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Contents Olympic Memorabilia . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 Maps & Engravings. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Books . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21 Archive Photographs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31 Medals, Decorations & Ephemera. . . . . . . . . 45 Documents. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 48

Catalogue Authoring and Editing:

Spyros Tsipidis


Picture postcard / Εικονογραφημένη κάρτα Real photograph, photocard / Φωτοκάρτα, πραγματική φωτογραφία Map / Χάρτης Rare, very rare, etc. / Σπάνιο, πολύ σπάνιο κλπ. Good quality or condition / Καλή ποιότητα ή κατάσταση Very good quality or condition / Πολύ καλή ποιότητα ή κατάσταση Fine quality or condition / Ωραία ποιότητα ή κατάσταση Very fine quality or condition / Πολύ ωραία ποιότητα ή κατάσταση Library book / Βιβλίο Document / Έγγραφο Newspaper / Εφημερίδα Engraving / Γραβούρα Magazine / Περιοδικό Ephemera / Εφήμερα Bonds & Certificates / Μετοχές Ceramic / Κεραμικό Advertisement / Διαφήμιση

Olympic Memorabilia Lot. 9001

ΔΗΜΗΤΡΙΟΣ ΤΟΦΑΛΟΣ - DΕMΕTRIOS TOFALOS’ Collection Collection of photographs A collection of a total of 232 personal photographs with descriptions handwritten by the Greek Olympic Winner, covering a long period of his life, extending from before the Olympic Games of 1906 until his death (1966). A part of the collection is related to the period of common life of D. Tofalos with the famous Greek wrestler Jim Londos, with a series of photos where they are pictured together. More specifically, the collection includes: • Silver printed photographs, of various sizes, from 26x34cm to 7x11.5cm • 10 photos on thick carton paper, of the “cabinet” type and size • 185 small size photos (7x11.5cm - 9.5x15cm) • 17 medium size photos (11x17cm - 15.5x21cm) • 20 large size photos (20x25cm - 26x34cm) On the back sides of at least 90 photos there are (on most occasions, lengthy) handwritten descriptions. The collection covers a large part of the life of Demetrios Tofalos starting from a school picture taken ca. 1890-1895. The period before the Olympic Games of 1906 is reflected on 3 portraits of the most recognizable athlete in weightlifting, photos on thick carton paper, taken by the photographers A. Atzaritis (Patras), Boehringer (Athens) & D. B. Lempesopoulos (Kalamata). The largest part of the collection deals with the period of Tofalos’ settlement in the United States where he initially worked as a professional wrestler in freestyle wrestling and later became manager of the famous Greek wrestler Jim Londos. Ηis business activity included the establishment of companies which imported products from Greece, including alcoholic beverages (from companies like Achaia Clauss, Votrys & Delphi). In this section of the collection are included photos with his personal handwritten dating, ranging from as early as 1914 to 1952 - when Demetrios Tofalos returned to Greece. The photographs of this period include portraits, scenes from everyday life and wrestling games, as well as photos with fellow athletes, friends, and prominent businessmen of the Greek Diaspora. Of particular interest are four photographs which belong to the era of the close cooperation of Demetrios Tofalos with Jim Londos, showing them together. Jim Londos is also depicted in 12 more photos. Another set of photos highlights unknown moments of Tofalos’ life in America. In a large size picture (ca. 1915) he is shown wearing an artistic ancient greek outfit (while there are indications that during his early years in America he worked as a tenor!). A small number of photographs is related to the period of Tofalos’ life after his repatriation (1952-1965). Ca. 15 images (incl. four on thick carton paper) depict members of his family, with most particular that of his dead sister, who was a victim of the bombing of Patras in 1940. Finally, a large framed photo (132x21cm) with an inscription in the negative: “Panhellenic Sports Games of the ‘Hermes’ Club, on the 21st August, 1932, at ? Park, Brooklyn, N.Y. / Athens Studio, 150 East 39th St.” shows Greek athletes, members of the sports club of New York, of which a co-founder was D. Tofalos.

Collection of manuscripts, documents & other objects An accumulation of almost a thousand personal documents of D. Tofalos related to the period of his life from his settlement in America until his death in Greece. A particularly important and rare part of the material includes the minutes of Tofalos’ life, recorded with his own hands in two personal diaries and a large number of hand-written letters to his mother, relatives and friends. In the concisely written texts are outlined the exuberant character of the Greek Olympic champion, his political beliefs and unknown aspects of his personality. Olympic Memorabilia, Rare Maps, Books & Photography, Documents & Ephemera


In another section of the collection, is presented D. Tofalos’ business activity as a representative of ACHAIA CLAUSS in America. The material covers in depth all aspects of business development and decline of his company in the USA (ca. 1935-1949), as well as the prosperous network of businesses of expatriate American Greeks at a time when the Greek products were extensively promoted in the American market in the decades of 1930-1940. The collection includes also a large number of Greek American newspapers and the Tofalos’ personal collection of newspaper clippings, mainly focusing on the wrestler’s career from the early years of his settlement in America and the famous Jim Londos wrestler’s career alike. Finally, the collection is complemented with rich personal material such as signed checks, personal letters to eminent Greek politicians, artists and entrepreneurs, and administrative documents related to him and his family members. More specifically, the collection is divided into the following general categories: 1. Set of D. Tofalos’ manuscript documents: • • • • • • • • • •

Two (2) personal diaries with over 350 handwritten pages, with daily notes. The first concerns the period from 12th May 1952 through 11th September 1952. As is noted in parts of the text, those days Demetrios Tofalos was still in America and was preparing his return to Greece. The second diary is titled “My Daily Notes since Apr. 1955” and refers to the period from 1st April 1955 through 30th June 1955. Those days, D. Tofalos was in Patras, Greece, staying at a hotel (Magestic) because he had no access to his family home. In the first page of this diary there is an introductory text which reads (with original spelling): “Since 1940 and the ... damned November (November 3, 1940) when I was informed about the disastrous bane of my family, the bombings of our town Patras, that murdered .... ... my dear sister Ioanna ... (I decided) to keep a diary of my life and the historical events of the glorious ... the holy & glorious my Fatherland Greece. I stopped keeping them (the notes) ... on 22nd December 1952, the day that I departed from Big-Hearted Holy America with the aim to calm ... my soul from the pain, ... the misery of our country ... because I was leaving for a new life in order to heal the pain .... I arrived at wounded Greece. I came on October 8, 1952 ... not a single day did I see relief of my soul since I arrived in Piraeus and that is why, with this record, I write down, with my own hands, my new sufferings”. The everyday notes begin with comments on the weather while frequent are the references to political and economic news. They are particularly important as the concisely written text highlights unknown aspects of the character and personal life of D. Tofalos while, for a total period of six months, it gives details of his everyday life, his daily meetings and contacts, as well as his thoughts. Three (3) envelopes from the period just before D. Tofalos’ return to Greece in 1952, with enclosed leaves from “my favorite tree which is in the 102 Str. Central Park West ...” and hairs from his chest, with handwritten text “June 4, 1952. Hairs from my chest that I keep...”. Handwritten list of names and addresses, mainly of U.S. expatriate Greeks, ca. 1945. Four (4) letters sent from America to his mother in 1941, shortly after the tragic death of his brother and sister, Dionysios and Ioanna, due to the bombing of Patras by Italian warplanes. A letter which seems to be sent by D. Tofalos to himself (!). A set of personal letters written by D. Tofalos, with reference to significant events of the era (such as the impact of the Second World War or, later, the Cyprus matter) where it is apparent his involvement - as an Olympic champion and prominent personality of the Greek American community - in political issues such as the German wartime reparations. Personal letters addressed to D. Tofalos by expat friends and businessmen. 3 pages of handwritten notes on the results of weightlifting in the 1932 Olympic Games. 3 handwritten letters to the Minister for Justice Mr. Theofanopoulos and a typewritten letter to the Prime Minister A. Papagos, regarding the re-assignment to D. Tofalos of his paternal residence in Patras. For a long time, after D. Tofalos returned to his hometown Patras, he lived in hotels because he found out that his paternal house had been rented. 25 sheets of handwritten notes that give records of his family property, inventory of the paternal home and family barges and claims for compensations.

2. Newspapers & clippings • • • •

A series of ca. 130 complete newspapers of the Greek Diaspora of America [ca. 1939 - 1950 (“America”, “National Herald”, “Atlantis”, “The Greek-American Tribune”, etc.)]. In the newspaper (~1915?) D. Tofalos appears in an advertisement. 70 clippings from newspapers with reports on wrestling , mostly focused on Jim Londos. Clippings from newspapers with advertisements for products of the companies ‘Achaia-Clauss’, ‘Votrys’ & ‘Delphi’.

3. Legal / Administrative documents related to three (3) general categories: • The death of his brother & sister, the clarification of the circumstances under which they died, the claims for compensation from the USA after the end of WWII and the settlement of inheritance issues: • 1940, two (2) death certificates for Dionysios Tofalos & Ioanna Tofalos, brother & sister of Demetrios Tofalos: “the death occurred due to the bombardment of the city of Patras”.


A. Karamitsos # 530

• 17 documents from the District Courts and Port Authorities of Patras related to the clarification of the conditions of the deaths of Dionysios and Ioanna Tofalos, as well as the claims for compensation for the destruction of two barges owned by the family of Tofalos due to the Italian bombardment of the port of Patras. • The claim for his family home which began with his return in Greece, in 1952 • Letters to Greek politicians in which he was requesting their assistance for the return of ownership of the family home that was lost during the war and after the death of members of his family. • The dissolution of the Branch of ACHAIA CLAUSS in America and the settlement of remaining outstanding issues • 35 documents / correspondence between D. Tofalos, ACHAIA CLAUSS and their representatives, on the dissolution of the Branch of ACHAIA CLAUSS in New York (of which, CEO was D. Tofalos), the settlement of remaining outstanding financial issues, the economic trade-offs and the disputes between them. 4. Commercial Documents & correspondence: • • • •

• • • • • • •

Establishment and dissolution of ‘ACHAIA CLAUSS America’ (1935/1949) Agreement between D. Tofalos & ACHAIA CLAUSS for the development of the company in America (1935) Lettersheets of ‘ACHAIA CLAUSS’, ‘RC Williams’ (partner company) and Dionysios Tofalos Copies of certificates issued by Greek Authorities for the designation of the origin of the product ‘Mavrodaphne’ of ACHAIA CLAUSS, the method of its production, the type of the grapes and the quantities produced by region, the non-export to other countries, and their translations. These documents were apparently used during the company’s growth in the USA, when its representative was D. Tofalos. A “Price List Official” of ACHAIA CLAUSS (1945) A series of documents giving an outline of the businesses of D. Tofalos in Greece and America, including receipts from transactions, deposit slips, checks and payments. Orders and typed customer lists Aggreements and precise texts from newspaper ads and American radio stations Travel documents, estimates & lists of costs, hotel bills Telegrams Ca. 300 checks signed by D. Tofalos

5. Other • Telegram from King Paul II expressing gratitude to D. Tofalos • Typed letter to the Minister of Education A. Gerokostopoulos in which D. Tofalos stigmatizes the Minister’s decoration by the German state and reply letter sent by the Minister (1957) • Three (3) typed letters of Nicholas John Cassavetes, father of the famous actor and director John Cassavetes, addressed to D. Tofalos. In an excerpt from the first one (26.3.1956): “… John had a great success in theater and he has already concluded a 5- year contract with the great Film Company MGM…”, in another from the second (17.12.1956) : “… John goes wonderful at theater…” and from the third one (20.2.1957): “… John triumphed with his latest movie, now on Broadway. His name shines up and down in the Broadway, with huge neon lights ...” • Personal stationery, programs and magazines related to wrestling, focused on himself or Jim Londos • 13 producers’ labels, mainly for Mavrodaphne wine but, also, for Samos Muscat & olive oil ‘Delphi’ • Promotional brochures of ACHAIA CLAUSS for the Greek ‘AHEPANS’ • A letter (1956) with a text in which a woman is seeking for traces of her brother who was a boxer in America • Maps of American Cities & States (Chicago, New York, California) with handstamps “D. TOFALOS” • Manuals for freestyle wrestling and swimming • Greek-English dictionary In the collection is also included a Greek flag of impressive size (ca. 4 meters long), dating back to the first decades of 1900 and believed to be the one from the 1906 Olympic Games. In conclusion, the present collection consists of unique and first-time-seen material covering a very large part of the life of the famous Greek Olympic champion, showing unknown aspects of it. Apart from the section with the manuscripts and their undeniable importance in understanding the personality of D. Tofalos, it is extending and delineating the life of expatriates in America during the critical decades of 1930-1940. Whereas material concerning both D. Tofalos and Jim Londos is very rarely available for sale, this collection can be called unique - also in terms of rarity. Both the extent and personal character of the material and the diversity of the collection give it a whole museum character. Starting Price: 55000 €

“Nearly 80 images of items from the collection & a full description in Greek at: www.karamitsos.com” Olympic Memorabilia, Rare Maps, Books & Photography, Documents & Ephemera


Actual size ~4 x 2 meters

Ex. Lot. 9001


A. Karamitsos # 530

Ex. Lot. 9001

Olympic Memorabilia, Rare Maps, Books & Photography, Documents & Ephemera


Ex. Lot. 9001


A. Karamitsos # 530

Ex. Lot. 9001 Olympic Memorabilia, Rare Maps, Books & Photography, Documents & Ephemera


Lot. 9002 VG Mid 19th cent. British Porcelain plate with printed mark: “Olympic Games / The Discus./ T.MAYER / STOKE UPON TRENT” on base. Purple / white porcelain plate diam. 27cm, depicting ancient Greece place (prob. Olympia) surrounded by floral designs. Crack of ~11cm. Starting Price: 230 €

Lot. 9003 AXF Paris 1900, 2nd International Olympic Games, Switzerland Shooting Silver Medal. Relief bust of “HELVETIA” with inscr. by Georges HANTZ, Geneve. Female figure on rev., with inscr. “TIR DU VILLAGE SUISSE PARIS 1900”. Weight: 9.3g, diam. 26mm. Almost Extra Fine. Starting Price: 70 €

Lot. 9004 EF Paris 1900, 2nd International Olympic Games, Official Olymjpic Shooting Event Winners Medal. Bronze 44mm by Charles Marey. Winged Nike holding fallen soldier. Rev. French rooster with inscr. “Union Des Societes De Tir De France 1900 / Concours International De LExposition - VIIe Concours National”. Extra Fine. Starting Price: 220 €

Lot. 9006 XF Berlin, 6th Olympic Games 1916 (canceled). Winners medal in German Olympic Trials for Berlin 1916. Bronze, 50mm. Bust of Vilhelm II on obv. Rev. inscr. “DEM SIEGER IM OLYMPIA PRUFUNGSKAMPF”. Extra Fine. Starting Price: 90 €

Lot. 9005 F Athens 1906 Sumer Olympic Games. Three (3) rare commemorative pins. Diam.~3cm. Fine condition. Starting Price: 320 €


A. Karamitsos # 530

Lot. 9007 EF Die Olympischen Spiele 1936 (Raumbild-Zeitgeschichte, Band I), Diessen a. Ammersee: RaumbildVerlag Otto Schönstein, 1936. First edition. Hardcover. Quarto. 55, [7] pp. Stereoscope resting in lowered pocket inside front cover and 77 housed in lowered pockets inside back board. Additional 23 photos mounted on heavy black cartons throughout, as published. Bound in original tan cloth with Olympic rings in color. Text in German by Ludwig Haymann. Complete with 100 stereographs & viewer. Overall, tight & very good copy with some spotting only on front cover. Starting Price: 250 €

Lot. 9008 Lot. 9011 Calgary XV Olympic Winter Games 1988. Συνοπτική έκδοση φακέλλου υποψηφιότητας Commemorative gold plated medal in original της Αθήνας για τους Ολυμπιακούς αγώνες case. Legend “CALGARY 88 HOST CITY του 1996, Αθήνα: [1990], σελ.224. VILLE HOTE”. Limited edition of 100 Starting Price: 45 € pieces. This is the 70/100. Starting Price: 260 € Lot. 9010 EF BARCELONA, 25th OLYMPIC GAMES, 1992. Official Torch. Chrome plated aluminum, 65cm, designed by Andre Rich. “XXV Olympiada Barcelona 1992” legend and goldplated Barcelona emblem. Rubbing on leather part as usual, o.w. EF. Starting Price: 2200 €

Lot. 9009 Athens XI Mediterranean Games 1991. Silver “Boxe” (boxing) & Bronze “Lutte” (wrestling) Winning Medals in official cases with their original ribbons. Diam. 68mm, weight: 154g. Starting Price: 550 € Olympic Memorabilia, Rare Maps, Books & Photography, Documents & Ephemera


Maps & Engravings Lot. 9012 M Ptolemaeus C., “Tabula Europae X” 1542. S. Munsters second Basle edition:”Geographia Universalis, Vetus et Nova, complectens Claidii Prolemaei Alexandrini enarrationis libros VIII. Basel”, Heinrich Petri. Text on verso within woodcut ornammental borders. Margins cut otherwise in Excellent condition. Some 16th century handwritten text in margins. Zacharakis 2808, Karrow 58/84. Starting Price: 350 €

Lot. 9013 M Ptolemaeus C., “Tabula Europae X” V. Valgrisi & G. Ruscelli, Venice 1561. From “La Geografia di Claudio Tolomeo...”. Text in Italian on verso. Crease on lower left corner, two small holew above title. Zacharakis 2825 Starting Price: 75 €


Lot. 9014 M PORCACCHI Tomasso Da Castilione, “Negroponte”, woodcut map Euboea, Sciros and centra Greece including Athens from “LIsole piu Famose del Mondo” 1572-1713. Descriptiveve text in italian. Few light spots & signs of self-adhessive tape on bottom margin. Zach.2742. Starting Price: 120 € A. Karamitsos # 530

Lot. 9015 Μ ORTELIUS Abraham, “Ελλας. GRAECIA, SOPHIANI./Abrahamo Ortelio descriptore”, 1579-1624. Depiction of ancient Greece, western Turkey and the Grecian islands based on the 1545 woodcut map by Nikolaus Sophianos. Architectural title cartouche flflanked by two mythological figures, and a strapwork scale of miles. Latin text on verso. Few tears along centerfold otherwise nice impression with wide margins. Map dim.50x35cm. Zacharakis 2495. Starting Price: 385 €

Lot. 9016 M Giovanni Botero, “EVROPA”, end of 16th cent. prob.: Venice, Nicolo Polo, 1595. Map dim.19x25cm. Stains mainly along centrefold, 17th cent. Handwritten text on lower margin. Starting Price: 50 €

Lot. 9017 M CLUVERIUS Philipp, “Daciarum Moesiarum et Thraciae Vetus et Nova. Descriptio”, 1624-1711. Beautifully coloured copper engr. map, dim.26x21cm. Depicting Dacia, Moesia, and Thrace, or present-day Romania, Moldava & parts of Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, Ukraine & Greece. Roman place names. Decorative cartouche: angels blended with Ottoman symbols and figures. Light corner creases otherwise, bright & impression. Zach.977. Starting Price: 70 €

Olympic Memorabilia, Rare Maps, Books & Photography, Documents & Ephemera


Lot. 9018 M BLAEU Willwm Janszoon, Joan and Cornelis, “Candia olim Creta”, 1640-1751. No text on verso. Copper engraved map in fine contemporary colours in outline & wide margins. Ornated with a nice allegoric cartouche, ships and shields for coat of arms. The island of Crete is shown quite accurate with detailed engraved rivers, mountains and villages. Two tears on left & right margins slightly touching the engraved area (~5mm) & small tears along margin edges. Engr. Map dim.52x38cm. Zacharakis 386. Starting Price: 265 €

Lot. 9019 M MERIAN Matthaus, “CANDIA cum insulis alijs proxime ei adiacentibus / CORFU / CEFALONIA / ZANTE” from “Topographiae 1642-1688”. A very interesting map composition presenting Crete in a large map frame surrounded by 3 inset maps of the Ionian Islands Corfu, Zakynthos & Cephalonia. Contemporary outline hand-coloured. Map dim.38x30cm. Excellent condition. Zach.2297. Starting Price: 150 €


A. Karamitsos # 530

Lot. 9020 M Merian, “Delineatio Oppugnationis Candiae Anno 1649” from “Theatrum Europaeum”. Detailed plan of Venetian Candia (Heraklion, Crete) fortifications and surrounding landscape. The plan presents the city been besieged by the Ottomans. Two inset fortification plans on upper left & right corners and an extended key of toponyms and positions of Venetian & Ottoman armies. Dim. 39x29cm. Light wear on lower white margin, otherwise in excellent condition. Starting Price: 145 €

Lot. 9021 M LAURENBERG Johannes Wilhelm, “Insularum archipelagi Septentrionalis, seu maris Aegaei”, 1650-1741. Double-page engraved map of the North Aegean with labelled maps of Lesbos, Lemnos, Skyros, Chios and the Sporades and several decorative ship. Large cartouche with allegorical figures in regional dress, no text on veso, map dim.48 x58cm. Zach.1905. Starting Price: 230 € Olympic Memorabilia, Rare Maps, Books & Photography, Documents & Ephemera


-- The following seven (7) lots (Lots. 9022-9028) are all maps by BOSCHINI Marco, from “Il Regno tutto di Candia...” 1651. Dim.16.5x21.5cm. --

Lot. 9022 M Bird-eye view of the Mylopotamos Castle. Wide margins. Excellent condition. Map Zacharakis 605. Starting Price: 100 €

Lot. 9023 M Bird-eye view of the Messara plain in Creta. Wide margins. Excellent condition. Zacharakis 632. Starting Price: 100 €

Lot. 9024 M Bird-eye view of Mirabello castle at Agios Nikolaos, Crete. Wide margins. Excellent condition. Zacharakis 620. Starting Price: 100 €

Lot. 9025 M Bird-eye view of the castle of Pediada (now Kastelli Pediados), Crete. Wide margins. Excellent condition. Not in Zacharakis. Starting Price: 100 €

Lot. 9026 M Bird-eye view of the port of Atalia (now called Bali), Crete. Wide margins. Excellent condition. Zacharakis 606. Starting Price: 100 €

Lot. 9027 M Bird-eye view of the coast beach at Cazzaban, Iraklion, Crete. Wide margins. Excellent condition. Zacharakis 612. Starting Price: 100 €

Lot. 9028 M Bird-eye view of Dia island, Iraklion, Crete. Wide margins. Excellent condition. Zacharakis 611. Starting Price: 100 €


A. Karamitsos # 530

Lot. 9029 M P. DU VAL, “La Grece, ou Partie Meridionale de lEmpire des Turcs en Europe, avec la Table Alphabetique des lieux de lAncienne Grece...1686” from “Cartes de Geographie les plus...” four ed. from 1677 to 1688. Scarce map of Greece, widen to Aegean sea with title at bottom with inset alphabetic tables (left and right). Showing various trade routes. Lightly toned otherwise fine. Zacharakis 3555. Starting Price: 320 €

Lot. 9030 M FER, N. de : “Cette carte est faite pour linteligence des affaires des Turcs et des Venitiens dans le PELOPONESE aujourdhuy LA MOREE Et les isles de Zante, Cefalonie, Ste Maure, Cerigo, &c. / Dresse sur les memoires de Mercator, P.Briet, Cantelli, Wischer &c. par son tres humble et tres obeisst. Serviteur DE FER / Grave par Liebaux / A Paris chez N. de Fer, dans lIsle du Palais sur le quay de lOrloge a la Sphere Royale. Avec Privil. du Roy pour vingt ans. 1705” scarce copper engraved map of Peloponese and part of Greece and the Greek Isles, with outline colour, published by De Fer. Sheet size: 74 x 53 cm. Map size: 53 x 42 cm. Excellent condition. Highly detailed map, which includes 12 inset plans of fortified towns and harbors for places within the bounds of the map. The dedication note that the map was prepared from Intelligence gathered from the Venetians and Ottoman Turks, with the plans of each of the forts bearing a date between 1685 and 1687. Zacharachis notes that most editions of the map have the dates in the lower right corner changed in manuscript. De Fer s maps are very rare. The maps were typically separately issued or bound into composite atlases by other publishers and there are very few surviving atlases which are De Fer s maps only. De Fer s maps are also noteworthy for being consistently updated. For example, there are 6 know editions of this map, plus 2 variant state with different titles. Ref. Zach. 1490/999. Starting Price: 400 € Olympic Memorabilia, Rare Maps, Books & Photography, Documents & Ephemera



A. Karamitsos # 530

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Lot. 9031 Μ CORONELLI Vicenzo Maria, “Isola, e Regno di Candia Diviso ne Suoi Territorij”, 1688-1707. Two (2) sheets, contemporary hand-coloured copper plate dim.120x45cm. Stunning large-scale map of Crete depicting in high details the island topography and the 17th century settlements and networks, surrounded by an elaborate vine garland bearing the names of the 100 ancient Cretan towns. The 17th century settlements & toponyms are based on the work of the Creto-Venetian Francesco Barozzi. The title is inscribed on a large ribbon banner, which also includes a dedication to Cardinal d’Estrees and the family coat of arms. Signs of waterstain on lower maps part, split 6cm of lower centrefold part on West Crete map. Overall impression Very Fine. Zacharakis 1097. Starting Price: 2150 €

Lot. 9032 M SANSON N., “Estats de LEmpire des Turqs en Europe...1684”, from “Atlas Nouveau” ed. by A. H. Jaillot 1689. Outline handcoloured. Large sized 89x60cm copper engr. map centred in Greece and the Balkans & extending from Italy to the western part of Turkey and the Black Sea with Crimea. With a decorative title and scale cartouche. Small tears along margin edges, signs of horizontal folding, overall Fine condition with strong impression. Scarce edition. Zacharakis 3122. Starting Price: 400 €

Lot. 9033 M HOMANN Johann Baptist, “Fluviorum in Europa principis Danubii cum adiacentibus Regnis nec non totius Graeciae et Archipelagi Novissima Tabula”, 1702-1770. Hand-coloured copper engr. large and very detailed map of the Balkans along Danube River, Greece and the Grecian Archipelago, Italy and Sicily. Inset of the headwaters of the Danube. Decorative cartouche with mythical characters. Moderate foxing, slightly weak paper, signs of light crease on right corner, one brown spot, short marginal split of bottom fold. Map dim.57x48cm. Zacharakis 1643. Starting Price: 250 €

Olympic Memorabilia, Rare Maps, Books & Photography, Documents & Ephemera


Lot. 9034 ENGR Baumann N., “Candiae urbis a Turca CDDCXXXXVII [i.e. 1647] obsessae delineatio / auctore Nicolao Baumanno Legato primario Legioninis Illmi. Principis in Salms et Munitore”, copper engraved plan printed c.1704 in Amsterdam by P.Mortier. Birds eye view of Candia (Crete), showing Turkish onslaught on the Venetian city. Scale in Venetiansche passen. Dim.57x45cm. Six tiny worm-holes and few spots on lower margin. Starting Price: 300 €

Lot. 9035 M P. DU VAL, “Alcibiadis Expeditionum Tabula Geographica ex Plutarcho Autore P. du Val / Amstelodami Apud P. Mortier cum Privilegio” probably from the “Atlas antiquus...” pub. by Covens & Mortier in 1735. Beautifully hand-coloured map of Greece, illustrating the expedition of Alcibiades during the Peloponnesian War. The map also covers the boot of Italy, part of Sicily, the western shore of Turkey and Crete. Wear only along margins, map in Very Fine condition. Var. of Zacharakis 3566. Starting Price: 160 €


A. Karamitsos # 530

Lot. 9036 M DUNN Samuel, “Second Part of Turkey in Europe, Containing Valakia, Croatia, Dalmatia, Bosnia, Servia, Bulgaria and Albania, with the Roum-Ili, Morea and Archipelago...1786”, from “A new atlas...” 1786. Detailed map of the Balkans extending from Crete to the Black Sea, centered on North Greece. Nice detail throughout. Moderate foxing, spot on top of title and a 7cm tear at the left centerfold. Var of Zacharakis 1435. Starting Price: 100 €

Lot. 9037 M Franz Johann Joseph von REILLY, “Die Insel und das Koenigreich KANDIEN Nro.19” from “Schauplatz der funf Theile der Welt...” 1789, 1791 (only two editions). Full hand-coloured map of Crete & southern Cyclades islands, with indication of main settlements. Map dim.30x22cm. Excellent condition. Starting Price: 100 €

Lot. 9038 M VAUGONDY R. DE, “Turquie Europeenne Par Le Sr. Robert”, c.1800. Copper engr. map of European parts of Ottoman Empire centered in Greece & including part of Southern Balkanbs Minor Asia, part of Italy & Creta. Copper engr, outline coloured, large title cartouche with bust of “Mahomet II”. Light creases, slightly faded, chipped part of right white margin. Var. of Zacharakis 2912. Starting Price: 80 €

Lot. 9039 M VAUGONDY R. DE, “Imperii Occidentis Tabula synoptica.”, c.1800. Copper engr. map outline coloured, dim.59x50cm, with large margins. Map of the Western part of the Empire of Julius Caesar. The map includes Western Europe, up to the east coast of Greece & the western part of the Mediterranean. On the left a table with Latin names of the different ancient regions and towns with their translation into modern toponymy. Slightly faded. Starting Price: 100 €

Olympic Memorabilia, Rare Maps, Books & Photography, Documents & Ephemera


Lot. 9040 M “De la Turquie D Europe”, end of 19th cent. Unidentified handcoloured copper engr. map, including Turkey, Black Sea, Turkey, Greece & the Balkans. Balkan “states” are highlighted both on map & the extensive text framing the map. Very Fine condition, wide margins. Zacharakis 3785. Starting Price: 90 €

Lot. 9042 M Greece Chiefly According To The English Admiralty Surveys & Keipert. Drawn by Augustus Petermann. F.R.G.S. Engraved by G.H. Swanston. (with inset) The Northern Ionian Islands. L. A. Fullarton & Co. Edinburgh, London & Dublin. Publ. 1872 from “The Royal Illustrated Atlas, Of Modern Geography...”. Double page map with original outline colour. Pictorial relief and extensive place-names. Size: 41x54cm. map area only. In excellent condition. Starting Price: 50 €

Lot. 9041 M Bartelemy J. J., “Atlas du Voyage du Jeune Anacharsis En Grece, Dessine par Charles Monin, at grave par les freres Malo”, Paris 1830. Portrait of Bartelemy on frontispiece & 38 plans, maps and views (some folding). One map detatched, one map detached, one map with thinned paper spot, light spotting throughout. Marbled boards, leather spine with decorative gilt title. Dim.25x17cm. Starting Price: 110 €

Lot. 9043 M ADRIANOPEL Artaria & Co, Wien (der k.u.k.). c.1910. High detailed map of the Vilayet of Adrianople (Edirne) by the Austrian cartographic institute, with listed place-names of the Ottoman period. 12 map sheets attached on linen fabric. Overall size 45x57cm. Very Fine condition. Starting Price: 55 €


A. Karamitsos # 530


Lot. 9044 B Αθηναίος Ναυκρατίτης “Αθηναίου Δειπνοσοφιστών βιβλία πεντεκαιδέκα / Athenaei Deipnosophistarum hoc est argute sciteque in convivio differentum. lib. XV...” Basiliae: Apud Ioannem Valderum, 1535. [67], 337, [1]. Greek text, notes in Latin. Faults on title page (various tears) BOUND TOGETHER with: Dalechamps Jacques (ed.), “Athenaei Naucratitis luculentissimi elegantissimique scriptoris…”, Lugduni: Apud Antonium de Harsy, 1583. Quarto (4to), pp.[42], 540, [86]. In Latin. Woodcut diagrams on p. 364 and 498 & portrait of Dalechamps. Imperial privilege (in Latin) and royal privilege (in French) on last leaf. Full vellum with raised bands with handwritten “Athenaus Grec – Latin” on spine. Handwriten marginal notes & notes on short sheets pasted on back board. Water-stains throughout on upper margins and bottom sheet parts, short split on lower joint, marginal wormholes on 44 sheets. Upper part of spine chipped, bumped corners. RARE. Starting Price: 2500 €

Lot. 9045 B Saumaise Claude, “Cl. Salmasii Duarum inscriptionum veterum Herodis Attici rhetoris et Regilae coniugis honori positarum explicato..” Lutetiae Paristiorum, Apud Hieronymum Drovart, 1619. 8vo, pp.[6],248. Original vellum, light foxing. Overall Good Copy. Scarce. Starting Price: 140 €

Lot. 9048 B JACQUES LE PAULMIER DE GRENTEMESNIL, “Jacobi Palmerii A Grentemesnil, Exercitationes in optimos fere auctores graecos. Velut Herodutm, Thucydidem, Xenophontem, Polybium, Diodorum Siculum, Appianum, Memnonis fragmentum, Plutarchum, Arrianum,&c. Ut et in Antiquos Poetas, Aristophanem, Theocritum, Moschi Idyllia. Cum gemino indice, Graeco & Latino”, FIRST EDITION, Danielis, Abrahami & Adriani a Gaasbeeck, Lugduni Batavorum [Leiden] (1668). 8vo, pp.[13], 819, [31] p. Engraved title page, woodcut illustrations at the beginning and end of each chapter. Full vellum (period) with handwritten title on spine. Foxing of first ~20 pages, occasional staining, handwritten text of Plutarch at first blank page. Overall Fine copy. Starting Price: 250 €

Olympic Memorabilia, Rare Maps, Books & Photography, Documents & Ephemera


Lot. 9046 B Johann SCAPULA, Jacob ZWINGER, “Lexicon graecolatinum novum in quo ex primitivorum et simplicium fontibus derivata atque composita ordine non minus naturali”, Genevae : apud Philippum Albertum, 1619. Large Quarto (35cm), pp. 4 + [5] + 1855 columns + [179 index] + 188 columns. Leather bound, raised bands with wear (chipped parts on spine edges as well covers corners & body). Restoration on title page joint. Ex libris label. Very light waterstain on some sheets, few with pages creased corners, last ~30 sheets with corner edge-wear. Overall internal condition Fine, lacking of spotting. Starting Price: 265 €

Lot. 9047 B Του μεγάλου Ιπποκράτους πάντων των ιατρών κορυφαίου τα ευρισκόμενα. Magni Hippocratis medicorum omnium facile principis, opera omnia quae extant: In VIII. Sectiones ex Erotiani mente distribute Genevae : typis & sumptibus Samuelis Chouet, 1657. Folio, pp. [46],1344,[53]. Frontispiece portrait of Hippocrates (detached sheet), title printed in red & black with engraved vignette. Green leather, raised bands, covers with wear. First ~50 pp. stained, rest with occasional very small spots. Scarce. Starting Price: 700 € Lot. 9049 B ΚΛ. ΑΙΛΙΑΝΟΥ ΣΟΦΙΣΤΟΥ ΠΟΙΚΙΛΗ ΙΣΤΟΡΙΑ, CL. AELIANI SOPHISTAE VARIA HISTORIA, Lugduni in Batavis: Apud Johannem du Vivie; Isaacum Severinum, 1701. First edition. 2 vols, small 8vo, pp. 1018 [226] (indexes). Greek and latin in parallel columns. TOGETHER WITH (bound in 2nd vol.) “JAC. PERIZONII DISSERTATIO DE MORTE JUDAE, ET VERBO ΑΠΑΓΧΕΣΘΑΙ” 1702 pp.87 & “JAC. PERIZONII responsio ad nuperam de variis aeliani, aliorumque auctorum” 1703, pp.110, both Lugduni in Batavis . Frontispiece, title page in red/black, 3 publ. vignettes. Original vellum. Foxing on few pages overall excellent condition. Starting Price: 200 €


A. Karamitsos # 530

Lot. 9052 B Schrevelius Cornelius “Cornelii Schrevelii lexicon manuale graeco-latinum et latinograecum...”, Patavii, Apud Joannem Manfre, 1759. Big Quarto (34cm), pp.[4]+641. Ex libris label. Small (pinhole size) worm-holes mainly on white margins throughout, foxing of some pages, some pages with ink-spots. Vellum spine with hand-designed gilt title & decorations, contemporary vellum covers. Starting Price: 150 €

Lot. 9050 B VERWEY J., KETEL R., “Nova via docendi Graeca... index vocum graecarum R. Ketelii” Amstel[odami] [etc], Waesbergen 1737. pp.384[156] extended index. Text in Latin & Greek. Four (4) folding plates. Title & plates in red/ black ink. Original vellum. Occasional spotting. Good & tight copy. Scarce. Starting Price: 150 €

Lot. 9051 Β ARRIANUS NICOMEDENSIS,”ΑΡΡΙΑΝΟΥ ΝΙΚΟΜΗΔΕΩΣ ΑΝΑΒΑΣΕΩΣ ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΟΥ, βιβλία επτά και ΙΝΔΙΚΗ / Arriani Nicomedensis Expeditionis Alexandri Libri Septem et Historia Indica Graec. et Lat. cum Annotationibus...”, Apud Wetstenium, Amstelaedami 1757. 8vo, pp. xlviii, 637,[207]. Text in Greek with Latin translation. Engraved Greek half title, 1 folding map. Title page printed in red and black. Leather covers (detached), missing spine, otherwise interior in Fine condition. Starting Price: 170 €

Lot. 9053 Β “ΠΟΙΗΜΑ ΚΑΡΚΙΝΙΚΟΝ ΑΜΒΡΟΣΙΟΥ ΙΕΡΟΜΟΝΑΧΟΥ ΤΟΥ ΠΑΜΠΕΡΕΩΣ. Μετά σχολίων και των εμπεριεχομένων αυτώ ιστοριών, εις πλείστην ωφέλειαν τοις ακριβώς και μετά προσηκούσης προσοχής αυτό μετιούσι. Νυν πρώτον τύποις εκδοθέν. ΑΩΒ. Εν Βιέννη της Αουστρίας 1802, Εν τη ελληνική τυπογραφία Γ. Βενδότη”, 8ο, σ.VIII,151,[1]. Προμετωπίδα “ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΟΣ ΠΡΩΤΟΣ ΠΑΣΩΝ ΤΩΝ ΡΩΣΣΙΩΝ ΑΥΤΟΚΡΑΤΩΡ”. Δερματόδετο με χρυσή διακόσμηση στη ράχη. (Ηλιού 1802.51) Starting Price: 180 €

Lot. 9054 B ΚΟΡΑΗΣ Αδαμάντιος, “Ηλιοδώρου Αιθιοπικών Βιβλία Δέκα, Α χάριν Ελλήνων εξέδωκε μετά σημειώσεων: προτροπή και δαπάνη Αλεξάνδρου Βασιλείου, ο Δ. Κοραής”, Εν Παρισίοις: Παρά Ι. Μ. Εβεράρτω τω Τυπογράφω, ΑΩΔ.[=1804]. 2 τόμοι: Μέρος Α, Περιέχον το του Ηλιοδώρου κείμενον & Μέρος Β, Περιέχον τας εις τον Ηλιόδωρον σημειώσεις. Μικρό 8ο, σελ. πη,446,[2] + 418. Διαφορετικό δέσιμο, δερμάτινες ράχες με φθορές, ελαφρώς οξειδωμένα φύλα στον 2ο τόμο, κείμενο με μελάνι μετά την σελ. τίτλου του 1ου τόμου. Starting Price: 350 €

Olympic Memorabilia, Rare Maps, Books & Photography, Documents & Ephemera


Lot. 9055 B ΒΟΥΛΓΑΡΗΣ Ευγένιος, “Α. Τακουετίου Στοιχεία Γεωμετρίας / Μετά σημειώσεων του Ουιστώνος εξελληνισθέντα μεν εκ της Λατινίδος φωνής υπό του Πανιερωτάτου Αρχιεπισκόπου κυρίου Ευγενίου του Βουλγάρεως... Τα νυν δε τύποις εκδοθέντα υπό της Αυταδελφότητος των Ζωσιμάδων Α. και Ν. Ζ. και Μ..”, Βιέννη, Τυπογραφία Γεωργίου Βενδώτη, 1805. ΠΡΩΤΗ ΕΚΔΟΣΗ. 8ο, σελ. xiii, 397 + 58 χαλκόγραφους πίνακες. Σκληρά χάρτινα καλύμματα & ράχη με φθορές. Μικρό σχίσιμο στη σελ. τίτλου, ελαφριά σημάδια οξείδωσης κυρίως στις πρώτες και τελευταίες σελίδες. Ηλιού 1805.15. Starting Price: 400 €

Lot. 9056 B Taylor J., Markland J., Reiske J., “Αισχίνου ο Κατά Κτησιφώντος και Δημοσθένους ο Περί Στεφάνου λόγος Cum delectu annotationum”, 2nd Edition, Oxonii, e typographeo Clarendonio, 1807. 8vo, pp.lvi,165[24]. Frontispiece & 2 full page engrs. Leather boards paneled, gilt decorated boards & spine. Covers detached. Interio in Fine condition with occasional spotting. Scarce. Starting Price: 70 €

Lot. 9058 B ΚΟΡΑΗΣ Αδαμάντιος (εκδ.) “Αριστοτέλους Ηθικά Νικομάχεια, εκδιδόντος και διορθουντος Α. Κ, δαπάνη των αναξίως δυσπραγησάντων Χίων”, Παρίσι, τυπ. Ι. Μ. Εβεραρτου, 1822. 8ο, σελ.οζ+372. Δερμάτινη ράχη εποχής & άκρες με φθορές, μικρά σημάδια οξείδωσης. Ηλιού 1822.3. Starting Price: 160 €


Lot. 9057 Β ΚΟΙΝΤΟΥ ΤΑ ΜΕΘ ΟΜΗΡΟΝ. QUINTI SMYRNAEI POSTHOMERICORUM LIBRI XIV, Argentorati ex typographia Societatis Bipontinae, 1807. Introduction in Latin, text in Greek. 8vo, pp. cviii,366. Leather spine- gilt decorative. Front cover detached, spine- gilt decorative. Front cover detached, spine with faults. Few pen notes on 3 pages, interior clean & fine. Scarce. Starting Price: 130 €

Lot. 9059 B EMERSON James (Tennent), “The History of Modern Greece, from its Conquest by the Romans B.C. 146, to the present time”, Henry Colburn & Richard Bentley, London, 1830. 2 Vols, 8vo, pp.446+579. First Edition, Ex Libris “HENRY BLACKMER”. Hardcover, gilt title. Very Fine condition. (Blackmer 551, Contominas 238). Starting Price: 250 €

Lot. 9060 Β ΔΟΥΚΑΣ Νεόφυτος, “Αισχύλος. Παραφρασθείς, σχολιασθείς τε, και εκδοθείς υπό Νεοφύτου Δούκα, εις τόμους δύο”, Εν Αιγίνη, Εκ της Τυπογραφίας Ανδρέου Κορομηλά 1839. 8ο. Πλήρες. Δύο τόμοι δεμένοι σε έναν, σελ. ιστ,4χ.α.,370+432. Δερμάτινη ράχη με διακόσμιση. Λεκέδες κυρίως στην αρχή και το τέλος κάθε τόμου. Συνολικά καλό αντίτυπο. Γκίνη Μέξα 3078. Starting Price: 160 € A. Karamitsos # 530

Lot. 9061 B ΓΚΑΡΜΠΟΛΑΣ Κωνσταντίνος, ΚΟΜΜΗΤΑΣ Στέφανος, “Εγκυκλοπαίδεια Ελληνικών Μαθημάτων, Συλλεγείσα εκ των αρίστων Ελλήνων συγγραφέων και ποιητών μετά των αναγκαίων υποσημειώσεων”, 2η έκδοση, Εκ της Τυπογραφίας του εκδότου Κ. Γκαρπολά, Εν Αθήναις, 1839-1840. ΣΕΙΡΑ 9 ΤΟΜΩΝ (1ος-9ος). Μικρό 8ο, σελ. στ,326+272[1] +278[2]+303[1]+304[1]+315[2]+577[1]+383[1]+400[1]. 7 τόμοι με ίδιο δέσιμο(εμπίεστη διακόσμηση και τίτλος στη δερμάτινη ράχη), παρόμοιο δέσιμο του 3ου τόμου, χωρίς διακόσμηση η δερμ. Ράχη του 7ου τόμου. Πρώτος τόμος χωρίς σελ. τίτλου, περιορισμένα σημάδια οξείδωσης, λίγες σημειώσεις με μολύβι. Συνολικά καλή κατάσταση. Starting Price: 450 €

Lot. 9062 B ΔΟΥΚΑΣ Νεόφυτος, “Πίνδαρος παραφρασθείς σχολιασθείς τε και εκδοθείς Υπό Νεοφύτου Δούκα, εις τόμους τρεις”, Εν Αθήναις, Εκ της Τυπογραφίας Ανδρέου Κορομηλά 1842. Μικρό 8ο. Πλήρες 3 τόμοι. σελ.ιστ,341+292+301[3] (Ειδοπόιησις διανομή αντιτύπων. Δερμάτινες ράχες, μικρες φθορές εξωτερικά, πολύ καθαρό εσωτερικά. Γκίνη Μέξα 3685. Starting Price: 180 €

Lot. 9063 B Ευγενίου του Βουλγάρεως Θεολογικόν Νυν το πρώτον εκδιδόμενον υπό του Αρχιμανδρίτου Αγαθαγγέλου Λοντοπούλου εφημερίου της εν Βιέννη των ορθοδόξων ομογενών Κοινότητος, Εν Βενετία, Τύποις του Χρόνου, 1872. 8ο, σελ. οδ,616. Φωτογραφική αποτύπωση (αλμπουμίνα) πορτρέτο Ευγ. Βούλγαρη. Δερμάτινη ράχη, μερικώς αποκολλημένη, 10-15 σελ. με λεκέδες, συνολικά καλή κατάσταση. Starting Price: 70 €

Lot. 9064 B BURNABY Fred, Captain. “On Horseback through Asia Minor”, Sampson Low, Marston, Searle, & Rivington, LONDON, 1877. FIRST EDITION, 2 volumes, 8vo, (vol.1) xxxii, 352pp., errata slip, 24 pp. adverts; (vol.2) xx, 400pp., half-titles. Photographic portrait SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR & 3 folding maps (one with self adhessive tape). Original pictorial green fine pebble-grained cloth. Rubbing, bumped corners, occasional staining mainly on first & last pages. Starting Price: 300 € Olympic Memorabilia, Rare Maps, Books & Photography, Documents & Ephemera

Lot. 9065 B The Eastern Question / Russia and Turkey with Maps, James R. Osgood, Boston 1877. pp.81, 11x15cm. Russo-Turkish War. With 2 large folding maps.Original cloth, few tears in maps. Starting Price: 45 €


Lot. 9066 B Η ΝΗΣΟΣ ΡΟΔΟΣ [Τόμοι Α+Β] υπό ΕΔΟΥΑΡΔΟΥ ΜΠΙΛΙΟΤΟΥ & ΑΒΒΑ ΚΟΤΡΕ. Μεταφρασθείσα υπό Μ. ΜΑΛΛΙΑΡΑΚΗ ΚΑΙ Σ. ΚΑΡΑΒΟΚΥΡΟΥ, 1881. Δύο τόμοι δεμένοι σε ένα, σελ.409+403. 2 αναδιπλούμενοι χάρτες, πολυάριθμες απεικονίσεις οικοσήμων. Πανόδετο. Δερμάτινη μπάντα τίτλου στη ράχη. Εκτός από ένα σχίσιμο στον ένα χάρτη, πολύ καλή κατάσταση. Starting Price: 120 €

Lot. 9068 Β ΒΑΛΑΩΡΙΤΗΣ Α. ΠΟΙΗΜΑΤΑ, Αθήνα 1891, βιβλιοπωλείον της “Εστίας”, δύο τόμοι, σ.390 & 542. Δερμάτινη ράχη με φθορές, δύο αποκολλημένα φύλλα στον 1ο τόμο. Starting Price: 45 €

Lot. 9067 B ΠΟΛΙΤΗΣ Ν.Γ., “ΕΛΛΑΣ, ΒΙΟΣ ΤΩΝ ΑΡΧΑΙΩΝ ΕΛΛΗΝΩΝ κατά το Γερμανικόν του ΙΑΚΩΒΟΥ ΦΑΛΚΕ”, εκδ. Κάρολος Βίλμπεργ, 1887. Με 29 ολοσέλιδες και ~200 ξυλογραφίες εντός κειμένου, από τους: Αδόλφο Κλός, Γουλ. Έχτ, Ε. Καίσεβεργ και Έρτελ, Θ. Κνέσιγγ. Folio, σσ. XIII+[1]+192. Δύο σχισμένα φύλλα & αποκολλημένη προμετωπίδα. Αυθεντική βιβλιοδ. με χρυσό τίτλο και εμπίεστη διακόσμηση στο εμπρόσθιο κάλυμμα (φθορές στα καλύμματα και τη ράχη). Ελαφρά ίχνη λεκέδων. Starting Price: 200 €

Lot. 9069 B Handbook for Travellers in Asia Minor, Transcaucasia, Persia, etc., John MURRAY, London, 1895. pp.416+64 adv., 11x17cm. Original red cloth, few pages shakken, few tears on pages & maps. Numerous maps, plans & illustrations. Starting Price: 60 €

Lot. 9070 RP ΑΘΗΝΑΙ ATHENES SOUVENIR / έκδοσις Φωτοτυπείου Α. ΓΚΙΝΑΚΟΥ και Γ. ΜΑΡΓΑΡΙΤΗ 14 photos 20x13.5cm in album c.1900 with photo titles in Greek & English. Starting Price: 30 €


A. Karamitsos # 530

Lot. 9071 B LUDWIG SALVATOR (Archduke of Austria), “PARGA” & “Versuch einer Geschichte von Parga”, Prag, H. Mercy Sohn, 1907-1908. 2 Vols. First and Only Edition. Large Folio (51x37cm), pp. XIII + 475 & VII + 219. COMPLETE with 40 reproductions of author sketches & designs attached on thick cartons (photoengravings & heliogravures), 35 text illustrations, 2 folding plans & chromolithograph frontispiece on 2nd vol. Original binding (cloth covers). Slightly rubbed & bumped covers. Light spotting throughout. Work of great importance along the history of Parga, Epirus enriched with unique illustrations & designs. Rarely found complete. The weight is about 25 kg. Starting Price: 3000 €

Lot. 9072 B Sir Edwin PEARS, “Turkey and its People”, London, Methuen [c.1910]. 8vo, pp.409. Scarce book treating with everyday life in the beggining of the 20th century, with extending chapters about the Greeks, Armenians, Albanians, Vlachs, Pomaks, Jews and Dunmays. Also chapters about Macedonia & Asia Minor. Hardcover cloth boards. Very Fine condition. Starting Price: 100 €

Lot. 9073 B HICHENS Robert, “THE NEAR EAST Dalmatia, Greece and Constantinople”, New York, The Century Co., 1913. pp.268. FIRST EDITION. Illustrated by Jules GUERIN and with Photographs. Thick quarto. Original aquamarine cloth with brilliant gilt-blocked stamped design on cover and spine. 50 exquisite captioned and tissue-guarded plates, 18 full-page, some b/w, 32 photographic renderings. 268 pages, top edges gilt. Very Fine condition. Starting Price: 90 €

Olympic Memorabilia, Rare Maps, Books & Photography, Documents & Ephemera


Lot. 9074 B ΑΥΓΕΡΙΝΟΥ Μελπομένη, “Μακεδονικά απομνημονεύματα: Γραφέντα επί τη βάσει λεπτομερούς μελέτης και προσωπικής πείρας των μακεδονικών πραγμάτων από 1898-1912”, Τυπογραφείον “Το Κράτος” Θ. Τζαβέλλα, Αθήνα 1914. 8vo, pp.239. Πανόδετο με φθορές. Ίχνη υγρασίας. ΙΔΙΑΙΤΕΡΑ ΣΠΑΝΙΟ. Starting Price: 90 €

Lot. 9075 B FORBES N., TOYNBEE A., MITRANY D., HOGARTH D. G., “The Balkans, A History: A History of Bulgaria, Serbia, Greece, Rumania, Turkey”, Claredon press, Oxford, 1915. 8vo, pp.409. Original blue cloth with light wear & sunned spine. Interior Very Fine. Starting Price: 20 €

Lot. 9078 B LAKE Harold, “In Salonica with our Army”, Andrew Melrose, London, [1917]. 12mo, pp.288, original cloth. Slightly sunned on spine & paper toning. Memories from the Salonica Front during the World War I. Fine condition. Starting Price: 35 €

Lot. 9076 B The near East from within, New York: Funk and Wagnalls company, [1915], pp.256. With 13 photogravure illustrations. The eastern Question focusing on the Balkans. Original binding. Lightly bumped corners, otherwise Very Fine. Starting Price: 35 €

Lot. 9077 M I.D.1148 MAPS To accompany handbooks of SERBIA, MONTENEGRO, and ALBANIA (I.D.1096) and MACEDONIA and surrounding Territories (I.D.1114), Admiralty War Staff 1916. Contain 11 maps dim.50x67cm of: 1-7. Serbia Montenegro, Albania and parts of Greece (incl. a map entitled SALONICA), 8. Key map of routes, 9. Thessaly and Southern Epirus, 10. Northern Albania, 11. Northern Albania (distribution of Tribes). In special case, scale 1:200000 to 1:400000. All maps in excellent condition. RARE. Starting Price: 300 €


A. Karamitsos # 530

Lot. 9079 B GEROLA Giuseppe, “Monumenti Veneti nell isola di Creta / Volume Terzo”, Venezia (Istituto veneto di scienze, lettere ed arti) 1917. Folio (35cm), pp.320 plus 4 full-page photographic plates. Numerous photographs & sketches in text. Original printed wrappers with very light wear. Overall in excellent condition. G. Gerola was commissioned to carry out a field study in Crete with the aim to detect traces of the Venetian domination on the island. He collected a vast body of material, which he then edited over a period of almost thirty years, resulting in this monumental work. Starting Price: 115 €

Lot. 9080 B LAWSON J. C., “Tales of Aegean Intrigue”, Chatto & Windus, London 1920. 8vo,pp.vii,271. b&w photo illustrations. Original blue cloth (wear). Crete in World War I, through the eyes of a british soldier. Appendix with song & theater play dialogues in Greek. Starting Price: 40 €

Lot. 9081 B BOISSONNAS Fred, “LA MACEDOINE OCCIDENTALE, photographies de Fred. Boissonnas, introduction de D. BaudBovy”, Geneve 1921, editions dArt Boissonnas. 4to, pp.iv+48 full-page photogravures. Rebound (quarter leather), interior Very Fine. Starting Price: 85 € Olympic Memorabilia, Rare Maps, Books & Photography, Documents & Ephemera


Lot. 9082 B JACKSON Thomas Graham, “Memories of Travel”, C.U.P., Cambridge, 1923. Large 8vo, pp.172. Coloured frontpiece & 13 plates in text. Original binding. From Alps, through Venice, Dalmatia, Hrzegovina, Bosnia, Thessaloniki & Constantinople. Fine. Starting Price: 25 €

Lot. 9084 B FERRIMAN Z. Duckett, “East and West of Hellespont: Memories of Fifty Years”, Jonathan Cape, London 1926. First edition (hardback). 8vo, 320pp. 16 photogr. plates. Original blue cloth, gilt titling to the spine. Binding rubbed. Overall very fine. Ex Libris: Harvard Travellers Club” & “Inst. of Geogr. Explor. Harvard”. Starting Price: 15 €

Lot. 9083 B HERBERT Aubrey, “Ben Kendim, a Record of Eastern Travel”, Hutchinson & co, London 1924. First Edition. 8vo, pp.xv,380. Six (6) maps. Original blue cloth with light edge-wear. Overall a very good copy. Ex-libris. Aubrey Herbert was a British diplomat, traveller and intelligence officer associated with Albanian independence. This book gives an account of his travels through Yemen, the Persian Gulf, Mesopotamia, Albania, and Turkey. Starting Price: 50 €


Lot. 9085 B Ahmet Emin Yalman, “Turkey in the World War”, New Haven, Yale University Press 1930. Dim. 17x25cm, pp.xviii,310. An important book providing reliable information from the field of war, surveying various aspects of the economic phase of the war, taking up the racial problems including a chapter about the ARMENIAN massacres. An invaluable book for the study of the Near Eastern affairs. Hardcover. Two ex libris & “Property of U.S. Army cachet. Fine. Starting Price: 80 €

Lot. 9086 B Η Εκατονταετηρίς του Εθν. Μ. Πολυτεχνείου 1837-1937, Τεχνικά Χρονικά, Αθήνα 1939. 21x29εκ, σελ.219. Με πολλές φωτογραφίες και εικόνες. Χαρτόδετο. Επικολλημένο χαρτόνι στη ράχη. Starting Price: 30 €

A. Karamitsos # 530

Archive Photographs

Lot. 9087 RP ROBERTSON James, 1853-1854. Albumen 23x28cm, photographers signature. West view of Propylaia, Acropolis. Attached on thick carton. On verso, panorama of Athens c.1860 from Acropolis looking NNE. ROBERTSON James, 1853-1854. Η δυτική όψη των Προπυλαίων. Αλμπουμίνα διαστ. 23x28cm με υπογραφή φωτογράφου. Κολλημένη σε χαρτόνι. Στην πίσω όψη πανόραμα Αθηνών περ.1860 από την Ακρόπολη προς ΒΒΔ. Αλμπουμίνα διαστ. 30x22.5cm, άγνωστου φωτογράφου. Εντοπίζεται το Πανεπιστήμιο Αθηνών, εργασίες συνεχίζονται στην είσοδο της Μητρόπολης Αθηνών, ενώ μπάζα διακρίνονται στη θέση της Ακαδημίας Αθηνών. Starting Price: 600 €

Lot. 9088 RP Athens & Malta, seven (7) albumen photographs c.1860. Six early photos of Athenian antiquities & one of Maltas fortifications. All except one attached on 3 thick cartons, with handwritten captions. 4 photos with faded edges, overall Fine condition. Starting Price: 280 € Olympic Memorabilia, Rare Maps, Books & Photography, Documents & Ephemera


Lot. 9089 RP Church of Panaghia KAPNIKAREA, c.1870. Albumen photo (20x14cm) on carton with title in italian (red pen on carton). Numbered “53”. SCARCE. Starting Price: 40 €

Lot. 9101 RP Constantinople - Dolmabachce, c.1880. Real photo colourized with PHOTOCHROM technique by Photoglob Zurich (P.Z.) title: “6034 P.Z. - Costantinople. Pais Dolma - Bagtche”. “PHOTOCHROM” cachet on reverse. Dim.23x16cm. Very small tears on right edge otherwise Very Fine. Starting Price: 55 €

Lot. 9090 RP Athens c.1875. Eight (8) large albumen (27x22cm) photos on four thick cartons, depicting the city, views of Acropolis and monuments, Athens Cathedral and the Royal Palace. Few brown spots, photos in Fine condition. Descriptions in pen. Unknown photographer. Starting Price: 160 €


A. Karamitsos # 530

-- The following ten (10) lots (Lots. 9091-9100) are all albumen photos by SEBAH & JOAILLIER, Constantinople - Istanbul, c.1880 with photographers signature & title in negative. Dim.27x21cm. --

Lot. 9091 RP “546”. Albumen photo (27x21cm) depicting military gathering - parade. FINE Starting Price: 55 €

Lot. 9092 RP “No.617 BOSPHORE - Kiosk Sultan aux & aux douces dAsie”. Very Fine. Starting Price: 35 €

Lot. 9093 RP “349. Palais Tchiragan”. CIRAGAN PALACE (now KEMPINSKI Hotel). One brown spot. Starting Price: 40 €

Lot. 9094 RP “Mosquee Ahmed et lHippodrome”. Sultan Ahmed Mosque. Light brown spots. Starting Price: 40 €

Lot. 9095 RP “64. Kiosk et Cascades dans le jardin Imperial des Eaux douces dEurope”. Very Fine. Starting Price: 40 €

Lot. 9096 RP “No.129. Mosquee Valide a Ortakeuy. Bosphore”, ORTAKOY Mosque. Very Fine. Starting Price: 45 €

Lot. 9097 RP “No.121. Gare des Chemins de fer Orient aux a Cons/ ple. Vue generale...”. Sirkeci terminal. Very Fine. Starting Price: 50 €

Lot. 9098 RP “42. Le Pont de GALATA”, GALATA bridge. Brown spots. Starting Price: 45 €

Lot. 9099 RP “No.428. La Pointe du Serai”. Brown area on upper right part. Starting Price: 35 €

Lot. 9100 RP “869. Quai de GALATA”. Very Fine. Starting Price: 50 €

Olympic Memorabilia, Rare Maps, Books & Photography, Documents & Ephemera


Lot. 9102 RP CRIMEA c.1880. Fourteen (14) rare, large size albumen photographs 22x17cm each. Sevastopol (6): 2 panoramas, port, Museum Totleben, Tunel near Sevastopol, Stone Mines near Sevastopol. Bakhchysarai (2), Inkermansky Monastery, Alupka panorama, Sudak, Kerch, Yalta, Bridge of Belbek. All photos attached on thick cartons. One photo with chipped edge & one photo with edge-wear, otherwise clean & Fine. Starting Price: 500 €

Lot. 9103 RP Corinth c.1890. Photo (28x22cm) on thick carton presenting the archaeological site of Corinth with title in pen “Recent Excavations”. Title in negative. Fine. Starting Price: 20 €


Lot. 9104 RP ABDULLAH FRERES. Constantinople - Istanbul, c.1890. No.865, real albumen photo (26x20cm) depicting dining room in YILDIZ Palace. Two light brown spots otherwise Very Fine. Starting Price: 55 € A. Karamitsos # 530

Olympic Memorabilia, Rare Maps, Books & Photography, Documents & Ephemera


Lot. 9108 PPC PANORAMA DU CONSTANTINOPLE color panorama of Bosphore made up of one-piece of large and unfolded PPC, unused. Three out of four edges damaged, missing small piece on the upper left corner. Creased. Starting Price: 100 €

Lot. 9107 PPC Panorama of Constantinople color panorama consisting of two unfolded color PPCs joint together, unused. Pinholes on the three of the four corners, the fourth missing a small piece. Otherwise in VF condition. Starting Price: 200 €

Lot. 9106 PPC Panorama of Constantinople color panorama consisting of one unfolded color PPC, unused. Pinholes on three of the four corners, the fourth missing a piece. Otherwise in VF condition. Starting Price: 100 €

Lot. 9105 PPC PANORAMA DU BOSPHORE color panorama of Bosphore made up of two pieces of large and unfolded PPCs, unused. Holes at the four edges, otherwise in VF condition. Starting Price: 100 €

Lot. 9109 RP Acropolis - Athens - Aegina. c.1890. Five (5) photographs (16x22cm) on 5 carton sheets. Interesting views of Parthenon, Temple of Wingless Victory, Erechtheum & Temple of Athena-Aegina. Labels “Greek Architecture...” with detailed descriptions. Excelent condition. Starting Price: 110 €

Lot. 9111 RP Wreckage of a German Zeppelin displayed on dock in Thessaloniki harbour, surrounded by the Allied Powers flags, 1916. Silver print photo 8x10.5cm attached on thick carton with handwritten caption. Starting Price: 25 €

Lot. 9112 PPC Salonika - Thessaloniki 1919. Souvenir De Salonique. British soldier in front of mosque studio background. Silver-print real picture postcard. Scarce. Starting Price: 30 €


Lot. 9114 PPC Salonica - Thessaloniki c.1916. British soldiers in front of an Jewish barbers shop of Salonica. Among them, five Indian soldiers. Silver-print real picture postcard. Edge-wear. Scarce. Starting Price: 50 €

Lot. 9113 PPC Salonika - Thessaloniki 1918. Souvenir De Salonique. Allied Powers soldier studio photo with Thessaloniki White Tower on the background. Silver-print real picture postcard. Scarce. Starting Price: 30 €

Lot. 9115 PPC Salonika - Thessaloniki 1919. British soldiers photographed with Thessaloniki -White Tower on the background. Silverprint real picture postcard. Scarce. Starting Price: 30 € A. Karamitsos # 530

Lot. 9110 RP “ΜΕΓΑ ΞΕΝΟΔΟΧΕΙΟΝ ΤΩΝ ΑΘΗΝΩΝ” - “Grand Hotel dAthenes”, ΓΑΖΙΑΔΗΣ c.1900. Το ιστορικό ξενοδοχείο στη συμβολή Σταδίου & Κοραή. Ανθρωποι συγκεντρώνονται στην είσοδο και τα μπαλκόνια μπροστά στο φωτογραφικό φακό. Αλμπουμίνα επικολλημένη σε χαρτόνι με σφραγίδα φωτογράφου. Dim.44x37cm. Σκισίματα στο χαρτόνι & 1 εκ σε ένα σημείο στην αριστερή πλευρά της φωτογραφίας. Starting Price: 90 €

Lot. 9117 RP Αμπέτειος Σχολή Καίρου - Στρατής Τσίρκας. Φωτογραφία μαθητών στην Αμπέτειο Σχολή, μεταξύ των οποίων και ο μετέπειτα λογοτέχνης Στρατής Τσίρκας (τέταρτος από τα αιστερά στην πρώτη γραμμή). Φώτο Στάικος, Κάιρο 1920-1925. Σφραγίδα “Βιβλιοθήκη Στρατή Τσίρκα” απο πίσω μέρος. Διαστ. 30x24cm. Starting Price: 90 €

Lot. 9118 RP Τα εγκαίνια του Γενικού Προξενείου της Ελλάδος στη Σμύρνη, φωτ. “Κ. ΜΕΓΑΛΟΚΟΝΟΜΟΥ”, διαστ. 24x19cm. Λεκέδες στις γωνίες και τσακίσεις. Starting Price: 25 €

Lot. 9116 RP Collection of 14 silver print photographs c.1920 depicting actors/dancers in theatrical/ballet scenes. Photos dim.12x16cm. Mostly light wear. Scarce. Starting Price: 150 €

Lot. 9119 RP Αεροδρόμιο Αγρινίου c.1925. Πλήθος παρακολουθεί πτήση μονοκινητήριου αεροσκάφους. Τύπωμα αργύρου, 21x9εκ. Starting Price: 20 € Olympic Memorabilia, Rare Maps, Books & Photography, Documents & Ephemera

Lot. 9120 RP Καβάλλα τη 15 - Ιουνίου 1927 / Τάξις Ε, τύπωμα αργύρου 23x17εκ. σε passe-partout συν. διαστ. 35x30εκ.. Σφραγίδα φωτογράφου “ΕΥΑΓ. ΠΑΠΠΑΣ. ΚΑΒΑΛΛΑ”. Σχίσιμο στο κάτω μέρος του χαρτονιού. Starting Price: 30 €


Lot. 9121 RP Αλεξανδρούπολη c.1930. Δύο ασπρ. φωτογραφίες (τυπώματα αργύρου) διαστ. 23.5x17εκ. επικολλημένες σε δύο σκληρά χαρτόνια. Starting Price: 25 €

Lot. 9122 RP 1930. Photographic Album containing 112 b&w photos, from a travel of a seaman in GREECE & TURKEY. Places depicted: Olympia, Nauplio, Mykines, Corinth, Athens, Pireaus, Delos, Santorini, Crete, Istanbul, Bosphorus, Dardanelles. Album dim. 31x24cm, photos in various sizes (~10x7.5cm). In Excellent condition. Starting Price: 70 €

Lot. 9123 RP Reise 1938 nach Rhodos by “M./S. Citta di Bari”. Photographic album of a cruise which started from Trieste, via Dalmatia, Albania, Greece, Smyrna to Rhodes & return. It includes (from a total of 185) 11 photos from Split, 8 from Durazzo, 13 from Valona, 10 from Corinth, 26 from Athens, 10 from Smyrna and 62 from the town of Rhodes and the rest of the island. Also, included tickets from archaelogical sites, menus of the ship & other ephemera. VF. Starting Price: 150 €


A. Karamitsos # 530

Lot. 9124 RP Ο Ερασιτεχνικός Ομιλος των Σινασιτών στην τετράπρακτη ηθογραφία Οι Νοσταλγοί της Σινασού” της 25 Μαρτίου 1940”. Φωτογραφία επικολλημένη σε passe-partout. Ανάγλυφη σφραγίδα “Π.ΚΑΡΙΠΗΣ” και στρόγγυλη σφραγίδα του συλλόγου. Συν. διαστ. 34x28εκ. Starting Price: 35 €

Lot. 9125 RP Funeral of American Soldier (Greek ?). Β&w photo, mounted on carton paper. Photo dim. 18x13cm. Very Fine. Starting Price: 10 €

Lot. 9126 PPC Collection of 5 b&w PPCs of Selimiye Camii - Ici - EDIRNE (unknown ed.), unused & in Very Fine condition. Starting Price: 15 €

Lot. 9127 ENGR PERILLA, four (4) lithographic prints entitled: TYRINS, CEPHALONIA, PATMOS, PELION. Sheet size: 25x33cm. Creased corners. Starting Price: 25 €

Lot. 9128 RP Portrait of Constantin Caratzas - Κων/νος ΚΑΡΑΤΖΑΣ, member of the well known Phanariote family, significant political personality of the Greek Revolution. CDV albumen photo by “Humblot in Dresden”. Starting Price: 35 €

Lot. 9129 RP KING GEORGE I of Greece c.1863. CDV real albumen photo attced on passe-partout. Photo by “E. NEURDEIN - PARIS”. Very Fine. Starting Price: 40 €

Lot. 9130 RP Mrs. Elise DRAGOUMI 1865-1870. Three (3) CDV albumen photos two by P. Moraites & one by D. Constantin. One with middle crease & one with chipped corner. Starting Price: 30 €

Olympic Memorabilia, Rare Maps, Books & Photography, Documents & Ephemera


Lot. 9131 RP Lot. 9132 RP Lot. 9133 RP Lot. 9134 RP Evzonas prob. of the “D. MARTIMIANAKI, Photographe, Maid of the Royal Court MAVROMIHALIS Palace Guard c.1865. CDV Athenes” (1891) CDV photo portrait of of Greece very early Dimitrios, Colonel c.1865. by D. CONSTANTIN, a sitting man in uniform, 5.5cm x 9.5cm, CDV albumen photo, CDV albumen photo of albume photo on passeon (badly cut around) passe-partout with ca.1860, probably by the important personality partout with photographer photographers printed sign on back. Scarce. P. Moraites. Photo size: and member of the cachet & handwritten Starting Price: 20 € 6cm x 9cm. VF. Mavromihalis family. caption (with date 1868) Starting Price: 20 € Handwritten caption in on reverse. Rare. pen on face. Fine & Rare. Starting Price: 45 € Starting Price: 50 €

Lot. 9135 RP Evzon c.1870. CDV albumen photo by P. MORAITES. High detailed handcoloured (gilt) of the costume. Rare. Starting Price: 55 €

Lot. 9139 RP “R. CARACACHIAN PHOT. (Constantinople)” albumen CDV photo, portrait of a woman, 6cm x 9.5cm, on thick carton paper with photographers sign on back. VF & Rare. Starting Price: 25 €


Lot. 9136 RP DELIGEORGES Epaminondas ΔΕΛΗΓΙΩΡΓΗΣ Επαμεινώνδας c.1870. CDV albumen photo by KOLOMBOS G. Portrait of the politician and Prime Minister of Greece. Rare. Starting Price: 50 €

Lot. 9137 RP Princess Alexandra of Greece - Grand Duchess Georgievna of Russia, c.1870. Early CDV, albumen photo depicting the princess in young age. Unknown photographer, prob. P. Moraites. RARE. Starting Price: 50 €

Lot. 9138 RP Lot. 9141 RP VOULGARIS Φωτογραφείον Dimitrios, c.1875. CDV ΣΕΡΡΑΙΣ Γεωργ. by P. Moraites, albumen ΑΠΟΣΤΟΛΙΔΟΥ. photo of the important Serres - Σέρρες c.1880 political personality of albumen CDV photo the 1821 Greek War of on passe-partout. Independence. Middle Scarce CDV by a crease. Rare. photographer known Starting Price: 20 € to be based in Larissa. Starting Price: 25 € Lot. 9142 RP Royalty c.1890. Early photo (albumen) of PRINCE ALEXANDER (later King of Greece) & PRINCESS ALEXANDRA of Greece (later Grand Duchess of Russia). CDV, unknown photographer. Very Fine. Starting Price: 60 € A. Karamitsos # 530

Lot. 9140 RP “E. PANTZOPOULO et R. CARACACHIAN (Constantinople)” albumen CDV photo, portrait of a man, 6cm x 9.5cm, on thick carton paper with photographers sign on back. Two pinholes (on edges of photo). Starting Price: 25 €

Lot. 9143 RP Lot. 9147 RP STOURNARA FRERES / Peintres et Portrait of Eytaksias Photographes / VOLO (Grece) cabinet photo of Ioannis - Ιωάννης the late 19th century, Portrait of military men, army Ευταξίας c.1880, & navy. Size: 10x14 cm. Thick carton with logo on governor of National back side. Minor faults and usual wear for its age. Bank of Greece Starting Price: 35 € (ΕΘΝΙΚΗ ΤΡΑΠΕΖΑ) & professor of greek Law School in Athens. Cabinet photo by “Boehringer-Athen”. Starting Price: 50 €

Lot. 9144 RP S. & P. STOURNARAS / Peintres et Photographes / VOLO (Grece) cabinet photo of the late 19th century, Portrait of types & costumes, with men posing in the place of women. Size: 9.7x13.8 cm. Thick carton with logo on back side. Minor faults and usual wear for its age. Starting Price: 35 €

Lot. 9145 RP “C. MERLIN, Artist & Photographer, Athens / Photographer by special appointment to the Royal Family of Greece” early albumen cabinet photo of four boys (the Frangakis brothers), ca. 1870. Attached on thick carton with Lot. 9148 RP photographers sign on reverse. Photo size: KING GEORGE I of 10cm x 13.5cm. Very fine condition & rare. Greece c.1890. Cabinet Starting Price: 50 € real albumen photo (11x16cm) attached on passe-partout. Photo by “Fotogr. Kunst Verlag (S. Bloch) - Wien”. Very Fine. Starting Price: 50 €

Lot. 9146 RP Kantas Soeurs, Athenes” albumen cabinet photo, portrait of a woman, ca. 1890. Attached on thick carton with photographers sign on reverse. Photo size: 10cm x 14.5cm. Very fine. Starting Price: 25 € Olympic Memorabilia, Rare Maps, Books & Photography, Documents & Ephemera

Lot. 9149 RP Σ. ΣΤΟΥΡΝΑΡΑΣ, Βόλος cabinet photo of the early 20th century, studio portrait of a couple. Size: 11x15 cm. Thick carton with logo with awards on back. Starting Price: 25 €


Lot. 9150 RP Ακρογιάλια της Αττικής. Βάρκιζα small (8.5x6 cm.) sepia photo on souvenir folder prepared by Photo Studio Stournaras in Athens. Starting Price: 10 €

Lot. 9151 RP Αθήναι. Ναός Ολυμπίου Διός small (8.7x6 cm.) sepia photo on souvenir folder prepared by Photo Studio Stournaras in Athens. Starting Price: OFFER

Lot. 9153 RP Andrian Arch - Athens. 1860. Early stereoscopic albumen photo. Handwriten caption on reverse & cachet “LOPEZ BARCELONA”. Anonymous photographer. Brown spots. Starting Price: 30 €

Lot. 9152 RP FRITH Francis. 1860. Three (3) stereoscopic albumen photographs of Acropolis. One photo depicting antiquities placed inside Parthenon with pen inscr. “La Pinacoteque sur lAcropole”. The Venetian tower is depicted in another photo. Two photos with cachet “Richard ...a Lyon”. Excellent condition. RARE. Starting Price: 90 €


Lot. 9154 RP Acropolis. 1860. Two (2) early stereoscopic albumen photographs of Acropolis. Anonymous photographer. Very Fine. Starting Price: 60 € A. Karamitsos # 530

Lot. 9155 RP CONSTANTIN D. Acropolis c.1870. Stereoscopic albumen photo on passe-partout with cachet “D. CONSTANTIN Photographe”. Depicting Acropolis and theatre of Herodes Atticus. The Frankish tower still standing on Acropolis hill. Very Fine. Rare. Starting Price: 35 €

Lot. 9158 RP CONSTANTIN D. Acropolis c.1870. Stereoscopic albumen photo on passe-partout with cachet “D. CONSTANTIN Photographe, 20 Rue dEole, Athenes”. Depicting NW view of Acropolis with the Frankish tower still standing. Caption in pen. Very Fine. Rare. Starting Price: 35 €

Lot. 9156 RP CONSTANTIN D. Acropolis c.1870. Stereoscopic albumen photo on passe-partout with cachet “D. CONSTANTIN Photographe, 20 Rue dEole, Athenes”. Depicting Parthenon. Rare. Starting Price: 35 €

Lot. 9157 RP CONSTANTIN D. Acropolis c.1870. Stereoscopic albumen photo on passe-partout with cachet “D. CONSTANTIN Photographe, 20 Rue dEole, Athenes”. Depicting Propylaea. Rare. Starting Price: 35 €

Lot. 9159 RP CONSTANTIN D. Athens c.1870. Stereoscopic albumen photo on passe-partout with cachet “D. CONSTANTIN Photographe, 20 Rue dEole, Athenes”. Panoramic view of Athens. Very Fine. Rare. Starting Price: 35 €

Lot. 9160 RP CONSTANTIN D. Acropolis c.1870. Stereoscopic albumen photo on passe-partout with cachet “D. CONSTANTIN Photographe, 20 Rue dEole, Athenes”. Early view of Temple of Olympious Zeus. Rare. Starting Price: 35 €

Lot. 9161 RP Lot. 9164 RP CONSTANTIN D. Acropolis c.1870. Stereoscopic albumen photo Athens Everyday life, c.1900. Stereoscopic photo entitled on passe-partout with cachet “D. CONSTANTIN Photographe, “48. Athenes. Rue dAthena” by “NPG” in excellent 20 Rue dEole, Athenes”. Depicting Parthenon. Rare. condition. Starting Price: 35 € Starting Price: 25 € Olympic Memorabilia, Rare Maps, Books & Photography, Documents & Ephemera


Lot. 9162 RP Frank M. GOOD. c.1870. Four (4) stereoscopic photos of Acropolis & area, one with signature in negative. On passe-partout with printed captions & copyright on reverse. Frank Good was an English photographer, active during the 1860s and 1970s best known for his stereographic photographs of the Near East (Greece included). Excellent condition. Starting Price: 110 â‚Ź

Lot. 9163 RP SEBAH Pascal. Athens c.1875. Seven (7) stereoscopic albumen photos, presenting panoramic views of Lycabettus, Athens centre & Acropolis. On passe-partouts of Sebahs photo studio in Constantinople. Titles & numbers in negative. Detailed descriptions & numbers in pen on reverse. Rare vies of Athens. Starting Price: 170 â‚Ź


A. Karamitsos # 530

Medals, Decorations & Ephemera

Lot. 9165 VF+ Δίαυλος - Διώρυγα Λευκάδος. 1819 Large bronze (gold-plate on Obverse at center). Medal commemorative for the Lefkada Canal (Δίαυλος Λευκάδος). Obv: Map of Lefkada & surrounding area and gold-plated bust of Major General Sir PATRICK ROSS, at the center. Legend in Greek: “ΝΕΩΡΥΧΗΣ ΑΥΛΑΞ”. Rev: Legend in 8 lines in Greek “Π. ΡΟΣΣ ΧΙΛΙΑΡΧΩΙ ΕΠΙΕΙΚΟΥΣ ΔΙΚΑΙΑΡΧΙΑΣ ΕΝΕΚΕΝ ΩΝ ΤΕ ΑΙΤΙΟΣ ΠΟΛΛΩΝ ΑΓΑΘΩΝ ΓΕΓΟΝΕΝ ΤΗΣ ΤΕΤΑΡΤΙ ΤΟΥ ΙΣΘΜΟΥ ΑΝΟΡΥΞΕΩΣ ΕΥΓΝΩΜΟΣΥΝΗΣ ΔΕΙΓΜΑ. ΕΤΗ ΣΩΤΗΡ ΑΩΙΘ(1819)” & wreath with ribbons. Weight: 130, 90 gr. Diametr: 82mm. Major General Sir PATRICK ROSS (Governor & Commander of the troops of Lefkada) had the supervision of the construction works of the Canal and seems to play important role in the completion of this important project. Very Fine PLUS. EXTREMELY RARE. Starting Price: 1350 €

Lot. 9166 VF+ Άλωση της Τριπολιτσάς - Πέτρος “Πετρόμπεης” Μαυρομιχάλης. 1841 Silver medal by Lange. Commemorative medal for the Siege of Tripolitsa & General Petros Mavromichalis Obverse: bust of General Petros Mauromichalis & legend with his name in Greek. Reverse: Legends “TΡΙΠΟΛΗ, 23 Sept. 1821 / Ο ΔΕ ΘΕΟΣ ΗΓΕΙΤΟ ΑΥΤΩΝ”. Diametr: 45mm. Weight: 61,60 gr. (Broken die). Almost Extremely Fine. Extremely Rare. Starting Price: 1450 €

Lot. 9167 VF+ Bronze medal (1839) for the benefactors of the University of Athens with “ΟΘΩΝ ΒΑΣΙΛΕΥΣ ΤΗΣ ΕΛΛΑΔΟΣ” & on backside the view of University plus “ΤΟΙΣ ΕΥΕΡΓΕΤΑΙΣ ΤΟΥ ΠΑΝΕΠΙΣΤΗΜΙΟΥ/ ΕΘΕΜΕΛΙΩΘΗ ΤΗ Κ.ΜΑΙΟΥ ΑΩΛΘ”,engraved by Lange. Size 44 mm. Light scratched on obv & rev. Very Fine Plus. Starting Price: 90 € Lot. 9168 UNC Bronze medal by K. LANGE with bust of King Otto on obv, inscr.:”ΟΘΩΝ ΒΑΣΙΛΕΥΣ ΤΗΣ ΕΛΛΑΔΟΣ” & design of the University of Athens historic building on rev. with inscr.: “ΤΟΙΣ ΣΥΝΔΡΟΜΗΤΑΙΣ ΤΟΥ ΠΑΝΕΠΙΣΤΗΜΙΟΥ / ΕΘΕΜΕΛΙΩΘΗ ΤΗΙ Κ.ΜΑΙΟΥ ΑΩΛΘ” (=1839). Excellent condition without any traces of strikes on perimeter or wear on obv. & rev. Diam.4.3cm. Weight: 44g. Starting Price: 190 €

Olympic Memorabilia, Rare Maps, Books & Photography, Documents & Ephemera


Lot. 9170 VF+ 850 Large bronze medal by Lange for “The regent of Greece by Amalia August 1850-August 1851” Obverse: Amalia and the legend: “ΑΜΑΛΙΑ ΒΑΣΙΛΙΣΣΑ ΤΗΣ ΕΛΛΑΔΟΣ”. Reverse: 3 palm trees, columns Olympion Zeus, Acropole and the legend: “ΔΙΚΑΙΩΣ ΩΣ ΦΟΙΝΙΞ ΑΝΘΗΣΕΙ (The creation of the royal garden was Amalias achievement). Diametr: 47mm. Weight: 40,30 gr. Very Fine Plus. Starting Price: 950 €

Lot. 9169 XF Bronze medal by K. LANGE with bust of Andreas MIAOULIS, admiral & politician who commanded Greek naval forces during the Greek War of Independence. Inscr.: “ΝΑΥΑΡΧΟΣ ΑΝΔΡΕΑΣ ΜΙΑΟΥΛΗΣ ΓΕΝΝΗΘ. ΤΗ Κ. ΜΑΙΟΥ ΑΦΞΘ, ΑΠΕΘ. ΤΗ. ΙΑ. ΙΟΥΝ. ΑΩΛΕ, ΝΑΥΤΙΚΗΙ ΑΡΕΤΗΙ.”. Allegorical woman figure on rev. Diam. 4.1cm. Extremely Fine, without strikes on perimeter. Starting Price: 280 €

Lot. 9173 VF WAR CROSS 1940. 3rd class:Bronze cross and crown. With full ribbon (Stratoudakis 121.34) Very Fine. Starting Price: 25 €


Lot. 9171 XF Ασημένιο (?) μετάλλιο “ΟΜΟΝΟΙΑ ΦΙΛΙΚΟΣ ΠΡΟΟΔΟΣ ΚΡΗΤΙΚΟΣ / Σύλλογοι Πειραιώς / Εθνική εκδρομή εις Κρήτην 28 Μαρτίου 1904”. Ασυνήθιστο αναμνηστικό μετάλιο, σε πολύ ενδιαφέρουσα για την ιστορία της Κρήτης περίοδο, με παράσταση της Ακρόπολης στην εμπρόσθια όψη. Μικρά χτυπήματα στην περιφέρεια. Διάμετρος 3εκ. Starting Price: 90 €

Lot. 9174 VF WAR CROSS 1940. 3rd class:Bronze cross and crown. With full ribbon & Slightly oxidized (Stratoudakis 121.36). Very Fine. Starting Price: 35 €

A. Karamitsos # 530

Lot. 9172 XF+ Royal Order of the Redeemer - Τάγμα του Σωτήρος (1863 issue), Knight s Silver Cross - Ασημένιος Σταυρός του Σωτήρος. In silver and enamels, 36x57mm. Without ribbon. In an overall EXCELLENT condition (enamels in wonderful condition). Starting Price: 220 €

Lot. 9175 EF NATIONAL RESISTANCE 1941-45 Commemorative medal. The second type of this medal struck after 1982 with inscription “ΕΘΝΙΚΗ ΑΝΤΙΣΤΑΣΗ 1941-45”. with full original ribbon.(Stratoudakis 132) Extremely Fine. Starting Price: 6 €

Lot. 9176 XF GREECE 1945. AIR FORCE “CROSS OF MERIT” with full original ribbon, (Stratoudakis 205.01) Extremely Fine. Starting Price: 190 €

Lot. 9177 EPH Twelve (12) decorative bookbinding tools, end of 19th century, Piraeus, Greece: Eight (8) wood (boxwood) blocks with the following carved designs: leaf, grapes (2), lion, figure of a Saint, woman figure in front of a mirror, anchor, geometrical design. Four (4) metallic dies for bookbinding decorations with art nouveau & geometrical designs. Starting Price: 150 € Olympic Memorabilia, Rare Maps, Books & Photography, Documents & Ephemera



Lot. 9178 DOC Προικοσύμφωνο - Σύμη 1802. Starting Price: 40 €

Lot. 9181

DOC ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΟΝ ΟΡΦΑΝΟΤΡΟΦΕΙΟΝ ΣΜΥΡΝΗΣ 1894 / Greek Orphanage of Smyrna 1894. Official document with round cachet “ΟΡΦΑΝΟΤΡΟΦΕΙΟΝ ΣΜΥΡΝΗΣ 1867” and various board member signatures. Scarce. Starting Price: 40 €


Lot. 9179 DOC Smyrna - Italian Consulate 1866. Official document with title cachet “CANCELLERIA DEL CONSOLATO GEN. DITALIA SMIRNA” and round cachet “CONSOLATO DITALIA EN SMIRNE”. Starting Price: 45 €

Lot. 9182 DOC Διαμονητήριον του έτους 1894 απο “ΤΟ ΚΑΤΑ ΤΗΝ ΑΙΓΥΠΤΟΝ ΓΕΝΙΚΟΝ ΤΗΣ ΕΛΛΑΔΟΣ ΠΡΟΞΕΝΕΙΟΝ”, με σφραγίδα “ΓΕΝ. ΠΡΟΞΕΝΕΙΟΝ ΤΗΣ ΕΛΛΑΔΟΣ ΕΝ ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΕΙΑ”. Starting Price: 35 €

Lot. 9180 DOC ΠΡΟΞΕΝΕΙΟΝ ΤΗΣ ΕΛΛΑΔΟΣ ΕΝ ΣΥΡΙΑ - Βηρυτός 1892 / GREEK CONSULATE OF SYRIA - BEIRUT 1892. Ετήσιο διαμονητήριο σε έλληνα υπήκοο με σφραγίδες “ΠΡΟΞΕΝΕΙΟΝ Τ. ΕΛΛΑΔΟΣ ΕΝ ΒΗΡΥΤΩ”. Starting Price: 50 €

Lot. 9183 DOC Νόμος του 1898 με σφραγίδα “ΤΗΣ ΣΑΜΟΥ ΗΓΕΜΟΝΙΑ”. Starting Price: 15 €

A. Karamitsos # 530

Lot. 9186 DOC 1905 - 1909. Important archive consisting of ~60 documents, ~20 statistical tables & 2 telegraphs, outlining the criminality in Greece at the beginning of the 20th century. Information about the structure of Greek police, policemen training, lists of police stations and their capacity. Also, analytical lists of criminal offences, records of facts about robberies, gang activities and clashes between gangs and police. 1905 – 1909. Σημαντικό αρχείο εγγράφων από το Αρχηγείο χωροφυλακής και τα κατά τόπους αστυνομικά τμήματα προς το Υπουργείο Εσωτερικών που σαν σύνολο σκιαγραφούν την εγκληματικότητα στην Ελλάδα των αρχών του 20ου αιώνα μέσα από ~60 έγγραφα, ~20 πίνακες και 2 τηλεγραφήματα. Σημαντικό τμήμα του αρχείου αφορά στην καταγραφή γεγονότων σχετικά με ληστείες, δράσεις συμμοριών και συμπλοκές μεταξύ συμμοριών και αστυνομίας. Αναφορές για συμπλοκές με συμμορίες ληστών όπως του των Μποτάση – Τατση και των Σκουμπαίων στην Ήπειρο (1908), Χαρδουλιά – Ντελή στα Μετέωρα (1907), Χαρδαλιά – Ραϊκου στη Θεσσαλία και τη Φθιώτιδα 1908, Κλεφτογιάννη – Καρακώστα & Πρίφτη στη Θεσσαλία, Μυλωνά – Κουτσίκου, Κουτσοθόδωρου & Αφών Κουκαίων. Εκτός από έγγραφα υπάρχουν και δυο τηλεγραφήματα που αναφέρονται σε απαγωγές και συμπλοκές. Επίσης στο τμήμα αυτό εντάσσεται και πίνακας των επικηρυγμένων ληστών (με παράθεση και των ποσών επικήρυξης). Μια άλλη ομάδα εγγράφων του αρχείου περιλαμβάνει εκθέσεις εγκληματικότητας με καταγραφή του συνόλου των αξιόποινων πράξεων ανά περιοχή και κατάταξή τους σε κατηγορίες και υποκατηγορίες («Κατά της Τιμής: Βιασμοί / Αποπλανήσεις και Ασέλγειαι / Παρά φύσιν ασέλγειαι / Μοιχείαι»). Οι αξιόποινες πράξεις παρουσιάζονται και σε πίνακες και σε πολλές περιπτώσεις τα αποτελέσματα παρουσιάζονται συγκριτικά ανά έτος (π.χ σύγκριση εγκληματικότητας ανάμεσα στα έτη 1905-1906). Ένα άλλο τμήμα του αρχείου αποτελείται από έγγραφα – επιθεωρήσεις των Αστυνομικών Διευθύνσεων του κράτους, με πληροφορίες για τη δομή, λειτουργία της Ελληνικής χωροφυλακής, την εκπαίδευση των αστυνομικών για το έτος, αναλυτικούς πίνακες καταγραφής αστυνομικών τμημάτων και της δυναμικότητάς τους, προτάσεις – εκθέσεις για την αναδιάρθρωση του σώματος και της βελτίωσης λειτουργίας τους. Starting Price: 950 € Olympic Memorabilia, Rare Maps, Books & Photography, Documents & Ephemera


Lot. 9184 EPH Σμύρνη / Smyrna 1902. “ΛΑΧΕΙΟΝ Υπέρ Ανεγέρσεως του Νέου Ναού της Αγίας Αικατερίνης / LOTERIE Pour La Construction De La Nouvelle Eglise De Ste Catherine”. Starting Price: 25 €

Lot. 9187 DOC Ιπποκράτης Η. Αμπατζής / Φρενελι (Αδραμύττιον) / ΕΛΑΙΑ / Τηλεγραφική Διεύθυνσις: ABADJIS ADRAMITTE. Επιστολή 1909. Starting Price: 5 €

Lot. 9188 EPH ΤΡΑΠΕΖΑ ΤΗΣ ΑΝΑΤΟΛΗΣ εν Σμύρνη / BANQUE DORIENT Smyrna, check with ottoman cachet. Starting Price: 35 €

Lot. 9189 DOC Lot. 9190 DOC SMYRNA c.1910. “CHERBETDJI ZADE Smyrna 1914. SAMOLADHA HUSSEIN GALIB & Cie / SELIANAKI BRISSIMDJIS / Tahini / Huile de ALI VAFI & BEJANAKI HASSAN Sesame / Halvas / Macaroni et pates KIAZIM / SMYRNE” Official company Diverses”. Working experience certificate. document watermarked, handwritten Starting Price: 10 € in ottoman turkish. Starting Price: 10 €


Lot. 9191 DOC ΚΟΙΝΟΤΙΣ ΚΑΡΑΒΟΥΝΑΡΙΟΥ * ΓΡΑΙΚ αρνητική σφραγίδα σε πιστοποιητικό του 1919. Starting Price: 10 €

A. Karamitsos # 530

Lot. 9192 DOC Ελληνικό Εκστρατευτικό Σώμα Μικράς Ασίας, Κυδωνίες 2.2.1922. Λίστα ενδιαφερόμενων φαντάρων για παραγγελία βιβλίων “Στρατιωτικά Ανέκδοτα” & “Ο βασιλεύς και ο Ιλαρχος”. Starting Price: OFFER

Lot. 9193 DOC ΣΜΥΡΝΗ-Smyrna, Διπλότυπο φορολογικής είσπραξης ελληνικού δημοσίου 1922 με κυκλική σφραγίδα “ΥΠΟΥΡΓΕΙΟ???? ΕΛΛΑΔΟΣ ΕΝ ΣΜΥΡΝΗ”. Greek governmental tax Receipt 1922. Starting Price: 15 €

Lot. 9195 DOC Υπόδειγμα Πιστοποιητικού για έλληνες πρόσφυγες, δεκαετία 1930. Καταγράφει πληροφορίες και μεταβολές οικογενειακής κατάστασης. Starting Price: 10 €

Lot. 9196 DOC Χειρόγραφη επιστολή της ποιήτριας & πεζογράφου Ρίτας Μπούμη - Παππά προς τη συγγραφέα Στέλλα Επιφανείου - Πετράκη και προσχέδιο απάντησης της τελευταίας. Starting Price: 20 €

Olympic Memorabilia, Rare Maps, Books & Photography, Documents & Ephemera

Lot. 9194 DOC Επαρχιακό Συμβούλιον Σμύρνης / έδρα Αθήναι, Πιστοποιητικό του 1928 για ανήλικους πρόσφυγες από το Σεβδίκιοϊ Μ. Ασίας, εγκατεστημένους στην Αθήνα. Starting Price: 20 €

Lot. 9197 DOC Επιστολή της Αθηνάς Ταρσούλη στη συγγραφέα Στέλλα Επιφανείου - Πετράκη. Starting Price: 20 €


Lot. 9198 DOC Τρεις επιστολές της ποιήτριας και πεζογράφου Κλεαρέτης Δίπλα Μαλάμου προς τη συγγραφέα Στέλλα Επιφανείου - Πετράκη. Starting Price: 20 €

Lot. 9199 DOC Τρεις επιστολές του λογοτέχνη και λαογράφου Πέτρου Μαρκάκη προς τη συγγραφέα Στέλλα Επιφανείου - Πετράκη και ένα προσχέδιο απάντησης της τελευταίας. Starting Price: 15 €

Lot. 9201 DOC Δύο επιστολές της ποιήτριας Διαλεχτής Ζευγόλη - Γλέζου και μια επιστολή του συζύγου της συγγραφέως, λογοτέχνη & ποιητή Πέτρου Γλέζου. Starting Price: 15 €

Lot. 9200 RP Χειρόγραφη αυτοβιογραφική περιγραφή (1947) του ποιητή Κ. ΚΑΡΘΑΙΟΥ στο πίσω μέρος της φωτογραφίας σχετικά με την εικονιζόμενη γυναίκα (Μαριάνθη Ηλιοπούλου). Φωτογράφος Α. Γαζιάδης. Διαστ. (με πασπαρτού) 16x21.5cm. Starting Price: 30 €

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A. Karamitsos # 530

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A.Karamitsos Public Auction 530  

Olympic Memorabilia, Rare Maps, Books & Photography, Documents & Ephemera 12 September 2015 16:00 @ Hilton Hotel Athens www.karamitsos.com

A.Karamitsos Public Auction 530  

Olympic Memorabilia, Rare Maps, Books & Photography, Documents & Ephemera 12 September 2015 16:00 @ Hilton Hotel Athens www.karamitsos.com