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Portfolio _Ambra Caroni

“Rorschach” collection Spring-Summer 2014 is a reinterpretation and synthesis -once again- of the power of the colour black and is based and inspired from the texture and features of ink and the many forms it can engage changing and mutating its nature. Inspired from very different concepts, from the research of Rorschach to the animal world through the use of different lights, saturation and translucent photography and x-rays emphasizing the various shades and perceptions of black as a colour and theory. This collection is ambitious and peculiar with fluid lines and sheer fabrics used carefully to provide to each of the pieces a very special character. Attention to details and fabric manipulation provide the garments a dynamic sensuality; however there is a strong recall to mourning dresses and religious references. Long length and tight waists will assure the concept of this “seductive” modesty. Dynamic is provided by folds and the clever use of proportions, with some sparkling accents that enrich the figure. Arched skirts worn with billowing blouses featuring huge voluminous sleeves, the idea of luxury but never too pretentious. The historical references to mourning and death accentuate the conceptual idea of the collection but ink remains the major character with highlights of latex in the accessories. –Black is modest and arrogant at the same time– the embodiment of the “Rorschach woman”

Enviable, evocative, shivery. Shivery

shiv· er 1 (shĭ v′ə r) 1. To shake with or as if with cold; tremble. See Synonyms at shake. 2. To quiver or vibrate, as by the force of the wind.

Costumer Profile: Name: Violet Thomas Age: 31 (25 to 45) Lives: Paris Occupation: Art Critic Income: 48.000£-69.000£ Studies: PHD in History of Art     Style: Unique, slightly dramatic but never pretentious, luxuriously looking Identity: Acculturate, passionate, thoughtful, sophisticated Interests: Good Clothing, culture, art, opera and meditation Designers: Armani, Jil Sander, Antonio Berardi, Chanel, Yamamoto, Zac Posen, Celine Food: Macrobiotic, traditional French and wine Music: Opera, Jazz, Classical, Pop sometimes    

Grace&Mabel -Fall/Winter 2014-2015

Tomorrow is yesterday -Spring/Summer 2014-2015

I picked up a day dress dated between 1835 and 1838 characterized by a simple and clean shape with scooped neckline and gently round shaped bottom. The detail I focused the most on were the “leg of mutton” sleeves, perfectly gathered and beautifully finished. This detail was giving to the delicate shape of the dress, a little taste of kind opulence matching with the fresh and flowery print that covered all the garment. I found this garment perfectly matching with the concept of fashion memory I had in mind. Perhaps its shape represented the “trend” of dresses worn by women in whole Europe during the early XIX Century.

Costumer Profile: Name: Bianca Smith Age: 38 (25 to 45) Lives: London Occupation: Writer Income: 52.000£-77.000£ Studies: PHD in Psychology     Style: Elegant, refined, classic but contemporary Identity: Acculturate, passionate, thoughtful, sophisticated Interests: Good Clothing, Culture, Art, Opera and riding horses Designers: Chloè, Cacharel, Alberta Ferretti, Chanel, Sportmax, N’21, Alexander McQueen Food: Organic, traditional Italian and wine Music: Opera, Jazz, Classical, Pop sometimes

Portfolio_Ambra Caroni 2014  
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