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What you can do to help 5/12/2009 11:55:48 AM

I wrote earlier about my plans for the future, and it is gratifying that a number of you at least seem to be reading the stories and other materials I have put on this site. If you like what you have read of me so far--or even if you don't, but know someone else who you think might like it (and I'll write later of likes and dislikes)--may I suggest a couple of things you might do to help promote me as a writer? The first, obviously, is to buy my book if you haven't done so already. Beyond that, the major thing you can do is recommend it to others. Refer them to this site, which is one of the few places they can also read some of my stories without searching for them in difficult-to-find literary magazines. Or refer them to my websites. And encourage them to recommend it to others too. In particular, if you know anyone who is in a book group, please suggest that they put Sardinian Silver on their reading list, and tell them there is a list of questions for possible discussion on might make a change. Have you noticed how book groups all tend to read the same books?) And finally, if you know any agents, publishers, or book store owners... well again a recommendation might go a long way. For all of this I shall remain most grateful!

What you can do to help