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ISSUE 239 – April-June 2013 – YEAR 65

Faith Enters the Pitch Fair Play Brazil Movement gains supporters and prepares churches and Christian organizations to sow the seeds of God’s Word during the great sporting events that will take place in Brazil.

SBB Digital Glow Digital Bible for iPhone and iPad Glow Digital Bible now has versions for iPad and iPhone. The full content of the Holy Scriptures and the multiple resources of the Glow platform can be accessed via the two Apple devices. In addition to the Premium configuration, the most complete one, we have developed a simplified version of the product as well–Glow Lite–, which can be downloaded free of charge. Resulting from a partnership between Bible Society of Brazil (SBB) and Immersion Digital, Glow Digital Bible offers an opportunity to get to know the Word of God in a totally innovative way. With it, it is possible to explore the whole universe of the Holy Bible with resources that, at the same time, include history, geography, arts, culture and spirituality. With more than 1 million downloads worldwide, the app offers four navigation lenses that reveal the world of the Scriptures: Bible, Atlas, Media and I, with the option of using it in social networks. The free version can be downloaded after signing up. If the user wants to upgrade to the Premium version, he/she must do so through Glow's own store (in-app purchase). For those who already own Glow, just download the app and log in with your existing Glow account to access the Bibles and the media content. The new apps also offer the following resources: Multi-device; Study & Sharing Tools; Much more to explore; Presentation & Sync Module. The Premium offer can be found in two versions: SBB, for US$34.99, and Pentecostal, for US$49.99. Type “Bíblia SBB” in the Apple App Store to check and download Bible Society of Brazil's apps.

Affinity Bible Now Has Special Website The Affinity Bible project, a service provided by Bible Society of Brazil (SBB), now has an exclusive special website. Implemented by the organization over 35 years ago, the initiative enables institutions to get in touch with their audiences in a special way by offering customized Bibles. It is possible, through this project, to develop customized editions of the Bible with an insert created to meet the most different needs. The special website offers detailed information about the service by showing models with varied sizes and finishes. Visitors can also check testimonies from leaders of churches, Christian organizations and companies that use this project. For more information, visit: br/bibliadeafinidade.

Almeida Study Bible for Apple Devices The Almeida Study Bible, a classic and indispensable work for studying the Word of God, now has an app for iPad and iPhone that uses the Glow platform. Featuring the Almeida Revised & Updated Bible translation, the app has several resources such as notes and introductions to the Almeida Study Bible, Exhaustive Concordance of Biblical Knowledge, and the Almeida Bible Dictionary. There are additional resources available, such as introduction to every book with information, content and draft; over 16 thousand footnotes; 40 2

The Bible in Brazil

virtual tours of famous places of the Bible; three videos; 350 highresolution photos of important places in the Bible; 144 maps; and a Bible Reading Plan. Type “Bíblia SBB” in the Apple App Store to check and download Bible Society of Brazil's apps. The app can be bought for US$24.99.

SBB Digital Preacher's Bible and Family Bible in Digital Format Bible Society of Brazil has just launched two new publications in e-book format: the Preacher's Bible and the Family Bible. Featuring the same content of the print editions, the Preacher's Bible and the Family Bible offer dynamic reading and text adaptation in several devices and screen sizes. It is possible to configure the size and type of font, in addition to adjusting it for night reading and sepia color. There is chapter and verse navigation, as well as word search resources. The publications offer introductions to Bible books, including important information and a diagram of its content. It also features notes and references in the biblical text. Check below the other resources offered in the publications. The publications in e-book format are available at Gato Sabido, Livraria Saraiva, eBookCult and Iba online stores. The Kindle version can be found at Amazon. Each title costs R$24.90.

Preacher's Bible • Co-edition of Bible Society of Brazil with Esperança Publishing House; • Biblical Text: Almeida Revised & Updated translation; • 1,883 sermon drafts included in the books One Thousand Biblical Drafts and Another Thousand Biblical Drafts; • Aids: “Words of Guidance and Solace” and “What the Bible Says about God's Forgiveness.”

Family Bible

• Biblical Text: New Translation in Today's Language (NTLH); • 486 studies about family, categorized and included in the texts written by the couple Jaime and Judith Kemp; • Aids: “How to Find Help in the Bible;” “Suggested Readings for Special Days;” “Famous Texts from the Bible;” “What the Bible Says about God's Forgiveness;” and “Vocabulary.”

Effectiveness in Spreading the Word United Bible Societies is restructured in preparation for an increasingly more globalized and digitized world. Spreading the biblical message in an effective manner in an increasingly more globalized and digitized world. That is the challenge faced by the United Bible Societies (UBS) that started a profound restructuring effort in 2011. UBS, in order to adapt itself to the new times, counts on the contribution from 147 national Bible Societies for the consolidation of this process. “UBS went through many changes throughout its history. Therefore, changes are not something so new,” says Michael Perreau, the organization's General Secretary. UBS' Global Board commissioned two studies in 2009 in order to adjust the organization to globalization and the digital era. One document analyzed how the organization must respond to the effects of globalization in the mission of distributing the Holy Bible, concerning both challenges and opportunities. The other report makes recommendations on how UBS must be managed in order to enhance the mission's impact in a constantly changing world. “Those reports included changes to the governance structure. From a more geographic governance to a more

global one,” explains Perreau. “We took on the role of sharing talents, skills and resources from every national Bible Society so that they can help each other,” he complements. This configuration delegates more responsibilities to the organizations in the great mission of spreading the Holy Scriptures and their message. “The more experienced organizations in certain areas will have to help national Bible Societies that need guidance or training. And this has already started to happen: several translation consultants, formerly linked to UBS have been hired by national Bible Societies, so they can continue to do their valuable work,” explains the General Secretary. According to Michael Perreau, with the restructuring UBS will be able to increase its global visibility. “UBS is a great venture that belongs to God. Our hope is to we can be able to reach more people with God’s Word translated into their mother tongues in the format they prefer, especially in the digital world we live in,” he concludes.

Photos: UBS


Prayer Calendar

Dedication to the Youth The French Bible Society has developed the ZeBible, an interconfessional publication focused on the youth that has become a great editorial success. Making the Word of God relevant to young people became a priority for the French Bible Society (FBS). A survey conducted in 2010 by IPSOS Institute for the French Association of Librarians confi rmed something that was already known empirically: 98% of the 4 million French young people between the ages of 15 and 20 years old do not read the Bible. Among the audience surveyed, 29% have a copy at home, but never had the curiosity of opening it. Other 32% believe that the Holy Scriptures are an important cultural and literary reference. “In a society with a highly secularized youth, we needed to develop a tool that prompted an unforgettable spiritual experience,” said Elsbeth Scherrer, French Bible Society's Acting General Secretary. According to Scherrer, who also occupies the role of Director of Publications of Bibli’O (FBS' publishing house), the numbers validate the strategy of focusing on spreading the biblical message to the youth. The development of the ZeBible–an interconfessional publication targeting young people from 15 to 25 years old–started seven years ago. Led by FBS, the production of the publication included 12 Christian institutions and 112 francophone authors specialized in young audiences and the Bible. Launched in May 2011, ZeBible quickly became an editorial success. About 50 thousand copies were sold in the first 18 months. The publication sparked the interest of young people in the Word of God in other French-speaking

countries as well, like Belgium, Switzerland, Canada and Togo. “The ZeBible was the way we found to respond to the growing secularization of our youth. So we decided to develop creative ways to motivate young people to read the Bible and help them understand it,” said Scherrer. ZeBible's success went beyond the printed pages to reach the Internet. A website ( has been created targeting leaders of young people offering numerous evangelization tools. Another French Bible Society initiative that makes the French people closer to the Scriptures is the exhibition “Bible: Humanity's Heritage.” Concerned with presenting the biblical message to the new generations, the organization is developing support materials for teachers about the exhibit, in addition to a catalog. Furthermore, children and pre-teens will have information available about the show, questionnaires with multiple choice questions and additional content in audio and video. FBS is also developing two more projects: a detailed revision of the Greek-French Interlinear New Testament, with completion scheduled for 2014; and a booklet targeting prison inmates, produced in cooperation with Christian chaplaincies. They intend to translate this publication into English and Spanish as well. “We pray that, in the future, we can do much more,” concludes Scherrer.■


Faith Enters the Pitch

Fair Play Brazil Movement gains supporters and prepares churches and Christian organizations to sow the seeds of God’s Word during the great sporting events that will take place in Brazil, starting with FIFA Confederations Cup in June. More than 100 churches and Christian organizations have already joined the Fair Play Brazil Movement, launched in September 2011 by Bible Society of Brazil (SBB) together with the Brazilian Sports Coalition, AMME Evangelization, Christian Athletes Association and the National Evangelical Outreach Network – all members of Fair Play Brazil Movement's Steering Committee. The goal is to mobilize the Christian community to spread the biblical message and principles during major sporting competitions that will take place in Brazil: FIFA Confederations Cup, FIFA World Cup, Olympic Games, and Paralympic Games. The activities will kick off in June 2013 at the Confederations Cup's six host cities. “We're very satisfied with the enthusiasm shown by the


Brazilian Christian community in preparing itself to make the Confederations Cup a testing ground for what we intend to do during the other competitions,” says Eude Martins, Fair Play Brazil Movement's General Coordinator. “Every day new organizations join the movement, and they are planning diversified activities such as social mobilizations, prayer groups, thematic worship services, among others,” he explains. Fair Play Brazil Movement's has been supporting and preparing churches and other institutions interested in participating. One of the preparation activities was the International Conference of Sporting Ministries, held by Brazilian Sports Coalition in Natal (Rio Grande do Norte) from January 28 to February 3, 2013. During the event, approximately 350 pastors and leaders from 21 Brazilian states were trained and discussed the strategic planning of the Movement's activities. SBB participated in the Conference and seized the opportunity to promote the newly published Evangelistic Activities Manual for the Confederations Cup and World Cup, prepared in collaboration with Brazilian Sports Coalition. It details the strategies that might be used to mobilize communities during the games. “The idea is

The Bible in Brazil

Photo: Cláudio Arouca


About 100 people attended the pre-launch of Fair Play Brazil Movement in September 2011.

that they create activities in order to share the values of the Kingdom of God with Brazilians and foreign visitors during the sporting events,” says Martins. The Manual also includes the names and website addresses of organizations involved in the Movement, in addition to a list of resources, like DVDs and books, specifically developed to be distributed during the games. Many of these publications were produced by SBB, including the Holy Bible with a sports themed cover, an illustrated supplement about sports, and the booklet The Path to Victory that features life like a competition in which those who have faith in Jesus will be victorious. SBB will also distribute ten evangelistic pamphlets featuring language of sports.

Partners in Coordination According to Fernando Camargo, Vice-President of Brazilian Coalition for Sports, one of the key things

being implemented is the Leaders Development Center, which prepares churches in Brazil to apply the concept of using sports as a way of communicating the Gospel. “It presents ten strategies that will help Christian leaderships to mobilize their communities for evangelism,” he says. As a missionary, Mr. Camargo had the opportunity of participating in evangelization projects during the Olympic Games of Athens (2004) and London (2012), and he believes that the opportunity must be seized in Brazil. “Sports can be an excellent instrument to communicate the message of the Gospel because it's a universal language. Sports don't change lives, but they can be a way of spreading the message of transformation,” he explains. He believes that having Bible Society of Brazil as one of the coordinators of Fair Play Brazil gives credibility to the movement. “Having the endorsement of such a respectable institution as SBB enabled the establishment of many partnerships. Furthermore, it will be vital for the production and distribution of biblical materials.” AMME Evangelization started to work with this theme in 2011. “By invitation of Pastor Marcos Grava, creator of the Movement, we began to use our capacity for strategic tactical planning to draw up the outline of Fair Play Brazil,” tells José Bernardo, the institution's

Evangelistic Activities Manual for the 2013 Confederations Cup and 2014 World Cup.


The Bible in Brazil

Cover President. For the Confederations Cup, AMME has established partnerships and developed programs that will run from 2013 to 2016. “We're applying something we call the 2-3-5 Initiative, the name of soccer's most offensive playing formation. This initiative consists of ten strategic programs: two background programs, meeting the needs of churches; three intermediate ones, for audiences distant from the events; and five frontline programs, closer to the audiences involved in the events,” he explains. According to Mr. Bernardo, in addition to being a comprehensive language with a strong congregational component, sports help to value a life devoted to faith. “One of the abnormalities of sin in our society is the devaluation of self-control. People give in to their impulses easily, and then they are easy prey to all kinds of sins and crimes. Sports are the last frontier where one can show the value and the advantage of subjugating the flesh in order to live the Spirit, as it is God's will.”

Union through Sport and the Word The organizations engaged in the Fair Play Brazil Movement are already defi ning strategies and mobilizing volunteers. Each institution adds knowledge of specific segments and the existing structure throughout Brazil in order to yield good results. The National Evangelical Social Outreach Network is participating in Fair Play Brazil Movement focused specific on fighting sexual abuse of children and teenagers in tourism, which tends to increase during international sporting events, in addition to being

associated to large infrastructure construction sites as well. The implementation of a project, called Ball Hits the Net: A Goal for Children's & Teenager's Rights, started in 2011 in the 12 State capitals that will receive World Cup matches. “Our work is focused on raising the awareness of this topic among churches and other Christian organizations, so that they can help us fight this kind of violence. Firstly by acting as the voice of prophetic action denouncing sin. And, simultaneously, with the pastoral vocation of taking care of those wounded and victimized, thus creating places of shelter and refuge,” explains Débora Fahur, a member of the National Evangelical Social Outreach Network coordination team. At the same time, a National Evangelical Social Outreach Network's project carries out campaigns encouraging people to denounce cases of sexual abuse of children and teenagers through Hotline, thus creating a protection network for children and teenagers. “The initial objective was to work until the 2014 World Cup. However, the activities have been so well received by churches that we're considering extending them until the 2016 Olympics,” says Ms. Fahur. With a long history of dealing with young people, the Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA) has also joined the Fair Play Brazil Movement. “We have 168 years of experience in molding the character of young people by fostering values like responsibility, honesty, respect and solidarity. These points further the goal of spreading the Word in large sporting events,” says Eudes de Araújo, YMCA's Executive Secretary. During the Confederations Cup, the organization will promote activities focused on developing friendship, peace and concord among different peoples. “We'll work by spreading the biblical message during sporting activities, both directly in large professional venues or in our own courts, swimming pools or fields. At the same time, we'll use the Publications developed by Bible Society of Brazil inspired by sports.


The Bible in Brazil

Photo: Eduardo Cesar


National launch of Fair Play Brazil on April 24, 2012, in São Paulo.

Internet to further spread the messages through social media,” he explains.

Sports as a Way of Spreading the Message Christian Athletes Association is another organization directly linked to sports that always had the mission of spreading the biblical message through athletes. “Sport is a universal language. Anyone in the world understands what a great feat is a man running 100 meters in less than 10 seconds. When Brazilian goalkeeper Taffarel saved penalty kicks in the 1994 and 1998 World Cups, he kneeled down and pointed to the sky. Everyone noticed that he was thanking God for these achievements,” points out Alex Dias Ribeiro, founder of the Christian Athletes Association. Now, working with the International Sports Coalition, of which he was formerly President, he is coordinating the program to develop evangelizing leaders with emphasis on sport. “We've detected 106 strategies that can be used. It will be up to Christian leaderships to decide which ones will fit the context of their churches and how to implement them,” he says. Ricardo Ximenes, Christian Athletes' Executive Director, mentions some activities already scheduled, such as mobilizations in front of stadiums, evangelism through sport workshops, and chaplaincies for athletes and their families, among others. “We're also offering discipleship opportunities to young athletes with great chances of


becoming Olympians. They are athletes who can win medals in the future, and, consequently, have great influence on society,” he explains. Raul Cavalcante Batista, President Pastor of Assembly of God Evangelical Church of Imperatriz (State of Maranhão) and member of Assembly of God in the World Cup, believes that the Confederations Cup is an opportunity to put into practice some of the activities developed for the World Cup. “We're

Fair Play Brazil Movement Fair Play Brazil Movement is inspired by the actions of Apostle Paul, who found the opportunity to announce the Gospel with freedom and to reach people from all over the world, in Corinth, one of the largest and busiest towns of the Roman Empire, during one of the greatest sporting events of that time, the Isthmian Games (Book Acts of the Apostles, Chapter 18). The organization in Brazil builds on successful experiences of Christian institutions during the Olympic Games of Atlanta (1996), Sydney (2000), Athens (2004) and Beijing (2008); the World Cups of Germany (2006) and South Africa (2010); and the Pan American Games of Rio de Janeiro (2007). Follow Fair Play Brazil Movement, check out the activities, download materials and participate through the website http://www.

The Bible in Brazil

Photo: Cláudio Arouca


Alex Dias Ribeiro: “Sport is a universal language.”

motivating pastors in the host cities to prepare groups of brothers who speak other languages to work as interpreters and tourist guides, seizing the opportunity to distribute evangelical literature in several languages,” he explains. At the same time, they are working with local communities and establishing partnerships with hotels in order to make Bibles and other publications available. The Brazilian Board of Missions of the Brazilian Baptist Convention will implement, during the event

in June 2013, the project Trans Confederations Cups carried out by volunteer missionaries in the host cities specifically on match days. “We'll have Operating Bases in churches and congregations, from where volunteers will leave together to evangelize fans around stadiums by distributing pamphlets and Bibles to Brazilians and foreign visitors in several languages,” tells Pastor Fabrício Freitas. Sign up on the following website to participate: Th rough a specific training course, already carried out, Renascer Apostolic Church has prepared evangelists to work during the Confederations Cup in all host cities. The teams will have people fluent in several languages, since they will deal with foreign visitors. “We have know-how in this kind of event because we participated in Christian activities in the Pan American Games of Rio de Janeiro, and we intend to use all our experience to inspire people in all churches to volunteer as well,” says Daniel Tenuta, Pastor and Manager of Renascer Church Web Portals and Gospel Television Network's Production Coordinator. ■

Confederations Cup The Confederations Cup is a soccer tournament held by FIFA every four years as a trial run for the World Cup. It takes place one year before the World Cup in the country that will host the latter, featuring eight national teams: the six continental champions, the host country and the World Cup holders.

In 2013, the tournament will be held in Brazil from June 15 to 30. In addition to Brazil, the following national teams will participate: Spain, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Nigeria, Tahiti, and Uruguay. The matches will take place in six cities: Belo Horizonte (Minas Gerais), Brasília (Federal District), Fortaleza (Ceará), Recife (Pernambuco), Rio de Janeiro and Salvador (Bahia). Rio de Janeiro


Belo Horizonte Salvador



The Bible in Brazil


Photo: SBB File


More than 7 Million Bibles in 2012 The new distribution record results from the effort of bringing the Word of God to everyone. The year of 2012 was really special for Bible Society of Brazil (SBB). In addition to celebrating two important milestones in its history–the 50 years of Light in Amazonia Program and the 10 years of the Bible in Braille–the organization reached a new Scripture distribution record. The total–including Bibles, New Testaments, Bible Portions (booklets containing parts of the biblical text, such as the Gospels) and Bible Selections (pamphlets with selected biblical texts)–reached 244,716,807 copies. Regarding the distribution of full Bibles, SBB achieved an increase of 9% over the previous year, with 7,389,040 copies distributed (check the chart). “We are more and more motivated every day to accomplish our mission of making God’s Word accessible to everyone, especially people facing situations of social vulnerability. Our expectation is that we can change those lives with the message of faith and hope contained in the Holy Book,” points out Rudi Zimmer, SBB's Executive Director. The volume of Scriptures for donations exceeded 26 million units. In order to achieve those results, SBB has one of the largest printing plants dedicated solely to the production of Scriptures – the Bible Press located in Barueri (State of São Paulo). And, in August 2012, SBB opened its new Distribution Center in order to make the distribution of God's Word throughout the country even more efficient. Located in Itapevi (State of São Paulo), the new facility centralizes the tasks of receiving, moving, storing, picking 11

and shipping Bible orders, thus reducing costs and improving the quality of services. “By reducing costs and delivery deadlines, this new facility makes it easier to spread the Word of God throughout Brazil” explains Mr. Zimmer. One of SBB's distinguishing features is offering the biblical text in different formats, thus reaching the most diversified audiences. A large part of the publications is distributed free of charge to those involved in outreach programs. The beneficiaries are people in situations of social vulnerability, patients hospitalized, prison inmates, the visually impaired, the hard of hearing, and students. In 2012, the distribution of Scriptures for this purpose reached 26,272,103 copies. Another major initiative is the Partner in Evangelism Program, through which volunteers offer funds for the production of Bible Selections to be massively distributed as a way of encouraging the reflection on recurring issues of urban life. In 2012, 233.5 million copies of Bible Selections were distributed.■



New Testaments Bible Portions

QUANTITY 7,398,040 718,953


Bible Selections





The Bible in Brazil


Bible in Action

Family in Focus Bible Society of Brazil (SBB) makes changes to its outreach programs and launches the Strengthen program, which includes four programs, and the Emancipate project, focused on the disabled. Both initiatives are intended to strengthen family ties. Bible Society of Brazil made changes to its biblical programs with social impact in order to increase the reach of the biblical message among different segments of the population. Four programs–The Bible and the Family; The Bible in Hospitals; The Bible and Peace; and The Bible in Humanitarian Actions–have been combined in one single program called Strengthen. “Although they benefited different audiences, these initiatives had the same work methodology in common,” explains Emilene Araujo, SBB's Social Outreach Manager. Focusing mainly on strengthening family ties, the program will develop different activities, like training volunteers and partners that work together with SBB in assisting populations in situations of social vulnerability, especially in destitute communities, prisons and hospitals, in addition to victims of disasters. The main tool is the literature produced by SBB,


an important instrument in activities targeting the strengthening of family ties. Therefore, SBB has prepared kits containing publications–for specific age groups and segments– that will be distributed to government agencies and NGOs, which will be in charge of creating suitable methodologies for the use and distribution of such materials. And a new project was created within The Bible for the Disabled program, called Emancipate. It was created to meet an existing demand in the assistance provided to the disabled. This population suffers from prejudice and exclusion, society's lack of knowledge, and lack of access to information. In order to minimize this problem, the project will try to be closer to beneficiaries and their families to provide continuous assistance. Implemented initially in the cities of Barueri (São Paulo), Curitiba (Paraná) and Recife (Pernambuco), the

The Bible in Brazil

Bible in Action project aims to facilitate the access of this audience to their rights, and, through the biblical message, strengthen their family ties. “It's still a modest project, but the idea is to replicate it in other regions as we improve it,” says Emilene Araujo. The Emancipate project has a methodology that consists of four distinct, but complementary, phases: (1) Selection of professionals and multidisciplinary technical actions; (2) Selection of families, survey and registration social assistance services users; (3) Social diagnostics of families; and (4) Assistance to users and their families through activities to strengthen social and educational ties, such as home visits, cultural activities, lectures, conversation groups, accessibility training.


With the changes, SBB now has six biblical programs of social impact: Light in Brazil; The Bible in Schools; The Bible in Chemical Dependency Recovery; Strengthen; The Bible for the Disabled; and The Bible and Culture. With fewer programs, SBB will improve the assistance it provides by focusing effectively on the benefited audience. “The restructuring will enable Bible Society of Brazil to closely keep track of the benefited audience evolution, as well as its transformation, in order to provide more quality of life and spiritual development,” explained SBB's Social Outreach Manager, pointing out that the organization's intention is to spread the biblical message to touch thousands of lives with God's Word, thus promoting the full development of the human being.

The Bible in Brazil


The goalkeeper Julio César, a product of Corinthians' youth teams, has been through ups and downs in the club. In 2005, he was promoted to the first team squad after winning São Paulo Youth Soccer Cup with Corinthians' youth team. Despite his good performance, he had to wait a few years to become Corinthians first goalkeeper. This opportunity only came in 2010. Julio César was a key player in Corinthians' fifth Brazilian Soccer League win in 2011, even playing a match with a broken finger. The year of 2012 was glorious for Corinthians with the Copa Libertadores (South America's Champions League) and FIFA Club World Cup (in Japan) wins, but a very difficult one for Julio César, who lost his place as first-choice goalkeeper to Cássio. The disappointment was offset by the birth of his children Davi and Alice in November. But nothing shook Julio Cesar's faith, as he believes his successes are the result of God's mercy. Read his testimony to The Bible in Brazil magazine. “The year of 2005 was very special in my life. I was introduced to the Word of God by my now wife Simone, who at that time was my girlfriend. At first, I attended the worship services just to accompany her. But little by little I started to identify with what was being said. It was very nice to realize that God loved me. I devoted myself fully to God. And then my life started to change. By trusting his Word and his promises my life prospered. With my good performance in São Paulo Youth Soccer Cup I was promoted to the first team squad. But I had to wait a lot to be Corinthians' first-choice goalkeeper. In the meantime, I realized that I was not alone. God was by my side. He guides us and makes us strong to face


Photo: Divulgação

The Word of God Sustains my Faith

any situation–whether good or bad. Whenever I face difficult moments, I read verse 33, chapter 6 of the Book of Matthew, which makes me sure that God is by my side: ‘Instead, be concerned above everything else with the Kingdom of God and with what he requires of you, and he will provide you with all these other things.’ (GNT). I first look for his face, his favor, because I know the other things will come with time. It's not easy being a Christian in the world o professional soccer. Many of my colleagues believe that happiness can only be achieved through fame, money, women and parties. I believe that happiness is built on the things you like to do, on being with your family, every day. I am the happiest person in the world, regardless of any difficulties I may face in my professional life or in any other area, because the Word of God sustains my faith.” Testimonies about the Bible

If you have experienced an edifying experience with the Word of God, write to The Bible in Brazil magazine and/or to SBB's website telling it. Those whose testimonies are selected and published will receive a copy of the NTLH Study Bible. Please send your testimony with a photo to

The Bible in Brazil


65 Years Distributing Seeds of Hope Celebrating one more anniversary, Bible Society of Brazil launches a campaign to raise funds for the Bible Cause. On June 10, Bible Society of Brazil (SBB) celebrates 65 years of existence. Founded in 1948, with the mission to “Offer the Bible to the Country,” the organization has since been developing numerous activities to promote the Holy Book and its message to everyone. So much dedication has resulted in Bible distribution records around Brazil. In 2012, SBB distributed approximately 7.4 million Bibles, 9% more comparing to 2011 (see article in this issue). Bible Society of Brazil thanks churches, Christian organizations and Brazilians for the results achieved, with the feeling that there is much more to be done to make the Word of God touch the heart of every Brazilian. Therefore, the organization launches a campaign to raise funds for the Bible Cause. In order to be successful in its mission, SBB invites churches and Christian organizations, in addition to Brazilian Christians, to join the campaign. “Making the Holy Scriptures and their teachings available to every audience is SBB's major challenge. And the involvement of churches in this process is essential,” said Mário Rost,


Coordinator of the campaign and Bible Society of Brazil's Institutional Development Manager. “The organization was founded over six decades ago by churches in order to provide them with Scriptures, since it's through the churches that the Word of God reaches people. But, in order to SBB continue to carry out its mission, we need the commitment of churches in supporting the Bible work,” explains Rost. Part of the biblical literature produced by SBB is distributed without charge through its outreach programs that benefit people in situations of social vulnerability, like children, teenagers, the elderly, the sick, and prison inmates. “All these audiences are targeted by activities whose objective is to provide them with a more quality of life and transformation through the Word,” concluded Rost. By working together with churches and Christian organizations, SBB expands its capacity of supplying all Brazilian regions with Bibles. Therefore, making the distribution of the Word to different segments of the population even more efficient.■

The Bible in Brazil

Biblical Science Bible & Youth 9th Biblical Science Forum will be held 9n June 6 and 7 at Barueri Event Center – Bible Museum, and will discuss youth issues. Bible & Youth was the theme chosen for the 9th Biblical Science Forum that will be held 9n June 6 and 7 at Barueri Event Center – Bible Museum, in Barueri (State of São Paulo). “Making the Holy Bible relevant to the youth has been a huge challenge for Christian churches. Bible Societies worldwide have been focusing their several biblical programs and publication projects on the new generations as well, in order to reach this segment of the population with biblical values in their daily lives. Therefore, we understand that this would be an important theme to be discussed in the Biblical Science Forum,” says Erní Seibert, Bible Society of Brazil's Communications & Social Outreach Secretary.

In total, there will be eight panels during two days enabling a detailed debate on the issue Bible & Youth. “We'll have talks on the biblical approach within churches, examples of young people in the Bible that can inspire the youth, in addition to national programs with biblical impact created to draw attention of young people to the importance of the Bible in their lives. Publication projects focused on the youth from different parts of the world will be presented too,” summarizes Seibert. The 9th Biblical Science Forum is open to Theology, Religious Studies and Linguistics teachers and students, as well as to other Bible scholars, religious leaderships and Christians in general.


June 7

:: 2:30 p.m. – Opening

:: 2:30 p.m. – Opening

:: 2:45 p.m. – The Church, the Youth and the Bible. Oswaldo Dias Ferreira Júnior, Pastor from the Church of the Nazarene's Biblical Seminary & Institute, Campinas (State of São Paulo), is a speaker with 21 years of experience in the Ministry for Youth and specialized in Bible, Family and Young People.

:: 2:45 p.m. – Translation of the Bible in the Americas and Worldwide. United Bible Societies' Translators Team.

:: 4:30 p.m. – Young Evangelist: Engaging Young People in the Evangelization Work. Mário Rost, Bible Society of Brazil's Institutional Development Manager and responsible for the Bible Museum.

:: 6:00 p.m. – Bible Society of Brazil's New Releases. Coordinated by Paulo Teixeira, Bible Society of Brazil's Translation & Publications Secretary, and Vilson Scholz, Bible Society of Brazil's Translation Consultant. :: 8:00 p.m. – Biblical Examples of Young People. Vilson Scholz, Bible Society of Brazil's Translation Consultant.


:: 4:30 p.m. – Lectionautas: A Program of Bible Reading for Young Catholics. Maria Eugenia Lloris Aguardo, Consultant on University Affairs for the Pastoral Episcopal Commission of the Brazilian Catholic Bishops' Conference. :: 6:00 p.m. – Fair Play: Bible Presence in the World of Sports. Marcos Grava, Vice-President of the Christian Athletes Association and creator of the Fair Play Brazil Movement. :: 8:00 p.m. – New ways to Read the Bible. Erní Seibert, Bible Society of Brazil's Communications & Social Outreach Secretary, and Lécio Dornas, Coordinator of the American Bible Society's Brazilian Ministry.

The Bible in Brazil


The Bible for Brazilians Living in the USA The Brazilian Ministry, an American Bible Society initiative in partnership with Bible Society of Brazil, celebrates one year of activity. The United States have the largest concentration of immigrants in the world, with approximately 40 million people. Although English is the country's official language, most immigrants communicate in their mother tongue. Therefore, the American Bible Society (ABS) has been making an effort to make the Bible available in the heart language of those who have chosen the USA as their home. Brazilian immigrants in the United States, estimated in 2 million people, started to receive Scriptures in Portuguese one year ago, thanks to the creation of the Brazilian Ministry. Resulting from a joint effort between ABS and Bible Society of Brazil (SBB), the initiative has reached in its fi rst year Brazilians living in nine American states. In total, seven thousand Bibles have been distributed from March to December. “Our goal is to put a Bible in the hands of every Brazilian, so they can experience the transforming power of God’s Word,” said Lécio Dornas, the Program's Coordinator. Different strategies have been used to bring the biblical message to Brazilians in the USA. Dornas has intensified the relationship with leaders of Brazilian churches established in the country. In 2012, three editions of the Biblical Science Seminar were held in New York, Newark and Cambridge, reaching 250 people. And two editions of the Bible Impacts Seminar were held in Pompano Beach and Elizabeth, attended


by 160 people. Nine editions of the events are already scheduled for 2013. And the Ministry also visits Brazilian Consular Units. Th ree of the nine Consulates General in the United States have been reached by the program: New York, Atlanta and Miami. Th is year, the goal is to reach more consular units, and, therefore, develop programs in partnerships with churches to assist prison inmates, the sick, students and people with extreme needs caused by some kind of disaster. Launched last year, the Bilingual Bible was an important tool for evangelization as well. “Th is edition of the Holy Book, featuring the biblical text both in Portuguese and English, was very well accepted by the Brazilian evangelical community,” said Dornas. The promotion of biblical materials is done through a catalog specially developed for this audience. Biblical literature can be acquired by phone (1-855-3BRASIL), with Portuguese-speaking operators, in addition to a special section on the website The plan is to increase the quantity of biblical materials available in 2013 by adding literature for children and pre-teens. Another goal of the Ministry is to include the celebration of Bible Day, on the third Sunday of December, in the calendar of churches. “With all those actions, we are fi nding opportunities to further the Bible Cause,” said the Program's Coordinator.■

The Bible in Brazil

The Bible in Brazil - # 239  
The Bible in Brazil - # 239