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Final Outcomes

“sometimes you can’t push insight. You need to step a work and sit in silence and a while before your though crystalise and make sense gives your intuition a shot

M My final unisex design might appeal more to a male audience because it is very linear however, it could still be worn by a woman. The helix has the sense of spinning around and this gives the t-shirt a sense of fun and movement. As one of the male MA students pointed out “men wear t-shirts that are either very plain or very masculine”. I had not carried out any market research on the male market therefore I was blindly designing what I imagined would appeal to a unisex market. Given more time I would have carried out another survey to gain information about the male market. I have become more mindful of the importance of clarity on this project, an aspect of creatice practice, once mastered will increase my confidence and professionalism in presenting my work, verbally and visually. Presenting my final outcomes to the other GDCP and MA students and the client was a nerve-wracking experience and I learnt that verbally communicating my ideas is an area that still needs further practice. I do not think I spoke about my concepts effectively, and I think this was because I was not confident with my design concepts. Early on in the project I had rejected my concepts that related to childhood. This was a mistake. Hearing the other (MA) students talk about their work I realised their designs had strong links to concepts relating to the ethos of the charity-childhood, friendship, family. This provided content both for their designs and their presentations and crucially, gave them a unique selling point to pitch to the client. The fast pace of the project contributed to my lack of ‘thinking in action’ (Schon 1991), a skill, I have learnt, is crucial to the production of effective design solutions. I was distracted from reflecting on my concepts by the need to produce quick results for the group presentations. Also a lack of confidence and trust in my intuition hindered the development of my design concepts. Being able to step back and take a wider view of my work is a vital part of my practice. How long is ‘a while’? A day, a week? An hour? Ruminating on ideas is a luxury and I think being able to think quickly is another aspect of my practice I need to improve. What went well for me on this project was improving my presentation and digital illustration skills. I became more comfortable and efficient with Photoshop, InDesign and Powerpoint and this helped me to develop the ideas I did have and to present them on paper for the group presentations. Working to the specifications of a client brief gave me practice in working on a practical level, and designing for other people. Producing my designs to meet the artwork specifications was also good practice. I feel I can now confidently produce transparent artwork in a PDF file that is ready to transfer to the screenprinting process.

Sarah Ee GDCP PM7000  
Sarah Ee GDCP PM7000