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Biomagnetic energy in the human body


The Eternal Law of Karma




The Extrasensory Potentials of Mind-II


Carl Jung Found Ultimate

Do not pray for tasks equal to your powers; pray for powers equal to your tasks. Then the doing of your work shall be no miracle, but you shall be a miracle.



Biomagnetic energy in the human (This series is based on the book “Astonishing power of the biophysical and the subtle energy of the Human body� by Pt. SriRam Sharma Acharya) In the last two episodes we looked at the immense power potential present in the human body and the electrical and magneto-spheric effects of cosmic rays on earth and the physical body. In this episode let us take a deeper look at the metaphysical concept of the five levels of human consciousness.

The Five Sheaths

The science of spirituality deals with all the subtle and physical level of the conscious body. Experts of this science can perform supernatural experiments on the physical body. They experience more and more blissfulness as they realize higher and subtler levels of consciousness. The five important levels of the human consciousness are: (i) the physical consciousness (Annamaya Kos) which is manifested in the activities of hormones and enzymes etc., (ii) the awakened consciousness(Pranmaya Kos) which is active in the form of bioelectricity, (iii) the psychic consciousness(Manomaya kos) which gives rise to biomagnetism, (iv) the intuitive consciousness(Vigyanmaya Kos) and (v) the beatitudinous or blissful consciousness(Anandmaya Kos) which subtly exists in the Reticular Activating System in the Cortical Nuclei. 12

The human body is a complex ensemble of interlinked systems of over 75x10 cells. A large number of independent 'powers' govern the activities of its various constituents. The 'power' behind the If you will look into the Science of Spirit you will see that your life is meant to be sustained by the Science of God and not by the science of matter. 3

SCIENTIFIC SPIRITUAL FRAGRANCE SPIRITUAL FRAGRANCE OF PT.SRIRAM SHARMA ACHARYA biochemical activities of the nucleic acids, genes and chromosomes in reproduction and other genetically controlled processes is an example of such creative powers. The defensive power of the body is manifested by the immune response. The vital power linked with bioelectricity and biomagnetism is also amongst the most important subtle powers existing in our body. Due to their manifestation in the form of (bio)physico-chemical activities, the presence and extent of these powers can easily be measured by the technique like tissue histology, ECG, EMG, ELISA etc. The subtle effects of these vital powers are tremendous. These can be awakened and experienced by certain spiritual practices.

Spiritual practices to awaken subtle consciousness The spiritual Sadhana processes of Kundalini Jagaran, Satcakra Bedhan, Yogatrayi, Panckosa Jagaran, Suksmikaran etc. are similar with respect to the fact that they are aimed at the controlled awakening of the subtle levels of consciousness in the human body. The great knowledge of subtlization of the consciousness and the details of related spiritual practices are described in the ancient Indian scriptures. We shall focus here on the manifestations of the subtle consciousness in terms of the controlling of neuro-hormonal processes. When the embryo after developing into a complete body enters the outer ionic environment, then its protection from the harmful interactions and appropriate control of its adaptive processes is also governed by specific hormonal activities. The secretion of hormones is controlled by the subtle consciousness existing in the brain. The seven glands, namely, the Pineal, Pituitary, Thyroid, Parathyroid, Thymus, Adrenal and Gonads, spread from top to bottom within the body and control all the biochemical activities during its lifetime by the secretion of various hormones. The secretion of hormones inside a human body also maintains the psychology of the corresponding person. Ancient Indian rishis have found that individual consciousness is subtly linked to the universal consciousness and that this mutual relationship is manifested in the natural hormonal secretion processes within the body. They describe about the direct effect of the Sun upon the Pineal gland, Moon upon the Pituitary, Mars upon Parathyroid, Jupiter upon Adrenal, and Venus upon Gonads. Bioelectricity and the subtle vital system (called the etheric double in Theosophy) are interlinked. Every cell, tissue and organ of our body is charged with bioelectricity. Control of the cellular membrane potentials by the sodium-potassium pump, ADP/ATP systems and cyclic AMP etc. are examples of the electrochemical reactions responsible for the intercellular communications and hence for the regulation of various physiological/biological activities in our body.

Scientific progress makes moral progress a necessity; for if man's power is increased, the checks that restrain him from abusing it must be strengthened. “Limitations live only in our minds. But if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.�


SCIENTIFIC SPIRITUAL FRAGRANCE SPIRITUAL FRAGRANCE OF PT.SRIRAM SHARMA ACHARYA An analysis of electrical metabolism results shows that during respiration every living being inhales negative ions which are dispersed throughout the body electrifying its constituent units. These ions are transmitted back into the surrounding atmosphere through the skin pores - creating and electrical circuit thereby. Modern instruments have helped in a detailed study of this process of absorption (respectively excretion) of the negative ions by the lungs (respectively the skin pores). With the help of Pezo, Pyro and Metabolic electricity every human body can be visualized as a bioelectric system or a living power house. Many tissues in our body function like specific crystals and work like transducers in solid state physics. Every carbon atom in this body has a capacity to store electrical energy. It is only in some exceptional





electrical storage of the vital system is found to be suddenly activated. However, the Sadhana processes of spirituality make it






electrical potential for desired effects. The immediate and simple manifestations of these effects are seen in the form of development of an energetic, enthusiastic and bright personality. The resistance power of the body also depends on this bioelectricity. This power can be enhanced by the Hansyoga of the Sauham Sadhana. Even the voice and speech of such Yogis can influence their surroundings by the latent bioelectric effects.

When you are inspired by some great purpose, all your thoughts break their bonds: Your mind transcends limitations, your consciousness expands in every direction, and you find yourself in a new, great, and wonderful world. Dormant forces, faculties and talents become alive, and your discover yourself to be a greater person by far than you ever dreamed yourself to be.�


SCIENTIFIC SPIRITUAL FRAGRANCE SPIRITUAL FRAGRANCE OF PT.SRIRAM SHARMA ACHARYA Biomagnetism and bioelectricity are the powers activated in different states within the body. As mentioned earlier, the formation of the Aura, Psychic healing, Vital passing, Gazing, Hypnotism and Saktipat (transfer of spiritual energy by spiritually more powerful persons into devotees) etc. are the processes related to biomagnetism which are often practiced by the Yogis. The magnetic field around the heart in normal human beings is found to be around 5x1011 tesla units when measured by a magnetocardiogram. Sensitive instruments like a SQUID sensor can be used to measure the minute changes in the magnetic current with respect to the flow of vital energy. These sophisticated instruments have also made it possible to measure the magnetic field around the two poles (the Sahasrar and the Muladhar) of the dipole magnet in the spinal cord (Shusumna). Different procedures of meditations are described in the ancient Indian Philosophy for the purpose of enhancing the biomagnetism and thereby awakening the Mind cell (the psychic consciousness). Dedicated learning and persistent spiritual practices enable true saints and seers to attain a supernatural memory, intellect and discretion. Modern science has just begun to realize the importance of neurohormonal secretions in creating supernatural talents as described in detail in the ancient Indian scriptures. As a dedicated practitioner (Sadhak) of spiritual training reaches higher levels of spiritual realizations, the subtler forms of his/her consciousness awaken giving rise to certain very specific neurohormonal secretions. Awakening of the intuitive consciousness (Vigyanmaya kosa) is one such spiritual practice. Some recent scientific experiments on neurohormonal secretions indicate that the devotional practice of meditation with purity of thoughts by austere persons results in the secretion of various hormones like Dopamine, Acetylcholine, GABA, Serotonin, Endorphines and Encephalines etc. which in turn increase the internal happiness, concentration, memory, emotional maturity and overall body energy in such persons. Different, physical forms (Mudras) of Yoga along with meditation help faster attainment of the desired effects. The highest level of consciousness, namely, the beatitudinous consciousness subtly exists in the reticular activation system (RAC) and the cortical nuclei in the human brain. Ancient Indian scriptures mention a great deal about this ultimate level of human consciousness. In the present era, a little but significant knowledge about the RCA has come into light with the help of advanced medical electronics. Histopathological analysis of the electrical stimulation of this system by external field has shown that the cortical nuclei help awaken subtle consciousness under the controlled and continuous stimulation given by the RCA through thalamic projection. Deep meditation during the higher level of spiritual practices (e.g. Nididdhyasan, Prtyahar, and

“The extent of your consciousness is limited only by your ability to love and to embrace with your love the space around you, and all it contains�


SCIENTIFIC SPIRITUAL FRAGRANCE SPIRITUAL FRAGRANCE OF PT.SRIRAM SHARMA ACHARYA Samadhi) is found to create such effects which help link the individual consciousness with the universal consciousness through the subtle Meson and Neutrino particles. It may be noted that, in order to make the scientific explanation comprehensive, only some simple aspects of the human consciousness are described here. A complete analysis of the human consciousness would require further advancement of scientific research before the latter can attempt investigations in this regard. The final stage (Ayamatma Brahm) of the spiritual practice (Sadhana) of awakening of the beatitudinous consciousness (Anandmaya Kosa) cannot be described in words. Its physical realization or an analysis of the experiences of its attainment is beyond the reach of modern science References: [1] Koshas – The five sheaths of the human body: [2] Biomagnetic fields and strengths : [3] Chakras:

The Eternal Law of Karma - III Create your own world

What is the science behind creating my own destiny? (Continued from previous edition)

How Does Chitragupta (sub-conscious mind) Maintain the Record? In the realm of Divine Law, the decorations of the exterior world have no values. Only the interior worth is evaluated. It hardly matters whether externally an action of a person appears good or bad. The determining factor is the interior or emotional input. The roots of vice and virtue unquestionably lie in the motives and intensity of emotions and not in the external deeds. In the previous editions we have discussed how the deity Chitragupta living intimately associated with our inner lives (Pranas), impartially records our good and bad deeds on the submicroscopic elements of our inner conscience and that this subtle recording is popularly known as the “Lines of Fate” (Karma Rekha). We have also understood that the process of divine justice does not regard “A nation or civilization that continues to produce soft-minded men purchases its own spiritual death on an installment plan.” 7

SCIENTIFIC SPIRITUAL FRAGRANCE SPIRITUAL FRAGRANCE OF PT.SRIRAM SHARMA ACHARYA an act as sinful or virtuous by the external appearance of the activity but on the basis of the quality of the motive of the doer. The intensity of motive is directly proportional to the gravity or greatness of the sin or virtue respectively. Take the case of two individuals nursing a sick person. Apparently both are engaged in the same service, but whereas one is doing it indifferently, the other serves with tenderness, sympathy, large-heartedness and love. Here, in spite of apparently identical service, the measure of virtue will depend on the quality of emotional involvement and love. Similarly, amongst two thieves, one of which is compelled to steal because of starvation and the other steals for acquiring drugs, the sin will undoubtedly be considered greater in the latter case. Physical objects have no relevance in the invisible realm. Does a king bother about the number of toys broken or the number of grains spilled? In this world billionaires are held in high regard but in the realm of Chitragupta they are paupers and non-entities. On the other hand a poor man of this world, if he is kind hearted, could be counted in the realm of Chitragupta amongst the king of kings. Whatever a man does, only his motives-good or bad are recorded in the corresponding account of Chitragupta. A public executioner, who, in course of duty, hangs a person condemned to death without any malice, could be considered a virtuous person by Chitragupta, whereas a priest, who meticulously follows the rituals, but is secretly engaged in corrupt practices, will be labeled as a sinner. In Divine Jurisprudence, there is significant clause for treating each individual independently according to the state of purity of the soul. The laws of spirituality hold that each soul is perpetually in the process of progressive evaluation i.e. purification through the course of successive cycles of birth and death. That is, at each successive stage the soul acquires greater purity and is given a body in the species of higher consciousness (wisdom). The birth as a human being is believed to be the highest phase of conscious evolution on earth before liberation from the cycles of birth and death. The rewards and punishments of heaven and hell depend on the state of consciousness i.e. wisdom of the being. If accused of bribery, a peon, a clerk and a juror will receive three different types of punishment. The peon may be acquitted after a serious reprimand, the clerk may be temporarily suspended from the service; but having been entrusted with a great responsibility, the juror cannot escape dismissal. Take one more example. A primitive tribesman hunts and kills animals for his daily meal. On the other hand, a priest preaching virtues of non-violence secretly consumes non-vegetarian food. In Divine Jurisprudence, the priest will add greater sin to his account than the tribesman. Here the states of awareness and morality are being considered for evaluation of the merit or demerit of the deed. As the soul becomes more evolved with acquisition of greater wisdom and morality, the inner conscience (Antaha Chetna) becomes more and more awakened and refined. A sinful act leaves an indelible dark spot on the conscience of a relatively more virtuous individual. In other words, the gravity of sin is considered lesser in the case of an illiterate, ignorant, uncivilized person. With the increase in wisdom a person acquires a greater capability to

“We are not human beings on a spiritual journey. We are spiritual beings on a human journey.�


SCIENTIFIC SPIRITUAL FRAGRANCE SPIRITUAL FRAGRANCE OF PT.SRIRAM SHARMA ACHARYA discriminate between right and wrong, proper and improper. The conscience becomes aware of the consequences of proper and improper actions. The “Voice of Conscience”, therefore, becomes more assertive. It becomes more responsible. None blames an infant for dirtying its undergarments. Nor does the child feel embarrassed for it. On the other hand, if a grown-up person behaves in such a manner, the society considers it disgraceful and the individual too feels embarrassed and humiliated. With selfevolution, the soul also has to share additional responsibility for higher level of morality and ethics. A soldier will probably be discharged after a minor punishment an account of disobedience, but an officer will have to face court martial for a similar misconduct. When wise, intelligent and empathic persons indulge in corrupts practices, Chitragupta records these in the category of grave sins. Mythology tells us that king Nripa had to face hell for a minor offence. When an ignorant person commits a crime, it is not taken seriously, but if a person made responsible for upholding standards of morality for the masses (a Brahmin) deviates from his course of duty, in the court of divine justice he/she deserves a stern punishment. A social reformer has the status of a leader in society. Being a leader has its own advantages, but the leader also has the highest responsibility. Knowledgeable persons have the formidable responsibility of adhering to upright conduct and unimpeachable character, failing which; divine justice will make them suffer the agony of falling from a mountaintop to the depths of a valley. In the next edition we shall discuss the various types of actions (karmas) and their relationship with Divine Justice. The Secret of Unexpected Good Fortune and Misfortune …………..To be continued in the next edition (This series is based on the book “The Eternal Law of Karma” by Pt. Shri Ram Sharma Acharya)

“Most people live, whether physically, intellectually or morally, in a very restricted circle of their potential being. They make very small use of their possible consciousness, and of their soul's resources in general, much like a man who, out of his whole bodily organism, should get into a habit of using and moving only his little finger.”



Sleep, Dreams, And Spiritual Reflections - III (Continued from previous edition)

Myths and Facts about Dreams For many people, the world of dreams is a distinct world beyond the peripheries of our physical existence. It is believed in several parts of the world that dreams are ‘seen’ by the soul when it roves outside the body in a state of deep-sleep. Yet another set of convictions affirms that dreams are expressions of –– esoteric signals, false manifestations of some dead





glimpses of future etc. Whatever be the myths associated with dreams, the curiosity of mankind to decipher the nature of dreams and peep into the reality of dreams has always been inconsumable. Modern science has also attempted investigating the facts about dreams. Elucidation and analyses in this regard fall under the fields of research in Psychology –– especially that of the unconscious mind. Twentieth century developments in this direction have given birth to a new branch of Parapsychology. Research on the brain functions during sleep categorizes two state (i) deep sleep and (ii) active sleep. The state of active sleep is described as that of Rapid Eye Movement (REM). It has been found that dreams are frequently seen during REM. As the name suggests, the movements of eyeballs – beneath the closed eyelids – is very rapid in this state. Electro Encephalograms (EEG) of brain response in this state indicates some kind of restlessness of mind; perspiration glands are also stimulated this time. Scientific studies reveal that everybody dreams every night. Although one may not remember having seen any dream, on an average every normal person would see five to six dreams of varied duration and nature. Most frequently, the first dream (or dreamy reflections of mind) appears during the first hour of sleep. The rapidity of movements of eyeballs changes according to the speed of the activities in the dream, as it happens while the mind is engrossed in watching a movie or a play. Modern psychoanalysts of dreams classify them as (i) active and (ii) stationary or dull dreams. The first category is attributed to the dreams in which one finds himself as engaged in some activity or as part of a dynamic scene of the dream…. The dreamer is merely a silent onlooker of the stationary dreams; he “A nation or civilization that continues to produce soft-minded men purchases its own spiritual death on an installment plan.” 10

SCIENTIFIC SPIRITUAL FRAGRANCE SPIRITUAL FRAGRANCE OF PT.SRIRAM SHARMA ACHARYA is not a part or an actor in such dreams. Stationary dreams may sometimes inspire a new thought or flash out a novel idea in the viewer’s mind. Dreams of this kind also allay mental tension and stress and soothe the nerves. The vital energy required for the brain functions during a dream is negligible as compared to the positive returns in terms of reducing the pressures of untoward impressions registered in the subconscious mind. The patterns of alpha – waves in the impulses of brain, recorded in the state of dreaming confirm that this state is not different from the subconscious or active state of mind. When we are awake, it is our conscious (external) mind, which remains active. It is the subliminal activities of the unconscious mind which take over when we are fast asleep and dreaming. Most activities in our daily chores are performed in what is attributed as the subconscious state of mind. Unless the conscious mind concentrates on it we carry out most of our work absent mindedly in this partially asleep state. Inferences drawn from common observations indicate that on an average, people use substantial focus of the conscious mind for only about a minute in an hour. This way, if we leave out 8 hours of sleep in general, we are fully arouse







Fig: Brain Waves: EEG Tracings

conscious mind only for about 16 minutes during the 16 hours of our physically awaken state every day. The same is true about the absolute activity of the unconscious mind. It is only a negligible fraction – may be a few seconds in our dreaming state when our unconscious mind is completely charged. Nobel Laureate Professor Edgar Adrainil argues that our unconscious mind is gradually aroused and activated when we sleep. The activities of the unconscious mind manifest at the same pace as the conscious mind falls asleep. When one goes to bed and begins to relax with closed eyes, a change in the pattern of brain waves is recorded –– reflecting gradually slower impulses of neuronal excitations. Random fluctuations are noticed after a while, followed by faster vibrations (of higher frequencies). Later on, as the subject falls in a state of deep sleep, his brain waves become uniform, consistent and appear to have lower frequencies. It is said that the power and potentials of unconscious mind are infinite as compared to those of the conscious mind and its intellectual faculties. The conscious system of mind makes perception, focused thinking, reasoning, imagination, and conceptualization possible and enables acquisition and understanding of (external) knowledge. Efficiency of decision making, trenchancy of analysis, cleverness and sagacity largely

“We are not human beings on a spiritual journey. We are spiritual beings on a human journey.”


SCIENTIFIC SPIRITUAL FRAGRANCE SPIRITUAL FRAGRANCE OF PT.SRIRAM SHARMA ACHARYA depend upon how one trains, refines and makes use of this mental endowments. It is surprising to note that despite being the regulator of intellectual creativity and talents, the conscious mind cannot generate or control the flux and tides of thoughts and emotions on its own. Enormous varieties of thoughts or mutually contradicting and diversified nature continue flying – like bits of dry leaves in stormy winds, in the domain of conscious mind. Infinite bubbles of emotional excitement and depressions blow and burst on the surface of sentiments almost every cognizable instance of time. Most people do not even feel the need to control the perpetual






(consciousness of) mind. Their imaginations and plans too are drawn on the watery surface of mental excitations. The initial enthusiasm with which they begin their ambitious plans begins to wane out soon after taking off. They can hardly take foresighted decisions. Inspirations of improvement and rise do occur in everyone’s mind in some point of time or the other. But, hardly a few know how to focus and channelize the powers of mind aroused by these inner impulses. Concentration and control over the conscious mind and creative and righteous use of the intellectual faculties can be accomplished by the deeper sources of mental strength and enlightenment. The hidden force of the piety, peace and power of the inner self seem to shape the nature of mind. A wild lion is a king of his forest. Once caught and captured by a ringmaster, this mighty knight is made to dance at the latter’s tunes. A somewhat similar is the case of the human mind. In the physically awaken state, the unconscious mind remains suppressed under the dominance of extrovert intellect. The state of deep sleep gives it the liberty to rise and express itself at will. Dreams are expositions of the existence and activities of the unconscious in this free and empowered state.

As all the sense organs remain practically dormant during sleep, one can’t experience dreams with clear perception of the audio, visual or vocal expressions; nor can one find a logical reason for specific type and sequence of reflections in that state. This is why dreams often appear to be a child’s game played by the unconscious mind. The latter seems to draw arbitrary sketches from the multicolored memories stored in its stock and display the ‘film’ of dream generated at random.

“If we are to go forward, we must go back and rediscover those precious values -- that all reality hinges on moral foundations and that all reality has spiritual control.”


SCIENTIFIC SPIRITUAL FRAGRANCE SPIRITUAL FRAGRANCE OF PT.SRIRAM SHARMA ACHARYA A little deeper look into the reflections of the unconscious mind reveals that the types of dreams are not always so random.






reflections of memory and the nature and impulses of the unconscious mind and its inner core. The root cause of mental complexities as well as the source of mental power, sagacity and talents lies in this inner mind. Thorough analysis of dreams may therefore be as useful in treatment of psychological problems and in evaluation of one’s personality as the pathological tests are in the diagnosis and cure of a disease. Psychotherapy based on evaluation of dreams can be established on scientific platform by deeper studies of human mind. This would also open up the possibilities of refinement and evolution of the subliminal powers of the inner self.

Dr. Vacilie, a Russian expert on the Science of Dreams has conducted series of experiments on brain functions and shown that the human brain can recognize and retain the information of every reaction at cellular, molecular or subtler levels of the body. Our inner mind can receive and decode the subliminal signals associated with the change in the circumstances and environment of our life. It often conveys the inherent messages and also guides us (to protect from future dangers) via specific reflections of dreams. Solutions to intractable problems are also suggested by the unconscious mind through symbolic flashes in dreams. More than 88% of our mind is unconscious. The remaining 12% is only what we experience as the conscious mind. In most humans, the conscious mind too is not completely awaken or active. In other words, we don’t even use the 12% of the easily accessible potentials of our mind. Most of us remain ignorant of the powers and modes of righteous use of the conscious mind. Then how could we ever know about the subtler and deeper cores of its subliminal counterpart – the unconscious mind? Whether we realize it or not, the unconscious mind consistently performs its duties of maintenance of our body and brain-functions. In the absence (dormant state) of the conscious mind, this noble guru communicates its guidance via the medium of dreams.

“Great men are they who see that spiritual is stronger than material force, that thoughts rule the world.”


SCIENTIFIC SPIRITUAL FRAGRANCE SPIRITUAL FRAGRANCE OF PT.SRIRAM SHARMA ACHARYA Several experienced masters of dream therapy have found that the information of the occurrence of minor bodily problems such as, common cold, boils and abscess is transmitted in dreams about two days in advance. The prior indication of the more complex diseases like tuberculosis, or cancer, etc are sent by the unconscious mind via dreams two to three months before their advent. Albeit, in most cases, the dreamer is unable to decode the message of dreams on his own or forgets what he saw or experienced in the dreams. Usually the dreams associated with premonition of a disease possess experiences of some sort of frightening or irritating uneasiness. The symbolic indications often have connection with the specific organ or process of the body. For example, a possible disease or disorder of the digestive system or the intestine might be indicated by scenes of rotten or uncooked food stuff in the dreams; likelihood of asthma might be symbolized by the dreams in which the would-be patient feels suffocation or finds himself climbing up a hill and panting etc. Psychiatric problems or psychological disorders need be diagnosed and treated at the level of mind alone. The importance of dreams therefore becomes more pertinent here. Dream therapy often works well in such cases if the patients are able to recall their dreams –– especially the ‘typical’ dreams which might have been recurring frequently or with deeper impressions. The experts can identify the roots of the problem and also advise a treatment by analyzing the patient’s dreams. Very often, the psychic problems have roots in the maligned, fallacious or negative thinking. When the study of the patient’s dreams elucidates such causes, the latter may himself minimize the subsequent effects by eliminating the weakness of his mind with the help of autosuggestion and meditation etc. Dreams may also serve the purpose of identifying the malice as well as the virtuous tendencies of the inner mind and thus offer guidance for spiritual refinement too.

In the present circumstances of life, we often find people living under stress or tension. In a bewildered state of hallucination and hidden pressures, one can’t take note of the vibrant activities of the conscious mind. Attempting to decipher the secrets of the unconscious mind would prove nothing more than selfdeception in such cases. Liberated and calm state of mind is essential for any endeavor of analytical thinking. How can then one ever think of studying the unconscious mind and analyzing its reflections without peace and total awareness of the conscious mind?

If we did things we are capable of, we would astound ourselves


SCIENTIFIC SPIRITUAL FRAGRANCE SPIRITUAL FRAGRANCE OF PT.SRIRAM SHARMA ACHARYA Interestingly, ideal conditioning of the conscious mind can be accomplished by letting it under the natural control of the unconscious mind. This is what is experimented in yoganidra and deep meditation or trance. The soft impulses of the unconscious mind help relaxing the nerve-tension and pressures on the conscious (external) mind. The wounds caused by emotional blows or by the turbulence in the intellectual domains gradually heal by the soothing impact of the unconscious mind during deep sleep – – especially during the stationary dreams. The conscious mind thus becomes fresh and energetic after each span of good sleep. Insomnia or lack of sleep is equally dangerous to the healthy functioning of the conscious and the unconscious mind. Because the conscious mind does not get time to relax without sound sleep. And because of the prolonged unilateral activities






counterpart gets no chance to express itself freely and naturally. This leads to abnormal consequences. complexities










emotional imbalance or because of the hidden impact of some intrinsic tendencies. The unconscious mind of these people often becomes over active even during a short instance of sleep. Similar effects are seen in people who do not get sound sleep because of excessive agility or restlessness of the conscious mind. In such cases, the unnatural activity of the unconscious mind often induces somnambulism. Patients of this disease (disorder) usually walk during sleep. Sometimes somnambulism leads to serious consequences –– the patient might indulge in untoward activities during such ‘unconscious but active’ state of sleeping mind. An officer of the intelligence agency named “Scotland Yard” used to commit murders in a special style in this abnormal state of ‘dreaming’ in ‘dynamic sleep’. He could never remember what he did in his sleep. Incidentally, he was given charge of investigating a few cases of the mysterious killings (in a typical style). Ignorant of his own misdeeds, he began investigations sincerely. He was later caught by some of his colleagues who were assisting him in this project. Examinations by expert





somnambulism was responsible for these tragic incidents.

If you have a talent, use it in every which way possible. Do not hoard it. Do not dole it out like a miser. Spend it lavishly like a millionaire intent on going broke.


SCIENTIFIC SPIRITUAL FRAGRANCE SPIRITUAL FRAGRANCE OF PT.SRIRAM SHARMA ACHARYA An Australian woman too was of patient of somnambulism. She had assassinated her nineteen years old daughter in the practically ‘intoxicated’ or ‘insane’ state of dreaming during the abnormal sleep. Many a times the patients of this disease walk and reach unknown destinations at long distance, they might even cross violent rivers by boating all alone in the abnormal state of mind in ‘roving sleep’; when awake, they are shocked to find themselves on the other side of the shore or in a strange city. A newlywed bride in a village of South India used to reach her mother’s place in neighboring village every night by walking with closed eyes while sleeping. Some patients of this disease walk with half open eyes during sleep but see nothing. Psychologists and psychiatrics explain the above kinds of abnormalities as acts of the unnaturally conscious state of the unconscious mind. Whatever be the pressures of inner instincts or of untoward memories and emotional complications, one thing is clearly demonstrated by such cases that the unconscious mind can conduct all tasks of the conscious mind. That one can walk with closed eyes under its control –– shows its enormous power indeed. Most of us suffer from a special kind of ‘roving sleep’ in awaken state. Our conscious mind works in a ‘partially dormant and unconscious state’ of darkness caused by the smog of our ignorance, ego, selfish passions and lack of prudence. Whenever our inner voice or enlightened intellect arouses, we realize our mistakes and repent on the same. But, again, the pressure of our accumulated tendencies and habits overrules the righteous thinking and reasoning and puts our intelligent mind in its rather usual state. A seasoned drunkard often feels sorry and ashamed for the misdeeds committed under the intoxicated state and pledges to leave the evil habit almost every morning but is compelled by the addiction and weakness to repeat the same. Our mind too remains enslaved under the clutches of varieties of passions and unwise and unhealthy tendencies. Every activity, which would be adjudged unjust or improper in the light of pure prudence, falls in this category of untoward activities of the ‘active sleep’ of the conscious mind. As stated earlier, dreams are usually the reflections of our memory and medium of expression of our inner tendencies, aspirations, and reflections of the unconscious mind. The latter seems to work beyond the limit of space and time. It may exhume the hidden memories of the past –– including even the past lives –– and express the same in dreams. At the same time, it may also reflect, as per its natural tendency, the experiences in the present conditions of the mind, body and surroundings. For instance, if one has overeaten before sleep, his stomach would be heavy and the nerves and brain

When we are motivated by goals that have deep meaning, by dreams that need completion, by pure love that needs expressing -- then we truly live life.


SCIENTIFIC SPIRITUAL FRAGRANCE SPIRITUAL FRAGRANCE OF PT.SRIRAM SHARMA ACHARYA would be excited too because of excessive blood flow. This stress would trigger ‘depiction’ of dreams associated with the excitatory or aggressive tendencies.

In an experiment to study the effects of surrounding atmosphere on dreams, a burning candle was brought near the feet of two women when they were fast asleep. One of them dreamt that she has fallen in a land of a desert while the other one felt as if her leg were burnt in fire. In another experiment of this kind, the palms of four sleeping men (subjects) were titillated by a piece of cotton. One of the subjects felt in his dream as if he was holding the soft and smooth arm of his girl friend. The second one experienced being massaged in his dream. Another one dreamt that he is skating on white and soft snow. The fourth one experienced in a dream during that time that a furry cat is rubbing her back on his body. Repetition of similar experiments on the same subjects also revealed interesting results. For instance, during his deep sleep, a man was made to hold a unlit candle in his hands for few minutes, twice after a gap of sometime in between. Once he dreamt of playing hockey stick with that hand. Second time he found himself holding a mallet in the same hand. Numerous examples of this kind illustrate that the type of reflections and reactions of the unconscious mind in dreams depend upon which layer of its uncountable impulses gets vibrated and amplified at a particular instance. Whatever we perceive with the help of the sense organs and the conscious mind generates a ‘pattern’ in the neuronal circuit. The images of these patterns are registered in the memory and are depicted in the visual expressions of the dreams. In a restless state of mind it would be impossible to clearly recall and understand what visuals appeared in the dreams, if any. Nevertheless, if one maintains the stability and peace of mind and tries analyzing similarities of the types of dreams and that of the scenes observed there in, one may decipher special class of visual reflections symbolizing specific patterns of taste, smell, sound etc. Such ‘classification’ and decoding (of dreams) sets the basis for generalized interpretations and analysis of dreams at a gross level. It should be noted that because of the suppression or dormancy of the conscious mind, our sense organs would normally remain inactive during sleep. However, the effects of the surrounding atmosphere on these organs are ‘perceived’ by the unconscious mind in this state. This is what results

Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.


SCIENTIFIC SPIRITUAL FRAGRANCE SPIRITUAL FRAGRANCE OF PT.SRIRAM SHARMA ACHARYA in above kinds of experiences –– of feeling the touch of cotton as that of snow or hearing the sound of a utensil as that of a musical instrument, etc. The extent of active linkage between the unconscious and the conscious mind governs the subconscious responses of the body and mind against different kinds of perceptions and reactions. Sometimes people laugh, cry, talk, fold the fists, over throw legs or change sides while sleeping. This is a spontaneous response to the corresponding movements or experiences in an “active dream”. When one dreams in a state of deep sleep, his body remains stable, without any response. It is only in such a ‘practically dead’ state of the body and the conscious (and subconscious) mind that the unconscious mind catches the subliminal signals of cosmic consciousness and






Experience of supernatural dreams connected with intuitive reflections, resolution of a mystery or premonition, or the dreams indicating the future of mankind, etc, become possible only in such a state of ‘trance’. The purity and radiance of the unconscious domains of mind augment with observance of ascetic austerity and disciplines of self-restrain in the activities driven by the conscious mind and with the piety of faith, thoughts, conduct and deeds. It is so unfortunate that most often we don’t even make effective use of the conscious mind and largely remain unaware of the existence and powers of the unconscious mind. Little introspection and attention on the potentials of our mind would enable us find the mutually complementary existence of the reflections of our intrinsic character and the divine impulses of our inner self in the deeper layers of our mind. Dreams provide a crucial tunnel for peeping into the esoteric world of the unconscious mind. A thorough review of the ancient science of human mind and the science of spirituality and synthesis of the scriptural knowledge with (Para) psychology and neurosciences should pave the path of research in the science of dream. Psychological elevation and refinement of consciousness would then be the focus of the future directions of absolute progress. …To be continued in the next edition (This series is based on the book “Sleep, Dreams And Spiritual Reflections” by Pt. Shri Ram Sharma Acharya)

People don’t resist change, they resist being changed.



The Extrasensory Potentials of Mind – II Our organs are excellent sensors that grasp the electronic vibrations or impulses of the energy currents within the specific range of their perception. And then instantaneously transmit the corresponding signals to the brain via the network of the sensory nerves. This is how our brain experience the perceptions of sound, speech, vision, smell, hearing, taste and touch. If our brain were to function merely as information processor without the ability to experience the perception of the sense organ, and of the good or bad, pleasant or unpleasant sensation, then we would simply have been an ensemble of matter. Only the variation of energy waves would have been recorded and transmitted through our brain. In this case, there would not have been perception, conceptualization, realization, or feeling of an experience in our life. So, our experience in the physical world is due to the interactions of our sense organs through molecular interactions where by signals are transmitted by different kinds of vibrations in the surrounding ‘ocean’ of energy. We perceive these signals the due to marvelous functioning of our brain and the conscious faculties of our mind. Nature is free of polarities such as good or bad, pleasure or pain, happiness or sorrow. It is only the conditioning, expectations, and experiences of our mind that make us feel accordingly. It is the relative effect of our conscious mind, our intrinsic tendencies and our inner self, reflected in the mental domain that constitutes our individual world. We perceive the world as a reflection of our own conceptualization or as the shadow of the world created in our own mind. The combination of the physical manifestation of Nature and the absolute power expressed in the existence of consciousness and life is a reflection of what is defined in the Shastric Literature as the conjugation of the Prakarti and Purusha. This unique linkage of the gross and the subtle, of matter and consciousness, of the body and mind –– is so deep, vast, and arcane that cannot be described or deciphered completely. We do not know, not even feel this vital linkage, because of our ignorance. But the sagacious seers, the great thinkers and the researchers of the subliminal world find absolute perfection, limitless knowledge and ever-new secrets of the ultimate truth embraced in its folds.

On the surface, one may find that events in this world as a wide range of unnecessary,

irrelevant, arbitrary and disorderly. But those who think and search the depths of truth and knowledge see that every thing, the tiniest of the entities existing here reflects the eternal light and is endowed with the power blessed by the Supreme Creator. Every impulse of the inner sentiments seems to bring them a shower of heavenly nectar. In fact, every thing here could be meaningless and haphazard or could be absolutely relevant and in perfect order depending upon the reflection of our attitude or the level of enlightenment of our intellect. One can see the extraordinary talents of the eternal creator in the ordinary or ‘usual’ encounters in different dimensions of life. One may find the presence of supreme in a stone provided one has the pure vision to see the subliminal. The wider we expand our attitude and the deeper we immerse our intellect in the unlimited ocean of knowledge, the more astonishing

The world hates change yet it is the only thing that has brought progress


SCIENTIFIC SPIRITUAL FRAGRANCE SPIRITUAL FRAGRANCE OF PT.SRIRAM SHARMA ACHARYA wonders and completeness we would find in Nature. If our thinking, our vision, our sentiments, is enlightened, every expression of Nature would appear divine in this world.

Cosmic Evolution in the Human Body What was there before the advent of Nature? Inspired by this hidden quest, the Vedic knowledge elucidates that the earth or any other planet or star did not have existence, neither did water, fire, electricity, or any form of matter or energy. Nothing was there before the gross manifestation of the universe. The eternal element of Brahm – the absolute source of existence remains omnipresent before the origin and ultimate end of every creation. It is the perennial source of every activity, every form of energy, every domain of the gross and the subliminal reflections of Nature.

The ever-expanding universe, the

unlimited expressions of Nature, the hidden folds and creative forms of consciousness are all said to be the manifestations of the Brahim. This whole creation was sparked off from the absolute tapa and cosmic impulse of the Brahim. The Aitereya Upanishad describes the creation of the universe as the piñda (the existence of life and matter) which emerged from the thought process of Brahma. Infinite forms of material elements and creatures came into existence from the piñda. Citing the origin of the human being, the Upanishad further explains that the cosmic consciousness of Brhma generated the devatas (divine powers) from its eternal praña.

The divine powers indwelling subliminally in the cosmic

expansion of the Brahm, expressed the desire to experience the gross manifestation of Nature. The divine power of agni entered the vocal system as speech; vayu resided in the respiratory system as vital power. Surya became the power of vision in the eyes, the disas chose to enter the ears as the power of hearing and the aswini gods spread themselves as the power of resistance and tangibility into the skin pores. Jala (water and liquids) filled itself in the stomach and the lower part of the limbs. Candram placed itself in the sentimental core of the heart and mratyu (the God of death) stood in the navel as the apana (the core of multiple streams of life-force in the body). The eternal creator, the Paramatm, then distributed the feelings or hunger and thrust among these devatas uniformly. They all needed havi (subliminal food) for sustenance of their manifestation in the human body.


Paramatma used the material expression of jala and vayu and energized their combination into “anna. The anna (food grains and vegetables) could be absorbed only through the (biochemical) process controlled by apana. It converted anna into havi and distributed them to all the devatas existing in the human body.

Consider how hard it is to change yourself and you’ll understand what little chance you in trying to change others


SCIENTIFIC SPIRITUAL FRAGRANCE SPIRITUAL FRAGRANCE OF PT.SRIRAM SHARMA ACHARYA In order to regulate and control these powers existing in the sense organs and rest of the body, the Paramatma, the supreme consciousness, entered the human brain as the inner intellect. The mental core of His existence reaches the brain through vihati.

Penetration of this unique ‘inlet’ of vihati

bestows ultimate beatitude on the individual self. There are three states asrams and three phases (swapnas) of this absolute linkage of the soul (atma) with the Parmatma.

These are referred as

Hradaya, Brahmrandhra and Brahmana. When havi and the gross experiences (bhoga) of the body did not satisfy the devatas, they delved for the original source of unalloyed bliss. Their quest was complete with the recognition and absolute realization of the Paramatma. This is how the rishis, the sages of yore, described the existence of divine powers in the human body. Wisdom, knowledge, intellect, prudence, contemplation, conception, perception, memory, realization, determination, aspiration, hope, creativity, vitality, and all other powers of the mind (and hence of the body) originate from that Omniscient and Omnipotent Paramatma. One who knows that Supreme Eternal Self, at the root of all, lives with heavenly beatitude and enlightenment in the human life. This true knowledge provides the key to the perfect art of living, immortality and ultimate liberation the Paramatma

Intuition will tell the thinking mind where to look next


SCIENTIFIC SPIRITUAL FRAGRANCE SPIRITUAL FRAGRANCE OF PT.SRIRAM SHARMA ACHARYA Impact of a drop of water in water, a common analogy to explain the concept of Brahman and the Ātman This is how the rishis, the sages of yore, described the existence of divine powers in the human body. Wisdom, knowledge, intellect, prudence, contemplation, conception, perception, memory, realization, determination, aspiration, hope, creativity, vitality, and all other powers of the mind (and hence of the body) originate from that Omniscient and Omnipotent Paramatma. One who knows that Supreme Eternal Self, at the root of all, lives with heavenly beatitude and enlightenment in the human life. This true knowledge provides the key to the perfect art of living, immortality and ultimate liberation. …To be continued in next edition (This series is based on the book “The Extrasensory Potential of Mind” by Pt. Shri Ram Sharma Acharya)

Carl Jung Found Ultimate Light of Knowledge in the Teachings of Maharshi Ramana – Dr.Pranav Pandya This was in the beginning of year 1938; winter was at its peak in Switzerland when Carl Gustav Jung – an eminent psychologist and seer of the modern times and the founder of Analytical Psychology – received the invitation of British Govt. in India to visit this land of Himalayan sages. This was a great blessing for him. Because ever since he had dived deeper to decipher human psychology and nature, he had been attracted towards Indian philosophy and spirituality. The intensity of his attraction had increased after reading about the spiritual wisdom and approach of Maharshi Ramana in Paul Brunton's “In Search of Secret India”. He felt confident that this spiritual master would unfold the yet undiscovered facets of the science of the unconscious before him. Dr. Carl Jung (b. 1875, d. 1961) is reputed as the first modern psychologist to state that human psyche is “by nature religious” and to explore it in depth. This fourth but only surviving child of Paul A. Jung and Emilie Preiswerk was introvert and thoughtful since his childhood. His mother's psychic problems had perhaps motivated him since his pre-school days to become a psychiatrist himself who could effectively resolve and heal the psychologicalproblems of his patients. Considering that it is the unconscious, which influences the activities of the conscious mind and behavior, he initially worked with Sigmund Freud, who was a renowned exponent of this theory. However, as Freud's approach was single-tracked with the focus mostly confined to psychopathology of sensual desires and sex, Jung broke away from this tradition. He emphasized understanding the psyche through exploring the worlds of dreams, art, mythology, religion and philosophy. His approach to psychology has been influential in the field of “Depth Psychology” and

You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.


SCIENTIFIC SPIRITUAL FRAGRANCE SPIRITUAL FRAGRANCE OF PT.SRIRAM SHARMA ACHARYA in counter-cultural movements across the globe. His most notable ideas include the concept of psychological archetypes, the collective unconscious and synchronicity. In his attempt to define universal pattern of psyche, he spent substantial time studying Western and Eastern Philosophy and Social Psychology. Following World War I, Jung became a worldwide traveler, facilitated by his wife Emma's inherited fortune as well as the funds he received through psychiatric fees, book sales and honoraria. The invitation from the British Govt. in India had brought him the most exciting opportunity he was looking for.He discussed with his wife about his plans of visiting India. Realizing his ardent desire, she agreed with a smile. Their children – Agatha, Gret, Franz, Marianne and Helene– were also around at home when he got the invitation.Everyone enthusiastically cheered and shared his happiness. Carl Gustav had immense spiritual quest. But, his scientific mind was not ready to accept things simply out of faith or emotional attraction. He was eager to find, to experience the light of science in spirituality. Something inside was telling him that he would get it soon in India. He traversed the long tiresome voyage to India full of hope and without any trace of fatigue, as though some unknown force was pulling him towards a higher goal.The very thought of meeting Maharshi Ramana itself had filled his heart with an unprecedented joy. Upon reaching India he first reported at Delhi. There weren't many official procedures or formalities required to be fulfilled those days. There weren't any security issues either. Moreover, he was a government invitee so everything went off smoothly for him in Delhi. He also got support and guidance to reach Tiruvannamalai. He was thrilled to have a magnificent view of the serene Arunachala at Tiruvannmalai. There he learnt from the local villagers that Sri Ramana had followed a devout ascetic life carrying out spiritual sadhana for more than twenty years in some caves on the side of this holy mountain, which is believed to be a manifestation of the (linga form) of Lord Shiva. He reached the Maharshi's ashram with the help of the locals. The ashram was right beneath Arunachala. Natural beauty of the region, pervaded with the positive energy-vibrations of Maharshi's tapa, had almost hypnotized the visitor. Some disciples including Mudaliyar Granny, Echchhamma, Ramnath Brahmchary and Madhvaswamy were working in the ashram premises at that time. They welcomed the visitor (Dr. Jung). Ramnath Brahmchary arranged for his stay and took him to Mr. Annamalai Swamy in the ashram. Annamalai Swamy was fluent in English conversation. He was also Maharshi Raman's senior disciple and secretary for managing his schedule. Dr. Carl Gustav Jung told him the purpose of his visit. “Maharshi will meet you in the evening today itself”, he was assured. Majestic background of the holy mountain, lovely orange shade of sunset, pleasant breeze in the green open premises of the ashram greeted Jung at the meeting spot. Maharshi Ramana came there walking. This hermit sage used to wear only a kaupina. His simple personality was sparkling with the aura of sainthood. His child-like natural smile and the glow of spirituality in his compassionate eyesight were so

It is our responsibilities, not ourselves, that we should take seriously


SCIENTIFIC SPIRITUAL FRAGRANCE SPIRITUAL FRAGRANCE OF PT.SRIRAM SHARMA ACHARYA enchanting! Dr. Jung experienced the warmth of soul-affection in his company. But Jung's rational mind, trained in modern scientific thinking, had its own doubts…. Maharshi Ramana read his mind. With a sweet and soft laughter he explained – “The spiritual philosophy guided by the Indian rishis is fully scientific. In the language of your modern science, you may call it Scientific Spirituality. It encompasses five basic aspects — (i) Inquisitiveness (towards the universe, the self, the soul), which gives rise to what you call 'objective of the research' or 'problem formulation'; (ii) selection of the type of sadhana suitable as per one's intrinsic tendencies and mental makeup. In your terminology this would correspond to selection of the approach or method of investigation; (iii) experiments in the laboratory of the mind and body after cleansing and conditioning of the mindbody system. As you know, scientific definition of experiment is – 'an observation of an action under controlled condition'. In spiritual science this 'control' or conditioning is done by penance and ascetic disciplines of self-refinement before attempting the selected practice of spiritual elevation; (iv) vigilance, discipline and examination by the Guru (spiritual mentor) to regularly assess the progress of the disciple. In scientific experiments too you are supposed to verify and evaluate the intermediate results before concluding anything; (v) Inference or concluding decision after thorough analysis. [The rishis had first conducted the experiments on themselves and then devised different sadhana methodsfor spiritual refinement and transmutation. Their conceptualization of the divine too was based on timetested realization.]” Maharshi spoke (in Tamil with a bout of English) in soft but impressive voice at a consistent pace. As he completed explaining the gist of the rishis' approach, Annamalai Swamy, who was acting as an interpreter for Jung, offered him a glass of water. Maharshi drank it slowly. Dr. Jung was listening to him with engrossed mind. By the time Maharshi completed this short 'discourse', Jung's face was lighted up with inner satisfaction. Maharshi Ramana got up and started his stroll towards the mountain. Jung also walked with him. I wanted to investigate – “Who am I?”, the Maharshi continued. “For this I chose the spiritual experimental methods of silence, meditation and soul-contemplation. My experiments on my own body and mind are conducted when I am inside the Virupakshi cave of Arunachala”, he said. “With every experiment, newer depths of mind and conscience have opened before me; the subtle layers of otherwise hidden inscriptions/impressions (sanskaras) deposited in unconscious mind have got cleansed to allow the purelight of soul-knowledge. Ultimately I have found that I really don't have a separate self-identity; that “I” does not exist. The ego, the self-pride all have disappeared. The soul has unified with that eternal, limitless, omnipresent. There remains nothing to be known or deciphered after this ultimate realization of the soul. The Indian science of spirituality is indeed the science of transformation of a human-self into the divine-self, of absolute evolution of consciousness.”

All knowledge that the world has ever received comes from the mind; the infinite library of the universe is in our own mind.


SCIENTIFIC SPIRITUAL FRAGRANCE SPIRITUAL FRAGRANCE OF PT.SRIRAM SHARMA ACHARYA Dr. Carl Jung took out his spectacles and wiped the glasses. He could really see everything so clearly! MaharshiRamana's simple explanation had given him new sight tosee the science of consciousness, to discover the genesis and existence of the undiscovered self. He stayed in the Ashram for sometime and then returned back. His experience here had led him to become fascinated and deeply involved with Hindu Philosophy (Indian Philosophy, as realized by the rishis of Vedic times), helping him form key concepts of integrating spirituality into daily life and appreciation of the unconscious beyond the barriers of modern psychology. His new, broadened attitude was clearly reflected in the Terry Lectures on Psychology and Religion that he delivered at Yale University the same year (in 1938) during one of his invited visits to the USA. In his later writings and speeches he emphasized the importance of balance and harmony. He cautioned that modern people rely too heavily on science and logic. He advised that they would benefit more from integrating spirituality and appreciation of unconscious realms. Several years later, in his foreword to the book titled 'Sri Ramana and his message to modern man' he expressed his reverence for Maharshi Ramana in these words — “Sri Ramana is a true son of the Indian soil. He is genuine and, in addition to that, something quite phenomenal. In India he is the whitest spot in a white space. What we find in the life and teachings of Sri Ramana is the purest of India; with its breath of world-liberated and liberating humanity, it is a chant of millenniums...” Indeed, Maharshi Ramana's teachings are like globally shining lighthouse for the seekers of scientific spirituality

Do not look back upon what has been done. Go ahead!


SCIENTIFIC SPIRITUAL FRAGRANCE SPIRITUAL FRAGRANCE OF PT.SRIRAM SHARMA ACHARYA What is Yoga ? – Dr.Marella Sri Rama Krishna What is Yoga? Yoga asanas can be used to balance physical. mental and holistic health. When we talk about physical aspects and how we utilize our five knowledge senses (gyanendriyas) and five action senses (karmendriyas), the way we utilize these and our body is known as karma yoga. So when we talk about the physical aspects, it is Karma Yoga. When we talk about the mental aspects, it is known as Gyana Yoga – the knowledge aspect. For example whenever you utilize your mind, you are doing Gyana Yoga. Whatever you are trying to learn is Gyana Yoga. When we come to holistic health it is Bhakthi Yoga (devotional state). Article will be followed in next issue…..


SCIENTIFIC SPIRITUAL FRAGRANCE SPIRITUAL FRAGRANCE OF PT.SRIRAM SHARMA ACHARYA Working under the divine blessings of Pt.Sriram Sharma Acharya, Param Vandaniya Mata BhagavatiDevi Sharma . Team: Dr. Vijay Bhatkar - architect of PARAM2 supercomputers, India Dr. Sunitha Guptha - Sr. Research Scientist, U.S.A. Dr. G. Venkat Rao - M Tech, PhD, India Dr. Arun Kumar – PhD., Sr. Research Scientist, U.S.A. G. Jayanth - M.S., Electrical Engineering, U.S.A. K. SaiTej – M.S., Industrial Engineering, U.S.A Smt. Praphulla, M.C.A., U.S.A

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Religion begins where science ends - - Einstein


Spiritual Fragrance - May 2010 vol1, Issue 3  
Spiritual Fragrance - May 2010 vol1, Issue 3  

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