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Joseph DiVincenzo proves it’s never too late to graduate By Tom Hanlon

@TomHanlonNM Joseph DiVincenzo is the selfdescribed poster child for why it is never too late to go back to school. DiVincenzo, 48, is about to receive his bachelor’s degree in accounting. After a long journey of working at restaurants, call centers and taking a few college-level classes before deciding to earn a degree in accounting, he reflected on his choice to go to college at a non-traditional time in his life. “I’m relieved, thrilled. I never thought that I would actually get my bachelor’s in accounting, never thought I’d be a college graduate,” DiVincenzo said. After graduating from Cibola High School in 1987, he said he didn’t feel the urge to attend college. In the 1990s, he worked at Blake’s Lotaburger and Pizza Hut, rising to the ranks of assistant manager and general manager, respectively. He was then hired by El Pinto as a cook. Throughout the 2000s, he worked for Sprint and then UnitedHealthcare as a customer service

representative in Albuquerque. “I just got tired of that after a while, people yelling at you all day,” he said. “So, I said, I need to do something with my life, I want to learn something.” DiVincenzo received his associate’s degree in accounting from Central New Mexico Community College in 2013. He continued to attend CNM to finish his prerequisite classes for the accounting program at the University of New Mexico and was accepted into the Anderson School of Management in 2016. He will be the first in his immediate family to earn an undergraduate degree. DiVincenzo said that since attending UNM, he has learned more than just how to be an accountant. “I’ve learned a lot. Not just technical skills, not just how to do accounting, but also soft skills, like how to get along with people, how to work in a group,” he said. “I feel like I’ve broadened my horizons since I’ve been here, at UNM.” While twice as old as most of his peers, DiVincenzo said he never felt out of place. Available on the

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Monday, D ecember 11, 2017 | Vo l u m e 1 2 2 | I s s u e 3 3

Graduation Issue

Congratulations, Class of Fall 2017! Departmental Convocations

Fall 2017 Graduation Ceremony Schedule


Date: Dec. 15 Time: 6 p.m. see DiVincenzo page 2 Location: Dreamstyle Arena

Honors College Convocation Date: Dec. 14 Time: 6 p.m. Location: SUB Theatre College of Fine Arts Reception Date: Dec. 15 Time: 8:30 p.m. Location: Dreamstyle Arena Club Level

College of Education Convocation Date: Dec. 16 Time: 10 a.m. Location: Johnson Gymnasium School of Engineering Convocation Date: Dec. 16 Time: 10 a.m. Location: Kiva Auditorium, Albuquerque Convention Center Anderson School of Management Convocation Date: Dec. 16 Time: 2 p.m. Location: Johnson Center

Julieann Lopez looks forward to new chapter in life By Nichole Harwood @Nolidoli1 Julieann Lopez looks back on her positive experiences at the University of New Mexico as she approaches graduation day. This week, she will be earning her Bachelor of Science in exercise science with a minor in psychology. “I’ve learned a lot about myself and my interests for the future. I’ve made many lifelong friends while at UNM, and I’m very thankful for my opportunity to come to school here,” Lopez said. Of her experiences, Lopez’ internship seems to stand out the most for her. “I was working at a physical therapy clinic for the duration of the semester,” she said. “While doing the internship, I met so many new people and professional colleagues in the PT field. It’s made me even more excited to continue my education.” After graduation, Lopez plans on continuing her education by applying to physical therapy school at UNM, along with a few other schools around the country,

she said. “My experience from exercise science has prepared me well to continue in school and do well in physical therapy school,” Lopez said.

“My parents and my sister have been the greatest support team I could have asked for.” Juliann Lopez UNM Fall Graduate Bachelor of Science Her friends and family have been supportive of her throughout her entire college career, she said. “They are all just as excited as I am for me to finally be done,” Lopez said. “My parents, (Tom and Barbara), and my sister, (Tamara), have been the greatest support team I could have ever asked for. They believed in me even when I had doubts, and they always encouraged me to keep going. I love you guys.”

On the Daily Lobo website ARCHUNDIA S.: Video Production — Grad Issue profile on Kelly Urvanejo

Lopez is excited to graduate but even with all the excitement, she is nervous and a little scared to see what the future will bring, she said. “School has been a part of my life for so long. It’s very strange to think this chapter of my life is coming to an end,” Lopez said. And as that chapter ends, she said she understands that for many other students, the chapter is just beginning. For incoming students, she suggests finding a person in each class to work with. “It’s so helpful if you have a friend to work on homework with and ask questions when you’re stuck on something,” Lopez said. She is also quick to remind students of the dangers of procrastination, as it only makes college harder in the end, she said. “Also remember to have fun,” Lopez said. “College will be over before you know it.” Nichole Harwood is the culture editor at the Daily Lobo. She primarily covers alumni and art features. She can be contacted at or on Twitter @Nolidoli1.

Nicholas Nuñez/Daily Lobo/@dailylobo

Julieann Lopez stands near Hodgin Hall. She will be receiving her Bachelor of Science in exercise science and a minor in psychology.

COUVILLON: Video Production — Grad Issue profile on Gerardo Archundia S. MARQUEZ: Video Production — Grad Issue profile on Kevin Maestas


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Monday, D ecember 11, 2017


“I see myself as just part of the college crowd — just doing the same thing they’re doing, we’re all on a level surface. I see myself as an Anderson student just like everyone else,” DiVincenzo said. Richard Brody, Ph.D. and professor of accounting at ASM had DiVincenzo in his auditing class this semester. Brody described DiVincenzo as a quiet but good student who always sat in the front. DiVincenzo’s age did help, however, when Brody would reference popular culture from the late 20th century. “There are lots of times when I’ll make a reference in class and I’ll look at someone like Joe, because everyone else has no idea,” Brody said.

Brody said that in his class, students are tasked with evaluating their group members — DiVincenzo’s peers had high praise for his performance. “His group members had nothing but good things to say about him in their evaluations,” Brody said. For DiVincenzo, balancing school and life was a challenge, but he said his wife of 15 years was there to help him through it all. “My wife has been so supportive of me since I’ve been going to college. She wants to go out maybe on the weekends or something and I say, ‘Hey, I need to do this report, I need to study for this test,’ and it’s hard, but she’s been really understanding of it,” DiVincenzo said.

He said his plan after college is to get a job as an accountant, so he can gain experience in the field before taking the Certified Public Accountant exam. While he does not think college is for everyone, DiVincenzo said he would not take back his decision to attend for anything. “I was tired of making low wages,” he said. “I just had a job instead of a career. I wanted to become something, and I figured the only way to do that is to go back to college and earn my degree.” Tom Hanlon is a news reporter at the Daily Lobo. He can be contacted at or on Twitter @TomHanlonNM.

Kevin Maestas/Daily Lobo/@ChunkFu_Kevin

Joseph DiVincenzo will receive his Bachelor’s of Business Administration with a concentration in accounting this semester. His love of numbers has been a driving force to pursue a career locally as a certified public accountant, he says.

After 25 years, Hugh Rosen finds college has changed By Gabriella Rivera

20 years, he said. them on their level. I’m probably Once Rosen left the workforce, the oldest in the fraternity, but he said he realized he was not it’s been a really great experience @gabbychlamps “catching up with the real world,” learning from them and doing Increasingly, a college degree is which prompted him to attend Cen- some mentoring myself.” Despite his original intentions a standard requirement in many job tral New Mexico Community Colmarkets. Even those with many years lege in 2013 before attending UNM. to end his formal education with At 50 years old, Rosen said the his bachelor’s degree, his professor of professional experience are finding college experience has changed im- Harry Van Buren convinced him to that without a degree, job prospects mensely from his first introduction pursue a master’s degree beginning can be severely limited. in the Spring semester. It’s become a common 25 years ago. “I didn’t know you had to bring “I had never heard anything like sentiment: “In order for me to get a laptop to class. A lot of things are that. This professor approached me ahead, I needed a higher degree.” Hugh Rosen, a non-traditional group presentations...There’s a lot and said he felt that if I continued student who is back in college for the more camaraderie with people. It’s with my education, it would benefit Final Exam Schedule for Fall 2017 third time, said this was his motiva- just different from the ’90s,” he said. me,” he said. December 11-16, Rosen said he experienced some Long 2017 term, Rosen said he tion for attending the University of Kevin Maestas / Daily Lobo / @ChunkFu_Kevin New Mexico and graduating with a difficulty connecting with his peers, hopes to re-enter the job market Use the listing below to determine the finala exam schedule for your class. Exams will take place in the rooms in which the individual but he became member of a profesin corporate leadership. Hugh Rosen will obtain his Bachelor’s of Business Administration with a concentration in degree in organizational leadership. have meeting, unless announced A fichange in in the day/time maythis only be made organizational leadership semester. He says he rallies behind a philosophy instilled by his sional otherwise fraternity, Delta Sigma Pi,by andthe instructor. He said he nds value thefinal di- exam Hisclasses pursuit of been an education experience UNMRegistrar‐Scheduling — especially within the Delta Sigma Pi professional business fraternity. has found the experience rewarding. ofversity of UNM experience with the approval Instructor's College Dean. Notification approval mustand be his received by the Office ofatthe past high school beganofinthe 1992 lot of for people are afraid to here will shape his future. when Office he went to culinary school, before November 10, 2017.“A Exams lab times of a section may behelp given during the week preceding finals weekautonomy or at the time Gabriella Rivera is a news reporter Now I have a little and approach older people,” he said. “I just see things in a different because he wanted to become feel freer.” period listed below during finals week. Students having conflicts with this exam schedule must notify the appropriate instructor for the Daily Lobo. She can be a partbefore Friday, November 3, 2017.   of higher management at “When everyone else is 18 or 21, light,” he said. “I’m more motivated contacted at or Walgreens, where he worked for it’s difficult trying to relate to to be calmer and see the big picture. on Twitter @gabbychlamps.

NOTE: Exams for classes meeting at times other than those listed below will be scheduled during the week of finals at a time agreed upon by the faculty member and students. Notification must be sent to the Office of the Registrar‐Scheduling Office before November 10, 2017. If postponed due to inclement weather, exams will be rescheduled at the end of finals week in an arrangement that seeks to best address University classroom scheduling, weather projections and student's needs.


IF YOUR CLASS IS: BIOL 201L, 202L, ME 306 F Lang & Lit, Span & Port <300* F Lang & Lit, Span & Port <300* MATH 162, 180, 264  STAT 145 MATH 121, 150, 153 and 163 

YOUR FINAL WILL BE ON: Thursday, December 14 Monday, December 11 Monday, December 11   Monday, December 11   Monday, December 11  

AT THIS TIME: 12:30‐2:30 p.m. 12:30‐2:30 p.m. 3:00‐5:00 p.m. 7:30 a.m.‐9:30 a.m. 10:00 a.m.‐12:00 p.m.

IF YOUR CLASS MEETS: MWF 8:00‐8:50 a.m. MWF 9:00‐9:50 a.m. MWF 10:00‐10:50 a.m. MWF 11:00‐11:50 a.m. MWF 12:00‐12:50 p.m. MWF 1:00‐1:50 p.m. MW 12:30‐1:45 p.m. MWF 2:00‐2:50 p.m. MW 2:00‐3:15 p.m. MWF 3:00‐3:50 p.m. MW 4:30‐5:45 p.m. MW 5:30‐6:45 p.m. MW 6:00‐7:15 p.m. MW 7:00‐8:15 p.m. TR 8:00‐9:15 a.m. TR 9:30‐10:45 a.m. TR 11:00 a.m.‐12:15 p.m. TR 12:30‐1:45 p.m. TR 2:00‐3:15 p.m. TR 3:30‐4:45 p.m. TR 4:30‐5:45 p.m. TR 5:30‐6:45 p.m. TR 6:00‐7:15 p.m. TR 7:00‐8:15 p.m. M  4:00‐6:30 or 4:15‐6:45 or 4:30‐7:00 p.m. T    4:00‐6:30 or 4:15‐6:45 or 4:30‐7:00 p.m. W  4:00‐6:30 or 4:15‐6:45 or 4:30‐7:00 p.m. R    4:00‐6:30 or 4:15‐6:45 or 4:30‐7:00 p.m. M  5:30 or later T    5:30 or later W  5:30 or later R   5:30 or later SAT 8:00‐10:45 a.m.** SAT 11:00 a.m.‐1:45 p.m.**

YOUR FINAL WILL BE ON: Wednesday, December 13 Wednesday, December 13 Friday, December 15 Wednesday, December 13 Friday, December 15 Friday, December 15 Friday, December 15 Wednesday, December 13 Wednesday, December 13 Tuesday, December 12 Monday, December 11   Monday, December 11   Wednesday, December 13 Monday, December 11   Thursday, December 14 Tuesday, December 12 Tuesday, December 12 Thursday, December 14 Tuesday, December 12 Thursday, December 14 Tuesday, December 12 Thursday, December 14 Thursday, December 14 Tuesday, December 12 Monday, December 11   Tuesday, December 12 Wednesday, December 13 Thursday, December 14 Monday, December 11   Tuesday, December 12 Wednesday, December 13 Thursday, December 14 Saturday, December 16 Saturday, December 16

AT THIS TIME: 12:30‐2:30 p.m. 7:30‐9:30 a.m. 7:30‐9:30 a.m. 10:00 a.m.‐12:00 p.m. 10:00 a.m.‐12:00 p.m. 12:30‐2:30 p.m. 12:30‐2:30 p.m. 3:00‐5:00 p.m. 3:00‐5:00 p.m. 3:00‐5:00 p.m. 5:30‐7:30 p.m. 5:30‐7:30 p.m. 7:45‐9:45 p.m. 7:45‐9:45 p.m. 7:30‐9:30 a.m. 7:30‐9:30 a.m. 12:30‐2:30 p.m. 10:00 a.m.‐12:00 p.m. 10:00 a.m.‐12:00 p.m. 3:00‐5:00 p.m. 5:30‐7:30 p.m. 5:30‐7:30 p.m. 7:45‐9:45 p.m. 7:45‐9:45 p.m. 5:30‐7:30 p.m. 5:30‐7:30 p.m. 5:30‐7:30 p.m. 5:30‐7:30 p.m. 7:45‐9:45 p.m. 7:45‐9:45 p.m. 7:45‐9:45 p.m. 7:45‐9:45 p.m. 7:30‐9:30 a.m. 10:00 a.m.‐12:00 p.m.

*All sections numbered below 300 for Foreign Languages and Literatures, Spanish and Portuguese. **Saturday only courses meet on the last Saturday of the semester for their exams, not the Saturday beginning Finals Week. Bolded final exams indicate evening class from the semester.

Use the listing below to determine the final exam schedule for your class. Exams will take place in the rooms in which the individual classes have been meeting, unless otherwise announced by the instructor. A change in the final exam day/time may only be made with the approval of the Instructor’s College Dean. Notification of approval must be received by the Office of the Registrar-Scheduling Office before November 10, 2017. Exams for lab times of a section may be given during the week preceding finals week or at the time period listed below during finals week. Students having conflicts with this exam schedule must notify the appropriate instructor before Friday, November 3, 2017.

NOTE: Exams for classes meeting at times other than those listed below will be scheduled during the week of finals at a time agreed upon by the faculty member and students. Notification must be sent to the Office of the Registrar-Scheduling Office before November 10, 2017. If postponed due to inclement weather, exams will be rescheduled at the end of finals week in an arrangement that seeks to best address University classroom scheduling, weather projections and student’s needs.


New Mexico Daily Lobo

Monday, December 11, 2017 / Page 3

Johnny Ngo proud to be first in family to graduate By Nichole Harwood @Nolidoli1


As Johnny Ngo prepares to leave the University of New Mexico behind, his experiences will remain with him. “I’ve met a lot of prodigious advisors, professors and students, which made my time at the University memorable. Some courses and experiences that really opened up my mind were taking a class on curanderismo with Dr. Cheo Torres, a gender and communication (course) with Dr. Shinsuke Eguchi and various rhetoric courses with Dr. Michelle Kells,” Ngo said. He will earn a bachelor’s degree in communications and law with a minor in technical and professional writing for the Fall 2017 semester. These classes changed Ngo’s thought process, leading him to always be open-minded, he said. “After all, we are all Lobos; diversity is what makes us a community,” Ngo said. One recent experience at UNM that stood out to him the most was a vigil held at the Duck Pond a month or so ago, he said. “I wasn’t sure what the vigil was for, but the sight was aweinspiring,” Ngo said. “One of the things I can say about UNM was that Albuquerque has one of the most ethnically diverse groups that can come together at times of hardship or for positive support.” Ngo’s plans for post-graduation have seen some small changes. A year ago Ngo planned to move back to Seattle, Washington after

graduation. However, the recent semester brought some changes to his life that pushed him in a different direction. Originally, Ngo wanted to be a pharmacist but has now found his calling elsewhere with writing, he said. “I found that with writing and being able to communicate with people, I was able to continue within the medical field but have the ability to design too,” he said. Ngo obtained an internship at UNMH as a medical editor, which he plans to pursue, he said. “While working at the hospital, I also plan to use my degree to work with the government,” Ngo said, adding that a medical, pharmaceutical and legal background may make him a good candidate for a position in the Department of Justice as well as Homeland Security. Ngo’s family and friends are very excited to see him graduate, as he will be the first person in his immediate family to graduate from a university, he said. “Not only that, but the only one to have two degrees,” Ngos said. “I am a returning graduate from Washington State where I previously obtained a B.S. in biology and chemistry.” Through this, Ngo’s biggest support system throughout college was his family, he said. “They would always push and challenge me to do better, but not overwhelming for it to become vexatious,” he said. As graduation nears he gets more nervous, Ngo said.

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Kevin Maestas / Daily Lobo / @ChunkFu_Kevin

Johnny Ngo is graduating with his bachelor’s in communications and law with a minor in technical and professional writing. He aspires to work in the Department of Justice within the drug enforcement administration, working closely with the board of pharmacy.

“I am not sure why; it’s a good type of nervous though,” he said. “I feel accomplished and successful to not only make myself proud but my family too.” As his own graduation approaches, Ngo encourages incoming students to figure out what their major and/or focus is. He warns that if they do not, it’s going to be difficult.

“It’s not worth spending time taking classes you don’t need, especially if they’re switching their majors,” Ngo said. A student should ensure their major is something they are interested insofar as this will make the college experience more memorable and enjoyable, he said. Ngo said he also urges students to find a good advisor to assure

smooth sailing throughout their college career as well as understand that hard work does pay off. Nichole Harwood is the culture editor at the Daily Lobo. She primarily covers alumni and art features. She can be contacted at or on Twitter @Nolidoli1.



The Independent Student Voice of UNM since 1895

Monday, December 11, 2017

Opinion Editor /

LETTERS Suicide is never the best answer Editor, I, as an older student, am here to say to younger students: never commit suicide. I’ll tell you why. It isn’t as it I have never wanted to, because I have when I was in my 20s. I had two almost tragically close attempts. Then after the second attempt, I made a decision that no matter how hard life got, I would never do that.

UNM IT’s response to Nov. 19 letter regarding Banner overhaul Editor, This letter is written in response to a letter to the editor published on Nov. 19, titled “ UNM should be careful with upcoming Banner overhaul.” Thank you for taking the time to respond to the UNM News story regarding the updates to the Banner system. The resources you reviewed on the published site were intended to provide a high-level view of the steps we have in place to prepare Banner 9 for go-live, and, as you note, they do not show the level of detail to address your concern about our approach to testing, nor do they represent the full project hours for each implementation. To clarify the “Reach out and Touch Banner 9” timing, we did not include the detailed project deliverables which includes testing in this

Life has its good moments and its bad. And sometimes it can get very bad...but never give up. Sometimes, it’s financial pressure, depression, failed love, relationships, etc. Never let someone be so important that you feel that you can’t live without them. I’ve had my heart smashed and then a few years later, I’m wondering why I even liked that person and was glad it didn’t work out! I know some may not get this, but God can help us get through things. That being said does not mean that we will not suffer. But it says in the Bible to “cast your cares upon the

Lord, and He will sustain you.” God cares. You matter. You can’t tell right now what the future may bring. You may end up doing many things in this life. You may volunteer, invent something, create something, work in service to others. There is just a plethora of possibilities. Don’t let the pressures of the moment lead you to take your life. If I had died by my own hand, I would never have met the people I’ve met, done the things I’ve done or experienced what I have experienced. Right now, I am doing artwork.

I used to do dance. I am doing some writing. Life isn’t perfect. There are things that happen that are unpleasant. But, I just turn on the radio at night and dance in my apartment, and it takes the edge off. Or I enjoy the beauty of the clouds and the leaves. Taking your life hurts many people who loved you, and it can make them mad that you left them. Just take my advice and never give up. You can and must go on! Life needs you. You are wonderful.

depiction. Testing and Customer Engagement are critical to the success of any Application Implementation and are mandatory in UNM IT Applications’ Procedures. Any assessment of hours for an implementation will include but is not limited to: The Key End-User Office Staff ’s time and capacity •Business Cycles •Complexity •Modifications •Business Processes •Design and Architecture To see our general approach to testing, we have a section of our Banner 9 website which shows our templates, including an Example Gantt Chart and example of Testing Steps. We would be happy to discuss and share any details with you. It may be helpful to note that the Banner 9 project has been underway since 2015, well beyond the module by module implementation schedule reflected in the

road map. The first portion of the project focused on ensuring we had the technical aspects of the system upgrade well in-hand before we began our efforts on the moduleby-module implementation that is depicted in the road map. Substantial testing and validation occurred by UNM IT and UNM’s central offices in this earlier phase. Once the technology component was well-vetted, we began to focus our attention on the specific needs of individual modules, with careful consideration of business cycles, availability of key office staff, complexity of the changes, extent of the modifications and business processes and needs unique to UNM. We have updated the road map (Banner 9 Website) to better show the sequence in which we are rolling out the different modules. The road map continues through December 2018 and the full implementation of Banner 9 will not be complete for another year. Unique to this Banner upgrade is the fact that the

upgraded Banner modules can function side-by-side with the currently used (and familiar) versions of the Banner module. This does not replace testing but serves as a reasonable plan for business continuity should our extensive testing miss a scenario. If this should occur, a user can revert to the tried and true version while we troubleshoot the problem in the upgraded module. The interest and feedback you have offered are greatly appreciated. We will have someone from our Applications team reach out to you directly to ensure that we can get details on your concern and have a discussion on any outstanding questions that you may have.

Jean Hampleman

Alesia Torres IT Director, UNM IT Applications


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New Mexico Daily Lobo

Monday, December 11, 2017 / Page 5

Beaulieu reflects on his time studying at UNM By Cameron Goeldner @goeldfinger Jason Beaulieu just wanted to win. That, according to the Lobos’ senior goalkeeper and soon-to-be Fall 2017 graduate, is the main reason he decided to come to New Mexico. “Really it’s because they made it to the final four the year I was recruited, and I wanted the best soccer school I could find,” Beaulieu said. “It was hard to find better than that. I didn’t know much about the NCAA and the powerhouses and the good programs. I didn’t know much. Just the fact that they made it far, and they have such good players that made it pro every year, so I decided to come to the best program.” Beaulieu made an immediate impact on the program and began starting right away — he appeared in 11 games his freshman year. However, despite the early playing time, the transition to college and living in the United States was not easy for the Quebec native. “It was hard at first,” Beaulieu said. “The first six months were pretty hard. I was missing home and wanting to go back and not being comfortable here, because it was my first time not living with my parents, on my own. But it was good to live on campus. I met a lot of people and had a lot of good experiences there. It was really great to do that.” Beaulieu also said going home isn’t always what your mind makes it out to be — as soon as he reached his


sophomore year, he was feeling at home in Albuquerque. It was also the year that he became the Lobos’ full-time keeper, and he posted his highest-ever save percentage, coming in at .806 percent. The highlight of his career came in his junior season, when the Lobos hosted an NCAA Tournament game at home in front of 5,000 fans. In addition to his athletic achievements, Beaulieu has excelled in the classroom during his time at UNM. Following his junior year, he earned spots on the CoSIDA Academic AllDistrict First Team, the InTouch Credit Union C-USA All-Academic Team and the C-USA Commissioner’s Honor Roll in addition to receiving the 2017 C-USA Commissioner’s Academic Medal. A civil engineering major, Beaulieu says that he has received multiple job offers in the field post-graduation, but that’s not what he’s hoping to do next. “Yeah, I would like to have the chance to play after, for that we need to go far with the team, and I need to have good stats for the rest of the season. I still have contacts with Montreal (Impact),” Beaulieu said. “I think I have good chances, but it’s on me now. That’s what I would like to do.” When asked to look back on his time at UNM, Beaulieu said he is happy with his decision. “I really enjoyed being here, and it was a really good decision to come here. It really opened me (up) to a brand new part of the world that I probably would have never visited if I didn’t come here to do school, and the Southwest was

Fishbein updated on the team and sent both men copies of the team photo. In his time at UNM, Jason Beaulieu has made an impact in a variety of ways. Now, the New Mexico chapter of his life has its conclusion, but the impact that he made during his time as a Lobo will not soon be forgotten, and it won’t be the end of his story in soccer. The next chapter is still waiting to be written, and that begins now.

Cameron Goeldner is a freelance sports reporter and photographer for the Daily Lobo. He primarily covers men’s soccer, but also contributes content for baseball, basketball, football and track and field. He can be contacted at sports@dailylobo. com or on Twitter @goeldfinger.

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Lobos senior goalkeeper Jason Beaulieu autographs a cap following a game against the University of Denver Pioneers on Oct. 25, 2017. The game ended in a 0-0 draw and included two overtime periods.


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never really something I appreciated before, in all the cowboy movies and stuff,” Beaulieu said. In addition to his work on the field and in the classroom, Beaulieu also made his impact in the community. Through the Lobos’ annual summer camps, he made a connection with John Vargas, an under-11 coach for an AYSO United boys’ team called the Wolves. AYSO is a national network of club youth soccer teams that carries a large presence in New Mexico. AYSO players have the opportunity to play in tournaments in New Mexico and throughout the country in addition to their games in the Duke City Soccer League. From their interactions at these camps, the two formed a friendship. Around the same time, Vargas was tasked with helping to start the new U-11 team for AYSO, and he enlisted the help of Lobos coach Jeremy Fishbein. Taking Fishbein’s advice to build the team from the back to heart, Vargas asked Beaulieu to come and run a goalkeeper clinic for his team. Beaulieu agreed and came to impart his wisdom on the young keepers. They ran drills, both where the boys attempted to score on Beaulieu, to see how he played, as well as drills where they put their new skills between the posts to the test against him. Vargas says that this has resulted in his team having three of the best keepers in their league, and as a result, the Wolves were undefeated at the time of the interview. Vargas keeps both Beaulieu and





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Congratulations, Fall 2017 Graduates! Graduate deGree recipients

The following list is based on information gathered from the Banner database prior to our publication deadline. It has been carefully reviewed, but given the number of names and evolving status of many prospective graduate’s degree status, mistakes and omissions may have occurred. Please accept our assurance that being listed or not listed here has no bearing on a student’s official graduation status.

Graduate Studies

Julie Coonrod, Dean dOctOr OF educatiOn

Requirements completed, Summer 2017

Amy J Ballard Kimberly J Blea

dOctOr OF pHiLOsOpHY

Candidates for degree, Fall 2017

Suliman Saleh Alothaim Stephen Donald Bello Jennifer G Benson Kathryn Louise Bode Susan Diane Brumbaugh Colin F Byrne William Randall Carleton Noel Mayur Dawson Kelly Nicole Denisson Matthew Dosanjh Tammi R Duncan Regina Stephanie Eddie Nicholas W Estes Sadia Faiza Nadiezda Fernandez Oropeza Rahmah Fithriani Mark D Gorski Aram Gragossian Vanessa G Harris Edward Lee Hobbs Dewan Muhammed Ibtesham Romica Kerketta Dominic Kofi Kersi Tae Kunisawa Elisheva Hannan Levin Umme A Mannan Michelle S McGeough Michael Neff Morad-McCoy Mohsen Nami Jennifer Darby Noble Robert John Oliver Roberto Tomas Ollivier Michelle I Osowski Martha Ofelia Perez Arriaga Albert Thomas Perry India Rael Young A S M Asifur Rahman Priyanka Rawat Nathaniel Lukas Redekopp Aaron Joseph Roy Jorge Luis Santamaria Carrera Hamide Seidfaraji Karra H Shimabukuro Denis Albertovich Silantyev Emma Brooke Lehrer Stein Michael James Stocz Connie Jean Tagtmeyer Elise Marie Trott Jackelyn Kelly Van Buren Cirila Estela Vasquez Guzman Jui Jen Wang Guihua Zeng Dominick V Zurlo Requirements completed, Summer 2017

Sadhvikas Jayachandra Addamane Dadhi Ram Adhikari Basim Mohammadsaleh M Alamri Godfried Agyeman Asante Daniel R Barto Rusmir Bilalic Brandon Alan Bridge Joseph D Butner Cristhian Omar Carrillo Melvatha R Chee Tairen Chen Yingzhe Cheng Yan Yi Chung Daniel S Cozart Kaitlyn Creasy Ann Lora D’Orazio Katrina Elizabeth Dillon Annamarie Lenore Dinallo Joseph Henry Dumont Shelece Michelle Easterday Jorge Estrada Nima Fathi Wubin Gao Linda Patricia Gonzalez Juliette Guemmegne Tayou Ghadeh Mostafa Hadi Briton Alby Hagan Hossein Hamooni Brian M Hendrickson Ana Gabriela Hernandez Gonzalez Erin J Hudson

Erum Jamil Kelly E Johnson Sydney K Jones Sadia Afrin Kabir Emil A Kadlec Adeline Kornelus Natalie Evangeline Latteri Hyunwoo Lee Emily Ashton Lilo Amy Marie Lindstrom Qiuhua Ma Kristin Lee Marquardt Elizabeth A McCallion Elizabeth McLaughlin Jennifer Lynn McPherson Jacob Ellwyn Miller Amanda J Minnich Margie Montanez Gabriela Isela Morales Joseph Paul Morris Terry Morris Tony P Nunez Daniel Olufemi Emmanuel Ortega Saman Rashidyan Mohammadamin Rasoulof Darren A Raspa Anita Lynne Ray Audrey C Riffenburgh Sonia Angelica Rodriguez Hicks Shannon Marie Rupert Nicholas G Schlereth Bishnu Prasad Sedai Thomas Edward Shumaker Gino Michael Signoracci Najem Nafiz Sirhan Jedediah Daniel Styron Eric J Turner Lauren Bronwyn Wheeler Matthew Lee Williams Julie Williams Yejia Xu Master OF arcHitecture

Candidates for degree, Fall 2017

Hirbod Norouzianpour Cameron Dee Townsend Bethany Marie Walker Requirements completed, Summer 2017

Brayra Lara

Master OF arts Candidates for degree, Fall 2017

Osvaldo Humberto Alcala Noah T Allaire Amal Thugan Hussein Alomar Naomi Ambriz Chelsea Gabriela Anaya Nicole M Baca Jennifer Rose Billingsley Lee Anna Marie Bonnel Victoria Bowler Tracy Agnes Boyer Darcy H Brazen Victoria Robillard Bryers Sariah Ruth Bujanda Kyong L Burnett Joseph Leonard Candelaria Rachael Katheryn Cassidy Marcus Ryan Castillo Soumyajit Chakraborty Alexandra Marie Chase Megan Irene Coalson Jun Dai Julia Sophia Diaz Lisa Alexandra Dudasik Daisy Lissette Enriquez-Marquez Kevin Michael Estes Ariana Marie Feltenberger Elise Marie Ferguson Nicole Cassandra Ferriola Brittany Anne Galbraith Dolores Aurora Garcia Kasandra F Gonzales Ashley Morgan Gushulak Bradley Alan Harberts Phoenix Vanessa Hathaway Colin Michael Henry Melina A Hickey Christina Marie Higbee Rhea M Ienni Jill Laura James Julie A Jaynes Lyla June Johnston Elmira Kalhor Michelle T Kelton Niraj Khatiwada Sergio Leanos Maria Teresa Lopez Flores Steven Maness Elizabeth Whiting Marshall Amanda Marie Martinez Mark Andrew Mofran Mayra Jesus Moncada Yvette M Montoya Samantha Ann Moss Cl Kieffer Nail Leon I Natker Nora Kaye Nevera Eva Nurwita Erica C Olguin Kristin Jennifer Padilla Michelle K Radosevich Md Atiqur Rahman Brett Allen Rimer Sarah Velleslie Rodriguez Jerry B Ross Juan Sanchez Jacob Nemzer Sandler Mireya J Santiago Conn Kahlil Michael Simpson Stephanie Gurule Smith

Jeannette Rose Stahn Suzanne Stradling Tom Ta Sarafina Tabrum Heather Kathryn Ver Brugge Amy Robin Vialpando Michelle A Waldrop Martha A Weaver Alice T Wehling Kenneth Michael Wessell Karen Elizabeth Whatley Irene Larue White Danielle Marie Williams Courtney Joy Willis Tres Elaine Wilson Victoria Rose Wood Leslie Denise Woolson Andrea H Zier Requirements completed, Summer 2017

Christie Lynn Abeyta Brooke Abrams Miriam Y Aceves Stephen Andrew Armijo Erin Barber Elizabeth S Benedict Nathalie Christine Elisabeth Bleser Michael D Bryant Christopher Chavez Chia Ling Chen Ryeora Choe Jacob T Corbett Mario Esteban Del Angel Guevara Shannon Lee Dickinson Teresa Margaret Drenten Betty Jean Estrada Kiley Nicole Farner Rachel Farrow Gift Barbara Gomez Aguinaga Samantha Jo Goodrich Sebastiaan Hubertus Maria Helena Gorissen Fatima J Grajeda Anjanette Rainelle Griego John Guzman Aguilar David W Hansen Mary Beth Harwood Alma A Hernandez Frances Vivian Jones Gillian Dara Joyce Kalmy Elizabeth Kendall Alexis K Kerschner Ivan Diego Knudsen Jacqueline M Kramer Alexis M MacLennan Monica Alejandra Mancillas Susan Lynn Markward Sabrina P Misquez Peter Njagi Mwangi Svetlana Mylnikova Melissa J Nakai Rachel Powell Maria Jose Ramos Villagra Till Jakob Schulz Roberta L Tahe Casey Lee Thomas Samuel A Torres Timothy Francis Weiss Tamera Leigh Williams Long Serda A Yalkin Master OF cOnstructiOn ManaGeMent

Candidates for degree, Fall 2017

Felicia M Candelaria Joshua M Sers

Master OF cOMMunitY & reGiOnaL pLanninG

Candidates for degree, Fall 2017

Marcus Mathew Caldeira Alicia Sofia Chavez Dustin Benjamin Chavez-Davis Jorge Gonzales Angelina L Grey Rachel Leah Hassna Jeffrey Clay Hertz Derek Daniel Jarner Kelly Morris Moe Diane Taylor-Beall Lindsey K Warren Jacqueline Erica Zamora

Master OF Fine arts

Candidates for degree, Fall 2017

Fatemeh Baigmoradi Rusty Ayrton Chapman Freeman Eugene Ellenberg Requirements completed, Summer 2017

Katelyn Elaine Bladel Sean Scott Hudson Paula Hughson Ana Nicole June Earl Samuel McBride Krista Ann Pino Kacie Erin Smith Jason Curtis Thayer Fan Yang

Master OF HeaLtH adMinistratiOn Candidates for degree, Fall 2017

Gabriel Joseph Munoz Sherwin Kieth Price Sabrina Katarina Quraishi Heidi LaJean Smith Master OF Landscape arcHitecture

Candidates for degree, Fall 2017

Maelon Taylor Saress Master OF Music

Candidates for degree, Fall 2017

Mary Elizabeth Brzezinski Rodrigo Pessoa de Almeida Natasha Leann Puplichhuisen Jonathan G Rodriguez Requirements completed, Summer 2017

Lauren Valerie Coons Gilson Jose Cornelio Filho Heather Chelsea Gering Yaqi Hu Carter Shane Jackson Gabriel Alves Longuinhos Jeffrey Stephen Maggi Evgeny Sidorov Natasha Sieczkowska Master OF puBLic adMinistratiOn Candidates for degree, Fall 2017

Heather Lea Abeyta Marlene Cheryl Armijo Jalila Ann Arthur Andrew Walfred BacaGrant Joshua Michael Calder John Cannella David Allen Dobbs Myriam Lynda Doukoure Janice A Duran Amy L Hawkins Carmela Manzari Zahira Manzoor Christian Mee Jennifer Redhouse Caroline Marie Salazar Brandi C Stone Vittoria Rose Totaro Maya E Trujillo Sima S Tubbeh Cynthia Vanessa Velarde Zambrano Natalie Marie Younger Requirements completed, Summer 2017

Erica D Brown Treadway Hunter Childs Darah Susan Spencer Master OF puBLic HeaLtH

Requirements completed, Summer 2017

Ivy V Cervantes Diana V Martinez Laura M Morris Jerrilynn Auzsha Ritz Patricia Rodriguez Espinosa Ryan Anthony Sanchez Requirements completed, Thais M Schwartz Summer 2017 Nica Elena Taylor Lucas Taylor Sebastian Kristyn N Yepa Curry Master OF Teresa Margaret Drenten Bianca Manulita Encinias science Candidates for degree, Tara Kane Prendergast

Pooja Charla Mario Paul Chaves Karthik Reddy Chinni Jaime L Crowell Kenneth DaVico Christian Denny Matthew T DiMario Andrew J Downs Abigail Maes Fajardo David Farrar Kelli L Feeser Shelby Marit Fellows Alice M Fretz Scott O Gampert Ronald J Garduno Andrea Garibay Amy R Garner Trevor Giannini Samuel C Greenblatt Aaron M Griego Simone-Felice Guambana Nathan Gene Guay Haijin He Stephen L Heck Christoph Hintz Ronald K Howard Miriam Irina Hutchinson Jin Imanishi Kerri R Jaurequi Tallman Aaron Randley Jenkins Kathryn Marie Josefson Johnson Jose Kallickal Adnan Ibne Khair Pouria Khanbolouki Mitchell Henry Kleinschrodt Praveen Kumar Erin N Lamers Miriam Yvonne Maestas Patrick D Mahony Tye D Martin Vannessa Alexandria Martinez Carianne Martinez Haneen Martinez William M Miller Andrew I Milligan Mark E Mitchell Abu Farzan Mitul Mary Moretti Nicholas K Muller Shanti Kiran Nayak Siavash Nikravesh Kazeroni Camille K Nolasco Hirbod Norouzianpour Vance Katsumi Oas Adrian S Orozco Nicole Alara Ortiz Francine M Pacheco Chamsol Park Srinjay Paul Clay Payne Joseph Paz Gregory W Peacock Ryan A S Pike Courtney Jean Pruitt Amir Raeisi Nafchi Kaitlyn Johanna Hughes Read Cynthia Y Reynoso Morteza Rezaei Talarposhti Jette A Roberts Dominique Cleo Rogers Rachel Ann Ross Krithika Saravanan David A Shubsda Vikranth Siddenki Yaser Silani Lisa Annette Simoni Corey Michael Skinner Matthew D Smith Julie Allison Spencer Nishant Sreedharan Isaac Edward Stricklin Kamal Subedi Adam Kelly Summers Ivan B Syed Emily Frances Tabinski Anthony Charles Thompson William J Tolley Nekoda Van de Werken Raviteja Vangara Taylour Jo Hannah Wall Benjamin Hampton Wallace Linh Thuy Ward Hans Henry Weeks Devon Michael Williams Vincent M Woods Alexandra Victoria Yingling Elizabeth Grace Young Mahdi Zerara Requirements completed, Summer 2017

Edwin Dela Kwesi Agbenyega Meenu Ajith Master OF Bharath Kumar Reddy Saleem Mohamad Al ManuFacturinG Anandigari Mawed enGineerinG Michele Marie Anderson Jennifer L Amos Candidates for degree, Aja Santana Armijo Michael Cassidy Apers Fall 2017 Sarun Atiganyanun Calandria L Argo Vivekananda Reddy Victor H Ayon Ehren D Baca Bollam Thomas A Ball Adam L Barkalow Jose Luis Cortez Villao Adriana del Pilar Bautista Adelaeda Barrera Medellin Samantha Bear Master OF Olivia A Bell Laura E Berkowitz enGineerinG Erik Anthony Benavidez Elisa Claire Borowski Candidates for degree, Deborah Rose Boro Thomas Jack Boxall Fall 2017 Dominic Bosomtwi Nicholas Adam Boynton Nirit Finkelshtin Brendan W Brady Heather Buelow Abdul Saleem Shaik Lauren N Breitner Supraja Chaganaboina Genna M Slape Renee F Brown Shaleene B Chavarria Requirements completed, Rachel Consuelo Cheng Chen Campos Summer 2017 Samantha N Cordova Gerardo Fabian Cano Aayush Piya Hannah Elise Cornelius Fall 2017

Keith A Cross Alyce Lynn DeChant Nicholas A Di Donato Ala Eddin Douba Deanna L Drayer Danielle K Duran Parwana Ebrahimi Amber Jean Ellington Akram Etemadi Amin Phillip Fansler Cristina Maria Galey Jacquelyn Marie Garcia Paul J Gieri Brent Douglass Gillespie Denise Gonzales Satyanarayana Gopu Austin R Grace Heidi Michelle Haller Alyssa M Hancock Ke Huang Khandakar Nusrat Islam Jason Thomas Ivey William Patrick Jessen Nicholas Cristopher Jones Clinton E Justus Mounika Kodali Dianna Maye Krejsa Brayra Lara Megan Olivia Lewis Ning Li Thomas Luckie Mojgan Maadandar Joseph Benjamin Malins Oleg V Maltsev Kathryn Karen Mancewicz Joshua Douglas Martin Guillermo Adrian Mata John G Maynard Josefine D McBrayer Kevin Daniel Meaney Jaimie Leigh Meihaus Matthew M Melton Lyle A Menk Lloyd J Merino Seth Merkley Feroz Khan Mohammad Brian T Muniz Meghanath Nakka Peter T Ng Tushar Ojha Dylan C Otero Aaron Henry Padilla Vivek Peddinti Sara M Pelka Jose Rodriquez Perez Nolan J Phillips Adrian Standing Elk Pinnecoose Bibek Babu Pokharel Divya Jyoti Prakash Kanwal Qidwai Patrick Rabezanany Aswathy Rajendra Kurup Arman Rashidi Bhanu Rayini Rosemary Cristina Rodriguez Hooman Rokham Lariza Rosas-Valdez Safeeul Bashir Safee Gabriel Lee Saffold Victoria A Sanchez Stephen Keith Sanders Vineeth Sasidharan Colin Halliday Sillerud Noah Joseph Bernard Silva Mark Edwine Small Eric Smith Joshua Lynn Stewart Jimmy Ray Stricklin Joy Beth Sturm Rina Sylejmani Trisha L Tanaka Romilly Y Tsinhnahjinnie Md Nasir Uddin Zoltan Vaci George Wang Jacob Robert Wolff Guoshun Yang Bo Yu Huan Yu Mohammad Reza Zamani Kouhpanji Master OF science in nursinG

Requirements completed, Summer 2017

Michelle Kashuba

Master OF Water resOurces

Candidates for degree, Fall 2017

Kathryn Elizabeth Mendoza Amanda Adhiambo Otieno

Requirements completed, Summer 2017

Lucas Taylor Sebastian Curry Juan Carlos PenaPhilippides William Lazar Tintor educatiOn speciaList certiFicate

Candidates for degree, Fall 2017

Rick Manuel Bustos Kristina Patricia Kommander-Salazar Cynthia Melanie Krawtschenko


New Mexico Daily Lobo Michelle Renee Lucero Janet Vigil GRADUATE CERTIFICATE

Candidates for degree, Fall 2017

Tarik Zuhier Mohammad Alhmoud Amal Thugan Hussein Alomar Lee Anna Marie Bonnel Darcy H Brazen Megan Irene Coalson Annette Michelle Erivez Elaine Marie George Elizabeth Wylie James Sergio Leanos Jose Antonio Lecea Yanguas Rachel E Levitt Virginia Sutton Matsko Cynthia Kathryn Spencer Elizabeth Jayne Sugg Lauren D Thaxton Kaltzentli Carmella Tzatzoehetzin Patricia Jean Wellington Irene Larue White Requirements completed, Summer 2017

Saleem Mohamad Al Mawed Cherilyn Marie Archuleta Chia Ling Chen Janneth Veronica Chumana Suquillo

Frances Farrah Michelle Renee Gonzales Donald George Leslie Svetlana Mylnikova Erika Meneses Ortega Danielle Lyn Parker Kanwal Qidwai Maria V Romero Maxwell T Yost POST MASTER’S PROFESSIONAL NURSING CERTIFICATE Candidates for degree, Fall 2017

April E Lopez


Candidates for degree, Fall 2017

Shawn Kelley Siavash Nikravesh Kazeroni

Requirements completed, Summer 2017

Angelina L Grey Michael Alan Wright


The following list is based on information gathered from the Banner database prior to our publication deadline. It has been carefully reviewed, but given the number of names and evolving status of many prospective graduate’s degree status, mistakes and omissions may have occurred. Please accept our assurance that being listed or not listed here has no bearing on a student’s official graduation status.

Anderson School of Management Shawn Berman, Dean MASTER OF ACCOUNTING

Degree Candidates Fall 2017

Cassandra V Abeita Laura Sue Alschuler Jamaal DW Anderson Vanessa E Arballo Natasha R Armijo Shawna K Bates Seth Brobbey Boateng Lauren A Butare

Santiago A Chavez Christa R Chavez Domenica Eva Marie Duran-Arias Jamie Kathryn Haffey Juhee Kim Thanasi Peter Lycou Marcel J Montoya Christin J Moya Adam David Napolin Emily Ann Nicolaysen Kyle Logan Parks Cassandra Rachelle Peterson Rebekah Sanchez Sara Rebecca Sargeant Kate Marie Shelton Raisa Tareen Tahmin Tisha Xinwei Wang Corey Paul Willis Yanfang Yang Ping Zeng

Degree Candidates Fall 2017

Mohammad Saleh R Alazzam Melissa Jean Baker Marla A Baldonado Andrew Jason Bundy Savana Jean Carollo Juvenal Castillo Jaime Cervantes Julia Rose Chacon Miguel Cortabarria Napal William Evan Dubyk Chip James Dupre Matthew C Evans Samier Reshad Farmer Robert Thomas Foxx Daniel Galvis Alicia Marie Garcia Christian Armando Garza Amaris Estelle Gutierrez Christie Iliana Herrera Roman C Hoogerhuis Mica Ann Hilario Isidro Degree Awarded Stacie Louise Jackson Summer 2017 Amelia ML Linde Dahab Dajani Arthur D Lopez Garrick R Harwood Ryan Christopher Knight Jamie Luu Jennifer M Macgregor Mark J Ortiz Michael Christopher Bo Ren Makofske Meghannraye Marie David Christopher Sutton Marquez MASTER OF Sarah A McPhee BUSINESS James Anthony Medina ADMINISTRATION Jessica Ceri Moose

Namrata Nepal Jenny Nguyen Jesus Daniel Ortega Kaylynn L Ortiz Chloe P Polanco Chelsea Q Redmond Patrick M Reser Marcos Rey Romero Stephanie P Saladen Seth A Scott Christopher Segura Raghad Riadh Seleem Vatsal Manish Shah Arielle C Slone Casey Robert Smith Brandon S Thomas Ronald W Van Sant Taniesha D Vanover Angella Welcome Alexandra R Wester Justin Dallas White Tyler J Wolf Karina Zubiate Degree Awarded Summer 2017

Richard Lee Anderson Kenneth Mukunda Anderson Leigh M Arnett Nelly Elizabeth Ayllon Raymond Anthony Baca Christopher Andrew Bradley Shelby Logan Brown Robert C Burke

Monday, December 11, 2017 / Page 7 Brittany Ann Butler Robert Eric Castillo Mario A Cervantes Keith Collins Kyle Wayne Copus Janet H Delgado Robert Scott Elder Ethan Daniel Fairey James Allyn Field Anpao Duta Flying Earth Paul A Hanz Gabriel Clarence Herrera Michael Iver Hilden Dustin Matthew Holmberg Monroe Michael Keedo Fernando Leanos Ann Nguyen Liem Susan Camille Lund Erica Ivy Medina John Paul Montoya Wayne Moosman Connor M Morrison Gloria Maurita MunizChavarria Matthew D Nixon John P O’Rourke Andrea Louise Ochoa Kavita N Patel Nikhil Patel Michael Dennis Pelock Audrey R Pineda Thomas H Piper James A Pizzo Robert Estrada Rodriguez Santiago Sanchez

Justin Blake Schroer College of Kacie Lynn Schultz Pharmacy Kimball S Sekaquaptewa Donald Godwin, Anju Shah Zachary Bertram Dean Thompson DOCTOR OF Clair M Toledo Emily S Villegas PHARMACY Degree Awarded Melissa Wauneka Summer 2017 Kathleen Boyles David Paul Martin Woodward Christopher T Wyne School of Law Ahmet Zeytun Alfred Mathewson and Sergio Pareja, POST-MASTER’S Co-Deans CERTIFICATE IN MANAGEMENT JURIS DOCTOR Degree Awarded Summer 2017

Kayla Marie Smith


Ian C Collins Nathaniel S Jarvis Thurmond Jones Liang Ming Jason Khoa Pham Keith Merle Swalin Botong Xue

Degree Candidates Fall 2017

Sarah Jenelle Bauer Deshawnda B Chaparro Jesse D Clifton Samuel C Defillippo Reyes A Delacruz Alexandria E Dell Alexis Shannez Dudelczyk Shonnetta Raquette Estrada Lisa M Giandomenico Abeer B Ibrahim Gary S Lee Veronica Nadine Lewis Deian McBryde Leigh Messerer Jannette Mondragon

daily lobo HOUSING GUIDE 1


1BDRM $630/mo. Utilities included. 2 blocks to UNM, no pets, NS. 301 Harvard SE 505‑262‑0433. Quiet,



Retreat at Candelaria

1 & 2bdrMS, 3 blocks UNM, utilities in-

cluded, 313 Girard SE quire move-in special.

$610/750. In505‑246‑2038.

Enjoy an active lifestyle and tennis courts, sparkling pool and spa and a state-of-the-art fitness center. If relaxation is what you are looking for take a leisurely stroll around the duck pond.

w/ free utilities, 1 block UNM. Call 505-246-2038 Text 505-440-8683 (9AM-6PM only). www.kachina‑ 1515 Copper NE. $495/ 515/mo. Ask move-in special. StudioS


unM Parking, 1BDRM. $540/mo. 505‑850‑9749.

large, No

clean. pets.

1bdrM, clean quiet. $540/mo, No pets. 209 Columbia SE. 505‑980‑5812. large

www.unMrentalS.coM Awesome university apartments. Unique, hardwood floors, FP’s, courtyards, fenced yards. Houses, cottages, efficiencies, studios, 1, 2 and 3BDRM’s. Garages. 505‑843‑9642. Open 6 days/week. block South of UNM. Awesome studios. 1&2BDRM apartments, includes utilities, no pets. Move-in special. Call 255‑2685 or 268‑0525. a

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Spain Gardens


4 blockS south of UNM. $675/mo. All bills paid. First, last plus damage deposit. New everything. 505‑750‑1169. 1bdrM

Expirence an array of our firstclass amenities. Play a game of basketball or tennis on our courts. Entertain guests in our lavish clubhouse with a friendly game of billiards. Relax by our resort-style pool and spa and state-of-the-art fitness center.

Houses For Rent bedrooM gueSthouSe for lease. $650/mo +gas and electricity. Deposit negotiable. 611 Silver SE. Hunning Highland, close to UNM, CNM, Downtown. No pets. References required. Text or Call 505‑250‑2800. one

to unM. For rent, 3BDRM, 2BA, W/D, $1150/mo. Year lease, 1st, last, DD $1000. 505‑273‑1115. 50% discount on last month’s rent, If signed by year end. cloSe

2bdrM houSe near Medical School, UNMH, Law School. $1200/mo. Off street parking. Detached garage, large living, and dining. Hardwood floors, fireplace, spacious basement, private large patio, secure location, new appliances. NS. NP. References and credit check. Roberto 505‑331‑2022.

Studio starting at


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1 Bedroom starting at 2 Bedroom starting at



Academy Terrace

Rooms For Rent

Stylish comforts include fully equipped kitchens with frost-free refrigerators, plush wall-to-wall carpeting, builtin bookshelves and so much more. Luxurious living awaits you.

rooMS for rent. Walk across the street to UNM campus. Very small room, $290/mo. Very large room, $430/mo. Includes utilities/ wifi. Quiet male student only. 505‑243‑0553. furniShed


Find the Perfect Roomates

Studio starting at


1 Bedroom starting at 2 Bedroom starting at



Christopher J Muldrow Carlos Jose Padilla Gillian J Sherwood Troy Ward Degree Awarded Summer 2017

Alan William Barton Ruben A Guajardo

School of Medicine


Degree Candidates Fall 2017

Julie Colette Culkin Benjamin Robert Johnson Sarah Ruth Johnson Ingrid E Lindquist Gina M Stroud MASTER OF OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY Degree Candidates Fall 2017

Aubrey Elena Alexander Khizer A Ashraf Jeff Richard Bazanele Joshua David Bradford Wriley J Burnett Julie Ann Diaz Elisa Joy Dry Chardae S Durden



Congratulations, Fall 2017 Graduates! Nicholas Jonathan Chavez William Graydon Clarke Fernando Davila Jason Flack Antonio Christopher Fresquez Marilyn Lucia Georgievski Andres L Gonzales Kelsey Raye Goode Justin Daniel Griego Francisco Roberto Grine Jacob E Hill Leena Imam Jacob A Jarreau Cesiah E Juarez Tyrin Anthony Julius Ryan S Kapuscinski Nickolas Heinz Krebbs Angie Leja Martinez Stephani Lynn McCoy Larry Joe Miles Shelby C Minor Cesar Abdiel Miranda Hunter Simone Modica Christiana B Montoya Jose L Mora Timothy N Muniz The following list is Travis Gary O’Canna based on information gathered from the Banner Randy Ray O’Canna William Quinn Palmer database prior to our Trey P Patterson publication deadline. Casey Kendall Peace It has been carefully reviewed, but given the Chad Pedersen number of names and Ernesto Ramirez evolving status of many Daniel Bryan Robertson prospective graduate’s Dylan B Romero degree status, mistakes Courtney A Serda and omissions may Deyanira Soledad-Aguirre have occurred. Please Breanna N Spurlock accept our assurance Ceressa Leigh Swickard that being listed or not listed here has no bearing Dahlia V Tarango Irlanda Torres-Solis on a student’s official Melissa Joy graduation status. Trujillo-Sisneros Anderson Jonathan Abel Zamora Jacob D Zentz School of

Joseph William Flores Cara Mia Heckler Bebe Makena Katherine Michalske Margarita Ortega Y Gomez Jessica Lea Surrock Sarah Ann Sutherlin Amber L Tracy Carmelita Q Trujillo Heather Patricia Turner Cassandra Angelica Valdez Michael Rene Veilleux Erika V Velasco Terrena Grace Vigil Brady Paula M Walker Rose M White Shelby R Wier Tracy S Wilkey Alyssa Lauren Williams Melanye Anne Yacos Ramona F Yazzie Bachelor’s Degree recipients

Management Shawn Berman, Dean

Degree Candidates Fall 2017

Abigail R Acevedo Tramario Djuan Adams Alejandra Aguirre Bachelor Gino Renato Aguirre oF BUsiness Martinez aDMinistration Soliman Ibrahim Alharbi Degree Awarded Xavier Anthony Summer 2017 Michelle E Aragon Felipe J Aguilera Jessica Lee Archibeque Jacob Eric Atencio Eric Brian Archuleta Jeffrey T Baker Alicia R Armijo Alexis Barnier Bobby Frank Bowers Melodie E Atchison Matthew W Brenner Alexander Athens Sean David Bryant Adam Quinton Averett Gabriel Enrique Camera Brianna J Avila

Amanda M Baca Mario A Baldonado Kassia N Barber Terance Reed Barela Jacqueline Baro Topazio Barron Sage Coleman Baysinger Rachel B Beal Martha A Becerra Gregory Owen Begay Tynette Begay Brittney M Begaye Ryan S Bennett Jessica Lynn Berry Gavin R Bigger Haimanot G Bihonegne Victoria L Black Silas Blodgett Melanie K Boone Madison Boswell Gisel A Breceda Baylee E Brown Benjamin L Buck Alejandra Bueno Amanda Burnside-Lopez Juan Campbell Alfredo A Candia James J Carter Melissa L Casaus Jose Casaus Samantha K Castillo Nico R Castillo Miranda Vanderlie Castillo Brenda Castillo Ricardo Castillo Anna Marie Cesarano Alexandra Camille Chavez Karyn L Chavez Stephanie M Chavez Marcus Chavez Priscilla Chavez Devin Michael Chavez-Cowles Denise A Chavira Anna Cherkasova Linnea D Cisar Adrien B Clay John P Cobb Lexi K Conklin Nathan Arthur Cordova Miguel Angel Cortez Frederick Emmanuel Garcia David Cesar A Davila Vanessa Davila Farrah Charnell Davis Cheyenne Grey Davis Ella Ione Davis Lauren Janine Davis Maria Rita Daw Halleh M Day Julia Marie DeBlassie Dominic A DeHerrera

Montana E Di Greco Joseph Lee DiVincenzo Katherine Lee Dickinson Danielle A Dotson Jacob Douglas Duran Erika D Durham Sarah Melody Zhoni Edwards Tim D Epling Marc Evans Jonathan Everett Dominick Ethan Farris Samantha Janae Feist Adam M Fernandez Justin Fiaui Keegan R Fisher Ives Alexandro Gregory Fleming Diego J Gabaldon Judah B Gaillour Wanda L Gallegos Nicole Michol Gallegos Christina P Gallegos Raul Garay Daniel A Garcia Simon Anthony Garcia Khristah Devonne Garcia Santana J Garcia Brendan V Garcia Ashley Francesca Garcia-Grijalva Cassidy A Gardner Casey A Garrison Muhammad Adeel Gauba Samuel P Gleadle Garrett C Goble Clarissa J Gonzales Cory S Gray Joshua C Griego Kira J Griego Antoinne Lamar Griffin Casandra Franki Guthrie Hannah M Gutierrez Mary Marjorie Hagemann Sam H Hale Anthony Bryant Harry Ashley Ann Hawney Jonathan T Headley Daniel A Hernandez Shunji Hirooka Julia M Hofheinz Ethan Jon Holguin Cassie L House Stefan Joseph Hudgins Diana Phuong Huynh David W Hyatt Abdullah Ahmed Issa Daniel Allen Jaramillo Breanna C Jaramillo Nicole M JaramilloMartinez Beau C Jarvies Kristin Hope Joe Randy Wayne John Tania Kaye Johnson

Tyler T Johnson Brian Johnson Andreas Thomas Kallas Demetria R Kee Shadeen M Kesani Ariana T Kiessling Josh Yves Killman Baylee Elise Kritter Nicholas J Kurtz Jordan Paul Laiche Corey Leigh Lambert Ariel A Langford Bryan N Latoma Luke Matthew Lawrence Lauren Clara Lefthand Miles Anthony Lewis Rachel Leyba Colleen Alanna Lino Sara Reyanne Lloyd Jessica Loco Ryan D Logan Colin Alejandro Lopez Amber Lopez Siying Lou Callen J Lovett Tanya Ann Luarkie Mariah L Lucero Desirae Nicole Lucero Ledonia Rose Lucero John Lucero Manuel Lucero Arthur L Lujan Gabrielle Reece Maes Joshua I Maestas Maria Cristina Mafla Maldonado Rebekah Ann Mahape Jonathan Charles Martin Emilio E Martinez Maegan E Martinez Justin J Martinez Esmeraldo L Martinez Joshua Marlo Martinez Joylynn Martinez Weston Michael Marton Ashley V Masters Lorena Ray McKinley Joshua Kaleb Glenn Comber McKown Alyn D Melloy Yesenia Mendez Eric C Merriken Cassandra J Mikolajczak Jay M Miller Joshua Alexander Mizusawa Leah M Montoya Melissa M Mota Echo Louanna Murphy Mai N Nguyen LaRae Y Noiel Sydney R Norris Sakiko Oga Jacob Olivas

Alexander R Ota Michelle Jean Owens Deeanna N Pacheco Kevin James Parker Candace Amanda Parsons Andrew Stuart Pascoe Nishant T Patel Kristina Marie Perea Matthew James Perry Tristan Perry Somi S Phaybouth Kimberly Rios Ponce William A Powell Bryan Rockwell Pullen Lorena QuezadaLabastida Lauren A Quintana Frederic Quintana Ariana L Reyes Alma Reyes Cody D Roark Andrea RodriguezGuzman Felicia Rodriquez Amanda Kate Romero Sabrina M Romero Devan Margie Romero Denisha Romero Hugh A Rosen Melinda L Rossi Roger Theodore Roybal Andrew Rudolph Diana Sole Rueda Diego Armando Ruiz Rebecca Dawn Rutherford Aaron J Sais Crystal M Salas Christian San Roman Lauren Michelle Sanchez John Angelo Saugen Kimberly M Scott Lucas A Seligman Cory A Serna Marcos R Serna Danielle E Sharp Rebecca Rose Sherry Caitlyn Noel Signorello Nelida Silva Daljit Singh Christopher M Sisneros Destiny L Smith Danielle Sheree Smith Victoria L Spragg Tanner J Sroufe Daniel Jonathan Stein Antoine J Stewart Danielle A Sungi Bountouraby Thos Sylla Nziki Tadfor Tiffany B Tafoya Kenichi A Tanaka Jamerson K Tenorio Khanh My Tran Matthew J Trawinski

Delaney Gerrie Tucker Amanda J Valdez Cindy Paola Valenzuela Raymond Roy Trajano Van Otten Kyle S Vanamburg Maria Elena VarelaCabral Renee Felicia Villegas Patricia Carol Wallace Kaylene Elizabeth Watkins Mayela G Watson Harley Marie Westhart Elliott Nilsson Whitaker Trevor Quinton Whitmire Christian D Williams Monty Keith Wilson Keith Blake Windham Marisa Elizabeth Wityak Charles Timothy Wood Kelsey Dawn Woodfield Nichole D Wroten Marcus Alan Yazzie Stephen M Yoos

College of Arts and Sciences

Scott William Gracey Paul L Graham Bisaan Hanouneh Cesar Abdiel Miranda Gabriel V Ortiz Andre L Pino Alice Poley Helena Clover Santos Ashtin Joshua Tsosie Erin Marie Walters Eileen Alexia Zendejas

Tyler R Harrison Kaitlyn Nicole Hunter Kristopher S Klarer Michael Tyler Lephart Ebony Jasmine Romero Emily Lindsey Senteney Maelene I Soto



Deanna Lynn Aragon Ariana Marie Baca Jared G Fitch Ryan R Fitch John M Head Claudia L Hernandez Villarreal Kari J Meredith Vanessa Pontaza Perez Stephanie A Romero EARTH & PLANETARY SCIENCES

Jonathan G Esquibel Shea McClain Mayra Perez Hong T Pham CHEMISTRY

Allianna Nancy Madrid Zachary D Smith Renata Oteecia Yazzie CLASSICAL STUDIES

Pablo C Guss


Curtison Badonie Miranda V Baldwin Howard Lancing Cramer Kailey Danae Crouse Jake Garcia Adam Patrick Garrity Jerome Alexander Gonzales Eric I Gonzales Elaine Renee Gonzales

Sara Martine Casaus Ayham Maadi Carol A Ways Andrew W Lindberg

Tiffany Ann Bjelke RUSSIAN

Michaela M Drake SOCIOLOGY

Keaton Jarret Frieberg Michael Anthony Green Skye M Gullatt Amanda M Roybal SPANISH

Vianey Veleta-Arambula


Colt M Balok Varro James Clarke Chris M Emerson Sonia Gonzalez Murillo Isabella Victoriana Jaramillo Damian A Padilla Cherlonda Nicole Rabb Eduardo San Miguel PSYCHOLOGY

Stephanie Christian Archuleta Suleima Astorga Gonzalez Melanie S Benedetto Joshua W Brady Taylor W Braselle Lyanda Marie Brown Brianna K Callahan Jerome A Candelaria Camille L Carpenter Maredyth B Cheromiah Beatriz Cornejo Sean A Cortazar Geraldine M Cummings Kimberly L Defazio FAMILY STUDIES Russell Allen Disch Kara A Lanctot Krystal Dawn Goolsby GEOGRAPHY Michael Richard Gransee Christina Stewart Hoberg Kalob Ryan Haynes Eric Noel Jaquez GERMAN Dominguez Michaela M Drake Lindsay A Jordan HISTORY Margarita A Lapteva Ethan Johnson Arviso Melissa Suzanne Levison Nandor Bank Hannah Grace Lutgen Ryan Matthew Buchholz Felicia Amber Martinez Deondre O Joiner Alicia Desiree Maturino David Piersol Brandon M McCormick Blake M Sabol Emily Clara Jessica McGill INTERNATIONAL Agatha B Popejoy STUDIES Victor Matthew Rodriguez Alyssa Rose Atias Antonia Lucia Romero Jose luis F Ayala Alaura D Romero Gallegos Savannah Elaine Scott Valerie D Sais JOURNALISM & Cristian R Sanchez Savannah R Viola MASS Brandon Isaiah COMMUNICATION Weatherspoon Stephan B Francisco Katy Leah Weaver

Corey A Alden Ema G Carabajal Jack Cormier Mark Peceny, Dean Bonnie Klamm ENGLISH Bachelor Christina Mae Baca oF arts Kimberly Rae Johnson Degree Awarded Natalia Krystal Marie Summer 2017 AMERICAN STUDIES Leon Kahyte G Van Sant Kimberly Renee ENGLISH STUDIES Mascarenas Amanda Cartigiano ANTHROPOLOGY Azura Marie Tallant Tyler C Tiger BIOLOGY



Stacy L Martin

Degree Candidates Fall 2017


Gabriela E Guajardo Adam V Gutierrez Tyler Phillip Johnson Sean J McDaniel Katrina Lynn Pederson Ryan Dominik Romero ANTHROPOLOGY

Aila Namira Binti Azizul Bryan L Davis Zachary Steven Eagle Julieta Ferrera Jamie Fowler-Diaz Eden Franz Zachary James Gallegos Brianna Jo Hrabina Nila Sok Judd Michael Sean Limmer Elizabeth Hope Manyo Toni Lynn Mariano Audriana McManus Shayla N Prim Daniel Martin Rhodes Alma Tatiana Solis Vela Rachel Renee Sousa Amelia Frances Statkus Fiona K Thomas Steven G Tise Jarrad L Watkins John Young ASIAN STUDIES

Laura Gray


Praneeth R Gudoor Jessica M Kimball BIOLOGY

Shane B Benally Zachary I Garcia Joshua M Giese Emanuel F Lucero Raul E Mercado Sean David Nolan Selena C Olivas

daily lobo HOUSING GUIDE 3

Housing Guide Map 1 2 3 4

Retreat at Candelaria Spain Gardens Academy Terrace Lobo Rainforest


5 Residence Life 6 Wellington Place 7 Comanche Wells 7






New Mexico Daily Lobo Zhane E Ives Lamar Jordan Ashley Renee Kinsel Ty Abel Knight CHEMISTRY Austin Jett Lopez XueXia Bruton Raymond Joseph Lopez Darlene Castillo Devon Zoe Lopez Cheylynne M Chavez Veronica J McDermott John Francis Doughty James Edward Harbaugh Elisa Maria McLellan Paloma Paz Mexika Brittney Nicole Hinson Tessa M Nickerson James P Lassa Zachary Alejandro Mancha Tyler C Nunn Alexander Jenks Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Connor German Martinez Ariana Olivares Moorman Tyler L Platero Lexus Quesada Jerrod Marcus Platero Claire Janelle Quintana Nam-Tran Viet Truong Mikeal Tyree Robinson Rafael A Vigil Meranda A Romero CHICANA CHICANO Katherine Danielle Romero STUDIES- ONL Janae M Scanlon Tiffany Elizabeth Nofield Juan Carlos Sosa Bracamontes Michaela Starr Swift Leonor Martinez-Lucero Kaydra Renee-Lynne Townsend CHICANA AND Roland J Trujillo CHICANO STUDIES Erinmarie Wester Eric G Delorme Jessica Alexandra Yepez Sara Marin Eiker Moscoso Monique Marie Hardy Amanda Chrystal Martinez CRIMINOLOGY Aimee Aguilera Itzel D Perez Cody Jonathan Aragon CLASSICAL Rafael Aragon STUDIES Adrian ArambulaJoseph Lawrence Day Dominguez Jordan Riley Quinlan Lauren A Armijo Melissa Angel Valenzuela Tyler Begay Veronica K Carrion COMMUNICATION Joshua R Chavez Keaton O Alley Sherre K Chevalier Deda M Austin Joshua Michael Chiwiwi Rachel M Borek Adrianna Cole Christopher Nicholas Alicia M Colon Bornet Tiana Mercedes Chavez Samuel C Davis Sabrina C Delamarter Cara G Depauli Faafetailotoalofa Fusitele Matthew R Dorsey Fano Joelle L Duplessis Falisha M Flores Amanda C Espinoza Cassandra M Garcia Olivia H Faust Alexander B Gard Alexandria E Feeback Sheray Celaida Garofalo Anthony J Ford Angela S Gonzales Krissy Cordelia Fortner DelSheree Gladden Trinton T Gonzales David Javier Gold Izel Gonzalez Benjamin Joel Hobbs Alexis M Hagen Cynthia L Hussey Luis Hernandez Keanna N Romero Nam-Tran Viet Truong Caitlyn Willis

Daniel Paul Herrera Audrey N Hill Pierce Mcalister Hoyer Monica V Jamison Jennifer L Jones Luke C Languit Matthew J Larreategui Kendra K Lente Michael A Levison Nicolas A Lopez Andrew M Lopez Melissa A Lowe Andoquio R Lucero Camia Pilar Marsh John Paul Mendoza Rosio Mendoza Guzman Jaelynn A Narvaiz Flor I Navarro Alvarez Phung T Nguyen Mariah B Ortiz Pavi Elle Jessica Padilla Eric Anibal Ponce Maria M Pulido Teresa Rodriguez Angelique J Romo Kelli Marie Roth Diana P Sanchez Gilberto M Santillanes Brian R Schoenfelder Bradley D Schritter Sarah M Spain Dominic Ray Szabo Fatima Kaneez Tahir Nicholas A Throgmorton Hayley Rae Tvede Kylie A Ulibarri Dorsett M Valdez Daniel B Vazquez Rylan James Vega Christopher Tarell White Kellie N Whitehouse Beau K Wright Brown

Matthew Alan Helm Samriti Jain Wen Hui Lee Diana D Muniz Thomas D Navarrette Heather Glenn Rooke Amanda R Shaum Nathan E Webb Justin Thomas Welby ENGLISH

Malcolm D Benally Juliet Ariana Happe Dillard Darrien L Green Kristin R Russell Chloe M Sweeney Jeniffer E Wheeless ENGLISH STUDIES

Victoria S Alexander Emily Ayers Dillon Elizabeth Barnes Jennifer M Bedard Bayan Biazar Emily Sutton Carrico Devin S Chavez Dylan Reed Conradson William Ricardo Dauphinais Anthony Nicholas De Santis Tatianna P Duran Codi Leigh Fillmore Catherine Angelina Garcia Mary E Graves Marina Christian Herrera Alexandria N Irion Julian Jimenez Arellano Shelby L Jones Victor E Martinez Jessica Taylor McCoy Eric S Mitchell Kristina M Montano Ben Montoya EARTH & Brianna Rose Nimmich PLANETARY Brian T Ortiz SCIENCES Cynthia Padilla Morales Samantha Noel Juancho Shelby D Paul Christopher Luis Santiago Dimitra E Schreiber Daniel C Spradley Jonathan David Sisneros ECONOMICS Samantha Jo Snyder Jeffery Lynn Barkley Anne Katrina Stone Atuoma Ihemba Ezeh Renee A Tucker Seth Gabriel Gillen Chelsey Linn Venaglia Michael R Guarino Bryce A Wynn Sheldon W Hall Sherica Nora Yazzie

Aaron L Grycner Sarah N Hassan Kimberly Hernandez Jorge A Alvarez Marissa Rose Loya-Mora Jesse Allen Hendricks Karla Berenice MolinarLukus Jerome Arvizo Rattanapote-Malaney Michele E Pate Gina A Welde Gabrielle M Richardson FAMILY STUDIES Ransom Warren Smith Brittany Simone Jackson- Jade Keahi Stokes Brown Carli SueAnn Stringfellow Mahmoud Nasib Thabet FRENCH Callie Michelle Tompkins Fred Charles Lacher Talynn Faith Turner GEOGRAPHY Kevin Adam Valdez Cristian Villa ENGLISH -PHILOSOPHY


Aron H Kruchoski Nathan E Webb HISTORY

Gabriel Frank Abeyta Robert B Collins Kevin A Elrick Robert Douglass Esquibel Eric B Faull Ashley Mercedes Flores James Vincent Gleason Dominic E Gonzalez Tayler D Hammack Anthony Yezitt Herrera Vanessa D Hidalgo Dylan B Martin Macielle M Martinez Paul Douglas McNaull Victoria M Miera Jibreel A Muhammad Alex William Nocella Steven Ruiz Brandy N Sarver Lisa M Scardino Cody D Sinclair Lisa Marie Smith Alexa Rose Templeton Irving I Valadez Rosalie M Varady Kevin M Vasquez INTERNATIONAL STUDIES

Hawzhen Barghash Antonio Matthew Barreda Tyler F Beltran Tucker John Berry Jolene A Duran Jennifer Embry Sylvia Nicole Garcia


Edgar Borrego Caroline M Carpenter Conrad T Rutherford Jacob Skorka Lioba M Weir JOURNALISM & MASS COMMUNICATION

Anthony E Baca Natalie R Baca Madison R Block Kristopher J Clark Mia Clark Rebecca S Cox Olivia Grace Crooks Vanessa Espinoza Marisa Raquel Graham Maya Artiaga Holt Wyndham G Kemsley Alexander Krughoff Monica R Lopez Mallory Faith Martinez Nikole R McKibben Joseph Gabriel Mendoza Cayla N Montoya-Manzo Brandon R Padilla Catherine Anne Rivera Jessica L Robertson Victor S Santos Garcia Angela Chia-An Shen Cristal Alondra Terrazas Kelly M Urvanejo LANGUAGES

Gary T Archuleta Kelly Johns Knupp LATIN AMERICAN STUDIES

Emma Elizabeth Burns Yessenia Lentz

Monday, December 11, 2017 / Page 9 Jacqueline R Luchini Lincoln Mark Michael Dean Marquez Ferris Jan McCalip Rodd Garrett McKenzie Frankie S McQuerry Alexis Shantae Mena Kennedy Wright Montoya Monica Nguyen Felisha M Pena Jacob A Perea PHILOSOPHY Katie Lynn Rooke Sean R Baklini Celina Aurora Saiz Nicholas D Begay Luke Hunter Chavez Dominic R Salas Gordon Calder Coutret Jason T Sanders Erik B Dallas Sierra Kole Shafer Riley Del Rey Eva S Silverman Andrew Xyllianas Garcia Ruben Alberto Soto Crystal Renee Gentry David A Strickland Khadijah M Jacobs Billie Ann Tohee Hannah Rose Millison Joshua Randolph Toth Jerome D Padilla Kayla L Trujillo Alexander G Reed Gregorio M Trujillo Angelique Kayleen Roybal Paul Vigil PHYSICS & Hailey M Zock LINGUISTICS

Dawn Marie Catanach Latoshia L Contreras Hugo De La Rosa Josiah R Jensen Jacob Alexander Nagro Garrison Gimble Osteen Justin Mark Stewart Robert Julian Trujillo Kristopher D Valenzuela


Edward H Kring


Katherine Claire Burnett


Jesus F Andrade Bryan M Baldizan Jessica Isabella Ballesteros Mejia James D Boone Andrea Christina Caldera Xavier Pascal Chavez Nathan R Cowan Gregory Thomas Danaher-Garrett Andres M Del Aguila Michael Powers Desmond Taylor C Duree Scott Robert Elliott Sidonia Alice Garcia Brittney K Garcia Briana Lois Grubb Jordan M Gull Channing Hofman Brendon Luke Jaramillo Makenna S Johnson Soumyo Lahiri-Gupta Paolo A Lanucara Clay Y Latham Arturo Lemos Jessica G Loera

Meghan Elizabeth Allen Anna D Allison Natalie E Anderson Emiley Aragon Carissa D Arellano Jeremy Tommy Armijo Jacinda C Atencio Shannon M Avila Leia Christine Barela Roach Katherine M Bernhardt Josh G Bloom Edgar Borrego Shayla Ann Brooks Noah Wilson Brooks Sarah Michelle Bryce Alicia A Burgett Brianna A Burnley Sarah A Cabe Luz Hilda CamposEscarcega Heather L Castillo Brianna M Castillo Loryn M Chavez Michael S Cheromiah Janet Hang Chuong

Alexandria Marie Clement Amanda Mae Coffelt Ivan Comparan Michelle A Cordova Elisha D Cordova Ashley Rebecca Cordova Sydney S Cravens Monique Antoinette Cruz Abdulrahman A Dadoue Raquel N Davis Adriana Irene DeLaCruz Mikaela S Epaloose Michael A Escobedo Amanda C Espinoza John Wilde Fennelly Kenny J Feria Megan M Finlayson Shanell K Franklin Tjaden G Gallegos Britney A Garcia Ashley D Garcia Ramon Garcia-Bencomo Tanya E Gonzales Vivianne Gonzalez Alexandrea N Gottlieb Shaun Grady Juan Grajeda Ashley T Grant Kelli M Gurule Alvaro Gutierrez Shelley L Haywood Naomi R Hernandez Albany Renee Hogan Bryce Jacob Hollingsworth Courtney R Holmes Tiffany E Hsu Tone D Jackson Lexus Monet Jaramillo Skye Andasha Johnson Jolie J Kazungu Edward Kelly Gessica Louise Koroneos Elizabeth Deborah Laydon Yalana Marie Lebron Amy V Leyva Estrella K Limon Gabriela A Lopez-Gaston Emani Mariah Lovette Juliana Katherine Lujan Allianna Nancy Madrid Christian Richard Maestas Daynee S Martinez Charlie V Martinez

daily lobo HOUSING GUIDE 4

Cecilia C Martinez-Burr Bryant Henry Mascarenas Cameron Chase McCall Taylor Kaytlin McKnight Sara N Mega Meghan E Mendoza Emilia Mendoza Larissa Anne Messier Justin Charles Mielke Rebecca L Miller Krysten Shontel Monette Analicia Danielle Montoya Cierra D Moore Shantell Divinity Moreno Kimberly Ann Morgan Maurine Cheyenne Morris Arianne M Morrow Mary Elizabeth Mortensen Ellen Morton Allicia Marisol Moya Jennifer K Nauer Miriam A Ochoa Nimsi Jael Olague Colleen Anne Pacheco Ellen Y Pacheco Leslie I Palma Christine Alexys Patee Erin M Patrick Linsey N Patterson Christina Perea Mayra Alejandra Perez Oscar R Perez Lea J Perry Micaela E Peterson Caitlin Maria Petot Nia Dimitrova Petseva Krista S Pieper Jaclyn Nicole Pino Ethan William Price Joe Ragland Desiree M Ramirez Verly Ramirez Filiberto Ramirez Marta Amber D Rateau Pearl Rios Melanie Justine Rodriguez Leroy Romero Barbara Rose Yazmin M Rubio Sabrina P Rueda Karen Michelle Ruelas Ana Cristina Russell Esther Ryu Dustin Sky Salazar

PAGE 10 / MONDAY, DECEMBER 11, 2017 Julia A Sanchez Matthew J Sanchez Justine M Sanchez Erin Nicole Sandoval Riley M Sebastian Melanie A Sedillo Nicholas E Segura Ruth Silver Jazmyne Marlene Slater Jordyn LeighAnne Snider Brissa E Sotelo Melissa Sotelo Courtney B Spaulding Jeremiah J Suddarth Amelia Rose Teicher Sheridan O Thompson Davian S Thompson Mackenzie T Todaro Caitlyn E Torrez Alex C Trujillo Chantel M Trujillo Danielle K Underwood Sarah Ruth Urlacher Brendan T Wanchek Ashley Berlin Wells Jason K West Kristen Ashley Whitten Rhiannon Jessie Yazzie Nathan S Yellin Rachel L Youngblood RELIGIOUS STUDIES

Alicia Crystal Lopez Janessa L McMahon Amanda Montano Pierson Josiah M Pratt Hallie Colleen Rossbach Justen Philip Tapley Jordan Ross Wheatley Amanda Wickstrom Stormy Rainn Jean Williams Roberta Zayas SPANISH

Ulysses Peter Garcia Lydia Gutierrez Joan Marquez Kevin E Morales-Benitez Elias B Pacheco Gwen Peel Yvonne Alejandra Portillo John Paul Sanchez Carmengloria Schlachter


Joseph C Jaffa-Martinez David C Morin Megan Dain Mouser Luke Thomas Seelau Hanna Maria Whitefield


Rachel E Harvey Marlowe R Justus Whitney Brooke Keaton Jessica P Walker Andromeda Celene Zamora WOMEN STUDIES

Tanae B Galligan Erin E Hendrick Stacy Marie Souza Emma G Vaitkus RUSSIAN David Emmanuel Sbarge Carrie A Wildenstein BACHELOR SOCIOLOGY Milad Abdulla OF SCIENCE Degree Awarded Melissa Aleman Summer 2017 Angelica N Archuleta Adeline E Beber ANTHROPOLOGY Emili Nicole Brown Kimberly Allen Daniel Jose Buenviaje Samantha Merrill Miller Olivia Dawn Chavez BIOCHEMISTRY Camilla F Cluett Brad P Beckmann Leo C D’Amour Danielle R De Jonckheere Jamie L Dickey BIOLOGY Amanda M Gonzales Miranda V Baldwin Kathryn M Harris Daniel W Ceman Isahbo Anne Hawley Lorena T Chavira Nathan E Huffaker Sarah Megan Dozal April Ellen Lewis Calloway R Bastien Lora A Green Stephen A Wade

Vergara Hanna K Galewaler Jessica Garcia Vanessa Garcia Myriah Haggard Adam Michael Jenkins Lilla F Orban Bethany A Roble Raina Sfeir Jennifer N Vasquez Matthew C Winter

Byron K Andrew


Arely Miramontes


Rachel F Barthell Alix Dakotah Craw Mabel Rose Downes Nikolaj A Hansen Phonesai Tay Maharath Lilla F Orban Mayra Perez Tommie R Quinn Bradley M Robert Daniel M Romero Raina Sfeir Christine Damiana Shover Pamela Diane Traylor

Samantha Griego Stacey Anne Ledesma Gumisad Nathan T Hall Joshua C Humiston Peter C Keith Kaleigh A Lopez Katherine M Ortiz Chloe Elise Ryan Simone Nicole de Vallee Eckhardt ASTROPHYSICS

Chris E Gallagher Sean E Herman Joshua Ryan Johnson Garrett James Snyder Daniel R Sprinkle BIOCHEMISTRY

Forest O Anderson Kevin Cameron Bao Kyle Hedley Christensen Abdulrahman A Dadoue Hannah Ann Ebbers Lisa Marie Hoard Bryana Reese Kenne Craig Joseph Martin Patrick Theodore McAninch Eddie Molina Andrew Tuan Nguyen Sydney N Rubin Jihyeon Ryu Floyd David Silva Lauren G Tagliaferro Epler BIOLOGY

Anna Harkness Acton Kaylee F Aguilar Nathan J Allison Carla Julissa Amador Devaraj Aran Martha Sabrina Archila Adelene M Armenta Stephanie J Babington SIGNED LANGUAGE Sareena Annette Baca Imani N Bardel INTERPRETING Ellen Kyle Becenti Samantha Renee Jessica Belmares Ortega Montoya Taylor R Betzen Brisa Idalia Bustamante Degree Candidates Erin Nicole Chavez Fall 2017 Kyle Hedley Christensen ANTHROPOLOGY Chantel C Clark John Allen Bransby Dylan Reed Conradson Shannon K David Jennifer Lynn Cooksey

Kirtpatrick Isaac Curley Katrina M Derieg Marissa Jamilee Diaz Kirsten Elise Dimmler Alyssa Eres John Elliot Ford Tsai Marie Logan Ford Elisa Marie Gagliano Gabrielle Consuelo Gallegos Nadia Nicole Garcia Jonathan D Garofalo Christopher P Graham Hailey Marie Griego Zachary Jaye Gruberman Praneeth R Gudoor Darcy M Halloran Paige E Handley Jessica Marie Harwood Taylor Marie Henderson Rebecca L Hohsfield Ryan T Holiday Aidan C Houlihan Oscar Andres Huamani Jimenez Emily C Hudson Taylor R Jennings Rachael Esther Joyce Stephen Jurgensen Christian S Kassicieh Micah M Katzer Levi Louis KemperChavez Haley Ahna Kohn Phoenix Haley Leon Mikayla Clarice Liston Mireya L Lomeli Patrice Michelle Lopez Lorena Lopez Vargas Andrew A Maldonado Melissa C Mann Sandra Ann Marshall Hana S Martin Kayla Meagan Martinez Philip Michael Mayhew Brandon M McCormick Natalie R Medina Karissa Grace Melendez Morvarid M Monsef Kalenah L Moore Nichole K Moran Sarah Youna Park Fotios Ignatios Patsalis Sandra Ivett Reyes Saehb Jessica G Rodriquez Vanessa M Sena

Kassandra I Serna Anna K Sharma Kevin A Slovik Alycia Marie Snell Rachel Swanteson-Franz Lyle I Thomas Andirhaman Thomas Marissa R Trujillo Briana Fernanda Villegas Ian Drew Villescas Charles D Vo Carolyn A Warner Tynique R Williams CHEMISTRY

Graham M ChouteauLathrop Nina Christin Marley Paul Richard Stanley Orion Staples

NEW MEXICO DAILY LOBO Byron Abrian Begay Alicia G Dominguez Christian Paul Eller Travis Kyle Fitzpatrick Viktor Francis Danby Gough James D Graves Sydney E Horne Aaron James Legits Pablo Magallanes Jonathan Allen Martin Leah Hollis Puglisi Jacob A Trujillo Jonathan Paul Wolfe Catherine Marie Wright PHYSICS

Zachary Daniel Jeffery PSYCHOLOGY

Hayley A Aragon-Bell Benjamin Richard Argant Sareena Annette Baca Darlene Castillo Jennifer Lynn Cooksey Mercediz J Bileen Zachary Paul Costa Colton P Cravens Jeremy Todd De Armond Roheen Shekhar Deshpande Scott Everett Engwall Audrey Jane Ana Rae Johnson Dominguez-Hawley Garrett L Jorgensen Sigourney M Estrada Anna Lengyel Jillian E Frye Alexandra Josephine Gabrielle Consuelo Minitrez Gallegos Nicholas James Ruiz Joshua M Giese Lucius D Toll Elisa C Gonzales ENVIRONMENTAL Kelvin Christopher SCIENCE Kemper Kasey R Anderson Bryana Reese Kenne Natalie E Barka Haley Ahna Kohn Shannon R Campbell Lyle Sebastien Leonen Heidi Kristen Goodrich Bianca Michelle Luna Analisa Carmella Martinez Patricia A Lyke Sean T Rogers Olivia Ana Martinez Zachary J Romero Janessa L McMahon Brandon Waters Natalie R Medina GEOGRAPHY Jared I Miller Zachary A Boven Kalenah L Moore Travis McWhorter Gabrielle Jade Myers Thomas A Owen Adrian Perez-Valenzuela Timothy Paul Perez Iris S Risvik Maria Gabrielle Romero Rachel M Rose Kyle Matthew Wilson Briahna Frances Scott MATHEMATICS Cyle J Shoemaker Nicholas Theodore Abel Alexis Solis Maxwell H Barnhart Briana E Spillers EARTH & PLANETARY SCIENCES

Roy John Tegrarian Kyle J Wall Brhiannon Lynnae Winton Christina Zemp


Francheon Long Darlene Montoya Alicia G Dominguez Jill D Okun Jacqueline Noel Eckman Eric T Rael Ricky R Nobles Brianna M Small Teresa Ross Taylor STATISTICS

College of Education

Hector Ochoa, Dean

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE Degree Awarded Summer 2017


Katreena K Kirkland Azure J Leyba EXERCISE SCIENCE

Annalyly Aleman Michael J Andazola Kaitlynn J Craig


Gladis Mariana Mercado Alexandra R Rodriguez FAMILY STUDIES

Jamie Ann Deimling Jasmyn Miranda Pacheco HEALTH EDUCATION

Tia R Benally

Degree Candidates Fall 2017


Kendralyn T Begay Shannon M Briggs Lorena Luevano Lauren B Platero Roberto C Rivas Erika E Tallsalt Beverly Angelica Trujillo

Thomas L Casias Angelica Renee De La Rosa Belinda Catherine Lucero Serafina Elvira Quintero Ella Katherine Sherer Rachael I Standard FAMILY STUDIES

Alison Lisa De la Concepcion EXERCISE SCIENCE Michala M Erickson Dalan C Abreu Zoe A Otero Alicia Alton HEALTH EDUCATION Annalies K Andresen Antoinette M Baca Sara N Balthaser Briana R Kazhe Hippolyte A Bernard Dominguez Brenan Rae BittonMorgan P O’Roark Foronda Gabriella Quintana Zachary R Blossom NUTRITION/ Sean P Carrier DIETETICS Keely E Dobbs Daniel Joseph Doughty Steven Patrick Alamillo Anthony F Cordova Carina Faris Oscar Andres Huamani John F Gaylor Jimenez Aidan C Houlihan Nicholas Brian McCurdy Manuel B Jaramillo Amanda Nicole Rodela Rodolfo Jauregui Marisa Armijo Stratton Logan T Jones Julieann A Lopez BACHELOR OF Emilia A Martinez SCIENCE IN Adam C Martinez Caleb G McVey EDUCATION Xavier A Mendoza Degree Awarded Summer 2017 Gabrielle J Opperman Francisco Sanchez Parra ELEMENTARY Amanda Corinne EDUCATION Platzbecker Andrea Monserrat Enciso Joseph G Saiz Arias Danielle J Sanchez Sean Michael Patterson Ashton K Schoeppner Samantha Faye Vicenti Joshua C Smith SPECIAL Ellie Regina Spencer Matthew Thomas Stratton EDUCATION Lilly A Baca Brandon C Thelen Michael Christian Valeriano Jordan M Bobrick Derek Alan Gray Kristal Lynn Vargas Bo T Wade Marteen Norberto Vigil FAMILY & CHILD STUDIES

Degree Candidates Fall 2017

Amber Shandiin Ballenger ELEMENTARY Brittany Rachael Bennett EDUCATION Victoria M Berroteran Alexandra Louise Sophia R Borges Anzaldua

daily lobo HOUSING GUIDE 5


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New Mexico Daily Lobo

Monday, December 11, 2017 / Page 11

Congratulations, Fall 2017 Graduates! Danielle Nicole Armijo Jasmyn N Baca Joely Leilani Haruko Baker Tamika Michelle Berezniak Geoffrey C Bierly Azalia Janeth Caballero Ruiz Alexandria Estella Cerna Arianna M Chavez Mikaela Cohen Candice D Cordova Evan Fred Cordova Sarah L Dillon Gabriela R Eldredge Valerie A Fresquez Charles Edward Gover Ana C Gutierrez Mercedes Noel Gutierrez Jessica Rachael Gutierrez Danette M Harris Maria C Hart Rhonda Jill Hathaway Sophia M Howlett David Alan Kaufman Staci A Lewis Erika S Marquez Luis E Martinez Elsa Janeth Martinez Kyle Von Martinez Nathon M Mata Edward Ananda May Celina Maria Ortiz Nazsoni Angel Otero LouAnne Padilla Monique Jacinta Pargas Karen Guadalupe Perez Atalaya Hali Pino Megan Jane Plouff Ashleigh Nicole Pribble Alexis E Prue Jason Edward Reddick Daniel Steven Romero Jacklynn A Sanchez Marika L Trujillo Valerie N Trujillo Lacey R Tvede Alyssa Ann Van Anne Kathryn S VanPelt Alonso E Villalobos Bryan M Welch Janay Lynn Wilson PHYSICAL EDUCATION

Steven A Guerrera Cameron Michael Lowrimore James Michael Romero Allyson B Worrell SECONDARY EDUCATION


Marilia Reyes

College of Fine Arts

Kymberly Pinder, Dean BACHELOR OF ARTS

Degree Awarded Summer 2017


Victoria C Lett Marcella Diane Ramirez ART HISTORY

Robert M Jones ART STUDIO

Mikayla M Griego Ian P McCrystal Victoria I Sanders MEDIA ARTS

Max Netus Gangestad Tyler Leigh Kennedy


Harold G Simmons Jonathan Abel Zamora Degree Candidates Fall 2017


Cassandra Jaqua Kelli N Ortiz ART STUDIO

Cheyne C Bishop Sean E Cheek Makayla E Dee Jose Luis Delgado Keanan W Eskeets Darci Rae Glanton Cheyenne C Hewett Courtney Daisy McDaniel Andrew W Morrow Nathan Nathaniel Nez Charley A Platte Abigail Turner Preston Matthew M Rogers Jerome Elias Sedillo Samuel E Sisneros Rianna Jenay Suazo Joseph L Tran DANCE

Julie Colleen Abeyta Lucia L Calderon MEDIA ARTS

Coryn M Richey Randal Hawkins Romwalter Draven Patrick Rowland Nicholas Reed Shaw Liam Andrew Sotelo Regina M Torrez Devin J Wilson INTERDISCIPLINARY FILM & DIGITAL MEDIA

Joshua J Demick Mitchell Jordan Irmen BACHELOR OF MUSIC

Degree Awarded Summer 2017

Garry Jose Morales Urbina Degree Candidates Fall 2017

Nicolas A Chavez Diego Fernando Manrique Suarez Lydia Kathryn Neal

BACHELOR OF MUSIC EDUCATION Degree Candidates Fall 2017

Sara I Arana Christopher G Fleming Olivia C Bair Joseph A Mitchell Matthew Ryan Coulombe College of Savannah V Huerta-Bailey Alistair Frederick Shaw Nursing Sean Simmons Carolyn Montoya, Teena A Toledo Dean Andrew Valdez BACHELOR OF MUSIC Timothy James Drake SCIENCE IN Courtney Daisy McDaniel NURSING August James Packard Degree Awarded Jean Ann Petmecky Summer 2017 Kaydra L Algeo THEATRE Michelle Juliet Aragon Kaitlyn C Barlow Jeremy A Atencio Virginia Mixtli BenitezJesslyn Austin Jones Jocelyn M Baca William M Dole Rachel R Nelson-Schille Caitlin A Baker Melissa LeeAnn Beck BACHELOR OF Krista Jan Begay Lakota A Benally ARTS Justin R Bernal FINE ARTS Hannah C Bluhm Michael C Brantley Degree Awarded James Edward Browning Summer 2017 Kaitlyn T Buhrle ART STUDIO Geraldine Cano Sophia Alicia Beltran Cassandra Casul Marla Marie Catanach BACHELOR OF Courtney Autumn Chavez FINE Zachary Leigh Chota Brenna Ann Cobb ARTS John Edward Colangelo Degree Awarded Rosa A Cole Summer 2017 Lindsey T Conklin ART STUDIO Alexandra Leigh Coombs Nujhat Tasnim Adrita Adrian R Cordova Sarah Kate Fippinger Tiffanie Elaine LaMonte Georgiana K Cox Elizabeth Darlene Critelli Hailey V Patrick Candace R Deal INTERDISCIPLINARY Katherine L Delaveaga FILM & DIGITAL Jordan Michelle Dobler Terrianne Doner MEDIA Dusty Lauren Duffney Isiah Ray Niyah Andrew Edwin Dunn James Andres Romero Emily Marie Estrada Degree Candidates Rachel Fang Fall 2017 Caitlin Elizabeth Fattor Cheyenne Jae Feltz ART STUDIO Paula Schea Freimanis Brenda Lee Bauer Raquel M Gallucci Rapheal Lee Begay Calvin David Burgstahler Meagan R Gamlen Julia Ann Garcia David Loren Campbell Emma R Goff Dane Leslie Hjeresen Megan C Golightly Imani I Lambert Aliina Belinda Mackenzie Maria E Gonzalez Victoria M Graston Veronica McComb Joanne Elaine Greer Elisabeth K Moquin Durae Dominique Teawnni J Moya Gutierrez Jennifer Nevares-Diaz

Monia M Hanieh Dianne M E Hanley Sarah Ashley Hanrahan Rachel Hansen Ethan J Harris Ye-Won Heitzinger Nova A Hensley Kayla J Holden Savannah L Holloway Emily Necole Howerton Petra Nicole Hueglin Erin R Hulme Wellington Judson Humes Ceanne T Jacques Christina Noelle Johnson Kaylen E Jones Samantha R Kitch Valerie Faye Lewis Kali E Loftis Adelyn Joan Lujan Katlin Magi Grevelyn Jessah Nisnisan Mantohac Joel Brandon Mayes Daniel L McCurdy Natalie B Mirabal Levesque Dylan R Montoya Danielle Ann Morris Mahri Clare Morrow Cari Lynne Nacki Tia Sharee Nadler Dylann Kate O’Connor Stephanie Elise O’Toole Brianna Renee Perea Tawny L Pierce Katerina Brianna Rael Kacee Jo Ramos Lainie Elizabeth Reed Ashley Nicole Richards Hannah Jasmin RikerUrrutia Tatjana N Rivera Julia Ann Roeseberg Claudia Liberia Rosales Kristin Sakadales Amanda Rosabel Salazar Jennifer Candelaria Sanisya Jane E Sheraden Courtney Nichole Sherman Elliot S Shiver Pamela L Sisneros Caley B Skroch Elizabeth Maris Spangler Poiette N Sprague Jordan Ashley Tafoya Emily S Tafoya Allyssa Joan Tedder Nichole M Temer Haley R Templeton Anysa Price Thomas Ian Alexander Todd Tonya Michelle Troutman Cheyenne M Trujillo James Anthony Underhill Stephanie Marie Vasquez Devin Alan Warner Tammi Watts Tamra Lynn Weems Elizabeth Anne Werling Megan E Williams Emily E Wood Nardos T Workneh Degree Candidates Fall 2017

Trinity E Abernathy Gloria Isela Alvarez Catherine Michelle Blystone Heather Ann Bullis Alyssa R Bustillos Kaci L Campbell Tanya Sue Casaus Mackenzie Clay Cali L Crismore Christina Cruz Sidra Althea Deyermond Roberta Bowman Drake Audrey Lynn Estes Christian David Evans Stephanie Nicole Feist

Rachel L Garcia Eric T Gilbert Alyssa Ashley Giron Nicole E Gonzales Davina D Greeson Cherro M Hamadamin Brittney A Herbert Mollie Ann Herr Jessica D Khanlian Suzanna M Marquez Valerie M Martinez Emma B McCue Teig S Morgan Robert G Neeld Jennifer N Ortega Brieann Michelle Peralta Lauren Elizabeth Redmon Walter Eugene Reese Irina Gennadyevna Sokolova Angie Anna Wall Paula Leann Worley

School of Architecture and Planning Geraldine Forbes Isais, Dean


Andres Alfonso Florentino Alexandre Magno Gomes de Abreu Degree Candidates Fall 2017

Andrew S Archibeque Samantha M Broussard Tania Cristina Nevarez Calderon Tasha Jessica Preston Jacquelyn Brooky Valerio BACHELOR OF ARTS IN ENVIRONMENTAL PLANNING & DESIGN Degree Awarded Summer 2017

Adrian R Salazar Joseph Anthony Sing Chase E Stearnes BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Degree Awarded Summer 2017

Ayham Maadi Shabab Saad

Degree Candidates Fall 2017

Martha Diana Baltazar Jason Beaulieu Samuel Houston Boyce Joseph Lee Brown Anthony J Caprioglio Alexis Maria Corning Padilla Jesica C Doyle


Trenton Jacob Dean Paxton R Lammey Ryan Michael Sims Louis P Tkach

Degree Candidates Fall 2017

Degree Candidates Fall 2017

Dmitrii Andreyevich Andreev Devon J Castro Naveed D Jafari Christopher Otero Lucas Poloni Cordeiro Jonathan M PoundEspericueta

Sara N Cooper Matt R Hickey Daniel P Juarez Audra Marie Rees RADIOLOGIC SCIENCES

Justin Andrew Briones Degree Candidates Brian Leiter Fall 2017 Guadalupe Lopez-Cazares Logan J Aragon Estevan J Martinez Lehman R Barr Jacob P Montoya Brendan P Behm Marcus A Tenorio Aaron Alonso Bolivar BACHELOR OF Zacharie T Brenden SCIENCE IN Justin R Brooks CONSTRUCTION Hans Christian Brummerstedt MANAGEMENT Shamiso Olive Chirenda Degree Candidates Giuliana Marie Davis Fall 2017 Stetson Marshall Chandler Brian J Eaton Tyler Ronal Samp Andrea Exil Jeffrey S Slopek Michael Alfonso Gallegos Elliot Patrick Sondheim Cameron Collier Gillen Kevin Carl Yrene Nicole S Graham Rallin M Harris BACHELOR OF Arvin Daniel Johnson SCIENCE IN Chase Kayser COMPUTER William Justin Keys ENGINEERING Andrez M Leyva Degree Candidates Thomas A Liparoto Fall 2017 Jaylene Martinez Adam Vincent Baca Candace Camille Moore Abraham Enrique Zachary R Moss Dominguez Hernandez Phuong-Yen Thuy Ngo Mario Javier Esparza Elliott A Pelfrey Perez Alfonso Christopher Ponce Adam Jared Goldstein James Michael Romero Hans Sebastian Hofner Skyler M Sherman Samuel O Maldonado Aaron M Solano Ryan D Vacek Jonathan Andrew Ungaro Zachary M Wedgeworth BACHELOR OF Nathan R Wemple SCIENCE IN Sean P Willey COMPUTER Erika Nicole Yegerlehner SCIENCE Anthony J Zarrella

Corey Michael Babcock George Elie Boujaoude Karen Lee Distefano Timothy F Chavez Bridget Ann Llanes John A Clark Denisha A Sanchez Nathaniel Kade Gonzales Erik Granger Degree Candidates Elijah L Griffo-Black Fall 2017 Keira Elizabeth Haskins Christopher G Benson James Holland James Gabriel Florez Matthew James Kathleen K Orndorff McChesney Chloe Rae Podkonjak Katrina M Mosimann Sean C Naegle School of Arthur Soriano Napolitano Marc Peterson Engineering Daniel Tyler James Shelton Christos Jaehee Shin Christodoulou, Dean Michael A Wolcott Mohammad R Yousefi BACHELOR OF BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN CIVIL SCIENCE IN ENGINEERING ELECTRICAL Degree Awarded Summer 2017 ENGINEERING Degree Awarded Brittany N Antonczak Summer 2017 Sarah M Grado Ursula M Amezcua Jacob Michael Lowrey Sayf Ben Fraj Degree Candidates Fall 2017

Daniel Benjamin Reass Edwin Clair Steimling Derek Walter Swain Bryan M Williams

David A Adame Bruce T Atkinson Gerald Encinias Victoria L Garcia Kayla R Gonzalez Celeste Marie Irwin Annette Maxine Martinez Colleen Pawley BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN MEDICAL LABORATORY SCIENCES Degree Candidates Fall 2017

Marisa L Calhoun Jessy D Chacon Hira F Choudhry Claudia R Delara Chelsea D Dickinson Alyssa M Quintana Lauren C Salas Amelia N Swindle-Covey Matthew C Voiles Christopher E Zuniga

University College

Kate Krause, Dean BACHELOR OF ARTS

Degree Candidates Fall 2017


April L Chee Chelsea Ann Jones Candace Marion Livingston Samantha Jo Pasena Hallie J Vigil BACHELOR OF LIBERAL ARTS Degree Awarded Summer 2017

David F Anaya Nicholas Jordan Barrentine Mariessa Serna Carrasco Christopher D Charley Michele Angel Degree Awarded Desgroseilliers Summer 2017 Peggy Clareece Discenza David B Weitzel Hannah Mary Duffy Anita Christina Enriquez School of Joe L Falcone Steven L Gerencser Medicine Cranston Dejuan Jones Paul B. Roth, Dean Haydn Perry Jones Kathleen Marie Kent BACHELOR Olivia G Lynch OF SCIENCE Brooke Nelson Degree Awarded Jeremy Newland Summer 2017 Matthew Lonel Quarells EMERGENCY Cody A Reynolds MEDICAL Kyle E Rothschiller SERVICES Jonah-Nahum Salas Jacob Tyler Haynes Ewing E Simmons Harry Jacob Stroik RADIOLOGIC Gerald Michael Ullom SCIENCES Andre D Vigil Krystal Desiree Gutierrez Donnie White Jennifer Ledezma Maria Antonia Willis Dominguez Angelica Rios Degree Candidates Fall 2017 Richard Serrano Robert A Ackerman Sigrid Marie Spesock Kalie R Alley Theresa Talley Lauren N Apodaca Teresa Delphine Baca Degree Candidates Fall 2017 Frances J Bachicha Jaclyn Noel Bacon Divers EMERGENCY Jessica A Barbone MEDICAL Tashina J Begay SERVICES Sierra Loraine Benegas BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN NUCLEAR ENGINEERING

Joshua Dylan Bray Isaiah Khalil Brown Ludivine Burguiere Brittney Toon Caldwell Joyce Diane Calvert Sandra Lee Caputo Jasmine L Carpenter Drita Choy Elizabeth A Churchill Daniel J Collier Joseph-Marti T Custodio Maurice S Daniels Amber M Dennison Aaron M Dinkel Madalene F Easterbrook Jennifer L Foucault Tatiana R Gallegos Julie A Garcia Mateo J Garcia Hannah Lynn Gates Katrina Marie Gearlds Shlair A Hamboor Danielle H Hawkes Erika D Herrera Garrett Anthony Hughes Darryl Lloyd Johnson Tiara Rose Pangelinan Johnson Romell Lucky Jordan Tristan J Kemm Ryan Matthew King Myles Joseph Lacayo Adrienne M Leyba Albert E Lopez Raquel M Lopez Girard V Maestas Leroy Adrian Martinez Myriah Layne Mascarenas Kenneth W Maxwell Kelsey E Mayne Jalen A McGee Jessica A McMahan Jordyn T Monahan Amanda K Montoya Phillip D Moya John Ngo Robert A Ortiz Nathan E Page Madeline H Pearson Yvette Marea Perez Maranda Rae Perez Hannah Perry Isabella E Pilar Tashina Pinto Everett M Powell Tristan Ashley Price Francesca C Racca Nicole Peaches Rangel Rochelle Rex Jose Angel Rodriguez Deandra S Rodriguez Marissa D Romero Amilee M Rumley Ryan J Santillanes Patrick Teofilo Segura Brandon E Sessions Eva Sever Rus Tehya Kahlila Shea-Minger Greggory Stanton Sherwood Jake Arthur Shockley Hannah L Simmons Kathryn Simmons Caress Michelle Simpson Morgan Ashley Smith Eleanor Bernice Smith Mayalin Y Southern Steven A Steele Annmarie R Teresa Luis Fernando Terrazas Rory David Thomas Jynel Brittany Torres Angelica C Trujillo Delena Renay Trujillo Heather Michelle Valois Dee W Velasco Johnny Armando Vizcaino Elizabeth A Waites Johnny L Williams John G Zoellne

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE Degree Candidates Fall 2017


Patrice Nicole Martinez

College of University Libraries & Learning Sciences

Richard Clement, Dean BACHELOR OF SCIENCE

Degree Awarded Summer 2017


Deborah Louise Mullins Degree Candidates Fall 2017


Gabriel D Montoya Tara Elise Slovian


Leo Nathaniel Garcia Flores Alison Bea Murray James E Rader

Commissions The Reserve Officer Training Corps, ROTC, commissions officers into the United States Armed Forces to serve the nation in Active, National Guard, or Reserve units. Since World War I, ROTC has produced the majority of our nation’s military leaders. The concept of training and commissioning the military’s junior leaders at colleges and universities across the country has become an integral part of providing our nation’s military with well rounded, educated officers. ROTC students experience a traditional college life while also receiving leadership and military training. UNM is one of the few schools in the nation to have all four military services represented on campus.


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From high school dropout to college graduate By Kelly Urvanejo @Kelly_Urvanejo At 17-years-old, Michael Marquez dropped out of high school after a guidance counselor suggested that he would be better off if he just went to work instead of continuing his education. But he has advice for anyone who has been in a similar situation: “Dropping out of high school is not the end of the world. You didn’t ruin your life,” Marquez said. Being from San Juan County, Marquez said that everyone around him probably expected him to work in the oil mines, but he had a different goal in mind. It took several years, but after leaving high school, he moved to Albuquerque and began taking night classes at Central New Mexico Community College and working full time, mostly in restaurants, to pay for his classes since he was not eligible for the Lottery Scholarship. After two years at CNM, he transferred to the University of New Mexico to finish his degree. Marquez is graduating with his bachelor’s in political science and history. He said he has always been enthralled by politics and wanted to learn more about how it works.

Marquez’ girlfriend, Rachel Pierce, said that she is excited about him graduating. “He has been working for this for such a long time and deserves this success more than anyone I know,” Pierce said. This semester, Marquez received a paid internship with the Sierra Club, a nonprofit environmental advocacy group. “We mostly do community organizing around political action, defending the environment, environmental justice, clean water, stuff like that,” Marquez said. He was also recently elected to executive committee, which means he will be taking on more of a leadership role. He said he hopes to become one of the few employees the organization has in New Mexico, as it is a volunteerbased organization. Marquez plans to continue working and helping out with the Sierra Club once he graduates. In regards to what he plans to do with his degree after graduation, Marquez said that in politics, it’s about who you know. With that in mind, he is currently working on networking and becoming more well-known to the public, a door Sierra Club has helped open for him — the opportunity to “meet new people within the progressive coalition.”

He says he aspires to run for office someday, but in the meantime, he would like to focus on organizing people around political action. “I think there’s a strong disconnect between frustration and actually doing something about it,” Marquez said. He said events that have occured in the last couple of years are an indication of how much millennials need to take control of our country, instead of letting the older generation do it, since they are now the largest voting bloc. “We should be using our voice to push forward policies that benefit millennials,” he said. Pierce said she hopes to see him pursue his dreams and fulfill his purpose of contributing positive change on a larger scale in the state and the country as a whole. “I hope that he continues to use his gift of speaking to all groups of people about issues concerning our environment and political involvement,” she said. Marquez said after graduation, he will likely need to continue serving tables until he finds something else, but he now knows he has more options. Along with his girlfriend, Marquez said that his mother has been one of his biggest supporters through his journey towards graduation. Although she lives out of state, he

Kevin Maestas / Daily Lobo / @ChunkFu_Kevin

Double major Michael Marquez is graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in political science and another in history. Marquez currently leads the UNM Sierra Club Student Coalition, a group that advocates for long-lasting approaches to protecting public and wild lands. He says he is driven to continue his work after graduation to help create meaningful relationships with communities in New Mexico to ensure a better future.

said she has always encouraged him. He said even though he has frustrated her throughout the years, with dropping out of high school or not being able to pay rent, she is always in his corner, sending him money to help out or simply letting him vent. Marquez said he has seen a lot of young people get frustrated, have similar experiences to his and just give up.

He wants people in these situations to know that it is possible to succeed. “It’s not about where you started, it’s about where you end up,” Marquez said. Kelly Urvanejo is a news reporter at the Daily Lobo. She can be reached at or on Twitter @Kelly_Urvanejo.

UNM helped Drew Morrow mature as an artist By Kyle Land

@kyleoftheland For any aspiring artist, being in an environment that nurtures one’s creativity is an absolute necessity. For graduating senior Drew Morrow, the atmosphere of the University of New Mexico has helped him mature as an artist in a variety of ways. Morrow is a studio art major, who primarily prefers paint as his medium. “I kind of do more abstract work, because I have a hard time with figures,” Morrow said. “I do like to do live drawing and figure drawing as well, but I like to focus on more organic and free-form (pieces).” Having grown up in a nearby city, UNM was the logical next step for

Morrow when it came to pursuing a higher education. “Growing up in Rio Rancho, I’ve kind of always come to UNM for random school events, especially since I was in the marching band in high school,” he said. His involvement in marching band continued once he started college. Morrow has played music for 14 years, and being a part of the marching band allowed him to create some amazing memories along the way, he said. Morrow eventually became the clarinet section leader for two years. Rachel Raymond was a marching band participant, alongside Morrow, for many years. She said that their time together in the program were moments to remember. “(Drew) is the funniest, most

hardworking guy I know,” Raymond said. “He is a true inspirational leader.” Morrow expressed his admiration for Chad Simons, the associate director of bands at UNM, saying Simons had a profound effect on him during his time in the marching band. “He’s been, probably, the most influential person I’ve met here,” Morrow said. Being both an artist and a musician, Morrow said that the two mediums often blend with one another when he is creating. In fact, he said, listening to and playing music has become one of the main creative forces behind his art work. However, Morrow’s involvement in the arts extends beyond the classroom and marching band. As a member of Kappa Kappa Psi — a national frater-

nity organization for university band members — he found himself fostering his love for the arts even further. “We emphasize highly on the joy of music,” Morrow said. The fraternity also provided him with more leadership opportunities. He served as the fraternity’s historian and vice president of programs. It also gave him the opportunity to participate in and travel to district conventions, where chapters of Kappa Kappa Psi from various states come together. After graduation, Morrow hopes to establish his own small studio art practice. At the moment though, he is savoring the tremendous accomplishment of graduating. “I”m glad to be done — it’s a great relief,” he said.

Courtesy Photo/ Drew Morrow

Kyle Land is a news editor for the Daily Lobo. He can be contacted at or on Twitter @kyleoftheland.

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UNM helps shy student break her shell By Robert Maler @Robert_Maler Many students are often apprehensive — sometimes even shy or introverted — when they begin their college career, but those are often the ones that have the greatest potential to grow. Elizabeth “Eli” Laydon is graduating with a degree in psychology and has big plans for her future. She said she has always been interested in how the mind and body work, and she hopes to end up working as a homicide detective or forensic psychologist. Laydon, who described herself as a shy person, said she knew the University of New Mexico was a good fit for her when she visited the campus. “I did a tour here, and I told my mom and dad this is where I want to be,” she said. “This is the type of culture and diversity I really enjoy and it was an easy choice from there.” And the shy kid from Pueblo, Colorado wasted no time adapting to college life, taking on some jobs that required direct interaction with the student population. Laydon said she knows she comes off shy and quiet but would encourage people to seek out people like that in life, because it is often the shy people that have the best stories. And the graduating senior is no exception. If Laydon looks familiar, perhaps it is because many have seen her at the theatre in the Student Union Building helping run the UNM Mid-week Movies. She knows most patrons on a first-name basis and even commits their favorite snacks or beverages to memory.

Celia Raney / Daily Lobo / @Celia_Raney

Elizabeth Laydon sits in the Student Union Building on Dec. 8, 2017. She is graduating after five years, some of which she worked at the Southwest Film Center for Mid-week Movies.

It’s the kind of thing that makes people feel welcome and important — which was a job responsibility she was tasked with when she worked in New Student Orientation. Laydon said both jobs taught her several important skills and allowed her to learn about people. “I think it’s really important to listen; not everybody has grown up the same way,” she said. “It helps build a broader spectrum of diversity and acceptance here, at UNM.” Laydon said there were several changes she experienced coming from Colorado — the first of which was what constituted a snow day. She sounded disappointed when a snow day was announced and she expected to find streets snowpacked, only to be met with a little bit of frost and ice. Another was her fondness of chile. Eli said Colorado is proud of its chile as well, but she has

actually fallen in love with that of New Mexico, which she said might devastate her parents if they found out. But one of the biggest changes in Laydon’s time at college may come when she decided to get involved in Greek life. She said her father encouraged her to try things out, and although she was anxious, it had a major impact. Laydon said sometimes it is easy to attend college and continue to do the same things one did in high school, but sometimes it is necessary to step out of a comfort zone to grow as a person. She became a member of Pi Beta Phi, started helping women find out what chapters to pledge to, became a “big sister” to someone in the sorority and even ran for Homecoming queen last year. She said there was no way she could have envisioned running for Homecoming court one day back when she was a freshman, but Pi

Beta Phi helped her branch out and continue getting involved in new things. Laydon said she and her “little sister,” Mimi Voung, were inseparable from the moment Voung joined the sorority. Voung said Laydon has been everything one could ask for in a mentor. Both said they have shared deep conversations, late-night (sometimes early morning) study sessions and enjoyed a lot of fun along the way, including a spur-ofthe-moment trip to California. But things weren’t always easy for Laydon along the way. She credited one of her bosses, Andrea Marquez, and her mother as “go-to” people that have been there for her. Laydon said Marquez never sought to steer her in any direction but allowed her to talk things out and figure out what she really wanted. She said her mother, Darlene Laydon, always found the balance of telling her when she needed to suck it up and when to talk some time for herself. “It’s okay to think about stuff... It’s not okay to dwell,” Darlene Laydon said. “You think about it, and you move forward.” Eli Laydon had to take some time to think things over and said she decided to change her major pretty late in the game. But she didn’t seem to have any second thoughts, offering that her advice to other students would be to trust their gut. Eli Laydon said people know what they want and thinking about what their strengths and passions are can help guide them. And if it means making a change to be happier down the road, then it is probably worth it.

She also seemed to have a special relationship with her brother and father, saying she loves racing dirt bikes and driving ATVs when she goes back home. Darlene Laydon said although her daughter was very shy, she played several different sports as a child and was very competitive. She said Eli stands at about 5-foot2 on a good day, but never backed down from a challenge even if others were bigger or faster. Laydon’s mother recalled when her daughter competed against Missy Franklin at a swim meet in Colorado. She said she remembered her being so excited that she was ahead of Franklin at one point in the event, not realizing she had been lapped by the future Olympian. But that competitive fire has apparently been something that has continue to serve as her fuel. Her mother said, “Her curiosity is her drive,” and Laydon has a desire now to understand people so that she can be better equipped to help them. Darlene Laydon said she and her husband know that graduation is just the first step in what will be a fabulous life her daughter is going to create for herself. “I am so proud of my daughter — not just for the things she does, but for the person she has become,” Darlene Laydon said. “She is going to lead a great life no matter what she chooses.” Robert Maler is the sports editor for the Daily Lobo. He primarily covers basketball, football and tennis. He can be contacted at or on Twitter @Robert_Maler.

Lobo LifeMonday-Sunday, campusDecember calendar of events 11-17, 2017 Current Exhibits LOBOMANIA! UNM Sports through the Years 8:00am-5:00pm, Monday-Saturday Zimmerman Library, Frank Waters Room 105 This exhibit encompasses all the varieties of sports at UNM and explores the development of Lobo Athletics over time. The exhibit also spotlights well-known UNM athletes and coaches. Domestica 8:00am-5:00pm, Thursday-Friday John Sommers Lobby An exhibition of lamps, tables & rugs. Long Enviromentalism in the Near North 9:00-5:00pm University Art Museum The exhibition presents a selection of Subhankar Banerjee’s photographs, writing, lectures, interviews and other activist initiatives over the past sixteen years that collectively continue to contribute to the long environmentalism in Arctic North America. New Releases 9:00am-5:00pm, Tuesday-Friday Tamarind Institute, 2500 Central Ave SE Recent projects completed by artists who have been invited to collaborate with Tamarind master printers. People of the Southwest 9:00am-5:00pm, Tuesday-Friday Maxwell Museum of Anthropology The exhibition celebrates the

cultural history of the Southwest, especially the close relationship southwestern people have had with the land around them. Land Arts of the American West Exhibition 9:00am-4:45pm, Monday-Friday UNM Art Building, Room 202 Land Arts of the American West [LAAW] is an interdisciplinary, field-based studio art program at the University of New Mexico. During the program students travel extensively throughout the Southwest, engaging in a variety of processes and experiences from heritage preservation along the banks of the Rio Grande, to exploring the cultural importance of the contested Bears Ears National Monument. Cross Currents: China Exports and the World Responds 10:00am-4:00pm Maxwell Museum of Anthropology In the early 1700s the Chinese reorganized their porcelain production to cater to Western demand. This exhibition highlights that history and its impact on cultural dynamics spanning hundreds of years and featuring dozens of ceramics from around the world in exploring this phenomenon. No Hate, No Fear: Responses to the Presidential Ban on Refugees and Immigrants 10:00am-4:00pm Maxwell Museum of Anthropology In this exhibition, which features both musical instruments from the countries singled out in the original ban and coverage of the protests at airports against the ban, we encourage visitors to contemplate

the implications of the ban, as it continues to be debated, litigated, and revised. Entering Standing Rock: the Protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline 10:00am-4:00pm Maxwell Museum of Anthropology The exhibition features photographs, posters, film, music, news reporting and other works by artists, journalists and activists who have supported or participated and offers a glimpse into life at the camp and shows how artists and protestors use social media to spread the message of protest. Ancestors 10:00am-4:00pm, Tuesday-Friday Maxwell Museum of Anthropology This exhibit introduces our ancestors and close relatives. These ancient relatives will take you through the story in which all of our ancestors had a role. Art Education Grad M.A. Exhibition 11:00am-3:00pm, Monday-Friday Masley Gallery Art exhibit featuring work by grad student Victoria Bryers. In Between Lines / Scores and Some Notes 10:00am-6:00pm, Wednesday & Friday CFA Downtown Studio This synesthesia exhibition is cocurated by Alan Zimmerman and Lara Goldmann in collaboration with Peter Gilbert. Textiles with Patty Savignac 11:00am-3:00pm, Monday-Friday Masley Gallery Faculty member Patty Savignac exhibits her art works to share her creative research.

To submit a calendar listing, email

Monday Campus Events

Meet a 3D Printed RC Robot with a Personality 1:00-3:00pm ARTSLab Joseph Gore will publicly present his endeavor to create a remotecontrolled, 3D-printed, talking robot with a unique personality. The talk will include an overview of assembling a VORON 3D printer from parts printed in the Experimental Arts & Technology area and also present the difficulties associated with creating such a complex machine with electronic and 3D-printed parts.

Engineering, presents “Analysis of Double-wall and Twisted-tube Heat Exchanger Concepts for use in Fluoride Salt-cooled Hightemperature Reactors.” Dissertation Presentation 10:30-11:30am Nursing & Pharmacy Building, Room B28 Yamhilette Licon Munoz, Biomedical Science Graduate Program, presents “V-ATPase roles in Prostate Cancer.” Dissertation Presentation 11:00am-12:00pm Mesa Vista Hall, History Department Common Room Marina Hamilton, Anthropology, presents “Reconstructing Landscape Use Patterns with Strontium Isotopes.”

Lectures & Readings

Dissertation Presentation 1:00-2:00pm Simpson, Room 135 Ayesha Livingston, Individual Family Communication Educucation, presents “How Brief Motivational Interventions Impact Math Beliefs in Preservice Teachers.”

Dissertation Presentation 10:00-11:00am Department of Physics and Astronomy, Room 1131 Ruslan Hummatov, Physics Astronomy, presents “Gamma-Ray Metallic Magnetic Calorimeters with NbTa Passive Persistence Switches and Electroformed Au Absorbers.”

Thesis Presentation 2:00-3:00pm Mechanical Engineering, Room 427 Pheonix Baldez, Engineering, presents “Design and Characterization of Radiation Detection Systems for Direct Imaging and Identification of Low Energy Radiation Sources.”

Thesis Presentation 10:00-11:00am Mechanical Engineering, Room 247 Bryan Wallace, Chemical Nuclear

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Brazilian Quest Prize Acceptance 2:00-3:00pm Language Learning Center

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Finals Week (Level 2) By Eddie Wyckoff

White to move and mate in 3. Don’t fear, the “F” stands for “Fantastic!” – not failure. Good luck on those finals Lobos! Solution to last puzzle: 31.Bh6+! (31. … Nxg3 32.Rf8#; 31. … Ng7 and many moves win, e.g. 32.Rg4!; 31. … Kf7 consider 32.Qg7+ Ke6 33.Qe5+ Kf7 34.Rxf5+) and the game finished 31. … Kh8 32.Rxf5, where Black resigned (Qxf5 meets with Qg7#). Want to learn how to read this? Visit Suggestions? Comments? 12/11/17

December 7th issue puzzle solved


Level 1 2 3 4 December 7th issue puzzle solved


Lobo LifeMonday-Sunday, campusDecember calendar of events 11-17, 2017 Campus Calendar continued from pg 14

Meetings Architecture Presentations 11:00am-1:15pm Honors College, Room 22 Staff Council Student Meeting 12:00-1:00pm University Club


Gallagher Scholarship Meeting 1:00-2:00pm Honors College, Conference Room Staff Council Rewards Recognition Meeting 1:00-2:00pm University Club


Survivors Writing Together 2:30-4:00pm UNM Comprehensive Cancer Center, Room 1048 Discover the healing power of writing to express thoughts and feelings. No prior writing experience needed; spelling & grammar do not matter. This group is offered in partnership with Cancer Support Now. Conceptions Southwest 3:30-4:30pm Honors Forum Vamos a Leer: A Book Group for Teachers 5:00-7:00pm Tractor Brewing - Wells Park This a meeting dedicated to teachers discussing authentic and engaging Latin literature for elementary, middle and high school classrooms. Each month we share curriculum, raffle a free copy of next month’s title, discuss Latin culture and literary themes, and enjoy a pint. December title is Like Water For Chocolate by Laura Esquivel.

Young Americans for Liberty Meeting 6:30-8:30pm SUB Amigo Young Americans for Liberty is a liberty based non-profit dedicated to identifying, educating, and empowering youth activists on the UNM campus.

Art & Music

Lectures & Readings


University Chorus Off-Campus Performance 7:00-8:30pm Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church Directed by Juan Hernández performs Antonio Vivaldie’s Gloria with other choral works by Mozart, Fauré, Mendelssohn and Bach. Free to attend.

Dissertation Presentation 9:00-10:00am Domenici Center Northwest, Room 3710 Kayla Zehr, Biomedical Science Graduate Program, presents “Omega-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids: Impact on Oxidative Stress, Antioxidant Responses and Vascular Function.”

Campus Events


Dissertation Presentation 10:30-11:30am Junior College, Room 118 Christopher Luna, Health Exercise & Sports Science, presents “The Relationship between Challenge Courses and the Self-Efficacy of First-Generation College Students.”

Rapid HIV Testing 10:00am-2:00pm LGBTQ Resource Center Free and anonymous HIV testing through the New Mexico Department of Health. Results are available twenty minutes after the test.

Lectures & Readings Thesis Presentation 10:00-11:00am Humanities, Room 419 Kaisa Lappalainen, American Studies, presents “Recall of the Fairy Tale Wolf: Little Red Riding Hood in Contemporary Wolf Politics in the American West.” Dissertation Presentation 11:00-12:00pm Philosophy Department Library William Barnes, Philosophy, presents “Liberal Cynicism, Its Dangers, and a Cure.” Dissertation Presentation 3:00-4:00pm Center for MicroEngineered Materials Conference Room Grant Bleier, Chemistry, presents “Systematic Size Control in the Synthesis of Zero-Valent Iron Nanoparticles.”

Board of Regents Meeting 9:00am-2:00pm SUB Ballroom C Staff Council Events Meeting 9:00-10:00am Parish Library, Room 210 Meditation and Relaxation Group 10:30-10:50am UNM Comprehensive Cancer Center, Third-floor Meditation Room A guided meditation, relaxation and guided imagery group to help ease stress and improve coping. Open to patients, loved ones and staff. Staff Council Executive Meeting 12:00-1:00pm University Club WHRC Scribendi Art Judges’ Meeting 2:00-3:00pm Honors College, Room 22

Wednesday Campus Events

Peace Circle 5:30-6:00pm Front of UNM Bookstore Silent prayer circle for peace.

To submit a calendar listing, email

Brown Bag Seminars 12:00-1:00pm Castetter Hall, Room 100 Phil Ganderton, UNM, presents “Continued Discussion of College of Arts & Sciences Differential Tuition for Graduate & Undergraduate Students.” Career Services Workshop 1:00-4:00pm Career Services Conference Room Shalom & Heather, UNM, present “NOW WHAT?! Transitioning Out of College aka Career Skills Crash Course.” Consulting Consortium 4:00-5:30pm SUB Alumni Discuss case studies and work with local businesses towards sustainable development.

Davis has created a show that features Mannheim Steamroller Christmas classics along with a selection of compositions from his groundbreaking Fresh Aire series which introduced the distinctive Mannheim sound to all of America. Children’s Chorus Performance 5:30-7:00pm Keller Hall Directed by Dr. Regina Carlow, Julia Hoffman and Penny Voss. Free to attend. Mannheim Steamroller Christmas 4:00-6:00pm Popejoy Hall Grammy Award-winner Chip Davis has created a show that features Mannheim Steamroller Christmas classics along with a selection of compositions from his groundbreaking Fresh Aire series which introduced the distinctive Mannheim sound to all of America.

Meetings Rhetoric & Writing Faculty Meeting 12:00-1:00pm Humanities, Room 231 Mission Nutrition: Healthy Eating During Cancer Treatment 1:30-2:30pm UNM Comprehensuve Cancer Center, Room 1604 Feel better during your treatment by learning to maintain your weight and muscle. You might also respond to treatment better, have fewer breaks in your treatment and keep the cancer from coming back. Offered by the UNM Cancer Center’s Patient & Family Services.

Art & Music Mannheim Steamroller Christmas 4:00-6:00pm Popejoy Hall Grammy Award-winner Chip

Campus Calendar continued on pg 16

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Housing Apartments Condos Duplexes Houses for Rent Houses for Sale Housing Wanted Office Space Rooms for Rent Sublets

For Sale

Audio & Video Bikes & Cycles Computer Stuff Pets For Sale Furniture Textbooks Vehicles for Sale

Employment Child Care Jobs Jobs off Campus Jobs on Campus Internships Jobs Wanted Volunteers Work Study Jobs

Announcements Albuquerque Metropolitan Area general meeting: Wednesday, December 13, 6pm. Erna Fergusson Library meeting room. 3700 San Mateo NE. Get involved with good values. Get beyond red and blue. PARTY


Health & Wellness

Route 66 CBD

66 Apothecary • Pure Hemp CBD Products • Kratom • Colloidal Silver And much more!!

No Medical Card Required!! (505) 503-7719 1824 Central SE

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Up to 20% cheaper international & domestic shipping

Chinese visa service FREE supplies & boxes 1916 Central SE Ste B (505) 237-2100 EGG DONOR PROGRAM - Caperton Fer-

tility Institute, anonymously empower another woman to become a mother by donating your eggs. You will be generously compensated up to $10,000. Become an egg donor: w w w. C a p e r t o n F e r t i l i t y. c o m / e g g -donation


Caring and confidential. FREE PREGNANCY TESTING. Southwestern Women’s Options. 522 Lomas Blvd NE, 505-242-7512.




& Zipper Repair. 136 Washington SE Suite G. 505-256-7220. ABQREPAIR.



Ph.D., English, published, can help. 254-9615. Voice Only. MasterCard/ VISA.

TUTOR FOR ASTRONOMY, chemistry, physics, +proofreading. Call for appointment. 505-254-9117. TUTORING - ALL ages, most subjects.

Experienced Ph.D. 265-7799.


WWW.UNMRENTALS.COM Awesome university apartments. Unique, hardwood floors, FP’s, courtyards, fenced yards. Houses, cottages, efficiencies, studios, 1, 2 and 3BDRM’s. Garages. 505-843-9642. Open 6 days/week. A BLOCK SOUTH of UNM. Awesome

studios. 1&2BDRM apartments, includes utilities, no pets. Move-in special. Call 255-2685 or 268-0525.

1BDRM, 2BDRMS, 3BDRMS, and 4BDRMS. William H. Cornelius, real estate consultant: 2432229.




1BDRM 4 BLOCKS south of UNM. $675/mo. All bills paid. First, last plus damage deposit. New everything. 505750-1169.

Jobs Off Campus

Page 7-10

VETERINARY ASSISTANT/ RECEPTIONIST/ Kennel help. Pre-veterinary stu-

dent preferred. Interviews by appointment only. Ponderosa Animal Clinic: 881-8990/ 881-8551.

Rooms For Rent FURNISHED ROOMS FOR rent. Walk across the street to UNM campus. Very small room, $290/mo. Very large room, $430/mo. Includes utilities/ wifi. Quiet male student only. 505-2430553.


PROGRAM STAFF $10/hour. Sunday Mornings 9:15-12:15. Shepherd of the Valley Church. Weekly nursery and recreational program. Creative interaction with children. Background check. Resume:

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LOOKING FOR A grad student to tutor high school junior. Needs help with Algebra II, English and other subjects. Evenings Mon-Thu & Sundays. Hourly pay. Starts immediately.

ONE BEDROOM GUESTHOUSE for lease. $650/mo +gas and electricity. Deposit negotiable. 611 Silver SE. Hunning Highland, close to UNM, CNM, Downtown. No pets. References required. Text or Call 505-250-2800. CLOSE TO UNM. For rent, 3BDRM, 2BA, W/D, $1150/mo. Year lease, 1st, last, DD $1000. 505-273-1115. 50% discount on last month’s rent, If signed by year end.

looking for service oriented personnel needed for full time & part time seasonal positions for lift operators, snow maintenance (snow making, cat operators, snow removal, mechanic), ski/ snowboard instructors, rental shop, cashiers, food service, retail shop, janitorial, parking lot attendants & CDL licensed drivers (passenger endorsement) for ski shuttle. Apply in person only at the ski area base lodge. All applicants must bring current driver’s license and social security card. Sat. Dec. 9th, 10am-4pm.

WANT A JOB? Want a career? Love

Computer Stuff

Houses For Rent

MODERN 2BDRM HOUSE near Medical School, UNMH, Law School. $1200/mo. Off-street parking. Detached garage, large living, and dining. Hardwood floors, fireplace, spacious basement, private large patio, secure location, new appliances. NS. NP. References and credit check. Roberto 505-331-2022.

SANDIA PEAK SKI and Tramway are


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children? You can earn money and professionally grow at: Wesley Kids Childcare & Preschool. Working with children ages 6 weeks to 8 years is our specialty. With two full-time positions available. Located near downtown. We are a 5-Star FOCUS facility with great opportunities for you to grow and become one of our team members. If you are seriously interested in children and being an active member of our team, contact us at 505-247-2404.

Changing the lives of children and families every day. CUSTOM SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT!

We can create or modify software for you! C++, Python, Java, or web software running on Php, Drupal or Wordpress.505-750-1169.

$630/mo. Utilities included. 2 blocks to UNM, no pets, NS. 301 Harvard SE 505-262-0433.

1 & 2BDRMS, 3 blocks UNM, utilities included, 313 Girard SE $610/750. Inquire move-in special. 505-246-2038. STUDIOS W/ FREE utilities, 1 block

UNM. Call 505-246-2038 Text 505-4408683 (9AM-6PM only). 1515 Copper NE. $495/ 515/mo. Ask move-in special.

Hiring for 40 30+ positions! • Hiring mental health technicians and nurses (RN/LPN) • Flexible schedules—great for students • Internships available • Beautiful campus • Benefits available • Large opportunity for growth—95% of promotions are from within the company

1BDRM APARTMENT. NO parties, responsible student. $550/mo. Elias 505-



from UNM. Remodeled, $600/mo, utilities paid, quiet neighborhood. Call or leave a message at 505-888-3493.

FREE UNM PARKING, large, clean.

1BDRM. $540/mo. No pets. 505-8509749.

Desert Hills is a provider of behavioral health services for youth ages 5-18.

LARGE 1BDRM, CLEAN quiet. $540/mo,

No pets. 209 Columbia SE. 505-9805812.

LOBO LIFE Monday-Sunday, CampusDecember Calendar of Events 11-17, 2017

Campus Calendar continued from pg 15

THURSDAY Campus Events

Food Not Bombs! 12:00-1:00pm In front of UNM Bookstore Free lunch in front of the UNM Bookstore. Every Thursday at noon. Everyone is welcome. Honors College Graduation 6:00-10:00pm SUB Theater Honors College Distinguished Alumni Award Ceremony 6:00-9:00pm SUB Theater

Lectures & Readings Dissertation Presentation 12:00-1:00pm Reginald Heber Fitz Hall, Room 203 Arden Vanderwall, Biomedical Science Graduate Program, presents “Characterization of the cellular mechanisms underlying spinal non-viral interleukin-10 gene therapy formulated with D-mannose for treatment of peripheral neuropathic pain.”

Southwest Research and Special Collections: People and Places 5:30-6:30pm Zimmerman Library, Frank Waters Room 105 Dennis Reinhartz, PhD, University of Texas at Arlington, presents “Cartographic Legacy: Spanish Royal Engineers for the Southwest.” University Libraries Center for Southwest Research and Special Collections Fall 2017 Lecture Series 6:00-7:00pm Zimmerman Library Frank Waters Room 105 Dennis Reinhartz (Emeritus), University of Texas, Arlington, presents, “Cartographic Legacy: Spanish Royal Engineers for the Southwest.”

Meetings CL Neuroradiology Conference 2:00-3:00pm Family Medicine Center, Room 420 Caregivers Journaling Support Group UNM Comprehensive Cancer Center, Room 1604 A journaling support group for family and friends of cancer patients. Discover the healing power of writing to express thoughts and feelings. No prior writing experience needed; spelling and grammar do not matter.

Journal With The Women’s Resource Center 4:00-5:00pm WRC Group Room


Campus Events UNM Fall 2017 Commencement 6:00-9:00pm Dreamstyle Arena College of Fine Arts Reception 8:30-10:00pm Dreamstyle Arena Club

Lectures & Readings Dermatology Grand Rounds 8:00-9:00am Deratology Library Ioannis Kalampokis, UNM, presents a talk based on pediatric rheumatology.

Art & Music Recital Navideño 7:00-9:00pm Rodey Theater The National Institute of Flamenco presents the 19th annual Recital Navideño, a winter performance for the whole family featuring performances by students of all

To submit a calendar listing, email

ages from the Conservatory for Flamenco Arts. $20/ $25


presents the 19th annual Recital Navideño, a winter performance for the whole family featuring performances by students of all ages from the Conservatory for Flamenco Arts. $20/ $25

Campus Events

Sports & Recreation

School of Engineering Convocation 10:00-11:00am Albuquerque Convention Center, Kiva Auditorium Graduation ceremony for students in the School of Engineering.

UNM Men’s Basketball vs Arizona 6:00-8:00pm Dreamstyle Arena Tickets starting at $22/Free with Student I.D.

College of Education Convocation 10:00-11:00am Johnson Gymnasium Anderson School of Management 2:00-3:00pm UNM Johnson Center

Art & Music Holiday Pops 6:00-7:00pm Popejoy Hall The Manzano Day School Chorus, and the Bosque School and Rio Rancho High School Choirs join the NMPhil. Jason Altieri conducts. Free to attend.

SUNDAY Art & Music

Recital Navideño 2:00-4:00pm Rodey Theater The National Institute of Flamenco presents the 19th annual Recital Navideño, a winter performance for the whole family featuring performances by students of all ages from the Conservatory for Flamenco Arts. $20/ $25

Recital Navideño 7:00-9:00pm Rodey Theater The National Institute of Flamenco

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NM Daily Lobo 12/11/17  
NM Daily Lobo 12/11/17  

NM Daily Lobo 12/11/17