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| Toyo Ito | Tokyo, Japan | 2004 | Shop+Office |

This is a building for TOD’S, a Italian shoes and leather goods retailer. It is located in Omotesando, Tokyo Japan. Omotesando is known as a showcase of Architecture. The roadside Keyaki trees on Omotesando is another feature of Omotesando. The strucure is corresponding to the thicker members towards the bottom as the trunk and the slimmer members towards the top as the branches of a tree.

A building looks like a tree and with the damascening of gleass is the demand of Toyo Ito. To be able to achieve such design, To make the diagonal pillar concrete srtucture with the glass curtain wall required high level of technology.

There are many amazing buildings on Omotesando, Toyo Ito came up with the idea of using concrete in this way and coloum free interior is not only to generate large open space but also to distinguish the TOD’S Omotesanto with other large glass curtain wall buildings around. The TOD’s Omotesando has a very sharp apperance and strong impact but with a very soft and columnfree space inside. The building is not transparent, but it is not just a concrete box, this was Toyo Ito’s concept. And we can clearly see his success.

METROPOL PARASOL | Jurgen Mayer-Hermann | Spain | 2011 |

The Metropol Parasol is the largest wooden structure aound the world, Within a old city with traditions, this unique huge wooden structure is built. The architect won the competition of the renewal of the plaza. When looking from above, the beauty of the organic shape is expressed. When walking under the structure, even though it is huge, but would not fell pressure, as it is harmonise with the nature. I think it is a architecture which shows the merits and beauty f wooden strucutres.

Guggenheim Museum | Frank Gehry | Spain| 1997 | This is a revolutionary design. The composition of free form with no physical restricion, this museum by Fean Gehry has brought architecture to a whole new stage and brought architects a new way of thinking. The digital designing is giving chances to architects to design in freedom, info/20110726_2189205.jpg Igreja%2Bde%2BSanta%2BMaria_01.jpg


Unikabeton Prototype Structure By using computer numerical control technology, Not only the concrete structures are able to achieve am amazing look structure, it also has optimized the conctrte strucutrs and are able to be more efficiency. The strongest structure with the minimal amount of material needed, the concrete are only place there it is structually needed. Therefore, the use of materials is reduce, no material would be wasted. Also, it is able to construct organic strucrture. As the result, the cost of making the structure can be reduce, and less ecological foorprint can be achieved.

Digital deign as a communication tool Digital Design and parametric design is not only making the architects work more efficently as it helps to find succeful and useable solution to a design agenda. Digital design has asso made the communications between architects, clients and other stakeholders more efficient. Digital design makes the design idea of an architect can be easily communicate with others and with better understanding of the spaces. And the interdisciplinary communication and collaboration between such as engineeris and the architect

Computer is now allowing architect to produce forms that were consider as impossible or extreamly diffcult. The use of programming can maximize the performace of the material and structure. Architects are now able to work in a more efficent way to achive a serious of design solutions as they are able to experiment digitaly with reliable data,

Zaha Hadid, KartalPendik Masterplam, Turkey, 2006 In this case, the architect is able to study the site and by using parametric design, to generate the most potential outcome within the constrains and desires of the site ans clients.



(Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design)

The Hearst Tower |New York |

As the development of digital architectural design, architects are able to achieve various complex forms with complicated calculation and optimizing the mechanical systems. Architects are now able to improve the energy efficiency and lower the energy consumption of their designs. A program- LEED. Withing this program, it could calculate and measure the performance of the design. (eg, material selection, energy efficiency, environmental isses etc) By combining the use of different programs, such as LEED with Rhino+grasshopper, One to improve the performace, one to visualize to optimize the design. And therefore to achieve both sustainability and aesthetics.

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