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the season of promise is almost upon us. the lambs are already on the ground, the sunny daffodil faces are brightening up the roadsides and, at the thought of winter being behind us, there is a feeling of optimism in the air. it is this optimistic mood that inspires the homeowner to freshen up their surrounds under the guise of the great ‘spring clean’. As you emerge from winter hibernation, take the opportunity to assess your possessions. Look at the clutter points, and think about how you can refine your living environment. Are your cupboards overflowing? What about your wardrobes and drawers? now is the time, as we inch ever closely to september 1, to put mess at the top of your to-do list. interior designer Leeanne Kerr breaks down the ‘how’ part of the spring clean in her feature on page 6, and it all starts with a list. the trick is not to get put off by its length, however. Break it all down into palatable chunks and get that red pen ready to tick everything off as you go. i know my drawers – and those of the kids – are desperate for an overhaul, but i, too, am reluctant to get started. You’ve just got to remember how good you feel when it’s done! even the little things, like cleaning the fridge, make you feel a lot better once they are in order. i’m not very good at cleaning, which makes me particularly happy when i find some sort of product or tool that makes the chore easier. My mum bought me a magic cloth that has the ability to clean practically everything. it clears the soap scum off the shower door, the grease off the kitchen extractor fan and wipes clean non-stick frying pans with ease and without scratch. she also introduced me to sard Wonder soap – my go-to for every clothing stain! We share other tips and tricks for stain removal on page 7. We look at laundries to determine whether or not a separate room is the best option to suit your needs before heading outdoors to ensure your guttering has weathered the winter ok. if it all gets too much, throw a wine and cheese party – i recommend it!

my find

This light box ($22 from Kmart) can display whatever message suits your mood. A great tool for motivation. #Spring clean 2015!

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Green inside: planters that pop

Special feature + giveaway 6 7

spring cleaning: the journey to a shipshape home Cleaning advice: tips and tricks that work Competition time: make sure your name is in the draw to win a showerdome kit worth $308!


Interior 8 sustainable solutions: conscious water use 9 the laundry: does it need its own room? 10 diY: a clothes rack inspired by nature and crafted by you

Exterior 12

Cleaning up outdoors: declutter the gutter

Fitness & leisure 13 Keep it up: it all starts with motivation 14 A taste for the good stuff: how to host a wine and cheese night


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Our Expertise Is What We Will Provide To You Your Home Is Our Focus At Faye Homes, we are dedicated to excellence in the design and construction of the homes we build, the quality of the locations we choose and the customer service we provide. For FREE consultation, please visit our new Show Home on 9 Euphrasie Drive, Aidanfield or phone Marshall 0274668069.


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Evergreen planters


Add colour and style your living environment with faux options for those devoid of green fingers.


4 5

1. The Jenz Studio faceted planter adds a flash of style. Available at Token, Avonhead Shopping Centre. RRP $100. 2. Hop on the succulent wave with this Foliage Hanging Garden (17.5cm) complete with faux agave. Available with sedum and kalanchoe, in varying sizes, from Freedom Furniture. RRP $34.95. 3. Perfect for a single cutting, these Petite Metallic Vases are handpainted, with bottles 5cm (w) x 13.5cm (h). Check out Cloud Nine Creative, Set of three, RRP $39. 4. General Eclectic hanging copper planters come in varying sizes and metallics. Visit Token, Avonhead Shopping Centre. From RRP $49. 5. Go faux with this agave in a Geopot, 26cm (w) x 35cm (h). From Kmart, RRP $19. 6. This 9cm hanging planter in silver is one of a collection that features navy dots, gold and copper options, too. Metallic leather chord 80cm. Cloud Nine Creative, RRP $29.

coVeR SToRY Home & Leisure | 6

august specials! vy vanity ranGe


Free standinG baths


15% off FraMeless diaMond with or without tray and liner



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wall hunG & Floor Model includinG cabinets

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includinG new stock!

The big spring clean Leeanne Kerr sets her sights on cleaning up and clearing out, to get a jump on the new season.

dishwasher d137

14 place settinG cutlery tray Zone wash


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GOING, GOING, GONE! Garage sales are a great way to get rid of all those goods you don’t use anymore – one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!


MANY HANDS: Get the whole family involved in your spring cleaning!

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The spring clean has a long history, and for good reason. Spring is the first opportunity to open up windows and doors and let warm, dry air into the house, helping remove winter moisture and any additional dampness created during, for example, carpet cleaning. It’s not just about making the house look better, but also preserving the fixtures and fittings in your home and maintaining a healthy environment by removing unwanted dust, bugs and maybe mould. Mattress care is a good example. We spend up to a third of our life in bed, and it’s a dirty place. We shed skin that is devoured by millions of dust mites, and we sweat. It all causes deterioration that leads to a worse sleep. Vacuuming the mattress, turning it over and leaving it exposed to sunlight are simple things to add to your spring-cleaning list for great dividends in the long run. Making a list is a good idea, albeit a little disheartening as it gets longer. You do, however, get a small reward as you tick off each item. Spring cleaning is one of those activities that is most satisfying when finished (rather than during), and lends itself to a management method called the salami technique. Use small steps to reach your goal, like slicing a salami rather than trying to eat it whole, and you’ll get through your list before you know it. If you need a list, Google ‘spring clean’ and customise to

your particular circumstances. A comprehensive clean is also a good opportunity to review your possessions. There has been some great innovations in storage solutions recently, including drawers built into stairs and into the kickboards in kitchens, but you have to ask yourself – if I need that much storage, maybe I just own too much, and do I really need it all? Research in the USA showed there was around 300,000 items in the average home, and many of us are probably not that far behind. This has spawned a movement called minimalism, where people reduce what they own. It doesn’t mean living a Spartan lifestyle where you go without; people who try it say it just feels more liberating. It’s hard to do though, as we tend to be loss averse – we place a high value on what we own, and simply don’t part with it easily. It’s much easier to clean a minimalist home, and much easier to make it look stylish. If you want to rid yourself of extra bits and bobs, try putting them on the local neighbourhood Facebook page or choose to have a garage sale, with an early start and day of fun and conversation with people. Spring is the season associated with renewal and growth, and it’s a good opportunity to use that increased energy and enthusiasm you have to get your renovation projects underway, too.

cover sTory 7 | Home & Leisure

Out, damned spot! Don’t you just hate it when you drop or spill something on clothing or carpets? Home & Leisure looks at remedies that work. With aisles lined with cleaning products and promises made by many an infomercial, it’s hard to know what will really work when it comes to spills and stains. What follows are some tried-and-true solutions to a range of common problems.

Water stains on Wooden furniture


with Home & Leisure!

Apply peanut butter to the stains and leave overnight. Wipe away the next day and you should find the peanut butter’s oil has fixed the problem.

CheWing gum on Carpet Freeze it by applying an ice pack, then break off the hardened gum.

furniture dents in Carpets The tell-tale signs you’ve moved the furniture needn’t stick around. Pop an ice cube in each dent and leave it to melt. The carpet will plump up itself, or else encourage it with a fork or vacuum.

dirty WindoWs Diluted methylated spirits is great to use when cleaning off those pesky window smudges and marks.

Crayon on Wallpaper Layer blotting paper over the crayon and iron lightly. Alternatively, rub the crayon rigorously with a slice of fresh bread.

fly marks on the Walls If the problem area is the kitchen, do this chore while cooking, as the steam from the stove will make the process easier. Additionally, a cloth dipped in turpentine will work a treat.

ink on Carpet Make a paste from cream of tartar and a squeeze of lemon juice, apply and then wash off.

paint on glass KEEP IT SIMPLE: Cleaning answers can be found in the pantry.

Dip a wet cloth into bicarbonate of soda or hot vinegar, and rub paint away.

Wine on the Carpet Try soda water!

Forget about extractor fans! Insist on Showerdome for a drier, warmer and healthier home. A Showerdome consists of a clear acrylic dome that prevents steam from forming when fitted on top of an existing shower box. Home & Leisure has a DIY self-install Showerdome kit to give away valued at $308 (installation by a trained local Showerdome installer is available at standard pricing). For more information, visit To enter, write your name and address on the back of an envelope and send to: Home & Leisure Showerdome giveaway, PO Box 1467, Christchurch 8140, or email with ‘Home & Leisure Showerdome giveaway’ in the subject line. Entries must be received before September 18.

LAUNdRy Home & Leisure | 8  

Water, water everywhere, but only a drop to drink

IN OUR HANDS: A few small changes make a significant impact on water usage.

Rebecca Lees explains how our homes play an important role in water use. We all want hot showers, sparkling teeth  and clean clothes, even in a drought. But  these needs often come at a cost to the  environment, so how do we minimise our  impact? Let’s start by looking at water. Imagine  you have a one-litre container – fill it up  with water. Now imagine that one litre of  water is all the water on the planet (salt  water included). How much of that one litre  of water (from the entire planet) is nonpolluted and available for people to drink?  The answer might shock you. It’s about one  drip. That’s 0.003% of the total water on  the planet. That one little droplet of water is all we  have; the rest is either too polluted, trapped  in soil, too far underground, is salt water  or frozen as ice. That same droplet is also  largely responsible for our species’ survival  and it’s up to us take care of it. Think about the water you use in your  home and on your property. Chances  are the water that comes out of your tap,  flushes down your loo, cleans your clothes  and is pushed out the end of the hose is all  non-polluted drinkable water. It all comes  from that one tiny little droplet.

There are simple ways we can better  look after our water, and ourselves in the  process. Start by increasing your water  supply (and your community’s resilience  in dry spells). We can do this by collecting  water when it rains for using in our  homes and gardens. Installing a rainwater  collection system can be simple (a big tub  sat under your roof downpipe) or it can  be elaborate to include drinking water,  bathrooms and laundries. These systems all  work by holding water today for using when  we need it tomorrow. The water we use in our homes is  pumped to us (often using electricity), used,  then sent down the sink along with a host of  nasty chemicals. From the sink it’s pumped  through the drains to the sewage treatment  plant, and treated. A lot of energy, time  and money is spent keeping our water  clean, so we’re best to send the water we  use away as clean as possible. Choose  natural plant-based cleaning and beauty  products that are more likely to break down  without causing harm. And always steer  clear of products containing micro-beads  (toothpaste, cleaning solutions and beauty  lotions) – they’re harmful to aquatic life and 

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•  A top loader washing machine uses around 200 litres of water per load; a front  loader only around 80 litres. That’s a big saving! Front loaders also use less  electricity. •  Using the toilet half-flush option saves around five litres per flush. •  A dripping tap can waste around 90 litres of water a week. •  A leaky toilet cistern could leak 30,000 litres of water a week. (To check if your  cistern leaks: Put a little food colouring in the cistern. Wait for a few minutes and if  the water in the pan changes colour then you have a leak. They’re simple to fix.) the oceanic foodchain (of which we’re at   the top). If you use electricity to heat your water it  will most likely account for around 47% of  your annual electricity bill – so use it wisely.  If your hot-water cylinder is warm to the  touch (and you have a 20-30mm space 

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around its circumference) wrap it with an  insulation wrap, available from hardware  stores, and it will most likely pay for itself  within a year. Most importantly, remember that tiny  droplet of water. Right now it’s all we have,  so let’s protect it.

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LAunDrY 9 | Home & Leisure

The laundry door Not sure whether the laundry warrants its own room? Interior designer Leeanne Kerr highlights some key considerations when making this decision. I have to confess, my laundry isn’t a space with a designer touch, because I haven’t touched it since we moved in. Luckily, a well-trained husband means I don’t have to spend so much time there that it annoys me enough to renovate it, and I suspect that it’s the same for most people; sprucing up the laundry is not high on the priority list. That’s a pity because it’s a workspace that can make your life easier if it’s designed properly, and certainly won’t harm your house sale price if even some basic work has been done. The first questions you need to ask yourself are: do I really need a separate laundry room, or can the space be better utilised as something else? At its most basic, all you need is a washing machine, and this can be placed anywhere there is a power supply and plumbing, be it the kitchen, bathroom, cupboard or garage. In the latter cases you will also want a sink. If you want to add a dryer then ventilation becomes important. If you decide on a separate room, consider how else the space can be used. Consider storage space for your ironing board, adding a countertop or workbench, or making it a sewing or hobby area. Add storage for cleaning materials or out-of-season clothing and sports gear, pet accessories and, as it has a sink, pet cleaning. Depending on its location, it can function as a mudroom where you can

shed and store dirty or wet clothes and footwear. The danger, as in any storage and multipurpose area, is that it can become cluttered and unpleasant to be in, so plan your storage and work areas around your intended uses and stick to that. One practical hint; whatever the storage, it must have doors. You can reduce the footprint of your appliances by mounting the dryer on top of a front-loading washing machine. Front loaders are good as they use less water and are suited to a kitchen or bathroom application, however, once you have set the cycle to begin you cannot reopen it again to add that sock you dropped en route to the laundry. If it’s a top loader, elevate the dryer next to the washing machine so its door is level with the top of the washing machine and add storage underneath it. Like your kitchen and bathroom, the laundry can be a high-moisture area, so use wallboard designed for the job, and/or tiles, and hard surfaces for the floor. You will also find the area better to work in if it’s well lit. Make sure you use the right light for the activity at each surface and use lighter colours for the walls and cabinets. Having said that, avoid harsh and cold whites and blues as you want the area to be warm and inviting. As in other areas of the home, artwork can be use on the wall to brighten the area.

cLever spaces: If you don’t want to waste space on a separate room for your laundry, consider hiding it away in a cupboard.

Great design accessible to all Over 10 years experience in the building industry Concept to consent Resource consent Residential projects small or large For individual designs to suit YOUR life style contact me today

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warm and weLcoming: Make your laundry an inviting space to work by using warm colours, good lighting and perhaps a spot of art on the walls.

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Over 30 years experience Onsite tiler to give expert advice Wide range of tiles to suit both indoor/outdoor We fit all budgets

Nature’s coat holder Grant stephens and Rebecca Hammond tidy up the house with a coat rack inspired by nature.

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Handy Hints This can also be used as an interesting art piece or a jewellery holder.


How can Showerdome save me money? Less moisture means less maintenance. Paint won’t peel and other surfaces won’t be harmed through moisture. Great for landlords! Plus you can turn down your hot water - that’s a real saving and it’s safer too.

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Let the pruned branches dry out before you use them, so as to avoid them shrinking within the finished product.

materials •  2 x  1m lengths of 50 x 20mm dressed pine •  Pile of garden pruning branches •  0.5m of chain •  4 x screw cup hoops •  40mm wood screws •  2 x 15mm wood screws

tools •  Tape measure •  Pen or pencil •  Hand saw •  Mitre box  •  Drill with 3mm and 10mm drill pieces •  Screwdriver •  Secateurs  •  Hot glue gun •  Sandpaper



DiY 11 | Home & Leisure

Step One Use the mitre box and hand saw to cut the end of one of the timber boards, through the thin edge, at a 45° angle.

Step twO Measure 700mm from the longest point of the mitred end and make a mark. Draw a line at the same 45° angle and cut the board using the hand saw. Repeat these two steps until you have two boards at 700mm and two at 250mm.



Step three Position the two 700mm boards so the longest side faces up. Make two marks 10mm in from each end, 30mm apart, and drill 3mm holes at these points.

Step FOur Use the 10mm drill piece to make countersink holes so the screws will sit flush.

Step Five


Through the drilled holes, screw the end of the long board into the end of the short board. Screw the other short board on the other end and then screw the last board to the open ends of each short board. This should make a rectangular frame. Use the sand paper to tidy up any rough edges around the mitre joins/corners.


Step Six Choose a thick branch that has strong offshoots coming out the sides. Use secateurs to cut branches so they fit snugly within the frame.

Step Seven


Cut any off-shooting branches roughly 100mm from their origins and position so these points stick out to the front – these will be the branches on which the hats and coats will hang. (You will want six or seven of these branches.)


Step eight Use the 3mm drill to make a hole through the frame, into the bottom of the branch. Screw through the hole in the frame onto the branch. Repeat this process for the other branches then again along the top side of the frame to attach the top of each branch to the frame.

Step nine Use the hot glue gun to attach shorter and smaller branches or leaf decorations onto the frame.

Step ten


In N no E va W ti on


Use the short screws to screw the chain onto the top of the frame, 150mm in from each end.

Join the power saving revolution

Adjustable light colour from warm white through to cool daylight, a remote for independent room adjustment, fully dimmable with remote that also includes an Intelligent ‘Night Mode’. IC-F Rated so that you can insulate over for improved warmth and safety. Contact us to see this exciting new innovation in Ecobulb LED lighting being demonstrated in your home!

Are you ready to SAVE up to $500 per year on your power bills without having to change power companies? To book your FREE Ecobulb lighting assessment today Call us:

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B TO oo D k AY

Intelligent Downlight

exTeRIOR Home & Leisure | 12

Keep it clean Mark Rayner highlights how best to clear out the gutters as we skip towards spring.

Top Tip

Instead of blocking downpipes with a rag or towel, consider installing a water diverter on each. This purpose-made device is simple to fit and readily diverts debris from the downpipe by way of a plastic flap. When not being used, the flap is clicked the other way, and water will flow normally through the pipe and into the drain.

and sluice the gutter with clean water, scrubbing (if necessary) with a stiff-bristled brush. Once you’re satisfied the inside of the gutter is clear and clean, use a preparatory house or paint wash (diluted with warm water to the recommended ratio) to carefully scrub the guttering and downpipes with a brush, rinsing off any soapy residue with clean water. For any really stubborn or unsightly areas of mould, consider using a preparatory moss and mould killer. While up the ladder, do a routine check on the condition of the guttering, ensuring

Before clearing the gutter of any debris, it’s best to securely block off the tops of any downpipes with a large rag or old towel. This prevents any of the collected sludge being washed down and potential causing a blocking. Beginning at one end, carefully scoop out any leaves and sludge (either with a purpose-made gutter scoop or small plastic trowel) and deposit the debris in a bucket. Work your way along the length of each section of guttering, emptying the bucket as necessary. Once the guttering is clear of mess, remove the rag or towel

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1000mls Citrus Cleaner Concentrate



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Manufactured in Christchurch for Canterbury conditions using natural citrus extracts. Environmentally friendly. Very economical.

750ml Foam hd sprayer $10 (reusable) 2000ml refill pack $22.95 5000ml refill pack $34.95

“hoW to” Clean your windows The secret to quick streak free window cleaning is not newspaper or vinegar, or some miracle spray. The secret is professional squeegees, washers and microfibre cloths combined with professional window cleaning techniques.

that water runs away freely and there are no splits, gaps in the joints or broken brackets along each section. Check also along the edge of the roof for any potential maintenance issues as now is the time to address any signs of rust or other damage.

Blocked downpipes Should the water not flow freely along the guttering and exit via the downpipe, it may be there’s a blockage in the downpipe that will need clearing. Begin by carefully feeding a garden hose down the top of the drainpipe until it stops; then turn it on full. This may

be enough to dislodge the blockage. Failing that, consider using a length of strong wire or a thin rod to shift the compacted debris. For truly stubborn blockages, it may be necessary to remove the downpipe completely. Beginning at the bottom of the pipe, unscrew each bracket and carefully remove the downpipe (or each section, as necessary) and free the inside of any blockage with a piece of garden stake (or strong bamboo). Sluice the pipe out with running water. In extreme cases it may be necessary to use a water blaster. Once unblocked, replace the pipe, screwing back the brackets in reverse order.

prevention Prevention is better than cure so consider placing plastic netting or mesh over gutterings to act as a filter and stop leaves and other large debris causing a problem. There are also a number of other custommade gutter products on the market including brush-like ‘whiskers’ and other ‘gutter guards’. Remember, however, that even with these gutter protectors you’ll still need to check your guttering system annually to ensure run-off flows freely. Small particles of dust and dirt can still accumulate underneath any gutter protector causing a build-up of sludge, and inhibiting water flow, both of which can lead to potential damage. If in doubt, seek advice from your building professional.

Access lock speciAlists Your locAl lock, keY And sAfe speciAlists.

if there was a better way the window cleaning professionals would be using it

Professional Window Cleaning Kits from $57 Free no obligation demonstration in store

citrus s h oW e r s h o c k! noW stocked by selected mitre 10 mega

if you are not satisfied full money back guarantee. no questions asked.

kerrick - yes dry vacuum Not the prettiest vacuum in the market but probably the greatest suction available and it’s totally repairable. Can be used bagless or with a disposable bag.

save!! $100 normally $450

from sAfes to sAfetY INTRODUCING – THE CHUBB JADE SAFE The Chubb ‘Jade’ Home Safe has been specifically designed to provide protection against fire and burglary attack. Features: 1 hour fire resistance, Burglary resistance construction, Electronic digital keypad lock powered by 4 AA alkaline batteries, Bolt-down kit included. Dimensions: External: 365H x 435W x 400D Internal: 252H x 322W x 260D Volume: 21 litres Weight: 43kg $595.00 incl GST

CAVIUS SMOKE & THERMAL HEAT DETECTORS The Cavius Photoelectric Smoke Alarm is the world’s smallest smoke alarm with a 10 year long-life battery and penetrating 85dB sound and is sold individually or in a convenient pack of 3. Where an area is prone to smoke or steam such as kitchens, the Cavius Thermal Heat Alarm is the answer and will activate from heat rather than smoke. Both detectors use a unique “smart clip” ceiling mechanism for easy installation. SPECIAL for CAV10 only $49.90 (normally $59.90) with this ad only (valid until 31 August 2015)

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170 Waterloo Road, Hornby l Phone: 344 5959 l Fax: 344 5969 Email: l Show room open: 8am – 5pm Monday – Friday. 9am - 12pm Saturday.

LeISure 13 | Home & Leisure

Start the ball rolling A little bit of motivation goes a long way towards achieving your fitness goals, as Elly McGuinness explains. Motivation and exercise have an interesting relationship. It can be terribly challenging to find the motivation needed to exercise, but exercise itself is great for increasing motivation! So, if you can just get yourself to start moving (often the most challenging part), it is likely you will continue, at least with that particular exercise session. In what follows, I focus on two pointers to help you find the motivation to get out there and start moving (and then hopefully keep moving!).

the reason must have a significant emotional component, and it should also be focused on a long-term solution, i.e. a gradual lifestyle change, rather than a quick fix. Keep this in mind along with the two points outlined in Find a buddy this article and you’ll be on track to have a solid exercise Accountability is one of the best motivational methods around. If you arrange habit underway by the time summer is upon us. to meet a friend at the gym, chances are that you’re not going to let them down, and once you get there, working out will be Make it easy easier with someone to push you along. A common problem with motivating yourself If your budget allows, find yourself the to exercise is that it just “sounds hard”. “It’s ultimate accountability buddy and invest too much effort” or “it hurts too much” are in a personal trainer. Small group-training thoughts that can arise. So, when it’s cold sessions are usually available to reduce the and uninviting outside, and you feel like cost. Hiring a trainer for a few months in you’ve got zero motivation, make it as easy the lead-up to the warmer months can go a on yourself as possible! What is the easiest long way towards helping you continue by form of activity you could do? Could you: yourself over spring and summer. A good personal trainer will help you develop and • Bundle yourself up super warm implement a plan that includes sustainable, and take a walk around the block? healthy habits. After this you might decide to walk the answer lies within further, or just call it quits – in which case you will still be feeling better The question of how to motivate yourself is than if you hadn’t walked at all. a big one. The ultimate form of motivation is • Get up from your desk and do 10 called ‘intrinsic motivation’, which is where squats? The little energy boost you you find a strong enough level of desire get from that may spur you on to within yourself to take the actions you want continue. to. This means you need to have a very strong reason why your goals are important, You don’t need to think of an exercise session as an arduous task. It’s just movement and you need to figure out what will get you moving. If that means sleeping in your exercise gear to prepare for a morning session, then do it!



as explained by Dr Oliver Walkinton The healing properties of magnets have been known for hundreds of years, but what is new is the technology being applied through a better understanding of science. • The medical profession has accepted the use of electrically generated pulsed magnetic fields to help relieve pain. • Magnotherapy supports the maintenance of the body’s basic functions of communication and transportation. • Most of the conditions that magnets have helped are as a result of a healthy pH balance, which is triggered by magnetic energy. • The only way a magnet can have an effect on any matter is via a transfer of energy, this is achieved by the effect of the magnetic field on the electrons.

It is best known uses are for: • Relieving pain • Reducing swelling • Speeding up healing • Restful sleep • Blood circulation/pressure • Energy • Skin Problems • Arthritis • Travel Sickness • Magnetic thearpy because nature knows best!

Start SMall: A stroll down the road could lead to a lap around the block.

hElp iS at hand: Personal trainers also offer small group sessions to reduce costs.

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Mr Rental Fitness Solutions Crosstrainer

Cross Trainer Cross Trainer

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Spin Cycle

Exercise Bike



Spin Cycle entertainment






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Mr Rental Christchurch 123 Blenhiem Road, Riccarton, Christchurch, South Island

Magnetic therapy because nature knows best! Magnetic therapy is a safe, non-invasive method of applying magnetic fields to the body for “Greatly improved sleep “Less stressed, not as many therapeutic pattern. I used to lay awake headaches and a lot less pain purposes.

for hours at night, but not any in my hands and wrist. Very more” happy customer” Mr J Baker, Christchurch “I find I have improved balance, Mrs Thomson, Hastings minimal arthritic pain and a feeling of general well-being. “I wear it, Looks good, feels good.” because it works” Mrs Winegge, Christchurch

~ Vic Rieter, NZ Motorcross Champion

P 03-548-7888 | E W

For our latest offers call 0800 111 313 or visit *Based on Mr Flex with weekly/fortnightly/monthly payment period. Full terms and conditions available on application. Visit or ask in store for details. Credit check criteria apply. Brands and models may vary.


• Solutions for almost every vehicle • Amazingly easy to fit & self tensioning • Hard wearing & smooth riding • We’ll test fit it so you know they will work

8/48 Fitzgerald Ave Rear unit - corner of Leeds St Ph: 379 4493

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The big night in Wishing to extend her palate, Kate Preece throws a wine and cheese party at her place. KEY INGREDIENTS: Great food, great drink, great company!

WHO NEEDS AN EXCUSE? Getting together with a group of friends is a great tonic.

is there any better combination than wine and cheese? i don’t think so, and i happen to have a group of 10 girlfriends who agree with me. it made perfect sense, then, to bring these great elements together, for a night of decadence and education – but where to start? We are fortunate in Christchurch to have a number of local specialists in these two firm favourites, though i was surprised not to find one company that dealt with both wine and cheese. However, i did discover, a nationwide company whose online wine merchant service extends to hosting wine tastings ($10 per head), and i knew all too well that the

Canterbury Cheesemongers would have an appropriate selection of fromage from which to choose. A few phone calls later and i had a box of cheese cued for pick-up and a boot-load of wine destined for our place on an upcoming Friday evening. Winesale Christchurch owners Peter and Andrea Dawber arrived at the door with wine glasses and tasting notes to hand, unperturbed by our off-the-beaten-track location. We are fortunate to have the ideal venue for such gatherings, offering all partygoers a place to rest their heads, safely hanging up car keys at the door. As the ‘welcome’ glass of bubbles was poured at the table set with antipasto treats, there

was certainly nothing to encourage a quick departure. Andrea has been in the wine business since she was 18, and as the husband and wife duo set the scene, they did so with 67 years of wine knowledge between them. As this was our first foray into the wonders of wine tasting, the set-up was simple – six different wines, each a different variety, was to be served and discussed, before we decided which one it was we were drinking. it was blind tasting, without the blindfolds, and with a cheatsheet. in front of us sat a piece of paper outlining the varietal characteristics of wine, and from that, as we swished, smelt and tasted, we took our best






punt on determining what was the drop we drank. surprisingly, we were often on the money, with a few eager students quick to head to the top of the class. As we learnt to identify the sauvignon blanc’s green tinge and the pinks of a pinot gris, Andrea and Peter easily filled in the evening with casual banter and a diverse range of facts about the wines we were enjoying. We learnt that the largest wine producer in the world is China, that chardonnay is the hardest wine to make, and that syrah is the same as shiraz – the latter being no more than an Australian term for the same variety. When our mouths took rest from wine and chatter, they were quickly satisfied with cheese. The clever folks at the Canterbury Cheesemongers had chosen us five types to try; two from New Zealand and three from afar. A subset of this same all-female group had been on a gastronomic trip around Oamaru, so the Windsor Blue from Whitestone Cheese was tucked into with gusto, while it became clear a journey further south should be considered if evansdale Cheese’s farmhouse brie is anything to go by. italian cheeses taleggio (soft) and Grana Padano (hard) prompted plenty of happy murmurs, while the Dutch goat gouda was enjoyed by all bar me – can’t stand that tangy goat taste. As we came to the end of our journey from sav to syrah, we put in our orders for more, bid adieu to our wonderful hosts, and settled in for more banter as we mopped up the last of our feast of champions.

BREAKING AURAJET 15 | Home & Leisure

save onMETHVEN'S GROUNDsave on englefield

available at Edward Gibbo

If showering is the only 10 minutes of the day th to yourself, then you want it to be perfe

englefieldBREAKING AURAJET™ available at Edward Gibbon

valencia VAlenciA


showers showers

$$44 FF ssaavv 8855 rrooMM ee --$$ 66

Methven – New Zealand’s global designer and A range of beautiful Aio taps, made from lead-free manufacturer of premium showers and tapware for over Eco Brass®, will complement the new Aurajet™ shower 125 years – has developed a pioneering technology range. called Aurajet™, with a breath-taking new design that The introduction of Aurajet™ technology into the defies convention. Its breakthrough spray technology is If showering market firmlyiscements Methven’s place asofa global the only 10 minutes the day that you get designed to deliver superior spray coverage, more force, industry in shower Of itthetofive toleader yourself, theninnovation. you want be2 global perfect. shower spray technologies available to consumers, better nerve stimulation and, ultimately, the world’s most Methven now owns the patents to two – Satinjet and luxurious showering experience. Methven – Newdelivers Zealand’s andmore total spray A rangeAurajet™. of beautiful Aio taps, made from lead-free Aurajet™ upglobal to 20designer per cent manufacturer of premium showers and tapware for over Eco Brass®, will the new Aurajet™ “Incomplement our increasingly hectic lives, shower the bathroom is the force1 and double the water coverage on the skin than 125 years – has developed a pioneering technology range. conventional showers, yet uses as little water as nine one place where we can retreat and take time out. We called Aurajet™, with a breath-taking new design that The introduction of Aurajet™ technology into the litres minute,Itscontinuing Methven’s commitment to firmly wanted to create a new that looks beautiful and defi es per convention. breakthrough spray technology is market cements Methven’s placeshower as a global savings on watersuperior and energy for consumers givesinashower blissful,innovation. luxuriousOfexperience unlike any other designed to deliver spray bills coverage, more force, without industry leader the five2 global compromising the shower experience. available on theavailable market. shower spray technologies to consumers, better nerve stimulation and, ultimately, the world’s most VAlenciA Methven now“We ownsthink the patents to two – Satinjet and as one of the luxurious showering Methven Groupexperience. CEO Mr Banfield says that Methven Aurajet™ will go down Aurajet™. Aurajet™ delivers up to 20 per cent more total spray has integrated its ground-breaking Aurajet™ technology most significant developments in shower design and and double the water coverage on the skin than “In our increasingly hectic lives, the bathroom is the force1 VAlenciA into a new shower collection, Aio. Incorporating hightechnology in history,” says Banfield. conventional showers, yet uses as little water as nine one place where we can retreat and take time out. We end per aesthetics and materials, Aio uses intriguing litres minute, continuing Methven’s commitment to contours wanted to create a new shower that looks beautiful and 1 20% more than a Methven Conventional shower and a modern minimalist composition throughout the savingsVAlenciA on water and energy bills for consumers without gives a blissful, luxurious experience unlike any other range, while the handset employs a unique style-defiavailable ning on2 Five compromising the shower experience. the industry market.shower spray types: Traditional (needle jet), Aerated, Conical, Methven CEO Mr Banfi eld says that Methven Aurajet™(Satinjet®) will go down as ective one of the Collisionetics and Defl (Aurajet™) ‘halo’ shapeGroup which is the centrepiece of any bathroom.“We think

at edward gibbon Square

round Sliding rondo


Angle corner



has integrated its ground-breaking Aurajet™ technology into a new shower collection, Aio. Incorporating highend aesthetics and materials, Aio uses intriguing contours and a modern minimalist composition throughout the range, while the handset employs a unique style-defining ‘halo’ shape which is the centrepiece of any bathroom.

most significant developments in shower design and technology in history,” says Banfield.

1 20% more than a Methven Conventional shower 2 Five industry shower spray types: Traditional (needle jet), Aerated, Conical, Collisionetics (Satinjet®) and Deflective (Aurajet™)



$$22 nnll


Studio Studio Kitchen Kitchen Mixer Mixer



$$11 nnllyy


oo $$11 nnllyy 44



MilAno MilAno Shower Shower Mixer Mixer $$44 nnll


oo $$11 nnlly 00 y

An An introductory introductory offer offer on on the the new new Milano, Milano, studio studio and and sorrento sorrento tapware tapware ranges. ranges.



$$11 nnllyy

available in white or metallic frame, flat or contoured walls, 900x900mm or 1000x1000mm

Sorrento Sorrento BaSin BaSin Mixer Mixer

promotion promotion runs runs Promotion runs 11 august –– 30 30 1august AUGUSTsepteMber septeMber 2015. 2015. 30 SEPTEMBER enquire enquire online online or or at at your local your2015. local store. store.

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Bathroom | KitchenSApphire | Laundry | Outdoor Heating | Space Studio Slide 750mm vanity VAlenciA toilet Studio Slide Shower Shower SApphire 750mm vanity VAlenciA toiletHeating | Water Heating 293 Cranford Street (Showroom), St Albans P 366 7137

293 Cranford Street (Showroom), St Albans P 366 7137 75Kingsley Kingsley Sydenham P 7199 366 7199 75 St,St, Sydenham P 366




Moorhouse Ave

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Top Left; Artwood AW44 Leather Chairs & Wentworth Side Table Top Right; Rainbow 3 Seater Suite & Kroner 3 Piece Coffee Table Bottom Left; Adore 4 + 3 Seater Tan Suite & Solid Elm Coffee Table Bottom Right; Isabelle Bedroom Suite, Tamworth Oak Stool, Bianca Lorenne Finola Quilt, Signa Slate Comforter & Bloom Comforter Nude

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