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NEVER sell your ticket to a show. I did that a long, long time ago when a certain group called the Stray Cats came to town, and for some reason I parted with my stub just before showtime when someone offered me a ridiculously large sum of cash for it. I would have to wait until 2004 to finally see Brian, Lee and Slim Jim Phantom take over London with their Rumble In Brixton show that blew the rafters off the Academy. Back together to celebrate forty years of struttin’ through the alleys, we sat them down to talk cars, bars and guitars ahead of their European tour. Miss these cats at your peril ‘cos it promises to be the show of the year.

As well as all that we go punk rock with Glen Matlock, Bad Religion, Johnny Moped and Jordan, get glammed up and stompin’ with Giuda, and all sinful with the heart of Liverpool, Mr Mighty Wah! himself, Pete Wylie.

So rev it up and let’s rock this town until our next issue.

Eugene Butcher Editor In Chief

62. THE WILDHEARTS With new album ‘Renaissance Men’ announcing their triumphant return, Guy Shankland sits down with The Wildhearts.


Forming in 1983 around a love of Sunday dinners, traditional ale and psychobilly, The Blubbery Hellbellies should have been massive (sorry, I couldn’t resist!). Several indie chart albums and singles like ‘I Don’t Wanna Get Thin’ followed so we asked Rebellion festival regular and founding member Arthur AKA Arturo Bassick as well as Clive ‘Slim’ Pain what happened and ‘Where Are They Now?’.


In a series dedicated to the albums that made 1979 shine bright, Vive Le Rock rings you the full story of some truly pivotal records.

RANKING ROGER21/02/63 - 26/03/19

eternal flame

Tragically passing away in March, Vive Le Rock pays tribute to Prodigy frontman KEITH FLINT and tracks down his ‘lost’ solo punk album ‘Device #1’.



The best part of breaking up… is when you bounce back with one of the best albums of your career after forty years in the game! on the eve of their first uk dates in over a decade, the STRAY CATS tell gerry ranson what’s goin’ down!

Rockabilly rebels or twobit chancers? Simon Nott pulled on his creepers to chat to Dave Bartram of


With new album ‘Renaissance Men’ announcing their triumphant return, Guy Shankland sits down with THE WILDHEARTS.

After decades of getting around real slow baby, JOHNNY MOPED have hit high gear with the release of their second album since 2016. Basically, VLR’s Dick Porter finds out how and why from Johnny and guitar wizard Slimy Toad.