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STARTING FROM SCRATCH Sustainable warmth

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EXPERIENCE THE RIKA DIFFERENCE HEAR THE DIFFERENCE Rika pellet fires are very, very quiet.

FEEL THE DIFFERENCE Rika pellet fires are very, very hot.

SEE THE DIFFERENCE Rika pellet fires are very, very stylish.





I would recommend Eenergy without hesitation for efficient, mannerly staff , 100%. ~ Eileen, South Brighton I was very pleased with the professional way your guys took our old fire out and put the pellet fire in. They were so clean and tidy. Very friendly great service. We say to you all thank you very much. We are sitting back now and enjoying. ~ Faye, Bexley A very professional installation arrived and finished on time, would certainly recommend Eenergy. ~ Margaret, Kaiapoi







With every RIKA Pellet Fire sold in the month of May 2015 *Conditions apply. Free panel heater is subject to stock availability. Free pellets must be collected from the Eenergy warehouse or delivery charges apply. Travel charges may apply for Summer Service if outside of Christchurch City.

WE ALSO STOCK LOG FIRES, HEAT PUMPS, PELLET FUEL AND ECO FIREWOOD THE VERY BEST IN WOOD FIRES Viking Wood Fire Underneath this sleek, modern exterior lies the tried and tested beating heart of a Lady Kitchener engine. Featuring a cast iron cook top and 35mm thick refractory lined firebox.

FREE Flue Kit

with every Firenzo Fire sold in May 2015

THE VERY BEST IN HEAT PUMPS BRAND NEW Hypercore® FH Series Unique Hypercore® technology ensures the Deluxe FH50 Hypercore High Wall will continue to perform at its fully rated capacity right down to -15°C. Other features include: - Dual split vane technology - 3D i-See sensor - Advanced plasma filtration - Natural air flow in cooling mode


1 Opawa Road (cnr Opawa, Shakespeare and Wilsons Rds) P: 341 1338 W: | E: Parking at rear of building 334 Wilsons Road

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my find

The month of May seems neither here nor there. Autumn’s colour has taken hold, yet the Canterbury conditions seem as unpredictable as ever. The black puffer jackets are out in force one week then swapped for short sleeves the next. So, we’ve armed you with a wide range of home-heating options to keep you happy no matter the weather. If it starts to feel a bit stuffy inside, do you know what will make you feel better? A bit of exercise. What a difference even a short lunchtime walk or afternoon stroll makes. Better yet, give yoga a go. In this issue, Linda Moser makes this an easy option by not only pointing out some spots in Christchurch where you can get your stretch on, but by explaining the differences between the various styles, enabling you to choose the type of yoga that suits you. I thoroughly enjoyed pregnancy yoga, so much so I took it up again when number two was on his way, and I assure you, it wasn’t just for the quiet time at the end of class (when they turned off the lights and passed around the blankets). It was surprisingly social, too. For those of you gearing up to tackle a more physically intense winter sport, Elly McGuinness suggests it wise to prime your body before you jump back on the horse. She highlights some key ways to get you back in form after the spring/summer hiatus. Her tips are easy to follow and can be taken on board by anyone wishing to give their fitness a bit of a boost. Now’s the time to make a note in your diary – the Star Home & Leisure Show starts June 26! For three days, local businesses will be on hand to answer your renovation, building and decorating questions, and inspire you to take it all to the next level. In the meantime, don’t miss the opportunity to win a home ventilation system valued at more than $1000 (page 10). I am looking forward to ringing the winner in June – and, of course, seeing you all at the show!


What's inside:

Handcrafted by Christchurch’s own Kathryn Leah Payne, these leather plant hangers pay homage to the vintage macrame plant holders of decades past. Using vegetable-tanned leather and lamb skin, as well as solid brass fittings, each hanger uses a blend of traditional and modern leather-working techniques. The hangers fit 13.5cm wide pots. RRP $110, from Raw Nova.


On display 5

Extra padding – colourful cushions

Special feature – heat it up 6 7

Keep it in: the importance of insulation Going alternative: how else can we keep warm?

Rebuild & renovate


8 Save the date: the home show is coming 9 Sustainable solutions: natural heating 10 What’s inside: insulation materials

Giveaway 10 Win a home ventilation system!

Interior 11

Warm and dry: keeping cosy

Exterior 12

DIY hanging indoor planter: bring the green inside



13 Winter-sport ready: it’s time to start training 14 Stretch and grow: try yoga

Publisher Charlotte Smulders, Star Media | Editor Kate Preece, | Advertising Kerry Smith, Phone 962 0743, Mob 027 654 5367, Graphic Design Narelle Denmead, Rodney Grey

Customised design around a clients lifestyle • • • •

Building on your ideas for a personalised fit We listen to ensure you get the best outcome Award winning family owned business We strive to provide quality service and construction over volume and speed everytime


For FREE Consultation Phone Jesse 021 701 265 or visit


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Branches in: Hamilton, Napier, Blenheim, Nelson, Christchurch, Dunedin, Wanaka, Queenstown, Balclutha, Invercargill. For more information visit

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Cushy all over

Splash some colour and comfort around the home with any of these statement cushions.




1. Horses Stampede cushion cover, made in Christchurch from fabric hand-printed in Sydney. RRP $80, excluding inner. Available at Bolt of Cloth at The Tannery and The Colombo. 2. Creed floor cushion (55cm x 55cm) in grey. Available at Freedom Furniture, RRP $69.95. 3. Deer in Glasses cushion cover, made in Christchurch. RRP $41.99, excluding inner. Available at Bolt of Cloth at The Tannery and The Colombo. 4. Joy, filled cushion, from a beautiful series of original artwork by Bridget Ellery Design. Printed onto organic fabric, handmade in New Zealand. RRP $80. Available at 5. Inca Pixel reversible cushion. From Kmart, RRP $10. 6. Tropicana cushion. Available at Urban Surf – fashion and living boutique, Sumner. RRP $75.

Achieving the great Kiwi Dream just got a little easier Kiwis who don’t yet own their own home have just been offered a potential hand-up from the Government that might see them able to realise the dream of home ownership; and the news is even better if you’d like to build brand new. Whilst New Zealand is relatively young on a global scale, we’re still rich in tradition. It haslong been an ingrained part of our psyche to get on the property ladder as early as we can as a low-risk way of securing our future. “Don’t pay someone else’s mortgage,” is a piece of parental advice as common today as it was in the 1950’s. The weatherboard bungalow perched in the middle of a quarter-acre section might now be something reserved for a Te Papa exhibit, but the concept of home ownership remains as valid in the 21st century as it has done for generations. However, raising the deposit in today’s climate has become prohibitive for many and a recent move by the Government to assist those who have committed to KiwiSaver, might allow more young New Zealanders into a home of their own. This initiative is called the KiwiSaver Homestart Grant. Eligible borrowers who have been contributing

Jennian Homes Canterbury 6 Moncur Place, Addington, Christchurch T 03 338 5812 E 0800 JENNIAN

to KiwiSaver for a minimum of three years may be entitled to a HomeStart Grant and if you’re a couple, the grant can be as much as doubled – build brand new and it can be doubled again! In essence, a couple could receive a grant of up to $20,000 to build their first home. The KiwiSaver Homestart Grant works alongside the KiwiSaver First-home Withdrawal scheme which means you may also be able to withdraw all, or part, of your savings to put towards buying your first home.

There has never been a better time to build than now if you’re looking for long term security. New Zealand’s housing shortage means that supply cannot meet demand and only one thing happens as a result – prices go up. Wouldn’t it be better if it was your own home that was increasing in value rather than your landlord’s? *for full information, terms and conditions visit http://

If you’re a couple on average incomes and have been making your minimum KiwiSaver contributions for five years, you might have sufficient funds available to meet the deposit requirements for a home loan and moving out of a rental and into a healthy, dry and warm brand new home might be a lot closer than a dream away.* The schemes above may not be applicable for everyone and there are a few criteria that need to be met such as your income, the cost of building where you want to live and how long you need to live in the new home, but it is definitely worth the exercise of finding out.

Warm Regards, Nigel Smith (Director)

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Warm to the core


ran T t a e


Ventilation Equipment Suppliers to trade and retail

Leeanne Kerr looks at the importance of getting the right insulation for the right house.

● Domestic ● Commercial ● Industrial Transfer the excess heat from the log burner to the bedrooms

In-line centrifugal fan

Outlet grille

4 way splitter Outlet grille

Inlet grille

Outlet grille

Heating appliance

Smooth-Air has a wide range of ventilation equipment to bring fresh air into your home 0800 SMOOTH (0800 766 684)

264 Annex Road, Riccarton Christchurch 8024, NZ Ph +64 3 343 6184

Mon - Fri 7.30am - 5pm

RIGHT FIRST TIME: Before you start, plan and measure, measure, measure. Welcome to one of the least sexy components of home design – insulation. If it’s been done properly you won’t even notice it’s there, whereas in the middle of winter you will definitely notice its absence; moisture on the windows, drafts and even mould. Insulation will improve your quality of life by making your home more comfortable and healthier, and in the long run saves you money by reducing ongoing heating costs. If the house you are renovating is going to be your ‘forever home’, every cent you spend will be worth it. If it’s an investment you intend to live in while you make improvements and then flick off at a profit before retirement, you need to be more calculating in your approach; some types of insulation will add to its value, some you may never see a return on investment.


ONLY $990 Floor Mounted 4.2kw

ONLY $1570

Prices exclude installation and installation materials - Units only (Conditions apply)


8 Marylands Place, Middleton, Christchurch

P: 03 338 6200 E:

• The level of renovation you are planning. Some work, such as adding an extension, will require you to meet modern standards. In this sort of instance, meeting the building code isn’t always the same as being effective. Unless it’s been isolated from the rest of the house, heat retained in your new extension can be lost through to the older part of the house.

You need to think about this before your house purchase; don’t just see the recent paint and the new kitchen and bathroom. I love open homes, and I love old cottages, and at one I visited recently, the renovation looked great – new kitchen in a new extension, great colour scheme and new carpet throughout. A quick bounce up and down in the corners of the old part of the house, however, indicated problems with the piles, a look around the switchboard showed some pretty old wiring, and, on There are a number of other elements that basis, I would guess nothing much had that lead to the right insulation choice: been done towards insulating it either. • Where you live – insulating for the If you’re going to put in the insulation same level of comfort in the south of the country in general is higher. Recommended yourself also consider this; improperly installed insulation is less effective. For ‘R values’ for new homes in the North example, Pink Batts claim that a 2mm gap Island, excluding the Central Plateau, will reduce the insulation value of that batt are lower than for the South Island (and by 50%. It can also be dangerous – care Central Plateau). Where the house is situated is also important. For example, are needs to be taken around light fittings as there’s a fire risk, and a number of you in a valley with limited sunlight hours, people have died installing the no longer shaded by neighbours’ trees when the sun recommended foil underfloor insulation is lower in winter, or situated on a southfacing slope? Such situations have a major by putting a staple through a live electrical cable. effect on how warm the house is. Heat isn’t the only thing for which you • The age of the dwelling. Since the can insulate. If your child is a budding 1970s, regulations have gradually become musician, your partner is a death-metal more stringent and the newer the house aficionado, or you live next to a motorway, the less work will need doing. Unless it’s you can mitigate the effects by insulating been done retrospectively, older houses against noise, too. will be cold, cold, cold.

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What’s the alternative?

SOLAR POWER: Advancements mean energy can be harnessed through winter and overnight, too.

If you want to look outside the heating square, Mark Rayner offers solutions. Okay, so we’re all familiar with the concept of using electric or gas heaters to warm the air in our homes, and though energyefficient products such as heat pumps are becoming increasingly popular, there are a number of alternative methods of home heating that may also be worth considering.

SOMETHING IN THE WATER ‘Hydronic’ heating has been around for centuries, and though much more popular in the Northern Hemisphere (with the ubiquitous central heating system in most UK homes), its noticeable benefits are beginning to be appreciated here as well. Essentially, hydronic heating uses circulating warm water to carry heat around a building – be it in underfoot piping embedded in concrete flooring or through a series of wall-mounted radiators. It’s an efficient way to heat a home in that water carries more heat than air, and if adding the economical and environmental bonus of solar heating into the mix, it’s definitely a system to consider – particular if you link it to the hot water system. Radiant heating is also very comfortable and cosy, distributing warmth evenly with none of the circulating air movement associated with heat pumps and fan heaters.

GEOTHERMAL ACTIVITY What could be more environmentally friendly than harnessing the earth’s natural underground energy to heat (and cool) a home year round? Wherever you are in the country, just a few metres below ground, the soil remains at a fairly constant temperature (no matter the conditions above ground), therefore in winter the ground is warmer than the air above – with the reverse being true in summer. In this way, ground-source heat pumps use this natural energy store, drawing heat from the earth in winter to warm a home and expelling the warm air back into the ground in summer to provide cooler conditions. Eliminating the need to burn a fuel to create heat, these eco-friendly heat-pump systems do have a high initial capital cost, but make up for this in the long term with minimal running costs.

Heat Pump Specials GE35 4kW Heat Pump from only



GE50 5.8kW Heat Pump from only $2,699

It’s easy to figure out how the sun’s energy might be easily utilised with traditional water-filled solar panels on a hot day, but with vast improvements in solar technology, now energy can also be harnessed on dull winter days and even at night using the next generation of ‘Energie’ thermodynamic solar panels. Relying on the thermodynamic principles of evaporation, condensation and compression to generate heat, each panel contains a refrigerant liquid (instead of water), which causes a chemical reaction when warmed by the surrounding air – resulting in its evaporation to form a hot gas. The gas is then compressed and the resulting heat is transferred to water within the cylinder. Once the gas cools it becomes liquid again and returns to the panel for the process to begin again. Relying on the principles of differential temperature to generate energy, this simple but effective solar hot-water system has very few moving parts and a lightweight aluminium solar panel (measuring approximately 2000mm x 800mm and weighing only 8kg). It will continue working, even at night, so long as the temperature doesn’t drop below -10°C.

FH50 6.0kW Heat Pump from only $3,499 Including FREE installation, conditions apply. Technology Did you know on average there are 80 Frosty Days in Christchurch? HyperCore is the best solution with guaranteed fully rated heating performance right down to -15 degrees.



196 Wordsworth Street, Christchurch OPEN SATURDAY 9AM–1PM

Heat Pump Installation/Repairs • Refrigeration Design, Build, Repairs

HEAT PUMP SALE NOW ON! Amazin’ Autumn Specials!!



For more facts regarding hydronic heating and ground-source heat pumps visit www. and for information on the ‘Energie’ solar hot water system go to


• We will offer you the best quality brands and option of heat pump for your home/business • Providing Heat Pump solutions for over 13 years to Cantabrians

CENTRAL HEATING: A system becoming more popular in New Zealand.

• We personally guarantee all our products & installs for 5 years (providing annual maintenance has been completed)

Stock clearance on 2.5kW cooling/3.6kW Heating Starting aS loW aS $1900 inStalled

Phone us today for your free consultation & quote 41A SHAKESPEARE RD, WALTHAM

PHONE 03 366 0525

“A local team for local people”

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Save the date: June 26th-28th


June 26-28 The Star Home & Leisure Show, Horncastle Arena, Addington. 10am-5pm daily. Adults $8, under-12s free. Free car parking.

In its 16th year, the Star Home & Leisure Show is shaping up to be the biggest and best yet. The highly anticipated Star Home & Leisure Show brings together local experts to help you build, renovate and enjoy your dream home. With the inclusion of a lifestyle element, we’ve got your leisure time sorted, too. Run by Cantabrians for Cantabrians, the show boasts more than 130 exhibitors and will be held at the Horncastle Arena, over three days, starting Friday, June 26. Devote a day – or the whole weekend – to exploring the latest products, services and trends in home improvements. All under one roof, it’s the ideal environment in which to find solutions. Take your questions straight to the source, with leading Christchurch businesses ready to help with your plans, offering advice and new ideas. CERA will also be on site to provide an insight into Future Christchurch. “The Star Home & Leisure Show allows you to ask questions, compare products, and discover time and money saving devices through one-to-one discussions and demonstrations,” says event manager Monique Maynard. “The show enables a large variety of businesses to come together to make your buying decisions easier, whether you are building, redecorating, after a great Home Show special, or want information on lifestyle options. Attendees have always been impressed with the quality of the businesses, which means you can arrive prepared with questions and house plans, with the goal of getting things sorted in a short period of time.” Explore the latest in home technology, heating solutions, furnishings and furniture, bathroom-ware, flooring, new home builders, paint and wallpaper trends, landscape designs, spas, campervans, finance and insurance professionals, and so much more! Plus, over the weekend there will be chances to win some great prizes. You don’t want to miss out!

In s p 1000s of ideas under one roof

! e f i l & e r u s i e l , e m o h r o f n o i t a ir Latest Trends

Live Demos

Informative Seminars

Show Only Specials

Free Car Parking


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How to heat your new home TURN TO CHIPS: Wood chip can be converted to wood pellets for use in wood-pellet burners.

Rebecca Lees discusses eco-friendly home-heating options to consider. Did you know that 95 per cent of the heat from open fireplaces goes up the chimney? A damning statistic that has thankfully kicked this home-heating habit. These days, there are a variety of ways to efficiently heat our homes, from pellet fires to groundsource heat pumps. But, where to start and what are some of the considerations when building new? The most popular forms of home heating right now are wood fires and heat pumps. Heat pumps work by converting cool air to warm, and warm air to cool, in a similar way to a fridge. They’re best suited to warmer climates, and can be efficient (check their energy-star rating) as they deliver one and a half to three times more heat energy than the electricity consumed by doing so. However, they need to be installed correctly, be the right size and capacity for each room heated, and regularly maintained. Ground-source heat pumps work a little differently. They harness the sun’s free energy stored underground and after using electricity to increase the temperature a little, this warmth is then distributed throughout your home, normally via radiators or inslab pipes. When installed and operating correctly these systems are more efficient than air-source heat pumps, because ground temperatures remain reasonably stable and are higher than the mean air temperature (used by air-source heat pumps) in winter and lower in summer. Ground-source heat pumps suit new homes, as fitting into existing structures

CAPTOR FIELD: Heat is captured from the earth for a ground-source heat pump. This example by geothermal specialist Next Energy.

can be costly, and suit colder climates. These systems don’t come into problems such as freezing during sub-zero conditions, nor do they burn any fuel or generate smoke particles – a big plus for Cantabrians. Pellet fires are another option. Burning wood is considered carbon neutral, as the carbon emitted during burning is the same as if the tree decomposed naturally. The wood pellets are often made from waste wood, but depending on where the pellets are sourced there may be additional emissions created during manufacture and transport.

HAD ENOUGH? We can help you

Is it time to get your home looking how you want it? Absolute Home Services Ltd is a Project Management and building company who specialise in Christchurch residential repairs and renovations.

sort it all out!

• We will do an independent assessment report on the damage of your property • We identify damage that may not have been previously assessed • We provide quotes that are compatible and accepted by EQC

First meeting is FREE! • One of our project managers will take care of everything • We are Cantabrians

• We fast-process all claims

• We know how the systems work

• One project manager to deal with all contractors

• We look after you

• We walk you through the process, step by step • Ranked by EQR as a tier 1 contractor (top of the scale) • We have repaired over 100 Christchurch homes

the right size, and regularly maintain your fireplace. This reduces the amount of ultrafine pollution entering the atmosphere, and creates higher burning temperatures. Whichever way you heat your home, 15% of that heat can be lost through windows, much more when there are draughts. So, install the highest spec double glazing you can afford, such as thermally broken windows coupled with low E-glass (low emissivity). E-glass is coated with a substance that allows short wave solar energy through (heat from the sun), but prevents long-wave energy (from heating systems) escaping to the outside.

Absolute Home Services Limited for Stress Free Quality Repairs

Earthquake damage & repairs

Opt out or independent assessment report

Pellet fires don’t require the cutting of wood, can include timers and thermostat controls and are easier to operate than wood burners. As with heat pumps, they require electricity, and have electrical parts that may require maintenance. They also rely on the manufacture and supply of wood pellets. For some, the radiant heat from a wood fire just can’t be beaten. Modern wood fires are cheap to run (close to zero if you have a free wood supply) and can also produce free hot water using a wetback. For wood fires to work efficiently, however, you must use dry (untreated) wood, preferably cut to

• We are licensed builders

Four years on from the earthquakes which devastated Canterbury an exciting new city is emerging. AHS are fully accredited for Insurance and Earthquake Repair Work, passionate about the rebuild, deeply committed to providing cantabrians with a stress-free quality repair. If you have earthquake repairs to still to be paid out for or complete, AHS can assign you a trained and qualified project manager to help you through the process. AHS work with only the best builders, repairers and contractors to ensure a quality repair every time. Having rebuilt or repaired over 100 houses in Christchurch for larger corporations, AHS is now making its specialized service available to the public.

AHS have the expertise to take the stress out repairing your home or business. Exacting standards and an uncompromising work ethic ensures a high standard of workmanship. They offer a comprehensive service from friendly professional advice through to the completion of the repair, facilitating throughout with transparent, concise and regularly updated communication with the client. With AHS, not only will they provide you with an independent assessment report and identify MORE earthquake damage that may have been missed on previous assessments, but they also have a strong network of contractors to ensure whatever repairs you need done are completed to a high standard. Cosmetic or structural Absolute Home Services CAN HELP. AHS have been working closely with EQC for the past three years. They completely understand the process and their quotes are completely compatible with EQC to ensure a FAST process of your claim to get the ball rolling STRAIGHT AWAY.

Give us a call Ph 981 4862 Email:

Where everything is sorted for you

Whatever situation you are in, call Absolute Home Services Ltd for some free advice.

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Insulation materials & considerations Rebecca Lees breaks down a few facts on insulation, to give you the full future-proof picture. INSULATION



Wool (natural renewable product).

Must be kept dry. May be reused, using personal protective equipment. Process controls are required for scouring to have no adverse effects on the environment. Slowly decomposes. Can use seven times less energy to manufacture than similar fibreglass products.

Up to 85% recycled glass.

Significant energy used in manufacturing the product, but may be offset by durability and low maintenance. Formaldehyde binders may be used. Low cost. May be reused using personal protective equipment. Not currently recycled.

Combination of natural wool and petrochemical products.

Costs similar to glass wool. Does not quickly breakdown/degrade.

Molten glass, stone or slag (industrial waste) that is spun into a fibre. Some average 75% recycled content.

Large amount of energy required to breakdown the non-renewable raw material (rock) though some products can average 75% recycled content. Blown-in mineral wool cannot be reused. Phenol formaldehyde may be used to bind materials. Not currently recycled. May decompose quickly unless combined with synthetic substances when manufactured.


Recycled paper waste modified with chemical additives.

Blown-in ceiling insulation. Zero moisture resistance. R-value depends on density and thickness (and may decrease over time). Made from high proportion of paper plus fire retardants and acrylic binders. Cannot be reused. Additives may make it difficult to recycle.


Petrochemical-based product. Some products have recycled element.

CO² and hydrochlorofluorocarbons may be used during manufacture (greenhouse gases). Costs more than glass wool. Will not rot. Can be recycled in some places. Does not quickly breakdown/degrade.


Petrochemical-based product, often includes high proportion of recycled materials.

May be reused. Can be recycled in some places. Does not readily breakdown/degrade.


Glass Wool Wool/Polyester Blends Mineral Wool

WIN a home ventilation system! Home & Leisure is excited to offer you the chance to win a Unovent home ventilation kit that you can install yourself. Developed by John Wadsworth, Unovent is considerably different to standard home ventilation systems. Normally, this type of system involves a centrally mounted fan that distributes drier-filtered air from roof cavities through ducts into rooms, and requires professional installation. Unovent kits, however, include individual ductless outlets, which each have their own fan and washable filter, and anyone with general DIY know-how can get the job done without calling in a pro. You will need a 12-volt system with a three-pin plug. The Unovent system reduces window condensation and the amount of moisture absorbed into wall coverings, drapes and carpets. This reduces the likelihood of mould and mildew, key triggers for asthma and allergies. An average-sized, three-bedroom home with one living room would require four Unovent outlets mounted in the ceiling at a starting DIY price of $1173.

Home & Leisure has one three-outlet Unovent DIY kit to give away, valued at more than $1000. To enter, write your name and address on the back of an envelope and send to: Home & Leisure home ventilation giveaway, PO Box 1467, Christchurch 8140, or email with ‘Home & Leisure home ventilation giveaway’ in the subject line. Entries must be received before June 10.


SHOW HOME OPEN 39 Vernon Drive, Te Whariki, Lincoln, Christchurch

242 sqm from $336,000


Wednesday to Sunday 12 noon to 4pm

64 Carmen Rd, Hornby (opposite Hornby High)

Phone 349 0020

223 sqm from $1420

per sqm

SUPERIOR AFFORDABLE HOUSING Our Sales Consultants will spend time with you to establish exactly what you want from your home, from planning through to completion. We strive to create stylish and durable homes and when you choose to build a Trident Home you will know exactly what you are purchasing - we offer 100% transparency with no hidden costs.

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Liven up the living room Leeanne Kerr looks at a functional piece of furniture and how to encourage more fun for the whole family. Once I have managed to prise myself out of my cosy bed, next comes the challenge of choosing appropriate clothing for our unpredictable autumn weather – hot one minute, raining the next. You may find the dirty clothing piles up more quickly, right when the sunshine hours leave line drying out of the equation. Hence why my pick for a furniture trend over the next few months is a most useful item, not seen in show homes, but an ugly presence in almost everyone else’s house; the clothes airer. Often placed in an north-facing corner or alongside a heat source, the faithful clothing rack is the more desired form of drying, usually because it doesn’t ramp up the power bill, unlike the clothes drier. Interestingly, if clothing doesn’t dry in a room, it is said this room isn’t suitable for extended use over winter by family members. While in summer your home has amazing indoor-outdoor flow, in winter it’s a closed system as you try to retain heat, and as a consequence also keeps in moisture. This isn’t good for your family’s health, your home and also makes the air harder to heat. Ventilation is the key to keeping your home dry, warm and cosy throughout the seasons, so don’t forget to crack a window on clear days. For a long-term solution, look into a roof-cavity ventilation system. In the meantime, what do you do with that ugly clothes rack? A good option is to purchase or make a folding room divider or

screen; easy to put up, easy to take down and put away, and available in a huge range of styles from modern to Chinese; plain to in-your-face full-size prints. They also come in quite a range of prices, so there will be one to suit your budget. If you can’t find one you like, get a plain one and match it to your room with your choice of fabric or paint.

HAPPY HEATING Make the most efficient use of your heating by ensuring the living area is attractive to family members. With longer evenings it’s a great opportunity to turn this space into a communal games zone. Happy, laughing people feel warmer, so it’s time to break out the cards, the board games, or the real or improvised musical instruments. A really nice game set, such as a chess set, makes an appealing centrepiece when the garden is less forthcoming with floral options. Rethink the room layout. Consider making zones for different activities (from tentmaking space to reading nooks), or define kids and adults zones. After all the excitement has died down, don’t pack all the toys away in the back of the wardrobe. Encourage consistent use of the living area by making entertainment easily accessible, with storage solutions such as an ottoman, or cheap and cheerful coloured stacking containers. If your budget is really stretched paint and decorate some cardboard boxes.


How’s it healthier?


A showerdome eliminates moisture in the air. That means goodbye to mould and mildew spores - in other words, better air. Particularly if someone in the family is asthmatic, that can really make a difference.

EASY ACCESS: Ottomans and an coffee table with inbuilt storage provide easy-access storage that won’t discourage playtime.

CHEAP AND CHEERFUL: You don’t have to spend much on storage.

Designer Kitchens at DiY PriCes

Call now to book a time with one of our kitchen designers – 0800 466 632

de to Mention this advert and we’ll upgra ly) soft close drawers FREE (conditions app Phone (03) 386 2204 For more information visit

9 Klondyke Drive, Hornby, Christchurch Phone 982 1700

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Indoor hanging garden

STEP ONE Measure 135mm along the board and make a mark on both sides. Draw a line between these marks to show where to cut.

Grant Stephens and Rebecca Hammond show us how to bring a little bit of the garden indoors.

STEP TWO Use the handsaw to cut along the line then repeat the process until you have four identical squares of wood. STEP THREE Use the sandpaper to smooth the cut edge and remove any burrs or splinters.


STEP FOUR On each square board, draw a line from each corner of the board to its opposite corner. This should show you the location of the centre of the board.

MATERIALS 2 x 470mm threaded rods • 600mm of 135 x 10mm dressed pine • 10 x 5mm lock nuts • 2 x threaded hooks • 250mm of chain • 4 x 60mm terracotta pots • 4 x small indoor plants of your choice


STEP FIVE Along one of the diagonal lines, measure in 20mm from each corner/end and make a mark. STEP SIX Use the hole saw to cut a circular hole in the centre of each square board. Line up the locating drill of the hole saw with the centre point found in step four.


Tape measure • Pen or pencil • Handsaw • Sandpaper • Drill with 7mm drill piece • 50mm hole saw

STEP SEVEN Use the 7mm drill to make a hole through the boards at each of the marks made in step five. STEP EIGHT Put a lock nut on one end of each of the threaded rods.


When you water the plants, the water should slowly filter through the pots and water the plants below. Put a little bit of shingle in the bottom of the lowest pot and a cork in the base hole to prevent water from leaking down onto the carpet.

STEP NINE Take the rods and, starting from the lock nut, make marks at 150mm intervals along the length of each rod.


STEP TEN Thread the rods through the holes drilled in the corners of the first board. STEP ELEVEN Wind a nut down each rod so that it reaches the first mark at 150mm, then put the next board on so that it rests on the nuts.

“hoW to” Make a 500ml Citrus based Spray & Wipe for just $1.25

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750ml Foam hd sprayer $10 (reusable) 2000ml refill pack $22.95 5000ml refill pack $34.95

“hoW to”

STEP TWELVE Repeat this process for the following two boards. You should end up with roughly 5mm of rod protruding from the top of the last board. Thread a lock nut onto the rod and tighten so that it is all held together.

Clean your windows The secret to quick streak free window cleaning is not newspaper or vinegar, or some miracle spray. The secret is professional squeegees, washers and microfibre cloths combined with professional window cleaning techniques.

11 if there was a better way the window cleaning professionals would be using it

STEP THIRTEEN Take the hooks and screw them in the two opposite corners from those that the rods come through. You can then attach a chain or rope between these two hooks so you can hang it from the ceiling.

Professional Window Cleaning Kits from $57 Free no obligation demonstration in store

STEP FOURTEEN Take your four terracotta pots and plant your desired plants in them. Place each pot in the circular hole in the centre of each board.


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Get your body winter-sport ready Elly McGuinness offers pre-season training advice to get you back on top of your game. Are you feeling fit, strong, agile, and well-prepared for the winter sport season ahead? Or have you neglected your training regime over the spring and summer, thinking you can pick up your favourite winter physical activity where you left off at the end of last season? If the latter statement sounds like you then you may want to consider following a few pointers so you can perform well this winter. Whether you are planning to hit the slopes or join a team sport, a de-conditioned body greatly increases your chances of injury and makes it less likely you’ll be able to see the season through in top form. In this article I explore three types of exercise for optimising your physical condition to prepare for an enjoyable season ahead.

Mr Rental Fitness Solutions Crosstrainer Treadmill Rower


Spin Cycle

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Mr Rental Christchurch 123 Blenhiem Road, Riccarton, Christchurch, South Island

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Great design

Resistance training is the type of exercise that really works your muscles so they become stronger. It can come in the form of weight training or body weight exercise. Your resistance exercises should reflect the movements carried out in your sport. Two common movement patterns in sport include squats and lunges. Start with one resistance-training session per week and ensure you follow advice from a registered exercise professional regarding technique and an appropriate intensity level for you.

accessible to all

Over 10 years experience in the building industry Concept to consent

2. CARDIOVASCULAR EXERCISE Most winter sports include a strong cardiovascular component. This is the type of exercise that really works your heart and lungs and gets you ‘huffing and puffing’. If this part of your body isn’t in prime condition it won’t be efficient in pumping oxygen to the muscles and you may find even a light workout leaves you feeling ill and completely jaded! Start with a couple of cardiovascular sessions each week. These can be anything that raises your heart rate and you enjoy! Aim to workout at a level where you can still talk, but it is difficult to maintain a continuous conversation. Examples include hill walking, jogging, dancing, cycling, some group fitness classes, and swimming.

Resource consent Residential projects small or large


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Access lock speciAlists Your locAl lock, keY And sAfe speciAlists.

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3. OPTIMISE YOUR BODY’S RANGE OF MOTION It is important your body can move through the range of motion required for your sport. One or more of these tips can help to improve the range of motion of your body: • Always warm up before and cool down after an exercise session. • After your warm up, perform some dynamic (moving) stretches that replicate the movements you will do during your session. Examples include leg swings and arm swings. • Perform some full body static (held) stretches at the end of each session, after your cool down. Hold each stretch for 30 seconds until you can feel it, but there is no pain. • If you think your flexibility really holds you back, try a yoga or Pilates class. These can be good recovery sessions to complement your cardiovascular and resistance training. • See a physiotherapist if you had ongoing niggles or an injury last season. They’ll check everything is well healed and will prescribe specific exercises as needed.

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Get stretchy Linda Moser suggests we warm up by striking a pose at any one of the yoga centres around the city. Let’s face it; as much as we’d like to ignore the fact, we are rapidly approaching the colder, darker and wetter winter months. It’s an important time to keep spirits high and stress levels low. One indoor activity comes to mind, yoga. Established over 2000 years ago in India, yoga has stood the trials of time and proven to be a rewarding and accessible exercise for mind, body and spirit. Many varieties and forms exist and yoga can be adapted to suit any age or fitness level making it the perfect partner for you and a leisure activity this winter. Listed below are some of the more popular forms of yoga and a facility, here in Christchurch, where you can participate. Bikram yoga consists of 26 specifically sequenced poses that are practised in a heated studio space. Bikram Choudhury developed this form of yoga in the 1970s and the form has been trademarked. You can try Bikram Yoga Christchurch, unit 10, 21 Bealey Ave, 421 8276. Hot yoga uses the same 26 poses as Bikram, but slight variations occur and temperatures can reach 35-40°C. If you want to get toasty what better way to warm up and get that blood flowing? You can try Hot Flow Yoga at 25 Mandeville St, Riccarton, 348 8889.

Hatha yoga introduces the basic yoga positions and helps lengthen and loosen the body. Most western forms of yoga are Hatha based and are suited to both beginner as well as experienced students. You can try Sunrise Yoga at 9A Moorhouse Ave, 342 5107. Ashtanga yoga is a demanding form of yoga, based on ancient teachings and introduced to the West by Pattabhi Jois in the 1970s. A specific, unchanging sequence of postures and breathing are practised to make it a physically challenging form. If you are after a good workout this might be for you. You can try Ashtanga Yoga Christchurch with locations at Grassroots Yoga and Health, The Tannery, 3 Garlands Rd, Woolston; Union Parish Church, 40 Winchester St, Lyttelton; Anytime Fitness at 240 Colombo Street, Sydenham. Contact is Andrew Trotter 021 366 496. Iyengar yoga was developed by B. K. S. Iyengar and uses props such as blankets, blocks, chairs, and straps to aid in finding the proper alignment for a pose. It is not as movement intensive as other forms of yoga, but can still be physically and mentally demanding. You can try Christchurch East Yoga, 38 Bowhill Rd, North New Brighton, 388 9080.

Ansura yoga promotes a happy heart, inner grace and goodness through physicality. Developed in 1997 by American John Friend, it is a fairly new form of yoga and the Universal Principals of Alignment are realised by practising specifically sequenced postures. It’s a feel-good, begood exercise for mind and body alike. You can try Grassroots Yoga and Health, The Tannery, 3 Garlands Rd, Woolston, 389 8113.

Anti-gravity yoga, founded by Christopher Harrison, is a blend of traditional yoga poses, but adds certain elements from aerial arts, dance, gymnastics, pilates and callisthenics. Using a silk hammock for support and resistance, participants rest, swing or trapeze into positions. If you’re still a big kid at heart this sounds like a brilliant way to have fun and exercise this winter. You can try Anti Gravity Yoga with Alex at 19 York St, Christchurch.

Vinyasa yoga, also termed Flow yoga, will get your heart beating and blood pumping. Often choreographed to music, the sequence of postures is varied and changes from lesson to lesson making it new and exciting every time. Each posture transitions smoothly to the next and the exercise level can be intense. You can try Hot Flow Yoga at 25 Mandeville St, Riccarton, 348 8889.

Yoga studios abound in Christchurch and can range from small, private homebased studios to classes that are run at local community centres. Some studios specialise in a particular form of yoga and it’s best to decide which form you think might suit you before beginning your search. Who knows, with enough people out there practising the sun salutation we might just encourage it to return sooner!

Magnetic therapy? A force of nature!

HIGH TEA Help us promote women’s heart health and raise vital funds by coming along to our fabulous High Tea event! Get a group of girls together, or make it a special mother-daughter date! Tickets include: A glass of bubbles or juice on arrival Delectable heart healthy afternoon tea A goodie bag of treats worth $100 Luxurious spot prizes and raffles Amazing auction items to bid on Inspiring speakers sharing their personal experiences and expertise, including:

Ray McVinnie Celebrity Chef

Helen Thompson-Carter

Sally Feinerman Fitness Expert

Heart Attack Survivor

To purchase tickets visit Ticket numbers are limited, so please show your support for our Kiwi women and the Heart Foundation by Going Red and purchasing your ticket today.

• Relieving pain • Reducing swelling • Speeding up healing • Restful sleep • Blood circulation/ pressure

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“I wear it, because it works” Vic Rieter, NZ Motorcross Champion

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Working with Heritage Christchurch, we are hosting High Tea on Saturday 23rd May 2.00pm – 4.30pm Single Ticket: $85 Table of 10: $800

Magnetic therapy is a safe, non-invasive method of applying magnetic fields to the body for therapeutic purposes. It is best known uses are for:

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Top; One World Hall Table, Domicil Rainbow 3 Seater, CC Interiors Coffee Table Bottom - Left to Right; One World Wooden Cake Plate, French Country Bull Dogs, French Country Globes, Maytime Honeycombe Vases

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Home and Leisure 06-05-15  

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