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‘This VIA team should be regarded as a project team, rather than a separate department’, Margret explains. ‘The implementation of VIA contains all typical project phases: a start-up, a peak and an end. This new work method must be fully implemented on January 1st 2019.’ To maintain manageability and transparency for the larger responsibility granted to the contractor, procedures and quality systems become more important. In the start-up phase of the VIA implementation, much time is therefore spent on the quality of these systems and their interdependence. MASTER PLAN AND PROJECT PLAN

‘At A.Hak Pipelines & Facilities, the internal ­organisation from cost calculation to project ­execution, but also QHSE and HRM will use this new work method’, Margret continues. ‘The VIA work method requires those involved to communicate well and collaborate with other fields of expertise, both inside the own company and ­externally. HRM will therefore select staff members based on different abilities. This also has an effect on how performance reviews and career planning take place.’ Once the general quality systems are well organised, the next step is to smoothly align all procedures. ‘We build bridges, both internally and externally. With the customer, suppliers, subcontractors and the ­environment. The VIA supports us in this task, while we also draw on the knowledge and ­expertise available within our own organisation. We work with a M ­ aster Plan, a blueprint for the ideal work m ­ ethod, which we customise for each specific project. By continuously aligning the project plan and the Master Plan, we ­improve ­individual project plans, while continuously fine-tuning our Master Plan.’ PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE

While VIA is a new work method, A.Hak does not start from scratch with the concept of ­integrated project approaches. ‘I see many

similarities with the work method we used for ­constructing the major gas transport pipeline at the Beverwijk-Wijngaarden route. As the soil and ground water conditions for this project were so complex, we came together with all parties involved to create an integrated water team. This enabled us to gather input from all fields of expertise to create an ideal planning. CURRENT VIA PROJECTS

Actual projects being carried out with the VIA work method include pipeline work at the Aartswoud – Heerhugowaard trajectory, and a pipeline relocation project in South-Holland. ‘On an individual project level, we notice that each project has a slightly different ‘touch’ of VIA. We strive towards a uniform approach, but do acknowledge that specific circumstances require specific solutions. In a broader sense, we see that building bridges is becoming more established by having regular meetings and regular VIA repeat events. These contacts take place between the VIA support team and the project teams, and between the project teams working on VIA projects and the individual departments contributing to these projects, such as work planning and executive departments. All events that pop up during these contacts are registered as input for the Master Plan. And if we identify events occurring more frequently, we host workshops for participants from different fields of expertise. ‘ IN BOTH OUR BENEFIT

The introduction of VIA is quite demanding, but also has significant benefits. Not only for the cooperation with Gasunie. ‘We apply this knowledge in our benefit in more than one way’, says Margret, ‘as these project experiences also help to improve the general work methods at A.Hak Pipelines & Facilities. And A.Hak is of course more than just P&F – A.Hak Industrial for instance also regularly works for Gasunie – this is also valuable to the other companies in our group.’

Margret Sneek: ‘We build bridges, in our own ­organisation and with our customers, suppliers, ­subcontractors and other stakeholders.

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A.Hak Magazine #16 Summer 2017  

A.Hak Magazine is a publication for employees, customers and partners of A.Hak, the Dutch specialist in the field of design, construction an...

A.Hak Magazine #16 Summer 2017  

A.Hak Magazine is a publication for employees, customers and partners of A.Hak, the Dutch specialist in the field of design, construction an...

Profile for a.hak