this season, maybe football fans around the world will turn to La Liga instead, with two giants Barcelona and Real Madrid dominating, or even Bundesliga, where Dortmund and Bayern Munich are showing great intensity and flair with their styles. Wake up, now or never, English football!

One-winged Angel

Accounting Club

“Think globally, work locally”,

“Business etiquette”

Attendance: 200 Guest speakers: -Ms. Le Nhat Vuong (KPMG Manager) on “International Accounting Standard and Vietnamese Accounting Standard” - Mrs. Nguyen Thuy Duong (KPMG Partner) on her extensive work experience and professional advices.

Attendance: 250 Guest Speakers: - Mr. Trieu Long (a wine expert from ADT Ltd.) on wine tasting etiqu-ettes - Mr. Nguyen Minh Hieu (KPMG Director) on the art of persuasion Note: Attendees had the chance of practicing drinking white and red wine

April 14 , RMIT 7 floor th


April 14th, RMIT 7th floor




current magazine issue02 | 12

What is Real Art? I

“A Pro Photographer or a Pro Photoshoper ? “

n the last few years, Photography has emerged as a popular trend among the Vietnamese youth. People love taking photos, capturing and sharing memoriable moments of their life with friends and family, however, not many of us know much about Photography. A lot of people have been thinking that in order to have an outstanding picture, a photographer would need an excellent skill in Photoshop (PS) to retouch and change the original picture into any way he wants. It is totally a misunderstanding. As a freelance photographer with some experience collect-

ed from experts, I would like to share a few opinions about this topic.

I bet Photoshop is so familiar with everyone who is interested in photos. This God-given software could help make amazing pictures. However, be careful, it might ruin your photography technique if you overuse it. Using Photoshop is not a bad thing, but knowing how to use it adequately is very important. In fact, most experts have a deep understanding about their cameras and photography. They use Photoshop only to make minor retouch to their photos and please their

“Business networking event”,

Arpil 20th , Bao Son Hotel’s Grand Ballroom Attendance: 300 Note: As a networking event, students from RMIT as well as from top universities in Hanoi had the opportunity of meeting CFOs, HR Managers of Big 4 and many renowned firms in person. Junior CFO Series ended with many compliments from lecturers and students as compelling and innovative. It also attracted many students from RMIT and other Universities

Photo 2: Original photo by Nhat Anh, Focal length: 50mm, 1/400 sec, f/1.6, iso 200, +1EV

to RMIT Accounting Club. Even more, the editor of kenh14. vn proposed to work with Accounting Club on the upcoming events. This success has affirmed the ability of RMIT Accounting students; moreover it enforces the relationship between RMIT and Big 4. It was the enthusiasm, strong will and unity of the RMIT Accounting club members that made Junior CFO Series an amazing success. Let’s congratulate Accounting Club on their achievement and wish them every success in their future events.

What’s next this semester?

Induction day |Introductory Accounting | Trial test | Mentoring Program



CLU current magazine issue02 | 13

customers. If you have a profound understanding about your cameras and know how to take best advantages of every functions, you can professionally produce beautiful photos that can amaze your friends and people with just a little help of Photoshop. First of all, try to take as many photos as you can, use as many functions as you could find on your cameras, and also try to shoot in as many different lights as possible. It Photo 1: Original photo by Nhat Anh, Focal length: 50mm, 1/30 sec, f/2, -1/3EV, helps you learn about your Film: Ilford Delta iso 400 gears, consequently you As you can easily see on those friends, right ? To have a brilknow how to use each functwo pictures included in the liant art work requires passion tion appropriately in different and patient. Please do not circumstances and give cut out the step while taknice raw photos. Using ing you pictures. I do not PS makes you become want to convince you PS is less responsible with completely negative, but your photos. It leads you to focus on how I want to remind you to to retouch your photos use it carefully and sufrather than how to perficiently. Hopefully, you form you photography guys enjoy my article, I’m ability. looking forward to chat with you next time. I’m a realistic man and a perfectionist, for me the reality is perfect. Personally, I like the scars, the winkles on a model’s skin, or I would let rubbish on the street appear on my photos, so I don’t use PS to take those details out. However for some who does not want Photo 3 : Retouched photo, Focal length : 43mm, 1/250 sec, f/2.8, to have these things on their article, you can relies which Don’t forget which one you work and long to improve, one is the real work. Do you wanna be: you could use PS to make your want to be an arrogant PRO a Pro Photographer or a Pro frame perfect but remember with a range of retouched pho- Photoshoper ! that’s all, you have nothing tos ? I bet you will prefer to into do with the colour and the troduce original, un-retouched lighting. but outstanding photos to your NhatAnh.

current magazine issue02 | 14

e s e n a p Ja

y a D e ultur


tre ki Cen u Y d n club a ulture C y b Hosted

â&#x20AC;&#x153;Together we growâ&#x20AC;?

Nearly 300 people were attracted to Japanese Culture Day on Thursday 19 April, 2012 at Recreation room Hanoi Campus. Japanese Culture Day has successfully created an opportunity for RMIT students to get closer to Japan and its culture, one of the oldest cultures of the world. During the events, students got chance to take part in many interesting activities including yosakoi dance, serving Japanese cuisine, writing wishing cards and playing traditional games. Information about the country, culture, tourism of Japan as well as studying opportunity there was also shared by guest speakers from Yuki center, a well-known Japanese learning center in Hanoi. Japanese Culture Day is one of the series of cultural events that will be held by Culture Club. In the near future, Culture Club plans to organize events about French, Korean, Chinese, etc. cultures in cooperation with other RMIT Hanoi clubs.


< })><

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