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Insert of CD Digipak This is the template for the inside of the CD which will actually hold the two CD’s, that it is designed to hold. One for the music and another as a DVD with the music video on.

I wanted the background to be black, as the house style is black and white themed to keep with the serious look of it and different from other peoples designs. Also I think it compliments well with how the front cover is. I have chosen to use brushes instead of images as I want the inside to look simple and not let the person be too distracted from the CD’s that are inside. The dead tree and birds go well with the acoustic like genre as it’s quite simple. Which I have just adjusted the opacity of them, so that they are not so distracting and blend in more.


then added the text for the titles of the CD’s, which I chose to use the justice font that I used on the front of the CD so that there is an accruing house style that I want to represent and keep it flowing for the audience to look at. I dragged the texts onto the template and place in each of the left corners as don’t want to ruin the image too much.

This is the completed inside of the CD, without the templates.

Insert of Digipak Screenshots