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Jacqueline Chen made in Brazil

Jacqueline Meei Jy Chen 02/07/1996 wechat: jchen_7 SP +55 11 963407988 SH +86 131 62567280

EDUCATION -Colégio Dante Alighiericlassroom speaker


-Mackenzie Presbyterian University(currently 8 semester)

-TongJi University -



Photoshop | Skech Up | Autocad (advanced) Indesign | Rhino | Keyshot | Illustrator | Office (intermediate) Revit (basic)


Portuguese | Mandarin (fluent) English (advanced) Spanish | Italian (basic)


Brain (2016) FutureBrand Brazil (2017)


academic directory of faculty

director of extern relation delegate of students (1-3 semester)

-Mackenzie Athletic AssociationTreasurer (2015) President (2016)

-Meeting of Architecture Students-

Regional: Espírito Santo (2014) | São Paulo (2015) Nacional: Rio de Janeiro (2015)


Mackenzie University’s Basketball League first team player Faculty of Architecture’s first team player Monitor of Mackenzie cultural journey to Brasilia POP UP oficine with brazilian designer Guto Lacaz Presenter of São Paulo Chinese New Year 2017

THE ROUTE The project is developed through the study cases of paper folding with an inquiry of applying the developed structure on a bigger scale. The implantation of the project is rectilinear and gives a feeling to visitors of its random shape compositions through the shadows.

In the front view, it is possible to see that the rhythm made by the modules is random.

In the back view, it is possible to see the wall that supports the metal structure and allows people to walk between it.

MODULE The modules are composed by 3 different structures of different angles but all of them have one thing in common: they are created from the triangle. The order of the big structure is randomly made and it is never regular and consecutive. These connections between two planes in different plans give the sensation of the curve from the human level (example: the connection between points on Cartesian Plane).

CUBE The focus of this project is the choice of the material, structure details, intern divisions and types of facade for the 6mx6m house. The modulation has a big importance because the real execution of the project must be considered. This house may be multiplied for the composition of 96mx96m quarter, so the solution has to be adjustable for all the positions within it.

perspective section

cube inserted in the court

u glass

double facade

ventilated facade

northeast facade

dry wall

panel with brise

northwest facade

southeast facade

insulated steel roof

metal slab

southwest facade

exploded cube

Cover 1.1 Steel support beams 1.2 Cement panel (1,20x1,20x 0,02) 1.3 Barrier of vapor (1,20x1,20x0,005) 1.4 Fibreglass (1,20x1,20x0,048) 1.5 Plaster coat (1,20x1,20x0,02) 1.6 Waterproof panel (1,20x1,20x0,005) 1.7 Capping plate (1,20x1,20x0,01) 1.8 Double insulated metal tile (1,25x3,25x0,08)

DRY WALL (divisory) 2.1 Wood coat (3,45x2,85x0,01) (3,45x2,60x0,01) (2,25x2,85x0,01) (2,25x2,60x0,01) 2.2 Plaster panel (3,45x2,85x0,01) (3,45x2,60x0,01) (2,25x2,85x0,01) (2,25x2,60x0,01) 2.3 Fiberglass (1,15x2,85x0,06) (1,15x2,60x0,06) 2.4 Metalic structure v(0,04x0,06x0,005) 2.5 Plaster panel (3,45x2,85x0,01) (3,45x2,60x0,01) (2,25x2,85x0,01) (2,25x2,60x0,01)

SEALING 3.0 U Glass (2,60x0,30x0,04) 4.1 Metalic structure (3,58x2,85x0,04) 4.2 Brise closing (2,95x0,60x0,04) 4.3 Rail for brise closing (2,93x0,03x0,03)

5.1 Wood door (1,20x2,40x0,04)

8.0 Sliding window (2,39x0,89x0,11)

6.0 Dry Wall

9.0 Retractable window

6.1 Wood coat (2,25x2,60x0,01) (0,89x2,60x0,01) (1,20x0,45x0,01) (0,29x2,60x0,01)

VENTILATED FACADE 10.1 Placa de gesso pintado (3,45 x 2,85 x 0,01) (3,45 x 2,60 x 0,01) (2,25 x 2,85 x 0,01) (2,25 x 2,60 x 0,01)

6.2 Plaster panel (2,25x2,60x0,01) (0,89x2,60x0,01) (1,20x0,45x0,01) (0,29x2,60x0,01)

10.2 Metallic channel + circular metallic profile

6.3 Fiberglass panel (0,89x2,60x0,06) (1,20x0,45x0,06) (0,29x2,60x0,06) 6.4 Metalic structure (0,04x0,06x0,005) 6.5 Plaster panel (2,25x2,60x0,01) (0,89x2,60x0,01) (1,20x0,45x0,01) (0,29x2,60x0,01)


10.3 Secundary structure 10.4 Matellic channel + circular metallic profile 10.5 OSB panel (3,45 x 2,85 x (3,45 x 2,60 x (2,25 x 2,85 x (2,25 x 2,60 x

0,04) 0,04) 0,04) 0,04)

10.6 Metal rail


Tile coat

10.7 Decorative wood panel (3,45 x 2,85 x 0,03) (3,45 x 2,60 x 0,03) (2,25 x 2,85 x 0,03) (2,25 x 2,60 x 0,03)

Cement board (0,80/1,00/1,20x1,00x0,01)


Galvanized sheet (0,80x1,00x0,005) (1,00x1,00x0,005) (1,20x1,00x0,005)

11.2 Cement board (1,20x1,20x0,01)

Fiberglass (0,80x1,00x0,04) (1,00x1,00x0,04) (1,20x1,00x0,04) Galvanized sheet (0,80x1,00x0,005) (1,00x1,00x0,005) (1,20x1,00x0,005) OSB board (0,80x1,00x0,02) (1,00x1,00x0,02) (1,20x1,00x0,02) Wood coat (0,80x1,00x0,01) (1,00x1,00x0,01) (1,20x1,00x0,01) 7.2 Metal rail 7.3 Perforated wood facade (1,20x1,20x0,03)

11.1 Steel support beams

11.3 Polyethylene coat (1,20x1,20x0,002) 11.4 MDF board (1,20x1,20x0,03) 11.5 Wooden stock floor (0,10x3,00x0,02)

Memorial Reidy The purpose of the contest is to design a monumental building in honor of Affonso Eduardo Reidy, known as one of the fathers of Brazilian modernism. The site for the project is “Aterro do Flamengo” located in Rio de Janeiro/Brazil. The main idea of the team is to make a trace of “Conjunto Residencial Pedregulho” sinus shape and the remarkable structure within the monument by applying third (⅓) part of its original form. All the programs are taking undergrounded space and the shape is guided by the lamps, set up vertically from the authentic structure. At the night, the lights will guide the walking path of the visitors, also, they could become dominant highlight points of the city. * is a national contest for students of architecture. group: Ingra Tofetti, Jacqueline Chen, Joana Telles and Rafael Sandrini

1. exhibition area 2. exhibition support 3. toilet 4. foyer 5. reception 6. warehouse 7. open area 8. cleaning area 9. dressing room 10. kitchen 11. toilet 12. warehouse 13. powder room 14. cafeteria

section AA

night view

The structure for Lapa The concept is based on a big structure, ideology of the group to connect the Lapa district, in SĂŁo Paulo. It is made by modules of 12,5mx12,5m and its quantity can be variable, depending on the demands of the society. The idea is to make a critic about the negation of the process of Urbanization growth and its disagreement. So, the challenge of the project is to create a relation between important centers of the Lapa region with this structure and make it a place of the meeting points, vivid and dynamic one with the contemporary city needs.

masterplan of Lapa / no scale

project implantation / no scale

Possibilities for using:

The school of Circus The project respect the model of the modules 12,5x12,5 from the structure and the principle is to have a space for all the activities of the circus since the theory until the practice. So part of the “cube� is placed by floors with library, classrooms, academy, cafe and auditorium. And the other is the area of training with 28 meters of height. The restrict area for workers are located in underground with the dressing room area and the access to the stage.

exploded project

The project contains slabs that carry the programs of the circus school, fenced by a glass box structured by the steel standard module of 12.50m with bracing.

The pillar of the structure is 80x80cm and with beams of 20x60cm. There are subbeams to avoid buckling of the structure.

The auditorium is supported by a “structural box� that is trapped by rods fixed on the top structure.

Anniversary stamp The commemorative stamp has 2 iconic elements of FAU-Mackenzie: the steel structure framed by the windows of the building and the grove of the trees located behind the school. These elements represent the history of our college and they are being here since the foundation. *group: Jacqueline Chen and Igor Pratis









For titles. Light or Bold.

For describes. Regular or italic.

AaBbCcDdEeFfGgHhIiJjKkLlMmNnOoPpQqRrSsTtUuVvWwXxYyZz 1234567890 ][;.,:><+_-)(*@#& ̈%$!?”){}

AaBbCcDdEeFfGgHhIiJjKkLlMmNnOoPpQqRrSsTtUuVvWwXxYyZz 1234567890][;.,:><+_-)(*@#& ̈%$!?”){}

AaBbCcDdEeFfGgHhIiJjKkLlMmNnOoPpQqRrSsTtUuVvWwXxYyZz 1234567890 ][;.,:><+_-)(*@# & ̈%$!?”){}

AaBbCcDdEeFfGgHhIiJjKkLlMmNnOoPpQqRrSsTtUuVvWwXxYyZz 1234567890 ][;.,:><+_-)(*@#& ̈%$!?”){}


PANTONE P 124-8 U CMYK 100/0/41/0 RGB 0/155/162

PANTONE P 41-8 U CMYK 0/82/91/19 RGB 198/65/27

PANTONE P 179-16 C CMYK 0/0/0/100 RGB 0/0/0

These solid colors must be unique, coming with the white brand vector.

The white vector is used in background with images.




pencil Pavilion The owner of one of the biggest platforms for ideas of architecture students, invited us to create a physical space for their own campus. The big challenge was to create an inspirational spacearchitecture where the young architects can develop their maximum creative potential. One of the big demands of todayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s society is a mobility: of bases, people, electronics and architecture is not out of this. Once the Pavilion has the goal to make the relation between and the academic production of all the parts of Brazil, the intention of the team was to create a place without any limitation and the one that could adapt itself to any necessity program in every University campus. In this way: the structure should be light and flexible and the design might be adaptable to your size and place. *group: Heloisa Alfredo and Jacqueline Chen

The Pavilion is placed in Mackenzie Campus. One of the big marks of the place is a high construction density, the buildings which are very close to each other, big terrain variability and the lack of green spaces. The principal objectives: 1 Harmony in context 2 The continuous flow of the visitors 3 The position near to the main entrance of the University which would facilitate the installation

Step-by-step instructions to build the Pavilion:

6. Solar Panel

1. Closed module ready for the transport and to be open

2. Opening the floor

3.Cover: Bamboo structure with steel articulations. Cover in tensoflex material. The faces in transparent material could be open for the natural ventilation and lighting.

5. Bulkhead

4. The Connection between the modules are made by magnet.

1. unit

1. nature context

2. monumental context

2. submodule

3. urban context

3. module

4. central urban context

minimum composition small composition

double composition

medium composition big composition

Hybrid Building The project is composed by three commercial floors, one residential tower and one corporate tower. The corporate floors contain two big holes which provides a natural light and ventilation for the stores located there. These floors are composed of 41m² and 55m² offices and the access is enabled by the footbridges which have a function of living area, too. The strategy applied on the green area has a purpose of keeping pre-existing topography and the trees. A big ramp with the original inclination from the lower street until the living area of the commercial zone is proposed.

Thank you!

Jacqueline Chen | CV + Portfolio  
Jacqueline Chen | CV + Portfolio