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Card Room Action Casino Entertainment TRAVEL – ZION National Park Blackjack Corner – The REAL World Talking Stick Resort’s Expedia Award REEL REVIEWS – Hilarious Monty Python Slots! Vol. 24 No. 9 • September 2016

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4 ARIZONA PLAYER September 2016

Vol. 24 No. 9 • September 2016

Boyd’s Eye View of Video Poker Linda Boyd “Key Hands – Part 2”


Cover Story “Mazatzal Casino celebrates 2nd Annual Testicle Festival


Gaming News “Talking Stick Resort receives another Prestigious Award”


Card Room Action Table Game Action Around the State


Reel Reviews Kevin Cummings “Monty Python slots are Hilarious”


TJ's Blackjack Corner TJ Jorgensen “The REAL World”


Entertainment Casino Entertainment State-wide


Travel “Travel - Zion National Park”


David at the Snack Bar David Ramsey Film and DVD reviews


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Part II JOB Key Hands Jacks or Better (JOB) 9/6 JOB

8/5 JOB

7/5 JOB




Straight Flush




4 of a Kind




Full House












Three of a Kind




Frequent Hands:

Two Pair




In Part I of this two-part series I indicated four frequent hands along with the correct holds; you will want to refer to that column and add these frequent hands to the list. It’s a good idea to review all of them before heading to a casino to play the games listed. Be aware that you will always want to play 9/6JOB as your first choice, especially if you find a progressive version, and 8/5BP as the second choice. I would not play the other games but know many players will, particularly if it’s the game with the best ER (expected return) in the casino. Here are more frequent hands along with the correct holds.

Jacks or Better










by Linda Boyd


art I Re-Cap: In August’s issue of Arizona Player you were given four frequent hands, along with the computer-correct way to play them for 9/6JOB. In addition to the correct play for 9/6JOB these holds are accurate for 8/5JOB, 7/5JOB, 8/5BP and 7/5BP. Make sure the pay schedule is an exact match with the ones you see below on Table1.1 and Table 1.2.

Hand/ 5-Coin Bet Royal Flush

Expected Return Variance TBonus Poker (BP) Hand/ 5-Coin Bet Royal Flush (Rf)

8/5 Bonus Poker

7/5 BP



1. Dealt Flush, Along With Open-Ended Four Flush:

Straight Flush



Always hold the dealt flush over four to an open-ended straight flush, keeping in mind it is not four to a Royal Flush (RF). For example, dealt 4 of hearts, 5 of hearts, 6 of hearts, 7 of hearts, and 10 of hearts you would hold the flush instead of holding 4, 5, 6, and 7 of hearts for a straight flush (SF). The 30 coins you receive for the dealt flush (5-coin wager) will be better in the long run than going for the 250-coin payout you get for drawing the SF.

4 Aces



Four 2’s, 3’s or 4’s



Four 5's-Kings



Full House









3 of a Kind



2 Pair





Expected Return






2. Low Pair With Three Unsuited High Cards: Always hold the non-paying pair instead of the three unsuited high cards. For example, dealt 5 of hearts, 5 of spades, Ace of diamonds, Queen of Hearts and Jack of spades you should hold the pair of fives instead of the A, Q and J. This, of course, is not the same as three to the RF when the cards are the same suit. Dealt three to a RF you would hold those three over any non-paying pair.

Jacks or Better

3. Four Card Inside Straight With Three Unsuited High Cards:

Final Thoughts:

You would hold four to the inside straight instead of the three high cards. For example, dealt 6 of spades, 9 of hearts, Jack of hearts, Queen of diamonds and King of spades you would hold 9, J, Q, K instead of the J, Q and K. Be aware that if you had three suited high cards then you would have three to a RF and you would hold those three cards. So if you had J,Q,K of hearts along with the 9 of spades and 6 of diamonds, then you would hold J, Q, K of hearts or three to the RF. Where it gets tricky is when you have two to the RF and they’re in any J, Q, K combo. If you have any suited two of these three cards, then you would hold those two instead of four to the inside SF. So if you have 9 of spades, J of hearts, Q of hearts, K of diamonds and 6 of spades you would hold just the J of hearts and Q of hearts over the four to the inside straight.

So here you have several frequent hands in this two-part series on which I often see players make incorrect and costly holds. While it’s true that perfect play is need to get the theoretical return or ER and it’s always over the long run the better you play frequently dealt hands the closer your long-term results will resemble the ER you see in Tables 1.1 and 1.2.

6 ARIZONA PLAYER September 2016

Linda Boyd, a long-time table game player before turning to video poker, also writes for “Southern & Midwest Gaming”and the latest edition of “American Casino Guide”. You can see her videos on YouTube or view them on American Casino Guide’s web site and her radio interviews are on iTunes. Boyd’s book, “The Video Poker Edge”, includes free removable pay schedules and strategy cards for the most popular games. The latest edition is available from, Square One Publishers and book stores. Kindle edition now Toll Free: 877-900-BOOK


the 2016

Testicle Festival

On Saturday, October 8 - head to the cool tall pines of Payson with friends and family and have a ball during their 2ndAnnual Testicle Festival!

The Rim Country’s finest food will be available along with merchandise from all types of vendors. The activities and all-around fun begins at 10am and guests can enjoy great family friendly entertainment. Join in! Enter eating contests to win cash & prizes. Events and contests are free and open to the public, however, entrants must be 21+ for the adult eating contests and there is an entry fee for the Corn Hole Tournament If you would like to play in the Corn-Hole Tournament You must be 18+ to enter. There is a $40 entry fee per 2 person team. Payment and registration are available at the cashier cage or (there is a maximum of 40 teams in the tournament) Here are some important rules: • Corn-hole registration is at the Gift Shop. • You must register for the October 8th tournament by no later than Sept 25, 2016. • Corn-hole Tournament check-in & warm ups are between 8:30-9:30am October 8th- Bags fly @ 10am.

Outdoor Schedule of events on October 8: 10am The Corn-hole Tournament and the Festival Begins (Free Admission) 2pm Hot Dog Eating Contest 3pm Hot Wing Eating Contest 4pm Kids Pie Eating Contest 4:15pm The exciting Rocky Mountain Oyster Eating Contest (limited to adults) with a $100 1st Place Prize! The champion will also receive a trophy and T-Shirt. Guests can sign up for the Eating Contests up to 15 minutes prior to the starting times when gates open. All eating contests participants will receive a limited edition t-shirt for participating (excludes kids contest) and individual contest winners will receive a small trophy. 8 ARIZONA PLAYER September 2016

Indoor Schedule of events: 7:30pm Event Center Doors open for Southbound - (The LynyrdSkynyrd Tribute Band). Ticket prices $15 advance / $20 Day of event. All vendors for event will be coordinated by the Rim Country Regional Chamber of Commerce. For more information visit or stop by the Players Club. Have a ball at the Mazatzal! Mazatzal Hotel & Casino is located in Payson, just a 55 minute drive north of Fountain Hills on Hwy 87

gaming news TALKING STICK RESORT AWARDED “BEST OF +VIP ACCESS” DESTINATION one of the world’s largest full service online travel sites has named Talking Stick Resort in Scottsdale as one of 2015’s “Best of +VIP Access” winners. Talking Stick Resort was named “Best of the Best” in service and was the winner out of 18 hotels in the Phoenix area. Worldwide, this annual award is only given to 300 of Expedia’s top rated +VIP Access hotels, which receive the highest customer satisfaction scores and popularity from Expedia’s qualified elite status members. “Talking Stick Resort is delighted to receive this award for the second year in a row,” said Ramon Martinez, director of public relations for Casino Arizona and Talking Stick Resort. “Stellar customer service is an everyday priority and we are ecstatic to be recognized by our guests as one of the best destinations in Phoenix, especially as a prelude to the holiday season which is magical at Talking Stick Resort.” Owned and operated by the Salt River PimaMaricopa Indian Community (SRPMIC), Talking Stick Resort is one of the leading Valley attrac-

10 ARIZONA PLAYER September 2016

tions. In addition to 496 guest rooms, the property contains 11 restaurants and lounges, four pools, a world-class spa, 650-seat showroom, 25,000 sq. ft. grand ballroom, thriving cultural center and more than 113,000 sq. ft. of indoor and outdoor meeting space along with a massive gaming area. “Expedia is thrilled to recognize hotels around the globe that continue to exceed customer expectations,” said John Morrey, Vice President and General Manager of “We’re particularly delighted to honor a select group of hotels that have earned this honor for consecutive years

running. Smart customer service is a differencemaker – customers reward it and Expedia rewards it as well, as our systems are designed to generate more business for hotels who provide the best customer experiences.” Special benefits for Expedia+ members include free parking and transfers, resort credits, free spa treatments and Wi-Fi, as well as complimentary food and drink for travelers at

the Expedia +Silver or +Gold level. Visitors to can identify a +VIP Access Hotel when booking on by looking for the +VIP Access logo alongside the hotel listing. Talking Stick Resort is a AAA Four Diamond Rated Resort and a central landmark within the emerging Talking Stick Cultural and Entertainment Destination is located in Scottsdale, Ariz., just east of the Loop 101 on Talking Stick Way, For more information, visit

CARD ROOM ACTION Apache Gold Casino 800-272-2438 Globe, AZ Dealing blackjack daily at 3pm

Arena Poker Room at Talking Stick Resort 480-850-7777

Scottsdale, AZ COMING - October 14, 15 & 16 - The Arena Fall Classic - Register for all 3 daily Tournaments and receive a Complimentary stay for the Weekend! In addition, you can WIN A SEAT into this event during single entry “Shootouts” (Sept 19 thru Oct 14) anytime 10 players sign up Mon - Fri, 11:15am - NLHE Tournament - $125 buy-in Mon - Thurs, 7:15pm - NLHE, $145 buy-in Fri, 7:15pm - NLHE Tournament - $200 buy-in Sat, Oct 8 & Nov 12 at 11:15 am, “Super Bounty” NLHE, $240 buy-in$100 Bounties Sat, Sept 24, Oct 29, Nov 26 & Dec 24 at 11:15am - End of Month-NLHE - $160 buy-in Sat, Oct 1, Nov 5 & Dec3 - 11:15am - “Big Stack” NLHE - $345 buy-in Sun, Oct 30, 11:15am - Ladies NLHE tournament Sun, Oct 9 - Jack & Jill NLHE Tournament at 11:15am - $110 buy-in Player Special (2am-Noon) $4 breakfast/$6.75 Steak & eggs - $16 Prime Rib Dinner on Mondays

Also dealing blackjack 24/7

Bluewater Resort & Casino 888-243-3360 Ext#7649

Parker, AZ Poker Room opens earlier (at 2pm) daily starting October 1 Tues at 7pm, NLHE Tournament - $35 buy-in, w/one $20 re-buy, $5 Bounties Thurs at 7pm, NLHE - $40 buy-in, $20 re-buy & $5 Bounties w/“High Hand” of the Tournament Fri at 8pm, NLHE - $35 buy-in w/$20 re-buy & $5 Bounties Sat at 8pm, NLHE - $100 buy-in w/no re-buys Daily Aces Cracked $40 - max 3 per day Wed, all day - Straight flush $50 & High hand of day at 8pm pays $ 50 Fri, all day - 4 of a kind $50, Royal Flush $200 - High hand of day at 8pm pays $50 Bad Beat Hold-em Jackpot (aces full of 10s or better, beaten Quads or better) Just Added! Monday Night Football “Splash-pots” Dealing blackjack daily at 9am

Bucky’s Casino 928-515-5305

Prescott, AZ Mon - Thur, 10am - NLHE Shootouts $25 entry Mon - Thurs, 6pm NLHE $40 buy-in w/Opt $10 add-on(top 3-5 cash) top 5 earn points for Player of Month (3 places $300, $ 200 & $100) Sat, Noon - DEEP STACK Tournament - $100 buy-in - re-buys the first hour

Last Sunday at Noon - Omaha Hi/Lo - $100 added per table $80 buy-in Mon & Fri at 6pm - spreading $2/$100 Texas hold-em

12 ARIZONA PLAYER September 2016

Mon & Wed at 8am - Spreading Omaha Hi/Lo plus $25 High Hand each hour

JUST ADDED: NFL “Sunday Splash-pots” 3 games each week “Aces Cracked” 24/7 Wins $75 in any Texas Hold Em game Straight Flush pays $50 Royal pays $100 Dealing blackjack 24/7 - Now playing; Texas Shoot Out and High Card Flush w/bonus jackpot

Casino Arizona 480-850-7777

Scottsdale, AZ Blackjack Tournaments: Tues, noon $1,000 added “Break at Noon” $ 50 buy-in “Great Late” Tournament, $25 buy-in (Starts at 1am Friday morning) Dealing blackjack 24/7

Casino Del Sol 520-838-6565

Tucson, AZ World Poker Tour Deep Stack Tournaments: $ 150,000 Guaranteed NLHE Event; Fri, Sat, Sun & Mon Sept 23 thru 26 Sept 23 & 24 at noon - $1,100 buy-in - Sept 25, (semi-finals) Sept 26 - Final Table $ 150,000 MAIN EVENT SATELLITES; Monday Sept 19, 6pm, $130 buy-in (10% of the entrants qualify) LAST CHANCE MEGA Satellite: Thurs Sept 22 at 3pm - $260 buy-in (20% of the entrants qualify) Additional WPT Deep Stack Tournaments: Tues Sept 20 at 6pm - $10,000 Guaranteed Omaha Hi-Lo - $150 buy-in Wed Sept 21 at 6pm - $10,000 Guaranteed NLHE ($25) Bounty event - $175 buy-in Mon-Fri, 10 am - $800 Guaranteed (w/30 players) NLHE, $25 buy-in, opt $5 chip-up & $10 add-on Sun & Tues, 7pm - $1,000 guarantee FREE ROLL - 50 players max (no cost) opt “chip up” of $6 Wed, 7pm - $1,500 Guarantee Omaha Hi-Lo, $20 buy-in/Opt $20 add-on Sun 11am - $2,000 Guaranteed NLHE, $65 buy-in - no re-buys Sat, 9am - $300 added Limit Omaha Hi-Lo, $20 buy-in, $5 re-buys & one $10 add-on Sat noon - $ 1,500 Guaranteed NLHE - $35 buy-in - no re-buys with opt $5 chip-up & $5 add-on Bad Beat Jackpot increases by $1,000 every Monday till hit - play in a “live” game on ANY table and you share 20% of the jackpot! Double Omaha Hi-Lo Jackpot between Mid-4am, 8am-12pm & 4pm-8pm $ 4,600 in cash drawings every week! Sun 2-6pm & 8-10pm, MonThurs (12:30 - 3:30) Fri (12:30pm-3:30am) & Sat (2-6pm) Mon - Fri “Stack for a Rack” Buy in for a “rack”, play 2 hours and get a “stack”! Dealing Blackjack 24/7 featuring; Crazy 4 Poker, Texas Shootout, Casino WAR & Ultimate Texas Hold’Em!

Cliff Castle Casino 928-567-7952

Camp Verde, AZ Mon-Fri, 10am - NLHE Shoot-out, $30 buy-in, w/no re-buys Wed, 6pm - NLHE Tournament $30 buy-in

Thurs, 6:30pm - NLHE Tournament $20 buy-in, Max 2 tables re-enter first 10 minutes Fri, 7pm - NLHE Shoot-outs, $150 added per table of 10 - $25 buy-in - no re-buys Sat, Noon - $10 added per player - NLHE $50 or $100 buy-in tables w/opt $5 dealer chip up All Week - Royal Flush pays $100 “Aces Cracked” Win from $ 50-$200 Dealing blackjack; 9am - 2am (Mon-Thurs) 9am - 4am (Fri & Sat)

Cocopah Casino 800-237-5687

Somerton, AZ Dealing blackjack daily at 10am

Desert Diamond Casino Hotel 520-342-1810

Tucson, AZ Mon & Thurs at 9:30 am, plus Tues & Wed at 7pm $500 added NLHE - $35 buy-in no re-buys Daily - Any Royal Flush $200 Hold Em, $100 Omaha, Straight Flush $100 Hold Em, $50 Omaha Mon, Thurs, Sat & Sun - “50-50-50 GRIDIRON Splash-pots” (selected TV College & Pro games) Special Poker Room menu at ½ off regular prices Dealing blackjack 24/7 w/3 card poker, “progressive 6 card bonus” “Push Bet” and “IN BETWEEN” bet - featuring three 3-deck shoes along with 6-deck shoes

Desert Diamond I-19 Casino 1-866-332-9467 Sahuarita, AZ Dealing blackjack 24/7

Fort McDowell Casino 480-789-4284

Fountain Hills, AZ Mon, Wed, Thurs & Fri at Noon NLHE - $30 buy-in - $20 add-on - No-rebuys Tues, noon and Sat 4pm - Omaha Hi-Lo, $40 buy-in ($100 added per table) Mon at 7pm, Omaha High/Low - $5 buy in w/$5 re-buys - plus at the break $5 -$20 add-on Sun, Tues & Thurs, 7pm - NLHE - $5 buy-in Fri, 7pm, NLHE - $60 buy-in w/one $10 dealer add-on for additional $5,000 in chips Sat, Noon & 4pm - NLHE - $5 buy-in Sat, 7pm, NLHE Deep Stack tournament - $50 buy-in w/opt $30 add-on Sun, Noon & Wed, 7pm - NLHE - $10 buy-in, $5 re-buys & Double $ 20 add-on at the break Ladies NLHE Poker Tournament - Sept 18, Oct 16, Nov 13 & Dec 11 $60 BI w/Opt $10 chip-up “Aces Cracked” 24/7 Min $100 up to $1,000! See poker room for details

“Easy way Jackpot” Aces full of tens beaten by Quads or better wins Jackpot! “Faces Cracked” daily 5pm to 1am - Win $75 hourly Dealing blackjack 24/7 w/“Free Bet” split Aces up to 3 times & hit more than once & Double Down after first hit! Also playing “Push Bet” that pays 10-1 when you push with the dealer!

CARD ROOM ACTION Harrah’s Ak-Chin Casino 480-802-5138

Maricopa, AZ Tues 7:30pm ½ & ½ NLHE & Omaha High - $40 buy-in no re-buys Wed 7:30pm “Crazy Pineapple” w/$20 Bounties - $40 buy-in - no re-buys Thurs, 7:30pm - NLHE, $20 Buy-in plus three $10 re-buys & two $ 10 add-ons Sat, 12:30pm - $500 Guaranteed NLHE - $50 buy-in Sun 12:30pm - NLHE - $25 buy-in w/two $10 add-ons at the break Aces Cracked - 24/7 pays $50 D-Backs $50 Splash Pots each inning they score - $100 splash for winning the game! COMING SOON - World Series “Splash-pots” $ 25 Splash pots” every ½ hour NFL and College splash pots - Selected TV games. Also dealing blackjack 24/7 - including “Push the bet”

Hon-Dah Casino 928-369-7555

Pinetop, AZ Open Tues & Thurs at 10am, Mon, Wed & Fri at 4pm, Sat & Sun at 2pm Mon, 6pm - NLHE - “$25 Bounty” Tournament, $45 buy-in w/$10 re-buys and $10 add-on Tues, 6pm - NLHE “Speed Shoot-Out” $15 buy-in (no re-buys) $2 chip-up Wed, 6pm - No-limit Hold Em - $40 buy-in no re-buys Thurs, 6pm - Omaha Hi-Lo - $40 buy-in, no re-buys Sat, 4pm - NLHE, $30 buy-in, $10 re-buys + $10 add-on Sun, 4pm, Crazy Pineapple $30 buy-in, $10 re-buys + $10 add-on “Early bird” tournament chips available daily before tournaments Fri & Sat - all day, $100 High Hand (Hold Em)

Lone Butte Casino 800-946-4452

Chandler, AZ Dealing blackjack 24/7 Progressive Jackpots include; Crazy 4 Poker & Ultimate Texas Hold EM at all 3 Gila River Casinos! PAI GOW Jackpot was hit recently and it’s growing again.

Mazatzal Hotel & Casino 800-777-7529

Payson, AZ JUST ADDED! “Road to Vegas” First Wednesday of each month thru April 5 at 6pm - $50 buy-in w/$50 bounties - 2 winners each tournament are seeded into the “Tournament of Champions” on April 26 - Grand Prize $1,000 cash and a seat into a 2017 WSOP Tournament in Las Vegas

13 ARIZONA PLAYER September 2016

Live poker Wed–Sun at 10am- includes Omaha on Wed & Thurs morning, and Hold em Fri & Sat nights at 6pm (you can sign up the day before for all live games. Wed, 6pm, plus Sat & Sun at 3pm, NLHE Tournament, $25 buy-in - no re-buys Dealing blackjack 10am to 1am, with $5 games including the “Push Bet”, “Texas Shoot-Out” and new “Multiplier” Blackjack Mon, 6pm, Blackjack Tournament $40 buy-in w/two $25 re-buys Bonus Blackjack get dealt a 6, 7 & 8 “21” win up to $200

Quechan Casino Resort 1-877-783-2426

Winterhaven, CA Open 10am Sat/Sun, 4pm Mon/Tues, 2pm Wed/Thurs Wed/Thurs at 2pm & Fri thru Sun at 10am - spreading 4/8 Hold Em with a kill, 4/8 Omaha hi-low split with a kill also 3-6 & 4-8 limit Texas Hold Em, plus 1-3 & 2-5 No Limit Texas Hold Em Sat, 1pm, NLHE ($20) bounty tournament $60 buy-in, unlimited buy-ins first hour Sun, 4pm, “Deep Stack” NLHE $100 buy-in Dealing blackjack 24/7 - Special room rates for poker players

Twin Arrows Navajo Casino Resort 928-856-7244 Flagstaff, AZ Dealing blackjack 24/7

Vee Quiva Hotel & Casino 800-946-4452 Ext#1507

Laveen, AZ Sat, 11:15 am, NLHE “Big Stack w/$10 bounties”-$50 buy-in /Opt $ 10 Staff chip up & $20 add-on Sun 11:15 am, NLHE “Sunday Brunch”$30 buy-in w/Opt $10 Staff “chip-up” & $20 add-on break Wed, 7:30pm, NLHE “Humpday”$40 buy-in w/Opt $10 Staff fee before play for added chips

Tues 7:30pm, Limit Omaha Hi-Lo $40 BI w/Opt $10 Staff fee

D-Backs “Splash Pots” each time D-Back’s score a run - 3 tables “Splashed” $50 - ALL tables splashed $50 for a Grand Slam! NFL & College “Splash pots” Sat, Sun, Mon & Thurs - selected TV games Dealing blackjack 24/7 - Friday Afternoon Blackjack Tournament at 4pm - $30 buy-in Progressive Jackpots for Ultimate Texas Hold EM & Crazy 4 Poker grow daily at all 3 Casinos! The PAI GOW Progressive Jackpot was hit recently and it’s growing again.

Wild Horse Pass Hotel & Casino 800-946-4452 Ext #7375

Chandler, AZ Mon-Thurs, Noon - NLHE, $30 buy-in, opt $10 “chip-up” no re-buys - $150 added per table Tues & Wed, 7:30pm - $1,000 added NLHE Freeze Out, $50 entry fee w/$10 optional add-on Sun, 3:30pm, NLHE - $30 buy-in, $5 opt, $20 add-on & bonus chips for play before tournament

Baseball “Splash Pots” during selected games - Any time a run is scored - 4 tables are “Splashed” $50 - Guaranteed 12 tables will be splashed during any game

NFL & College “Splash pots” Thurs, Sat & Sun & Mon - selected TV games “Aces Cracked” Win a Rack - NFL “Splash Pots” are back! “Rolling Cash Fever” Drawing every other hour 24/7, $100 min, increases by $100 if not hit - must go at 11pm on Monday Food specials: ½ price poker room menu Progressive Jackpots for Ultimate Texas Hold EM & Crazy 4 Poker grow daily at all 3 Casinos! The PAI GOW Progressive Jackpot was hit recently and it’s growing again.

before play for added chips

Sat Noon, 1st Sat of the month “Super Stack” NLHE - $110 BI, $20 Staff “chip up” & $20 add-on “Quads or Better” Starts at $50, up $25 a day till hit - “Straight Flush” starts at $100 up by $50 per day till hit! Royal Flush starts at $200 up $50 per day till hit Quads or better progressive increases daily “ACES CRACKED” spins the wheel - win up $300 Early Bird Chips” for live play before any tournament - 1st & 2nd place at final table qualify for the “Tournament of Champions” FREE ROLL each quarter. Next one is Nov 26


please send updates to

reel reviews by kevin cummings

ARIZONA PLAYER September 2016 14

TJ’s Blackjack corner

The Real World by TJ Jorgensen

by TJ Jorgensen

16 ARIZONA PLAYER September 2016


actual expected Dollars

hen you walk into a casino each and every game has a negative expectation for the player. If you play any game long enough you will lose. It’s not a question of if you will lose, just when. In the short run players will win sometimes, but if they play long enough the outcome will be a loss. The Casino knows that a gambler only has to win once every 22 trips to keep them gambling, and that’s about how most the games are set up. There is one game in the Casino that a Player can actually overcome the house edge.  The game of Blackjack can be beaten if a Player is willing to take the time and learn to count cards. A Player who uses Basic Strategy is at about a .56% disadvantage. A card counter who plays a flawless game will have about a 1.25% over the Casino, and then it’s not a question of if the Player will win – just when. If I flip a coin there are two possible outcomes, a heads or a tails. On a random flip each is as likely as the other to be the result so it’s a 50/50 gamble. If you flip the coin 10 times you would expect to get 5 heads and 5 tails, but the reality might be 4 heads and 6 tails or somewhere in between. The reality of that outcome is called standard deviation. This would be the result about 68.3% of the time if you did hundreds of trials. What would be unusual is if you ended up with a lot of trials that ended in 5 heads and 5 tails. Understanding standard deviation is a must to survive the mental anguish caused by the losses that are a part of the game. Card counters who have studied hard have an unrealistic expectation to win every time they play. When they have several losing sessions they tend to forget what they learned and start deviating from the way they should play, like not splitting or over betting. Nothing has caused card counters to give up the game than a lack of understanding about normal everyday variance – or what most people would call luck. Just learn to count cards, what’s the worst that can happen? You lose money. But play proper strategy and don’t over bet, it’s not a question if you will win, just when. I have been extracting money from casinos year after year. I record when I play, how





9 11 13 15 17 19 21 23 25 27 29 31 33 35 37 39 41 43 45 47 49

Playing Sessions much I played, how much I win or lose. If I didn’t make money I wouldn’t do it. Let’s take for example a typical $5 Blackjack game. The following is what you can expect playing a six deck game. For every 3 hours of play you would expect to make around $22. What will actually happen is 68.3% of the time you would have wins of $191 or losses of -$147. Then 95% of the time you would have wins of $360 and losses of -$316. If you are to be a successful plx ayer you have to be able to absorb losses and if you’re not prepared for them you can get frustrated and quit. I am not a person who just talks about the game, just before writing this article, I went out and played 50 hours of Blackjack and recorded my results. Blackjack is not a slow consistent way to make money. Your bank-roll can resemble a roller

coaster, up and down all day long - But if you don’t blow your cool, you stand a good chance of making some money. The following chart shows my bankroll and the hours played. It shows the expected out come and my actual outcome. If you think you have what it takes to be a card counter I teach it in my book “Playing Winning Blackjack” I also cover things you can do to help you win, things that you may never have thought about. You can get my E book on line on my website at

T.J. Jorgensen has been a professional blackjack player for over 20 years. He is well known for his live tournament play. He has competed against, and beaten, some of the top tournament players in the world and has won the prestigious World Series of Blackjack.

entertainment Apache Gold Casino Resort

(5 miles East of Globe on Hwy 70) 1-800-272-2438

David Nail

Sept 30 – Country star David Nail The POINT Sports Bar & Grill: Big screens to watch sports & more! The Point Sports Bar: Live bands on weekends;

BlueWater Resort and Casino

11300 Resort Dr., Parker 1-888-243-3360 On the Water: Oct 14, 15 & 16 – Lucas Oil Drag Boat Racing Series BlueWater Showroom: Oct 22 – Cage Rage 12 Dec 3 – “Thunder from Down Under” (Male revue for the ladies!)2 Shows 6 & 9pm. Dig Lounge: DJs/live bands & Sports on the big screens River’s Edge Cantina: Sports on the big screens

(6-8pm) Daisy Train at 8pm Thurs - Latin Fire Dance Night w/Dance Lessons (6-8pm) Rhythm of the Sun Band at 8pm Fri - Superhero Band at 8pm Sat - Live bands Bingo Hall: Fri & Sat at Midnight, L-8 Nite Bingo! Music, light show & dancing w/ host Corina & DJ Kenji!

Casino Del Sol

5655 W. Valencia Rd. Tucson 520-838-6506

Casino Arizona

101 at McKellips, Scottsdale 480-850-7734 Showroom: Monday Night Showroom Football! Call for exciting details Sept 16 & 17 – DSB – (Journey Tribute) Sept 23 & 24 – Don’t Look Back (Boston Experience) Sept 30 & Oct 1 – Motley Crue’d (Tribute band) Oct 7 & 8 – Blasphemous Rumours (Depeche Mode Tribute Band) Oct 21 & 22 – The Ultimate Stones (Rolling Stones Tribute) Oct 28 & 29 – RHOADS TO OZZ (Tribute to Ozzy Osbourne & Randy Rhoads) Arizona Room Patio Grill: Tues– Trivia Tuesdays - $1,000 up for grabs (register 5:30-6:30 - action starts at 7pm) Wed - Country dance instruction with Laina Lee,

18 ARIZONA PLAYER September 2016

Hank Williams Jr AVA Amphitheater: Sept 25 – Hank Williams Jr Oct 1 – WFF – MMA Casino del Sol Fights! Oct 6 – Neil Young + Promise of the Real Oct 9 – Chris Young Oct 14 – Los Tigres Del Norte & Alfredo Olivias


Fort McDowell Casino

Oct 21 – Ramon Ayala & Intocable Paradiso Bar: AZ top bands (free) every weekend and Tribute bands on Thursdays; Sept 22 – “Catch a Wave” (Beach Boys Tribute) Sept 23 – Santa Pachita Sept 24 – UPTOWN Sept 29 – Masters of Puppets (Metallica Tribute) Sept 30 – Warren G Band, Oct 22 & 23 -Casino del Sol Pool Lawn: The 1st Annual OCTOBERFEST; proceeds to benefit Boys & Girls Club of Tucson w/German food, giant pretzels, beer, cheese, brats, schnitzel and lots more!

N of Shea off Hwy 87, Fountain Hills 1-800-THE-FORT COMING SOON! The “32nd Birthday Bash” October 10th through October 15th – Call for all the details! “Lucky 7” Saloon: The top bands in Arizona on weekends; Mogollon, The Elevens, Club Country, Sugahbeats, Furious George and the Dave Arnold Band Oct 8 – Pay per View ON the Big Screen UFC #204 – BISPING vs HENDERSON – 2 OUTDOOR EVENT: Oct 22 – Ramon Ayala Bingo Hall: 1st Saturday of each month - Late Night Lunar Bingo w/ music & giveaways Updates - go to

Cliff Castle Casino

I-17 at exit 289 in Camp Verde 1-800-381-SLOT Stargazer Pavilion: Sept 24 – LLUVIA de ESTRELLAS 3 Dragonfly Lounge: live music on weekends;

Cocopah Casino Resort

15318 S Avenue B, Somerton, AZ (Yuma area) (928) 726-8066 Cocopah Casino Event Lawn: Oct 22 - Bridget’s Gifts presents Thompson Square w/ special Guest Lauren Alaina Sunset Lounge: Fri & Sat - Bling Bling Karaoke River Room: Best live bands in Arizona

Desert Diamond Casino Hotel

7350 South Nogales Hwy, Tucson 1-866-332-9467 Monsoon Night Club: Flashback Fridays: featuring Classic Hip-Hop and Old School w/ Primetime Deejays Saturdays: Hottest Live Latin bands like; Angel Norteno, Los Gallegos and others

20 ARIZONA PLAYER September 2016

Harrah’s Ak-Chin Resort & Casino Brian Regan

Desert Diamond Casino I-19

1100 West Pima Mine Road, Sahuarita 1-866-332-9467 Diamond Center: Sept 24 - Gloria Trevi - The Como Yo Te Amo World Tour Sept 30 – Comedian Brian Regan Oct 29 – Mick Adams & The Stones (Renowned Rolling Stones Tribute) Desert Diamond Casino Sahuarita Plaza: Oct 23 & 24 – The Bluegrass Festival with Peter Rowan and guests (10am till 6pm) on Saturday and Morton Twins and Guests (10am till 4pm) on Sunday – about 10 bands each day plus food, drinks and lots of fun! Sports Bar: Nightly Sports on big screens, plus Karaoke/DJ nightly & live bands on weekends

15406 Maricopa Rd., Maricopa 480-802-5000 THE LOUNGE: Friday, Saturday & Sunday in THE Lounge (5-8pm and 8pm-1am) BIG NAMES – NO COVER! Oct 28 - Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy


Great bands on weekends featuring; Young Country, Cold Shott & Hurricane Horns, Furious George, Smooth Groove, Walkens, Soundwave, Silhouette, Doo Wah Riders, Chance Tinder (Elvis Tribute) Queen Nation and Quantum Mon, Wed & Thurs (Happy Hour, 5-8pm) featuring; Western Fusion, Karen & Marcus, The Walkens Trio, Chuck E Duo, John Eric Duo, Freddie Duran Duo and others Wed (noon -4pm) featuring; Bandstand Shows, Thaddeus Rose, Silhouette or Jukebox For updates, go to

Lone Butte Casino

Highways 260 and 73, Pinetop 1-800-WAY-UP-HIGH Outdoor Event Center: Conference Center: Oct 14 – “Don’t Look Back” THE Boston Experience Oct 29 – Hon-Dah’s Haunted Halloween Party with $3,000 in Cash & Mountain Moolah – Costume Contest at 10pm $1,500 in cash prizes! Plus dance and party with The ROYAL PURPLE ROCKERS the rest of the evening! Timbers Lounge: Free entertainment, Monday is Comedy Night, Tues-Sat, Live bands Sept 13 thru 17 – Smokehouse Sept 20 thru 24 – Groove City Oct 4 thru 8 – Radio Wave Oct 11 thru 15 – Rockhall Doctors Oct 18 – 22 – The Strip Kings Nov 1-5 – Doo-wah Riders Nov 8 thru 12 – Barrio Latino

Mazatzal Hotel & Casino

Hon-Dah Resort and Casino

202 loop at the Kyrene exit - Chandler 1-800-WIN-GILA Lone Butte Event Center: Cascades Lounge: Call for updated schedule Mon, Tues & Fri (4-8pm) Featuring; Marty & the Party or Thaddeus Rose Fri & Sat (late night) w/ Shining Star, Smooth Groove, Thaddeus Rose or Rhythm of the Sun Band Cities Bar & Grille: Sunday: (10am-4pm) live Jazz during Brunch Buffet Bingo Hall: 11pm Fri & Sat - B.A.D BINGO w/ DJ “Rockin’ Rob” music, light show, bingo & giveaways 1/2-mile S. of Payson on Hwy 87 1-800-777-PLAY Event Center: Oct 8 – Southbound (A Tribute to Lynyrd Skynyrd) Apache Spirits Lounge: Entertainment nightly Thurs - Sat (live bands, Deejays and Sporting Events)

Paradise Casino

450 Quechan Drive, Yuma 1-888-777- 4946 Sharky’s Bar & Bites: DJ or bands on weekends

Quechan Casino Resort

525 Algodones Rd, Winterhaven CA (Yuma area) 1-877-783-2426 Sidewinders Bar: Free weekend entertainment w/bands or deejays

Talking Stick Resort

Loop 101 and Talking Stick Way - Scottsdale 480-850-7734 Showroom: Sept 22 thru 24 – Thunder From Down Under (Male Revue) 2 shows on Fri & Sat Oct 1 – Dweezil Zappa Oct 14 – Los Lobos Grand Ballroom: Oct 7 – Cyndi Lauper Nov 9 – Kris KristoffersonP Nov 18 – Terry Fator Nov 20 – Gabriel Iglesias

22 ARIZONA PLAYER September 2016

Terry Fator

THE POOL AT Talking Stick Resort Sept 30 – Alice in Chains Oct 9 – ZZ Top Oct 16 - Foreigner OUTDOOR “Release” Pool Parties! The fun begins every weekend Dance to internationally known dance music artists & Deejays Palo Verde Lounge: Live bands nightly Shadows Lounge: singles & duos featuring jazz, classic sounds of Sinatra Degree 270 Lounge: Fri & Sat, w/the region’s best DJ’s Orange Sky Restaurant & Lounge: Live jazz

Twin Arrows Navajo Casino Resort

22181 Resort Blvd (I-40 @ exit 219) Flagstaff (928) 856-7200 Free live entertainment on weekends with the Top Bands in Arizona

Vee Quiva Hotel & Casino

The West Valley Casino 51st Ave, 4 miles S. of Baseline - Laveen 1-800-WIN-GILA Event Center: Sept 30 – Checker’d Past Oct 15 – Sonora Santanera Nov 18 – Grupo Yndio


V Q LIVE: Open Wed – Sat, Featuring; STR8UP Band, Powerdrive, Rhythm of the Sun, Marty & the Party, Priminition, Chaka & Friends, Latino Rebel Band, Rhythm Edition and others Sunday’s; Mariachi Rodriguez or Mariachi Fiesta Valle Del Sol Bingo Park: Every Saturday at 11pm - BINGO ECLIPSE - Bingo, DJ music, light show & giveaways

Wild Horse Pass Hotel & Casino

I-10 at Wild Horse Pass exit - Chandler 1-800-WIN-GILA Ovations LIVE! Showroom: Sept 24 – Sara Evans Oct 14 – Voz De Mando Oct 22 – Latin Comedy Jam featuring Paul Rodriguez and a host of comics Oct 29 – Halloween Party w/ REDFOO & the Party Rock Crew Nov 12 – Sinatra & Friends (Bob Anderson) Nov 19 – WFF Live Mixed martial Arts fights Nov 20 – One of these Nights (Eagles Tribute) The Lounge: Mid-day (Mon10am-3pm) w/ Jukebox 6, Swingtips or Route 66 w/ DJ Danny Davis Late night (Wed - Sun) featuring; The Walkens, Chaka & Friends, Shining Star, Rhythm of the Sun band, Smokestack Lightning or New Frequency CHROME NIGHT CLUB: Fridays & Saturdays Arizona’s Newest Hot Spot featuring DJ Medik

Sara Evans

24 ARIZONA PLAYER ASeptember ugust 2016 2016


Establishment at Zion National Park Zion National park near the Arizona /Utah border was established in 1909 as Mukuntuweap National Monument. It became Zion National Park in 1919. The name “Zion” meaning “place of refuge,” was given to the canyon by Mormon pioneers. Within Zion National Park’s 229 square miles is a spectacular cliff-and-canyon landscape and wilderness full of the unexpected including the world’s largest arch – Kolob Arch – with a span that measures 310 feet.Zion National Park is 229 square miles with a low elevation of 3,700 feet and highest point is 8,726 feet. Most park visitors come during spring and fall and are lowest in December through March.

Geology Zion Canyon reveals many events of middle geologic times. The story of Zion begins where that of Grand Canyon ends - and ends where Bryce canyon begins. The geologic records of 2 billion years are incorporated in these parks areas - located within 120 miles of each other. Zion National Park witnessed many changes in landscape and climate. Once it was covered by the sea, at times broad rivers traversed its surface and other times it was swept by desert winds. 26 ARIZONA PLAYER September 2016

Accessibility Because of the rugged nature of many of the nation’s treasures, it has been difficult to provide access for everyone who might have special needs. Both Visitor centers and Zion Lodge are fully accessible to people with special needs. Several campsites are reserved for people with disabilities and three trails are accessible. It is suggested that you pick an area of the park and make a day of it. Go and see all that is in the area and enjoy it. You’ll spend more quality time in that area and learn and see more than you could ever imagine.

Camping Zion’s backcountry is a primitive area and managed accordingly to protect its wilderness values. Backcountry camping is allowed on a limited basis and a backcountry permit is required.Camping is allowed only in campgrounds and designated back country sites with a fee permit. Building wood or ground fires are prohibited. Biking Bicycles are permitted only on established roads and the Pa’rus Trail. Riding on hiking trails or cross country is not allowed. Bicyclists should always ride defensively; vehicle traffic is often heavy. Riding bicycles through the Zion – Mt Carmel tunnel is Prohibited! Bicycles must be transported through the tunnel by a motor vehicle.. Hiking & Climbing Watch out for falling ice and slippery conditions. Most trails have drop-offs where you must be extra careful to watch your footing. Always stay back away from the edges. People uncertain

about heights should turn around if they come to drop-offs that bother them.Many of Zion’s sandstone cliffs are comprised of loose or “rotten” rock. Climbing hardware and techniques used for granite are often less effective on sandstone. A permit is required for an overnight climb.Water is available at the Visitor Centers, campgrounds, Zion Lodge, Grotto Picnic Area, and Temple of Sinawava. Caution – Do Not Drink untreated water from streams or springs. What to Bring & Pet Information For a day-trip on the shuttle bring: water (other beveragesare not allowed) Walking Shoes/Map/ hat/sunglassesSunscreen/camera/binoculars. And dress for the weather conditions.No eating, smoking or pets on the bus. Pets must be leashed and are not allowed in the back country, public buildings, and on all but one trail – thePa’rus Trail. Do not leave petsin a closed vehicle.Boarding kennels are available in neighboring towns. Food & Services Zion Lodge has an upstairs dining room, dinner reservations are advised. Other food services; restaurants, cafes, deli and pizza are located in Springdale and other nearby communities. Vehicle Restrictions The Zion – Mt Carmel Tunnel is located at the East Entrance and Zion Canyon. Vehicles 7’ 10” inches wide or over 11’ 3” inches tall need an “escort” thru this tunnel because they cannot stay in one lane. Most RVs, buses, trailers, 5th wheels, and some camper shells may require an escort. There is $10 fee per vehicle in addition to an entrance fee. This fee is good for two trips through the tunnel for the same vehicle during a 7-day period Prohibited Vehicles Vehicles over 13 feet tall, Semi trucks, Vehicles over 50,000 lbs., Single vehicles over 40 feet long or combined vehicles over 50 feet long – Please Note: There is No Parking for vehicles over 21 feet long at Weeping Rock or Temple Sinawava from March – October, because of a small turnaround space and heavy traffic congestion. If you would like to

travel Alt. 89 past the Vermillion Cliffs in the Kaibab National Forest. At Jacob Lake, head northwest to Fredonia and cross the Utah state line to Kanab, a popular place where Hollywood directors shoot westerns, drama and Sci-Fi films. A scant 17 miles north is the community of Mt. Carmel Junction, just 12 miles east of Zion National Park. State Route 9 will take you to the park, via the Zion-Mt. Carmel Tunnel, an engineering marvel of the 20th century, over 1 mile through solid rock. If you’re driving a big RV rig, be sure and make advance arrangements for a guided escort through the tunnel. Entrance Fees

see these areas, it is best to use the tram service at Zion Lodge. Weather of Zion National Park From May to October, daytime temperatures range from 70° to 105° and 45° to 75° at night. Afternoon thunderstorms are common in July and August. Winters are mild with temperatures often reaching above 40° Very little snow falls in Zion Canyon, but accumulates on the plateaus. Spring and fall are ideal times to visit. Getting to Zion National Park from Phoenix Travel by Air- The Saint George Airport is only 46 miles South of Zion National Park. By car, truck or RV – Keep in mind – it’s a 7 to 8 hour drive – You might consider driving about 4 hours to the Page / Lake Powell area and spending the night. There are hotels, motels and Bed & Breakfast places. Drive north from Phoenix on Interstate 17, past Sedona and its stunning Oak Creek Canyon, vortexes and clairvoyants then on to Flagstaff, the San Francisco Peaks at 12,633 feet, the Grand Canyon National Park and Meteor Crater are all nearby, or take a break for breakfast or lunch at one of many great Flagstaff’ restaurants. Getting to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon involves a westward jog on I-40 to Williams, the last town located on Route 66 to be bypassed by Interstate 40, then north on Highway 180 to the Grand Canyon’s South Rim where you can drive northeast to Page, Arizona, through the Painted Desert. Page overlooks Lake Powell and Glen Canyon Dam, now drive southwest on

Pay this fee at park entrance before proceeding to the tunnel - required for all vehicles and trailers. $30 fee is good for 2 trips through the tunnel for the same vehicle within 7-day period. A National Park Pass is $ 80.00 – Good for 1 year. A Golden Age Lifetime Pass for seniors 62 and over is just $10 and is good at any national park! A Gold Access Pass (Blind or permanently disabled individuals) is Free (good in any national park) The Visitor Center has info on all other type of passes. For information on fees or any other questions call 1-435-772-3256 or go to their website at

Visitor Centers at Zion National Park Zion Canyon Visitor Center provides information and services year-round except Christmas Day. They offer: backcountry permits, books, information, introductory video, maps and a museum. Phone: 435-772-3256. Kolob Canyons Visitor Center offers books, information, maps and permits. Phone: 435-586-9548.

ARIZONA PLAYER September 2016 27

DAVID AT THE SNACK BAR Sully Shortly after take-off the passenger jet loses both engines to a bird strike. Sully saves 155 lives when he lands his crippled passenger plane on the Hudson River. What follows is a whirlwind of publicity calling by him a hero while the NTSB investigaDavid Ramsey tors are convinced he could have made it back to the airport and needlessly endangered those 155 lives. Sully begins to question his instincts and has nightmares about what might have happened. The NTSB reenacts the incident and conducts a public hearing. Stay thru the credits to see the real Sully and passengers. Tom Hanks is brilliant as Sully and this may be Clint Eastwood’s best film as a director.

David’s Video Details Captain America: Civil War

After a successful mission to stop an arms dealer has deadly collateral damage the governments of the world call for the Avengers to be placed under U. N. supervision. The super team splits on the idea with Tony ‘Iron Man’ Stark leading those in agreement and Captain America leading the opposition. In the middle of this debate it appears the Winter Soldier has returned causing more mayhem. The pursuit of Caps old friend causes a further divide among the most powerful people on the planet. While there is plenty of action, with some surprises including a much anticipated debut, it is the dramatic scenes that are the most powerful and make this a unique super-hero film that actually has a plot and does not include a super villain. A pivotal film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe “Captain America: Civil War” is one of the best super heroes movies.

Free State of Jones Snowden Edward is a strong believer in the country and its government when he joins the CIA. While training he meets Lindsay and falls in love. He has to keep his work secret from her that causes problems in their relationship over the long run. He is considered brilliant by his superiors and is a whiz at computers. After a successful operation he becomes disillusioned and leaves the CIA. Soon he is working as an intelligence contractor. He becomes convinced the government is committing unconstitutional acts and after seeing what happened to others who reported it he decides to bring proof to the press. Oliver Stone based “Snowden” on actual events and does a brilliant job of making it a compelling and intriguing film. 28 ARIZONA PLAYER September 2016

Newton Knight becomes disillusioned with fighting and deserts from the Confederate army to return home to Mississippi. There he sees how the government is taxing the life out of the locals. While on the run from officials he finds a safe place in the swamp. From there he leads his own civil war uniting the people against the local government. Based on a true story “Free State of Jones” is a well done look at a little known part of history.

Neighbors 2 Sorority Rising

Just as Mac and Kelly are about to sell their house new neighbors move in. This time it’s a sorority started by a party girl who is upset by the strict rules imposed on real sororities. As they face their toughest opponent they enlist the help of their former nemesis, Teddy. “Neighbors” wasn’t a great film but it had a few laughs, this one has even less laughs with a dumber plot.

David Ramsey is the President and co-founder of the Phoenix Film Critics Society and a member of the Broadcast Film Critics Association (The Critics Choice Awards). Watch his reviews on the CBS 5 Morning News every Friday between 5:30 and 6:30am and on ABC-15’s “Sonoran Living Live” every other Friday. Read more of his DVD reviews at Contact him at

bingo Apache Gold Casino – Globe, Wed thru Sun at Noon Fri, Sat – plus 1st Mon of the month at 7pm BlueWater Casino – Parker, Mon thru Wed at 6:30pm & Sun at 1:30pm Casino Arizona – Scottsdale, Daily at 1pm and 7pm plus “Late Night Bingo” Midnight Fri &Sat Casino Del Sol – Tucson, Daily 2pm & 7pm (early Birds ½ hour earlier) Cocopah Casino – Yuma, Daily at 1pm & 7pm Desert Diamond Casino – Tucson, Daily at 2pm & 7pm (early Birds ½ hour earlier) Fort McDowell Casino – Fountain Hills, Wed – Mon at 9am, 12:30pm & 6:30pm, Fri & Sat at 11:30pm and Midnight on the 1st Sat of the month for “Lunar Bingo” featuring a DJ, music, light show, dancing and Bingo. Harrah’s Ak-Chin Casino – Maricopa, Wed thru Sun 11:30 am, 2:30pm, 3:30pm & 6:30pm (Super Coverall & MP Bingo each evening) Lone Butte Casino – Chandler, Daily at Noon & 6:30pm, Sat & Sun at 10am, “Mini’s” at 3:30 & 5:30pm – also “Bingo After Dark” Fri & Sat at 10:30pm featuring a DJ, Music, light show, dancing and bingo. Mazatzal Casino – Payson, Daily at Noon & 6:30pm – DOUBLE Payoffs on 1st Thurs and 3rd Tues Paradise Casino – Yuma, Daily at 1:30 & 6pm Vee Quiva Casino – Laveen, Daily at Noon & 6:30pm, Plus “Bingo Eclipse” each Sat at 11:30pm, eaturing DJ music, dancing and bingo

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Joke page, ASTROLOGY, Casino directory jokes of the month Baseball Season in Heaven

Tom was at the hospital visiting with his best friend Larry who was dying. Tom asked, “If there is baseball in heaven will you come back and tell me?” Larry nodded yes just as he passed away. That night while Tom was sleeping, he heard Larry’s voice in a dream, “Tom…Tom are you there” “Larry- is that you - What is it? Asked Tom Larry responded “Tom, I have some good news and some not so good news” “What’s the good news?” asked Tom. Larry hesitated and said “Well you were right, there is baseball in heaven, but the bad news is I saw on the locker room bulletin board that you’re scheduled to pitch this Sunday!”

Editor’s note: Here are some favorite jokes that folks have requested to run again because they could not recall the punch lines in order to tell them to friends – so good luck at your Toastmasters Meeting

The Perfect Password

I have a friend (I’ll call him “Crazy Jim”) who calls me regularly for my opinion. He rarely does unless take it unless it sounds easy to do. Recently he told me he keeps forgetting his password because he was told to change all passwords every week, and it is becoming a problem. I told “Crazy Jim” to change all his passwords to “incorrect” because if you make a mistake and type it in wrong – the computer will remind you, “Your password is incorrect.” Problem solved! He thought for a moment, then smiled and said THANKS MAN! Gave me a “High 5” and headed home.

The Great Job Interview

Reaching the end of a job interview, the Harriet the Human Resources manager asked a young engineer fresh out of M.I.T “And what starting salary are you looking for?” The young engineer replied, “In the region of $150,000 a year, depending on the benefits package.” Harriet nodded her head, raised her eyebrows then replied , “Well, what would you say to a package of five weeks of vacation, 10 paid holidays, full medical and dental, company matching retirement fund to 50you’re your salary, and a company car leased every two years, say, a BMW?” The engineer sat straight up straight and said, “Wow! Are you kidding?” The HR manager replied, “Yeah…..but you started it.”

Virgo Aug 24 to Sept 23

Sagittarius Nov 23 to Dec 21

Pisces Feb 20 to Mar 20

Gemini May 22 to June 21

Libra Sept 24 to Oct 23

Capricorn Dec 22 to Jan 20

Cancer June 22 to July 22

Scorpio Oct 24 to Nov 22

Aquarius Jan 21 to Feb 19

Taurus April 21 to May 21

Sept 7–14 Sept 15–22 Sept 23–30 Oct 1–6 Sept 7–14 Sept 15–22 Sept 23–30 Oct 1–6 Sept 7–14 Sept 15–22 Sept 23–30 Oct 1–6

Get set for success Plenty of fun this week Wow – quite a party New friend is worth keeping Strange but great weekend Call your old pal A rare unexpected meeting Right place again pays off Believe - it will happen Stay late & play hard Kindness pays off Terrific fun week

Sept 7–14 Sept 15–22 Sept 23–30 Oct 1–6 Sept 7–14 Sept 15–22 Sept 23–30 Oct 1–6 Sept 7–14 Sept 15–22 Sept 23–30 Oct 1–6




b a

1. Apache Gold Hotel Resort Casino • (Globe) San Carlos Apache Tribe-slots bingo & blackjack & Entertainment (800) 272-2438 2. BlueWater Resort Casino • (Parker) Colorado River Indian Tribe-slots bingo blackjack poker & Entertainment (888) 243-3360 3. Bucky’s Casino • (Prescott) Yavapai-Prescott Indian Tribe-slots, poker & blackjack (800) 756-8744 3a. Yavapai Casino & Gaming Center • (Prescott) Yavapai-Prescott Indian Tribe-slots (800) 756-8744 5. Casino Arizona @ 101 & McKellips • (Scottsdale) Salt River Pima Maricopa Indian Community-slots bingo blackjack Keno & Entertainment (480) 850-7777 30 ARIZONA PLAYER September 2016

You will be right Odd but happy ending A call from the past Things are looking up

Unplanned event Just in the nick of time Get tougher on decisions Terrific weekend ahead

Your Hunch works Remember a promise Stay late at new place Unlikely event makes sense

Sept 7–14 Sept 15–22 Sept 23–30 Oct 1–6

The BIG one hits Persistence pays plenty Weekend to remember Way to start the month!

Aries Mar 21 to April 20

Sept 7–14 Every reason to believe Sept 15–22 Good luck happens on trip Sept 23–30 Lucky is your middle name Oct 1–6 Unavoidable trip will happen Sept 7–14 Sept 15–22 Sept 23–30 Oct 1–6

Huge comeback victory Bluff for big payoff Winning keeps coming Unexpected excitement

6. Casino Del Sol Resort • (Tucson) Pascua Yaqui Tribe-slots bingo poker blackjack & Entertainment (800) 344-9435 7. Casino of the Sun • (Tucson) Pascua Yaqui Tribe-slots (520) 883-1700 8. Cliff Castle Casino • (Camp Verde) Yavapai-Apache Nation-slots blackjack poker & Entertainment (800) 381-7568 9. Cocopah Casino • (Yuma) Cocopah Tribe-slots bingo blackjack & Entertainment (800) 237-5687 10. Desert Diamond Casino Hotel • (Tucson) Tohono O’Odham Nation-Old Nogales Hwy slots keno bingo poker & Entertainment (520) 294-7777 10a. Desert Diamond - I-19 • (south of Tucson) slots blackjack & Entertainment (520) 294-7777 10b. Desert Diamond • (Why) Tohono O’Odham Nation-Slots 10c. Desert Diamond West Valley • (Glendale) Slots 11. Fort McDowell Casino • (Fountain Hills) Fort McDowell-Yavapai Nation-slots keno bingo poker blackjack & Entertainment (480) 837-1424 12. Wild Horse Pass Hotel & Casino • (Chandler) Gila River Indian Community-slots keno blackjack poker & Entertainment (800) 946-4452 13. Gila River Vee Quiva Hotel & Casino • (Laveen) Gila River Indian Community-slots bingo blackjack poker & Entertainment (800) 946-4452

Sept 7–14 Sept 15–22 Sept 23–30 Oct 1–6 Sept 7–14 Sept 15–22 Sept 23–30 Oct 1–6

Eventful month coming Great things are near Lull before the storm Lots to be thankful for Stick with convictions Old friend returns Another good decision Exciting week

Leo July 23 to Aug 23

Sept 7–14 Sept 15–22 Sept 23–30 Oct 1–6

Fine way to start week Pretty good choice Week of excitement Wow! You hit paydirt

14. Gila River Lone Butte Casino • (Chandler) Gila River Indian Community-slots bingo blackjack & Entertainment (800) 946-4452 16. Harrah’s Ak-Chin Casino (Maricopa) Ak-Chin Indian Community - slots keno poker bingo blackjack & Entertainment (480) 802-5000 17. Hon-Dah Resort-Casino • (Pinetop) White Mountain Apache Tribe - slots poker & Entertainment (800) 929-8744 18. Mazatzal Hotel Casino • (Payson) Tonto Apache Tribe - slots bingo poker blackjack & Entertainment (800) 777-7529 19. Paradise Casino • (Yuma) Fort Yuma Quechan Tribe - slots bingo.& Live Entertainment (888) 777-4946 19a Quechan Casino Resort • (Winterhaven, CA) Fort Yuma Quechan Tribe - slots table games poker & Entertainment 20. Spirit Mountain Casino • (Bullhead City) Fort Mohave Indian Tribe-slots (888) 837-4030 21. Talking Stick Resort • (Scottsdale) Salt River Pima Maricopa Indian Community-slots poker blackjack Keno & Entertainment (480) 850-7777 22. Twin Arrows Navajo Casino Resort • (Flagstaff) Navajo Nation - Slots, Table Games, Poker, Keno & Entertainment

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