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NOKIA TECHNOPOLIS INNOVATION MILL™ ”We love Innovation Mill, because it transforms good ideas and venture funding into profitable business” – Esko Aho, Nokia Corporation

= Project input

What is Innovation Mill? 4,000 Unused Nokia ideas 1300 companies in 18 Technopolis campuses “adopt new ideas”

Pre-negotiated idea release contracts Tekes & City funding

= Technopolis tasks = Project output

Innovation Mill project Technopolis Screening & Matchmaking


Tekes approval

~100.000€ w/ 50% or 75% grant Technopolis planning and procurement support

Start-Ups and New Business

The Innovation Mill Pitch Access to Nokia ideas

Low-risk idea to innovation

Funding package included

• Technopolis will match you with the right idea • Pre-negotiated release contract • The idea is Free – big savings on R&D • Technopolis helps plan the project • Ready-made project templates • Technopolis takes care of procurement • Appr. 100k€ evaluation project possible • 50-75% funding from Tekes & cities • Quick funding decision within 1-2 months

Innovation Mill Results • Over first year and half, we have: – Screened over 4000 ideas – Identified over 100 ideas to be matched with entrepreneurs and companies – Met over 450 interested companies across Finland – Generated 27 new development projects, 18 new companies and over 100 new jobs – Raised 10 m€ in funding for companies from venture capitalists and business angles – Created 13 m€ in development projects for new business

Entrepreneurs view on project results

How the project changes company's technology and market position

What is the outcome of the Innovation Mill project?

Why Innovation Mill Took Off • Traditional innovation system is too slow & weak • Nokia had plenty of unused IP and willingness to give it away • Finland has a wealth of companies that can exploit Nokia idea’s • Technopolis had the will, infrastructure, resources and motive to act as the driver

Back-up slides


Best Mobile Internet Service: Nokia Sports Tracker

Judges' Judges' comments: comments: "A "A great great example example of of aa service service that that utilises utilises the the capabilities capabilities of of high high tier tier handsets handsets to to deliver deliver aa compelling compelling application application and and service service proposition. proposition. The The ability ability to to share data captured on the handset with a community of share data captured on the handset with a community of users users typifies typifies how how social social networks networks are are increasingly increasingly being being driven driven by by mobile mobile use." use."


WORLD SUMMIT AWARD MOBILE c/o ICNM – International Center for New Media Moosstrasse 43a | 5020 Salzburg | Austria +43-662-630408 | Media Release

Newelo from Finland to present winning project at international award ceremony in Abu Dhabi

Need4Feed service by a new company from Tampere considered the best media & news -product in the world The mobile phone is about to replace your travel guide, your remote control and your printed newspaper. It takes you on a magical tour through your next-door park, allows you to become a reporter yourself or helps you ......

Download progress Marked to favourites Ready to play

Current solution User Experience

Play on Mobile can be initiated from EPG, Favourites or Search view

• by automatic streaming or • by partial download + streaming or • using fully downloaded files (also in off-line)

Main view

In addition number of excellent usability features, such as

• ”start where stopped last time” • ”prime time scrolling” • full program info under ”details” • channel selection by users – instant responce • access to ”PC favourites” • EPG browsing, favourites tagging and playing downloaded files also in off-line mode • program duration, etc

Agreement Rules with Nokia • Ideas: – The Company will get a free, parallel usage right – The usage right is royalty free, irrevocable and permanent – The idea can not be transferred – Both parties may freely develop the idea further. Neither party will get access to any further development results of the other party. • Licenses and patents: – Separate contracts case by case

Innovation Mill Focus Areas • • • • • •

Near Field Communications Environmental and Energy Related Solutions Health Care and Well Being Applications Location-based Services Mobile Security Future Internet Services

Innovation Mill Companies • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Sport Tracking Technologies Thumbs-up Research Screenpeak There Corporation Respecta IW-Net Domuset Powerkiss Capricode Finembe Ludowaves Protacon 9Solutions

• • • • • • • • • • • • •

Lingsoft Citynomadi Matavation ArtifactWare Fara Newelo Arena Interactive WhileOnTheMove Almare Solutions Moness Chleon Dataprisma Nordic Id

Examples of Project Contents • • • • • • • •

Technical specification for the new product User interface, HW/SW architecture Interface design System test design Demo, Proof of Concept Plan for CE (or other) tests Production plan IPR check and study

• • • • • • • •

Market study Competitor analysis Sales & marketing plan Business plan Project plan for the next project stages Financing plans Partnering negotiations Contract templates or other legal study/planning

Technopolis takes care of the public 3rd party procurement (vendor short listing, competition, selection, contracts, money transfer, …)

Innovation Mill Process 1. Company Innovation Mill expectations 2. Nokia idea



Ready-made contracts and templates

Innovation Mill application Tekes appr. Innovation Mill project To New Startup

To Existing Company

Technopolis procurement service for 3rd party services Reject

Significant Growth in First 3 Years

~ 1 month

Innovation Mill – application process NDA: Nokia - Company

Technopolis: Contract templates

Agrement of utilizing the idea: Nokia - Company

- Parellel usage right to idea - Out-licensing Technopolis: Contract templates

Project plan Innovation Mill application+ annexes Business plan presentation Tekes decission presentation + Q&A (30 min) Innovation Mill -contact Technopolis - Company TECHNOPOLIS OYJ 2010

Innovation Mill – project description Technopolis: project plan template and guidance to planning Yritys: planning work Business plan presentation - IM project impact on business - IM project impact on growth Technopolis: Presentation sparring Company: Makes and presents

The Nokia Technopolis Innovation Mill  

Keith Silverang, Affiliation: CEO Technopolis Plc, Finland