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link Volume 4 - Issue 7 March 2012

“Teaching is the profession that teaches all other professions” ~ Author Unknown

Message from the Director AISM teachers don’t just teach, they make every student feel special. They are passionate educators who do not shy away from hard work; instead, they eagerly take on innovative and challenging tasks. They spend countless hours designing new ways forward, ways to make learning more engaging, ways to connect better with our students and ways to work together to ensure every student reaches his/her full potential. AISM teachers also willingly give of their time long after the school day ends. Some coach sports or chaperone weekend trips; others mentor struggling students or serve as a confidant who listens without judgment. AISM teachers go the extra mile! They enjoy what they do, they do it well and convey that enthusiasm to their students, day in and day out. Like many schools around the world, we select one day out of the year to acknowledge our teaching staff. This year on Thursday, 29 March, our PTA will sponsor its annual Teacher Appreciation Day, a day on which we say “thank you” to all of our teachers for making a difference – great and small - in the lives of our students. . Mary Jo Heatherington, PhD School Director

Next Board Meeting : Tuesday, 27 March 2012 @ 18:00 in the AISM Auditorium

primary ELC The ELC delved into the world of light through the transdisciplinary theme, How the World Works and discovered how light creates shadows and reflections. Students worked with many different materials and light sources, particularly the sun. They investigated the movement of the sun in the sky; how the sun creates and changes shadows, and what effect movement has on shadows. Through integration of our mathematics sequencing concepts, students also created a sundial and discovered that the movement of the sun can be used to tell time.

Inquiry in ELC – K ELC-K students have been inquiring about sources of light. Students listed the sun, stars, moon and light bulbs as immediate sources. One student mentioned fireflies, and other students were very surprised that a bug could actually make light! Students conducted a mini-inquiry, and aside from learning a very big word – bioluminescence – this is what we learned: illumination bugs such as fireflies make light within their bodies. Fireflies light up to attract a mate. This process is called bioluminescence and is a process shared by many other organisms, mostly sea-living or marine organisms. Grade 5L Shared Writing Through Observational Journals Tired Lady Selling Tomatoes Lovely little lettuce leaves waiting to be sold. Tomatoes swallow up the hay as if they are eating giant potato chips. Look at the lady and she’ll look back at you with those tired eyes. The sun is dripping down with the sultry heat. Her eyes droop down in exhaustion as she stares at the people - their feet slamming on the floor as they drift further away. Look at her… bored out of her wits. Instead of winning any money whatsoever she is being disturbed by foolish foreigners who think she’s an exhibit. How do you think she feels? When do you think she will get money and fulfil her dreams?

Meanwhile a hundred tomatoes shine as bright as glowing scarlet rubies as if they were decorating a diva’s ring.

ELC - M How the world works Last week 6th grade students performed for ELC - M students Robert Louis Stevenson’s poem, My Shadow. Their performance was part of their PE inquiry activity –“How can we express our feelings through dance?” – and helped to link different learning experiences across grade levels. ELC students aptly named the performance the Shadow Dance, and learned a few facts about shadows: first, students established that light creates shadows; then, they noted that shadows differ in size at different times depending on the light; and they also confirmed that their shadows always made the same movement as they did. Grade 6 students asked ELC learners to guess whose shadow was in the performance, and surprisingly all ELC learners correctly point-

ed to the person acting in each shadow. Following the performance ELC learners generated even more questions to pursue such as: “Why do the shadows grow tall and short?” and “What happens to the shadow when there is no light?”

Attitudes of the PYP Curiosity … about the nature of learning, the world, its people and cultures ...

primary Grade 1R - Rhyming couplets

Primary School Students Visit the Livro Aberto Library On Thursday, February 2nd, the Livro Aberto afterschool group visited Livro Aberto’s Children’s Library, Language & Literacy Centre in Maputo. Our aim was to deliver the big pile of books students had made last semester and to find out ways we can help this semester. This library is open to the general public and money raised goes to fund their community projects in Museu, KaTembe and Costa do Sol. Their mission is to foster a joy for books, and empower adults and children through literacy. During our visit we were able to see how Livro Aberto runs workshops in these neighbourhoods. Students also got a chance to share stories, play literacy games and participate in readers’ theatre. They enacted the True Story of the Three Little Pigs. It was lots of fun, and the wolf ended up in jail! Our students also presented the books they wrote for the local children, and autographed them. Overall this visit really helped us all understand how Livro Aberto uses the mobile classroom and library, and also what resources and props they need. We saw how Livro Aberto prepares literacy, art and theatre workshops in order to bring books and stories alive for children, and develop their skills in reading and writing. We all learned a lot and have returned with loads of great ideas for this semester! Quotations from Grade 3 “Thinking Journals” relating to our unit “How we express ourselves: Show Time!”… “I think expressing ourselves is a way to show how we

are feeling and tell other people our ideas. Performance is a way for you to show your talents and to have fun and joy in what you do. I learned that acting can be fun and sometimes it can be no fun. You can do acting if you believe in yourself. Sometimes you can express your opinion. It means that you’re sharing your ideas and what you’re thinking.” – Sebastian Morch After watching a news report on Phillip Adam’s ballet, Aviary … “It was pretty clear what was happening. They were expressing themselves through bird movement. They were very graceful and flexible. It said that they watched and studied birds for, I think, more than two years. It made me feel excited and wanted it to go on and not stop. The other thing that amazed me was their costumes. They looked so much like birds!” – Hannah Peffer

“I think the movements in the video looked a lot like birds and also the music. I think they are expressing themselves through movement and expression. The music is very calm. Most of the time people think jumping is loud, but the way they were jumping is more of a calm and peaceful way.” – Tusti Jeebodh “South African dancing is also pretty interesting because there are many types of South African dancing such as gumboot dancing. I noticed that Zimbabwean dancing is similar to African dancing because their clothes are the same and they jump and clap a lot.” – Tusti Jeebodh Gr 4W Acrostic Poetry Medusa

Have a great week! Karen Crooke

primary February 9, 2010 Grades 3-5

We gave parents and students props and costumes and told them to take five action-packed pictures that told a story. Everybody got into the action..

Then with the help of some tech-savvy teachers, families created a digital story using photo-story software. We had time to share each other’s stories at the end. They were incredible. Join us for our next family story night on May 17. See you then!

Trina Haygaru



middle MYP PERSONAL PROJECT EVENING 2012 AISM Auditorium Wednesday, March 28 18h00 - 20h00

Join us as we celebrate the effort, ingenuity and independent learning of our Grade 10 students. View projects and toast our MYP graduates for successfully completing the requirements of the IB Middle Years Program.

AISM @ THE AMIS! The Association for Music in International Schools (AMIS) music festivals are well known to teachers and students of music all over the world. Every year the very best international Middle School and High School band, orchestra, choir and jazz band students are invited to participate. In late January of this year, three AISM students, Micaela da Silva, Jaqueline Teixeira and Gabriella Marma, attended the 2012 MS Honor Mixed Choir Music Festival in New Delhi, India. “It was an amazing experience. I enjoyed it so much that I want to do it all over again. Singing at the AMIS was a scary yet fun experience, with so many unknown faces and new friends. We made beautiful music and harmony together. The conductor was amazing and I loved the songs he chose for us to sing, even the very confusing German one! The couple that started the AMIS, and had been to 108 performances already, told us something that I’ll never forget, something that not only motivated me on the performance night, but every “If itperforming is to be… it the is uppopular to me!” musical I’ll neverGrease forget that Grades 9 and 10day: will be on amazing experience!!” ~ Jacqueline Teixeira, Gr 8. April 19, 20 and 21. Mark your calendars now! For those of you with children involved, a rehearsal schedule has been sent home. Please “My experience in India was amazing. There was a total of 120 kids from look at it carefully and plan around it so that your children are availthree continents. The conductor’s name was Dave and he came from the able for allSchool rehearsals. American of Berlin in Germany. The feeling that I got when I was on stage was like no other I’ve ever felt before. I wish that I could go back to Ifthe anyone available to market, help with set, please templeisand the spice andcostumes refresh myand mind with all thecontact tantalizing smells and theat succulent India is a never-ending story and there is Colleen Fletcher school. foods. Your assistance would be greatly apprehistory behind everything and every place.” ~ Gabriela Marma, Gr 8. ciated.

middle MYP 3 Grade 8 Learner Profile Activity March 13, 2012: The students were asked to recall the IB Learner Profile Attributes and perform a song/routine that encapsulated an interpretation of their Attribute.

secondary What is a “Global Citizen”? “Global citizen” is a term used flippantly these days. But what does it mean , and are our students prepared to be global citizens? Nowadays we assume that global citizenship refers to attributes such as tolerance, understanding of different cultures, sensitivity to the environment and multilingualism. But most secondary parents can remember a time when the term was unfamiliar and seldom -used. I decided to ask the high school students what they thought global citizenship meant, and realised that they really do think beyond our walls. “It means people of the world agreeing on a cause.” “ I think it’s about how we work together to do something good.” “… being open-minded.” “It means not being a citizen of only one place.” “Being aware of the problems of the world and understanding what must be done.” “It means you are a seasoned traveller, you know what’s going on around the world, you are not ignorant and you feel the world is important. I suppose educated and open-minded people are global citizens.” “You don’t belong to a single country. Most of us in an international school are like that.” “Having connections to people who live a different life to you.” “Connecting citizens to each other through knowledge.” “Being aware of your surroundings and the plight of those in need.” I then asked the students whether they thought that AISM prepared them enough for global citizenship. “Definitely. We become open-minded to other cultures.” “Yeah, I think so. The whole IB thing is global.” “ We need to be made more aware of what’s happening in the world. We are a bit, but not enough.” “ I want to learn more about how to approach different people.” “The Learner Profile is a good thing to teach us global citizenship but we need more.” “ It would be cool to have more international occasions. We do a lot with Mozambique, but other international connections would be great too.” “AISM gives us a chance to know a little about every continent. There is someone from everywhere at our school.” On the subject of global citizenship, look what has been happening in Kim Carey’s MUN class: In the MUN class this year we have had several guest speakers come in to speak to the students about their work with the UN, here in Mozambique and around the globe. The students have heard from representatives from the World Bank, UNESCO, UN Women, UNICEF, and coming up next week, a visit from one of Mozambique’s ambassadors to the UN. It has been an eye-opening experience for everyone!

The World is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion. ~ Thomas Paine Colleen Fletcher Secondary School Principal



On Tuesday March 6th, the Gr 12 IB Theatre students presented a performance which they had produced, entirely unassisted from script to stage, in only 48 hours. Each student took responsibility for a certain aspect of the production: Nelisa and Elizabeth directed, Mauricio was responsible for lighting, Miriam took care of sound and Alauia came up with costumes. Daniela produced a set and Darienne designed make-up for the cast. A number of 11th grade Drama students were enlisted to perform in the show and the result was a slapstick comedy suitable for all ages. The students found the challenge mentally exhausting as they came to appreciate the level of concentration required to ensure the audience was able to understand the story, the dialogue and the puns. The Gr 12 Drama students learned a lot from the experience and felt that, overall, it was a great success enjoyed by parents, secondary and primary students alike.

LOST & FOUND Lost and found items are piling up! If these items are not claimed by March 28 they will be donated to charity. Please ask your children to go and have a look to see if any of the items there belong to them.

secondary Celebrate! Congratulations to our 12th graders! Although they have just finished their mock exams, many are starting to hear back from colleges and universities. While most of the schools in the US do not notify applicants of their admissions decision until March or April, some of our students have heard back from schools in the USA and UK. There is still some time for our 12 th Graders to apply to schools in the Netherlands, South Africa, and elsewhere. . So far, our seniors have received acceptances from the following universities :University of Exeter Arcadia University University of Glasgow Babson College University of Hartford Drexel University University of Leeds ESMOD Dubai-Fashion Institute University of Maryland George Mason University University of Northampton Indiana University of Pennsylvania University of Nottingham London South Bank University of Portsmouth Loughborough University University of Tampa Oxford Brooks University University of Warwick Pace University University of West England, Bristol Sacred Heart University University of Winchester St. John’s University Webster University, Vienna SUNY, Albany Westminster University University of Bath University of Brighton We anticipate many more acceptances coming University of Derby through before long. Keep up the good work University of East London Class of 2012!

11th Grade REMINDER: To register for the May 5th and/or June 2nd SAT exams please log on to as soon as possible.

AISM would like to thank the U.S. Embassy and U.S. State Department for a recent $250,000 security grant to be used for the installation of a closed circuit TV system; a public address system throughout all buildings; additional perimeter lighting; and a software system to operate the new secure entry.

secondary Final Internal Assessments and completion of the syllabus is key during the next two weeks. After the holiday the students have two weeks with their teachers for revision and then a week and a half of study leave. The final IB Diploma exams start on May 2nd and end on May 22nd. If you see a stressed Grade 12 around, give them a smile, a kind word and wish them good luck.

The Extended Essay contract is due in on March 23rd. This means the students must have found a supervisor, a topic and some broad ideas on the research question. Next deadlines: 16 April: 2nd meeting with advisor Narrow research topic (300-word description) 17 April: Peer review in Advisory 24 April: Finalized research question with research evidence (minimum 15 resources)

Thank you to all the Grade 10s who have returned their initial IB subject choices. During their English classes on March 14th, the students were given the final block schedule choices sheet. This needs to be completed and signed by the students and their parents/guardians. These forms need to be returned to Susan Rhodes by Tuesday March 20th. The final block choices were based on the subject combinations in the initial form. Some students will have to alter their subject choices as we cannot accommodate all combinations of subjects. Pre and Mid IB Spring and Summer courses. Many schools, colleges and businesses offer Pre- and Mid- IBDP spring and summer courses. Check out the places below if you are interested. Ms Chelsea also has lots of information about summer holiday courses all over the world. Oxford Study Courses (OSC) Stanford University, California USA St Clare's College IBWISE

- - - -

student Artist of the Month Richard Mather-Pike Middle School and High School/IB Art teacher

Arts Committee

South African-born Richard Mather-Pike is AISM’s own Middle and High School/IBDP Art teacher. He has a diploma in Graphic Design and a master’s degree in Painting and has previously taught in India at the Kodai Canal International School where he worked for 6 years. Mr. Pike has been at AISM since 2010. We are very pleased to honor Mr. Pike as our March Artist of the Month. He created this piece, inspired by the work of Ben Shan and the Bayeaux tapestry, specifically for the Arts Committee for our foyer display. When asked about his interests, Mr. Pike answered “dark novels, lamp posts and milk cartons”!

The Events Committee kicked off AISM’s first Hunger Games on March 2 at 6:30 pm. Everyone was giddy with excitement, some were a bit confused and many were plotting strategies for how to stay in the game. After our opening speeches it was a thrill to see our 45 participants scatter. Our amazing MC, Joe Wright, worked to keep the excitement flowing throughout the event with great success. The night’s cat-and-mouse games continued, with hard chases, tough tackles and female alliances forming to take down some of the top contenders. Our winners were Heidi Westberg in Game 1 and Craig Cullen in Game 2, both from Grade 11. The participating students, as well as our chaperones, agree that the Hunger Games were a huge success. The Events Committee hopes to host at least one more by the end of the school year. We’d like to thank all participants and our chaperones, Ms. Spisso, Ms. Colleen, Mr. Maxfield and Mr. Craig for their time and attention on the night. Events Committee Chairperson Hunter Walton

mabukwini LIVRO ABERTO Students continue to work with the Livro Aberto project, which promotes literacy in children from underprivileged communities.


Bo Book ok of th the e Mo Month: nth:

Jonathan Franzen

“After almost fifty years as a wife and mother, Enid Lambert is ready to have some fun. Unfortunately, her husband Alfred is losing his sanity to Parkinson's disease, and their children have long since flown the family nest to the catastrophes of their own lives. The oldest, Gary, a once-stable portfolio manager and family man, is trying to convince his wife and himself, despite clear signs to the contrary, that he is not clinically depressed. The middle child, Chip, has lost his seemingly secure academic job and is failing spectacularly at his new line of work. And Denise, the youngest, has escaped a disastrous marriage only to pour her youth and beauty down the drain of an affair with a married man - or so her mother fears. Desperate for some pleasure to look forward to, Enid has set her heart on an elusive goal: bringing her family together for one last Christmas at home.� [From Google Books] Winner of several awards including the National Book Award, Pulitzer Prize Finalist, National Book Critics Circle Award Finalist, and American Library Association Notable Book.

appreciation Ms Donna Spisso took a group of 7 high school students to participate in a Habitat for Humanity build for a mother and child in need. Your hard work and dedication is very much appreciated by Habitat, by lucky Teresa and Leonora who got a new home, and by your 7 students who enjoyed an unforgettable experience. Jed Oksness not only travelled with students recently to Tanzania for a Math competition, but also travelled earlier this month to Johannesburg with the varsity basketball team. A very big THANK YOU, Mr Oksness, for the time and effort you have volunteered for your students. Grade 3 presents Mr. Ken Turner with a thank-you letter for helping them with their school play, and for talking to them about spending time in Antarctica.



Mr. Ken and Mr. Clagnaz jazz it up at the Polana Hotel on Thursday February 2nd. Congratulations to Robert Fletcher from Grade 9, on completing the 2012 Argus Cycle Tour in Cape Town on March 11! More than 32,000 cyclists started the 110km race this year, which Robert managed to complete in just over 5 hours. Good job, Robert!

Do you know someone who deserves a pat on the back and two thumbs up? Lets us know!

AISM “MATHLETES” FLEX THEIR MUSCLES Eight of our finest “Mathletes” travelled to Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, earlier this month to compete in the ISSEA Math Competition, 2012. Five schools from 4 countries took part in the challenge, and we’re very proud to announce that overall we finished in second place. AISM’s Tim Ratigan (Gr 10) achieved the highest individual score during the multiple choice round, answering 38 out of 40 questions correctly. Well done Tim! Poorva Arora (Gr 11) narrowly missed taking a position in the top 5, with 31 out of 40 correct answers. The second part of the competition was an event involving teams of 3, and our students performed admirably. Final standings were as follows: 1. American International School of Johannesburg 2. American International School of Mozambique 3. International School of Tanganyika 4. Have of Peace Academy (local school from Dar es Salaam) 5. International Community School of Addis Ababa (Ethiopia)

Tim Ratigan

health Sue Lindsay-Rea, School Nurse

Essential Equipment for Sports Safety The equipment worn while participating in sport is an important factor in preventing injuries. Students participating in various sports need the following equipment: Mouth Guards:

These should be worn during contact sport where head injury is a risk. They are also important in protecting the teeth and the mouth. If the student wears a retainer this should be removed before playing sport. Shin Pads: Essential when playing field hockey, they protect the shins from cuts and bruises. Getting a crack on the shin by a ball or stick is painful! Correct Footwear: Important in preventing tripping, slipping and falling. The correct shoes need to be worn for the correct sport. Shoes that are damaged or old need to be replaced as they are no longer supportive and injuries can re sult. It is important that equipment is the correct size and fit. Check with the coach if you are unsure. Wearing the right equipment with the right fit decreases your chances of getting hurt.

service HABITAT FOR HUMANITY A New Home for Teresa and Leonora

Seven AISM students impressed the Habitat For Humanity local building staff immeasurably! We exceeded their wildest expectations in getting the work done as quickly and expertly as possible in 3.5 days. During that time we built a house from the foundations to the roof. We made cement, built walls and began construction on the floor. Teresa and baby Leonora will soon move out of their crumbling straw and mud hut and into their brand new two-room block house with a tin roof. Participating in the build alongside Ms. Donna Spisso were students Carlijn Huesken, Larissa Price, Pedro Barbosa, Michane Viljoen, Rachel Whyman, Claudia Navalshankar and Yoon Joo Kim. We are planning another build in mid-May. A $250.00 USD donation is required. The build is open to students in grades 9-11. Please contact Donna Spisso ( for further details including the cost of food and lodging.

sports St John’s College Basketball Tournament

AISM competed in an Under 19 basketball tournament Feb. 23-26 in Johannesburg, South Africa. The tournament was hosted by St. John’s College and consisted of 24 teams from South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana, and Swaziland. Despite their comparative youth, our boys competed well and gained valuable experience, finishing 18 th overall. A big thank you goes to coaches Jed Oksness and Jon Barnes for their time and effort over this great weekend!

The AISJ Basketball Tournament

The girls’ basketball team comprises nearly all new players this year, and for many the AISJ tournament was a firsttime experience. Although the our girls lost all four of their games, two of which were very closely-contended, they were honored with the coveted Sportsmanship Award. Well done! Many thanks to Danielle Rudd and Denise Gomes for assisting throughout the tournament.


Total Points












We welcomed visiting local teams from Kitabu, Maputo International School, Trichardt, Christian Academy and Escola Portuguesa. By the end of an exciting day of matches, AISM girls took 1st place and AISM boys finished 4th.

NEW UNIFORMS! The Sports Department would like to extend a very big THANK-YOU to the Couto family for donating brand new basketball kit for both the girls’ and boys’ varsity teams. The players and coaches were very pleased with the kit which looked great during the basketball tournaments in Johannesburg. We would also like to thank the PTA for sponsoring the purchase of new Primary soccer and basketball uniforms. The mini-Buffs are now wearing the same kit as the Varsity squads.

Thank you to the Coutos and the PTA for their donations!

sports ANNUAL AISM SOCCER CAMP With almost 40 of our Primary students involved in the soccer sessions run Sunday mornings, our first-ever Primary Sunday Soccer League has just concluded with the Red team scooping top honours. A big thank-you goes to our coaches Many, Peter, Santos and Julio for doing such a great job! With soccer being such a popular sport at our school, we are pleased to announce that we will be hosting the 3rd Annual AISM Soccer Camp in partnership with the European Football Academy from April 23 to May 4, 2012. The Academy conducts soccer camps in London, Scotland and Luxembourg and they also travel to a few selected International Schools in Africa. We are very fortunate they have once again accepted our request to visit AISM. Please visit the following link: for further details on the Academy.



Parents are kindly asked to contribute 100 Mtn towards the gifts we will have for our teachers on their special day. Your Class Rep will arrange to collect your contributions. Thank you for your support.

 REMINDER  Mayfair, our biggest fundraiser of the year, will be held on May 12 this year. The theme this year is the Chinese YEAR OF THE DRAGON! NEXT PTA MEETING: April 11, 2012, o7h30, Room of Requirement


21 Mar

12th Grade Conferences, AISM Auditorium


21 Mar

Student-led conferences - Primary




22-29 March 22-24 March

Primary Talent Show Auditions, ICT Lab Secondary Hockey Festival, St Martin’s, JHB


23 Mar

Global Issues Service Summit, S. Africa


23 Mar

Dance Crew Activity Showcase, 18h00, AISM


23 Mar

Swim gala (AISM/Ferroviario), AISM


24 Mar

Vibe-Rate Dance Show, 19h00, AISM


27 Mar

AISM Board Meeting, 18h00, Auditorium


27 Mar

Secondary House events, 13h30-14h30


28 Mar

MYP Personal Project Exhibition, 18h00, AISM


29 Mar

Diploma Art Exhibition (3rd Floor Library)


29 Mar

Teacher Appreciation Day, 16h00-18h00


30 Mar


30 Mar

Primary Coffee Morning 08h00-09h00 Sharon Peters: ICT in the Primary School


30 Mar

Lower Primary Swim Gala (U6-U9), 14h30, MIS


31 Mar

SEMESTER BREAK (31 March - 8 April)

Community Time, 07h30-08h00, Auditorium

Telephone: +258 21 49 1994 Fax: +258 21 49 0596 Email:

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