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Country : spain

region: Catalonya City: Barcelona

Address or meeting point: stop 13 of Barcelona city tour : park Guell

Park Guell


Frank Lloyd Wright (June 8, 1867 - Apr 9, 1959), (in English: Frank Lloyd Wright) was one of the leading architects and early in the first half of the twentieth century. So far is months through the history of America and is still known both for general or specialist. Architectural philosophy and direction The Wright innovative set of ideas Urban Planning grouped under the title "City Broadhakr Broadacre City", and presented this idea in his book "City disappearing The Disappearing City ", revealed at the time for model huge (3.6 * 3.6 meters square) to imagine the future city, which imagined , remained displays it in many forums that go in subsequent years, and has been also developed in this idea until his death in 1959. March Wright called organic architecture, which is intended develops architectural form of the building and construction according to the surrounding environment and what he was about to Wright often is nothing above the needs of the client.


Frank Lloyd Wright leading organic architecture Philosophical principles: Nature of the building and it any agreed that external appearance and internal composition and nature described with the purpose for which it was established at a particular time and a particular place. Flexibility in building design and scalability for future extension and change for the job you want. The building is designed from the inside to the outside and not vice versa . Admiration for nature and the use of materials on nature: beauty of brick in being a tuba and the beauty of the wood as wood, (and from nature). Machined suit era buildings and affirmation that form follows function. Use concrete Altdeimat, instead of building to resist earthquakes shook her, and the use of conical piles and use projections. Planning for free Muscat horizontal (open). Applied principles: Emptiness is everything which is the basis of the design. Use design networks (Almdiol)

Most important work Edgar Kaufmann house named Villa Volenotr Falling water in Byron, Pennsylvania, in which he used the contrast in texture as the walls of limestone others politely put contradistinction with glossy blocks of white cement and iron and polished glass. House was held amid high forest trees gondola water-proof steep a Shalala central component huge rocks and built this horizontal connecting lines of vertical lines of concrete walls and glass openings and stems of the trees in the forest. Building Johnson Wax in 1936, illustrated in Salth internal columns high graceful (like mushrooms), which are like flowers existing land on the stalk, and the tower laboratories for the same company has expressed tree Bassagaha and branches or leaves were glass. Frederick Ruby's house in Chicago, carried out in 1908-1909 and is the most beautiful prairie houses that reflect the personality of Wright. Solomon Gagainheim Museum spiral - New York was designed in 1945 and implemented in 1959, follow the form follows function and tried to draw the attention of the visitor to the museum to the paintings and artifacts displayed during the different layers museum with facilitating lighting nature through the upper dome over the building. Church WISCONSIN town project carried out in 1887, the first acts of individual Wright since its inception where it was used coarse rubble stones to reflect the awe and beauty Almrgoban. Villa Morris located on a rocky summit high altitudes and in style. Store glass. Chicago Opera House.

The character of Frank Lloyd Wright Liberation horizontal projections Adopted by Frank Lloyd Wright freedom in projections horizontal, so the editing restrictions, rules and geometric shapes, vanished those accounts and conventions and laws on formation and construction, but she has become secondary factors to friendly was form follows function, and is not intended construct a building represents the idea of ​engineering vacuum, Frank was dealing with projected great smoothly makes integration and homogeneity unfounded, and we find that in Msaqth where each complements the other vacuum as a whole.. Adored Wright braiding and networking units superbly wonderful style and expressive accurate, sometimes he was distributing units or collected on an important architectural element such as a corner fireplace or internal peace, or respect for the natural ground levels and dealing with him to study the vacuum and its surroundings

Structural configuration of the building Structural configuration was the character Frank in all buildings of more than 600 projects, if we take the example of those armed concrete slabs prominent frank and bold or those surfaces interfaces to highlight and protect the terraces wood from weather.‍ا‏ Frank was inspired structural system for buildings of nature for example, if we noticed the structural composition of Johnson Wax factory with many columns we find that it was inspired by that of a flower "joy of the morning," which consists of five arched ribs .radiate from the center, which serve as the pillars of bending Take, for example those slabs of reinforced concrete prominent prominent frank and bold, and those surfaces on the facades of the building to highlight and protect the terraces wood from weather, like it like lush vegetation that spread their leaves from branches to keep and protect what is underneath, or what we observe from that change clearly in the openings The windows and variety and Tnoaaha and the way distribution likeness of that is the natural laws that are repeated through the same, or touch of a relationship explicit between shape and size outside and between these details, we believe that the higher the size of the Earth's surface to the top whenever became mild uncomplicated, and then increases Details obvious and visible to the eye. Finally bold expansion outright top of the roof, which publishes Rverwth on the walls of the building like a tree stand in the building tilted lush eye opener struggling line of sight in a wonderful and attractive appearance embraced by nature to live in harmony and harmony with them.


Museum Jojnham "New York"




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