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Birmingham 30/01/2009

Girl Found Dead In Lake

A YOUNG ASPIRING MODEL was brutally murdered and thrown in lake by her jealous ex boyfriend police were told yesterday. Kirsty Taylor was well on her way to a good future as a successful model however her life was cut short due to an envious boyfriend. Police were alerted when a cyclist saw a body floating in a muddy lake. He will be jailed next week.


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FOUND: 4 Days Later Picture by Christina Lewis

OAP Wrestles Intruder A 84 YEAR OLD women wrestled and intruder after he attempted to steal her pearl necklace. 21 year old Mark Butcher was given a shock when you was put on the floor by and old women and held there until police arrived. Police were alerted at 12:00am and immediately responded. This was definetly not a old lady to mess.

Student Stabbed A STUDENT was stabbed outside Matthew Bolton College. He chased down by masked suspects and the brutally beaten up then eventually stabbed. The Principal and the West Midland police are working together to analyse video photo to see if they can identify the masked individual. The student is currently in a stable position in Dudley road hospital They have not yet discovered the motive for the attack,but they plan


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Outisde the abandonded house A YOUNG GIRL was kidnapped my masked thugs in the early hours of Sunday morning. Her parents Julie and Mark Smith put their 2 year old daughter Mary to sleep, but were woken up by a chilling draft through their house. They woke up to find the front door open, in a instant reaction they went to check on their daughter to only find that she wasn’t there. Police were called to the scene straight

away. CCTV footage of the Smith’s road showed masked men running to their van throwing their new hostage into the back. When police checked the house they found a ransom note demanding £500,000 for the daughter’s safe return. After Police requested the public’s to help to get in contact with them if they have seen anything suspicious in the area 100’s of calls came through One call lead police to find the > Continued PG 4

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Exam Paper Rush By Christina Lewis

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After TERRIBLE weather that England had last week, there has been a shortage of GCSE and A - Level Exam papers. Schools and colleges are in a rush to order there required amount of tests before they all run out. Especially as they have receive and large amount of complaints from parents about the news rumour about proposing exams to the summer which will mean late entries into colleges for school pupils and extra stress of double exams for last year college students. The manager of OCR said’ We are working hard with both Royal Mail and Parcel Line to make sure that we can get the rest of the papers out to schools, to make sure that there are no delays to exam dates, But we

The Paper Struggle

cannot be 100% sure that it will be successful. A parent from Warwickshire said ’Whats the need to postpone exams the snowgone now, things should be back to normal.’ A number of schools and colleges are still yet to place their order for how much papers they are need. They are being told to make sure they order the exact amount of papers needed as there is no spares.

Cadbury: British or America From reading message boards it seems the British public are up in arms bout the selling of Cadbury to American company Kraft. I agree with the British public,Cadbury should remain a British company.Too many British companies get brought by large companies from the USA. It doesn’t make sense us giving away all our British companies were losing the British

name. Everything about Cadbury will change, no matter what Kraft say. How can a fake cheese company going to be able to run such a high quality of chocolate company.

Will anything remain British? That’s just my Opinion you Send in you comments. Email Morning Birmingham at:

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