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‘Mario Andretti’

Jody Scheckter, Mika Hakkinen, Jacques Villeneuve, Ross Brawn, Sir Stirling Moss, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, who all own original Ferrigno paintings in their collections. After more than 30 years devoted to the art of painting, he has reached a distinctive and unmistakable style appreciated not only by motor racing enthusiasts but also by fine art connoisseurs. JUAN CARLOS FERRIGNO Juan Carlos Ferrigno was born on May 25th, 1960 in Buenos Aires, Argentina where he spent the first part of his life. There, he started his studies in graphic design and illustration, although he was still a child when he discovered the world of motor racing he was so impressed that it became his great life passion. Juan, started his professional career in 1978, working for more than eight years in one of the most prestigious illustration studios in Argentina, being part of remarkable projects such as the graphic promotion of various editions of Motorcycling Argentina Grand Prix. He joined the Fine Arts School with the aim of improving his skills in the art of painting. In 1988 at the end of his studies he moved to Barcelona, Spain, where he continued his professional career as an artist. In 1998, he was invited by the F1 Paddock Club to join them at the European Formula One Grand Prix's, and for almost 10 years his paintings were part of the F1 Paddock Club. His work was offered to and purchased by their clients from around the world. Important collectors and prominent personalities were captivated by Juan’s artwork, including the British Racing Drivers Club, Eddie Jordan,

Nowadays he is fully dedicated to painting, and regularly holds exhibitions in London and Monaco. He was recently invited to show his original paintings at the F1 circuits of Bahrain and China. Juan is known not only for his motor racing paintings, but also his music, sailing, sports or whatever dynamic and colourful topics come to his creative mind.

The Jordan Team. The 90’s saw the emergence of one of the most popular F1 teams in the history of the sport. The




entered F1 in 1990 and had instant success with the Gary Anderson designed Jordan 191. This painting captures the 97 cars





Schumacher leading the Ferrari. Jordan Grand Prix came and they nearly conquered. It was a sad day for the sport when the Jordan name disappeared from Formula One!

60's start. The late great Jim Clark leads





legendary green and yellow Lotus, arguably the greatest driver of the era? In the chasing group some of the most famous names in the sport including Ferrari, Cooper




painting is homage to the drivers who risked all in the most dangerous of times!

‘Chris Amon’

‘Niki Lauda’

‘Gilles Villeneuve’

‘Michael Schumacher’

Ferrari 312 T – 1975

Ferrari 312 T4 (1964)

Ferrari F2004

‘Jackie Stewart - Monaco’

Ayrton Senna.

Genius and commitment were the qualities that made Ayrton Senna, arguably the greatest Formula One driver of all time? In a career cut short by his tragic accident at the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix, the world never got to see how he would have dealt with the emerging talent of Michael Schumacher? A triple world champion, this painting captures the expression and concentration in his eyes before one of his famous 65 pole position qualifying laps!

Lewis Hamilton. In his unflustered and virtually error-free debut 2007 season in Formula One, Hamilton set numerous records finishing second to Kimi RäikkÜnen in the Championship. The following year saw him clinch the title in a dramatic last lap of the final race of the season in Brazil. Here I have tried to capture his focus and concentration moments before he leaves the McLaren Teams garage for the race track.

Michael Schumacher. The record book reveals that Michael Schumacher is the greatest Formula One driver in the history of the sport. His record includes 7 World titles, 91 victories, 154 podiums, 68 pole positions and 76 fastest laps! This painting shows a vibrant image of Schumacher and his famous red Ferrari. I have concentrated on the speed and motion of the car to describe his years at the top of Formula One.

Sebastian Vettel. The 2010 season saw Vettel become the youngest driver ever to win the World Drivers' Championship. In the same year he helped Red Bull win the team's first World Constructors' Championship. He followed up his 2010 success with a second world title in 2011, becoming the youngest double and consecutive world Formula One champion. In this painting I have captured Vettel driving his Red Bull to victory. His speed, determination and the support of The Red Bull Team surely make this a match made in heaven!

Juan Manuel Fangio. June 24, 1911 – July 17, 1995.) “El Maestro” was born in Argentina and dominated the first decade of Formula One racing. He won five Formula One World





record which stood for 46 years until beaten by Michael Schumacher. In this painting I have tried to capture the speed and danger of Formula One as well as the excitement and glamour of the sport.

‘Jenson Button’ British American Racing 2004

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Art In Motion - Juan Carlos Ferrigno  
Art In Motion - Juan Carlos Ferrigno  

Juan Carlos Ferrigno, captures the speed and power of movement in a way virtually no other artist can. He fell in love with motorsport after...