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overpass that will be used to deliver materials during construction and, later, for daily operational needs, including staff and deliveries, and emergency service vehicles.

Commercial trucks will not be permitted to stop at the new rest area. Restroom facilities were constructed at the Ashland Port of Entry, located between Ashland Exits 14 and 19.

“We’ve provided emergency service access to the facility both via the service road as well as at an I-5 crossover,” said Fletcher.

“Another major safety improvement accomplished with this project is separating restroom facilities for commercial trucks and the general public,” said Fletcher.

Safety Improvements The old rest area, located on a steep Siskiyou Pass grade two miles south of the current project, was closed in 1997 for public safety following a series of commercial truck crashes in the facility. Construction on the new rest area and welcome center began in November 2015.

When complete, the facility will be managed by the Oregon Travel Experience, serving northbound I-5 travelers out of California. The Oregon Travel Experience currently operates 29 rest areas at 17 locations around the state in addition to 10 travel information centers along Oregon’s most heavily used highways.

October 6, 2017


Moving Ahead - Fall 2017  

Moving Ahead - Oregon Department of Transportation - Southwest Oregon - Fall 2017