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The Port of New York Junior


Flies to Brazil

The United States youngest "diplomat," IS-year-old Arthur Collingsworth of Tecumseh, Michigan, left from New York International Airport recently for Brazil where he was a guest of the Brazilian Government and had the honor of meeting President Kubitschek. The visit was a reward for Arthur's activities in promoting interest in Brazil among his Michigan neighbors. As a result of his voluntary work, Arthur was authorized to open a junior branch of the Brazilian Government Trade Bureau in his home town; he then undertook a lecture and film presentation campaign among local schools, civic organizations and clubs. The young ambassador of good will is shown in the photo below with George Altman, Brazilian Trade Bureau, prior to departing on Varig Airlines.




Off on "Mission"

Chicago Shippers

Told of New York's Port Facilities

Delegates to the annual Chicago World Trade Conference recently were brought up to date on new developments at the Port of New York during several informal receptions sponsored by the Port Authority. Hosting these receptions, which preceded the daily opening work sessions of the Conference, was G. G. Gorman, trade development manager, shown in the center of the photo below with William Nikoden, Alcoa Steamship Company, left, and Rupert Sanchez, Brunswick Balke Collender Company. Aiding in this "personalized" approach were D. E. Howland and B. L. Miller of the Port of New York Trade Development Office in Chicago. Continuous showings of the Authority's movie "The Fabulous Decade" were highlights of the affairs.

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US Youngest "diplomat" flies to Brazil  
US Youngest "diplomat" flies to Brazil  

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