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JBC James Brown Consultancy Logo Project October 2012

The Brief Design a logo / logotype / mark / for James Brown Consultancy (JBC) The logo should work in black and white and/or in colour. No company colour has been chosen but the background colour for the web site and business card is black. Current design for the logo on the web site and business card use 4 process colours. Initial meetings suggested that ‘James Brown Designs’ should be tried but later JBC (James Brown Consultancy) was felt to be safer and would give a sense of continuity. Being an evolutionary approach it would fall into the new website design without upsetting the JBC style. Design Directions Various favoured ‘designer’ solutions were tried up-to sketch visual stage: Evolutionary designs using overlapping coloured circles; speech bubbles and quotation marks to highlight ‘consultancy’; graphic initials that emphasise positive / negative aspects of the letters; the use of dynamic diagonals and part hidden characters were some of the angles tried. The favoured solution used basic geometric shapes to make j b c and this is the solution I favour. Softening the shapes with rounded corners weakens the basic, minimalist, design of this word mark making it look fussy and prettified. Colour is subjective but I favour a 2 colour design plus back – cyan or orange/red as the signature colour. Conclusions and Reflections This was an interesting and challenging brief; designing for designers is always a challenge – some say that designers should not have a logo – that the act of designing is difficult to show visually because it’s such an abstract concept: looking at the logos and word-marks of the best design groups and agencies bares this out. But constraints make for a more interesting project, concentrates the mind and flexes the muscles.

JBC Logo  

JBC Logo job description and submitted designs.

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