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Front and Back Cover

I firstly opened up the template for the CD back and front cover.

Which I then opened up the photo I want to use for my front cover.

I then changed the image into greyscale to make it black and white. I want the image to be black and white as it is more common with the genre and gives a more serious look and much more smarter.

Then adjusted the levels to make the shadows and highlights stand out more.

After that I then selected the gradient tool set the mode to overlay and the colour white to transparency and a radial shape gradient. I selected the middle of the image and dragged out to the edge.

This then creates a effect that makes the artist look more brighter so that she stands out more.

I then decided to flip the image horizontally, as I want it to be on the right hand side of the front cover. So that the image can be more easily seen.

Scaled the image down so that it would fit on the CD template.

Then dragged the image layer over to the template.

This is how it looks like before trimming the image to fit the outlines of the template.

Then I selected the image to were I wanted to trim it down.

And cropped it.

i then added a slight vignette to the image.

Then adjusted the contrast and brightness so that the blacks and whites stand out more, and make it more of a powerful image.

After that I selected a rectangle at the top of the image to make a banner.

which I then added text ‘special edition’ in capitals to make it stand out.

which I then made bigger and spaced out the letters more so that they spread across the top. porcelain


These are typography that I may use on the front cover. I like the Justice font the most as its rather bold and is easy to read though is still fancy and I think it mostly represents the artist more.



i added the title into gimp and took away the background.

Which I then dragged on to the image and moved it into place adjusting the size as well so that it can fit in between the artists head and the banner.

This is the image that I shall be using for the back cover.

Of which again I edited in a similar way to the front cover as you can see I changed it to black and white.

adjusted the levels

flipped it horizontally so that it can mirror the front almost.

i then scaled the image to fit the template.

Which I then dragged onto the template.

selected and cropped it

so now it looks more CD like

which I then did a overlay gradient to make it more stand out

and then a vignette to balance them out

which I then added another layer under the image which is white and change the opacity of the image so that its not so harsh.

Of which I then added a barcode to the bottom left hand with a white box so that it will be more visible.

These are the finished images ready to put together.

This is my final edit of the images together as a whole CD cover.

Front and Back cover of Digi pak  

The front and back cover screen prints of me going through everything i did to put them together.