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Zoe Stewart

Design Portfolio

Magazine Covers

Magazine Spreads

All magazine spreads are created on InDesign and saved out as an interactive PDF, this allows the user to hyperlink images, icons etc to desired website.

I printed out the image and then hand-drew the speach buble on tracing paper. I then scanned it in to the computer and went over it in Illustrator. I save it out as a PNG and pasted it over the image in InDesign.


Original image provided by Jake Owens

In Photoshop, I created individual PNG versions of the characters in the photo provided. This was done by carefully selecting and deleting the background area of the image.

By creating seperate PNG images of the two characters I was able to paste them on to seperate layers and lay them over one another, allowing me to pull the images closer together thus creating more space on the far left the A4 spread.

Saving the image out as a PNG allows me to lay it on to any image aquired without any of the original background of the photo appearing in the image.

I then add headers/footers and titles by simply creating whichever shape desired in InDesign and pasting text over the top.

I also add specific images and selllines to show the reader what can be found inside the magazine.

Photo Manipulation

Event Posters

Each event flyer is designed according to brief provided by the company hosting the event. Each flyer here has been printed and posted around various venues as well as given out to the general public and has been displayed on various social networks.

Textures & Backgrounds

These two images were created by simply tea-staining an A4 sheet of paper, leaving to dry naturally and then scanning on to the computer. The first was not completely dry when scanning and the second was scrunched before doing so.

This tiled background was created by hand drawing a cherry blossom flower in to Illustrator, saving it as a PNG and then pasting it into Photoshop. I then coloured and tiled it in Photoshop.



Each advert is designed to a breif provided by the company/customer using either InDesign or Photoshop.


Zoe Stewart Design Portfolio