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I have a number of plays, but very few places to list them. You'll find extracts and details of the following on my website and (for the first three only as yet) on <br> <br>1. "Lieutenant Kizhe," based on the satire about a non-existent hero, by Yury Tynianov with music by Sergei Prokofiev. <br> <br>2. "Germany Calling," based on the life of William Joyce, the British traitor known as Lord Haw-Haw because of his radio broadcasts to Britain during the war. <br> <br>3. "Really, Judith," a new interpretation of the story of Judith who, according to Apocrypha, gained admission to the tent of the invading general Holofernes in order to kill him--only here she's seen as passionately in love with him. <br> <br>4. "Out of This World," almost a farce, involving a broad-minded professor of theology, his "outragious" mistress, her confidence-trickster husband who's escaped from prison, and a forgetful but traditional head of the department of religion. <br> <br>5. "Tangle of the Isles," where an impoverished businessman discovers his house in the Hebrides has been taken over by a bunch of "lay sisters." <br> <br>6. "The Loss of My Good Name," based on the proposition that the works attributed to Shakespeare were in fact written by the Earl of Oxford. <br> <br>7. "Unlikely Ceremonies": three one-act plays designed to be performed by the same six actors on the same evening. Celebrations where everything goes wrong, with hilarious conclusions: "George's Funeral" (the straight comedy), "Nora's Anniversary" (the tragi-farce) and "Jennifer's Wedding" (the farce, ending with a same-sex marriage). <br> <br>My novel is listed at <br>

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