Page 1

Page 3 and 9

This will be the first image that the viewer will see when they open the booklet. I wanted them to see something that shows the artist in a way that this us her and this is what she does, which gets straight to the point and puts the viewers attention straight on her.

Again I changed the image from colour to black and white.

Of which I then adjusted the curves to make the shadows anf highlights stand out more in the image.

Also the same with the levels as well.

I also added a overlay gradient to make the exposure more vibrant.

I then scaled the image to fit on the template and placed on the 3rd page of the booklet.

I then added a black background to make the image stand out more.

Beside that I added a white background for the lyrical page.

of which I added to lyrics which make up the 9th page of the booklet, which shall be accompanied with an image.

Pages 3 and 9 screenshots