Page 1

Pages 2 and 10

I opened this photo as I want it to be on the back page as it will finish the booklet off nicely.

I change it from colour to black and white to keep with the house style.

I opened up the curve dialogue so that I could change the intensity of the highlights and shadows of the image so that the whites and black stand out more.

I then also adjusted the levels as well just to make the intensity of the shadows and highlights stand out more.

I then scaled the image down to fit on the template for the inside of the booklet and placed on the 10th page of the booklet.

I then adjusted to size of the image so the whole of it can fit on the page and placed in the middle, so can see the whole image.

I then turned the background black, the same colour as the cover of the booklet.

I then put the contents of the CD’s on the inside of the booklet so that there is some information about it, that informs the audience.

Pages 2 and 10 of booklet screenshots