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— extended the trip an hour longer, so locals used Tyler Creek Road as a shortcut. ODOT’s outreach materials and detour map made no mention of the unpaved route, which features steep slopes and sharp turns with no guardrail. Although the drive time was roughly the same as the official detour, Tyler Creek Road saw increased traffic from local drivers. Anticipating this, ODOT paid Jackson County to grade and oil the road for dust before, during and after the slide repair project. August Construction Summer is typically the worst time to bid a road construction project. Contractors usually have full schedules lined up. Fortunately, one nearby contractor was available when the slide repair project was advertised. The winning bidder, Suulutaaq Construction, was working a project

at nearby Hyatt Lake. The company is based in Alaska with offices along the West Coast. “Their construction manager lives on the Greensprings,” said Marmon. “We were fortunate to have a company so familiar with the area.” The highway closed on August 3. Construction began immediately with a goal to open at least a single lane of traffic by Sept. 1. Much of the roadway required excavation down to bedrock. Both lanes, newly paved, reopened to traffic on Sept. 1. “We had a queue of recreational traffic — travel trailers and campers — ready to go when we reopened at 5 p.m.,” said Marmon. “It felt good to deliver on our promise.”

October 6, 2017


Moving Ahead - Fall 2017  

Moving Ahead - Oregon Department of Transportation - Southwest Oregon - Fall 2017