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Vol. 23 No. 3 • March 2015

Gaming News “Winter Poker Championship at Talking Stick”


Cover Story Fort McDowell Casino – “The Best Just Got Better”


Boyd’s Eye View of Video Poker Linda Boyd “I Gave at the Office”


TJ's Blackjack Corner TJ Jorgensen “Best Blackjack in Town”


Gaming News "“World Series of Poker Satellites Have Returned”"


Reel Reviews Kevin Cummings “WMS Goldfish 3"


AZ Lottery News “New Director at the Lottery” & HUGE Win in a Tiny Town!


Card Room Action Table Game Action Around the State


Entertainment Casino Entertainment State-wide


Horsin' Around Brian Mulligan “Kentucky Derby Contenders”


David at the Snack Bar David Ramsey Movie & DVD reviews


Travel "Get Your Kicks on Bicycle Route 66"


Mr B's BINGO Blast "Casino Arizona's Bingo Game"


Bingo Directory Complete List of Bingo Games at Arizona Casinos


Jokes of the Month, Astrology, & Casino Directory



GAMING NEWS TALKING STICK WINTER POKER CLASSIC The Arena Poker Room at Talking Stick Resort in Scottsdale is where you will find live action 24 hours a day for about any type of poker game you might want to play. And when it comes to tournaments, if that’s your passion, this is your place with tournaments day and night and it’s the home of the Annual $1,000,000 Arizona State Poker Championship every August (now in its 11th year) and the Ladies State Poker Championship every September – this will be the 10th Annual Event. This brings us the 4th Annual Winter Poker Classic that was held February 21 – 23 at the Arena Poker Room. Entry fee was $400, but you could win a seat into this event at the Sunday February 15th Super Satellite for a fraction of that fee. There was a record breaking attendance again this year with an estimated 1st Place pay-out of over $31,000. On February 23, there were 6 tables remaining to fight over the guaranteed 40 paid places. By about 3pm the final 2 tables consisting of Robert Dodson, Kambiz Zamani, Tristan Reader, Philip Marcus, Martin Shea, Calvin Habern II, Richard Barton, Matt Albee, Mark Hake, Bruce Ostrander, Terrence Scanlan, Randy Tucker, “Shoes” Gambony, William Little, Josh King, Greg Milliron, Brock. A, Steve Nichols Jeff Cook and “Bong” Those who placed 31st thru 40th each took home $950, Places 21-30 received $1,076 and those who finished 11th thru 20th were rewarded will $1,439 in cash. Now the pressure was on to win the big money, with players pushing all-in to increase their chances. First to go out was Terrance Scanlan, a winter Goodyear, Arizona resident who spends most of his time in British, Columbia took home $2,576, one of his biggest wins ever (he once won 3 nightly tournaments in a row at the Venetian in Las Vegas for about $4,000 each night. Next to head home was Randy with $3,354 in his pocket.


Now we were down to 8 and there was talk of “Chopping” the remaining prize money equally, but the overwhelming chip leader Greg, just wanted to play on for a while. When “Shoes” went out 8th with $4,332, there was again a small conversation about a “Chop” but they played on. Next to hit the deck was Jeff Cook and his take for 7th place was $5,726. The table was down to 6 players and there was serious discussion about “chopping” again for what seemed about 10 minutes, but after all the talk, chip leaded Greg wanted to play on for at least a little more. When Brock went out in 6th place with $6,708, the negotiations were going from one player to another with different ideas on how to “chop” the pot. Finally after what seemed an eternity, an agreement was settled upon. Everyone agreed to give chip leader Greg Milliron the highest amount $20,000, the next biggest chip leader was Steve Nichols, he agreed to take $16,500 and the remaining money was split equally three ways between Josh King, William Little and “Bong” with a pretty nice payday of $$15, 650 each. Everyone was thrilled to head home early, they all shook hands and congratulated each other and agree to pose for a photo.

L-R “Bong”, Steve, Josh, Greg & William


The Best Just Keeps Getting Better Fort McDowell Casino, Arizona’s original casino and premier destination, has been winning over the Valley for 30 years now. Fort McDowell is only minutes away from Scottsdale and Mesa on State Hwy 87, just 2 miles north of Shea Boulevard in the Fountain Hills area. Fort McDowell and offers panoramic views, great food, amazing entertainment and all the excitement of Las Vegas style gaming, plus you can relax in comfort at the We-Ko-Pa Resort and Conference Center that is immediately adjacent to the casino. This beautiful 4 Diamond facility with 246 rooms and suites is perfect for an overnight or extended stay experience.

Exciting new slot machines await your play with generous promotions to fuel the fun. Winning is made easy at Fort McDowell Casino when it comes to slot play. Come see their new arrivals and grab a chair to see what has the Valley talking! Whether it’s a tournament or a live cash poker game, you can go all in at the Fort. The Fort features a non-smoking poker room and offer a variety of games like Texas Hold Em, Omaha and other games plus tournaments both day and evening with buy-ins as low as $5. You’ll also find your favorite table games like; Progressive PaiGow, Three Card Poker, Ultimate Hold-Em, Perfect Charlie and even “Free Bet” Blackjack. Have a winning experience when you play at one of the many blackjack tables that has a feature no other casino offers – split Aces up to 4 times that you can hit more than once and even double down after the first hit! Fort McDowell Casino has the best dealers this side of the strip and is a place where a 25 cent side bet can win you up to $75,000 cash in their blackjack bonus game. The Fort is also home to an award-winning, 1,200 seat state-of-the-art Bingo Hall. With games seven days a week, you can win up to $50,000 in 8 ARIZONA PLAYER March 2015

cash every day! For you night owls don’t miss late-night Lunar Bingo - the first Saturday of every month, with an all new sound and light system that will have you playing, singing and dancing and winning money like a rock star! It’s a gaming experience like no other! Like playing the numbers? Fort McDowell Casino also offers 23 different games of Keno, including “Speed Keno” for those who like a little faster pace of play.  Come to the Fort for all of their incredible upcoming events. Championship boxing has returned with the thrilling Battle of the Belts Boxing at the We-Ko-Pa Resort and Conference Center on March 13th. Are you a car enthusiast? Don’t miss the Silver Car Auction March 14th & 15th and participate in the memorabilia and vehicle auction all weekend long! There’s no shortage of luck at Fort McDowell Casino on St. Patrick’s Day when the Lucky 7 Saloon shows off its new lighting and sound system with great food and drink specials along with live music from the Keltic Cowboys in the afternoon (2pm – 6pm) and Duane Moore and the Mogollon Band that night (6:30pm – 10pm). ​Celebrate Easter at Fort McDowell Casino with an award-winning buffet for the whole family to enjoy. Beat the crowds and the cost while enjoying this holiday in the beautiful desert just east of Fountain Hills.  The Fort’s five restaurants offer an amazing variety of dining opportunities from quick snacks to full-course dining excellence. The Red Rock Buffet offers up juicy tender prime rib and mouth-watering crab legs while the renowned Café 87 serves up an unbeatable NY strip … all at a great price. Fort McDowell Casino is a place to come for the food and stay for the fun! Fort McDowell has set the standard for excellence in gaming, dining, entertainment and adventure. For more information, visit their website at or call 1-800-THE-FORT.


by Linda Boyd

I Gave At the Office

ometimes my sister plays slots and other times it’s video poker. Either way, after one of us has a big win or several mini-jackpots her comment is predictable. “Well, Linda, it’s time to leave, this machine already gave at the office!” So is this true or an algorithm of the Monte Carlo Fallacy? If you go back to the March, 2014 issue of Arizona Player (online and available through multiple search engines) you’ll find the details of this erroneous thinking. In short, gamblers believe if something has happened more frequently than normal in a given time interval, then it will happen less frequently in the near future. Conversely some believe if it happens less frequently then expected, it’s somehow “due”. Both of these hypotheses are incorrect. That’s because the device is an inanimate object, like the dice in craps. There’s even an adage, “The dice has no memory”--no heart either, if you think about it!

Understanding Odds:

Let’s take a look at flipping a fair coin. Before the toss the odds of either heads or tails is 50/50 or equal. That’s for each and every toss, regardless of the previous flip. Keep in mind that this is an entirely different event than predicting either twenty consecutive heads or twenty consecutive tails before the first flip.

To make this point clearer, the odds of getting heads 21 consecutive times before the first toss is 1 in 2,097,152; however, after flipping 20 consecutive heads the odds of getting heads on the next flip is 1 in 2. Consider sports betting odds as a prime example of this concept. If you’re betting on a single game your odds are dramatically different than wagering on, say 12 different games as a single wager. Some casinos offer a Monday night football event requiring that you predict the results of several games, say 10, with a big reward for anybody who does. The same concept applies to March Madness basketball predictions. Remember each selection individually only involves two teams and you have the theoretical advantage of knowing something about each of them. Consecutive odds are tricky and extreme long shots, increasing exponentially with the number of predictions. Einstein said, “Hindsight is the perfect predictor”! I call this betting against black an auxiliary to the Monte Carlo Fallacy because those players lost big time playing roulette believing red was “due” since black had hit so many consecutive times. Eventually they were right, but it took 26 stops on the whirling wheel before the scarlet landing. Likewise both slot and video poker players may erroneously believe the device is “due” for a royal flush or a large slot jackpot just because it’s taken so much of their cash. It’s even humorous when you see some patrons remove their slot card actually believing that will cause the device to “behave” differently.

Quitting Time:

So when is it a good time to call it a night? If you’re playing any house advantage game and manage to be ahead or you lost your psychological limit. It’s not fun to get badly beat up at any game so stick to your predetermined session budget. How about if you, the player, have the edge like with some video poker games, especially if you add slot club cash? Stop anyway if you’re tired or drunk (perfect strategy needed to get the game’s ER) or if you’ve reached your session budget.

Final Thoughts:

In the 1913 Monte Carlo event the uber rich patrons were wagering on an “overdue” red whereas my sister is saying the party is over on the machine once it’s made some big payouts. Both predictions for the next roulette spin or slot game are inaccurate. Think of each coin flip or game as a separate beginning and not part of a sequence. How about my sister’s lament that the device “already gave at the office”? I keep telling her some people will give at the office and again outside the store. Linda Boyd, a long-time table game player before turning to video poker, also writes for “Southern Gaming and “Midwest Gaming and Travel” her book, “The Video Poker Edge”, includes free removable pay schedules and strategy cards for the most popular games. Look for her story in current editions of “American Casino Guide” (ACG) and her YouTube videos, also with ACG. Her radio shows with Southern Gaming will soon be available on iTunes. The 2010 Second Edition of her book is available in both paperback and kindle at, bookstores or Square One Publishers. or call 1-877-900-BOOK 10 ARIZONA PLAYER March 2015


by TJ Jorgensen

by TJ Jorgensen

Best Blackjack in P hoenix

n the Casino business there is a lot of marketing research done casinos to figure out how to attract players. Casinos that are not as covenant as others, usually have to bring customers in by offering good deals on buffets, big cash or prize giveaways. What most players don’t realize is that usually the games at these casinos have a lower house edge too, which means more winnings for the players who are willing to go the extra distance. In Phoenix, most of the casinos offer blackjack dealt from a 6 deck shoe. The most common set of rules are; the dealer hits soft 17 (Ace-6), whereas a player can double on any 2 cards, can double after split, can re-split to 4 hands, a player can re-split aces and finally blackjack pays 3-2. Given this set of rules the house edge is .57085. Simply put, in theory the player who plays perfect basic strategy would lose .57 cents for every $100 that is put into play. Whenever I find games with good odds for the player, I like to mention them in this column, and this month is no exception. Fort McDowell Casino now offers Blackjack with all the rules just mentioned, however this casino allows a player to hit and double re-split aces. This doesn’t sound like much, but it takes the house edge from .57085 down to .39542, making it the best Blackjack in Phoenix. If you are going to put your money in play, you might as well get the best odds. For me, the extra few minutes it takes to get to the Fort is well worth my time. The smaller house edge can be the difference between leaving a winner or having a losing session. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, it does! The Fort has another bonus for the player. If you’re dealt two 7s on your first two cards,

12 ARIZONA PLAYER March 2015

then hit and get a third seven, it’s an automatic winner, regardless of if the dealer makes 21 as well. But here is the best part – The Fort pays double your original wager. Granted, this hand doesn’t come up very often, but I have been dealt three 7s the last two times I have been to the Fort, so it does happen. I’m really glad to see that Fort McDowell Casino really stepped up and made their Blackjack games attractive for the player, and makes it well worth the drive. I give the Fort my vote for the Best Blackjack in Phoenix. T.J. Jorgensen has been a professional Blackjack player for over 20 years. He is well known for his live tournament play and has competed against, and beaten, some of the top tournament players in the world. He also has won the prestigious World Series of Blackjack. His book, “Beating the Casino at Their Own Game,” is available by e-mail -

GAMING NEWS THE WORLD SERIES OF POKER QUALIFIERS RETURN! You’ve had a dream of being at the final table in the biggest of all poker tournaments – The 2015 World Series of Poker at the Rio in Las Vegas with millions to win! The only thing keeping you from that tournament is the $10,000 entry fee – or even the $1,000 to $1,500 entry fees to some of the other WSOP tournaments also going on in Las Vegas. Well, you do have a way to the final table without shelling out those big entry fees – Play in one of the WSOP qualifier tournaments at Harrah’s Ak-Chin Casino during the month of March – You could win a $10,000 seat for as little as a $50 buy-in! Check out these WSOP Tournaments on Mondays, Wednesdays and Sundays, along with all the other tournaments and promotions at Harrah’s Ak-Chin!

Monday – 7:30pm,

WSOP – NLHE, SIT-N-GO - $50 buy-in – No re-buys, add-ons, or early birds. Winners each Monday receive an entry into the June $10,000 Main Event Tournament at Harrah’s Ak-Chin Casino, 2nd Place in the weekey Sit & Go receives $50, 3rd place, a $10 tournament coupon. Winner of the June tournament receives a $10,000 entry into the WSOP Main Event in Las Vegas plus $1,000 cash! Players at the final table also cash, along with additional players based on total entries.

Tuesday – 7:30pm

Limit Omaha H/L Tournament - $15 buy-in w/ $10 re-buys and add-ons*

Wednesday – 7:30pm

WSOP – NLHE $1,500 Event Seat* - $110 buy-in, no re-buys, add-ons or early birds. Winner receives $500 cash and $1,500 Event Seat at the 2015 WSOP in Las Vegas along with $500 cash. Other players cash too based on entries.

Thursday – 7:30pm

NLHE w/$10 buy-in, Three $10 re-buys, Two $10 add-ons & two $5 dealer appreciation chip ups*

Friday – 7:30pm

NLHE Single Re-buy Tournament - $30 buy-in w/ two optional $5 dealer appreciation add-ons and one $20 re-buy that can be done at any time during the tournament

Saturday – 12:30pm

Deep Stack Bounty No Limit Hold ‘Em Tournament - $45 buy-in includes a $10 bounty chip plus optional $10 dealer appreciation Chip Up - No re-buys or add-ons. Harrah’s will add $200 to the prize pool if 25 or more players enter*

14 ARIZONA PLAYER March 2015

Sunday – 12:30pm Maricopa Locals NLHE Tournament - $15 buy-in (Maricopa residents get free buy-in) Two optional $5 dealer appreciation Chip-Ups & a $10 add-ons at each at the break

Sunday – 5:30pm

WSOP – NLHE $1,000 EVENT Tournament*, $75 buy-in, no re-buys, addons or early bird chips allowed. Winner receives $250 cash and $1,000 Event Seat at the 2015 WSOP in Las Vegas

Monday thru Friday – 11am

No Limit Hold ‘Em Shootout - $10 buy-in, $5 dealer appreciation doubles stack – 1 hour time limit, most chips win. Play live two hours after tournament for a free entry.

MARCH 2015 PROMOTIONS: Splash Pot Bonanza - All Live Games: $25 is added to every table every ½ hour (daily 9am-5pm**.) 6-4 Hi/Lo Cracked Wins a Rack: Omaha Hi/Lo, Pineapple Hi/Lo or 7-Stud Hi/Lo – Lose w/ “6-4 low” receive $100 in chips*. Royal & Straight Flush Texas Hold ‘Em: Players with a Royal Flush receive $100 in chips, straight flush $50* Breakfast Poker: Play in a live raked poker game for 30 hours in March & receive a $5 Food Voucher (9a-1p) daily in April* Aces Cracked: Players in a qualifying Texas Hold ‘Em Game who lose a hand with pocket aces will receive $25 to $100* $50 Hourly High Hand: Participants in a live raked game Qualify w/ 3-of-akind or better. Every hour starting at 7pm* Pro Basketball Splash-pots: During selected Phoenix Pro Basketball games, all live games will be splashed $25 when Phoenix’s score gets to 25, 50, and 75. If Phoenix scores 100 or wins, there will be an additional $50 splash. College Basketball Splash Pots .During selected College Basketball games, all live games will be splashed $25 to $100* College Basketball “Craziness” Earn hours March 1 – 17 and be placed on top 32 Bracket Board. Earn a share of $1,450 prize pool if your team goes all the way. * Certain restrictions may apply. Please see a Poker Room for full details **Not valid during sporting event splash pots.


18 ARIZONA PLAYER March 2015

LOTTERY NEWS SMALL TOWN VISIT = BIG WIN Walden Bruce of Buckeye, Arizona was driving through Pearce, Arizona (just where that is, in a bit) stopped in this small town and purchased a few Powerball Quick Pick tickets for the February 11, drawing at the Giant gas station and convenience store and left the tickets in his truck Then the day before Valentine’s Day, Walden went to the store to buy flowers for his wife. He also had his Powerball ticket checked. To his surprise, the clerk explained that he was a winner of more money than the store could pay out, so the clerk gave him the paper work to fill out, but had no idea how much he’d won. When he got home, Walden called the Lottery and that’s when he found out he was the holder of one of Arizona’s two, $1 million Powerball tickets from that February 11 drawing. On Valentine’s Day, Walden gave his wife Becky the bouquet of flowers and a very special card. When she opened it, there was a $10 Powerball ticket inside from the February 11 draw. Her first thought was it was worth $10. Walden told her take another look at the numbers. He reminded her about the winning ticket that she’d heard about on TV had been sold in Pearce, Arizona. That’s when he told her that she was holding winning ticket. Somehow, he’d managed to keep the win a secret until he gave her the flowers and Valentine’s card.

New Arizona Lottery Executive Director Tony V. Bouie presenting check to newest millionaires Walden and Becky Bruce

Buckeye, that’s for sure. This quiet little town is 80 miles east of Tucson, between Benson and Wilcox, off Interstate 10 on state route 191. It is part of the Ghost Town Trail in Cochise County. You’ll find old gold mines, dude ranches, Texas Canyon with its amazing balance rock formations and the historic Chiricahua Mountains. It’s a beautiful place to visit, and while you’re there, pick up a few Arizona Lottery tickets. Then after you hit it big – buy a small ranch in the pristine southern Arizona town.

Walden and Becky are ecstatic about their win. The couple retired a few years ago from the field of electrical maintenance. They now have time for the things they enjoy. In addition to spending time with their family, both are avid golfers, love to travel, and attend various professional and amateur sporting events. The couple plan to share their win with their immediate family. Now, I’ll bet you’d like to buy a ticket at that lucky Giant station in Pearce, AZ – But just where is this town? Well it’s nowhere near

Sunglow Dude Ranch in Pearce, AZ

NEW DIRECTOR AT THE LOTTERY The Arizona Lottery recently announced the appointment of Tony V. Bouie as the new executive director. Governor Doug A. Ducey announced the appointment on January 30, 2015. “I’m thankful for the legacy Jeff Hatch-Miller left behind and appreciate the impressive sales results that were achieved under his leadership,” said Tony V. Bouie. “I’m honored to have responsibility for ensuring the maximization of net revenue to support great causes in the beautiful state of Arizona.” Bouie has previous professional experience as the chief operating officer for Parkinson Wellness Recovery, the founding member and senior director of Solavei consumer services company, senior consultant with Blue Stone Strategy Group, defensive graduate assistant and assistant football coach for the University of

Akron, Chairman and CEO for Halo Cups, Inc., manager of Roadway Express and commodity specialist for Avnet, among other roles. In addition to being a former professional football player for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Bouie worked as a precinct committeeman and an elected state council member. He has served on the National Football League Players Association Board of Directors; Arizona Alumni Board, Leukemia and Lymphoma Society National Board of Representatives; and Ridgeline Academy Charter School Board. Bouie holds a Bachelor of Arts in media arts and a Master of Arts in language, reading and culture from the University of Arizona; a Master of Business Administration from Arizona State University and a Master of Sports Administration from the University of Akron, in Ohio.

The Arizona Lottery operates entirely from the revenue it generates through the sale of its products; it doesn’t receive any General Fund dollars from the State. Proceeds from sales of Lottery tickets – nearly $3.4 million per week, fund a variety of state programs. Since July 1981, the Arizona Lottery has paid out more than $5.8 billion in prizes to players, more than $3 billion in net funding to the state and more than $686 million in commissions to retailers. Learn more at

ARIZONA PLAYER March 2015 19

CARD ROOM ACTION Apache Gold Casino 800-272-2438

Globe, AZ Dealing blackjack, and poker daily at noon NLHE Tournaments – Saturdays at 2pm – Buy-in $25 w/ one $5 add-on

Arena Poker Room at Talking Stick Resort 480-850-7777

Scottsdale, AZ Just Added! The Getaway Classic Poker Tournament – April 17, 18 & 19 – Register for all three tournaments and receive a complimentary stay at Talking Stick Resort for the weekend! You can also earn a free spot into this event at the Super Satellite “Win a Seat” Tournament on Sunday April 5th. Call the poker room for details. Mon – Fri, 11:15 am – NLHE Tournament - $100 buy-in w/ $25 s/c Mon – Thurs, 7:15pm - NLHE, $145 buy-in Sat, Mar 14 & Apr 11, 11:15 am – “Super Bounty” NLHE - $240 buy-in w/ $100 Bounties Sat, Apr 18 & May 16, 11:15am – Turbo Bounty NLHE - $235 buy-in w/ $100 Bounties Sat, Mar 28 & Apr 25, 11:15 am – Last Saturday NLHE - $160 buy-in Sat, Mar 7, & Apr 4, 11:15am – “Big Stack” NLHE – $300 BI w/$30 s/c (opt $15 dealer Add-0n) Sun, Mar 15 & May 17, 11:15am – Jack & Jill NLHE Tournament - $110 buy-in per couple Sat, Mar 21, May 24 & Oct 24, 11:15am - NLHE “Big Stack” Tournament - $500 buy-in Sun, Mar 29 & May 31, 11:15am – Ladies NLHE Tournament - $110 buy-in Food Specials; $4 breakfast and $6.75 Steak & Eggs (2 am – Noon) & Mondays $16 Prime Rib Dinner (5-11pm)

Also dealing blackjack 24/7

Bluewater Resort & Casino 888-2433360 Ext#7649

Parker, AZ Poker Room opens at 4pm daily except 2pm on Sun & Wed Tues at 7pm, NLHE Tournament - $35 buyin, w/ one $20 re-buy, $5 Bounties Thurs at 7pm, NLHE – $40 buy-in, w/ one

20 ARIZONA PLAYER March 2015

$20 re-buy, $5 Bounties Plus High Hand of the Tournament Fri, 8pm - NLHE Tournament - $35 buy-in with a $20 re-buy Sat, 8pm – “Big Stack” NLHE Tournament $100 buy-in, no re-buys Sun & Wed – Spreading 2-8 Omaha Daily-“Aces Cracked” pays $40 and Royal Flush pays $200 Also dealing blackjack daily at 9am

Bucky’s Casino 928-771-6779

Prescott, AZ Mon – Fri, 10am - NLHE Shootouts $25 entry Mon – Thurs, 6pm NLHE $50 buy-in (top 3-5 cash) top 5 earn points for Player of Month (3 places $300, $200 & $100) Saturdays at noon DEEP STACK Tournament - $100 buy-in Sunday Mar29, Apr 26 & May 31 - Omaha Hi/Lo at Noon - $100 added per table $80 buy-in Every Mon & Wed – Spreading Omaha Hi/Lo High Hand of the day – See poker room for details Win a Poker Cruise from Tampa, Florida to Cozumel, Mexico! Includes air fare, hotel (1 night) and 5 day cruise, qualify Sunday Mar 1, 8, 15 & 22 at 10am, noon & 2pm - $60 buy-in, see poker room for details Dealing blackjack 24/7 – Now playing; 3 Card Poker, “Texas Shoot Out” and High Card Flush w/ bonus jackpot

Casino Arizona 480-850-7777

Scottsdale, AZ Blackjack Tournaments: Tues, noon $1,000 added “Break at Noon” $ 50 buy-in Fri, 2:30am - The “Great Late” Tournament, $25 buy-in Dealing blackjack 24/7 xxxxCasino

Del Sol 520-838-6565

Tucson, AZ March 17 – 21 (FREE ROLL) $15,000 Guest Appreciation Tournament – Qualify with 40 hours live play between Jan 11 & Mar 14 Mon - Fri, 10 am - $800 Guaranteed (with 30 players) NLHE, $10 buy-in w/ $5 chip-up, plus 2 - $10 add-ons

Sun & Wed, 7pm - $800 guaranteed NLHE, $15 buy-in/Opt $15 add-on Thurs, 7pm - $5,000 deep stack NLHE, $ 100 buy-in no re-buys Sun 11am - $1,500 Guaranteed NLHE, $45 buy-in – no re-buys Sat, 9am – $200 added Limit Omaha Hi-Lo, $15 buy-in, $5 re-buys + $5 add-on Mon 7pm & Sat noon – $1,000 NLHE - $35 buy-in – no re-buys with opt $5 chip-up Basketball Pools, Sat, Sun & Mon (select TV games)

Cliff Castle Casino Hotel 928-567-7952

Camp Verde, AZ Mon-Fri, 10am - NLHE Shoot-out, $30 buyin, w/ no re-buys Wed, 7pm – NLHE Tournament $60 buy-in Wed, 8pm – Mid “$100 Splash pots each hour Thurs, 6:30pm – NLHE Tournament $20 buy-in – Max 2 tables – re-enter first 10 minutes Fri, 7pm - NLHE Shoot-outs, $ 150 added per table of 10 - $25 buy-in – no re-buys (re-enter first 15 min) Sat, Noon – $100 added per table of 10– NLHE $50 buy-in (optional $5 dealer appreciation add-on) All Week – Royal Flush pays $100 “Aces Cracked” Sun – Fri, Win $100 –max 4 per day Saturdays - $50 High hand each hour from open till midnight Also dealing blackjack – 9am – 2am (Mon-Thurs) 9am – 4am (Fri & Sat)

Cocopah Casino 800-237-5687

Somerton, AZ Dealing blackjack daily at 10am

Desert Diamond Casino Hotel 520-342-1810

Tucson, AZ Mon & Thurs at 9:30 am, plus Tues & Wed at 7pm $500 added NLHE – $35 buy-in no re-buys Daily – Any Royal Flush $200 Hold Em, $100 Omaha, Straight Flush $100 Hold Em, $50 Omaha Special Poker Room menu at ½ off regular prices Dealing blackjack 24/7 with new progressive side bet and 3 card poker side bet

Desert Diamond I-19 Casino 1-866-332-9467 Sahuarita, AZ Dealing blackjack 24/7

Fort McDowell Casino 480-789-4284

Fountain Hills, AZ Mon-Fri at Noon NLHE - $30 buy-in - $20 add-on - No-rebuys Mon at 7pm, Omaha High - $5 buy in w/ $5 re-buys – plus at the break $5 TO $20 add-on Tues, Wed, Thurs & Sun at 7pm - NLHE - $5 buy-in Fri, 7pm, NLHE - $60 buy-in w/one $10 dealer add-on for additional $5,000 in chips Sat at Noon & 4pm - NLHE - $5 buy-in Sat at 7pm, NLHE Deep Stack tournament - $50 buy-in w/ opt $30 add-on Sun, Noon – Super-Stack NLHE - $10 buy-in, $5 re-buys & Double $20 add-on at the break Sun March 22 - Ladies NLHE Poker Tournament - $60 Buy-in Plus Opt $10 Dealer Appreciation “Aces Cracked” 24/7 win $100 first 2 hours of live, $200 the 3rd hour, $300 the 4th hour $300, and each hour after that pays $400 “Easy way Jackpot” Aces full of tens beaten by Quads or better wins Jackpot! “High Hand Spin” – with 4 of a kind or better win up to $599 Dealing blackjack 24/7, w/ Free bet blackjack, also split Aces up to 4 times & hit more than once and Double Down after first hit!

Harrah’s Ak-Chin Casino 480-802-5138

Maricopa, AZ Tues at 7:30pm, Omaha H/L, $15 buy-in, $10 re-buys + $10 add-on Wed at 7:30pm – NL Omaha Hi, $15 buy-in w/ unlimited $10 re-buys w/ $10 add-on at the break Thurs, 7:30pm – NLHE, $10 Buy-in plus three $10 re-buys & two $10 add-ons Fri, 7:30pm – NLHE, $30 buy-in w/ one $20 re-buy

Sat, 12:30pm – Deep Stack Bounty NLHE - $45 buy-in, includes $10 bounty chip plus $10 dealer add-on Sun at noon – NLHE - $15 buy-in w/ two $10 add-ons at the break (Maricopa residents have FREE entry) Aces Cracked - Black aces $100, Red Aces $50 & Mixed $25 (Bonus mid9am=double) Mon-Fri (9am-5pm) $25 splash pots every ½ hour Daily 6pm till 1am – High Hand each hour $50 Also dealing blackjack 24/7 – including “Push the bet”

Hon-Dah Casino 928-369-7555

Pinetop, AZ Mon, 6pm – High Hand Hold - $40 buy-in no re-buys Tues, 6pm - NLHE “Speed Shoot-Out” $15 buy-in (no re-buys) $2 chip-up Wed, 6pm - NLHE, Double Stack $25 buy-in (4,000 chips) $25 add-on=8,000 chips Thurs, 6pm – Omaha Hi-Lo - $40 no re-buys Fri, 6pm – NLHE – “$25 Bounty” Tournament, $45 buy-in w/$10 re-buys and $10 add-on Sat, 4pm - NLHE, $30 buy-in, $10 re-buys + $10 add-on Sun, 4pm, Crazy Pineapple $30 buy-in, $10 re-buys + $10 add-on Sun - Thurs – $50 Aces Cracked (Hold Em) 7pm-close Fri & Sat - $100 High Hand (Hold Em) on Fri & Sat Open Mon-Fri at 4pm – Sat & Sun at 2pm, “early bird” tournament chips available daily

Lone Butte Casino 800-946-4452

Chandler, AZ Dealing blackjack 24/7 - Linked Progressive Jackpots for “Crazy 4 Poker” & Ultimate Texas Hold EM starts at $10,000 and grows at all 3 Gila River Casinos! PAI GOW Progressive Jackpot was recently hit for over $388,000! And it’s growing again.

Mazatzal Hotel & Casino 800-777-7529

Payson, AZ Live poker Wed –Sun at 10am, High Hands, win up to $250 Wed & Sun at 6pm NLHE Tournament, $ 50 buy-in no-re buys Sat at 3pm, NLHE Tournament, $25 buy-in – no re-buys Aces cracked “wins a rack” various times daily – Max 3 per day (see poker room for details) Dealing blackjack 10am to 1am, with $3 games daily till 3pm Mon - 6pm, Blackjack Tournament $40 buy-in w/two $25 re-buys Bonus Blackjack get dealt a 6, 7 or 8 card “21” win up to $200

Quechan Casino Resort 1-877-783-2426

Winterhaven, CA Open Wed-Sun at 10am, and Mon, Tues at 5pm - spreading 4/8 Hold Em with a kill, 4/8 Omaha hi-low split with a kill also 3-6 & 4-8 limit Texas Hold-Em, plus 1-3 & 2-5 No Limit Texas Hold Em Sat, 1pm $ 2,500 Guaranteed NLHE Tournaments $60 buy-in Sun, 1pm NLHE Tournament $40 buy-in Thurs, 7pm NLHE Deep Stack - $80 buy-in Dealing blackjack 24/7 - Special room rates for poker players


Twin Arrows Navajo Casino Resort 928-856-7244

Flagstaff, AZ Live Poker Mon-Fri at noon, Sat & Sun at 10am NLHE Tournaments; Thurs at 7pm & Sat at noon “Aces & Faces Cracked” – wins up to $50 $25 “Splash Pots” daily – Each ½ hour from Noon thru 2pm, also from 7pm till Midnight Aces & Faces Cracked (Sun-Wed) & daily Royal Flush promotion – also dealing blackjack 24/7

Vee Quiva Hotel & Casino 800-946-4452 Ext#1507

Laveen, AZ Wed, 7:30pm, **NLHE “Freeze Out”$40 buy-in w/ Opt $10 Staff fee at the break for added chips Sat, 11:15 am, **NLHE “Freeze Out”$40 buy-in w/ Opt $10 Staff fee (before play) & $20 add-on at the break Sun 11:15 am, **NLHE “Freeze Out”$30 buy-in w/ Opt $10 Staff fee (before play) & $20 add-on at the break Big Money Royals, Any Royal Flush wins $ 200 – Plus “Bonus Royals” Mon-Thurs “ACES CRACKED” spins the wheel - win up $300 (see poker room for details) **Tournaments allow “Early Bird Chips” for live play before tournament - Also, 1st & 2nd place at final table qualify for the “Tournament of Champions” FREE ROLL each quarter. Dealing blackjack 24/7 – F.A.T - Friday Afternoon Blackjack Tournament at 4pm - $30 buy-in (registration starts at 2pm) Linked Progressive Jackpots for “Crazy

4 Poker” & ULTIMATE Texas Hold EM starts at $10,000 and grows at all 3 Casinos! PAI GOW Progressive Jackpot was recently hit for over $388,000!

Wild Horse Pass Hotel & Casino 800-946-4452 Ext #7375

Chandler,AZ Mon & Thurs Noon - NLHE, $30 buy-in, no re-buys - $150 added per table Tues & Wed, 7:30pm - NLHE Freeze Out - $50 entry fee w/ $10 optional add-on $1,000 added to prize pool Sun, 3:30pm, NLHE - $30 buy- in, $5 dealer add-on, $20 add-at the break & bonus chips for play before tournament “Aces Cracked” Win a Rack - Sun 11pm until Fri at 6pm “Rolling Cash Fever” Drawing every other hour 24/7, $100 min, increases by $100 if not hit Big Money Royals - Any Royal Flush wins $ 200 & a spin - Any straight flush gets to spin the wheel – win up to $1,000 Food specials: ½ price poker room menu Also dealing blackjack 24/7 - including “Push your bet” Linked Progressive Jackpots for “Crazy 4 Poker” & ULTIMATE Texas Hold EM starts at $10,000 and keeps growing at all 3 Gila River Casinos! PAI GOW Progressive Jackpot was recently hit for over $388,000!

CARD ROOM MANAGERS Please send updates to

ARIZONA PLAYER March 2015 21

ENTERTAINMENT Apache Gold Casino Resort

International Mariachi Conference and Fiesta De Garibaldi Oasis Pool Bar (outdoors) The WET POOL PARTY – 1-6pm (18 and over event)

(5 miles East of Globe on Hwy 70) 1-800-272-2438 The POINT Sports Bar & Grill: Big screens to watch your favorite teams and lots more! San Carlos Event Center: Mar 13, 14 & 15 – Inter Tribal POWWOW - $32,700 in prize money

BlueWater Resort and Casino

11300 Resort Dr., Parker 1-888-243-3360 Amphitheater: Saturday March 28 – The Colorado River Blues Festival & Motorcycle Show (FREE) with bands; Big Papa & the TCB Band, The Chase Walker Band and Outback Blues Band River’s Edge Cantina: Sunday evenings – Live Reggae music Dig Lounge: Deejays at 5pm – Oldies on Sun & Mon and Sports on the big screens Outdoors: Wakeboard Island is OPEN!

Casino Arizona

101 at McKellips, Scottsdale 480-850-7734 Showroom: Mar 20 – The Long Run (Eagles Experience) Mar 27 – Ultimate Stones (The Rolling Stones Tribute) Apr 3 – Led Zepagain – (Tribute to Led Zeppelin) Apr 10 – House of Floyd (Music of Pink Floyd) Apr 24 – WANTED (Ultimate Bon Jovi Tribute) Arizona Room Patio Grill: March 14 – UFC 185 (Pettis vs Dos Anjos Mon – Pure Country w/ Heartlyn Rae (8pm) Tues– Latin Fire (dance lessons 6-8pm) 8pm - La Propuesta de Mexico (Latin band) Wed – Country dance instruction with Laina Lee, 6-8pm) 8pm – Tommy Ash Band Thurs – Country dance instruction with Laina Lee, 6-8pm) 8pm – Daisy Train Bingo Hall: Fri & Sat at Midnight, L-8 Nite Bingo! Music, light show & dancing w/ host Corina & DJ Kenji!

22 ARIZONA PLAYER March 2015

Cliff Castle Casino Hotel Casino Del Sol

5655 W. Valencia Rd. Tucson 520-838-6506 Paradiso Bar: Free entertainment, Live bands weekends; Tribute bands on Thursdays March 7 – Conjunto Fear March 12 – Paperback Writer (Beatles Tribute) March 13 – Blue Monsoon, AVA Amphitheater: April 9 & 10 – Tucson International Mariachi Conference April 24 – Earth Wind & Fire Conference Center: April 11 - Tucson

I-17 at exit 289 in Camp Verde 1-800-381-SLOT March 21 & 22 – Northern AZ Outdoor Adventure Show w/ RV’s, watercraft, ATV’s, camping and tour companies Stargazer Pavilion: April 25 – The Band Perry Dragonfly Lounge; live music on weekends featuring: March 6 & 7 – Priminition (Variety) March 13 & 14 – Pima Express (Country/Variety) March 20 & 21 – Kill Baby Coalition (Reggae) March 27 & 28 – Five in the Wheel (Country/Variety)

Tracy Lawrence

Desert Diamond Casino Hotel 7350 South Nogales Hwy, Tucson 1-866-332-9467 Monsoon Night Club: Live bands or DJ on weekends Fridays – “Dance Fusion” w/ DJ Blade Saturdays – “Noches Caliente” Hottest Tex Mex & Tejano music w/ Los Gallegos, Angel Norteno or Los Centenarios

Desert Diamond Casino I -19 The Band Perry

1100 West Pima Mine Road, Sahuarita 1-866-332-9467

ENTERTAINMENT Harah’s Ak-Chin Resort and Casino

15406 Maricopa Rd., Maricopa 480-802-5000 THE LOUNGE: Weekends in The Lounge starting at 8pm (FREE) Mar 7 – Edgar Winter Band Mar 17 – Reckless in Vegas Apr 18 – The Lovin Spoonful June 19 – Marshall Tucker Band Monday -Thursday: Noon-4pm & 5-8pm w/ bands; Harry Luge, Stan & Miguel, Bandstand Shows, Yesterday Once More, Jake Skeen, Western Fusion, The Walkens and He Said She Said Friday & Saturday: 8pm – Heartbreak Alley, The Walkens, Daisy Train, Rock Lobster, Nashville Gold, Smooth Groove or Troubadour Experience (Tribute to George Strait) For updates, go to harrahsakchin. com

Hon-Dah Resort and Casino

Diamond Center: Mar 7 – Comedy of Angelah Johnson Mar 28 – Tracy Lawrence Apr 4 – Lupita D’Alessio Apr 30 – Michael McDonald Sports Bar: Mon – Fri 5pm -2am, Sat & Sun 10am-2am w/ Sports on big screens, Karaoke Wednesdays, DJ nightly, plus DJ or live bands on Fri & Sat nights

Fort McDowell Casino

N of Shea off Hwy 87, Fountain Hills 1-800-THE-FORT Lucky 7 Saloon: Free weekend entertainment w/ bands; Furious

George, Nine Ball or Rick Renzi and Roustabout Wekopa Resort & Conference Center Ballroom: March 13 at 7pm – Battle of the Belts, Zizic vs Rose (Pro Boxing- JR Middleweight Championship) Outdoors: March 13 – Silver Car Auction (Win a 1996 Chevy Corvette!) Bingo Hall: 1st Saturday of each month – Late Night Lunar Bingo w/ music & giveaways For updates: go to

Highways 260 and 73, Pinetop 1-800-WAY-UP-HIGH Timbers Lounge: Free entertainment, Monday is Comedy Night, Tues-Sat, Live bands Mar 10-14 – Barrio Latino Mar 17-21 – Walker Williams Mar 24-28 – C. U. Simmons Mar 31-Apr 4 – Harry Luge

Lone Butte Casino

202 loop at the Kyrene exit – Chandler, 1-800-WIN-GILA Cascades Lounge: Mon, Tues & Fri (4-8pm) Featuring; Marty & the Party or Thaddeus Rose Wed & Thurs (6-10pm) featuring; JJ’s Band, New Frequency Band, Str8Up or the XO Band, Fri & Sat (9:30pm- 1:30am) Featuring; AZ Tex Band, Rhythm Edition, Shining Star , Rhythm of the Sun Band, or Smooth Groove Thursday, Noon – 3pm – Polka Bands: Sam’s Band, Music

Connection, The Softones, Sylvia’s AZ Dance Band, Barefoot Becky Band, or Matt Hodek & the Dakota Dutchmen Verona Chophouse: Saturday: Talia 5-9pm & Sunday: (10am-3pm) live Jazz brunch Buffet Bingo Hall: 11pm Fri & Sat - B.A.D BINGO w/ DJ “Rockin’ Rob” music, light show, bingo & giveaways

Mazatzal Hotel & Casino

1/2-mile S. of Payson on Hwy 87 1-800-777-PLAY Apache Spirits Lounge: Entertainment nightly Thurs – Sat (live bands, Deejays and Sporting Events)

Paradise Casino

450 Quechan Drive, Yuma 1-888-7774946 Sharky’s Bar & Bites: Live bands on weekends

Quechan Casino Resort

525 Algodones Rd, Winterhaven CA (Yuma area) 1-877-783-2426 PIPA Event Center: Call for updated schedule Sidewinders bar: Free weekend entertainment, plus free Salsa Lessons on Thursday nights

Talking Stick Resort

Loop 101 and Indian Bend Road Scottsdale 480-850-7734 Showroom: Mar 7 – BoDeans Mar 14 – Frank Caliendo Mar 20 – ELVIS LIVES: The Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Mar 29 – Winger Apr 3 – Doyle Bramhall II Apr 4 – Leon Russell Apr 22 – Al Di Meola & Billy Cobham May 2 – Greg Allman May 2 – Thunder From Down Under (Male Revue) June 11 – Robin Trower July 11 – Keb’ Mo’

ARIZONA PLAYER March 2015 23

ENTERTAINMENT Vee Quiva Hotel & Casino

REO Speedwagon Ballroom: Mar 14 – Frank Caliendo Pool at Talking Stick Resort: Apr 24 – Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers Apr 26 – ZZ Top May 8 – Moody Blues May 17 – REO Speedwagon May 29 – Chris Young & Thompson Square June 5 – Whitesnake June 14 – Peter Frampton & Cheap Trick July 11 – 311 July 30 – The Steve Miller Band Palo Verde Lounge: Sun thru Thurs, 4pm – Gustavo Angeles, Miguel De Maria or Paul Wells Sun thru Thurs 8pm – Paul Wells, Tyler Neilson, Lee Perreira Curt Cichon, Alexander Hristov or Marley Taylor Trio Fri & Sat, 4pm – Gustavo Angeles, 6pm – Marley Taylor Trio & DJ Pulse at 10pm Shadows Lounge: classic sounds of Frank Sinatra and others Degree 270 Lounge: Fri & Sat, featuring the region’s best DJ’s Orange Sky Restaurant & Lounge: Live jazz

Twin Arrows Navajo Casino Resort

22181 Resort Blvd (I-40 @ exit 219) Flagstaff (928) 856-7200 Arrows Lounge: live bands on weekends; March 6 & 7 – Stateline, March 13 & 14 – Tommy Grills & Brickhouse, March 20 & 21 – Voodoo Rythym Band, March 27& 28 – Volume 2

24 ARIZONA PLAYER March 2015

The West Valley Casino 51st Ave, 4 miles S. of Baseline – Laveen 1-800-WIN-GILA Event Center: March 14 – Kenny Cetera’s CHICAGO Experience March 20 – December ’63 (Frankie Valli & our Seasons Tribute) March 28 – CHARO April 17 – Sheila E April 25 – Diamond in the Rough (Neil Diamond Tribute) Outdoor Patio: (Mon – Sat) 4pm-7pm & 9pm-1am , Featuring bands; Primintion, Rhythm of the Sun Band, Powerdrive, Andrea & Gemini, Reality Band, Latino Rebel Band , Silhoutte, Str8Up, New Frequency Band, Walkens Unplugged, Marty & the Party, Chuck E Baby, Eagleheart, Reality Band and Soul Persuation (Sun) 4pm-7pm, featuring; Mariachi Pasion, Mariachi Fiesta Valle del Sol or Mariachi Rodriguez Bingo Park: Every Saturday at 11pm – BINGO ECLIPSE – Bingo, DJ music, light show & giveaways

Wild Horse Pass Hotel & Casino

I-10 at Wild Horse Pass exit - Chandler 1-800-WIN-GILA Ovations LIVE! Showroom: Mar 6 – Billy Ocean Mar 7 – Lunar New Year Hoa Xuan Mar 8 – Nashville Gold (The story of country music) Mar 13 – Dog & Butterfly (Tribute to Heart) Mar 14 – Jenny McCarthy & Friends – DIRTY< SEXY< FUNNY Comedy Tour Mar 15 – Paperback Writer (Beatles Experience) Mar 20 – Kathy Griffin Mar 22 – Chance Tinder’s Salute to Elvis Presley Mar 27 – 38 Special Mar 28 – Marie Osmond Mar 29 – The Magic of Motown Apr 11 – Morris Day & the Time Apr 25 – Kenny Rogers May 2 – Michael McDonald May 15 – Eddie Money May 29 – Jason Bonhams Led Zeppelin Experience 2015


Encore Lounge: Mid-day entertainment (Mon11am-3pm) featuring; DJ Danny Davis, Swing-tips, Jukebox 6, & Route 66 Late night entertainment featuring bands; Rock Hawgs, Powerdrive, The Hamptons, Andrea & Gemini, Str8up Band, JJ’s Band, The Walkens, Chuck E Baby, Chaka and Friends, Eagleheart, New Frequency Band, Smooth Groove, Smokestack Lighting, Shining Star & Rhythm Edition, CHROME NIGHT CLUB –Arizona’s Newest Hot Spot is Open with the Top DJ’s in Arizona!


Kentucky Derby Contenders Are Emerging

he Kentucky Derby countdown is tick, tick, ticking away by but some of the top Brian Mulligan contenders are sprouting their wings and some of the pretenders are starting to be exposed. The best 3-year-olds around will meet at Churchill Downs on May 2nd trying to do something they never have done and that’s go a mile and a quarter before the biggest crowd they have ever experienced. The starters in the Kentucky Derby will be determined by a point system and connections have to pick their spots very carefully. As of now there are 6 more Kentucky Derby preps that offer a 50-20-10-5 point reward for the 1st through 4th finishers. Things will start to ramp up concerning the qualifying points several weeks from now when the Florida Derby, UAE Derby, Louisiana Derby, Wood Memorial, Blue Grass, Santa Anita Derby and the Arkansas Derby start rewarding winners with a 100-40-20-10 qualifying system. That’s when the big boys will come out and the pedal will be on the gas full throttle. Two important Triple Crown preps were run recently and both could go a long way to determining who will be in the starting gate the first Saturday in May in the Kentucky Derby. Let’s first examine the Fountain of Youth Stakes from Gulfstream Park and then move on to the Risen Star Stakes at Fair Grounds as both were run at a mile and a sixteenth.

In all sports, the referees have such an important place in how things unfold and in a lot of cases, how the end of games occur. Horseracing has the stewards as referees and their decisions are not always black and white. For the connections of Itsaknockout and trainer Todd Pletcher, the horse got the benefit of the doubt in the Fountain of Youth as he was put up to first after the horse that finished first –Upstart drifted out and was disqualified. The splits of the Fountain of Youth were legit. Bluegrass Singer and Frosted combined to set a:24.27,:47.84, 1:11.65 and 1:38.98 pace before Itsaknockout finished the job in 1:46.28. He earned a 90 Beyer Speed Figure but this was the slowest final time in the last 4 years. International Star took all the worst of it in the Risen Star as he had to break from post 10 under jockey Miguel Mena. The rail horse St. Joe Bay set a :23.29, :47.08, 1:12.16 pace but had to settle for 4th as the second longest price on the board. International Star was a bit wide early, skimmed the rail at the 5 sixteenth, came inside the leader and was inching away to win by a length. War Story was second despite breaking a tad slow and Keen Story came from dead last to complete the trifecta. International Star’s rider admitted his concern, Mena: “The post position worried me. You never know if you can get to the rail, where he wants to be. I was impressed; he came through a tight hole, and then another one at the quarter pole and kept running and drawing away.”

There are some other very serious horses that must be addressed Dortmund, trained by Bob Baffert, looks like the real deal. He is unbeaten and his gameness was on display for all to see in the Robert B. Lewis on February 7. He has the blood to win the whole thing as his sire took the Kentucky Derby and we will get another concept of his future in the Santa Anita Derby on April 4. Baffert has another monster in the juvenile champ American Pharoah. He was caught wide in his debut but was superior in his other 2 races, both Grade 1 stakes. He would have been the Breeders’ Cup Juvenile favorite but was off in his left foot with a deep bruise. He has trained forwardly this year and is pointing toward the March 14 Rebel Stakes at Oaklawn. Carpe Diem nearly seized the day in the Breeders’ Cup Juvenile but had to settle for second. He should thrive with more distance and will likely be next seen in the Tampa Bay Derby on March 7. And fans cannot count out the BC Juvenile winner Texas Red. He was so impressive winning that race and he got an ideal prep when 2nd a neck in the 7-furlong San Vicente. His connections have left the door open with options including the Santa Anita Derby or the Arkansas Derby for his next test - Pay attention and stay tuned. Brian Mulligan was the Daily Racing Form’s main West Coast line-maker for nearly two decades writing under the non de plume of “SWEEP.” He continues to contribute to the Daily Racing Form writing “A Closer Look” analysis. Look for more information about Derby hopefuls in the April issue of Arizona Player.

ARIZONA PLAYER March 2015 25

DAVID AT THE SNACK BAR Focus Nicky leads an expert group of conmen, pickpockets, grifters and thieves as they work the big game. He takes a beautiful, promising novice under his wing and she proves to be a natural. Her natural talent makes her a great addition to the team by but he falls for her. When the game is David Ramsey over and they pack up to leave he leaves her behind. Years later he is running a big game when she shows up and things go sideways. Conman movies can be a problem if you don’t fall for at least some of the scams and I did in this one. The cast is perfect and the writing is tight and believable. While “Focus” isn’t on the same level as the greats, it is a fun ride.

Kingsman: The Secret Service A super secret spy organization called the Kingsman is recruiting to replace an agent that died while on the trail of an evil supergenius. Each active agent sponsors their candidate and Harry’s is Eggsy, the rough around the edges son of a former agent. Only one candidate will become a Kingsman and while the training is intense it isn’t the focus of the film. Harry and his team find the man behind a horrific plot but it’s up to Eggsy to save the day. Good spy movies have both action and humor, this one has both. “Kingsman: The Secret Service” is a fun, edgy flick.

David’s Video Details

The Imitation Game

In 1952 a minor robbery leads to the downfall of war hero, Alan Turing. Benedict Cumberbatch gives a brilliant performance as Turing and the rest of the cast is equally great. Based on the true story of the man who shortened World War Two by at least two years by creating what would eventually become computers. Turing led the team that broke the Nazi’s Enigma code allowing the Allies to know what Germany was doing. How he did it makes an engrossing story that everyone should know. The story of his life is fascinating and tragic.

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

When we last left Bilbo and the company of dwarves they had retaken their homeland, the kingdom under the mountain, from the dragon Smaug who attacks Laketown with fire and destruction. The survivors retreat to the empty village next to the mountain where an Elvan army arrives led by the Elvan king. The dwarves barricade the entrance to their city preparing to fight. Gandolf arrives and warns of an orc army marching toward them, soon a dwarf army arrives and the scene is set for an epic battle with the survivors of Laketown caught in the middle. Meanwhile, Bilbo keeps a secret from the dwarves. The final chapter in the Hobbit trilogy is a perfect ending that leads to the beginning of another amazing trilogy.

Into the Woods

The butcher and his wife are lamenting their inability to have children when the witch who lives next door breaks in. She reveals that they are under a family curse that can only be removed once in a lifetime with her help in three days. She sends them into the woods searching for four simple items necessary to break the curse. While there they run into Cinderella, Rapunzel, Little Red Riding Hood and Jack, of beanstalk fame, getting involved in their stories. The story is creative; the large cast is amazing and the music sensational. The big screen adaptation of the Stephen Sondheim musical is fun, rousing and uplifting for the first half then it gets dark and a little stupid. As much as I liked the first half the ending left a bad taste in my mouth. David Ramsey is the President and co-founder of the Phoenix Film Critics Society and a member of the Broadcast Film Critics Association (The Critics Choice Awards). Watch his reviews on the CBS 5 Morning News every Friday between 5:30 and 6:30am and on ABC-15’s “Sonoran Living Live” every other Friday. Read more of his DVD reviews at Contact him at

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Adventure Cycling’s 2,493-mile bicycle route will revitalize the “Main Street of America” — this time with traveling cyclists On March 2, 2015 — Adventure Cycling Association announced the release of Bicycle Route 66, the latest route from America’s bicycle travel experts. Embracing the spirit of “The Mother Road,” the new route follows the famous corridor from Chicago to Los Angeles on roads appropriate for cyclists, including sections of the historic highway. The route is covered in a specially designed six-map set, allowing cyclists to tour the whole thing or ride a few preferred sections to maximize their Americana intake.

“The vision for Bicycle Route 66 is the same as the original vision for Route 66, which was to connect the main streets of rural and urban communities,” said Ginny Sullivan, Adventure Cycling’s director of travel initiatives. “Bicycle Route 66 will be a perfect choice for traveling cyclists looking to explore the American heartland’s natural beauty, history, and funky out-of-the-way places.” The new Bicycle Route 66 maps span eight states (IL, MO, KS, OK, TX, NM, AZ, and CA) and cover 2,493 miles. “Fueled by nostalgia and fired by preservation-minded folks, Route 66 is a magical cross section of the nation; from the massive skyscrapers of Chicago, over the green hills of the Ozarks, the grassy plains, the awesome deserts and mountains, then down into the fascinating mosaic of the Los Angeles basin,” wrote Jerry McClanahan, author of EZ 66 Guide for Travelers.

“There’s something for everyone here—the embodiment of freedom, the legendary emblem of 20th century roadside America.”

The maps feature turn-by-turn directions, detailed navigational instructions, elevation profiles, and services cyclists will need along the route. Now cyclists can explore at their own pace the surviving pieces of architecture, abandoned bridges, landmarks, businesses, and historically important communities from the golden era of U.S. Route 66. “This route can be done as a camping tour in roadside campgrounds; however there are many unique motels along the route which make this a good credit-card touring route. Eating in the old cafes and diners is part of the charm,” said Lon Haldeman, an experienced Route 66 bicycle-tour leader.

Cyclists will encounter along Bicycle Route 66 numerous natural and man-made wonders, including; the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, MO, Historic Brandbury Bishop Deli in Webb City, MO, Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, TX, Route 66 Museum in Clinton, OK, Petrified Forest in Arizona, and the Ozarks in Missouri. “People come from all over the U.S and around the world to travel Route 66,” said Bill Kelly, Director of the Illinois Route 66 Scenic Byway. “Bicycle Route 66 will enhance the non-motorized experience for cyclists touring the route.” Adventure Cycling spent four years researching and laying out the route. “Route 66 was the overwhelming favorite among our members for a new long-distance route,” said Carla Majernik, All Photos courtesy of Michael Clark

Adventure Cycling’s routes and mapping director. The design of Bicycle Route 66 involved collaboration between Adventure Cycling, cycling organizations and government agencies. The National Park Service also played an integral role in providing valuable leadership through the national Route 66 Corridor Preservation Program and technical assistance through the Rivers, Trails and Conservation Assistance Program. Similar to the flow of motor vehicle travelers along the original “Main Street of America,” the influx of cyclists will provide an economic boost to small communities along the route. There is growing evidence that touring cyclists spend more money and time than the average tourist. For example, a recent survey done in Montana by the Institute for Tourism and

Recreation Research found that multi-day cyclists spend $75-103 per day and stay an average of eight or more nights while traveling through the state. Conversely, motorized travelers only spend between $54-68 per day and spend an average of three days in the state. Oregon found that the state benefits by $400 million annually from bicycle tourism. The most famous road in America has been called many things from the grand “Mother Road”, “Main Street of America” to simply U.S. 66. It now has one more moniker to add to its storied history: Bicycle Route 66. For more about Bicycle Route 66 and to purchase maps, visit bicycleroute66. Adventure Cycling Association inspires and empowers people to travel by bicycle. It is the largest cycling membership organization in North America with more than 47,000 members. Adventure Cycling produces cycling routes and maps for North America, organizes more than 100 tours annually, and publishes the best bicycle-travel information anywhere, including “Adventure Cyclist” magazine. With 44,673 meticulously mapped miles in the Adventure Cycling Route Network, Adventure Cycling gives cyclists the tools and confidence to create their own bike-travel adventures. Phone: 800-755-2453) Web: ARIZONA PLAYER March 2015 27

MR B'S BINGO BLAST MR B’S BINGO BLAST Bingo! It’s a popular game that’s growing rapidly in popularity among casinos everywhere. While the game hasn’t changed much over the years, the aura and classic stigmas surrounding it has changed dramatically. Prizes are bigger, jackpots higher, plus bonuses, extras, and giveaways shed an exciting new light on the game. Being an avid gambler myself, I had to give this game a try and put it to the test to find out what all the excitement was about. So I started playing in casino bingo halls in the greater Phoenix metro area. When I started winning, I found myself playing more bingo that other games in the casino. So I decided to set a goal to play in every casino bingo hall and pass along my honest opinion about those bingo games right here every month in the Arizona Player! So this is Chapter 1 in this bingo series to help you find some great bingo games! My most recent journey brought me to one of the best known Bingo halls in the state, Casino Arizona. When you arrive at Casino Arizona’s Bingo hall, you are greeted with a very helpful and friendly staff in one of the cleanest and well put together facilities I have ever seen. The room is laid out in a manner in which all players can clearly see the boards and hear the caller but also is comfortably lit and well decorated making it an immersive and peaceful environment. Not a smoker? No worries. Casino Arizona has a divided Bingo hall with both a smoking and non-smoking side.

When it comes to value of packs, Casino Arizona wins hands down. By using your player’s club card, bingo players get Buy One-Get One Free on electronic buy-ins and even on some of the special games; with your player’s club card combined with the already great package prices, players get more cards for the money. Not sure which package to get or need some help with the game? The cashiers and floor staff always greeted me with a smile, explained the packages with full knowledge, and always made sure to wish me luck. Need something good to eat while playing? Casino Arizona has a small restaurant in the bingo hall with not only insanely fast, friendly service, but also some really great food at a great price. You don’t even have to leave your seat! They even provide menus and they have a floor wait staff should you wish to order on the spot without waiting in a line. Trust me folks, this is GOOD food too! As I found my seat and got settled in, I started chatting with a fellow Bingo player named Molly in the hall and had the opportunity to ask her some 28 ARIZONA PLAYER March 2015

questions. When asked about why she enjoyed coming to Casino Arizona, she told me “The atmosphere is very relaxing and I’ve won more here than other places.” She also went on to say how “great the promotions were”. Promotions are always a big deal and attract players both new and recurring. I wanted to see just how Casino Arizona’s Bingo promotions stack up and what I found was really amazing. March begins what Casino Arizona calls Bingo Extravaganza. Normally promotions are given away just once during its run period, but this promotion is surprisingly different. Every Saturday from March 7 thru May 30, players from both matinee and evening sessions are selected from the drawing entries to win some really great prizes that include cash, computers, and even cars! Getting in on the excitement is really easy. Players earn one entry for every $10 spent in Bingo when using their Players Rewards Card. Food, Fun, Great People, exciting promotions, all wrapped up into one great atmosphere. Casino Arizona is one of the best around when it comes to Bingo and I guarantee you’ll want to keep coming back after playing here. If you’re looking for a fun place to play bingo, with great food, incredible prizes, huge jackpots and even L8 Nite Bingo on Friday and Saturday at midnight featuring a deejay with music, light show and even dancing between games if you like – Then Casino Arizona is the place for you! Editor’s note; Mr. B is an avid bingo player, and I mean he plays more than several times a week. He will be traveling to bingo halls in the Phoenix and Tucson metro areas, along with bingo games around the state and Just so you know – MR B. won’t be sporting an Arizona Player jersey with the name MR B on his back. He will blend in with the typical bingo crowd, and might even be right next to you when either you or he yells BINGO! You may even find your smiling face right on these pages if you’re a big winner! If you haven’t played bingo in a while or maybe never – then head for a nearby casino and soon you will agree with MR B – BINGO is a BLAST!


Bingo Games Statewide Apache Gold Casino - Globe Noon (Wed, Thu & Sun) 7pm (Fri & Sat & 1st Mon)

BlueWater Casino - Parker

6:30pm (Mon-Wed) & 1:30pm (Sun)

Casino Arizona - Scottsdale

Paper & Electronic buy-ins; Matinee session daily at 1pm (Early birds at 12:30pm) Nightly session at 7pm (Early birds at 6:30) Late Night Bingo – Fri & Sat at Midnight (With music, light show & dancing!)

Casino Del Sol - Tucson

2:15 & 7:15pm (Daily) (Daily mini Sessions at noon & 1:30pm)

Cocopah Casino - Somerton (Yuma area) 1pm & 6pm (Daily)

Desert Diamond Casino - Tucson 2pm & 7pm (Daily)

Fort McDowell Casino - Fountain Hills

Harrah’s Ak-Chin Casino - Maricopa

11:30am, 2:30pm, 3:30pm & 6:30pm (Wed - Sun)

Lone Butte Casino - Chandler

Noon & 6:30pm (Daily) 11:30pm - B.A.D. “Bingo After Dark” Party (Fri & Sat)

Mazatzal Casino - Payson

Noon (Mon-Thurs) 6:30pm (Tues & Thurs) (Double Payouts 1st Thurs & 3rd Tues)

Paradise Casino - Yuma 1:30 & 6pm (Daily)

Vee Quiva Casino - Laveen

Paper & Electronic buy-ins; Daily at Noon & 6pm (mini session at 5:30pm) Bingo Eclipse Party (Sat at 11pm) Monday – 50% off electronic pack* (early bird) Tues – Senior’s, 50% off electronic package* Wed – 5 free bonus packs*, Thurs - $500 Monitor bingo*, Fri – 5 free bonus packs & Free Herbie t-shirt w/ 3 Fireball tickets* Sat – 50% off electronic packs*, Sun – Second Chance Sunday* *see Bingo Park for details

*9am, 12:30pm & 6:30pm (Mon - Fri, *except Tues) 6:45am, 9am, 12:30pm, 6:30pm (Sat & Sun) Midnight (Fri & Sat) & Midnight (1st Sat - Lunar Bingo Party)

ARIZONA PLAYER March 2015 29

JOKES PAGE, ASTROLOGY, CASINO DIRECTORY Great Job Interview Baseball Season in Heaven Jokes of the Month Reaching The the end of a job interview, the Harriet Tom was at the hospital visiting with his best friend Larry who was dying. Tom asked, “If there is baseball in heaven will you come back and tell me?” Larry nodded yes just as he passed away. That night while Tom was sleeping, he heard Larry’s voice in a dream, “Tom…Tom are you there” “Larry- is that you - What is it? Asked Tom Larry responded “Tom, I have some good news and some not so good news” “What’s the goTracy Lawrence od news?” asked Tom. Larry hesitated and said “Well you were right, there is baseball in heaven, but the bad news is I saw on the locker room bulletin board that you’re scheduled to pitch this Sunday!”

The Perfect Password

I have a friend (I’ll call him “Crazy Jim”) who calls me regularly for my opinion. He rarely does unless take it unless it sounds easy to do. Recently he told me he keeps forgetting his password because he was told to change all passwords every week, and it is becoming a problem. I told “Crazy Jim” to change all his passwords to “incorrect” because if you make a mistake and type it in wrong – the computer will remind you, “Your password is incorrect.” Problem solved! He thought for a moment, then smiled and said THANKS MAN! Gave me a “High 5” and headed home.

the Human Resources manager asked a young engineer fresh out of M.I.T “And what starting salary are you looking for?” The young engineer replied, “In the region of $150,000 a year, depending on the benefits package.” Harriet nodded her head, raised her eyebrows then replied , “Well, what would you say to a package of five weeks of vacation, 10 paid holidays, full medical and dental, company matching retirement fund to 50you’re your salary, and a company car leased every two years, say, a BMW?” The engineer sat straight up straight and said, “Wow! Are you kidding?” The HR manager replied, “Yeah…..but you started it.”

Pisces Feb 20 to Mar 20

Gemini May 22 to June 21

Virgo Aug 24 to Sept 23

Sagittarius Nov 23 to Dec 21

Cancer June 22 to July 22

Libra Sept 24 to Oct 23

Capricorn Dec 22 to Jan 20

Scorpio Oct 24 to Nov 22

Aquarius Jan 21 to Feb 19

Mar 7–13 Mar 14–20 Mar 21–30 Apr 1–7

Great play is rewarded New friend will be fun Unexpected travel Get out with friends

Aries Mar 21 to April 20

Mar 7–13 Mar 14–20 Mar 21–30 Apr 1–7

Make that call today Sort of surprising You were right, act now Time is right for idea

Taurus April 21 to May 21 Mar 7–13 Mar 14–20 Mar 21–30 Apr 1–7

Go for it, you’re ready Chance meeting fills need Right time-right place Late night surprise

Mar 7–13 Mar 14–20 Mar 21–30 Apr 1–7 Mar 7–13 Mar 14–20 Mar 21–30 Apr 1–7

Great flop for big win Persistence pays Good news coming Late night surprise

Leo July 23 to Aug 23

Mar 7–13 Mar 14–20 Mar 21–30 Apr 1–7




1. Apache Gold Hotel Resort Casino • (Globe) San Carlos Apache Tribe-slots bingo & blackjack & Entertainment (800) 272-2438 2. BlueWater Resort Casino • (Parker) Colorado River Indian Tribe-slots bingo blackjack poker & Entertainment (888) 243-3360 3. Bucky’s Casino • (Prescott) Yavapai-Prescott Indian Tribe-slots, poker & blackjack (800) 756-8744 3a. Yavapai Casino & Gaming Center • (Prescott) Yavapai-Prescott Indian Tribe-slots & Entertainment (800) 756-8744 30 ARIZONA PLAYER March 2015

See – It’s working out Unusual end to project Believe, it will happen profitable trip

Make move – soon Wear green to win Exciting week The break you needed

Mar 7–13 Mar 14–20 Mar 21–30 Apr 1–7 Mar 7–13 Mar 14–20 Mar 21–30 Apr 1–7 Mar 7–13 Mar 14–20 Mar 21–30 Apr 1–7

At last, win you deserve Pretty good choice Great things ahead Weekend of fun Do it! It will work Investigate suspicions Nice win nearby See – It’s working out Lovely new friend Early arrival is key Reward for being nice Very lucky all week

4. Casino Arizona Talking Stick Resort • (Scottsdale) Salt River Pima Maricopa Indian Community-slots poker blackjack Keno & Entertainment (480) 850-7777 5. Casino Arizona @ 101 & McKellips • (Scottsdale) Salt River Pima Maricopa Indian Community-slots bingo blackjack Keno & Entertainment (480) 850-7777 6. Casino Del Sol Resort • (Tucson) Pascua Yaqui Tribe-slots bingo poker blackjack & Entertainment (800) 344-9435 7. Casino of the Sun • (Tucson) Pascua Yaqui Tribe-slots (520) 883-1700 8. Cliff Castle Casino Hotel • (Camp Verde) Yavapai-Apache Nation-slots blackjack poker & Entertainment (800) 381-7568 9. Cocopah Casino • (Yuma) Cocopah Tribe-slots bingo blackjack & Entertainment (800) 237-5687 10. Desert Diamond Casino Hotel • (Tucson) Tohono O’Odham Nation-Old Nogales Hwy slots keno bingo poker & Entertainment (520) 294-7777 10a. Desert Diamond - I-19 • (south of Tucson) slots blackjack & Entertainment (520) 294-7777 10b. Desert Diamond • (Why) Tohono O’Odham Nation-Slots 11. Fort McDowell Casino • (Fountain Hills) Fort McDowell-Yavapai Nation-slots keno bingo poker blackjack & Entertainment (480) 837-1424

Mar 7–13 Mar 14–20 Mar 21–30 Apr 1–7 Mar 7–13 Mar 14–20 Mar 21–30 Apr 1–7 Mar 7–13 Mar 14–20 Mar 21–30 Apr 1–7

New plan will work Cards finally pay off Act quickly on idea Big surprise soon

Celebration coming Unexpected pleasure Huge unexpected win Forget what happened

You’re right, stick to it Friend has good advice Rare chance – take it Back to basics

12. Wild Horse Pass Hotel & Casino • (Chandler) Gila River Indian Community-slots keno blackjack poker & Entertainment (800) 946-4452 13. Gila River Vee Quiva Hotel & Casino • (Laveen) Gila River Indian Community-slots bingo blackjack poker & Entertainment (800) 946-4452 14. Gila River Lone Butte Casino • (Chandler) Gila River Indian Community-slots bingo blackjack & Entertainment (800) 946-4452 16. Harrah’s Ak-Chin Casino (Maricopa) Ak-Chin Indian Community - slots keno poker bingo blackjack & Entertainment (480) 802-5000 17. Hon-Dah Resort-Casino • (Pinetop) White Mountain Apache Tribe - slots poker & Entertainment (800) 929-8744 18. Mazatzal Hotel Casino • (Payson) Tonto Apache Tribe - slots bingo poker blackjack & Entertainment (800) 777-7529 19. Paradise Casino • (Yuma) Fort Yuma Quechan Tribe - slots bingo.& Live Entertainment (888) 777-4946 19a Quechan Casino Resort • (Winterhaven, CA) Fort Yuma Quechan Tribe - slots table games poker & Entertainment 20. Spirit Mountain Casino • (Bullhead City) Fort Mohave Indian Tribe-slots (888) 837-4030 21. Twin Arrows Navajo Casino Resort • (Flagstaff) Navajo Nation - Slots, Table Games, Poker, Keno & Entertainment

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