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Physical Appearance & Personality Vocabulary PHYSICAL APPERANCE. hair

thin thick curly wavy straight bangs bald gray salt-and-pepper highlights [-ed] dyed face

wrinkly youthful body/figure

thin slender chubby pudgy out-of-shape shapely curvy voluptuous top-heavy big-busted busty muscular in-shape tone petite boxy pear-shaped stout

overall appearance

put-together sophisticated stylish/trendy casual sporty disheveled sloppy frumpy dated conservative edgy PERSONALI TY. absent-minded anxious appreciative argumentative arrogant artistic blunt bossy brave calm capable careful cautious compassionate conscientious considerate cooperative creative curious dependable ditsy dishonest dramatic easy-going

efficient energetic enthusiastic envious faithful flexible friendly funny generous gentle genuine giving good-hearted greedy inquisitive jealous happy-go-lucky hardworking helpful hilarious humble humorous hypocritical ignorant imaginative impatient impolite independent intelligent interesting irresponsible knowledgeable kind lazy logical loyal materialistic mature mean

motivated narrow-minded naive needy observant open-minded optimistic organized outgoing passive patient pessimistic polite practical quiet rational rebellious sarcastic selfish self-centered self-confident selfless self-sufficient sensible sensitive sharp shy social spacey spontaneous stubborn talkative thoughtful tolerant understanding vain vivacious witty young at heart

Physical Appearance & Personality Vocab  
Physical Appearance & Personality Vocab  

This list contains vocabulary in English focusing on physical appearance and personality traits. For intermediate to advanced learners.