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Card Room Action Casino Entertainment Blackjack Tournament Tips Comic Bingo at Casino Arizona Reel Reviews – “Hot-Hot 8” by WMS Del Sol Marketplace offers 99 cent Gas! Vol. 23 No. 8 • August 2015

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3 ARIZONA PLAYER August 2015

Vol. 23 No. 8 • August 2015

Gaming News “Del Sol Marketplace Celebrates 10 Years with Gas for 99 Cents!”


Boyd’s Eye View of Video Poker Linda Boyd “Video Poker Ledge”


Cover Story “Win Mountains of Money at Mazatzal Hotel & Casino”


TJ's Blackjack Corner TJ Jorgensen “Tournament Tips”


Reel Reviews Kevin Cummings “HOT, HOT 8” by WMS


Gaming News “Comic Bingo at Casino AZ & WOF Jackpot at Talking Stick”


Card Room Action Table Game Action Around the State


Gaming News “Huge Poker Tournaments at Talking Stick Resort”


Entertainment Casino Entertainment State-wide


Morsels Found on the Road “Scottsdale’s Original Pancake House”


Travel Anne Groebner “Cool down in the Beautiful White Mountains”


David at the Snack Bar David Ramsey Movie & DVD reviews


Bingo Directory Complete List of Bingo Games at Arizona Casinos


Jokes of the Month, Astrology, & Casino Directory


gaming news Del Sol Marketplace 10 Year Celebration is a gas!

Del Sol Marketplace, an enterprise of the Pascua Yaqui Tribe, celebrated its 10 year anniversary with a special event on Monday, August 10 where there was a “secret” offer for guests who showed up between 8am – 10am. That special was an amazing .99 cent per gallon gas offer for the first 500 customers! In addition all customers were allowed to sign up for a chance to win one free year of Shell gasoline! Then, beginning at 10am patrons could purchase a carwash for a discounted rate of $2.99, plus food and beverage discounts that included $1 hotdogs, 49-cent fountain drinks, and other freebies from the Finley beer girls. Also starting at 10am, the first 400 people to visit Del Sol Marketplace during the anniversary celebra-

4 ARIZONA PLAYER August 2015

tion were given a free hot dog. Other giveaways included a mini iPad, a full set of luggage and restaurant gift certificates for Casino Del Sol Resort restaurants Tequila Factory and Ume. For Club Sol members, a “Fuel Fill Up” promotion was in full swing at Casino Del Sol Resort through August 10 where guests could swipe their card for a chance to win free gas for a year. Del Sol Marketplace opened Aug. 2005 and is located next to Casino Del Sol Resort on Valencia Rd. The marketplace recently changed its gasoline provider to Shell in order to provide a better pricing structure to customers of Del Sol Marketplace and guests of Casino Del Sol Resort. The marketplace charges no state or city sales tax. “For the last 21 years, the Pascua Yaqui Tribe has been dedicated to providing the best entertainment experience, and the best value, to the Tucson community through its gaming and other enterprises,” said Kimberly Van Amburg, CEO of Casino Del Sol Resort. “Because of this lasting commitment, we wanted to provide the best gasoline value for our customers’ hard earned dollars. Making the switch to Shell allows us to continue to provide great pricing, exceptional

service and excellent value to our loyal and new customers.” Del Sol Marketplace is located at 5405 West Valencia Road in Tucson. Located in southwest metropolitan Tucson, the Pascua Yaqui Tribe is a federally recognized tribe with more than 17,000 enrolled members. The Tribe owns and operates several enterprises including Casino Del Sol Resort, Arizona’s only Forbes Four Star and AAA Four Diamond casino resort; Casino of the Sun; Anselmo Valencia Tori Amphitheater (AVA), a 5,000-seat open-air concert venue; Sewailo Golf Club, a par-72 championship course designed by Notah Begay III; and the Del Sol Marketplace. For more information call 1-855-765-7829 or visit

A BOYD’S EYE VIEW OF VIDEO POKER The Video Poker amount with you to the casino floor.

Discretionary Money:

by Linda Boyd ecently I heard a story about a gambler who borrowed $300 from a friend at the track to place bets. He won $1,100 on the first 2 races, but refused to return the initial $300 immediately, because he didn’t want to touch his gambling money. This story reminded me of a guy who likes to say “Get off the ledge – It’s just a game”. But is it? Clearly not for some people! Here are considerations for keeping your play fun and not resorting to cracking the machine’s display glass or chastising yourself on the ride home.

Session Budget:

If you play at an Arizona casino, then you should consider every trip out there to be a separate session. Determine how much you want to spend or retrieve from the ATM before playing and have enough self-discipline to stay within the boundaries. Even if you’re staying at the casino, pre-determine your limits. Failure to do so may result in you spending all you’ve allocated shortly after your arrival. If there’s a safe in the room use it, bringing a set

Not too long ago a guy hit the ACES Jackpot on a multiple hand nickels machine, but he was not playing the max bet. So instead of getting 40,000 nickels ($2,000) he got 10,000 nickels ($500). He looked at me and said “I know I lost out by not having max bet but I’m happy because that was my grocery money”. Yikes! Only gamble with your entertainment budget, never with the money you need for food or the roof over your head.

Choosing Your Game:

Determine a game and budget for the upcoming session. Take a logical approach to your game playing. Some players choose a champagne denomination on a beer budget. Next thing – they’re spectators, having a miserable time while depleting their bank account of rent money.




This frequently used term, at least by me, refers to the risk to your bankroll based on the game you’ve chosen to play. For video poker players if there is a large payout for infrequent winning hands, say a royal flush or special four-of-a-kinds, you’ll see a smaller return for frequent hands, like two pair. A popular high risk game is “Double-Double Bonus” and a low risk game is Jacks or Better (JOB). In addition to the game’s volatility pay close attention the games expected return. There are removable tables in my book – that give you both the game’s variance or volatility and the ER.

Theoretical Return:

It’s important to find an ER acceptable to you so that you’re going in with your eyes wide open. If you select a game, say 8/5JOB (ER 97.4498%, Variance 19.32326), your bankroll won’t last as long as with 9/6JOB (ER 99.5439%, Variance19.51468). Even though the variances are similar the difference in theoretical returns is enough for many not to play. You should at least try to find a progressive version of 8/5JOB if you’re determined to play.

If you’re determined to play roller coaster games like “Double-Double Bonus” (discussed next), at least select an appropriate denomination. Dollar versions of DDB can demolish a $200 budget in a heartbeat. So, consider playing this high-risk game in quarters, instead. Of course, check the pay schedules for both denomina- Psychological Budget: tions to make sure the quarter version I suggest that you play below has the same payouts. your discretionary budget in order to accommodate your emotional

budget. If, for example, you have a really good play available especially factoring in cash, promotional entries and a variety of comps, you still have to know when to say “That’s it”. Because even with the best of conditions sometimes it’s just not your day and you feel like a loser. Once you’re frustrated to the point of talking to yourself you should just leave the casino and head home.

Final Thoughts:

Sometimes casinos “86” players (not allow them in the casino) for their own good because once they enter a casino they go into out-ofcontrol mode. If you’re ready to go out on a high ledge after losing in a casino – you should find another form of entertainment! Linda Boyd, a long-time table game player before turning to video poker, also writes for “Southern Gaming” her book, “The Video Poker Edge” includes free removable pay schedules & strategy cards for the most popular games. Look for her story in current editions of “American Casino Guide” (ACG) and her YouTube videos, also with ACG. Her radio shows with Southern Gaming will soon be on iTunes. The Second Edition of her book is available in both paperback and kindle at, bookstores, Toll Free at 1-877-900-BOOK or Square One Publishers.

Make your Special event a Fun Filled party to reMeMber! Deejays with Years of On-Air Broadcast Experience will work with you to personalize your

• • • • 6 ARIZONA PLAYER July 2015

Wedding Reunion Theme Party Corporate Function

“Music and Emcee for Any Event“ taylored M uSic Phil Taylor



Win Mountains of Money…

Grab your friends and take fun to new heights at Mazatzal Hotel & Casino. Located in Payson, Mazatzal Hotel and Casino is the spot for nonstop entertainment in Arizona Rim Country. With great prices and a friendly staff, Mazatzal is where locals go for fun with friends and the place many travelers make their ultimate destination for excitement. Enjoy the scenic drive as you travel through the Tonto National Forest on the way to Mazatzal, and take in the fresh air and beautiful sights at 5,000 feet. The property is also conveniently located just over an hour away from Phoenix and its international airport.

to three-egg omelets, biscuits and gravy and more for breakfast — a great way to start a fun day of winning.

Evening Excitement

Mazatzal Hotel & Casino is home to your favorite slots and video poker. Win big at table games, including poker and blackjack, or grab your lucky dauber and enjoy bingo in the large-capacity bingo hall. Plus, you’ll always find a promotion that’s just for you. From Ladies Night every Thursday, Guys Night every Monday and ongoing senior specials, there are plenty of incentives to visit Mazatzal Hotel & Casino any day of the week.

When late night playing with friends turns into all-night fun, stop by The Grille, open 24 hours. Or, grab a cup of gourmet Peet’s coffee first thing in the morning at the Coffee Korner, along with a fresh homemade pastry from the local muffins, pies and cinnamon rolls. The Apache Spirits Lounge features incredible drink and appetizer specials, plus weekday happy hours. Grab a drink with friends and listen to live music. Looking for more great entertainment? It’s nonstop fun at Mazatzal Hotel & Casino, with traveling musical and comedy shows, sports events and more at the Event Center located in the casino all year long.

Nonstop Fun

Taste the Suite Life

Your hot streak continues through breakfast, lunch and dinner at Mazatzal Hotel & Casino. From casual fare to upscale dining, Mazatzal has a variety of culinary choices for every appetite. The Cedar Ridge Restaurant is your choice for fine dining, featuring fresh seafood, prime ribs and racks of ribs, gourmet burgers and more. Or wake up

When you stay at Mazatzal Hotel, the first thing you’ll notice is its modern design. Its contemporary look is matched with a comfortable feel, with tile and granite in

Home to Your Favorite Games

8 ARIZONA PLAYER August 2015


at Mazatzal Hotel & Casino! every room and plush bedding to make you feel at home. The all-suite hotel also features a gorgeous pool and a soothing Jacuzzi to relax in after a long day of hitting jackpots. Another great reason to stay in one of Mazatzal’s upscale suites is the warm, welcoming staff. You’ll be greeted by a friendly face, and you’ll enjoy getting genuine, accommodating service throughout your stay. Mazatzal is the perfect stay for a “home away from home” feeling and luxurious amenities — and Mazatzal Hotel & Casino is always a great choice for mountains of fun. To book your stay, call 1-800-777-PLAY x 7000, or visit

ARIZONA PLAYER August 2015 9

TJ’s Blackjack corner Tournament

Blackjack vs Blackjack

get asked all the time what is the difference between blackjack and tournament blackjack. Simply put, Blackjack is you against the Dealer. You should be playing each hand the way that will give you by TJ by the most wins over the long run. After all, you are trying Jorgensen TJ Jorgensen to squeeze every dollar out of your playing sessions. In tournament blackjack you are playing against the dealer and the other players at your table. There will be a set number of hands, and you are trying to be the player with the most chips by the last hand. Sometimes you will accomplish that by losing the least, other times by betting aggressively. If the other players have large bets out on a given hand, and you bet the minimum, you will root for the dealer to have a blackjack or good hand so that the other players lose. In tournaments you will do things that you would never do playing regular blackjack, like doubling down on a hard 19. For example I was playing a tournament and after four tough rounds of competition I was playing the final round, or money round as I call it. By the last hand there were only two players left, myself and a guy from Mississippi. Going into the final hand I had the most chips, but not by much, and was going to bet and act last, which made me a heavy favorite to win it all. First place was $10,000, second place was $4,000. The other player made his bet and I matched it, which is the percentage play in that situation. It came down to this; I would win the tournament if we both won the final hand which will happen about 30% of the time. I would also claim victory if we both lost the last hand, which happens 31% of the time, or I won while he lost which occurs 12% of the time. I could also get the win if I pushed while he lost, that happens 5% of the time. Basically I was around a 78% favorite to win it all. The cards were dealt for the last hand and for me, disaster struck, the other player was dealt a Blackjack and I received a hard 19 vs the dealer up card of a 10, only a 5% chance of that happening. Blackjack pays double in most tournaments so if I stood on my hand I would lose the tournament. The only chance I had at this point was to double down on my hard 19, so I slid my chips out and told the dealer “Double”. A

10 ARIZONA PLAYER August 2015

player will bust when hitting hard nineteen 85% of the time so pulling out a victory here looked bleak. But, this day the blackjack Gods were smiling on me as I was dealt a three for a perfect twenty one as the dealer turned over 20. The victory was mine, as it turned out the final hand was a $6,000 swing for the winner. Playing tournaments doesn’t really involve that much study, it’s more about using common sense, and they are a lot of fun. You have to think every hand and bet through, kind of like playing chess. I would encourage all players regardless of skill level to give them a try. On Thursday night/ Friday morning Casino Arizona has a tournament with a $25 entry fee and a guaranteed prize pool of at least $500. The tournament starts at 2;30 am which is past most players bed time. Well good news! Starting September 4th the start time for this tournament will be at 1am with sign-ups at 12:30, so many of you tournament players should put it back on your play list. Here is a list of tournaments you can play, until next time I hope you play winning Blackjack – T.J. Monday – 6 pm – Mazatzal Hotel & Casino in Payson, AZ. Tuesday – Noon, Casino Arizona in Scottsdale (101 & Mckellips) Wednesday – 1st Wednesday of each month at 7pm - Casino Arizona Friday – 1 am (starting Sept 4) Casino Arizona Friday - 4pm Vee Quiva Hotel & Casino – West Valley (Laveen area)

JUST ADDED: BlueWater Resort & Casino in Parker, Arizona has added a $10,000 Blackjack Tournament on October 4th – To qualify for this event call 1-888-243-3360 and ask for tournament information. T.J. Jorgensen has been a professional Blackjack player for decades and is known for his live tournament play. He has competed against, and beaten, some of the top tournament players in the world and has won the prestigious “World Series of Blackjack”. To contact TJ Jorgensen for questions or information on his books, send an e-mail to;

Reel Reviews by Kevin Cummings

12 ARIZONA PLAYER August 2015


A casino guest won “big money” when he hit the IGT Wheel of Fortune Double 3X4X5X Times Pay® progressive jackpot at Talking Stick Resort. The winner, who chooses to remain anonymous, hit the jackpot on Monday, afternoon July 20. The prize money totaled a little over $324,000! “There’s always a lot of excitement when one of our guests wins a large jackpot,” said Ramon Martinez, director of public relations for Talking Stick Resort. “This winner is one of many Talking Stick Resort players who have entered the winner’s circle. We want to send this guest a big congratulation, and we’re excited to see what he does with his winnings.” Wheel of Fortune Double 3X4X5X Times Pay at Talking Stick Resort uses $0.25 denominations with a maximum bet of $2.25. It’s part of a widearea progressive jackpot, which includes all of the Wheel of Fortune Double 3X4X5X Times Pay machines in Arizona. Once the jackpot is hit, the machines reset to $100,000. This machine is one of more than 800 slot games available at Talking Stick Resort. For more information on games and available prizes at Talking Stick Resort, call (480) 850-7777 or visit Talking Stick Resort is a AAA Four Diamond Rated Resort located in Scottsdale, just east of the Loop 101 on Indian Bend Road, locally owned and caringly operated by the Salt River PimaMaricopa Indian Community. The property offers culturally rich experiences and luxury accommodations throughout its 496 deluxe rooms, nearly 300,000 sq. ft. casino, 11 restaurants and lounges, world-class spa, 650-seat showroom, 25,000 sq. ft. grand ballroom, thriving cultural center and more than 113,000 sq. ft. of indoor and outdoor meeting space. 14 ARIZONA PLAYER August 2015

COMIC BINGO at Casino AZ! Win big and look like a hero doing it! Join in the fun for Comic Bingo at midnight on Sept 12, 2015 for a chance to win a free getaway to the New York Comic Con. Come dressed as your favorite character and present your Player Rewards Club card during sign up. When you do, you’ll get a drawing ticket for some incredible prizes. Throughout the night, 13 winners will be selected at random. Drawings start at midnight and run through 2am. The first twelve winners will receive exciting prizes like comic store gift cards and signed memorabilia. The final grand-prize winner will get a Comic Con getaway package valued at $4,423 containing: •Two 4-day passes to New York Comic Con (October 8-11, 2015) •Four nights at the Double Tree Hilton Hotel New York •A $1,500.00 American Airlines gift card, plus $500 in cash!

WIN CASH WITH YOUR COSTUME Before the bingo action kicks off at midnight, Casino Arizona will be holding a costume contest that awards big cash prizes to the best three costumes. Registration is limited to 150 people, so be at the Bingo Hall when sign up starts at 9:30pm for the best chance to enter. Registration will remain open until 11:30pm. Winners will be announced during the intermission of the Comic Bingo session. Winners will have 3 minutes to claim their prize before it is awarded to the next person. Casino Arizona is located at The 101 loop at McKellips in Scottsdale. For more information, call 480-550-7777 or go to

CARD ROOM ACTION Apache Gold Casino 800-272-2438

Globe, AZ Dealing blackjack, and poker daily at noon NLHE Tournaments - Saturdays at 2pm Buy-in $25 w/one $5 add-on

Arena Poker Room at Talking Stick Resort 480-850-7777

re-buy, $5 Bounties + High Hand of the Tournament Sun & Wed - Spreading 2-8 Omaha Wed, all day - Straight Flush $50 (Hold-Em) Max 3 per day Fri, all day - 4 of a kind $50 (Hold Em) Max 3 per day Bad Beat Jackpot is over $47,000 as of Aug 13 (aces full of 10s or better, beaten by 4 of a kind) Daily-“Aces Cracked” pays $40 and Royal Flush pays $200 Also dealing blackjack daily at 9am

Scottsdale, AZ Sept 11 - 13, Arena Fall Classic - Register for all 3 days and receive a free 3 day-2 night stay at Talking Stick Resort. Buy in is as follows: Sept 11- $230, Sept 12 & 13 - $335, you can also “win a seat” into this tournament by playing in single table shootouts beginning on August 19. (Stop by or call the poker room for details) Sept 19 & 20, The 10th Annual Ladies Arizona State Poker Championship, Buy in $300 or win a seat into this tournament in $45 buy-in single table shoot-outs. (Stop by or call the poker room for details) Mon - Fri, 11:15 am - NLHE Tournament $125 buy-in Mon - Thurs, 7:15pm - NLHE, $145 buy-in Sat, Oct10 & Nov 14, 11:15 am - “Super Bounty” NLHE - $240 buy-in w/$100 Bounties Sat, Aug 22, 11:15am - NLHE - $200 buy-in Sat, Aug 29, Sept 28 & Oct 31, 11:15 am Last Saturday NLHE - $160 buy-in Sat Aug 22, Sept 27 & Oct 4 - 11:15am NLHE Weekend Tournaments - $200 buy-in Sat, Sept 5, Oct 3 & Nov 7, 11:15am - “Big Stack” NLHE - $345 buy-in Sun, Aug 23, 11:15am - Omaha Hi-Lo Tournament - $150 buy-in Sun, Aug 30, Oct 25, 11:15am - Jack & Jill NLHE Tournament - $110 buy-in per couple Sat, Oct 24, 11:15am - $ 500 NLHE “Big Stack” Tournament - $500 buy-in Sun, Oct 18, 11:15am - Ladies NLHE Tournament - $110 buy-in Food Specials; Daily $4 breakfast or Steak & eggs for $6.75 (2 am - Noon) also $16 Prime Rib Dinner (5-11pm on Mondays)

Prescott, AZ Northern AZ Poker Championship - Sunday, August 30 1st Place prize of $10,000* Qualify on these Sundays Aug 9, 16 & 23 at 2pm $125 buy-in (Limit 50 players per week) top 10 each week are seeded into the finals on Aug 30 (*bases on 200 entries) Mon - Fri, 10am - NLHE Shootouts $25 entry Mon - Thurs, 6pm NLHE $50 buy-in (top 3-5 cash) top 5 earn points for Player of Month (3 places $300, $200 & $100) Sat, Noon - DEEP STACK Tournament - $100 buy-in Last Sunday of the Month, at Noon - (except Aug 30) Omaha Hi/Lo - $100 added per table $80 buy-in Every Mon & Wed - Spreading Omaha Hi/Lo “Aces Cracked” Wins a Rack! ($100) every day - all day, no limits in any Texas Hold Em game Dealing blackjack 24/7 - Now playing; Player Power Poker, Texas Shoot Out and High Card Flush w/bonus jackpot

Bluewater Resort & Casino 888-243-3360 Ext#7649

Casino Del Sol 520-838-6565

Also dealing blackjack 24/7

Parker, AZ Poker Room opens at 4pm daily except 2pm on Sun & Wed Tues at 7pm, NLHE Tournament - $35 buy-in, w/one $20 re-buy, $5 Bounties Thurs at 7pm, NLHE - $40 buy-in, w/one $20

16 ARIZONA PLAYER August 2015

Bucky’s Casino 928-551-5305

Casino Arizona 480-850-7777

Scottsdale, AZ Blackjack Tournaments: Tues, noon $1,000 added “Break at Noon” $ 50 buy-in Fri, 2:30am - The “Great Late” Tournament, $25 buy-in (Starting time in Sept changes to 1am) Dealing blackjack 24/7 Tucson, AZ Mon - Fri, 10 am - $800 Guaranteed (with 30 players) NLHE, $10 buy-in w/$5 chip-up, plus 2 - $10 add-ons Sun & Wed, 7pm - $800 guaranteed NLHE, $15 buy-in/Opt $15 add-on

Thurs, 7pm - $5,000 deep stack NLHE, $100 buy-in no re-buys Sun 11am - $1,500 Guaranteed NLHE, $45 buy-in - no re-buys Sat, 9am - $200 added Limit Omaha Hi-Lo, $15 buy-in, $5 re-buys + $5 add-on Mon 7pm & Sat noon - $1,000 NLHE - $35 buy-in - no re-buys with opt $5 chip-up New “$30 Splash Pots” Tues & Thurs (up to 3 times per hour) 12:30pm - 4:30pm - see poker room for details New “High Hand” Wed, Fri & Sat (12:30 11:30pm) & Sun (12:30 - 5pm) every hour & ½ - win $50 to $200 ALL NEW! “Hot Poker Spot” Not available at any other casino - a side bet on all Hold-em tables. $1 side bet - Win up to $1,000! Dealing Blackjack 24/7 JUST ADDED: These New Games featuring; High Card Flush, IN Bet and WAR Blackjack!

Cliff Castle Casino Hotel 928-567-7952

Camp Verde, AZ Come Visit the all new Poker Room at the front entrance! Mon-Fri, 10am - NLHE Shoot-out, $30 buy-in, w/no re-buys Wed, 7pm - NLHE Tournament $60 buy-in Wed, 8pm - Mid “$100 Splash pots each hour Thurs, 6:30pm - NLHE Tournament $20 buy-in - Max 2 tables - re-enter first 10 minutes Fri, 7pm - NLHE Shoot-outs, $ 150 added per table of 10 - $25 buy-in - no re-buys (re-enter first 15 min) Sat, Noon - $100 added per table of 10– NLHE $50 buy-in (optional $5 dealer appreciation add-on) All Week - Royal Flush pays $100 “Aces Cracked” Sun - Fri, Win $100 –max 4 per day Saturdays - $50 High hand each hour from open till midnight Wednesdays - 8pm-Mid “$100 Splash Pots” $50 each if 2 tables Also dealing blackjack - 9am - 2am (MonThurs) 9am - 4am (Fri & Sat)


Cocopah Casino 800-237-5687

Somerton, AZ Dealing blackjack daily at 10am

Desert Diamond Casino Hotel 520-342-1810

Tucson, AZ Mon & Thurs at 9:30 am, plus Tues & Wed at 7pm $500 added NLHE - $35 buy-in no re-buys Daily - Any Royal Flush $200 Hold Em, $100 Omaha, Straight Flush $100 Hold Em, $50 Omaha

Special Poker Room menu at ½ off regular prices

Dealing blackjack 24/7 with new progressive side bet and 3 card poker side bet

Desert Diamond I-19 Casino 1-866-332-9467 Sahuarita, AZ Dealing blackjack 24/7

Fort McDowell Casino 480-789-4284

Fountain Hills, AZ Mon-Fri at Noon NLHE - $30 buy-in - $20 add-on - No-rebuys Mon at 7pm, Omaha High/Low - $5 buy in w/$5 re-buys - plus at the break $5 -$20 add-on Sun, Tues & Thurs, 7pm - NLHE - $5 buy-in Fri, 7pm, NLHE - $60 buy-in w/one $10 dealer add-on for additional $5,000 in chips Sat, Noon & 4pm - NLHE - $5 buy-in Sat, 7pm, NLHE Deep Stack tournament - $50 buy-in w/opt $30 add-on Sun, Noon & Wed, 7pm - NLHE - $10 buy-in, $5 re-buys & Double $20 add-on at the break Sun, Aug 16 & Sept 20 at 10am - Ladies NLHE Poker Tournament - $60 Buy-in Plus Opt $10 Dealer Appreciation “Aces Cracked” 24/7 win $100 during first 2 hours of live play, $200 during 3rd hour, 4th hour and after pays $400 “Easy way Jackpot” Aces full of tens beaten by Quads or better wins Jackpot! “High Hand Spin” - with 4 of a kind or better win up to $599 & each live table is splashed with amount

Dealing blackjack 24/7, w/Free bet blackjack, also split Aces up to 4 times & hit more than once and Double Down after first hit!

Harrah’s Ak-Chin Casino 480-802-5138

Maricopa, AZ $1,500 Invitational FREE Roll -1st Sunday of the month - To qualify: Win a daily tournament or have 80+ hours of “live” play during previous month

Tues, 7:30pm - Limit Omaha Hi/Lo -$60 buy-in - no re-buys or add-ons Wed, 7:30pm - LADIES ONLY - NLHE, $30 buy-in w/1 $15 re-buy Thurs, 7:30pm - NLHE, $20 Buy-in plus three $10 re-buys & two $10 add-ons Fri, 7:30pm - $1,000 Guaranteed NLHE, $60 buy-in w/three $10 re-buys & one $20 add-on at break

Sat, 12:30pm - NLHE $ 50 added per table $50 buy-in Sun 12:30pm - NLHE - $15 buy-in w/two $10

add-ons at the break (Maricopa residents have FREE entry) Aces Cracked - Black aces $100, Red Aces $50 & Mixed $25 (Bonus mid-9am=double) Mon-Sun, all-day “Pick-Em 50-25-25” Two cards are picked at beginning of the day (& Posted) any player matching those hold cards and winning the hand wins $50, the table is splashed $25 and there is a $25 hot seat drawing. Mon-Sun (9am-6:30pm) $20 - $40 Splash pots every ½ hour depending on type of live game All-Day Everyday - “Steel Wheel Bonus” for Omaha & Stud - Win $50 - $200 per suit Daily 7pm - 1am, “Hourly Trips High Hand” $50 per hour Hold’em & Mixed Also dealing blackjack 24/7 - including “Push the bet”

Hon-Dah Casino 928-369-7555

Pinetop, AZ Open Mon-Fri at 4pm - Sat & Sun at 2pm, “early bird” tournament chips available daily Mon, 6pm - NLHE, Double Stack $25 buy-in (4,000 chips) $25 add-on (8,000 chips) Tues, 6pm - NLHE “Speed Shoot-Out” $15 buy-in (no re-buys) $2 chip-up Wed, 6pm - High Hand Hold Em - $40 buy-in no re-buys Thurs, 6pm - Omaha Hi-Lo - $40 buy-in, no re-buys Fri, 6pm - NLHE - “$25 Bounty” Tournament, $45 buy-in w/$10 re-buys and $10 add-on Sat, 4pm - NLHE, $30 buy-in, $10 re-buys + $ 10 add-on Sun, 4pm, Crazy Pineapple $30 buy-in, $10 re-buys + $10 add-on Sun, Tues & Thurs –“Cool Summer Nights” Open till 2am or close Sunday - Thurs, 2pm till tournament begins “Early Bird Bonanza” (qualifying hands win bonus cash & prizes) Fri & Sat - $100 High Hand (Hold Em)

Lone Butte Casino 800-946-4452

Chandler, AZ Dealing blackjack 24/7 - Linked Progressive Jackpots for “Crazy 4 Poker” & Ultimate Texas Hold EM starts at $10,000 and grows at all 3 Gila River Casinos!

Mazatzal Hotel & Casino 800-777-7529

Payson, AZ Live poker Wed –Sun at 10am, High Hands, win progressive jackpot (see poker room for details) Wed & Sun at 6pm NLHE Tournament, $50 buy-in no-re buys Sat at 3pm, NLHE Tournament, $25 buy-in - no re-buys Aces cracked “wins a rack” various times daily - Max 3 per day (see poker room for details) Dealing blackjack 10am to 1am, with $3 games daily till 3pm Mon - 6pm, Blackjack Tournament $40 buy-in w/two $25 re-buys Bonus Blackjack get dealt a 6, 7 or 8 card “21” win up to $200

Quechan Casino Resort 1-877-783-2426

Winterhaven, CA Open Wed-Sun at 10am, and Mon, Tues at 4pm - spreading 4/8 Hold Em with a kill, 4/8 Omaha hi-low split with a kill also 3-6 & 4-8 limit Texas Hold-Em, plus 1-3 & 2-5 No Limit Texas Hold Em Sat, 1pm $ 2,500 Guaranteed NLHE Tournaments $60 buy-in Thurs, 7pm NLHE Deep Stack - $80 buy-in Dealing blackjack 24/7 - Special room rates for poker players

Twin Arrows Navajo Casino Resort 928-856-7244

Flagstaff, AZ Live Poker daily - call for games & tournaments - also dealing blackjack 24/7

Vee Quiva Hotel & Casino 800-946-4452 Ext#1507


Laveen, AZ Wed, 7:30pm, **NLHE “Freeze Out”$40 buy-in w/Opt $10 Staff fee at the break for added chips

Sat, 11:15 am, (weekly except 1st Sat) **NLHE “Freeze Out”$40 buy-in w/Opt $10 Staff fee (before 1st hand) $20 add-on at break

1st Saturday of each month at 12:15pm “Super Stack” NLHE ($110 buy-in for $10,000 in chips) Optional $20 Staff fee (before your first hand) for Add’l $5,000 in chips, also $20 add-on at the break for additional $8,000 in chips Sun 11:15 am, **NLHE “Freeze Out”$30 buy-in w/Opt $10 Staff fee (before play) & $20 add-on at the break Big Money Royals, Any Royal Flush wins $ 200 - Plus if Royal is flopped - you spin the wheel to win up to $300 more! “ACES CRACKED” spins the wheel - win up $300 (see poker room for details) **Tournaments allow “Early Bird Chips” for live play before tournament - 1st & 2nd place at final table qualify for the “Tournament of Champions” FREE ROLL each quarter Next one is Aug 29th. Dealing blackjack 24/7 - Friday Afternoon Blackjack Tournament at 4pm - $30 buy-in (registration starts at 2pm) Linked Progressive Jackpots for “Crazy 4 Poker” & ULTIMATE Texas Hold EM starts at $10,000 and grows daily at all 3 Casinos! PAI GOW Progressive Jackpot at press time was over $95,000 and growing daily!

Wild Horse Pass Hotel & Casino 800-946-4452 Ext #7375

Chandler,AZ Mon & Thurs Noon - NLHE, $30 buy-in, no re-buys - $150 added per table Tues & Wed, 7:30pm - NLHE Freeze Out - $50 entry fee w/$10 optional add-on - $1,000 added to prize pool

Sun, 3:30pm, NLHE - $30 buy- in, $5 dealer add-on, $20 add-at the break & bonus chips for play before tournament

“Aces Cracked” Win a Rack - Sun 11pm until Fri at 6pm “Rolling Cash Fever” Drawing every other hour 24/7, $100 min, increases by $100 if not hit - must go at 11pm on Mondays Big Money Royals - Any Royal Flush wins $ 200 & a spin - Any straight flush gets to spin the wheel - win up to $1,000 “Super Jackpot” Quad 10s or better beaten wins jackpot that increases $500 per day - as of August 12, jackpot was over $68,500! Food specials: ½ price poker room menu Also dealing blackjack 24/7 - Linked Progressive Jackpots for “Crazy 4 Poker” & Ultimate Texas Hold Em starts at $10,000 and grows at all 3 Gila River Casinos! PAI GOW Progressive Jackpot at press time was over $95,000 and growing daily!

CARD ROOM MANAGERS Please send updates to

ARIZONA PLAYER August 2015 18

gaming news Huge Vegas-Style Tournaments at Talking Stick Resort

Several exciting events are on the horizon for poker enthusiasts in The Grand Canyon State. At press time the 11th annual Arizona State Poker Championship was kicking off (August 14- 18) and following that, The ARENA Fall Classic was offering three days of tournaments starting on September 11thru 13. Then on September 19 & 20, women from around the state and beyond will be competing in the 10th Annual Ladies State Poker Championship. All three of these events take place at The ARENA Poker Room at Talking Stick Resort in Scottsdale. The ARENA Poker Room is a destination for local players and out-of-town visitors, as it’s the largest card room in the state, boasting an impressive 47 poker tables, dozens of large-screen monitors and Audio Everywhere capabilities. The Arizona State Poker Championship has a projected prize pool of more than $1,000,000. This year, professional poker player and four-time World Series of Poker champion Tom Schneider hosts the highly anticipated tournament. “We’re really excited to have Tom Schneider on board, and we expect to have a field of around 1,500 competitors this year,” said Tom Young, director of The ARENA Poker Room. “Our dealers and staff work hard to make this tournament a great event, and with this year’s changes, the experience will be even better for our players.”

Stick Resort. The ARENA Fall Classic offers three days of No-Limit Hold ‘Em poker and a prize pool that breaks down as follows: September 11 - $34,000, September 12 - $53,000 and September 13 - $33,000. Participants are given $13,000 in tournament chips each day. By entering all three tournaments, players will receive a free two-night stay for the weekend. Players can also sign up for individual days. The following are the tournament buy-ins; Friday, September 11, $230; Saturday, September 12, $335; and Sunday, September 13, $335 Tournament sign-ups for the ARENA Fall Classic will begin on August 19th at the poker cage. Poker enthusiasts who want to try to “win a seat” into the tournament can play in the “super satellite tournament” on Sunday, September 6 at 11:15am. The buy-in for this satellite tournament is $110 and players start with $6,000 in tournament chips. For every 10 paid entries, one player will win an entry to all three events in the ARENA Fall Classic. The week after the Arena Fall Classic, The Arena Poker Room hosts the Arizona State Ladies Poker Championship on September 19 and 20. Buy in is $300, and sign ups have already begun. Ladies can also “Win a Spot” into the tournament in single table shootouts for just a $45 buy-in, stop by or call the poker room for details

To learn more about these exciting tournaments, along with all the regularly scheduled weekday and weekend tournaments, stop by the ARENA Poker Room, call the Talking Stick Resort Box Office at 480-850-7734 or go to Talking Stick Resort – The AAA Four Diamond Rated Resort located in Scottsdale, just east of the Loop 101 on Indian Bend Road is locally owned and caringly operated by the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community. The property offers culturally rich experiences and luxury accommodations throughout its 496 deluxe rooms, nearly 300,000 sq. ft. casino, 11 restaurants and lounges, world-class spa, 650-seat showroom, 25,000 sq. ft. grand ballroom, thriving cultural center and more than 113,000 sq. ft. of indoor and outdoor meeting space.

The biggest change this year is that the tournament has upgraded to the Poker Tournament Directors Association rules. Plus, there will be a dinner break for the three “day ones” this year (Day 1a: August 14, Day 1b: August 15 and Day 1c: August 16). “We consistently listen to feedback from our players so that we can make the tournament better each year,” Young said. Once the State Championship concludes and as the temperatures begin to cool down in the Valley, the poker action is still heating up at Talking 20 ARIZONA PLAYER August 2015

entertainment Apache Gold Casino Resort

(5 miles East of Globe on Hwy 70) 1-800-272-2438 The POINT Sports Bar & Grill: Big screens to watch your favorite teams and lots more! San Carlos Event Center: Sept 19 – Ramon Ayala w/ Ramone Ayala Jr Oct 16 & 17 – 12th Annual RUN to the REZ, featuring music poker run, bike show and giveaways Oct 16 – Grey Wolf Oct 17 – Los Lobos

Los Lobos Nov 7 – BIG & RICH

BlueWater Resort and Casino

11300 Resort Dr., Parker 1-888-243-3360 BlueWater Showroom: Oct 17 – Cage Rage 10 – MMA at its best River’s Edge Cantina: Sunday evenings – Live Reggae music Dig Lounge: Deejays at 5pm – Oldies on Sun & Mon and Sports on the big screens Outdoors: Wakeboard Island is OPEN!

22 ARIZONA PLAYER August 2015

Casino Arizona

101 at McKellips, Scottsdale 480-850-7734 Showroom: Aug 21 & 22 – Journey Unlimited (Journey Tribute) Aug 28 & 29 – NO DUH – (No Doubt Tribute Band) Sept 4 & 5 – Queen Nation (Queen Tribute) Sept 16 – Mariachi Reyna de Los Angeles Sept 18 & 19 – RIO (Duran-Duran Tribute) Sept 25 & 26 – Matchbox Twenty Too (Matchbox Twenty Tribute) Arizona Room Patio Grill: Sat Sept 5 – UFC 191 “Johnson vs Dodson” viewing party Sat Sept 12 – PRO Boxing “Mayweather vs Berto” viewing party Mon – Redneck Rockstars (8pm) Tues– Trivia Tuesdays - $1000 up for grabs (register 5:30-6:30 – action starts at 7pm) Rhythm of the Sun Band at 8pm Wed – Country dance instruction with Laina Lee, (6-8pm) Daisy Train at 8pm Thurs – Country dance instruction with Laina Lee (6-8pm) Rhythm of the Sun Band at 8pm Fri – Superhero Band at 8pm Bingo Hall: Fri & Sat at Midnight, L-8 Nite Bingo! Music, light show & dancing w/ host Corina & DJ Kenji! Saturday, Sept 12 – COMIC Bingo, come dressed as your favorite comic book character and win prizes like Comic store gift cards, signed memorabilia, plus a grand prize – A Comic Con Getaway package valued at over $4,400! Includes airfare, hotel stay, two 4 days passes to the New York Comic Con, Oct 8 – 11 plus $500 cash!

Casino Del Sol

5655 W. Valencia Rd. Tucson 520-838-6506 Paradiso Bar: Free entertainment, Live bands weekends & Tribute bands on Thursdays, plus every Sunday 80’s & Gentlemen Band

AVA Amphitheater: Aug 18 – Christina Perri & Colbie Caillat Aug 21 – Peter Frampton & Cheap Trick Aug 26 – “Weird Al” Yankovic

“Weird Al” Yankovic

Aug 27 – Vince Gill Sept 2 – TOTO w/special guest YES Sept 4 – Chayanne Sept 19 – Lynyrd Skynyrd Sept 23 – Ricky Martin (One World Tour) Oct 31 – Santana Conference Center: Sept 19 – Tejano Music Showcase Oct 9 – George Lopez Oasis Pool Bar: Aug 23 - The Soak Pool Party – 1-6pm w/ DJ Blade fun contests and prizes (21 and over event)

Cliff Castle Casino Hotel

I-17 at exit 289 in Camp Verde 1-800-381-SLOT Stargazer Pavilion: Sat Oct 17 – Taste of the Verde Valley Wine Fest Dragonfly Lounge; live music on weekends featuring:


Aug 21 & 22 – Harry Luge band Aug 28 & 29 – Aravaipa Sept 4 & 5 – Uproot (reggae) Sept 11 & 12 – Str8up Sept 18 & 19 – Conjucto Reflejo (latin) Sept 25 & 26 – Apache Spirit

Cocopah Casino Resort

Joe Nichols

15318 S Avenue B, Somerton, AZ (Yuma area) (928) 726-8066 Outdoor Event Area: Oct 10 – Bridget’s Gift presents Joe Nichols w/ special guest Josh Thompson Sunset Lounge: Friday’s karoake with “Bling Bling” River Room: Live bands (call for updated schedule)

Desert Diamond Casino Hotel

7350 South Nogales Hwy, Tucson 1-866-332-9467 Monsoon Night Club: Live bands or DJ on weekends Fridays – “Dance Fusion” w/ DJ Blade Saturdays – “Noches Caliente” Hottest Tex Mex & Tejano music w/ Los Gallegos, Angel Norteno or Los Centenarios

Desert Diamond Casino I -19

1100 West Pima Mine Road, Sahuarita 1-866-332-9467 Diamond Center: Aug 22 – Three Dog Night Aug 29 Pedro Fernandez Sept 5 – Comedian & Impressionist Frank Caliendo Sept 11 – Rock of the 80’s w/ The Romantics, Berlin and The Smithereens Sept 19 – Smokey Robinson Sports Bar: Mon – Fri 5pm -2am, Sat & Sun 10am-2am

Smokey Robinson w/Sports on big screens, Karaoke Wednesdays, DJ nightly, plus DJ or live bands on Fri & Sat nights

Fort McDowell Casino

N of Shea off Hwy 87, Fountain Hills 1-800-THE-FORT Wekopa Resort at Fort McDowell: Aug 21, 22 & 23 – Kool-FM’s Summer Splash Party Lucky 7 Saloon: Free entertainment weekends Aug 21 & 22, Sept 25 & 26 – 9 Ball Band Aug 23 & 30, Sept 6, 20 & 27 – Duane Moore w/ Mogollon Band Aug 28 & 29, Sept 11 & 12 – Rhythm Edition Sept 4 & 5 – Basketball Jones Sept 13 – Rick Lenzi (as Elvis) & the Roustabout Sept 18 & 19 – Furious George Bingo Hall: 1st Saturday of each month – Late Night Lunar Bingo w/ music & giveaways For updates – go to

Harrah’s Ak-Chin Resort and Casino

15406 Maricopa Rd., Maricopa 480-802-5000 THE LOUNGE: Weekends in The Lounge starting at 8pm (no cover) Friday & Saturday: 8pm to 1am – featuring bands; Quantum, The Stilettos, December ’63, Str8up, Los

Chicos (Selena Tribute) Furious George, Doo Wah Riders, Dina Preston and Neon Circus Monday -Thursday: Noon-4pm & 5-8pm w/bands; Thaddeus Rose, Guy Pennachio, Swingtips, Silhouette, Yesterday Once More, Karen & Pat, Paul Wells, Flavour, Walkens Duo, Unique, Van & Melanie, John Eric Duo & the Bandstand Shows Sundays: 4-8pm, The Walkens and others POOLSIDE: Margarita Sundays are from 2-6pm – Music, great food and drink specials. $10 cover charge per adult in includes a free drink! Bands include; Kush Country, Desert beach, Rock Lobster, AzTex, The Walkens and others For updates, go to

Hon-Dah Resort and Casino

Highways 260 and 73, Pinetop 1-800-WAY-UP-HIGH Outdoor & Indoor Event: Sat, Aug 29, 12 noon – 9pm – Customer Appreciation Party FREE Concert at 6pm featuring “TURN THE PAGE” the best Bob Seger tribute band you’ll ever see or hear FREE t-shirts to the first 1,500 guests, Prize drawings at the Players Club, along with free cake, ice cream and entertainment in the Timbers Lounge Timbers Lounge: Free entertainment, Monday is Comedy Night, Tues-Sat, Live bands Aug 18-22 – Barrio Latino Sept 1-6 – Marble Heart Sept 8-12 – Marshall Star Band Sept 29-Oct 3 – Tyler Stevens Oct 6-10 – Harry Luge

Lone Butte Casino

202 loop at the Kyrene exit – Chandler, 1-800-WIN-GILA Cascades Lounge: Mon, Tues & Fri (4-8pm) Featuring; Marty & the Party or Thaddeus Rose Wed & Thurs (6-10pm) featuring; JJ Band, XO Band or Str8Up Fri & Sat (9:30pm- 1:30am) Featuring; Soundwave,

ARIZONA PLAYER August 2015 23


Smooth Groove and Andrea & Gemini Lone Butte Event Center: Sept 19 – Kool & The Gang Cities Bar & Grille: Saturday & Sunday: (10am-4pm) live Jazz Brunch Buffet featuring Chuck Peterson or Freddie Duran Bingo Hall: 11pm Fri & Sat - B.A.D BINGO w/DJ “Rockin’ Rob” music, light show, bingo & giveaways

Mazatzal Hotel & Casino

1/2-mile S. of Payson on Hwy 87 1-800-777-PLAY Apache Spirits Lounge: Entertainment nightly Thurs – Sat (live bands, Deejays and Sporting Events)

Paradise Casino

450 Quechan Drive, Yuma 1-888-777- 4946 Sharky’s Bar & Bites: DJ Rudy on weekends

Quechan Casino Resort

525 Algodones Rd, Winterhaven CA (Yuma area) 1-877-783-2426 Sidewinders bar: Free weekend entertainment w/ bands or deejays

Talking Stick Resort

Loop 101 and Indian Bend Road - Scottsdale 480-850-7734 Showroom: Sundays at 10am – “Football Frenzy” is back with football, trivia and $2,000 in prizes each week! Aug 25 – KMLE 8 Man Jam featuring Josh Turner, Aaron Lewis, Dustin Lynch, Montgomery Gentry and others Sept 12 – Nils Lofgren Sept 24 thru Sept 26 – Thunder From Down Under (Male Revue) Oct 4 – Zappa Plays Zappa (starring Dweezil Zappa) Oct 24 – JB Smooth w/ Hugh Moore Nov 14 – Comic Steven Wright Nov 21 – Anderson Ponty Band

Lynyrd Skynyrd

Pool at Talking Stick Resort: Sept 4 – YES w/ TOTO Sept 20 – Lynyrd Skynyrd Oct 1,2 & 3 at 5pm – Phoenix Fashion Week Release Pool Party Events at Talking Stick Resort (Sat & Sun afternoons) Aug 22 – Cosmic Gate, Aug 23 – Jen Jones, Aug 29 – Miss Nine, Aug 30 – DJ Kitty, Sept 5 – Zeds Dead, Sept 6 – Laidback Luke, Sept 7 – TonyG, Sept 12 – DJ Scene, Sept 19 – DJ Solarz and Sept 26 – Mighty Mi Palo Verde Lounge: Live bands nightly Shadows Lounge: Bands, singles & duos featuring jazz, classic sounds of Frank Sinatra and others Degree 270 Lounge: Fri & Sat, featuring the region’s best DJ’s Orange Sky Restaurant & Lounge: Live jazz

Twin Arrows Navajo Casino Resort

22181 Resort Blvd (I-40 @ exit 219) Flagstaff (928) 856-7200 Arrows Lounge: Live Entertainment on weekends Oct 10 & 11 – Larry King presents the Legends of Country Music

Vee Quiva Hotel & Casino

The West Valley Casino 51st Ave, 4 miles S. of Baseline – Laveen 1-800-WIN-GILA Event Center: Aug 22 – The Chi-Lites, featuring Marshall Thompson Aug 29 – New Frequency Band Aug 30 – In Circles Outdoor Patio: (Mon – Sat) 4pm-7pm & 9pm-1am , Featuring; Str8up, Primintion, Powerdrive, Andrea & Gemini, Reality Band, Latino Rebel Band, Rhythm of the Sun Band, Walkens Unplugged, Tyrone D & The Ledge, Marty & the Party, Chaka & Friends, Soul Persuation or the New Frequency Band (Sun) 4pm-7pm, featuring; Yumi La Rosa or Mariachi Rodriguez Bingo Park: Every Saturday at 11pm – BINGO ECLIPSE – Bingo, DJ music, light show & giveaways

Wild Horse Pass Hotel & Casino

I-10 at Wild Horse Pass exit - Chandler 1-800-WIN-GILA Ovations LIVE! Showroom: Aug 22 – WFF-MMA Fights, Aug 28 – Calibre 50, Aug 29 – SINBAD Sept 4 – Vietnamese Concert & Dance, Sept 5 – Heartbeat City (Tribute to the Cars) Sept 11 – The Latin Comedy Jam, Sept 18 – Siggno w/ Dwayne

24 ARIZONA PLAYER August 2015

Verheyden, Sept 19 – Comedian Dana Carvey, Sept 20 – The Broadway Concerts Oct 10 – Lost 80’s Live featuring; A Flock of Seagulls, Berlin, Escape Club, Tommy Tutone, The Motels, Naked Eyes, John Waite and others, Oct 17 – Loverboy, Oct 20 – SLASH featuring Myles Kennedy & the Conspirators, Oct 23 – Ramon Ayala, Oct 24 – Latin Legends Live featuring Malo and Tierra, Oct 31 – Abba Fab (Tribute to ABBA) Nov 13 – Melissa Etheridge The Lounge: Mid-day (Mon11am-3pm) featuring; Jukebox 6 or Route 66 w/ DJ Danny Davis Late night: featuring; Powerdrive, JJ’s Band, The Hamptons, Chuck E Baby, Str8Up, The Walkens, Shining Star or Chaka & Friends CHROME NIGHT CLUB: Fridays & Saturdays – Arizona’s Newest Hot Spot featuring DJ Medik

Dana Carvey

morsels found on the road THE Original Pancake House By Phil Scudella

The Apple Pancake A delicious concoction all of their own! “Often imitated but never duplicated” is perfect for this great creation. They start with a special batter, pour it over fresh sautéed apples and bake it halfway, and then glaze it with cinnamon sugar, flip it over and bake it again! What comes out of the oven in a delightfully bubbly dish brimming with apples and cinnamon - Their best seller!

Dutch Baby

In my quest for great food, I sometimes find great little restaurants in remote Arizona towns. But once in a while you will find a unique place right in the heart of Phoenix or the surrounding communities. This is the first chain breakfast restaurant ever featured in the Arizona Player. One thing that makes this place so unique is that The Original Pancake House in Scottsdale is the only one in the entire state of Arizona. You’ll find Original Pancake House all across the United States from the Pacific Northwest thru the Midwest to the East Coast where you will find multiple locations. This restaurant is very different, almost any day you’ll find owner Ron Horton sipping coffee and tasting a creation he made himself while chatting with some of his “regulars” at the small counter next to the kitchen. I have known Ronnie for over 20 years and he is one on the nicest and most genuine people I have known. It is not unusual to see him walking from table to table, checking with customers to make sure the food and service meets their standards.

THIS is my favorite! This recipe was derived from the kitchens of great German cooks, oven baked and served with whipped butter, lemon and a dusting of powdered sugar. When it is served piping hot, it is in the shape of a large bowl. You can enjoy this plain or (like I do) add sliced strawberries and their home made strawberry syrup – Delicious! A treat you will rave about to your friends, who may want to try a slice, and because it is a lot to eat, you feel like sharing a slice or two.

49’er Flap Jacks

From the Mother Lode Country - Plate sized, chewy, and tender. This is unique to The Original Pancake House! No other restaurant makes this pancake; it is NOT a crepe, or a thick fluffy pancake, it is thin, chewy and slightly crisp on the edges. If you’ve never had a short stack (2) or full stack (3) you will find it a taste sensation. Served with whipped butter and hot syrup

Ron’s Special Southwest Eggs

Scrambled with caramelized onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, seasoning plus cheddar cheese and served with four potato pancakes.

Omelets Their unique omelets, including the mushroom omelet topped with homemade rich mushroom sherry sauce, are rolled in a skillet and then oven baked to give you a splendidly light, moist delicacy.


The Original Pancake House, winner of the James Beard Award, opened their Scottsdale location in 1988. It has been voted one of the Top Ten Best Restaurants in Arizona, and owner Ron Horton, known as “the pancake man”, makes sure that commitment to quality and the attention to detail are on the menu each and every day. Here are some of my favorites, buy many of my friends including an old radio buddy of mine Lee, prefer the standard sausage and eggs with hash browns and pancakes. That’s just fine but he is really missing out on these “specialties of the house”

These gourmet crepes include; the Cherry Kijafa Crepe, a blend of tart cherries and sweet Danish cherry wine. Mandarin Crepes - the Crepe Suzette of the Orient - Three delicate crepes rolled and topped with Mandarin orange segments tempered with Triple Sec. Topped with hot tropical syrup and lightly dusted with powdered sugar. They also feature the finest fresh fruits of the season, fresh squeezed orange juice from orchards in the valley and the signature coffee is specially blended, roasted and ground for The Original Pancake House to complement your meal. The Original Pancake is located 6840 E Camelback Rd. in Scottsdale – within walking distance to Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom’s. Stop in you will be delighted with the food and friendliness. Hours are seasonal, but usually 7am till 1 or 2pm. ARIZONA PLAYER August 2015 25

travel Getaway to the Cool White Mountains By Anne Groebner There’s no place like cool in the beautiful White Mountains of Arizona. Travel the Beeline north of Fountain Hills to Payson, Heber, Show Low and Pinetop-Lakeside – all incredibly beautiful stopping places to begin journeys through some of Arizona’s most spectacular scenery. In Payson, check out the Mazatzal Hotel and Casino where you can “Stay and Play!” Go to www. to find information on the latest in high-tech video and reel-to-reel machines. They offer over 400 slots, video poker, live blackjack and poker. There are also top-notch hotel accommodations, dining, entertainment and so much more! Heber offers some great restaurants and some of the most scenic hiking trails. Once you reach Show Low, check out Fool Hollow Recreation Area, then continue on AZ 260 to Pinetop-Lakeside for some great hotels, resorts and golf courses. Hon-Dah Resort Casino is located on the edge of town just 3 miles toward McNary on AZ 260. HonDah Resort Casino offers 24/7 fun including over 800 slot machines, a poker room, 128-room hotel, the Indian Pine Restaurant along with an RV Park. Just past Hon-Dah Casino, you will find the small town of McNary. McNary was, at one time, one of the biggest towns in the White Mountains. The community was originally named Cluff Cienega after Benjamin Cluff, who harvested hay there in 1879 and 1880 for use at Fort Apache. In 1919, the name was changed to Cooley, in honor of Corydon Cooley. Then in 1924, William Cady and James McNary moved their lumber company to Cooley and changed the Town’s name to McNary.

26 ARIZONA PLAYER August 2015

The Apache Railroad once laid its tracks from Big Lake and Maverick to McNary and eventually Holbrook. The tracks are no longer there but the corridor that they left behind is a reminder of our southwestern heritage. In fact, as you leave McNary, you can see the berm on the right when the locomotives once traveled.

About 20 miles past McNary is Sunrise Park Resort — the largest ski and recreation park in Arizona. They are open through September 13th, offering hiking, biking, scenic lift rides, disc golf, an archery range & course, tubing slide, bungee jump and airbag jump. Currently the general store is open at the entrance to the park and offers fishing, hiking, RV and camping permits for the WMAT reservation, plus fishing gear and equipment, bait, food and beverages, camping gear, first aid supplies, clothing and apparel. The Sunrise Marina offers kayaking, paddle boats, and motor boats that can be rented hourly, 1/2 day and full day. Sunrise also has a 100-room hotel with the Summit Restaurant that provides beautiful views and cultural cuisine. Eight miles down AZ 260 past Sunrise is Pole Knoll Recreation Area. Although it was designed for winter activities, it is an incredible trail all year round. In fact, some of the best fall pictures I got was while hiking this trail. There are a myriad of trails that are shadowed by aspen, ponderosa, spruce and white pine. The trail has a variety of elevations and various difficulty ratings. If you hike to the top of the knoll, the view is worth the challenge.

Just past Pole Knoll is the entrance to Greer. AZ Route 373 takes you to the small “Little Colorado River Valley” that is a fisherman’s paradise. Not only does the Little Colorado River flow through the town but they are privy to some of the most beautiful lakes called “Greer Lakes,” which includes Tunnel Lake, River Lake and Bunch Lake. You’ll find restrooms located at the lake areas as well as boat landings and armadas for picnics. Just past the Greer turn, you’ll find a ranch run by Wink (Butler) Crigler, called the X-Diamond Ranch, her grandmother was Molly Butler. Historical lineage; Ellis Whitney Wiltbank and Greer’s first postmistress Hannah Mary Hall married and one of their children was Mary Ann (Mollie) Wiltbank – she married Lorenzo Crosby (who was killed at a train station by outlaws on his return from his mission), she then married John Butler and opened the Butler Lodge in Greer, now called Mollie Butler’s. The Rendezvous Restaurant in Greer used to be the old post office, Amberian Point Lodge was a ski lodge in the 1970s and is said to be haunted by a ghost named “Zeke.” The Butterfly Lodge Museum was once the hunting lodge of James Willard Schultz called “Apuni Oyis,” a Blackfeet name, which means Butterfly Lodge. Schultz authored thirty seven books about the northwest Plains Indians, mainly the Blackfeet. Although he did write some books about the Apache, Navajo and Hopi; some of the titles are “In the Great Apache Forest” and “The Story of a Lone Boy Scout.” The Museum is open through Labor Day weekend. Greer has many restaurants and lodges as well as the Lazy Trout store, which has just about anything you’ll need for your adventures. So, get out of the heat and visit the coolest spot in Arizona — the beautiful White Mountains. To get there just follow AZ 87 to Payson, then turn onto AZ 260 toward Heber and the White Mountains until you reach Show Low. AZ 260 continues on to Pinetop and all the way to Springerville as you enjoy the cool crisp refreshing mountain air all along your journey. Anne Groebner is a longtime resident of this scenic White Mountain area is the publisher of “Get Your Mountain On AZ” a monthly publication available not only in the White Mountains but all over the state of Arizona.


Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation -

The IMF team is disbanded and Ethan is on the run wanted by the CIA. Ethan believes there is an organization called The Syndicate that is trying to take over the world and its going to start by eliminating the IMF. He manages to get by proof with the help of a beautiful and mysteriDavid Ramsey ous agent and enlists the rest of his team to join him. The action is amazing, the stunts are breathtaking, and the story may be the best of the series. Cruise and team have upped the ante for the next one, and I can’t wait for MI6.

David’s Video Details

Mad Max: Fury Road It’s been 30 years since the last time George Miller took us to the post apocalyptic world he created in 1979 and he proves he has not lost his touch. Max gets caught up in race for freedom from a warlord and his thugs. The story is captivating, the cast is perfect, the effects are terrific and the action is non-stop in one of the best of films of the year. I hope we don’t have to wait another three decades for the next one.


The Gift Simon and Robyn move to a new city for his new job. They buy a unique new home with an open architecture that includes many windows. One day they are out shopping when they run into Gordo, someone from Simon’s past. At first everything is fine but then gifts from Gordo start showing up on their doorstep. Soon Gordo is stopping by when Robyn’s at home alone. Simon decides to confront him but things don’t do as expected. Neither does the film, “The Gift” is not the film you think it is, it is much better.

Tris and Four are on the run after the uprising. They are being hunted by Jeanine and her Erudite faction in this installment of yet another teen dystopian series. It is a race against time as they try to figure out what the Abnegation faction died to protect while Jeanine and her followers will do anything to stop them. Meanwhile, Tris has to confront her inner demons. While no “Hunger Games” this series has enough action to keep you engaged.

Hot Pursuit

Cooper is an uptight, bythe-book cop whose only desire is to be the best cop on the force, unfortunately she is haunted by a mistake that keeps her behind a desk. She gets her chance when the she is assigned to protect the wife of a drug lord who is going to testify against his superiors. Things don’t go as planned and they end up on the run from the killers and crooked cops. Yet, another buddy film but not a good one. The storyline has huge holes, the action is silly and the over acting gets annoying. David Ramsey is the President and co-founder of the Phoenix Film Critics Society and a member of the Broadcast Film Critics Association (The Critics Choice Awards). Watch his reviews on the CBS 5 Morning News every Friday between 5:30 and 6:30am and on ABC-15’s “Sonoran Living Live” every other Friday. Read more of his DVD reviews at Contact him at

28 ARIZONA PLAYER August 2015


Bingo Games Statewide Apache Gold Casino - Globe

Noon (Wed, Thu & Sun) 7pm (Fri & Sat & 1st Mon)

BlueWater Casino - Parker

6:30pm (Mon-Wed) & 1:30pm (Sun)

Casino Arizona - Scottsdale

Paper & Electronic buy-ins; Matinee session daily at 1pm (Early birds at 12:30pm) Nightly session at 7pm (Early birds at 6:30) Late Night Bingo – Fri & Sat at Midnight (With music, light show & dancing!)

Casino Del Sol - Tucson

2:15 & 7:15pm (Daily) (Daily mini Sessions at noon & 1:30pm)

Cocopah Casino - Somerton (Yuma area) 1pm & 6pm (Daily)

Desert Diamond Casino - Tucson 2pm & 7pm (Daily)

Harrah’s Ak-Chin Casino - Maricopa

11:30am, 2:30pm, 3:30pm & 6:30pm (Wed - Sun)

Lone Butte Casino - Chandler

Noon & 6:30pm (Daily) 11:30pm - B.A.D. “Bingo After Dark” Party (Fri & Sat)

Mazatzal Casino - Payson

Noon (Mon-Thurs) 6:30pm (Tues & Thurs) (Double Payouts 1st Thurs & 3rd Tues)

Paradise Casino - Yuma 1:30 & 6pm (Daily)

Vee Quiva Casino - Laveen

Paper & Electronic buy-ins; Daily at Noon & 6pm (mini session at 5:30pm) Bingo Eclipse Party (Sat at 11pm) Monday – 50% off electronic pack* (early bird) Tues – Senior’s, 50% off electronic package* Wed – 5 free bonus packs*, Sat – 50% off electronic packs*, Sun – Second Chance Sunday* *see Bingo Park for details

Fort McDowell Casino - Fountain Hills

*9am, 12:30pm & 6:30pm (Mon - Fri, *except Tues) 6:45am, 9am, 12:30pm, 6:30pm (Sat & Sun) Midnight (Fri & Sat) & Midnight (1st Sat - Lunar Bingo Party)

ARIZONA PLAYER August 2015 29

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Here are some laughs to lighten your day from comic Gary Muledeer who entertained at intermission for the Johnny Mathis concert on August 3rd at Celebrity Theatre.

At a retirement home an old fellow was walking down the hall and noticed a door open, he walked in and saw an attractive old lady in a wheel chair. He said to her “bet you can’t guess my age?” I’ll bet I can.” She says “Drop your pants.” The old man does exactly that and she remarks “96.” The old man is stunned “you’re right! How did you guess that?” The woman smiled and said “You told me at breakfast!”

Zeke and Harry two old pals in their late seventies were golfing when Harry hit a ball into the woods where they both searched and finally find the ball next to a tree. As Harry reached down to move some leaves he noticed a toad that looked up at Harry and spoke “Pick me up, kiss me and I will be transformed into a sexy young woman who will give you the most amazing sex for the rest of your life” Harry picked up the toad, shoved it into his golf bag and zipped up the pocket.

“Why did you do that?” asked Zeke. Harry looked up as he prepared to hit his next shot and said “at my age, I think I’d rather have a talking frog” I checked into a hotel last night, on the nightstand was a bible, I opened it and there was a note inside that read “If you are an alcoholic and think you have a drinking problem-call this number” I called….it was a liquor store.

Thank You Gary for the jokes, the lovely Alycia for great seats and Danny Zelisko (someone I’ve have known for 40 years and who is also a “die hard” Cub Fan) for bringing this great show to town. Phil “Chicago, Chicago – My Home Town” Scudella

Leo July 23 to Aug 23

Scorpio Oct 24 to Nov 22

Aquarius Jan 21 to Feb 19

Taurus April 21 to May 21

Virgo Aug 24 to Sept 23

Sagittarius Nov 23 to Dec 21

Pisces Feb 20 to Mar 20

Gemini May 22 to June 21

Capricorn Dec 22 to Jan 20

Cancer June 22 to July 22

Aug 7–14 Aug 15–22 Sep 23–31 Sep 1–7 Aug 7–14 Aug 15–22 Sep 23–31 Sep 1–7

Kinky friend is fun Make plans for trip Good news soon Go with your guts

Soon – a big surprise Just what you needed Huge turnaround Take a very careful chance

Libra Sept 24 to Oct 23

Aug 7–14 Aug 15–22 Sep 23–31 Sep 1–7

Bet strong early Time is your friend The big win you needed Take the offer

Aug 7–14 Aug 15–22 Sep 23–31 Sep 1–7 Aug 7–14 Aug 15–22 Sep 23–31 Sep 1–7 Aug 7–14 Aug 15–22 Sep 23–31 Sep 1–7




1. Apache Gold Hotel Resort Casino • (Globe) San Carlos Apache Tribe-slots bingo & blackjack & Entertainment (800) 272-2438 2. BlueWater Resort Casino • (Parker) Colorado River Indian Tribe-slots bingo blackjack poker & Entertainment (888) 243-3360 3. Bucky’s Casino • (Prescott) Yavapai-Prescott Indian Tribe-slots, poker & blackjack (800) 756-8744 3a. Yavapai Casino & Gaming Center • (Prescott) Yavapai-Prescott Indian Tribe-slots & Entertainment (800) 756-8744 30 ARIZONA PLAYER August 2015

Stall for a while Quick trip = nice win Chills coming real soon Blackjack is key this week Dreams come true Spine-tingling fun Unplanned pleasure Time to relax and chill Play smart this week Go with hunch Play your numbers Go to favorite place

Aug 7–14 Aug 15–22 Sep 23–31 Sep 1–7 Aug 7–14 Aug 15–22 Sep 23–31 Sep 1–7

Things are looking up Take pal with this time Plan that meeting soon This time it’s for real

Great play is rewarded New friend will be fun Out of town excitement Take the plunge

Aries Mar 21 to April 20

Aug 7–14 Aug 15–22 Sep 23–31 Sep 1–7

Take all the extras This week is your chance Really big one is coming Very pleasurable trip

4. Casino Arizona Talking Stick Resort • (Scottsdale) Salt River Pima Maricopa Indian Community-slots poker blackjack Keno & Entertainment (480) 850-7777 5. Casino Arizona @ 101 & McKellips • (Scottsdale) Salt River Pima Maricopa Indian Community-slots bingo blackjack Keno & Entertainment (480) 850-7777 6. Casino Del Sol Resort • (Tucson) Pascua Yaqui Tribe-slots bingo poker blackjack & Entertainment (800) 344-9435 7. Casino of the Sun • (Tucson) Pascua Yaqui Tribe-slots (520) 883-1700 8. Cliff Castle Casino Hotel • (Camp Verde) Yavapai-Apache Nation-slots blackjack poker & Entertainment (800) 381-7568 9. Cocopah Casino • (Yuma) Cocopah Tribe-slots bingo blackjack & Entertainment (800) 237-5687 10. Desert Diamond Casino Hotel • (Tucson) Tohono O’Odham Nation-Old Nogales Hwy slots keno bingo poker & Entertainment (520) 294-7777 10a. Desert Diamond - I-19 • (south of Tucson) slots blackjack & Entertainment (520) 294-7777 10b. Desert Diamond • (Why) Tohono O’Odham Nation-Slots 11. Fort McDowell Casino • (Fountain Hills) Fort McDowell-Yavapai Nation-slots keno bingo poker blackjack & Entertainment (480) 837-1424

Here is some good advice, if the room you’re staying in is $29.00 per night – Skip the complimentary breakfast.

Aug 7–14 Aug 15–22 Sep 23–31 Sep 1–7 Aug 7–14 Aug 15–22 Sep 23–31 Sep 1–7 Aug 7–14 Aug 15–22 Sep 23–31 Sep 1–7

Lucky at cards this week Plan the trip you need Your chance for real fun Never underestimate luck

Pure pleasure is the treasure Finally, a lucky week Do it and don’t look back Nice hit at favorite spot Kindness is a good thing Last minute idea works Get out with best friend You’ll meet someone new

12. Wild Horse Pass Hotel & Casino • (Chandler) Gila River Indian Community-slots keno blackjack poker & Entertainment (800) 946-4452 13. Gila River Vee Quiva Hotel & Casino • (Laveen) Gila River Indian Community-slots bingo blackjack poker & Entertainment (800) 946-4452 14. Gila River Lone Butte Casino • (Chandler) Gila River Indian Community-slots bingo blackjack & Entertainment (800) 946-4452 16. Harrah’s Ak-Chin Casino (Maricopa) Ak-Chin Indian Community - slots keno poker bingo blackjack & Entertainment (480) 802-5000 17. Hon-Dah Resort-Casino • (Pinetop) White Mountain Apache Tribe - slots poker & Entertainment (800) 929-8744 18. Mazatzal Hotel Casino • (Payson) Tonto Apache Tribe - slots bingo poker blackjack & Entertainment (800) 777-7529 19. Paradise Casino • (Yuma) Fort Yuma Quechan Tribe - slots bingo.& Live Entertainment (888) 777-4946 19a Quechan Casino Resort • (Winterhaven, CA) Fort Yuma Quechan Tribe - slots table games poker & Entertainment 20. Spirit Mountain Casino • (Bullhead City) Fort Mohave Indian Tribe-slots (888) 837-4030 21. Twin Arrows Navajo Casino Resort • (Flagstaff) Navajo Nation - Slots, Table Games, Poker, Keno & Entertainment

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