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Refuel ISSUE #03

Marketing insights from motorsports insiders

This is the most significant moment in our agency’s history since our foundation 19 years ago.

Zak Brown

CEO Welcome to the latest edition of Refuel It’s championship season in the world of motorsports. Scott Dixon, one of the true class acts in motorsports, won the IndyCar championship and Sebastian Vettel has already secured the Formula One World Championship, making him the youngest quadruple champion ever. Additionally, NASCAR’s Chase for the Sprint Cup looks to be coming down to the wire as Matt Kenseth and Jimmie Johnson continue to battle.

It’s been an eventful time here at JMI recently as well. We were proud to announce Chime Communications PLC’s acquisition of JMI through its sports marketing division, CSM Sport & Entertainment. The investment CSM made in JMI confirms two of my core beliefs; global motorsports is an incredibly powerful marketing platform; and JMI is comprised of worldclass motorsports marketing professionals, serving the most exciting clients. The acquisition fuels JMI’s mission to perform to the very highest level in all we do. This is the most significant moment in our agency’s history since our foundation 19 years ago. As we finish this season strong, we anticipate the beginning of a new chapter and our passion is as strong as it was on our first day of business.

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F1 Singapore




JMI joins CSM Sport and Entertainment


NASCAR Bristol


F1 silly season




Crown Royal








GoPro Grand Prix of Sonoma


Cody Poor & the Indianapolis Indians

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John Force Johnnie Walker NASCAR Brickyard UPS Heralding the new Formula One season


F1 Monza





JMI joins CSM Sport and Entertainment It was a landmark day in our history as Chime Communications PLC announced the strategic acquisition of JMI on October 25th. The deal, revealed by CSM Sport & Entertainment Executive Chairman, Lord Coe, and JMI Founder & CEO Zak Brown, provides CSM representation in global motorsports and presence in the US marketplace for the first time. Zak commented: “CSM Sport & Entertainment was the perfect choice to take JMI forward and we couldn’t be more delighted that our futures are bound together. We recognized the synergies from the start and the potential for our clients and people is massive.” Zak Brown will remain our CEO and within the Chime Group will head up a new motorsport division and also become Global Head of Business Development within

This is the most exciting moment in JMI’s history Zak Brown

CSM Sport & Entertainment. Lord Coe commented: “This is a deal that makes sense for CSM Sport & Entertainment on multiple levels. It will bring value to shareholders, clients and employees alike, as motorsports and the US are two untapped areas for CSM Sport & Entertainment and to be truly global we have to be in them.” Jim Glover, CEO of CSM Sport & Entertainment said: “JMI’s reputation and performance are both outstanding and make the company a natural choice for CSM Sport & Entertainment as an acquisition. As the industry leader no-one knows global motorsports marketing like JMI and having Zak and his talented colleagues on the team will help build on CSM Sport & Entertainment’s leading position in the industry.”

F1 Singapore Burning bright against the night skyline and heralding the continued development of the Asian super-hub; the Singapore Grand Prix stands out for many as the epitome of modern Formula One.

An interview with

John Force How have the personalities of John Force Racing helped fuel the teams’ success? We don’t have any ‘cookiecutter drivers’ on our team; there is a wide range of personalities. My daughter, Ashley, drives and races like me but her interviews are more of a mixture of her mother, Laurie, and me. Brittany is level headed and has a teacher’s attitude, which is what she studied in college. Courtney understands what sponsors want from her, and delivers in a big way to men, women and children. Our president, Robert Hight, is a gear head who is comfortable talking to fans, media and CEO’s – he’s a very personable leader. Then there’s me; highenergy all of the time – I’ll talk to anyone.

John Force, who recently won his 16th NHRA championship, has partnered with JMI to support his team’s marketing. How have you seen JFR grow in terms of digital, video, social media, etc.? Ashley is president of John Force Entertainment. We have taken our content to a new level over the last few years. Now we can produce additional videos for our sponsors and ourselves and we use these online to reach people all over the world. Elon Werner, our Director of PR and Media, keeps us up with social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. I am learning how big twitter is. In one episode of our show, Courtney and Brittany will be teaching me how to use Twitter and an iPhone.

What are sponsors looking for today that they weren’t ten years ago? They are looking for an even bigger return on their investment. A sponsor invests a dollar they should get at least three dollars back. We have a good TV package with ESPN but sponsors want more, which is why we are putting together our reality TV show with Octagon Entertainment. Sponsors are also looking globally to get more value for their investment. To keep sponsors happy, we give them more exposure through social media, off-track events, the road show, the midway and car shows. Budgets are getting smaller so we have to work smarter with the sponsors to make sure we are reaching the maximum amount of people. We are hosting more events at our shops in Yorba Linda, California and Brownsburg, Indiana now. We set up displays for sales people to do demonstrations and then we can do banquets. We have two museums to show people what we do and where we have been. The goal is to give our sponsors and

their customers an exciting experience that will help them grow their business. In your opinion what is JFR’s strongest asset? We win. Eighteen championships in the last twenty; we’re in the hunt every year. Our sponsors get into the winner’s circle. We have four teams that cover Funny Car and Top Fuel. When you come with us you are on all the cars. If a sponsor’s primary car doesn’t win then they are on the other cars that win as well. We are a family organization racing in a family oriented sport, NHRA. We deliver exposure in every major city across the country. What does NHRA offer as opposed to other racing series? What NHRA offers versus other racing series is the fan experience. The tickets are pit passes and in other sports not all the fans can go into the pits and meet the drivers. In the NHRA fans can spend all day with the drivers watching the team tear the cars down and put them together again. Fans are in the pits smelling the nitro and having a behind the scenes experience.

Johnnie Walker The Ultimate Walk launch – Hungarian Grand Prix

Johnnie Walker has always promoted the association between the glamorous world of F1 and the brand’s stylish and sophisticated position. This was taken one stage further at the Hungarian Grand Prix with the unveiling of Johnnie Walker’s newest piece of global content. Featuring 2009 F1® World Champion Jenson Button, this enticing film captures Jenson’s experiences during an F1 season. He walks from the racetrack to training sessions, parties to luxury hotels, before driving off with Responsible Drinking Ambassador, Mika Häkkinen. JMI worked with a network of global creative agencies and production companies to produce the film before premiering it to F1 media at the Hungarian Grand Prix, with Jenson in attendance to discuss his experiences making the film.

NASCAR Samuel Deeds 400 At The Brickyard NASCAR’s premier series returned to JMI’s backyard, as Indiana-native Ryan Newman drove to victory at Indianapolis Motor Speedway in the annual Crown Royal -entitled race weekend.


UPS coordinated its largest activation of the 2013 season at Kentucky Speedway, with the primary sponsorship of Carl Edward’s Roush Fenway Racing Ford. As a part of the weekend’s activities, UPS hosted more than 40 customers in downtown Louisville for a fully immersive experience. Guests were treated to a tour of UPS Worldport, one of the largest facilities of its kind in the world. NASCAR personalities hosted receptions and events, both at track and away, complete with a suite appearance from Carl on race day. Overall, the weekend was an opportunity for UPS to strategically align their corporate assets with their NASCAR sponsorship, and create an impactful return.

Heralding the new Formula One season David Webb, President, International, JMI The announcement every year of the provisional Formula One calendar has the industry on the edges of their seats; the 2014 schedule perhaps more so than ever before. Although not confirmed, Bernie Ecclestone - in his quest to keep things interesting - has thrown some unusual suspects in the ring including Austria, Russia and Mexico. Each has their own pros and cons, however in my opinion these new races, combined with the existing tracks, makes for one of the most exciting line-ups we have seen in a while. This represents a huge opportunity for us as an agency for a number of reasons.

Our main priority has always been to exceed the expectations of our clients. Whether that involves generating memorable consumer engagement or delivering seamless hospitality programmes, we have experience in over thirty countries doing just that. The news of increased markets for our clients, allowing for the ability to incorporate motorsport assets and maximise the opportunities inherent within the sport, is personally very exciting. The knowledge, which exists at JMI, combined with the thirst for more localised information, will be the


Our main priority has always been to exceed the expectations of our clients.

key to developing new offerings for our clients, as we work to explain the additional benefits of such an exciting industry sector. Like any agency in the world, we have aspirations to grow. The potential of three new races delivers a platform on which we can begin to have conversations with new brands and sectors that have yet to realise the potentials of Formula One. The flexibility in our approach allows us to have conversations at a variety of levels, as we are in a great place to share our knowledge and expertise.

As we continue to develop our clients and their programmes, we have the opportunity to offer more to our people. Whether it’s the account teams in the office developing the campaign structure, the events team on the ground or social media specialists managing brand messaging, 2014 has a lot in store for us all. While nothing is set in stone, the prospects to grow the commercial interests of our existing clients, combined with opportunities to have interesting and hopefully fruitful dialogues surrounding new markets, has led me to believe that 2014 will be a great year for everyone at JMI.

F1 Monza Italians have always been known for their passion. Combine this with Formula One and you get the legendary Tifosi – racing fans like no other.


More than a sponsorship GSK has taken a very different approach to their motorsports sponsorship than most brands. Rather than focusing on external consumer engagement, they chose to promote McLaren Group’s expertise and knowledge to drive ‘Winning Performance’ within their own business. How best to communicate this to such a large company wirth so many departments? There is no better place to start than teaming 2009 Formula One World Champion, Jenson Button, with Roger Connor, President of Global Manufacturing Services, to an audience of 3,000 employees at GSK House, London. Through a live Q&A, Jenson shared race experiences with Roger and discussed similarities between running a multi-billion pound

pharmaceutical business and racing. From comparing high speed pit stops and production line changeovers to fuel load strategies and resource allocation, everyone experienced what the partnership can achieve through the eyes of two respected individuals.

Rush John Hogan witnessed the reality behind the story of Rush - and was depicted in the movie. The JMI senior executive shares some memories. Ron Howard’s movie RUSH, a film based on the Formula 1 rivalry between Niki Lauda and James Hunt, has been taking theatres by storm. JMI’s John Hogan, aka Hogie, was a part of that story and his character, played by Patrick Baladi, appears several times in the film. We decided to spend some time with Hogie to talk about the movie and the real story behind the rivalry. How much did Ron embellish to suit Hollywood? The only standout change from what I remember was the injection of animosity which runs through the film. There really wasn’t anything between them other than ultimate competitors.

John Hogan is Advisor to the CEO at JMI. Perhaps what was more surprising for me was the content left out, both racing and the off track exploits! How did your friendship with James Hunt develop? James and I had been friends for years through Formula 3 so when we started working together it was just a natural step for us both. I also became friends with Niki at the same stage as it was a much closer knit world back then. Do you think James Hunt’s personality made him more appealing to potential sponsors? James wasn’t as instantly appealing to sponsors as you might think. As the season progressed, more and more journalist wanted to meet ‘the legend’. This helped grow his public perception (and ego!) which in turn made brands

aware. Whether they wanted him to endorse their products, however, is a different story. In your opinion did the action on the track entice more people to watch F1 then than now? IIn 1976 there was no TV coverage. The excitement which James and Niki created along with countless other great drivers helped push the sport to the masses and create what it is today. The drivers were more natural, approachable and had more fun. Not to say that they were reckless but they enjoyed life and trapping which came with it.

Verizon Continuing to break IndyCar boundaries, Verizon Wireless coordinated the first live streaming Google+ hangout, incorporating live two-seater track action, GoPro technical support and Penske Racing personalities. Helio Castroneves, Will and Liz Power and Tim Cindric, joined host Marty Snider at strategic locations around Sonoma Raceway for a live discussion on IndyCar technology. The combined value of these individuals generated engaging dialogue for the event’s entirety that translated effectively through Verizon’s social media platforms. By instituting #IndyCarHangout, Verizon was able to pull questions, live, from Twitter and Google+. Promoted through Verizon corporate accounts

and partners, including Paddock Insider, Penske and IndyCar, the Google+ hangout helped Verizon generate over 4 million brand impressions during the Sonoma race weekend.

IRWIN Tools Night Race Bristol Motor Speedway The stars of the NASCAR Cup Series shone under the lights of Bristol Motor Speedway in one of the most anticipated events of the season. Matt Kenseth captured his fifth victory of 2013, the winningest season of his career.

F1 silly season Will Buxton Silly season. It’s become the buzzword for the rumour mill which dropkicks itself into action after Formula 1’s annual August break. With Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull Racing seemingly romping towards an incredible fourth consecutive set of world championships, it gives the press something to talk about other than the drinks Goliath and not a day appears to pass without a new and apparently even more outlandish story of driver deals hitting the headlines. While all the big talk is usually reserved for the better known drivers, new and previously unheard names start to be whispered within the confines of the F1 paddock. It has perhaps never been more difficult for a young driver to

Will Buxton is the Formula 1 pit reporter for NBC and NBCSN in the United States. break into Formula 1 and so, year on year, those fresh new faces seem to become fewer and more obscure. This year Russian World Series driver Sergey Sirotkin has been the boy, for he is not yet a man, most discussed in F1 circles after his ascent to Formula 1 at the tender age of 18 seems a not unthinkable prospect for a 2014 seat at Sauber given his almighty financial backing from his Russian homeland. Sadly, more has been written about the level of his backing than of his burgeoning talent. But that is the way of the sport in the modern era. Pay drivers in Formula 1 are nothing new, and many of the sport’s greats made their debuts on the back of bringing

It has perhaps never been more difficult for a young driver to break into Formula 1...

substantial funding with them. The sport’s most successful driver in history, Michael Schumacher, would not have made his debut for Jordan in 1991 were it not for bringing a fairly decent chunk of cash with him. It’s the way it’s been for decades now. But amongst the newest youngsters catching their break by paying their way onto the top table, few voices in this paddock would claim that a potential Schumacher sits

among their number. Junior categories are a fascinating minefield. By pitching drivers against one another in equal machinery and on a supposed level playing field, the concept is that the F1 teams will gain a better understanding of who is the stand out star of his or her generation. The reality is somewhat different for as the costs associated with junior categories rise, the talent pool can suffer as only those with the largest wallets, rather than the greatest talent, can afford to push their names all the way to F1. GP2 came into existence in 2005 and has, for the past nine years, existed as Formula 1’s preferred feeder category. Of the current F1 grid 11 drivers (half the field) graduated from GP2. Valtteri Bottas graduated from GP2’s little sister, GP3. Three drivers have graduated from World Series, all of them backed by Red Bull. But when one looks at the 2013 junior series, one is forced to ask the question as to whether any of their number will make it onto the F1 grid in 2014.

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Rexona DO:MORE Germany For many multinational companies the number of localised marketing platforms can be vast. Unilever is no exception however to ensure continuity the Rexona team devised the overarching message of ‘DO:MORE’.

Advised and supported by JMI, Germany integrated the Lotus F1 Team sponsorship into their ‘Do More’ strategy. Through an online competition mechanic, consumers were asked to tell Rexona why they ‘DO:MORE’ in their everyday lives. Chosen from thousands, the winner of the Formula One category was invited to France’s Paul Ricard circuit for Lotus F1 Team’s iRace and given the chance to live the life of real driver. Coached by Nico Prost, Kendy Pietsch started the day off in a Formula Renault to get to grips with the power and then moved onto getting behind the wheel of a real Formula One machine.

Crown Royal In July, Crown Royal raised the bar again as the title sponsor of the Brickyard 400. After developing and hosting an open submission and voting competition for the race’s naming rights, the event was branded – The Crown Royal presents the Samuel Deeds 400 at the Brickyard powered by Big Machine Records. As part of their largest activation of the 2013 season, Crown Royal hosted Gunnery Sergeant Samuel Deeds at the track for a VIP weekend. His experience included: hospitality, pace car rides, an appearance at the drivers meeting, an on-stage appearance during driver

introductions, and presenting race winner Ryan Newman with his trophy in Victory Lane. Overall, Crown Royal’s “Your Heroes Name Here” race entitlement contest produced a successful and memorable experience for its honoree.

NHRA Nationals at Las Vegas Motor Speedway JMI client John Force secured an unprecedented 16th championship, beating daughter Courtney in the Funny Car final.

Subway In an attempt to highlight the tradition and history behind Daytona International Speedway’s July event, SUBWAY chose to honor their entitlement by including Firecracker in the race’s title for the first time in 25 years. To fully capture all elements of the activation, JMI coordinated brand ambassadors and historic racing figures. Jared Fogle, the SUBWAY guy, was at-track to promote the brand during both pre- and post-race ceremonies. His participation was paired with an appearance by NASCAR Hall of Famer and three-time Firecracker winner, Bobby Allison. Together, Fogle and Allison provided SUBWAY with a unique media-generating event that provided an increased level of exposure for the brand.

Castrol Castrol Guests get the ride of their lives in Germany While the majority of our international business is Formula One related, there are many more strings to our motorsport bow. Leading the way across a host of different series is the Castrol EDGE Team, who as part of a jam-packed season, have assisted guests from 25 key markets in experiencing motorsport across 15 countries in 2013. One of the year’s largest events had the team on the road to the DTM finale in Hockenheim, Germany. The 80 guests from across Europe were provided a behind the scenes experience at BMW Motorsport before joining the racing action themselves with an exclusive track day.

Whether the team is hosting at races or facilitating driving experiences, the Castrol programs continue to showcase the product in the most extreme scenarios.

GoPro Grand Prix of Sonoma IndyCar returned to the west coast in August, as the season’s 15th event set-up a battle in Napa Valley. Will Power collected the win, Verizon’s first trip to victory lane of 2013, at Sonoma Raceway.

Cody Poor By day, Cody Poor is an account coordinator in JMI’s Indy office. By night, Cody transforms into the on-field announcer for the Indianapolis Indians. Indianapolis Indians, Major League Baseball’s AAA affiliate of the Pittsburgh Pirates, are one of minor league baseball’s best franchises. Playing in Victory Field, heralded as the best stadium in minor-league baseball, the Indians provide family fun April through September. Tell us about your job with the Indians. This is my first season with the Indians and I’m one of three on-field announcers for the team. On days that I work for the Indians, I’ll put in a full day at JMI and then leave for the field around 6:30 in the evening. The next three hours

are spent interacting with fans and running the show from the field. My job is focused on provided engaging content for the fans between innings. How’d you get started with the Indians? I’ve been doing PA work since high school. My role as an announcer continued with basketball leagues and other venues in college. When I learned about the position with the Indians it seemed like a natural fit. What do you like most about your job? I really enjoy engaging with the fans. My job is to make sure I’m keeping the crowd energized and providing a great atmosphere for families to spend time together. It really ties back to my position at JMI. On a weekly basis I’m engaging with clients and their guests, ensuring that they have the best experience with our agency.

Young fans show their enthusiasm at the 2013 Formula 1 Korean Grand Prix

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