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The Script ‘‘In the hands of an artist, a book’s full potential is realised. It’s transformed into something more than just a container for information. It becomes an experiential medium for creative expression’’. Julie Chen (2013, p.6)

This quote perfectly describes Medieval illumininated manuscripts. These are not simply books that contain the ‘word of God’ or the word of a King, they are very carefully considered and expertly designed pieces of art. Not the kind of art that hangs on walls but the kind of art that inspires the reader to orate and teach the illiterate, which was the vast majority of the population at the time they were made. Some pages show guidelines, scored on the page, or dotted with a pin; an indication of the planning process that preceeded the writing and the illumination of the ornanate capitals and illustrations. Observing the different styles of writing lead to further research into Gothic script, eg. Blackletter, Fraktur, Textur, Rotunda and Lombardic styles. I began to look closely at the colours and letterforms and was able to identify different styles within the manuscipts.

The Book of Hours, illuminated manus

Textus Roffensus circa 600. Pre-dates Magna Carta

Sarah Ee GDCP PM7000  
Sarah Ee GDCP PM7000