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curricullum vitae PERSONAL DETAILS :

Abhishek Verma, Chandigarh, India, +919803541448



architecture boys hostel, chandigarh 1st year project

Dedicated student intending to obtain an internship beneath a registered Architect, bringing computer skills and attention to detail to contribute to the firm and gain experience in the field.


commercial complex, jaipur 2nd year project

pursueing B. Arch from Chandigarh College of Architecture, 3rd year primary schooling from EICHER SCHOOL,Himachal Pradesh high schooling from GMSSS sector 35, Chandigarh


eco friendly school, punjab 3rd year project, an EUROGROUP initiative

3d : ArchiCAD, Sketchup, AutoCAD, Rhinoceros 2d : Adobe( Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign), Ecotect, Ms Office


annual NASA* design competition neighbourhood hub, kaimbwala, chandigarh my workspace... coverpage coffee table book, CCA

Workshop ”Can Global meet the Local ?” Chandigarh context with Ar. Henrick Valuer,2010 Paper on “Kinetic Architecture” in a team of 3 volunteers, 2011 Documentation and Analysis of Water Harvesting Techniques and Natural aquifers of Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, 2011-12 Paper on “Water Quality of Chandigarh” water study of Sukhna Lake, 2012 Part of editorial team for “Coffee Table Book” Chandigarh College of Architecture

LANGUAGES : English (fluent) German (intermediate)

HOBBIES and INTERESTS : NASA: National Association of Students of Architetcure, India *

basketball, music and dancing, a da vinci fan and likes to do grafitti....

architecture boys hostel an approach to cater functions of a home, workplace, recreational areas, playfield were to be incoroprated in a single building which had to be an icon of prevalent mode of construction. landscaping adhering to state of mind of an architecture student, his breathing spaces and comfortable working spaces and foremost creating spaces where he can learn and create while not bieng in his non studious hours. a building defining all laws of being a residential complex.

connecting ramps

ground floor plan

lightshelf concept

staggered balconies help prevent line of interaction from getting hindered unlike conventional balcony designs

summer sun is held back by slabs in the fenestration whereas winter sun penetrates more during the winter and illuminates the room more

physical model

scio play and shading staggered balcony design

gruen transfer commercial complex, jaipur

refers to the moment when we enter a environment that are designed to disorient. Factors such as the lighting, sounds, b a temperature and the spatial arrangements of stores and displays interact, leading the customer to lose control of their critical decision making processes. Our eyes glaze over, our jaws slacken, market analysis we forget what we came for and become impulse buyers. So if you go into a mall to buy a mop and walk out with a toaster, a block of cheese and a badminton set, then the Gruen Transfer has probably played a role. Or maybe you just really like cheese.

the site

relationship between anchor store (a) and specialised retail outlets (b). the composition and number of tenants of the anchor store result in maximum profit gains. the benefit of these brandnames may be incurred by small retail outlets in pareto fashion.

flash evaporation

fine vapours of water are released at high pressure through electrically manuevered devices.

apparently both end in sustaining each other.

bieng a hot city jaipur faces a scorching sun which makes outdoor experiences bitter, the need was to develop a skin which envelopes the complex from sun but keeps it cool and aerated throughout. the ornamented character of the skin builds its context from traditional architecture of rajasthan.

the skin

illustrating the design process and the journey to arrive at the final form of the complex, massing off chunks of volume to expose large decks for outdoor seating and breathing spaces foodcourt and also giving way for green spaces.

floor section o f f i c e

a n d

m a n a g e m e n t

f l o o r

f o o d c o u r t s r e t a i l

physical model

a n d

s h o p p i n g

f l o o r

primary school, punjab

eco f r i e n d l y

blending real concepts of eco friendliness, low cost in rural context and sustainability through means of construction. aiming at making the student realize that modern techniques can be achieved by vernacular methodology of construction. the idea of creating hexagonal structures is derived from the traditional dwellings and narrow street concept of punjab. also the easy permeability through the site and sciography management were one of the key principles of design. degree of penetration

academic zone recreational zone and play area administrative area rat trap bond biofarm and biogas plant brick jaali and arches

assuming a simple string theory that, buildings made without eco friendly norms cast greater pressures on their energy resources and environment. the need was to losen these pressure points through techniques of sustainability ,low cost construction and vernacular architecture. wind and sun analysis

form generation

physical model typical section

man and nature neighbourhood hub, annual NASA competition

Taking inspiration from traditional rituals ,practices and the celebrations and working out spaces which restore and briefs of revive the activities and fill the vaccum of a social hub. the trophy was to Manipulations and alterations of this defining plane according showcase the principles of to the practices and the functions they concentrated on. human and nature relacontours are nature and man’s joint intervention to create spaces. tionship and to revive the traditional practices of the past and to use them in today’s world for the benefit of the people . the site for the installation was chosen in chandigarh itself, ‘kaimbwala’ a small village on the outskirts.

design evolution

different traditional practices

floating island

traditional rope shelter

site section

structural ribs

my workspace.... the cube

wall mural

synthetic polymer partition


coverpage : Coffee Table Book Chandigarh College of Architecture

I will be more than happy to provide any scaled drawings or further details of my works as when required.

Architectural Intern portfolio  

Intern portfolio, Abhishek Verma from Chandigarh College of Architecture

Architectural Intern portfolio  

Intern portfolio, Abhishek Verma from Chandigarh College of Architecture