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~Inter viewed and reported by Wenting Su and Clarissa Wong

Our “Dancing Queens”, Joyce Pang (3E2) and Michelle Arthur (3E1), won the Singapore Inter-school Dance Championship held on June 3rd 2009. Their dance piece won the hearts of the audience and judges! It has been about a month since the competition ended, and we caught up with the champions for an exclusive interview.

Wenting and Clarissa (W&C): Hi, Dancing Queens, congratulations on winning the interschool dance competition. How do you feel? Joyce (J): We feel very honored and happy to win. We didn’t expect to win, so winning was a pleasant surprise and we want to thank the school and our friends for their support. W&C: How long did it take both of you to practice your dance for the finals? How was the process like?

J: From choreography, to practice and making changes, we took about 4 months to prepare. Michelle (M): The process was very tiring. After each dance practice, which ends late in the evening, we have to return home and complete our homework. It really required us to be disciplined. We don’t want to affect our studies, so we had to manage our time properly. W&C: What are your plans for the rest of the year? M: We want to concentrate on our studies and prepare ourselves for the final year examination. I think that is the best way to repay the kindness of our teachers. W&C: Are there specific people you want to thank? J: We want to thank our principal, Mrs Lin-Liu, our dance coach, Ms Catherine Love, and all our teachers and peers. M: Not forgetting our supportive parents and family members who take special care in making sure we stay healthy and strong. W&C: Any words of advice for fellow students who want to pursue dancing? J: Dancing requires discipline and practice. Do not sacrifice your studies just to dance. It is important to strike a balance between studies and dance. After all, we are students, and studies should be our priority. M: Not many people recognize dance as a sport. Sometimes it takes patience and perseverance to convince your family that you want to take dancing seriously. It may take some time for them to understand and recognize your passion, so don’t give up!

“Just keep training and trying until your mind and body are one. A great dancer does not just perfect his/her techniques, but also uses his/her sincerity and emotions to touch the hearts of the audience.” ~ Dancing Queens

Dancing Queens  

interview and report

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