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Welcome It is a long way, from the initial thought to the realisation of your dream. The more you think about it, the more questions you will have. Firstly, which is the right location? Where shall my new home be? What about the surrounding areas? Infrastructure? What are the medical facilities like? Are there suitable schools and colleges for my children? And of course the most important question “Who is the right partner to help make this dream come true?” Which company can put my plans into action, work in a structured and professional manner, give me all the security I need and can take care of my home when I am not there? You see, we are familiar with all of these questions already because we have heard them, and answered them, so many times before. To help you get off to a good start, the following pages will give you some answers, not to all of your questions, but we would be delighted to discuss any others with you personally. Visit us here on the Costa Blanca. Give us the chance to welcome you to this wonderful white coast.

“We want to live in the sunshine“, “We want to improve our health“ – all of our clients had their

Yours sincerely,

own different reasons for choosing our part of Spain, but the same goal: to improve the standard of their lives in a warm, friendly and

Bernd Hoffmann - Economist Chairman

sunny place. 5

A country with many images Spain, rich in tradition and culture, looks back to a glorious past. Cities such as Cordoba, Granada, Seville and Salamanca are some of the places famous for their art, culture and history. Spain, as a very modern country in the heart of Europe, also shows a stirring present time.

1 La Sagrada Familia – Barcelona 2 Basílica del Pilar – Zaragoza





Sparkling life in Mediterranean, yet cosmopolitan


surroundings. The city of Alicante (270.000 Inhabitants), together with Valencia (1.200.000 Inhabitants), is one of the most important trading centres of the Costa Blanca – making it the ideal place to be on the Iberian peninsula. Whether you prefer a cultural visit to the old capital Toledo, a shopping weekend in Madrid, or skiing in the Sierra Nevada – all these are within easy reach from your new home.

3 Alhambra - Granada 4 Plaza de España - Sevilla 5 Molino – La Mancha 6 Las Casas Colgantes – Cuenca 7 La Mezquita - Cordoba 5




Easy ways to get there The Costa Blanca, situated between the cities of Valencia and Alicante, is perfectly connected – from the airports of Alicante and Valencia you can reach all European capitals within 2 – 3 hours. Daily flights also allow short trips, to escape from daily work and stress, which allows you to relax and enjoy the warm sun and a better quality of life. If you want to drive your own car – the Costa Blanca is also connected to the A-7 motorway, with exits to all major cities and towns.


A climate to enjoy “I enjoy every day, I start each new morning feeling great when I see that clear blue sky and glorious sunshine” – these are the words often repeated by our clients, and they speak for each and every one of us! In life, it’s often the simplest things that are so important to us. A blue sky, sunshine, warmth and wonderful greenery instantly makes us feel well and relaxed and prompts us to appreciate and enjoy our lives. All this, and more, is what the Costa Blanca can offer you. A real “paradise climate”, with more than 300 days of sunshine a year, clear and healthy sea water and beautiful plants and flowers. In fact, The World Health Organisation

Ø DAYTIME TEMPERATURE Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Costa Blanca 16 17 19 21 24 27 30 30 Costa Brava 13 14 16 18 22 25 27 28 CoteD`Azur 13 13 15 17 20 24 27 27 Frankfurt 3 5 11 16 20 23 25 24 London 6 7 10 13 17 20 22 21

Sep Oct Nov 28 25 19 26 22 17 25 21 17 21 14 8 19 14 10

Dec 17 14 13 4 7

describes this particular part of Spain as having “almost as perfect an environment as it is possible to obtain”. So it really is a health paradise, where you can enjoy living in a healthy and harmonious area with you family.

Ø HOURS OF SUNSHINE PER DAY Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Costa Blanca 6 7 7 9 10 11 Oslo 2 2 4 5 7 8 Frankfurt 2 2 4 5 8 7 London 2 2 4 6 7 7

Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec 12 11 9 7 6 6 8 7 5 3 2 1 8 7 5 4 2 1 7 6 5 3 2 1


Feasting on the Orange-Coast The sea and the mountains are the two major influences on

Almonds also contribute to the Spanish tradition and

the traditional valencian cooking. Well known all over the

cuisine and are widely used for all sorts of sweets and

world is the “Paella”, a tantalising rice dish, served in many

deserts, such as the popular “Turron”. Another speciality of

different variations. This Queen of the Valencian kitchen

the region is “Horchata”, a drink of almond milk, but served

requires due time and attention to prepare, as the rice is

icy cold.

cooked slowly in a large, shallow pan and enriched with

The surrounding vineyards offer a variation of beautiful

fresh fish, chicken, beef, peas, beans and Saffron.

wines, and not only the classic red, or “vino tinto”. Visiting

On the coast, fresh fish is served daily and for those who

the local bodegas allows you to sample the local specialities

like seafood, the Costa Blanca is pure heaven. Mussels,

– sweet Moscatel from Teulada and pretty much everything

prawns, and lobster are served in abundance with tasteful

in the Jalon valley. Even nowadays, grape vines are still

garnishes and spicy sauces.

growing along the walls of the traditional Spanish cottages,

Luscious orange trees and olive groves give a pure feeling of

called “Fincas”, just as they did hundreds of years ago, and

paradise. Olive trees have been growing here for thousands of

under the arches of the “Riu-Rau” terraces, grapes were

years and according to the legend, were given to the Spanish

dried into raisins.

as a present by the Greek goddess Athene. The olive tree

In accordance with the Mediterranean lifestyle, the

branch is a symbol of luck and fertility. Real connoisseurs

traditional time for lunch is between 1 and 4 pm and dinner

drizzle a few drops of cold pressed olive oil onto freshly baked

is usually much later than we are used to. You can dine in

bread and enjoy its rich flavour on its own.

one of the many speciality restaurants, or on your own


For a small bite in between, there are many Tapas bars,

them are open to the public, but in the port of Moraira you

offering an enormous variety of small dishes, suitably called

can certainly enjoy the busy scenery when the auction gets

“Tapas”. Those who appreciate foreign countries for the


culinary aspect, can find specialities from all over the world in the beach restaurants alone. And if you prefer to do your own cooking, the local markets offer more possibilities of fresh produce than one could imagine, with mountains of oranges, lemons and limes, and the subtle aroma of onions and radishes. This gives you the perfect opportunity to take your family and friends back some fresh, green asparagus, strong garlic mayonnaise, known as “alioli”, local cheeses and smoked meats. The indoor market at Javea, located in the thick of the old town, shows a distinct Spanish flair and is worth visiting to merely take in the sights and witness the natural display of this region’s culture. Another event not to be missed, is the daily auction of fresh fish in the local fish markets, called the “Lonjas”. Not all of


Enjoy an active life Many years ago, when the first holiday makers visited the

Small bays with clear waters and white sands deserve to be

Costa Blanca, they enjoyed the classic sunbathing on the

visited as they offer all kinds of water sports such as jet-ski

beach, swimming in the sea and strolling the promenade at

hire, water skiing, and surfing. Along the coast of Valencia,

sunset. Even though those activities are still a preference, a

we have 36 yacht clubs, all offering wind surfing, sailing

wide variety of sports and games now play a large part in

and diving. Most of them have schools offering lessons to

the Mediterranean lifestyle. For those who want to take

both beginners and more experienced pupils and all

advantage of the quieter life, the Costa Blanca coastline

equipment can be hired on site. Scuba diving is a very

offers sandy beaches and rocky coves to discover.

popular sport here and nearly all ports have a PADI certified dive school, where new faces are always welcome. There are

A very special difference with the Costa Blanca is the

many exciting dive sites in Moraira, Javea and Denia.

combination of sea and mountains, giving you the opportunity to participate in adventurous activities

Take to the skies in a glider or paraglide. Adventurous walks

involving land, sea and air – you could almost be part of a

and mountaineering enables you to take in the fantastic

Jules Vernes novel.

views from the MontgĂł between Denia and Javea, and the


Peñon d’Ifach in Calpe – both of which are protected wild

mornings and cool evenings. For those of you who may miss

life reserves where one can enjoy the “flora” and “fauna” of

a white winter, take a trip to Granada and do some skiing in

the area.

the beautiful resort of the Sierra Nevada, even the more experienced skiers among you will not be disappointed with

For those who prefer their feet firmly on the ground, the

the facilities on offer.

activities are endless. With over 20 prestigious golf clubs along the Costa Blanca and Costa Azahar, it’s not just a paradise for water sport fans. Due to the settled weather, golf courses are open throughout the year here, so why not visit Javea’s green fairways, Denia’s famous La Sella course or the dunes of Oliva Nova. For a faster pace, you will also find plenty of tennis clubs with floodlit courts, ideal in the summer to escape the scorching heat. Jogging and cycling in the valleys is also a new favourite, especially in the fresh


Jewels of the northern Costa Blanca On the most easterly tip of the Costa Blanca, directly between Valencia and Alicante, is where you will find the perfect place for your new home in the sun – in the heart of this health paradise. The towns of Calpe, Adusbia, Jåvea and Moraira, were selected by wealthy families of Madrid, Valencia and northern Spain, many years ago, as their summer residence. These areas, in particular, have also been chosen by many residents of north and central Europe as the ideal situation for their second home. With international flair, quirky character and traditional charm, these towns are, without a doubt, the best location for your new residence in the south.


A perfect infrastructure exists here with international

Throughout the year there are

schools and colleges, multi-national health care, well-

many local “Fiestas” – the

equipped medical centres, shops, supermarkets and 24hr

Spanish love a good time! Not

security services, which offer choice and comfort and

only are they traditional and

guarantees an enjoyable, carefree lifestyle.

good fun, but they bring the community together and

With horse-riding, golf, walking, tennis, sailing, scuba

provide good opportunities for

diving, bowling and many other past times, Jávea and

you to meet new friends and

Moraira offer you all kinds of sporting activities with

really feel at home.

challenging golf courses and exclusive marinas. Labelled as an artistic haven, the region allows you to indulge in diverse cultural activities such as interesting museums, selective galleries, arts, crafts and antique markets, as well as classical open air concerts in the summer, to mention but a few. Not forgetting the many restaurants with varied regional menus and the “bodegas”. There are plenty of nice bars, theme pubs, lively discos and sophisticated night clubs. Why not meet with friends and enjoy a nice glass of wine, or an evening dancing the night away in an exclusive night club drinking exotic cocktails – there is plenty on offer to suit everyone’s idea of a good time.


Location – Location - Location The most important aspect to consider when building or

you will have some beautiful panoramic views

buying a property is the location. If the location is not right,

at your disposal. The valley of Pego is both

even the most beautiful property will be spoilt.

wild and romantic. The climate is excellent – a real health haven. All of these reasons make

Successful companies throughout the world follow one

the properties here very popular - not only for

main principle: They chose their location in the region’s best

northern Europeans, but also for Spanish

area – So why shouldn’t you do so for your dream home?

citizens from other areas.

After all, it is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in your life. Everyone is different and the choice is

Good surroundings also mean good

yours. Decide where you want to really live your life.

infrastructure. Reliable transport connections and a solid network of communication,

Firstly, make sure that the surroundings are what you are

services which benefit our lifestyle and make

looking for. Your new villa should not only be nice to look

things a lot easier. Shops and restaurants

at, but also nice to look from. Living in a nice place, in a

within easy reach, sports, art and culture for

nice home should include nice views.

our enjoyment.

With the sea and the mountains along the Costa Blanca,

Some enjoy to relax in a quiet area, others


enjoy all type of activities – the property you choose wants to be adjusted to your personal requirements and, last but not least, to your personal financial abilities. We offer you “tailored” plots of different sizes, so that you can make your dream of living come true. We even help anticipate your future plans by giving you information on current values, along with giving an idea of prospective value increase on local property. Your investment will enrich your life – and your pocket.


The right partner for important decisions Let your dream of owning your own home on the Costa Blanca come true! But be sure to make this important decision with the right partner - a professional, well established and respected partner who knows the real estate market inside out, especially in their covered region. Do you know the difference in price for plots in Cap Blanc, Moraira compared with plots in La Viña, Benissa? Do you know where the next up and coming area is, offering the highest return on your investment? You may be aware that the urbanisation Costa Nova in Jávea is regarded as one of the most well kept places on the Costa Blanca, but do you know how to compare the prices of villas for sale there? Perhaps you want to build you own individually styled villa, but how do you put those plans into action? What are the best materials to use and how do you go about starting it? This is what we mean when we say that important decisions should not be made alone, but with a professional partner you can trust. We, the HOffMANN INTERNATIONAL team of economists, architects, engineers, technicians and multilingual personnel – are the right partners for you. Specialists who know what they are talking about and who have all of the necessary knowledge and experience you will ever need. We are big enough to tackle any project efficiently, but small enough to care.


Individuality is our top priority To buy or build a house is a very important decision. It’s not

tailor made project and we make it flourish together. This

like buying a pair of shoes which you can throw away if you

will make your individual dreams of a life on the Costa

decide you don’t like them anymore. Purchasing a property

Blanca come true.

deserves more careful planning as it does not only open the door to a new home, but also to a new part of your life Step by step, we will discuss all of the personal ideas and wishes you have and then put them into practice by following your stated guidelines. Finally, with the extensive knowledge and competent attention from our team members, you will be guided through the whole decision making process, the further planning and the final realisation. During this creative brain-storming session, we plant the seed for your own


Complete Service – all in one hand

The 10 advantages of choosing HOffMANN INTERNATIONAL to guide you through the process of buying a Spanish property:

During the building period of your dream villa and even 1. Multilingual personnel, on the phone and in our Spanish central office 2. Personal consultation and contracts – in your own language

after its completion, our door is always open to you. We help with all of the necessary documentation from all corresponding official bodies, including advice and assistance in obtaining a mortgage, services such as pool and garden maintenance, all areas of insurance, cleaning

3. Assurance of payment by way of bank guarantees & trust accounts

etc. We can organise all of this on your behalf so that you can

4. Construction at guaranteed fixed prices

lie back, relax and enjoy your new home under the sun.

5. Exact completion deadlines 6. Each house is unique and individually designed 7. Solid construction, with the most modern materials that are compatible with the environment 8. 10 year guarantee on the construction 9. Top quality installations and finishing 10. Complete service, all in one office


Dream Properties – your home under the sun So you don’t want to wait for a new property to be built as you wish to move into your new home immediately. Our specialised real estate agent department can offer you a comprehensive selection of second hand homes and completed new builds, where you will surely find a property which fulfils your ideas of a dream home in the sun and suits your budget – whatever it may be. Different locations, different properties: From the lower priced semi-detached or terraced villa on a small urbanisation with community swimming pool - perfect as a holiday home, to the detached villa on a private plot with its own garden. The comfortable villa, as a permanent home, with ballustrades, private pool and open terraces with a barbecue and fantastic sea views or panoramic landscape views.


Impressive mansions with architectural highlights. Luxuriously equipped residences, finished to the highest standards, situated in front line positions to the sea – we have the best selection to choose from. For up to date offers on fantastic resale properties and completed new builds – see our website:


Individual Villas – From planning to handover of keys Had trouble finding a resale property to suit your requirements, or in the location you were looking for? A new build villa gives you unlimited possibilities and choices. We use modern materials and build your house to the specification you require to suit your individual taste. During the 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s, it was mostly small holiday homes being built here, but during the last 10 years, this has changed dramatically. More and more larger, permanent homes are being requested, built out of the best materials with insulation in mind, which helps to maintain the perfect climate inside all year round. A house is like a suit – it needs to fit well. Everyone has their own individual lifestyle, their own wishes and desires. Where one prefers a quiet and comfortable retreat, the other likes to be surrounded by company; one wants a classic style, the other wants a modern structure – but at the end of the day, everyone seems to love the typical spanish style on the Costa Blanca. Following conversations with our clients, we have learnt that there are three main styles: The farmhouse type villa, the typical, classic style and the more modern design. Our own in-house architect has analysed these requests, and has categorised our villa models into three different types: rustic styled villas, classic styled villas and avant-garde styled villas, all of which have many possible variations and an unlimited list of unique modifications. Whichever style suits you - when buying a property, you should first think about your personal ideas, wishes and requirements. If you prefer quiet evenings in front of the fireplace, enjoying a glass of wine whilst watching the sunset and the


idea of natural simplicity, then that would suggest that you are a bit of a romantic at heart who would like natural stone, Terracotta floors and shady terraces with nice archways. You may well imagine yourself living in a traditional farmhouse, but with that little bit of extra comfort. We can design a typical Spanish finca for you, but with all of the modern technical equipment.

designers, characterised as giving the illusion of more by accentuating chic simplicity.

If you prefer the typical Spanish style, which is a result of historical iberic and arabic influences, you will find it in our classic styled villas. Light, spacious living rooms, windows offering panoramic views, large terraces and bold staircases are preferred elements of those who may enjoy a more active life. Let our Villa Classica be your own private stage, where you enjoy cocktails by the pool, or even dedicate one of the rooms to host your own private gym.

To build with us is no incalculable adventure, but a well planned, individually designed and secure path to your new home.

Our avant-garde styled villas offer straight, clean-cut lines with a modern flair. A style often chosen by architects and

Have a look at our propsals and help us design your idea of a dream villa with your own personal touches. Each house we build is unique.

Clear contracts and real deadlines. Fixed-price estimates with no hidden extras. Work costs and fees for architects, technicians and all necessary documentation are included in the price. With all of these things considered, along with a contracted payment schedule to suit your financial needs and a 10 year building guarantee, you will be receiving the highest level of security right from the start.


Villa Classica A Our villa “Classica” can also be built with a round tower and an archway over the covered terrace. Villa “Classica A”, built for a client on one of our developments in “Costa Nova”, Jávea, 1998.

In accordance with the clients wishes, this villa was built with the following additional extras: Artificial stone surrounds on the windows and doors, patio door and steps leading from the bedroom, a paved, open terrace, a wider staircase leading from the covered terrace and balustrade on both sides of the covered terrace and down both staircases.


1m Total Covered Area

98,90 m2

Living Area

86,30 m2

Covered Terrace

12,60 m2 27

Villa Classica B


Our villa “Classica B” can also be built with a round tower and an archway over the covered terrace. Villa “Classica B”, built for a client on one of our developments in “Costa Nova”, Jávea, 1998.

In accordance with the clients wishes, this villa was built with the following additional extras: Artificial stone surrounds on the windows and doors, patio door and steps leading from the bedroom, a paved, open terrace, a wider staircase leading from the covered terrace and balustrade on both sides of the covered terrace and down both staircases.

1m Total Covered Area Living Area Covered Terrace

148,50 m2 130,00 m2 18,50 m2 29

Villa Belleza A Villa “Belleza A”, built for a client in the area of “Tossals”, Moraira, 1998.

In accordance with the clients wishes, this villa was built with the following extras: Patio door leading from the bedroom, balustrades running along covered terrace and down both staircases and a paved, open terrace.


Total Covered Area Living Area Covered Terrace

150,50 m2 133,50 m2 17,00 m2



Villa Belleza B Our architect can modify this villa to a 2 bedroom model if preferred. It is also possible to design a version of the Belleza with a constructed area in between the standard A and B model.

In accordance with the clients wishes, this villa was built with the following extras: Patio door leading from the bedroom, balustrades running along covered terrace and down both staircases and a paved, open terrace.


1m Total Covered Area Living Area Covered Terrace

209,00 m2 177,00 m2 32,00 m2 33

Villa Hermosa A Villa “Hermosa A”, built for a client in our development “Avellano Park”, Moraira, 2000. In accordance with the clients wishes, this villa was built with the following extras: Artificial stone surrounds on the windows and doors, a wider staircase with wrought iron railings running down it and along the upper terrace, roof edges with artificial stone moulding and triple faced, decorative tiled eaves, a garage at the side of the villa offering an open terrace above, a paved, open terrace leading to pool, guest apartment below and a swimming pool with natural stone steps and beach entrance.


1m Total Covered Area Living Area Covered Terrace

142,14 m2 116,50 m2 25,64 m2


Villa Hermosa B Our Villa “Hermosa� can easily be modified and here shows it with 3 bedrooms on one floor, but it can also be built two floors with a separate guest apartment below.


Total Covered Area Living Area Covered Terrace 36

188,80 m2 161,60 m2 27,20 m2

Villa Hermosa C The villa “Hermosa” displays a special architectural structure with clean and simple lines. A nice feature, is the eye-catching entrance hall, which reaches up nearly 5m in height and gives an incredible feeling of space. Lovely details, such as this and the dining room’s glazed bay window, make this particular villa model very light and airy, which contributes to its southern charm.


Villa Hermosa C Total Covered Area Living Area Covered Terrace

234,99 m2 189,15 m2 45,84 m2





Villa La Joya


Our Villa “La Joya” can be modified quite easily to accommodate a smaller living area. Villa “La Joya”, built for a client in El Portet, Moraira, 2003. In accordance with the clients wishes, this villa was built with the following extras: Artificial stone surrounds on the windows and doors, ballustrades, paved, open pool terrace and roof edges with artificial stone moulding and triple faced, decorative tiled eaves.


Villa La Joya

1m Total Covered Area Living Area Covered Terrace 42

325,25 m


262,49 m2 62,76 m2



Villa Lavanda Villa “Lavanda”, built for a client in our development “Avellano Park”, Moraira, 1999.

In accordance with the clients wishes, this villa was built with the following extras: Balustrades along the covered terrace and down the staircase, and a paved, open pool terrace.


Total Covered Area Living Area Covered Terrace

144,80 m2 129,60 m2 15,20 m2



Villa Palmera A Our Villa “Palmera” – a meeting of function and romance with a combination of typical Moorish style elements and modern forms. Direct access from the kitchen to the dining room and a spacious living room. The optical effect of the hexagonal towers in the dining room and master bedroom makes one think of an old castle. Double patio doors give views out to the large covered terrace, garden and pool area. Villa “Palmera A”, built for a client in our development “Sabatera Park”, Moraira, 2001.



Total Covered Area Living Area Covered Terrace

120,00 m2 106,40 m2 13,60 m2 47

Villa Palmera B


Villa “Palmera B”, built for a client in the area of “Adsubia Park”, Jávea, 2002. In accordance with the clients wishes, this villa was built with the following extras: Artificial stone surrounds on the windows and doors and open terraces.

1m Total Covered Area Living Area Covered Terrace

137,50 m2 121,65 m2 15,95 m2 49

Villa ParaĂ­so A


Villa “Paraíso A”, built for a client in the area of La Viña, Benissa, 1996. A villa with a very elegant, yet functional design. The covered terrace is situated in between the two “wings” of the house and can be accessed from both sides.


Total Covered Area

110,50 m2

Living Area

96,00 m2

Covered Terrace

14,50 m2 51

Villa ParaĂ­so B



Villa “Paraíso B”, built for a client in the area of “Club Moraira”, Moraira, 1995. Total Covered Area

183,50 m2

Our “Paraíso” model can also be built with 3 bedroom on the one floor. The size of this villa can be modified to suit your individual needs.

Living Area Covered Terrace

168,00 m2 15,50 m2 53

Villa Pilar Villa “Pilar”, built for a client in our development “Avellano Park”, Moraira, 1999.

In accordance with the clients wishes, this villa was elevated to accommodate a storage room beneath the covered terrace and was built with the following extras: Artificial stone surrounds on the windows and doors, balustrade around the covered terraces along with a staircase leading from the covered terrace, also with balustrade and paved, open pool terrace.


Total Covered Area Living Area Covered Terrace

177,40 m2 149,70 m2 27,70 m2



Villa Preciosa With the villa model “Preciosa” our architect made the clients’ dream come true and created a small palace, which appears to belong in a fairytale more than on the Costa Blanca. A “princely” residence to make you feel like royalty. Villa “Preciosa” built for a client in the area of Fanadix, Moraira, 2003.

In accordance with the clients wishes, this villa was built with the following extras: Artificial stone surrounds on the windows and doors, paved, open pool terrace and roof edges with artificial stone moulding and triple faced, decorative tiled eaves.



Villa Preciosa

Total Covered Area Living Area Covered Terrace 58

287,20 m2 240,40 m2 46,80 m2




Villa Redonda A


Total Covered Area

105,00 m2

Living Area

96,00 m2

Covered Terrace

11,00 m2

Our Villa “Redonda” offers many choices for modification, and is one of our most popular models. HOffMANN INTERNATIONAL has built many villas of this type over the last 10 years, but we always try to encourage clients to come up with their own ideas and we offer as many different options as we can, so that each model we build is unique. Villa “Redonda A”, built for a client in our development “Amarilla Park”, Buenavista, Benissa, 2000.

In accordance with the clients wishes, this villa was built


with the following extras: Artificial stone surrounds on the windows and doors, patio doors instead of a window in the living room, balustrade around the pool and paved, open terrace.


Villa Redonda B Villa “Redonda B”, built for a client in the area “Ermita/Montgó”, Jávea, 1997.

In accordance with the clients wishes, this villa was built with the following extras: Artificial stone surrounds on the windows and doors, sliding patio doors instead of windows in both wings of the house, along with small staircases to the terrace, built-in flower beds and paved, open pool terrace.



Total Covered Area Living Area Covered Terrace

137,50 m2 126,00 m2 11,50 m2 63

Villa Redonda C Villa “Redonda C”, built for a client in the area of “Sol Park”, Moraira, 1998.

In accordance with the clients wishes, this villa was built with the following extras: Additional open terrace attached to the covered terrace, staircase leading down to the pool area, Balustrades around the terrace edge and staircase to the pool area and paved, open terraces.


Villa “Redonda C”, built for a client in our development “Sabatera Park”, Moraira, 1999.

In accordance with the clients wishes, this villa was elevated to accommodate a storage room beneath and was built with the following extras: Additional open terrace attached to the covered terrace, staircase leading down to the pool area, Balustrades around the terrace edge and staircase to the pool area and paved, open terraces.


Villa Redonda C




Total Covered Area Living Area Covered Terrace

217,60 m2 200,12 m2 17,48 m2 67

Villa Ronda


Our Villa “Ronda” can easily be modified, especially when it comes to the entrance hall and bathrooms. Villa “Ronda”, built for a client in the area “Tossals”, Moraira, 1996.

In accordance with the clients wishes, this villa was built with the following extras: Staircase leading to the pool are, Balustrades around the covered terrace and paved, open terraces.

Total Covered Area Living Area Covered Terrace

205,00 m2 169,00 m2 36,00 m2 69

Spanish Farmhouses - Fincas


With our rustic styled villas we continue the tradition of

Archways, rustic stone blocks and dark wood beams give an

typical spanish farmhouses. A combination of

impression of warmth and strength. Internal

tranquil comfort and modern function. A style

courtyards and open patios with the

influenced by nature with its own special

Mediterranean combination of sun and shade.

attributes and peculiarities. The Costa Blanca

Pillars and columns with detailed carvings,

offers some very special and different building

arched doorways, tosca-stone, wrought-iron-

materials: Of old, this area combines art, trade

gates, floors laid with Travertino marble and

and handcrafted materials, such as the

other such details all contribute to the style of

wonderfully designed, handmade tiles.

the traditional southern homes.


Spanish Farmhouses - Fincas


These farmhouses offer a lot of room for privacy and

The nearby swimming pool invites you to bath in the cool

hospitality. Ideal for quiet days with breakfast on the

water and then lay in the sun among fanning palm trees.

covered terrace, and late-night conversations around the fireplace. Spanish farmhouses are easy to fall in love

The rustic-style villas are of no relation to our standard

with: They welcome you with their special and unique

models featured previously in this brochure because we

charm such as an inviting kitchen leading into the

can not standardise this line. Together with you, we can

dining room, light and open spaces with easy access to

design your own unique finca and give a detailed

all rooms throughout the house.

estimate for its construction.


Our Avant-garde line With our avant-garde style of villas, our architect is appealing to those of you who want to build a modern or futuristic home on the Costa Blanca. Artistic and fashionable planning, subtle intuition and a touch of extravagance.

Straight lines to a vast extent, every room offering the impression of light and brightness - these are the attributes of our avant-garde villas. Luxurious, stylish and clean – these are the three elements which relate to this way of construction. Each finished detail is to a high quality, but with nothing obtrusive. No unnecessary decoration – just simple with no frills. A combination of form and function to the highest level, a perfect collaboration.


Whether you’re in the dining room, the living area, master bedroom or kitchen – all rooms are sun-kissed and planned with “esprit”. The rooms do not only give the impression of being light and spacious, but also offer the aspect of fresh air and freedom of movement to those in it. A type of house designed with transparent structure. All rooms built on ground level, are integrated into the surroundings and therefore most of the rooms have direct access to the garden. This is what makes it possible to enjoy living under the southern sun all throughout the year. Living becomes a global work of art, alternating being living indoors and outdoors. Tiled, open terraces leading from the villa to the swimming pool invites you to take a refreshing dip or bath in the sun.


Our Avant-garde line


A covered terrace of archways leads to the garden area, laid with lawn. In this avant-garde

The avant-garde villas are of no relation to our standard models featured previously in this

line, beauty is always combined with function. Pleasant details such as a small bay-window,

brochure because, like the rustic line, we can not standardise it. Together with you, we can

gives a touch of relaxation to the villa. A living room is not only an area to be lived in, but to

plan your own unique design and give a detailed estimate for its construction.

host a multitude of functions giving way for all your fantasies. The avant-garde villa offers space enough for your own creative ideas of living and relaxing. Turn a lifestyle of Spanish flair into reality. Enjoy the amiable habits such as the afternoon “Siesta�, a daily tradition which northern Europeans link specifically to normal life on the Costa Blanca.


This is how we build our houses On the pages to follow, you will find our Building Specifications explaining how our houses are built, including full details of our high quality standards. For better understanding, we have used the plans for our villa model “Palmera”. All models shown in this catalogue are proposals of how your villa can be built, which aims to give you initial ideas, but all of your individual wishes can be taken into consideration. Our consultants would be more than happy to offer any further suggestions in a personal consultation.

Layout Plan

Building Specifications 1.


First of all, individual plans will be set up, taking into account the clients’ individual wishes. After that, all static plans necessary to apply for the building permission will be set up, which form the base for the final realization and includes the following -

Plans for steel reinforcement placement Plans for plumbing and electrical installation Plans for joinery and metal work Views of the house from each side & cross sections


Distribution Plan 2. Care and supervision during the building period Care and supervision include the choices of interior and exterior details, according to the clients’ wishes, and clarification and realisation of additional work and details ordered by the client. Supervision takes place during the complete building period, and the client is permanently informed of the progress on the site and receives photos at all stages of the building progress.

3. Setting out and start of work The next step is the cleaning of the plot, where we always try to keep existing trees and bushes, providing that they do not affect building work. The contracted villa is measured and marked out on the plot. Temporary connections for water and electricity are set up for use during the building period and all necessary machines and materials for the building work are delivered.

Total Covered Area Living Area Covered Terrace Covered Entrance

120,00 m2 106,40 m2 12,10 m2 1,50 m2 79

Section Plan 22 21 20 19 18 17 16 15 14

12 10 8 6 4

13 11 9 7

Detail of Floor structure Prefabricated pre-stressed concrete joists Hollow concrete floor arches Concrete with embedded steel mesh

5 3

2 1

How our houses are built: 1 Foundation of strip trenches filled with steel-reinforced concrete, 80x60 cm. 2 Walls up to floor structure level will be load bearing walls built of 40 x 20 x 20 cm concrete blocks or with 30 x 29 x 19 cm armalite blocks, type “Termoarcilla“ 3 Ring beams realized with open channel section concrete blocks or with armalite blocks, type “Termoarcilla”, both will have the U-form filled with reinforced concrete 4 The first ring beam will be topped by an asphalt-saturated fabric to form a dampproof layer. 80

5 Floor structure made of prefabricated prestressed concrete joists (See details above). 6 Internal side made up of 7cm bricks. (when outside walls are made up of concrete blocks). 7 Air cavities in between the double walls will have 3 cm of expanded polystyrene for insulation purposes. 8 Joints filled with a cement and sand mortar. 9 External walls will be made up of 40 x 20 x 20 cm concrete blocks or optional 30 x 29 x 19 cm armalite blocks, type “Termoarcilla”. 10 Vertical, interior surfaces will be finished with white gypsum plaster.

11 Vertical and horizontal, external surfaces will be finished with a cement and sand mortar in a fine rustic or smooth finish. 12 Damp proofing with an asphalt-saturated fabric will be placed beneath the windowsills and doorsteps. 13 All windowsills will be artificial stone 14 PVC blinds will be fitted on all bedroom windows 15 Windows and external doors will be white PVC with Climalit double glazing, or white aluminum upon client’s request 16 All internal and external openings in load-bearing walls will be provided for

17 Surrounding ring beams will be made up of concrete channel section blocks and steel-reinforced concrete 18 The slope of the roof will be formed by concrete rafters or hollow brick (honeycomb) brickwork 19 Covering of hollow terracotta slabs 20 Finishing of a mortar compression screed 21 Protection against humidity with a damp proof layer 22 The roof covering will be of “Arab” [tapering half round] tiles

View 1

View 2

View 3

View 4


4. Up to roof stage


4.1. Foundations Strip trenches will be excavated. If the site is sloping, the trenches will be stepped so that their base is always horizontal. A layer of blinding concrete will then be laid, and then the reinforcement of the strip foundation. All steel employed in the work will have a strength of 4,200kg/cm2. Where reinforcements meet at corners or steps, the joins will be strengthened with bends of the same diameter. An electrical earth in the form of a naked 35mm2 section copper wire will be set in place before pouring the concrete, as specified in the foundations plan. Trenches will be filled with HA-25 concrete.

Foundation reinforcement 4 Ă˜ 16 with bracings every 40 cm Electrical earth, naked 35 mm2 section copper wire


4.2. Structure: substructure walls, loadbearing walls and envelope

1st Floor

4.2.1. Substructure walls The walls up to floor structure level will be load-bearing walls built of 40x20x20 concrete blocks or 30x29x19 armalite blocks type “Termoarcilla”. Wherever these walls create a service duct or clear span, an opening or passage with a lintel will be provided for ventilation and to permit the passage of persons or services. 4.2.2. External walls Externally, a number of ventilation cavities will be provided finished on the exterior face with perforated bricks slanting towards the exterior. The external walls pose the client with a choice, the first being the double wall option. In this case there will be 40x20x20 concrete blocks on the outside, which act as a load-bearing wall. There will then be an air cavity, 3cm of insulation polystyrene and then the internal wall will be made up of 7cm brick with hollow channels inside. The second option is to construct a single load-bearing wall, but made up of 30x29x19 armalite blocks type “Termoarcilla” 4.2.3. Internal/dividing walls Internal load-bearing walls These will be built of 40x20x20 concrete blocks or of 30 x 29 x 19 armalite blocks type ”Termoarcilla“. Dividing walls (non load-bearing) These walls are built of 7 cm bricks.

Support and structure of reinforced floors Installation preparation Preparation for all further work, such as plumbing and electrical installation, metalwork, joinery, tiling and roofing.


4.3. Concrete Reinforcement/Floor Structure 4.3.1. Ring Beam Open channel section concrete blocks concreted over with “lattice� reinforcement according to dimensions and statics. The first ring beam will be topped by an asphalt-saturated fabric to form a dampproof layer. 4.3.2. Floor Structures The floor structure will be composed of prefabricated pre-stressed concrete joists and hollow concrete floor arches covered by steel mesh and concrete. 4.3.3. Window and Door Lintels All internal and external openings within a load-bearing wall will be provided for with reinforced lintels composed of concrete channel section blocks or beams.


2nd Floor (Ceiling)

4.4. Roof-Structure Every pitched roof surface will have the same 25% pitch. The roof covering will be of “Arab” [tapering half round] tiles, with the exception of flat roofs or solariums - if specified in the plans. The slope will be formed by 18cm edge concrete rafters or hollow brick honeycomb brickwork and will be covered with hollow terracotta slabs finished with a mortar compression screed and finished off with a waterproof barrier. The eaves will have a double-stepped moulding of hollow terracotta bricks, which will later be rendered and painted in the colour of the house. In the case of porches with timber beams, steel yokes will be employed to strengthen the join to the wall. On all roofs, a waterproof barrier will be laid immediately below the tiles. All structures that protrude above the roof, such as a chimney, will also be properly protected with a waterproof barrier. In the case of roof terraces, these will be built in “Catalan” style, which is made of honeycomb brick work in double hollow brick and 2cm mortar compression screed. All will have a minimum pitch of 1.5%. This structure will be sealed with a waterproof barrier, which will overlap at connection points with walls, drainage, chimney etc. and paved with tiles.

4.5. Insulation / Thermal insulation


4.5.1. Damp-proof insulation The first ring beam will be topped by an asphalt-saturated fabric to form a dampproof layer. (See 4.3.1.). If necessary, vertical surfaces will also be insulated with an asphalt-saturated fabric. The insulation of the roof as described before (See 4.4. ) Asphalt-saturated fabric is also placed beneath window sills and door steps. 4.5.2. Thermal insulation Within the air cavities, there will be type 3 expanded polystyrene boards. Beneath the roof will be insulated with fibre glass.

Bed of Mortar

Facing Walls Roof Overhang

Bed of Mortar


5. Interior Finishing 5.1. Electrical Installation Wiring will be carried in flexible plastic conduits built-in to the walls. A nominal service voltage of 220V is anticipated and the rating will be 9.2KW (with a higher rating possible upon request). All power sockets will be earthed and each circuit will be protected by safety devices. Electrical accessories will be “Simon� series or similar and of similar quality, including conduits and sockets for telephone, TV aerial and satellite dish.

Symbols IEB 42 IEB 45 IEB 46 IEB 48 IEB 49 IEB 50 IEB 51

Fuse box Junction box Double Switch One-way Switch Two-way Switch Normal Socket Oven Socket

min. 4 Circuits

Fuse box 1 2 3 4


Lights Water Heater Kitchen Others

Electrical installation

5.2. Plumbing, Sanitation and Sanitary Fitting Installations

Sanitary installation

5.2.1. Plumbing Installation The general installation of the water supply and external installation, both for hot and cold water will be of polyethylene or copper piping. All pipe work which is branched out to different rooms of the house has separate stopcocks on all branches to permit each to be isolated. Two outdoor taps and a 100 litre electric water heater will be installed inside the house. 5.2.2. Sanitation All pipes, branches, tanks etc. will be of PVC, of adequate dimensions. The down pipes will be top-ventilated to maintain the water traps. The waste water be connected to mains sewerage, but in cases where this is not possible, all waste will be channeled into a septic tank consisting of 3 chambers. 5.2.3. Sanitary Ware and Taps The bathroom sanitary ware will be of ceramic, ROCA brand, DAMA or MERIDIAN series or similar, in white. The bath tub will be acrylic, white, in accordance with the size of the bathroom concerned. Bathroom fittings are included, without cabinets and mirrors, ROCA brand ZOOM series or similar. The kitchen sinks will be ROCA brand, RITZ series or similar model of equivalent quality, in white stoneware or stainless steel. Taps will be ROCA brand, MONODIN or LOGICA or similar. 5.2.4. Central Heating All houses will be provided with either preinstallation for central heating with the intent of having radiators in every room, or with a hot and cold air conditioning unit in both the living room and master bedroom. In both cases, an electric bar heater will be fitted in all bathrooms.

Ă˜ in mm outlets Cold water Hot water

3- 9- 18- 4210- 15- 20- 25 mm 18- 22- 28- 36 mm

Symbols IFF 17 IFF 28 IFF 23 IFF 30 IFC 39 IFC 37 IFC 21 IFC 20

Water meter Hot water Heater Stopcock Cold water connection Hot water connection Hot & cold water connection Cold water pipe Hot water pipe 87

5.3.1. Exterior Render Vertical and horizontal surfaces will be finished with a cement and sand render mixed in a proportion of 1:4 with rounded edges, filled joints in a fine rustic or smooth finish.

5.5.1. Joinery The windows and external doors will be PVC, KÖMMERLING or VEKA type or similar of the same quality, tilt-and-turn in the bedrooms, smooth untinted Climalit double-glazing. Alternatively, white aluminium instead of PVC, upon client’s request. The windows and/or external doors of the bedrooms will have PVC blinds. The entrance door to the house will be PVC or white aluminium with a 3-bolt security lock.

5.3.2. Interior Plaster Vertical surfaces will be finished with white gypsum plaster, smooth finish. A plaster moulding will be fitted around the kitchen and bathroom ceilings. 5.4. Floor/Wall tiling and Sills 5.4.1. Floor tiles All will be laid on a sand bed, finished and levelled with a layer of Portland cement mortar. Type, size and colour will be at owner’s choice out of our standard offer, with skirting of the same material. 5.4.2. Wall tiles Printed ceramic tiles in bathrooms, kitchens and laundries, grouted with Portland cement mortar, up to the ceiling. Size and colour at owner’s choice out of our standard offer. 5.4.3. Window sills Will be of artificial stone, projecting 3cm over the facing walls with a 6% slope towards the exterior.


5.5.2. Interior/Wardrobe Doors Interior doors and wardrobes will be of pine wood or veneered Mobila wood, PROVENCAL type, and the wardrobes will be lined with thin chipboard panels and will have thick chipboard shelves.

Carpentry 2-Window

Vertical cut

5.5. Windows/Doors/Carpentry


5.3. Rendering and Plastering

Horizontal cut

5.5.3. Kitchen The kitchen will be fitted with upper and lower cabinets in solid pine wood or white, PROVENCAL type. Granite worktop, in a choice of colours, and electric extractor fan with ceramic hob and electric oven, make INDESIT or similar of similar quality, are included.


5.6. Paintwork 5.6.1. Exterior Paint Matte plastic paint in one colour with a smooth finish on all external surfaces. 5.6.2. Interior Painr Inside the house will have two coats of white matte plastic paint, in a smooth finish, both on walls and ceilings. 5.6.3. Woodwork Natural woodwork will be protected with two coats of clear matte varnish. 5.7. Metal work Grills on windows and on glazed doors will be of galvanized metal, correctly anchored to the parapet or walls. Alternatively, if the client prefers not to have metal grills over the windows and doors, the standard glazing will be replaced with security glass instead.


6. Finishes

8. Exclusions

The house will be handed over in a perfectly clean state, all waste, rubble, rubbish etc. removed, all glass, objects, floors etc. cleaned and any paint drips etc. eliminated, in other words, in perfect condition for immediate occupation.

The standard contract of construction, based on the present Specifications, do not include the following items: -

Electrical appliances (other than those mentioned), water or electricity service rights and/or contracts, light fittings or lamps, the value of the work for additional installations, such as completion of central heating, which have not been included in the contractual building specifications.


All other exterior work, which have not included in the Building Specifications (gardens and landscaping, swimming pool and terraces etc). These can be included in the initial building contract upon client’s request.

7. Others 7.1. Surrounding path A reinforced concrete path will be laid around the perimeter of the house, where there is natural ground level and no terracing, and a natural stone cladding of “Piedra de Luchent� will be fitted along the base of the exterior walls. 7.2. Covered terraces In certain villa models, decorative wooden beams are fitted in covered terraces. 7.3. Safe A small safe will be placed in the house. 7.4. Fireplace Each house will have a fully functional, open fireplace.


Note: We reserve the right to make changes to the building specifications for technical reasons or improvement of materials. All interior details shown in photos or on model plans, such as furniture, fittings or plants are only suggestions and therefore not included in the construction of the villa. All information given in both the e-brochure and the printed version is accurate to the date of production. All prices shown in our price lists are given in accordance with the corresponding house model, without plot or external preferences, such as swimming pool, terracing, gardens etc.

The development of your new villa – step by step After a successful viewing, and your decision to build your new villa with us, you sign the corresponding contracts for the purchase. Together we work out the first plans, which are then used by our technicians to complete the plans for the project. These are given to the architects institue. After their approval at the architects, technical architects and engineers institutes, the plans are given to the local surveyor’s office with the application for the building permit. All costs resulting from the afore mentioned services, and the fees for the building permit are paid at this stage. The policy for the 10 year building insurance “Seguro Decenal” is set up. After the building permit has been given, work on the building site starts. You will

receive the first photos, showing the building progress of your new villa under the sun.

engineers institute. Contracts with the water and electricity boards are also prepared.

During the building period up to the roofstage, more photos will be sent to you and we confirm the date for the completion of the roofing. During your visit at this stage of the building, we will also clarify the interior details and the additional exterior work with you.

During the whole building period and even after the completion of your new villa we are in contact with you. We are here to answer any questions, to help you with setting up an insurance policy, to help you organise the pool and garden maintenance or cleaning of your villa. We will also assist in renting out your new property if you wish. We aim to give you a full service before, during and after, so that you can sit back and simply enjoy your new home.

More photos will be sent to you once we started work on the interior of your new villa. The completion date of the villa will now be confirmed. You arrive for the handover of your new villa. Together we have a check on all of the work carried out, and providing that you are happy, we sign the document for the handover. At this time, we have already supplied for all necessary documents and certificates at the architects and the


Security right from the start Prevention is far better than cure – this is our practise and should be yours too. Clear contracts, a correct transaction and complete security are the principles according to which we work. To win you as a satisfied client, and to keep you as a

Sales order and payment transaction with HOffMANN INTERNATIONAL

satisfied client, is our best recommendation and our best publicity. Clear contracts and secure payments with bank guarantees or payments into blocked accounts, which we can only

Depending on whether you are purchasing a resale property,

We guarantee a property transfer free of encumbrances and

extract from after presenting our architect’s certificate

a completed new build or are building a new villa with us

with all paperwork in order, which means that before we

stating that the corresponding building stage has been

from scratch, there are different options of contracts, which

offer a property for sale, we check the ownership, that all

realised. Signing the Title Deeds for your plot and house at a

will always take into account your personal circumstances,

taxes have been paid and the status of any mortgages on

and always give you the highest level of security.

the property.

A. Buying a resale property or a completed new build

B. Construction of a new villa with HOffMANN INTERNA-

Firstly, a Purchase Option Contract is signed, which includes


clauses referring to the price of the property, the fact that

1. Buying a plot and signing a building contract (signing the

the property is being sold free of any debts, the payment

Title Deed for the plot before starting the construction)

schedule required and the date for the signing of the Title

In this case, you will have to sign two contracts, one for the

Deed at the Notary etc.

plot and a separate one for the construction. The total sale

If requested, the Purchase Option price can be transferred

of the plot and the signing of the Title Deed for that plot,

to a trust account or a bank guarantee can be given upon

will be made before the start of the construction.

Notary gives you the security you need from the start, leaving no openings for financial risks.

the buyer’s request. The final payment of the sales price is paid before a public Notary, at the time of signing the Title Deed. 92

The construction price for the villa will be paid in

architect’s certificate stating that the last previous building

new build will be paid for according to the stage payments

accordance with the different building stages:

stage has been completed. A bank guarantee can be given

listed in point B-1.


First payment of 40% on the total construction price

upon the client’s request, in which all costs and fees

The signing of the Title Deed and hand-over will take place


Payment of 40% of the total construction price at roof stage

resulting, will be paid by the client.

after completion and with the final payment.


Payment of 10% of the total construction price upon


completion of the tiling

2. Buying a plot and signing a building contract (signing the Title

Final payment of 10% of the total construction price on

Deeds for both the plot and new build together, after completion)

completion of build and handover of keys The different stage payments will be paid into a trust

In this case, you will have to sign a contract for the

account and transferred to us after we presented the

purchase of the plot and the construction. Both plot and


Transactions when purchasing a property A

B Purchasing a resale property or a finished new build villa

Building a individual villa with HOFFMANN INTERNATIONAL ®



Payment of a deposit into a HOFFMANN INTERNATIONAL ® trust account, and with a bank guarantee upon client’s request.



2. The final payment is to be made when signing the Title Deed and change of ownership in front of the Notary.

2. Buying a plot and signing of building contract (signing after completion)

1. Buying a plot and signing a building contract (signing the Title Deed for the plot before starting the construction)

Payment of a deposit into a HOFFMANN INTERNATIONAL ® trust account. All payments can have a bank guarantee upon the client’s request. This payment is usually 10% of the total price of the plot.

The final payment of the plot is to be made when signing the Title Deed and change of ownership at the Notary, which takes place 36 weeks after signing the purchase contract, and before the start of the construction.


Complete project


Payment of a 40% deposit of the total construction price into a trust account. A transfer to a HOFFMANN INTERNATIONAL ® account is made after the presentation of the architect’s certificate stating that the corresponding building stage has been completed.



With completion of roofing, a further 40% of the total construction price will paid into the trust account. A transfer to a HOFFMANN INTERNATIONAL ® account is made after the presentation of the architect’s certificate stating that the corresponding building stage has been completed.



After completion of tiling and in accordance with the corresponding architect’s certificate, a further payment of 10% of the total construction price is transferred to HOFFMANN INTERNATIONAL ®.



Final payment of the last 10% of the total construction price is made with completion of the construction. The handing over of the property and keys corresponds with this final payment.


Payment of a deposit of 40% of the complete price for plot and construction. Upon the client’s request, a bank guarantee can be given for this payment. With completion of roofing, a further amount of 40% of the complete price is to be paid. Upon the client’s request, a bank guarantee can be given for this payment.

With completion of tiling, a further amount of 10% of the complete price is to be paid. Upon the client’s request, a bank guarantee can be given for this payment.

Final payment of the last 10% of the complete price is to be paid on completion of the construction. The handing over of the property and keys corresponds with this final payment.

NOTE: Usually, for all of the above mentioned methods of purchasing a property, a small deposit is paid as a reservation before making the first stage payment, so that the property can be taken off the market to other potential buyers and therefore, reserved for you. Depending on the property, this deposit is between 3.000,- and 5.000,- Euros, and can be paid by credit card or in cash. A reservation usually holds the property for 10 days or so, in order to give you enough time to organise the first stage payment, from which this initial reservation deposit will be deducted from.


Security when buying a property in Spain Purchase contract, Notary, Land-Registry, secure payments – there are some differences between the property laws in Spain and other european countries. We want to give you an overview of the most significant differences:

If a certain area or village does not have its own tax office, the local Registrador will act on behalf of the main tax office and will take charge of all transfer tax for the properties purchased in his area.

Purchase Contract – Private buying-selling agreement

Secure payments with band guarantees or trust accounts

In Spain, the sale of a property is usually confirmed by signing a private sales-contract first. Under Spanish law this is sufficient to purchase a property, but the only function of signing a Title Deed at the notary, is to make public proof of the transaction and change of ownership.

With investments in foreign countries, where different laws and a lack of knowledge of the language may lead to complications, you should make the purchase of a property as secure as possible. We will work everything out and give you the details, always according to your personal wishes. Upon your request, we can give you added security for all payments before and during the construction by giving you a bank guarantee, or all of your payments can be made into a trust account at a Spanish bank.

A Title Deed in Spain is signed at a Spanish, public notary, which holds an official title. The Title Deed, necessary for the inscription of the change of ownership in the land registry, is called the “Escritura”. Before signing the Title Deed, the notary is obliged to apply for an up-to-date extract from the land registry. Immediately after signing the Title Deed, the notary has to inform the land registry about the change of ownership. The land registry (Registro de la Propiedad) is equal to the land registry in your country. It is held by, and up-dated by a “Registrador”, also an official title holder. The Registrador is responsible for his own work and is independent, like a judge.

We take care of all important and necessary decisions, starting with finding the right plot, helping you with setting up a mortgage, if required, right up to a fixed completion date. With HOffMANN INTERNATIONAL – you’re in good hands. The HOffMANN INTERNATIONAL Guaranntees: Respectable completion, step by step Bank guarantees and payments into blocked accounts with secure registrations in the official property register Free-of-charges Guarantee Ownership Guarantee Fixed Price Guarantee Quality Guarantee Development Guarantee Completion Guarantee Guarantee


Security – guarantee To avoid unpleasant surprises, we guarantee complete customer security. HOffMANN INTERNATIONAL offers you this, step-by-step, right from the beginning. We offer clear contracts, without hidden traps and with no small print. Our contracts clearly state, exactly what you are about to buy. Quality – guarantee The visible evidence of our building quality, is the amount of villas and houses built and owned by our satisfied clients. But quality is not only a visible concept - quality starts with giving personal advice, especially when you, as our client, explain your personal ideas and wishes to us. In conversations between you and our experts, ideas flourish, and dreams start to take shape. This is how your individual villa is developing. A villa with its own character, unique, individually planned and built, under the supervision our architect and engineers. We guarantee that quality and realisation correspond exactly to our detailled Building Specifications, and to any additional detailed specifications, ordered by you.


All of your plans are prepared by our architect and before the building permission is given, they are checked by the main architects institute. Quality of all materials used for the construction is permanentely controlled by an independent engineer’s office. With the dedication of the HOffMANN INTERNATIONAL team and the permanent control of materials and realisation – you are given the highest level of quality you could wish for, so much so that you’ll probably never need to use the guarantee we give you. Quality is the best assumption for satisfied clients Good details are the key to a quality result, which is why we endeavour to offer you quality through every detail. This means that if you detect any visible reclamations within the 12 months following your completion, they will be rectified by us without incurring any costs to you. Guarantee HOffMANN INTERNATIONAL undertakes a 10 year guarantee for all structure damages, such us damage on foundations, supporting walls, floors, or damage which results from these. This is the reason for us setting up a 10-year-policy

with an insurance company, even before the construction work starts. In order to bring this policy into force, the insurance company is obliged to have all statics, quality of the materials and expert realisation controlled by an official for technical control (OCT), which is an additional and independent office separate from our own control. Careful control for your safety According to Spanish law, if the workers are not officially registered, the employer and, in case of insolvency, the building owner - is responsible for any kind of accidents occurring on the building site. All of our employed workmen are properly registered and insured, which guarantees both you and ourselves, that we will not only avoid problems, but that no problems will even occur.

Development – guarantee

Fixed price guarantee

Experience means security. We can guarantee our clients a building plot with the rights to be developed. In Spain, the developing of building land – with exception of municipial building work – has to be done by private companies. This includes all infrastructure, such as roads, mains water and electricity supply, and the connection to the local, main sewerage, all of which HOffMANN INTERNATIONAL does for you.

We guarantee our prices. Every price you are given by us is a fixed price, which means that the price can not be increased after the signing of the purchase contract and after any payments are made.

Completion – guarantee HOffMANN INTERNATIONAL guarantees you a punctual completion of your villa.

Our fixed prices are based upon our detailled Building Specifications. The photos in this catalogue show villas we have already built for our previous customers. All of these villas were individually planned, built and finished, according to our client’s wishes. Some of the models include details which are not part of the standard Building Specifications, but were requested by the clients and so we gave quotations for the extra details and the clients were charged separately from the standard prices.

Ownership - guaranteee Our fixed price includes: We guarantee the orderly transfer of ownership of the property you bought from us and guarantee that each property will be transferred correctly by signing the Title Deed (Escritura) at a Notary and with it’s inscription in the Land Registry, to secure your proof of ownership. Free-of-charges guarantee HOffMANN INTERNATIONAL guarantees to you, that all plots and houses and rights of residence we sell to you, are 100% free of any encumbrances.

• • • • • • •

Preparation of the project plans Fees for the building permission Premium for the Building Insurance until the hand over Supervision of the building work Study of quality-controls Costs for all official documentation and certificates Transaction of all formalities in reference to the construction of the house and the connections for water and electricity supply • Official paperwork and certificate for the electrical installation from the Spanish Ministry of Industry (Indústrias) Mortgage guarantee We can help you with setting up a solid mortgage with a Spanish bank, under the usual conditions that the bank requires. We will take care of all of the necessary steps, from helping with the application form up to the appointment with the Notary. This service is also included in our fixed price commitment, which omits any more additional costs toyou.


After Sales Service After HOffMANN INTERNATIONAL has finished the sale, or

You should be enjoying your new villa – which is why we

completed the construction of your new dream villa, our

are here to offer you a complete service for your new

staff are still available to you. Even after the handing over

property, which includes:

of your property, we offer you a variety of services and help in organising all of the important things in you daily life,

• House/Personal Insurance

because we want to make sure that your quality of life,

• Opening a bank account / banking services

along with the value of your property – is always high.

• Contracts for utility bills, such as water, electric, telephone etc.

We will support you after the purchase of a property, with

• Garden and swimming pool maintenance

whatever service you may need personally, as well as for

• Care taking and letting of your property, if required.

your new home. We offer garden and pool maintenance,

• Cleaning service

repairs, accompaniment to Spanish authorities etc. Our multi-lingual personnel are always available to assist you in all of these aspects.


There are some differences with taxes in Spain, compared to

HOffMANN INTERNATIONAL does not only make your dream

those in your home country, which is why HOffMANN

of a home under the sun come true, but also ensures that it

INTERNATIONAL cooperates with professional solicitors and

will become a fulfilling dream, with a complete service, so

tax consultants, who can help you with the following

that you only have to sit back, relax and enjoy what you’ve



• Permissions and paperwork in accordance with living in Spain and the importation of vehicles etc. • Tax liabilities in reference to your property in Spain • Permissions and paperwork needed to work in Spain, start a business etc. • Inheritances, Last Will and Testament


Legal & Fiscal Terms – Easily Explanation Registro de la Propiedad – This is the Spanish property registry and is an extremely important office for the property purchaser. When we guarantee that our properties are sold free of all charges, liens and mortgages, this is where you would find out if that was the case, as all such information is registered under the property, as well as the rightful owner. For a small fee, the registro will give you a nota simple (summary of the property’s entry into the registry books) for any property. This check-up avoids any eventual problems with property transfers. Escritura – The Escritura Publica is the registered title deed of a property. It is inscribed in the Registro de la Propiedad, and is the only ironclad guarantee of title in Spain. In this title deed you will find a description of the property and the details of the owner. If any mortgages or court charges exist against the property, they will be registered here as marginal notes. Before offering any property for sale, we make the necessary checks to ensure that everything is in order for the protection of ourselves and our clients. Impuesto sobre Transmisiones Patrimoniales y Actos Jurídicos Documentados – Directly translated, this means Documented tax on Patrimonial Transmissions and Legal transactions, which refers to the transfer tax of a property and is to be paid by the buyer. Up until 31st December 2000, the transfer tax rate for buying a resale property was 6% because buying a house was classed as a private deal between two individuals and therefore different to a business operation, but buying a new build villa from a developer would mean paying the standard I.V.A (value added tax) rate of 7%. As of 1st January 2001 the transfer tax rate was changed from 6% to 7% to match the I.V.A rate and therefore making the whole thing a lot easier. This 7% tax is only calculated over the declared value of the property, as stated in the new Escritua. This payment is deposited to the Notary on the day of the Escritura signing as is then passed on to the tax office Hacienda Impuesto Sobre Bienes Inmuebles – Or IBI for short, is the municipal real estate tax on a second hand property. The IBI receipt is a very important paper which is presented to the Notary before the appointment to sign over the title deeds. This is so that it can be checked to make sure that it has been paid up to date. A new property bought from a developer will not have an IBI receipt, yet it will be the buyers responsibility to register the property for this tax. The IBI receipt will show the property’s catastral reference number and also the valor catastral, the official assessed value of the property. This is a very important figure because various taxes are based on it. The assessed value is almost always considerably less than the real market value, but it has been steadily raised over the last few years. Capital gains - This is a tax borne to the seller of a property, which varies greatly between a Spanish resident and a non-resident. The taxable amount is the difference between the old escritura value and


the newly declared value, when the property is sold. There is no fixed amount of capital gains tax, as the percentage is determined by the age and status of the seller, length of time of the property’s ownership, date of initial purchase, future investment etc.. Our staff are able to advise the seller on the amount of Capital gains tax they will be facing, but we always recommend the services of a tax consultant. IVA – Which stands for Impuesto sobre el valor añadido, and means value added tax and the Spanish equivalent to VAT. This is paid when purchasing a new build property and is based on the declared value stated in the escritura. When purchasing a plot through a developer, the IVA is set at the commercial rate of 16%, unless the plot is privately owned (not by a company), which would then make the tax 7%. The government decided that they wanted to subsidise the housing market by reducing the IVA on new builds to only 7%, which equals the rate of transfer tax payable when buying a resale property. Declaración de Obra Nueva – When purchasing a new build property in Spain, it is normal procedure to sign the title deeds for the plot before a brick is laid on it. This gives security in the way that, whatever is put on that plot afterwards, belongs to the plot owner. So once the plot has been purchased, the new buyer must make the declaración de obra nueva, which is a declaration of the new construction. Once the new build property is finished, a new escritura will be signed including the plot and the new build together. Contrato privado de Compra-Venta – This is a private buy-sell contract, which is drawn up when you have decided upon the property you wish to purchase. It is between the buyer and the seller and states the property’s details, both parties’ address, status, nationality and identification numbers. This contract includes the price of the property, the payment schedule and the proposed Notary date. It also states what is included in the sale in terms of furniture and fittings. It is signed by the buyer and the seller, or by the representing company in their absence. At the time of signing, you will need to pay a deposit for the property and then you will be obliged to cater to the stated payment schedule and complete in the specified time. NIE, NIF – Firstly, NIE stands for Número de identificación extranjero, which identifies you to the Spanish tax authorities and is included on your residence permit (residencia), should you apply for one. The number is necessary for practically any transaction in Spain, such as paying your taxes. Even a non-resident who has any relation with the Spanish tax system, either by owning a property or by drawing interest from a bank, also needs this NIE. To obtain this identification number, your property consultant can assist you in doing it privately, or you can use the services of a gestoría to lead you through the process. The gestor is licensed by the government as an official

middleman between you and the State, and provides, for a reasonable fee, many useful services. Whereas NIE refers to the identification number for foreigners (extranjeros), the NIF is exactly the same but issued to Spanish residents and stands for Número de identificación fiscal, meaning fiscal identification number. Patrimonio – In addition to the yearly income tax declaration, the Spanish resident, and non-resident property owner, is liable for Spanish tax on capital assets – patrimonio tax. The name “wealth tax” may not sound like proper legal terminology, but it is an adequate translation of the Spanish name, as it’s exactly that: a tax on all your assets and property. Do not be alarmed, however. A resident of Spain has an exemption of a certain figure, which rises by 40-50% when the asset is the principle residence. This means that a husband and wife whose principle asset in Spain is their home are exempt from the tax up to a certain figure if both of their names are on the title deed. In Spanish, the name is impuesto extraordinario sobre el patrimonio, the extraordinary tax on assets. This tax started in 1978 as a special measure to force many Spanish citizens who had been hiding their wealth, especially property, to bring these assets into the open. Plusvalía – Is a tax payable by the buyer of a property and a shortened term for arbitrio sobre el incremento del valor de los terrenos, which refers to the municipal tax on the increase in the value of land since its last sale. In the case of an apartment or a townhouse in a new urbanisation, where little land is involved and where there has been no real increase in value because such a short time has passed since it was developed, the tax can be very low. It will be much higher if you buy a house with several thousand square metres of land, which has not changed hands for 20 years and which has been recently re-zoned from rural to urban land, thus jumping greatly in value. This tax is based on the official value of the land, which is always lower than the market value, and it varies from 10% up to 40% of the annual increase, depending on the length of time between sales and the town where it is located. The land is officially re-valued periodically for this purpose.

Literature • The majority of this information was taken from “You and the law in Spain” written by David Searl. This book is described as the complete and readable guide to Spanish law for foreigners, incorporating the Spanish property guide. Currently in its 15th edition, and updated yearly, this book was published in May 2004 by Santana Books with ISBN: 8489954321 • “Retiring to Spain – Everything you need to know” written by Cyril Holbrook is another useful guide for foreigners starting a new life in Spain. Last published in November 2003 by Age Concern Books with ISBN: 0862423856

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