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Mimas Strategy 2011–2014

_Vision Mimas’ vision is to be indispensible to the advancement of knowledge.

_Mission Our mission is to power knowledge, research, teaching and learning. We have a unique blend of expertise and contextual knowledge, combined with the capacity to deploy existing and emergent technologies. This enables us to turn advances in technology into value for our communities and provide world-class information resources.

_Our values User focus

We care about our users, and we are focused on supporting the work of all our user communities, helping them reach their goals in research, teaching and learning; we apply technological innovation, combined with our diverse expertise and experience, in the production of reliable and user-friendly services that offer real user benefit; we provide friendly and approachable user support; we involve our community in service development. Agility

Our environment is intellectually challenging, with the need to respond to technical innovations and a fast-changing online environment; performance is reinforced and enhanced through a team based, mutually supportive and flexible approach; technical and professional expertise working together creates a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. Excellence

We continually explore new technologies and ways of working and supporting research, learning and teaching; we always aim for excellence through an approach that combines innovation with robust service delivery; we are a self-reflective organisation, reviewing our activity and applying this knowledge to enhance our effectiveness and efficiency; we aim for the highest standards in everything we do; we have a strong and mutually beneficial relationship with The University of Manchester, a world-class research university.

Mimas Strategy 2011–2014

_Strategic Aims


_Financial sustainability

• To deliver and develop valuable and quality-assured infrastructure, • To be financially prudent by seeking cost efficiencies and services and projects for our communities economies of scale while maintaining service levels and quality standards • To develop and grow the content that we deliver to benefit our communities • To diversify our funding streams and explore new activity that is • To anticipate and respond to changes appropriate and relevant to our expertise and in our external environment so that our the communities we serve, and coherent in portfolio of services and projects remains _Technology terms of our organisational portfolio relevant • To deliver knowledge-based solutions that meet the needs of our communities • To maintain our position as world-class technological innovator, driving the discovery-to-innovation cycle forward

_Stakeholder and community engagement


• To identify and solve the information and technology challenges of new and existing partners, funders and collaborators

• To maintain and develop a highly-skilled and motivated staff with pride in their work and expertise that meets the needs of our communities

• To support and deliver our funder priorities and strategies

• To become an increasingly agile and flexible organisation

Mimas Strategy 2011-14  

Mimas publish their strategies and strategic reports as rolling 3-year strategic plans. This is the strategy document for 2011-14.

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