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Why Head-on with Martinez now not 4 years before? Miguel Cotto confesses the reasons to fight with Sergio Martinez now instead of years ago. The right thing will come at the right time. The more you hang onto them, the more you hold on and crave for it, the longer it takes. Destiny comes in a very decent way to me, I never pushed it. Always things happens when its needs to be happed. "This is the kind of fight that always has been talked about and now is becoming a reality. I think it is a perfect timing to make it happen�-Miguel Cotto. The moments for which we both are waiting throughout our whole carrier and the fans and media is excited about the fight. It is just the right time to do this fight and to enjoy to great fighters getting in the ring and showing, who is the best. It’s the time that decides the destiny what should be done and when it should be. History never is created frequently. Rather, Perfect timing & perfect strength makes history in our carrier and this is it. I am looking to make history - becoming the first Puerto Rican. Boxing has always been about challenges and this fight will prove that point.

Cotto VS martinez Live stream