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3 ARIZONA PLAYER November 2014

Vol. 22 No. 11 • November 2014

Gaming News AZ Lottery has a new LOGO


Cover Story “Arizona Lottery’s NEW Monopoly Millionaire on-line Game”


TJ's Blackjack Corner TJ Jorgensen “Distractions”


Boyd’s Eye View of Video Poker Linda Boyd “The Grapevine Part II”


AZ Lottery News “More Big Winners”


Reel Reviews/Travel “The Jetson’s” by WMS


Card Room Action Table Game Action Around the State


Gaming News “Talking Stick’s New Lounge & VQ’s Wheel of Fortune Winner”


Entertainment “Jay Leno at T-Stick & Willie Nelson returns to the Diamond”


Entertainment Casino Entertainment State-wide


Contest Page “Triple Diamond Slot Winner & New Surprise Casino Getaways”


Horsin' Around “New Del Mar Meet & Breeders Cup”


Travel “Time Travel to the 16th Century”


David at the Snack Bar David Ramsey "Movie & DVD Reviews"


Bingo Directory Complete List of Bingo Games at all Arizona Casinos


Jokes of the Month, Astrology, & Casino Directory


gaming news Arizona Lottery Unveils New Logo! The Arizona Lottery recently announced a new logo, refreshing the 33-year-old brand with a redesigned logo and new look aimed to excite players now and in the future. The new logo features a modern take and contemporary style, conveying the fun and entertaining qualities of the brand. In-depth research and analysis of how and why players are attracted to the brand prompted the Arizona Lottery to transform the brand and logo. Several logo options were tested with Lottery staff, retailers and players, ultimately guiding the new look. The brand refresh was a planned 2015 activity, scheduled to support the expansion of new games and projected sales growth. The new logo, designed by the Arizona Lottery’s Agency of Record Lane Terralever, conveys the fun, unexpected, and entertaining nature of the many games the Lottery offers. The release of the new logo and visual brand marks a significant milestone and the start of new era for the Arizona Lottery. The font is dynamic, offering a playful and engaging identity. The color palette is representative of the wide-open skies and opportunities in Arizona, as well as the rich heritage of the

4 ARIZONA PLAYER November 2014

state. Both the red and blue colors point back to the State flag, as does the star graphic. In addition, the star also serves as a sign of hope – conveying the wishing and dreaming experienced when a player picks up an Arizona Lottery ticket. The overall design clearly illustrates the vision and ambition for the future of the Arizona Lottery.

“This exciting refresh of the Arizona Lottery brand will make it more appealing to our enthusiastic players and more relevant in today’s marketplace,” said Jessica Reimann, director of Marketing and Advertising for the Arizona Lottery. “Ultimately, the Lottery’s goal is to continue to achieve record-breaking sales year-overyear, which fund a variety of public programs

that enrich the lives of Arizona citizens.” The rollout of the Arizona Lottery new logo will take place over the next year and will reach all of our 2,800 retailers. New elements that will begin immediately include the website, billboards, and digital properties. Players must be 21 years or older to purchase or redeem tickets. Winners have 180 days from the drawing date to claim their prize at an Arizona Lottery office or by mail. Overall odds vary by game. All sales are final. In accordance with the ADA, these materials may be made available in an alternative format. The Arizona Lottery operates entirely from the revenue it generates through the sale of its products; it receives no General Fund dollars from the State. Proceeds from sales of Lottery tickets – nearly $3.4 million per week – fund a variety of state programs. Since July 1981, the Arizona Lottery has paid out more than $5.8 billion in prizes to players, more than $3 billion in net funding to the state and more than $686 million in commissions to retailers. Learn more at Gambling Problem? Call 1.800.NEXT.STEP (1-800-639-8783). Please Play Responsibly.™.

gaming news TALKING STICK TO HOST TWO CHARITY HOLIDAY POKER TOURNAMRNTS Poker lovers can compete for cash and give back when Talking Stick Resort hosts its annual Thanksgiving Charity Poker Tournament and Christmas Toy Poker Tournament this holiday season. The tournaments will raise funds for United Food Bank Services and provide toys to Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community while also offering guests $12,500 in cash prizes at each tournament. “Talking Stick Resort places great value on charitable giving,” said Ramon Martinez, Director of Public Relations at Talking Stick Resort. “The annual charity events are a holiday tradition at Talking Stick Resort, providing some fun competition while giving back to the community - Our guests are very generous and have made a significant contribution in the past, so we look forward to an even bigger tournament this year.” In its 12th year, the Thanksgiving Charity Poker Tournament will be held in the ARENA Poker Room on Saturday November 15 at 11:15 am with proceeds benefitting the United Food Bank Services. United Food Bank Services is a local non-profit organization that takes a proactive stance against hunger in Arizona, distributing more than 50,000 meals a day throughout the East Valley and Eastern Arizona. Registration for the Thanksgiving Charity Poker Tournament begins on November 10 at the Main Poker Cage. With only a $50 buy-in, of which $25 will go to the United Food Bank Services, players will enter the match with $1,500 in tournament chips and all top 40 finalists are guaranteed a cash prize. The champion will receive a payout of $3,100 while second and third place finishers will take home $2,100 and $1,400 respectively. Additionally, poker enthusiasts can also showcase their skills on December 20 at the 12th Annual Christmas Toy Poker Tournament. Kicking off at

6 ARIZONA PLAYER November 2014

11:15am, the tournament will offer $12,500 in cash prizes as well as provide toys to the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community Christmas Toy Drive. “The Christmas Toy Poker Tournament is in its twelfth year at Talking Stick Resort,” said Tom Young, Director of Poker. “It’s a testament to the kind nature of our guests and their willingness to give back to the community. By competing in the match, players are doing their part to ensure others will have a happy holiday season.” Signups for the Christmas Toy Poker Tournament will be held in the Main Poker Cage beginning at noon on December 1. An unwrapped toy—valued at a minimum of $10—will serve as the buy-in and will be required, along with a $25 service fee, at time of signup to receive $1,500 in tournament chips. There is also an optional $10 staff appreciation add-on bonus that will get the player an additional $1,500 in tournament chips, which must be purchased at the assigned table before the player is dealt his first hand. To learn more about these two holiday events, visit All participants must be 21 or older. Talking Stick Resort is located at 9800 E. Indian Bend Road in Scottsdale, AZ

cover story

8 ARIZONA PLAYER November 2014

TJ’s Blackjack corner “


by TJ Jorgensen

ou’ve practiced playing blackjack at home and you think your game is ready for the casino. But when you get there the waitress is asking you if you want a drink, your friend is bugging you to leave, next thing you know you’re making mistakes and your money is gone. If you are an aspiring pro player you need to know what distractions await you in the casino and how to deal with them. When I go to the casino it’s for one reason, to make money. I am focused on that from the moment I walk in and nothing will distract me. In the casino you will encounter noise, attractive people, drinks, attitudes from other players, and idle conversation to name a few. To most people, casinos are a cool place and most people like being there. This is what the casino wants. They want you to feel like it’s cool to be a part of what’s going. They want you to focus on that and not on winning. Men can get easily distracted by an attractive female – In fact some casinos put very attractive women in their high limit rooms to bring guys in. Be on your guard, the pro player is at the casino to make money, end of story. Never drink when you gamble, Alcohol affects your judgment and your game play. There is a reason why Vegas casinos give away free drinks, and it’s not because they like you. Save your drinking for later, when you go home to celebrate a big win. The casino staff can also be a distraction. They’re always extremely nice to you when you’re losing. They want to keep you smiling while you lose. Stay focused on the task at hand, winning. Casinos love amateur gamblers. When you’re at a casino act like one,

10 ARIZONA PLAYER November 2014

when I buy in, it’s always for less than $100. That way, the dealer does not have to call it out and they don’t know what you started with. When you’re playing and winning, slip green chips into your pocket, never ask for black, they know where all the black chips are. Also, don’t brag about how much you’ve won. You don’t want to be identified as a winner. Be nice to the casino staff, tip the dealer. Don’t call attention to yourself. When I play you can never tell whether I am winning or not, I don’t show any emotions. I always claim to be losing when I play. I am very good at hiding how much I have won. Remember you are there for one reason, to take money from the casino. The casinos don’t like big winners so make sure you don’t act like one. The casino can be a dangerous place for you and your bankroll, keep your eyes open, and your mind alert.

T.J. Jorgensen has been a professional Blackjack player for over 20 years. He is well known for his live tournament play and has competed against, and beaten, some of the top tournament players in the world. He also has won the prestigious World Series of Blackjack. His book, “Beating the Casino at Their Own Game,” is available by e-mail……


The Grapevine: Part II

n Part I the by quesLinda Boyd tion of whether or not to use a slot club card during play was examined and of course smart players will always play with a card. There are other grapevine issues that seem to be trending among video poker (VP) and slot players lately. One of them that’s a big deal to me is the question of hand pay jackpots. I’ve noticed some casinos are flashing the “Please call attendant” message on the machine’s display glass for jackpots of $500 or more. So what’s going on here, have they changed the rules?

Hand Paid Jackpots:

Not too long ago I hit a royal flush (RF) on a quarter progressive 9/6 Jacks or Better (9/6JOB) machine. Instead of tallying up my $1,152 dollar win so I could print and cash the ticket, my machine locked up and I got the “Call attendant message”. Now it’s 2AM and I’m ready to call it a day but I decide to put a lid on it since I’m happy about the RF and there’s only one other guy around

12 ARIZONA PLAYER November 2014

And he didn’t hit the royal. This man tried to help get an attendant after we gabbed for a while and he let me know that he had recently waited a long time for a similar payout. Long story short I had to wait almost an hour for my money and then listen to a bogus reason for the hand pay. The young girl first told me that it took so long because there was a skeleton staff and she was working solo on her shift. Also, she took a long break since the casino was almost empty. The real zinger was that she said in Nevada (I was in a local’s casino on Boulder highway in Vegas) the law required a hand pay if a jackpot was $500 or more. I knew this was untrue, the statutes triggering a hand pay were the same, and called her on it.

Just the Facts:

Dragnet was way before my time but I do remember Sergeant Joe Friday saying (in re-runs) “Just the facts ma’am, just the facts”. Well in this case the facts are that the $1200 threshold was determined by the IRS and it remains unchanged. Anytime you win a single jackpot at or over $1200 the casino issues a

W-2G form that you must sign and a matching copy goes to the feds. (If you’re playing a high roller machine an employee may stand nearby to keep track of your win/loss record so that your play isn’t interrupted.) State statutes in both Arizona and Nevada mirror the federal guidelines and both allow you to write off your losses against your winnings, unlike some states. So rest assured that any casino employee who claims the federal laws have changed is simply incorrect. If any casino in either of these states is still forcing a hand pay for less than the $1200 they have another reason.

Gamblers Want the Hand Pay:

Another casino told me that players wanted to wait for the hand pay because then they could be congratulated by the staff, possibly have their photo taken and feel like a winner. To that I say, no way. Most of the gamblers I know are impatient and many feel obligated to tip even though they may have bought the jackpot, meaning they lost as much as they won prior to the hit. I can only guess at what motivates management to force a hand pay

and I think they want patrons to help pay staff through tips and that they want others to see the flashing lights and be spurred on to be a winner as well.

Final Thoughts:

For casinos that force unnecessary hand pays I think they should re-consider. All other things being equal the delays for non-W-2G jackpots would cause me to choose a casino that just prints the ticket. Be aware that if you win a promotional event the requirements are different from hitting on a slot or VP machine. Ironically anything, even promotional events that take you away from gambling for long stretches, costs the house money and I can’t figure out why they do it! Linda Boyd ,a long-time table game player before turning to video poker, writes for “Southern Gaming and “Midwest Gaming and Travel” in addition to “Arizona Player, her book, “The Video Poker Edge”, includes free removable pay schedules and her free strategy cards for the most popular games. Look for her story in the 2013 and 2014 Editions of “American Casino Guide” (ACG) and her YouTube videos, also with ACG. Her radio shows with Southern Gaming will soon be available on iTunes. The 2010 Second Edition of her book is available in both paperback and kindle. Available at, bookstores or Square One Publishers. Toll Free: 877-900-BOOK

lottery news When Nothing is a good thing

Daniel Armstead, Payson, plays all of the Arizona Lottery draw games. His favorite is All or Nothing because it’s a little different from the rest of the draw games. He recently purchased a few Quick Pick tickets for the All or Nothing September 25 drawing at the Maverik Station at 715 N. Beeline Highway in Payson. He used his cell phone to check his numbers. Daniel soon discovered he hadn’t matched any of the numbers, which meant….he was a winner of the top prize and won $25,000! Daniel is thrilled with his win and is going to use the money to pay off some bills.

Let the Tailgate Party Begin Loren Brewster of Queen Creek, is a big football fan and had been looking for the Tailgate Cash instant scratch tickets. He found one at a retailer on South Power Road in Gilbert, He bought one, and it was winner. Rather than take the cash, he asked the clerk to give him some more tickets for the same game. Loren took the tickets home and as soon as he finished scratching them, he knew he had a top prize winner of $50,000 on one of his tickets. Before he drove to the Arizona Lottery, he took some time and signed the back of the ticket. He and his wife are thrilled with his win, although at first his wife didn’t believe him when he told her he’d won the top prize. Although he usually buys $5 and $10 tickets,

Loren is going to try a $20 scratch ticket - the new $185 Million Cash Explosion game. Loren works with his father in their repair and accessory sales for RV’s. He is such an avid fan of spectator sports that a lot of his spare time is spent attending the various venues. He’s a big fan of the Cardinals, Diamondbacks, Notre Dame, and NASCAR. Not only does he go to Phoenix International Raceway, he also enjoys going to local dirt tracks. It doesn’t hurt that his brother-in-law races at these tracks. Loren is going to use the money to pay off some bills and maybe plan a trip to Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

ARIZONA PLAYER November 2014 13

reel reviews

14 ARIZONA PLAYER November 2014


Apache Gold Casino 800-272-2438

Globe, AZ Dealing blackjack, and poker daily at 3pm JUST ADDED: NLHE TOURNAMENTS – Sun 2pm & Wed 6pm – Buy-in $25 w/ one $15 re-buy

Arena Poker Room at Talking Stick Resort 480-850-7777

Scottsdale, AZ Mon thru Fri, 11:15 am – NLHE $70 buy-in w/ $10 s/c Mon, Thurs & Sun – NFL Football Promotion (Call for details) Mon - Thurs at 7:15pm - NLHE, $115 buy-in w/ $15 s/c Sat, Dec 13 at 11:15 am – “Super Bounty” NLHE - $200 BI, $25 s/c - $100 Bounties Sat, Nov 29 at 11:15 am – Last Saturday NLHE – $125 BI w/ $25 s/c Sat, Dec 6 at 11:15am – “Big Stack” NLHE – $300 BI w/$30 s/c (opt$15 dealer Add-0n) Sat, Nov 15 at 11:15 am – 12th Annual Thanksgiving Charity Poker Championship - $50 buy-in ($25 to United Food Bank) Sat, Nov 22 at 11:15 am – 5th Annual Jack & Jill Championship - $75 Buy-in + $15 s/c per team Sat, Dec 20 at 11:15am – 12th Annual Christmas Toy Drive Poker Tournament – Buy-in A new unwrapped $10 (minimum) toy w $25 s/c – optional $10 Staff Appreciation add-on at table for extra 1,500 in chips (doubles your stack) January 2nd, 3rd, and 4th – The 2015 Staycation Weekend Tournament (Play all three – Stay for free) Buy-in Friday $200, Saturday $300 and Sunday $300. Win a seat into this tournament in single table shootouts on these Sundays; Nov 16, 23, 30, Dec 7, 14 & 28 “Aces Cracked wins a rack” weekdays, 2am-10am Food Specials; $4 breakfast and $6.75 Steak & Eggs (2 am – Noon) Mondays $16 Prime Rib Dinner (5-11pm)

Also dealing blackjack 24/7

Bluewater Resort & Casino 888-243-3360 Ext#7649

Parker, AZ Poker Room opens at 4pm daily except 2pm on Sun & Wed – closed on Mondays

16 ARIZONA PLAYER November 2014

Tues at 7PM, NLHETournament - $35buy-in, w/ one $20 re-buy Thurs at 7PM, NLHE – $40buy-in, w/ one $20 re-buy Wed, 2pm – 8pm “High Hand of the Day” see poker room for details Fri, 8pm - NLHETournament - $35buy-in, w/ one $20 re-buy Sat, 5pm – “Big Stack” NLHE Tournament $100 buy-in, no re-buys Sun& Wed – Spreading 2-8 Omaha Daily-“Aces Cracked” pays $40 and Royal Flush pays $200 Also dealing blackjack daily at 9am

Bucky’s Casino 928-771-6779

Prescott, AZ Mon-Sat at 6pm - NLHE $40 Buy-in w/$10 add-on, (top 3-5 cash) top 5 earn points for Player of Month (3 places $300, $200 & $100) Mon – Fri, 10am & 2pm - NLHE Shootouts $20 entry w/$5 dealer Add-on Tuesdays in Nov & Dec – Pay $10 in advance (after 10am Shoot-out Tournament) and play all day with no house rake! Open Face Chinese Poker – 2, 3 or max 4 players to a table – you’re dealt 13 cards – exciting fun game! NFL Sunday Splash Pots, Now with Direct TV Sunday Package! Plus food specials during the games! also “Random Rewards” Various times and days - see poker room for pay-outs Dealing blackjack 24/7 – Now playing; 3 Card Poker, “Texas Shoot Out” and High Card Flush w/ bonus jackpot

Casino Arizona 480-850-7777

Scottsdale, AZ Blackjack Tournaments: Tues, noon $1,000 added “Break at Noon” $ 50 buy-in Fri, 2:30am - The “Great Late” Tournament, $25 buy-in Dealing blackjack 24/7

Casino Del Sol 520-838-6565

Tucson, AZ $25,000 Guest Appreciation NLHE – Dec 9 thru 12 (Qualify w/ 60 hours live play by Dec 8) Mon - Fri, 10 am - $800 Guaranteed (with 30 players) NLHE, $10 buy-in w/ $5 chip-up, plus 2 - 10 add-ons

Sun & Wed, 7pm - $800 guaranteed NLHE, $15 buy-in/Opt $15 add-on Thurs, 7pm - $5,000 deep stack NLHE, $100 buy-in no re-buys Sun 11am & Tues at 7pm - $1,500 Guaranteed NLHE, $45 buy-in – no re-buys Sat, 9am – Limit Omaha Hi-Lo, $15 buy-in, $5 re-buys + $5 add-on Mon 7pm & Sat noon – $1,000 NLHE - $35 buy-in – no re-buys with opt $5 chip-up

Cliff Castle Casino Hotel 928-567-7952

Camp Verde, AZ Mon-Fri, 10am - NLHE Shoot-out, $30 buy-in, w/ no re-buys Wed, 7pm – NLHE Tournament $60 buy-in, no re-buys (Early bird chips available) Wed, 8pm – Mid “$100 Splash pots every hour Fri, 7pm - NLHE Shoot-outs, $ 150 added per table of 10 - $25 buy-in – re-buys thru first level Sat, Noon – $500 added – NLHE $90 buy-in (Bonus chips for early live play) Sat High Hand (4 times a day) 8am – 10pm, Win all 4 and get an additional $1,000 All Week – Royal Flush pays $100 “Aces Cracked” Sun – Fri, Win cash when pocket Aces lose Also dealing blackjack 24/7

Cocopah Casino 800-237-5687 Somerton, AZ Dealing blackjack daily at 10am

Desert Diamond Casino Hotel 520-342-1810

Tucson, AZ Mon & Thurs at 9:30 am, plus Tues & Wed at 7pm $500 added NLHE – $35 buy-in no re-buys (max 40 – 50 players) JUST ADDED: “Hot Seat” drawings – every Tuesday, Wed, Thurs & Sun in November, Win up to $100! (must be a Rewards Card member, logged into a live game without a missed blind) Earn extra cash by playing 25 or more hours in November. Daily – Any Royal Flush $200 Hold Em, $100 Omaha, Straight Flush $100 Hold Em, $50 Omaha Special Poker Room menu at ½ off regular prices Dealing blackjack 24/7 with new progressive side bet and 3 card poker side bet

Desert Diamond I-19 Casino 1-866-332-9467 Sahuarita, AZ Dealing blackjack 24/7

Fort McDowell Casino 480-789-4284

Fountain Hills, AZ Mon-Fri at Noon NLHE - $30 buy-in - $20 add-on - No-rebuys Sat at 7pm & Sun at Noon - NLHE Deep Stack tournament - $50 buy-in w/ opt $30 add-on Tues, Wed, Thurs & Sun at 7pm & Sat at Noon & 4pm - NLHE - $5 buy-in Mon, 7pm, Omaha High - $5 buy in w/ $5 re-buys – plus at the break $5 TO $20 add-on Fri, 7pm, NLHE - $60 buy-in w/one $10 dealer add-on for additional $5,000 in chips Sun, Nov 17 & Dec 14 at 10am - Ladies NLHE Poker Tournament – $60 buy-in w/ $10 dealer Appreciation “Aces Cracked” 24/7 win $100 for first 2 hours of your play during 3rd hour pays $200, during 4th hour $300, during 4th hour and later pays $400 “Easy way Jackpot” Aces full of tens beaten by Quads or better wins Jackpot! “High Hand Spin” – with 4 of a kind or better win up to $599 Dealing blackjack 24/7 – Now playing FREE BET blackjack

Harrah’s Ak-Chin Casino 480-802-5138

Maricopa, AZ Mon – Fri at 9am to 10am – Start-Up Pay Back Special, earn money each hour you play from $10 to $25 per hour, you must be seated and playing before 10am. Max of $75 for playing first 6 hours. Tues at 7:30pm, Omaha H/L, $15 buy-in, $10 re-buys + $10 add-on Wed at 7:30pm – NL Omaha Hi, $15 buy-in w/ unlimited $10 re-buys w/ $10 add-on at the break Thurs, 7:30pm – NLHE, $10 Buy-in plus three $10 re-buys & two $10 add-ons Fri, 7:30pm – NLHE, $30 buy-in w/ one $20 re-buy Sat, 12:30pm – Deep Stack Bounty NLHE $45 buy-in, includes $10 bounty chip plus $10 dealer add-on Sun at noon – NLHE - $15 buy-in w/ two $10 add-ons at the break (Maricopa residents have FREE entry)

CARD ROOM ACTION NFL Football Splash-pots (Sunday 3 games, plus Mon & Thurs games) $50 TD, $25 FG (designated team) add’l $25 to each splash-pot if Cardinals score College Football Splash-pots $25 (designated team) Fri & Sat- Selected games Aces Cracked - Black aces $100, Red Aces $50 & Mixed $25 (Bonus mid-9am=double) Daily splash pots (various amounts) once per hour 24/7! Also dealing blackjack 24/7 – including “Push the bet”

Hon-Dah Casino 928-369-7555

Pinetop, AZ Mon, 6pm – Monday Night Football “Splash Pots” & FREE pizza during the game Tues, 6pm - NLHE “Speed Shoot-Out” $15 buy-in (no re-buys) Wed, 6pm - NLHE, Double Stack $25 buy-in = 4,000 chips, $25 add-on = 8,000 additional chips Thurs, 6pm - No Limit Omaha Hi-Lo, $40 buy-in (no re-buys or add-ons) Fri, 6pm – NLHE – “$25 Bounty” Tournament, $45 buy-in w/$10 re-buys and $10 add-on Sat, 4pm - NLHE, $30 buy-in, $10 re-buys + $ 10 add-on Sun, 4pm, Crazy Pineapple $30 buy-in, $10 re-buys + $10 add-on Sun - Thurs – $50 Aces Cracked (Hold Em) 7pm-close Open Mon-Fri at 4pm – Sat & Sun at 2pm, also “early bird” tournament chips available daily and double on Tuesday, plus $100 (Hold Em) High Hand on Fri & Sat

Lone Butte Casino 800-946-4452

Chandler, AZ Dealing blackjack 24/7 Linked Progressive Jackpots for “Crazy 4 Poker” & ULTIMATE Texas Hold EM

18 ARIZONA PLAYER November 2014

starts at $10,000 and keeps growing at all 3 Gila River Casinos! PAI GOW Progressive Jackpot was recently hit for over $500,000!

Mazatzal Hotel & Casino 800-777-7529

Payson, AZ Live poker Wed –Sun at 10am, High Hands, win up to $250 Wed & Sun at 6pm NLHE Tournament, $50 buy-in no-re buys Sat at 3pm, NLHE Tournament, $25 buy-in – no re-buys Aces cracked “wins a rack” various times daily – Max 3 per day (see poker room for details) Dealing blackjack 10am to 1am, with $3 games daily till 3pm Mon - 6pm, Blackjack Tournament $40 buy-in w/two $25 re-buys Bonus Blackjack get a 6, 7 or 8 card “21” win up to $200

Quechan Casino Resort 1-877-783-2426

Winterhaven, CA Open Wed-Sun at 10am, and Mon, Tues at 5pm - spreading 4/8 Hold Em with a kill, 4/8 Omaha hi-low split with a kill also 3-6 & 4-8 limit Texas Hold-Em, plus 1-3 & 2-5 No Limit Texas Hold Em Sat, 1pm $ 2,500 Guaranteed NLHE Tournaments $60 buy-in Sun, 1pm NLHE Tournament $40 buy-in Thurs, 7pm NLHE Deep Stack - $80 buy-in Dealing blackjack 24/7 - Special room rates for poker players

Twin Arrows Navajo Casino Resort 928-856-7244

Flagstaff, AZ Live Poker Mon-Fri at noon, Sat & Sun at 10am NLHE Tournaments at 7pm, Thurs & Sat at noon

“Aces & Faces Cracked” – wins up to $50 $25 “Splash Pots” daily – see poker room for details Progressive “High Hand” & Bad Beat Jackpots – also dealing blackjack 24/7

Vee Quiva Hotel & Casino 800-946-4452 Ext#1507

Laveen, AZ Wed, 7:30pm, **NLHE “Freeze Out”$40 buy-in w/ Opt $10 Staff fee at the break for added chips Sat, 11:15 am, **NLHE “Freeze Out”$40 buy-in w/ Opt $10 Staff fee (before play) & $20 add-on at the break Sun 11:15 am, **NLHE “Freeze Out”$30 buy-in w/ Opt $10 Staff fee (before play) & $20 add-on at the break **Tournaments allow “Early Bird Chips” for live play before tournament - Also, 1st & 2nd place at final table qualify for the “Tournament of Champions FREE ROLL” each quarter. Next tournament is Nov 29th Big Money Royals, Any Royal Flush wins $ 200 – Plus “Bonus Royals” Mon-Thurs “Super 77” Progressive Bad-Beat Jackpot – (Quad 7’s or better beaten) Jackpot was over $18,000 at press time “ACES CRACKED” spins the wheel - win up $300 (see poker room for details) NFL & College “Splash Pots” for Select TV Games Dealing blackjack 24/7 – with $5 games - F.A.T - Friday Afternoon Blackjack Tournament at 2pm - $30 buy-in Linked Progressive Jackpots for “Crazy 4 Poker” & ULTIMATE Texas Hold EM starts at $10,000 and grows at all 3 Casinos! PAI GOW Progressive Jackpot was recently hit for over $500,000! And it’s growing again!

Wild Horse Pass Hotel & Casino 800946-4452 Ext #7375

Chandler,AZ Mon & Thurs Noon - NLHE, $30 buy-in, no re-buys - $150 added per table Tues & Wed, 7:30pm - NLHE Freeze Out - $50 entry fee w/ $10 optional add-on $1,000 added to prize pool Sun, 3:30pm, NLHE - $30 buy- in, $5 dealer add-on, $20 add-at the break & bonus chips for play before tournament “Super 77” Progressive Bad-Beat Jackpot – (Quad 7’s or better beaten) was over $46,000 at press time NFL & College “Splash Pots” Select TV Games - See poker room for details “Aces Cracked” Win a Rack - Sun 11pm until Fri at 6pm “Rolling Cash Fever” Drawing every other hour 24/7, $100 min, increases by $100 if not hit Big Money Royals - Any Royal Flush wins $ 200 & a spin - Any straight flush gets to spin the wheel – win up to $1,000 Food specials: ½ price poker room menu Also dealing blackjack 24/7 - including “Push your bet” Linked Progressive Jackpots for “Crazy 4 Poker” & ULTIMATE Texas Hold EM starts at $10,000 and keeps growing at all 3 Gila River Casinos! PAI GOW Progressive Jackpot was recently hit for over $500,000! And it’s growing again!

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gaming news Wheel of Fortune Jackpot Hit at VQ! Fortune smiles on a west coast guest!

Vee Quiva Hotel & Casino guest, Asian P. won just over $424,000 on Tuesday November 11, while playing the popular Wheel of Fortune slot machine at the west valley casino on Veterans Day. The prize was triggered when Ashwin hit the progressive jackpot on the popular slot machine and the California resident could not have been happier. “I was so excited to win, I can’t believe it happened to us,” said Ashwin. “We love to come to Vee Quiva Hotel & Casino every time we visit Arizona because the staff here is wonderful and this is just amazing.” Wheel of Fortune progressive slot machines are some of the most popular on the floor at Vee Quiva Hotel & Casino and their progressive jackpots routinely hit in the six figures. Vee Quiva Hotel & Casino in the west valley is home to many of the most popular titles in slot machines including; Cash Express, Willy Wonka, The Wizard of Oz and many more. In addition to all the latest slots, Vee Quiva Hotel & Casino also hosts 36 table games, including a poker room with live and tournament play, a 550-seat bingo hall and a range of restaurant and live entertainment options. Vee Quiva Hotel & Casino is conveniently located off the I-10 and 51st Avenue in Laveen and is open 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Gila River Gaming Enterprises, Inc. operates three Arizona casinos owned by the Gila River Indian Community, including Wild Horse Pass Hotel & Casino, Lone Butte Casino, and Vee Quiva Hotel & Casino. These casinos offer a combination of slots, table games, bingo, poker and hotels. For more information, call 1-800-946-4452, or go to their website at

20 ARIZONA PLAYER November 2014

TALKING STICK RESORT DEBUTS UPSCALE LOUNGE Palo Verde upgrades décor, adds new lower atrium complete with a tequila bar and dishes featuring a Southwest flair Talking Stick Resort, an enterprise of the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community, is thrilled to announce expansions to its casino-level lounge, Palo Verde. Officially unveiled on November 3rd, the venue includes two multi-colored LED staircases and premium tequilas in its lower atrium. “The renovations are just one of Talking Stick Resort’s latest efforts to enhance guest services,” said Ramon Martinez, the director of public relations at Talking Stick Resort. “By expanding Palo Verde and adding additional amenities, we have heightened the nightlife experience for Scottsdale patrons. Regardless if they’re looking for a night out with friends or a delicious cocktail at the bar, guests will find Palo Verde is the ideal location to unwind.” Touting a sleek décor and modern furnishings, Palo Verde’s upper level includes oversized couches, coral tables and seating for more than 100 guests. It also features a second full bar and DJ booth for live entertainment. Connecting patrons on the second floor with the property’s garden level, the new customized staircases are stainless steel and include manufactured glass. Equipped with sensors, the stair tread is activated by motion and changes colors with each individual’s step. The lights are programmed every three inches and feature multiple display options including a red-carpet effect, holiday-themed patterns and colors commemorating the Arizona Diamondbacks, Arizona Rattlers and Phoenix Suns.

Additional renovations include a downstairs tavern complete with Southwestern-inspired cuisine and tequila offerings. Showcasing more than 40 tequilas, the venue allows guests to customize their experience and create their own margaritas. In addition to quality tequila brands, such as Deleon Diamante and Gran Patron Platinum, guests can sample Spanish wine, bottled beer and made-to-order Sangria all on the property’s outdoor patio. Talking Stick Resort (TSR) is an AAA Four Diamond Rated Resort and a central landmark within the emerging Talking Stick Cultural and Entertainment Destination (TSCED). Located in Scottsdale, Ariz., just east of the Loop 101 on Indian Bend Road, TSR is locally owned and caringly operated by the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community. The property offers culturally rich experiences and luxury accommodations throughout its 496 deluxe rooms, 240,000 sq. ft. property, 11 restaurants and lounges, world-class spa, 650-seat showroom, 25,000 sq. ft. grand ballroom, thriving cultural center and more than 100,000 sq. ft. of indoor and outdoor meeting space.

casino entertainment WILLIE NELSON RETURNS TO THE DIAMOND Music legend Willie Nelson makes his return to the Diamond Center after nearly three years on Saturday, January 3rd, 2015 at 8pm. With previous sold-out shows, tickets to see the “Red Headed Stranger” are guaranteed to go fast. Tickets are on sale and available through Star Tickets. Tickets are also available through the casino Rewards Center, which offers a 10 percent discount to Diamond Rewards Members. This show is sponsored by KIIM FM – Doors open at 7pm, the show starts at 8pm, reserved tickets start at $50.Desert Diamond Casino Sahuarita is located just south of Tucson off I-19 at exit 80 – Pima Mine Road. With a six-decade career and 200 plus albums, this iconic Texan is the creative genius behind the historic recordings of Crazy, Red Headed Stranger, and Stardust. Willie Nelson has earned every conceivable award as a musician and amassed reputable credentials as an author, actor and activist. He continues to thrive as a relevant and progressive musical and cultural force. In the last five years alone he delivered seven new releases, two of which received Grammy nominations, a careerspanning box set, released a Top 10 New York Times’ bestsellers book, again headlined Farm Aid,

an event he co-founded in 1985, received his 5th degree black belt in Gong Kwon Yu Sul, and graced the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. In 2013, Willie›s albums included; Let’s face the music and Dance, an album of deep pop country repertoire classics performed with transformative patented ease by Nelson and Family, his long-time touring and recording ensemble; and To All The Girls, which features 18 duets with music’s top female singers. In 2014, he released Band of Brothers, a 14-track studio album of new recording that debuted at #5 on Billboard’s Top 200 album chart and #1 on Billboard’s Country album chart. Treena Parvello, Director of Public Relations and Communications for the Tohono O’odham Gaming Enterprise, said “Desert Diamond Casinos is so excited to welcome back Willie Nelson! His shows always sell out at the Diamond Center so my advice to anyone wanting to see him is get your tickets soon!” Desert Diamond Casinos & Entertainment with three locations in Southern Arizona (Tucson, Sahuarita, and Why), is owned and operated by the Tohono O’odham Gaming Enterprise, an enterprise of the Tohono O’odham Nation. For more information, go to or call 866-DDC-WINS.

Talking Stick Resort welcomes Jay Leno Following his retirement from The Tonight Show, writer, comedian and late night legend, Jay Leno will return to his stand-up roots when he performs for a third time at Talking Stick Resort on November 29 at 8pm. The evening will be full of laughs as one of the most celebrated icons of all time shares his clever and hilarious point of view with fans in the Salt River Grand Ballroom. A native of New York, Leno began his career as a stand-up comedian in the 1970s. It was in the late 80s when he became a household name as Johnny Carson’s permanent guest host on “The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson.” Upon Carson’s departure in 1992, Leno became the show’s host and maintained the role on the late night circuit for more than 20 years. With stand-up comedy remaining his first love, the Television Hall of Fame inductee continues to tour the country, showcasing his comedic timing for sold-out crowds. To purchase tickets just visit or call the Talking Stick Resort Box Office at (480) 850-7734, or visit You must be 21 or older to attend. For more information to this and other shows go to

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entertainment Apache Gold Casino Resort

(5 miles East of Globe on Hwy 70) 1-800272-2438 The POINT Sports Bar & Grill: Nov 15 - UFC 180 (Heavyweight Championship) Werdum vs Hunt San Carlos Event Center: Call for updated schedule

The Whip Its

BlueWater Resort and Casino 11300 Resort Dr., Parker 1-888-243-3360 Showroom: Dec 20 - Jersey Boys Celebration Amphitheater:

New Year’s Eve - The Whip Its Monday Nights - Football on the big screen w/ food & drink specials Arizona Room Patio Grill: Mon - Football on the big screens Tues– “Latin Fire Dance Night” w/ free lessons w/ AZTEX Band Wed & Thurs - Country (Tommy Ash Band) and dance instruction with Laina Lee Bingo Hall: Fri & Sat at Midnight, L-8 Nite Bingo! Music, light show & dancing w/ Host Corina Dotson & DJ Kenji!

Desert Diamond Casino Hotel

7350 South Nogales Hwy, Tucson 1-866-332-9467 Monsoon Night Club: Live bands or DJ on weekends Nov 22 - Professional Boxing Viewing Party (Pacquiano vs Algieri) $25 includes free food & drink tickets Dec 13 - Thunder From Down Under (Male Revue) Fridays - “Dance Fusion” w/ DJ Blade Saturdays - “Noches Caliente Saturdays” Hottest Tex Mex & Tejano music with bands Los Gallegos, Angel Norteno, Los Kabalgantes or Grupo Latido

Desert Diamond Casino I -19

1100 West Pima Mine Road, Sahuarita 1-866-332-9467 Diamond Center: Nov 29 - Christmas with the Celts Dec 6 - Gary Allen

Willie Nelson

Casino Del Sol

Rodney Carrington Nov 28 (4pm show) Rodney Carrington River’s Edge Cantina: Sunday evenings Live Reggae music Dig Lounge: Deejays daily at 5pm - Oldies on Sunday & Mondays and Sports on the big screens

Casino Arizona

101 at McKellips, Scottsdale 480-850-7734 Showroom: Nov 21 - Red NOT Chili Peppers (Tribute band) Nov 22 - Pacquiano vs Algieri (World Welterweight Championship) viewing party at 7pm Nov 26 thru Dec 20 (Wed - Sat ) Showstopper Live! Holiday Spectular Dec 26 & 27 - Pyromania (Def Leppard Tribute)

22 ARIZONA PLAYER November 2014

5655 W. Valencia Rd. Tucson 520-838-6506 Paradiso Bar: Free entertainment, Live bands weekends; Nov 20 - Radical Candy (all female rock tribute revue) Nov 21 - STR8UP Nov 22 - Suerte Musical PLUS Monday & Thursday Night Football on the big screens - WIN PRIZES including a $10,000 trip for 2 to the BIG GAME AVA Amphitheater: Dec 6 - Tamal Festival (10am-5pm) Dec 13 - Battle of the Badges (Boxing)

Cliff Castle Casino Hotel

I-17 at exit 289 in Camp Verde 1-800-381-SLOT Stargazer Pavilion: Nov 1 - Taste of Verde Valley (Food, Wine, Music and Art) 1pm - 5pm Dragonfly Lounge; live music on weekends Nov 14 & 15 - Sammy Davis Nov 21 & 22 - Cumbia Norteno Nov 28 - Five in the Wheel Nov 29 - The Mods

Jan 3 - Willie Nelson Jan 10 - Winter Dance Party (Tribute to Buddy Holly, Richie Valens & The Bog Bopper Feb 7 - The Oak Ridge Boys Feb 13 - Marisela Feb 15 - Bill Cosby Sports Bar: Sports on big screens, Karaoke Wednesdays, Swingin’ Tuesdays, Oldies 0n Thursday, plus DJ music Fri & Sat nights

Fort McDowell Casino

N of Shea off Hwy 87, Fountain Hills 1-800-THE-FORT Lucky 7 Saloon: Free entertainment on Fri & Sat - featuring; Grey Wolf, Kenny G Band, Furious George, Chaka N Friends, Rhythm Edition and Apache Spirit Outdoors: Nov 28 & 29 - The Silver Car Auction Bingo Hall: Saturdays, Nov 15 & Dec 20 - Late Night Lunar Bingo w/ music & giveaways updates:

Harrah’s Ak-Chin Resort and Casino 15406 Maricopa Rd., Maricopa 480-802-5000 OUTDOOR PAVILION: Dec 13 - David Nail Dec 27 - Aaron Lewis THE LOUNGE: Harrah’s Ak-Chin Entertainment Weekends in The Lounge starting at 8pm Nov 21 - Quantum, Nov 22 - Young Country, Nov 28 - The Petty Breakers (Tom Petty Tribute), Nov 29 - The Highwaymen (Tribute Country Legends - Waylon, Willie & Johnny Cash) Dec 5 - Georgia Chrome, Dec 6 - The Troubadour Experience (George Strait Tribute), Dec 12 - ZGF Band, Dec 13 - Western Fusion, Dec 19 - Shining Star, Dec 20 - JJ’s Band, Dec 26 - Born Jovi (Bon Jovi Tribute) Dec 28 - Stars of Beatlemania, Dec 29 - Laura Walsh, Dec 30 - Cold Shott Dec 31 - New Year’s Eve Grooveline Wednesdays in The Lounge - Noon to 4pm, Nov 19 - Linda Chorney, Nov 26 - Sihouette, Dec 3 - Bandstand Show, Dec 10 - Western Fusion Trio, Dec 17 Walkens Trio, Dec 24 - J White The Lounge Happy Hour - with live music,Amazing Dueling Pianos, Tuesdays & Sahnas Brothers, Wednesdays For updates, go to

Hon-Dah Resort and Casino

Highways 260 and 73, Pinetop 1-800-WAY-UP-HIGH Timbers Lounge: Free entertainment, Monday is Comedy Night, Tues-Sat, Live bands Nov 11 thru 15 - Creagles “Heartache Tonight” (Tribute to CCR & The Eagles) Nov 18 thru 22 - Barrio Latino Nov 25 thru 29 - Drew Baker Band Dec 9 thru 13 - Groove City New Year’s Eve - Country Nation Conference Center: New Year’s Eve - Reall Deall Band

Lone Butte Casino

202 loop at the Kyrene exit - Chandler, 1-800-WIN-GILA Cascades Lounge: NEW HOURS for LIVE Entertainment Mon, Tues & Fri (4-8pm), Wed & Thur (6-10pm), Fri & Sat (9:30pm- 1:30am) Featuring; Marty & the Party, Thaddeus Rose, New Frequency Band, JJ’s band, Str8Up, Latino Rebel Band, Andrea & Los Guys, Shining Star, Rhythm Edition, Smooth Groove, Rhythm of the Sun Band Thursdays Noon - 3pm - Polka Bands (Sylvia’s AZ Dance Band, Music Connection, Squeeze Box w/ Mollie B and The Softones) Verona Chophouse: Sat: Talia 5-9pm & Sun: (10am-3pm) live Jazz brunch Buffet Bingo Hall: 11pm Fri & Sat - B.A.D BINGO w/ DJ “Rockin’ Rob” music, light show, bingo & giveaways

Mazatzal Hotel & Casino

1/2-mile S. of Payson on Hwy 87 1-800-777-PLAY Apache Spirits Lounge: Event Center:

Paradise Casino

450 Quechan Drive, Yuma 1-888-777- 4946 Bingo / Concert Hall: Sharky’s Bar: Live bands or DJ’s on wkends

Quechan Casino Resort

525 Algodones Rd, Winterhaven CA (Yuma area) 1-877-783-2426 PIPA Event Center: Nov 21 - Walk Like a Man (Tribute to the Jersey Boys) Dec 12 - The O’Jays Sidewinders bar: Free weekend entertainment featuring DJ’s or bands

Talking Stick Resort

Loop 101 and Indian Bend Road Scottsdale 480-850-7734 Showroom: Every Sunday - Football Frenzy Nov 18 - Adrian Belew Power Trio Nov 21 - Tracy Lawrence Nov 22 - An Unpredictable Evening with Todd Rundgren Dec 5 - Blue October Dec 13 - Jerry Riopelle Ballroom: Nov 16 - KC & the Sunshine Band Nov 29 - Jay Leno New Year’s Eve - Fire & Ice Party,

Event Center: Nov 21 - The Rising (Tribute to Bruce Springsteen) Nov 22 - Pacquiano vs Algieri (World Welterweight Boxing Championship) viewing party Nov 26 - Motown Christmas Party Nov 28 - One Gun, One Love (Bob Marley Tribute) Nov 29 - Ruben Ramone & The Mexican Revolution New Year’s Eve - Paperback Writer (Tribute to the Beatles) Outdoor Patio: (Mon - Sat) 4pm-7pm, 9pm-1am & (Sun) 4pm-7pm, Featuring; Powerdrive, Str8Up, New Frequency Band, Marty & the Party, The Walkens, Chuck E Baby, Shining Star, Soul Persuation, Silhoutte, Latino Rebel Band, Reality Band, Yumi La Rosa, Rhythm Edition & Chaka & friends PLUS on Sundays; Mariachi Rodriguez or Mariachi Fiesta Valle del Sol Bingo Park: Every Saturday at 11pm BINGO ECLIPSE - Bingo, DJ music, light show & giveaways

Wild Horse Pass Hotel & Casino

Jay Leno featuring Legendary Soul Man Sam Moore & Boogie Knights Palo Verde Lounge: Saturdays - Paul Wells, Sundays - Jarad Blackstone, Mondays - Tyler Nielson, Thursdays - G ustavo Angeles, also Tues, Wed and Fri Al Rodriguez, Aaron Howard, Jimmy Ray or Gustavo Angeles Shadows Lounge: classic sounds of Frank Sinatra and others Degree 270 Lounge: Fri & Sat, featuring the region’s best DJ’s Orange Sky Restaurant & Lounge: Live jazz

I-10 at Wild Horse Pass exit - Chandler 1-800-WIN-GILA

Ovations LIVE! Showroom: Nov 14 - Felix Calaliere’s Rascals

entertainment Nov 21 - Don Rickles Nov 22 - WFF/MMA Fights Nov 28 - Surfin (Beach Boys Tributr) Nov 29 - Big Bad Voodoo Daddy Dec 5 - Bob Newhart Dec 6 - Patti Labelle Dec 7 - A MOTOWN Christmas Party Dec 12 - Three Dog Night Dec 13 - Vikki Carr Dec 19 - Na Leo Kupono Dec 20 - Mix 96.9 Jingle Rock w/ Fitz & the Tanrums Dec 27 - Bret Michaels Dec 31 - New Year’s Eve w/ POWERDRIVE CHROME NIGHT CLUB –Arizona’s Newest Hot Spot is Open with the Top DJ’s in Arizona! Encore Lounge: Mid-day entertainment Monday’s 11am-3pm & late night entertainment w/ bands; Powerdrive, Hamptons, Andrea & Los Guys, Str8up Band, JJ’s Band, The Walkens, Chuck E Baby, Rhythm of the Sun band, Chaka and Friends, New Frequency, Smooth Groove, Eagleheart, Shining Star, Rhythm Edition, Pima Express, Swingtips & Route 66

Yavapai Casino

1505 East Hwy 69 - Prescott 1-800-756-8744 Yavapai Cantina; Fri - Karaoke w/ Cruisin’ Susan, Saturdays - Live Bands

Twin Arrows Navajo Casino Resort 22181 Resort Blvd (I-40 @ exit 219) Flagstaff (928) 856-7200 Arrows Lounge: Call for Schedule

Vee Quiva Hotel & Casino

The West Valley Casino 51st Ave, 4 miles S. of Baseline - Laveen 1-800-WIN-GILA

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

ARIZONA PLAYER November 2014 23

WINTER WONDERLAND CONTEST WIN A Hon-Dah Casino White Mountain Getaway! Not just one – But TWO GRAND PRIZE WINNERS! And 14 runner-up Winners premier ski resort – Sunrise Park Resort, just minutes from the casino. You will also receive 25% discount on ski and snowboard rentals, other discount coupons and a $20 gas voucher to the Hon-Dah Convenience store and gas station located right next to the casino. Each Grand Prize packages is valued at over $400! And that’s not all – 7 lucky runner-up winners will receive a Family Four Pack of admission tickets ($68 value) to the Arizona Renaissance TheArizona Player staff at came up with a great Festival being held February 7 thru March 29. Now idea; offer a HUGE CONTEST to wrap up the year 2014! add to this 7 additional runner-up winners receive So, that’s just what we are doing. This special a $20 gift card to some terrific restaurants. That’s Winter Wonderland package will include TWO Grand nearly $1,500 in prizes for this contest! Prize winners! Along with 14 Runner-up winners! All winners will be notified in late December The Grand Prize Winners receive a 3 day 2 and announced in the January 2015 issue of night stay at the picturesque Hon-Dah Resort Arizona Player. and Conference Center in the specular White GOOD LUCK – Here are the rules; Mountains in Pinetop, Arizona. When you arrive, You are allowed a maximum of 2 total entries you’ll think you were transported magically into a per person (and 2 persons per household) for this Currier & Ives Winter Wonderland lithograph. contest. Included in the Grand Prize package is dinner One entry on the Arizona Player website for two in the Indian Pines Restaurant, plus two between November 13th and December 26th all-day lift tickets to ski or snowboard at Arizona’s

24 ARIZONA PLAYER November 2014

You are also allowed one entry on the Arizona Player FACEBOOK Page (same time-line) that is it period. Please do not enter multiple times or under variables of your name or address – this is a contest for Arizona Player readers – not professional contest players, additional entries over the max will result in disqualification. Thanks for reading and supporting Arizona Player for decades, now in its 22nd year of being Arizona’s most-respected, most read and most distributed gambling magazine of any kind in Arizona. Good Luck! Phil Scudella


by Brian Mulligan

A nother Cup in the Books

efore we get into some of the lessons we learned in the Breeders’ Cup this year, let’s touch base on what is happening now and the rest of the year in Southern California racing action. The current Del Mar meet will end on November 30 and changes will happen, as they will go back to dirt racing for next summer. Del Mar has to figure out what to do with the Polytrack itself and they have been pursuing options. With the meet ending, the plan is for the Polytrack to start to be removed on December 8. It will be just put in the parking lot and is up for pick up. The track has put up flyers to advertise free loads to horse people that have riding areas nearby. So what kind of track will Del Mar have next summer? It will be a special kind of sand that is indigenous to Southern California and won’t break down. Special El Segundo sand excavated from sites used for projects at the Los Angeles International Airport will be screened for rocks and foreign materials and make up the composition. It will be the same sand used at Santa Anita and Los Alamitos and for the first time since before 2007, it will be a case of dirt only. Los Alamitos will host thoroughbred racing starting December 4 and the meet will end on December 21. A pair of Grade 1 juvenile races will highlight the meet as the $500,000 Los Alamitos Futurity and the $350,000 Starlet will be the centerpiece of the meeting.

Now back to the future Horseracing is truly a humbling game so that is why the best handicappers learn from their mistakes and from the good results that come and with that in mind, let’s look at the first day of Breeders’ Cup results from last Friday. Speed played well in the first BC race of the day in but it changed a bit from there out. There is nothing like going out on top and Goldencents did just that winning the final race of his career in the Dirt Mile. And he did it the old fashion way, on the lead just daring his foes to beat him. So often in this sports, trainers and riders

can out think themselves and read too much into complexion of the race and competition but Goldencents just went to the lead and refused to lose. The star went the first quarter in:22.06, got the half in :44.80, got 6 furlongs in 1:09.27 and finished out the mile in 1:35.16. It was good for a juicy 107 Beyer. The purse was $2 million for the Distaff and the race was run to form in the Halloween closer. The 1st, 3rd and 4th betting choices ran one/two/ three with Untapable making a huge middle move to take the lead at the top of the lane before extended late. She finished directly ahead of Don’t Tell Sophia, a true Cinderella story, and Iotopa, who forced the pace the entire way. For her effort Untapable received a 103 Beyer and her rider Rosie Napravnik, announced after the race that she was having a baby and would retire before December. What else would you expect in Hollywood? The writing was on the proverbial wall in the very first Breeders’ Cup race last Saturday when the longest shot on the board, Take Charge Brandi, did just that and took the Juvenile Fillies wire-to-wire at 61-1. It was an omen of how things would roll out, as only one BC favorite won on Saturday, but also it became quickly apparent the speed was the thing to have and being close up was the place to be. First 3 races on the under card were won in frontrunning style and it continued the rest of the day. After Brandi kicked things off, it just got better for the longshot players. Dayatthespa took the Filly and Mare Turf at 5 and a half to one. Bobby’s Kitten took the Turf Sprint at a smooth $16.40. Then the 2-year-old picture was ripped wide open when Texas Red closed into a ridiculous pace to pay nearly $30 in the Juvenile.

The favorite in the Turf, Telescope, was on the outside looking in Saturday when beaten by the 6-1 Main Sequence. The common man was represented in the Sprint when Work All Week sat just off the pace early, got to the lead and was a length in front at the top of the lane, and then prevailed by a half-length at a fat 19-1. The Europeans Karakontie and Anodin dominated in the Mile coming from 10th and 12 respectively to complete a one-dollar $331 exacta. Karakontie paid $62 and $33 to place. Then, it kind of ended like it started, with speed dominating and surprising the majority of the crowd. The first 3 leaders in the Classic, Bayern, Toast of New York and California Chrome, finished just that way at the end of a mile and quarter when Bayern held on by a scant nose at 6-1. It was official yet and it took time for the stewards to straighten things out. Post position plays more of a part of the outcome of horse races than some think. It can be down played most of the time, expect in the big races like the Kentucky Derby when post 1 is disadvantageous because a horse has to be loaded into the gate first and is there for a long time. In the Classic, things may have been much different if Bayern was not directly outside of Shared Belief. As things happened, Bayern put on his left hand blinker coming out of the gate and rolled into Shared Belief, who then pin-balled into the other speed Moreno. The coming out by Bayern was not intentional, nobody is going to take a chance like that on such a big stage, but it was just horse racing. That’s why they run them. The bottom line is that when you put together the best horses on the planet, anything can and will happen. Brian Mulligan was the main West Coast line-maker for nearly two decades for the Daily Racing Form writing under the non de plume of “SWEEP.” He continues to contribute to the Daily Racing Form writing “A Closer Look” analysis. ARIZONA PLAYER November 2014 25

travel BACK TO THE 16TH CENTURY You do not need a passport to time travel to the 27th annual Arizona Renaissance Festival & Artisan Marketplace Siege, a Maze, Archery Range and much more, and Put your daily cares aside and escape to the NEW ride: Steam Pirate’s Airship the Royal Faire, located just east of Apache One of the special features of the Festival is that Junction on US Highway 60, near the Superstition entertainment takes place throughout the day right Mountains. in front of your eyes on the streets of the village, You will find life in the 16th century is festive as a costumed cast of 2,000 medieval commoners, and fun in a 30-acre medieval playground with knights and royalty celebrates a 16th century day of five great attractions all rolled into one. There play. You can even look like you have been whisked are thirteen Stages of continuous live entertainback to the 16th Century by renting a costume for ment, each stage setting packed with a unique mix of comedy, music, and mischievous antics. the day! Transform yourself into a knight, jester, Don Juan & Miguel brandishing whips and damsel, wench, King or Queen or many other charYou want more than just Comedy? acters by renting a costume for the day!. Here are some other events that will peak your Hours: 10 am to 6pm every Sat and Sun, Feb 7 – interest: Mar 29, Plus Presidents Day, Mon, Feb 16. Jousting Tournaments, three performances Advance discount tickets are available at Fry¹s daily with armored knights on noble steeds chalor online – Print tickets at home. lenging one another, re-create history’s original Fry’s Prices are Adults $20 and $10 for ages Super bowl bash in the 5,000 seat arena. 5-12. A Medieval Arts and Crafts Fair with over 200 Tickets at the gate are $2 more. Parking is storybook shops, charming tents, and carts plus FREE courtesy of FRY’S Food & Drug Stores. artisan demonstrations of the fine skills of weavINFO LINE: 520-463-2700 or go to the website: ing, woodcarving, blacksmithing, glassblowing, pottery and jewelry. swords will have you laughing till your stomach Pick a weekend and put some medieval fun into A Day-Long Feast with hearty foods to satisfy your hurts. The Ded Bob Sho is a real trip too – but to your life – You’ll love it - HAZZAH! appetite plus beer and wine to quench your thirst. you better think before you heckle this guy, or You can also make reservations for The Pleasure you’ll find yourself on stage as part of the act. Just some of the other hilarious acts include; Feast - a one and a half-hour extravaganza! Savor The Washing Well Wenches, Hey Nunny Nunny, five courses of fine food and drink with a side order Zilch the TorySteller, London Broil, The Tortuga of raucous live entertainment - Admission ticket and souvenir goblet is included with Feast price. Twins along with many, many more! This is an Kids love the interactive games and people-powOutdoor Circus of acrobats & merrymakers, for ered rides: Da Vinci’s Flying Machine, the Slider the entire family, where you never know what Joust, Piccolo Pony - a rocking horse bigger than will happen next, on stage or off. an elephant - the Dragon Climbing Tower, Castle

26 ARIZONA PLAYER November 2014

by Kevin Cummings


In the not too distant future the Earth is becoming inhospitable to mankind. A drought and blight has killed most of the crops, dust covers the planet, millions maybe billions - have died. There is little hope and no dreams of space exploration. by Cooper was a NASA pilot and engineer but David Ramsey now he farms. He and his daughter discover a secret NASA installation and he is asked to pilot a mission to save mankind. Coop must decide between leaving his family and trying to save the human race. The Interstellar journey to a new galaxy thru a wormhole is visually spectacular but the story borrows from too many familiar ‘sci-fi’ themes and movies. There are some emotional scenes involving Cooper and his children but it’s not enough to lift this very long film out of mediocrity.

Big Hero 6 Hiro is a young genius who would rather use his skills to win robot battles for money than go to school like his older brother. That is until his brother takes him to his lab on campus and shows him what everyone is working on. Determined to get in to the University at his young age he enters and wins a competition but his invention is lost in an explosion and fire. He is left with only his brother’s medi-bot called Baymax that he converts into a fighter to combat a villain who somehow stole his invention and is using for evil. He teams up with his brother’s friends to form a group of super-heroes but everything doesn’t go as planned. Like most Disney animated films there is tragedy and lose for the hero but it seems to be overdone this time. There is humor and action but I expected more from the Disney team that brought us “Wreck-ItRalph” and “Frozen.” David Ramsey is the President and co-founder of the Phoenix Film Critics Society and a member of the Broadcast Film Critics Association (The Critics Choice Awards). Watch his reviews on the CBS 5 Morning News every Friday between 5:30 and 6:30am and on ABC-15’s “Sonoran Living Live” every other Friday. Read more of his DVD reviews at Contact him at David@

28 ARIZONA PLAYER November 2014

David’s Video Details Malificent

Maleficent was a happy fairy guardian of the Moors who fell in love with a human. When the human betrayed her in a horrible way she became dark and vengeful. The man who betrayed her becomes King and when his daughter is born Maleficent crashes the christening to bestow her gift on the child or rather her curse. She watches as Aurora grows but and becomes attached to the child. She regrets the curse and tries to revoke it but cannot. The King grows more wretched and sends his armies to capture or kill Maleficent. Meanwhile, Aurora grows up and finds the faithful spilling wheel. This retelling of Disney’s “Sleeping Beauty” from Maleficent’s perspective is well done with great visuals.

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

Just another Saturday night in Basin City –Marv and Dwight team up to take down Manute and his new boss, the husband of an old flame - but that could be a mistake. Meanwhile Nancy plans revenge on Roark but needs Marv’s help. Johnny has his own plans for Roark but not before he enjoys one last night on the town with Marcie. Taking place a few years after the original with some new characters joining the original cast this sequel is almost as good as the original, it has all the elements that made the first one great including a good story and a great cast.


The legendary story of Hercules is told in film, yet again. This time it starts with his nephew telling the story of the mythical twelve labors to his captors when Hercules saves him by slaying an entire band of pirates - with a little help. This time around Hercules is a mercenary who leads a small group of seasoned warriors in to battle for a price. They use the myth to scare their enemies and raise their price. Hercules and his men are hired by the King of Thrace to train his the Thracian army and lead them into battle against rebels that are terrorizing the Kingdom. All is not as it seems and soon Hercules regrets taking the job. There is little to resemble the original myth and there are a number gapping plot holes. Dwayne Johnson makes a good Hercules just with the story had been better.

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Joke page, ASTROLOGY, Casino directory Joke of the Month The Fantasy

One of the most beautiful redheads I have ever seen moved into the double-wide mobile home right next to mine about a month ago. She’s single, about 30 to 35, lives alone, except for “Mia” her little peekaboo.

got home from work this evening. I was pleasantly surprised when she walked over and knocked on my door! I had fantasies running thru my brain of her and me spending some quality time together!

This beautiful lady never seems to entertain male guests ever.

Quickly I opened the door - I could barely catch my breath as I said “Hi Scarlett, what can I do for you tonight?”

She always smiles and says hello when I’m on my porch watching her walk by, mow her lawn or sunbathing.

desire to drink way too much and make love all night – Are you busy right now?”

I felt a lump in my throat….I nervously swallowed and excitedly replied “Me? Heck no, I have no plans at all!” Scarlett’s eyes opened wide and then she said “Great! Could you please watch “Mia” for me – I’ll be back in the morning.”

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“Hi Leonard” she said smiling “I just got home and I’m feeling extremely sexy, and have a strong

Sometimes…being a senior citizen sucks!

Sagittarius Nov 23 to Dec 21

Pisces Feb 20 to Mar 20

Gemini May 22 to June 21

Virgo Aug 24 to Sept 23

Capricorn Dec 22 to Jan 20

Cancer June 22 to July 22

Aquarius Jan 21 to Feb 19

Taurus April 21 to May 21

Scorpio Oct 24 to Nov 22

I saw her thru my window as she

Nov 17–23 Nov 24–30 Dec 1–8 Dec 9–16 Nov 17–23 Nov 24–30 Dec 1–8 Dec 9–16 Nov 17–23 Nov 24–30 Dec 1–8 Dec 9–16

Good time with old pal Do it – your time has come Stand by you convictions Try your idea Play your numbers Fun with family You score big win Exciting trip ahead

Play nearby to win Crazy idea works Play late this week Great fun with old friend

Nov 17–23 Nov 24–30 Dec 1–8 Dec 9–16

Aries Mar 21 to April 20

Nov 17–23 Nov 24–30 Dec 1–8 Dec 9–16 Nov 17–23 Nov 24–30 Dec 1–8 Dec 9–16




1. Apache Gold Hotel Resort Casino • (Globe) San Carlos Apache Tribe-slots bingo & blackjack & Entertainment (800) 272-2438 2. BlueWater Resort Casino • (Parker) Colorado River Indian Tribe-slots bingo blackjack poker & Entertainment (888) 243-3360 3. Bucky’s Casino • (Prescott) Yavapai-Prescott Indian Tribe-slots, poker & blackjack (800) 756-8744 3a. Yavapai Casino & Gaming Center • (Prescott) Yavapai-Prescott Indian Tribe-slots & Entertainment (800) 756-8744 30 ARIZONA PLAYER November 2014

Great idea pays Big win near home Take pal with on trip Right time and place

Late night win A call from the past Golden opportunity is here Make correct decision Trip turns Profitable Cards are good choice Terrific time to travel You make right choice

Nov 17–23 Nov 24–30 Dec 1–8 Dec 9–16 Nov 17–23 Nov 24–30 Dec 1–8 Dec 9–16

You were right all along Fun, friends and family Special person returns Good news coming

Plans work out Smiles and family fun Unexpected opportunity Right time to act

Leo July 23 to Aug 23

Nov 17–23 Nov 24–30 Dec 1–8 Dec 9–16

Expect change soon Things are looking up You have proof positive Plan that trip now

4. Casino Arizona Talking Stick Resort • (Scottsdale) Salt River Pima Maricopa Indian Community-slots poker blackjack Keno & Entertainment (480) 850-7777 5. Casino Arizona @ 101 & McKellips • (Scottsdale) Salt River Pima Maricopa Indian Community-slots bingo blackjack Keno & Entertainment (480) 850-7777 6. Casino Del Sol Resort • (Tucson) Pascua Yaqui Tribe-slots bingo poker blackjack & Entertainment (800) 344-9435 7. Casino of the Sun • (Tucson) Pascua Yaqui Tribe-slots (520) 883-1700 8. Cliff Castle Casino Hotel • (Camp Verde) Yavapai-Apache Nation-slots blackjack poker & Entertainment (800) 381-7568 9. Cocopah Casino • (Yuma) Cocopah Tribe-slots bingo blackjack & Entertainment (800) 237-5687 10. Desert Diamond Casino Hotel • (Tucson) Tohono O’Odham Nation-Old Nogales Hwy slots keno bingo poker & Entertainment (520) 294-7777 10a. Desert Diamond - I-19 • (south of Tucson) slots blackjack & Entertainment (520) 294-7777 10b. Desert Diamond • (Why) Tohono O’Odham Nation-Slots 11. Fort McDowell Casino • (Fountain Hills) Fort McDowell-Yavapai Nation-slots keno bingo poker blackjack & Entertainment (480) 837-1424

Nov 17–23 Nov 24–30 Dec 1–8 Dec 9–16

Don’t fall for the bluff Make a bold move Take friends advice Timing is everything

Libra Sept 24 to Oct 23

Nov 17–23 Nov 24–30 Dec 1–8 Dec 9–16 Nov 17–23 Nov 24–30 Dec 1–8 Dec 9–16

New adventure ahead Great time all weekend Things finally work out First though was correct

Silly idea works out Favorite spot hits No guts no glory Exciting trip coming soon

12. Wild Horse Pass Hotel & Casino • (Chandler) Gila River Indian Community-slots keno blackjack poker & Entertainment (800) 946-4452 13. Gila River Vee Quiva Hotel & Casino • (Laveen) Gila River Indian Community-slots bingo blackjack poker & Entertainment (800) 946-4452 14. Gila River Lone Butte Casino • (Chandler) Gila River Indian Community-slots bingo blackjack & Entertainment (800) 946-4452 16. Harrah’s Ak-Chin Casino (Maricopa) Ak-Chin Indian Community - slots keno poker bingo blackjack & Entertainment (480) 802-5000 17. Hon-Dah Resort-Casino • (Pinetop) White Mountain Apache Tribe - slots poker & Entertainment (800) 929-8744 18. Mazatzal Hotel Casino • (Payson) Tonto Apache Tribe - slots bingo poker blackjack & Entertainment (800) 777-7529 19. Paradise Casino • (Yuma) Fort Yuma Quechan Tribe - slots bingo.& Live Entertainment (888) 777-4946 19a Quechan Casino Resort • (Winterhaven, CA) Fort Yuma Quechan Tribe - slots table games poker & Entertainment 20. Spirit Mountain Casino • (Bullhead City) Fort Mohave Indian Tribe-slots (888) 837-4030 21. Twin Arrows Navajo Casino Resort • (Flagstaff) Navajo Nation - Slots, Table Games, Poker, Keno & Entertainment

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