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Jerry Marmon. “We’re constantly improving efficiencies and equipment that allow our maintenance crews to focus on more areas during winter storms.” Winter maintenance practices include plowing, sanding and applying winter antiicing liquid and salt. Crews use snowplows and truck-mounted push plows to clear snow; frame-mounted tailgate sanders, deicer trucks and spreaders to sand and salt roadways; and motor graders to cut snow pack. On the Siskiyou Pass, pusher trucks — equipped with counter weights over the rear axle for better traction and a thick rubber nose over the front bumper — are called in to push and straighten out stalled or jackknifed big rigs (commercial tractor-trailers) that can close down all lanes in a moment.

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December 15, 2017


Moving Ahead - Winter 2017  
Moving Ahead - Winter 2017  

Moving Ahead - Oregon Department of Transportation - Southwest Oregon - Winter 2017