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Regular Departments Alberta Angus Association ............................................................. 54 Auction Block ............................................................................ 42 Canadian Angus Junior Ambassador .......................................... 56 Canadian Angus Association Breed Development ........................ 62 Canadian Angus Association CACP Message ................................ 63 Canadian Angus Association CEO Message .................................. 60 Canadian Angus Association Commercial Outreach ................... 61 Canadian Angus Association President’s Message ......................... 58 Canadian Angus Association Rancher Endorsed Program ........... 61 Canadian Angus Association Registration Department ........... 64 Canadian Angus Foundation ........................................................ 58 Canadian Junior Angus Association President’s Message .............. 57 Dave’s Desk ............................................................................. 4 Events Calendar .......................................................................... 72 Manitoba Angus Association ......................................................... 54 Maritime Angus Association .................................................... 55 Ontario Angus Association .......................................................... 54

Feature Articles BIXS Launch Underway ............................................................ 26 Canadian Angus To Russia ......................................................... 14 Cedar Creek and Ranchers Endorsed Angus Beef ....................... 32 Day in the Life of Brian .............................................................. 18 Herd Bull Options .................................................................... 43 Industry Leadership Award (Hoss Hammer) .............................. 39 Interior Provincial Exhibition Angus Show ............................. 51 Maritime Commercial Breeder of the Year .................................. 38 Obituary (‘Sandy’ Longshore) .................................................... 52 Old Home Week Angus Show ............................................... 44 Olds Fall Classic Black Angus Show .......................................... 48 Olds Fall Classic Red Angus Show .......................................... 49 Orangeville Fair Angus Show ................................................. 50 Pfizer Feedlot Challenge ...................................................... 33 Preview Angus Show ................................................................. 45 Prince Edward Island Gold Show Honorees ............................... 44 Saskatchewan Angus Gold Show ............................................... 46 Saskatchewan Junior Angus Show ............................................. 47 Cover: Thank You to Dennis Lastuka, Yarrow Creek Ranch, Pincher Creek, Alberta for supplying our cover shot this issue.

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Dave’s Desk

ere's been a lot of talk lately about who did what and when and just how important that event or action or that person has been to the Canadian Angus industry. In our history there are many who have made a significant contribution to the breed and the direction it has taken. Sadly, some of those people have

recently been lost but we will remember and honour their endeavours and accomplishments. And yes, there will be many more who will define the direction we take in the future - we very much appreciate their leadership, service and commitment. But no matter the impact made by any individual there is only one entity that has remained constant over the years and deserves the bulk of the credit the Angus breed itself. e single most important reason we are in the position we are today is because Angus meet the requirements of today's marketplace. Consumers are king and they have spoken loud and clear with their hard earned dollars. Angus is what they want: in their burgers (and even hot dogs), served at their restaurants, available at their grocers and in their freezers. Lots of other branded beef products have been launched over the years but few have enjoyed the longevity associated with their Angus counterparts. Angus brand success all goes back to the Angus

cow, the Angus bull and the progeny they produce, the desired carcass traits, the marbling and tenderness of the finished product. is is what first got the packers and commercial industry hooked on Angus and still provides plenty of motive for a strong Angus influence in any herd. ere are good animals in all breeds and each one has a role to play in the beef industry. But there is a reason why almost every other beef breed out there has made an effort to look as much like Angus as possible, or promote how well they cross with our breed. However, looking like and "being" like are never the same thing. at's where those little green tags become so important in identifying true Angus genetics. A fairly large and successful company coined a phrase a few years back that still resonates today: "It's the real thing". Angus IS the real thing and we have the breed itself to thank for that. Now, go give your Angus mommas and papas a treat.

Dave Callaway

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BIXS Launch Underway

Last month the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association (CCA) had wrapped up producer testing of the Beef InfoXchange System (BIXS) and was on the cusp of staged launch to industry. BIXS is the voluntary national web-based platform for individual animal birthdate, health, genetic, performance and carcass data to move back and forth across the beef supply chain linked to the animal’s CCIA tag number. Only those program participants who have registered the tag number to their BIXS account get to see the data thus keeping the exchange system secure as well as maintaining producer confidentiality.

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Fall Commercial 2010*

Cow-calf producers from Ontario and all western provinces to BC took part in the testing which stretched over 3 months this past spring. It was the third beta test of the project to date. Evaluation and feedback from testers is being used to refine the data submission grid and program function leading up to launch this fall. At present the CCA is currently launching in a staged manner starting first with platform partner databases like the Canadian Beef Breeds Council member breeds which includes the Angus community, Pfizer Gold, Beef Improvement Opportunities, and BeefBooster. Larry Thomas, national coordinator of the BIXS program, says a staged start makes sense with such a massive undertaking. “We know there will be hiccups during the start-up phase and it’s best to work through that process with those partner programs and producers that have the IT and database experience,” he says. “Once we get through the initial launch with our partners we’ll open it up to cow-calf producers across Canada on high speed Internet connections hopefully early this fall and then shortly after that those producers on what we’d call ‘good’ dial-up connections.” Thomas notes that there could be challenges servicing producers on slow or intermittent dial-up

Angus World

connections. To accommodate those producers the CCA is ensuring access to BIXS can happen through a third party individual, organization or company and BIXS will carry a listing service on their website providing contacts for third party BIXS access service providers. This is also a route for those producers with older computer systems or who don’t really like using computers and such. Thomas notes the program was built based on cow-calf and feedlot producer advice through a steering group over the past 16 months or more. The tester feedback has been crucial in refining the program to fit the needs and capabilities of producers first and foremost. “This is just the beginning of what BIXS can become,” Thomas says. “On a national voluntary scale there really isn’t anything like it anywhere. The potential in terms of putting the Canadian beef industry at the forefront on technology and individual animal data and information flow basis is huge.” For more information and launch updates on BIXS visit their website at

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Cedar Creek and Rancher Endorsed Angus Beef “Respect the land, honor tradition, pursue perfection.” This is the philosophy that Senator Ross Fitzpatrick and son Gordon have built their award-winning CedarCreek Estate Winery on in British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley. Established in 1986, CedarCreek Estate Winery is the fulfillment of Senator Fitzpatrick’s dream of owning an orchard and a small winery near Kelowna. The winery was once owned by pioneering viticulturist J.W. Hughes who planted grapes in the ‘30s. Today, there are four unique vineyard sites totaling 150 acres on bench lands overlooking the lakes of the valley. The Fitzpatrick’s are celebrating 20 years of being certified with the Vintners’ Quality Alliance. Much like the green Angus tag, the VQA symbol on a bottle of Canadian wine assures the consumer of quality production, content, varietal percentage, appellation, and vintage. “Our customers are very sophisticated and they want to know everything they can

about where and how the grapes are grown and how the wine is produced,” says Gordon Fitzpatrick, President of the winery. “The VQA helps us guarantee authenticity and it also helps us connect directly with our customers.” Dedication to authenticity and being able to directly reach consumers were just two of the reasons why CedarCreek has become a partner in the Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed program. “The Rancher Endorsed program gives us the opportunity to work directly with and build relationships with Canadian Angus producers who are as dedicated as we are in producing the finest product possible,” explains Gordon. “The partnership allows us to build our brand as well as increase the demand for Angus beef products. We make each other look good!” But what’s in it for Angus producers and the Canadian Angus Association? Partnering with CedarCreek offers a unique way to reach more

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Fall Commercial 2010*

consumers with the Angus message and have them thinking Angus beef when choosing a wine. And with more consumers choosing Angus beef over other protein alternatives the benefits keep adding up for everyone involved. So the next time you are looking for the perfect wine to pair with Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed beef, pick up a bottle of CedarCreek Pinot Noir, Syrah or Merlot, vintage 2007 from your local wine store. You won’t be disappointed and you have the Fitzpatricks’ word on it. “We believe that we make the very best wines in the Okanagan Valley. In fact, we believe our wines are as good as any made in the world but we rather than claim it, we prove it with every bottle. Our wine is our word.” Like a fine Angus steak, roast or prime rib, tasting truly is believing. For more information on CedarCreek, visit To order wine, visit

Pfizer Feedlot Challenge

Pfizer wanted to do something different and, recognizing the benefit of education and the importance of supporting feed lot staff on the front line handling animals and administering animal health products on a daily basis, came up with the idea to hold a feed lot challenge. On September 13, 2010, eight teams from feed lots in southern Alberta participated in the event hosted at Easterday Farms. Easterday was selected as Pfizer’s partner for the event because they are taking a progressive approach to animal health. For example, in addition to having a veterinarian and a nutritionist on staff, Easterday works with a cattle handling consultant, Dr. Tom Noffsinger. The competition involved three phases: 1. Written, multiple choice quiz to assess quality assurance practices including injection site choice,

Judging in section two was done by Dr. Les Byers, and Dr. Larry Frischke both carcass withdrawal periods, veterinarians with Pfizer Animal Health, while animal health product selection section three was judged by Dr. Tom and more. Noffsinger. 2. Each team then had to Following the competition, Dr. Noffsinger run 20 head of cattle through also led the participants through an interactive the chute, treating them as they discussion, outlining techniques for better would any fall placed calf. cattle handling. Teams were assessed on their The winner of the first feed lot challenge handling as well as their ability was Kolk Farms. Team members were Glen to follow protocols regarding Stronks, Travis Kellett, Betty Jean Wilson, & Dr. Larry Frischke administration, injection site location as well as chute Kristy Heapy. Feed lot owners from Quebec and operations and cattle handling. Ontario were also at the event to observe the activities. 3. The third phase was designed to simulate pulling As part of Pfizer’s overall commitment to partnering sick animals from a pen. Each team had to remove two with the cattle industry and providing educational numbered animals from the herd. They were assessed opportunities, the company hopes to make this an on their handling abilities, how quietly they removed annual event, given the extremely positive feedback the animals and the level of disruption to the herd. received from participants.

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2010 Maritime Commercial Breeder of the Year The 2010 Maritime Aberdeen Angus Association Commercial Breeder of the Year is the Armstrong family of Kingston, Nova Scotia. The Armstrongs are the 10th Maritime family recognized as Commercial Breeder of the year. Richard and his father, Bill, manage farm activities. Their farm Melvern Simmentals is a 200 cow-calf operation. Bill has been in the cattle business all his life and has been on their farm at Spa Springs since a young boy. They finish all their own calves and ship to slaughter direct.

They are shareholders in the Atlantic Beef products plant. They also ship to the local OH Armstrong plant and also to Ontario. They usually run 4 mature bulls and also use AI during breeding season. They purchased their first Angus bull to cross with their Simmental herd 4 years ago and since that time have added 2 more Angus bulls. They use Angus semen extensively as well. They like to use the Angus genetics for ease of calving, vigorous calves with a robust appetite and easy finishing steers.

Richard is actively involved in the Maritime Simmental Association, having held various positions over the years. He and Megan are on the beef committee for the Annapolis Valley Exhibition. Bill prefers to stay home and keep the farm running, but likes to get out and see old friends at the Nappan Bull Sale and the Beef Show at the local exhibition. Megan has done her share of volunteer work for the 4-H program, serving as Secretary of the provincial Leaders Council for several terms and also working on the Royal Beef Heifer Committee for a number of years. Richard , Megan and son Hayden are shown receiving their award from Maritime Angus Association Secretary-Treasurer, Betty Lou Scott, during the Maritime Angus Association Junior Show and Field Day. The Commercial Breeder family receive the C0-0P Atlantic perpetual Trophy, the Farm Focus keeper trophy, as well as monogrammed Angus Association jackets. Maritime Angus breeders congratulate the Armstrongs on being chosen as the 2010 Commercial Breeder of the year.

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Fall Commercial 2010*

Angus World

Industry Leadership Award - Olds Agricultural Society Allan "Hoss" Hammer has been broadcasting farm news in Alberta since 1955. Known as the "Voice of Agriculture" in Central Alberta, he is highly regarded by people across the province for his tireless efforts in promoting the agriculture industry. While with CKGY Radio, he provided three agricultural reports daily, as well as traveling the province throughout the year, announcing livestock shows and exhibitions on a volunteer basis. Through his lengthy career, he received many awards including being inducted into the Alberta Agriculture Hall of Fame in 1991, which was created to recognize those who have made outstanding contributions to rural development and agriculture. He

Angus World

has also received numerous awards from various breed associations for the promotion of livestock events. The Olds Agricultural Society Fall Classic Committee has recognized Hoss Hammer for his efforts by presenting him with the first Industry Leadership Award. This inaugural award will identify people who display unwavering dedication, willingness for continual learning, proactive promotion and a true passion for agriculture. Congratulations Hoss! A group of Hoss & Ena’s friends presented an original painting by local artist Gayle Kohut of Didsbury to say thank you for all you have done for agriculture!

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Auction Block 5th Annual Georgian Angus Premier Sale September 11, 2010 - Maxwell, ON Marketing Agent: DJ Henderson & Associates, Lacombe, AB Auctioneer: Brent Carey, Stavely, AB 11 Heifer Calves $2,045 24 Yearling Heifers $2,360 6 Cow/Heifer Calf Pairs $4,308 5 Cow/Bull Calf Pairs $3,220 1 Embryo Package $3,900 Sale Gross $125,000 47 Sale Lots $2,660 High Selling Bred Heifer: Glen Islay Maggie 38W (Bonnie Chance Bardolene 10A) to Remington Land & Cattle Co, Del Bonita, AB for $5,800 High Selling Heifer Calf: Glen Islay Heroine 10 (Bonnie Chance Bardolene 10A) to Ron Winder, Wyoming, ON for $3,600 High Selling Cow/Heifer Calf Pair: Glen Islay Pride 6R (Oak Manor Blue Chip 3L) and First Line G.I. Pride 34X (SAV Heritage 6295) to Johnson Livestock, Peeble, SK and Gary Reynolds, Atwood, ON for $4,900 High Selling Cow/Bull Calf Pair: FLA Miss World 24R (BLW Balmorals Encore 7M) and First Line Miss World 25X (SAV Pioneer 7301) Johnson Livestock, Peebles, Sk and Luke Eisses, ON for $4,750 High Selling Embryo Lot: 3 embryos from Glen Islay Pride 12N and Bardolene’s Lad 500’74 to Bryce Mawbey, Unity, SK for $3,900 Graham’s Red Angus Dispersal September 12, 2010 - St. Mary’s, ON Sale Management: Mackenzie Sale Management, Pincher Creek, AB Auctioneer: Brent Carey, Stavely, AB 8 Bull Calves $1,194 3 Herd Bulls $3,000 27 Heifer Calves $1,276 49 Bred Heifers $1,966 46 Cows $1,965 2 Cow/Calf Pairs $1,663 2 Embryo Lots $200 40 Semen Lots $538 Sale Gross $217,775 111 Live Sale Lots $1,765 High Selling Cow: Red Graham New Lady 8U (Red Fine Line Mulberry 26P) to Moose Creek Red Angus, Kisbey, SK for $5,750 High Selling Bred Heifer: Red Graham RR Ainsley 17W (Red Northline Rob Roy 122K) to Wildcat Creek Ranch, Newton, KS for $4,600 High Selling Heifer Calf: Red Graham New Lady 18X (Red Anchor 1 Hitch 38T) to Scotch Line Farms, Perth, ON for $2,850 High Selling Herd Bull: Red Graham Seminole 640S (BJR Make My Day 981) to Hamco Red Angus, MB; Wraz Red Angus, SK & WCF, ON for $3,400 Brylor Ranch ‘Tradition with Vision’ Page 42

Fall Commercial 2010*

39th Annual Female Sale September 25, 2010 - Fort Macleod, AB Auctioneer: Brent Carey, Stavely, AB 6 Heifer Calves $2,775 30 Bred Heifers $4,425 8 Cows $2,725 14 Semen Packages (per straw) $92 6 Embryo Packages $2,542 1 MA Carrier Herd Choice $19,250 Sale Gross $219,750 46 Live Sale Lots $4,460 High Selling Heifer Calves: Red Brylor Freyr 2X (Red LCB Lancer 1202S) to Blairs.Ag, Lanigan, SK for $4,000; Red Brylor Carmen 64X (Red SSS Arson 85U) to Wildcat Creek Ranch, Newton, KS for $4,000 High Selling Bred Heifer: Red Brylor Karma 225W (Red Brylor New Trend 22D) to Wildcat Creek Ranch, Newton, KS for $13,000 High Selling Cow: Red SSS Jessie 728T (Red CRCC Boom 100N) to Walnut Springs Ranch, Hopkins, MI for $5,700 High Selling Embryos: 3 embryos from Dam: Red Diamond D Sienna 292H Sire: Red Fine Line Mulberry 26P to Wildcat Creek Ranch, Newton, KS for $3,500 Choice of all MA Carrier Cattle at Brylor: Red Brylor SDL Bonita 204T to Blairs.Ag, Lanigan, SK for $19,250 Pura Vida Red Angus Dispersal September 25, 2010 - Fort Macleod, AB Sale Management: Mackenzie Sale Management, Pincher Creek, AB Auctioneer: Brent Carey, Stavely, AB 2 Heifer Calves $1,375 3 Bull Calves $1,600 11 Cows $3,055 2 Bred Heifers $2,000 8 Semen Lots $348 Sale Gross $45,150 18 Live Sale Lots $2,510 High Selling Cow: Red Brylor SDL Rouge 237R (Red Brylor New Trend 22D) to Wildcat Creek Ranch, Newton, KS for $6,000 Dunford Royal Cattle Company Production Sale Volume IX September 26, 2010 - Woodstock, ON Sale Management: Amercian Angus Hall of Fame Auctioneer: Steve Dorran, Airdrie, AB 9 Spring Pairs $6,867 11 Spring Bred Females $2,550 18 Fall Calving Females $2,644 38 Sale Lots $3,617 Sale Gross $137,450 High Selling Pair: Royal Idoldee DRCC 2048M (Rito 6I6 of 4B20 6807) and Royal Idoldee DRCC 9110W (SAV Adaptor 2213) to Karalisha Cattle Co, Harley, ON for $20,000---Angus World

High Selling Spring Bred Heifer: Royal Persephone DRCC 8087U (Leachman Right Time) to Johnson Livestock, Peebles, SK for $4,200 High Selling Fall Calving Female: Royal Persephone DRCC 4151P (Sitz Alliance 6595) with Royal Traveler DRCC 0063X (Alberda Traveler 416) to Hahn Cattle Co, Sherwood Park, AB for $9,000 11th ‘Black Magic’ Joint Production Sale October 1, 2010 - Olds, AB Auctioneer: Ryan Dorran, Didsbury, AB 13 Heifer Calves $2,262 30 Bred Yearling Heifers $3,017 2 Two Year Cows $18,500 45 Sale Lots $3,454 10 Prospect Steers $1,500 High Selling Two Year Old: Belvin Georgina 18’08 (Belvin Panther 21’04) to James Arnott, Coul Angus, Scotland for $25,000 High Selling Yearling Bred Heifer: Belvin Georgina 126’09 (Belvin Rebel 33’05) to Lucky Draw Angus for $7,200 High Selling Heifer Calf: Belvin Erica 10’10 (Belvin Ultimatum 13’08) to Ring Creek Ranch, Fairview, AB for $5,500 11th Annual Justamere ‘Sale of the Year’ October 12, 2010 - Lloydminster, SK Auctioneer: Steve Dorran, Airdrie, AB 3.25 Bulls $8,900 18.5 Heifer Calves $4,320 16.5 Bred Heifers $3,800 20 Cow/Calf Pairs $4,200 1 Donor Cow $10,000 58 Lots $4,400 Sale Gross $250,000 High Selling Bull: EXAR Marathon 9291B (BC Marathon 7022) to Chute Creek Ranch, Penticton, BC and Bandura Ranches, Duchess, AB half interest for $14,500 High Selling Heifer Calf: Bandura Tilda 22X to Champion Hill, Bidwell, OH for $10,500 High Selling Bred Heifer: Justamere 1036 Rosebud 705W (EXAR King 1036) half interest to Chute Creek Ranch, Penticton, BC for $16,000 High Selling Cow/Calf Pair: Blackjacks Gaybird 722 (TC Total 410) to Price Farms, Elk City, OK and EXAR Emblazon 0169B (Rito 6EM3 of 4L Emblazon) to Steve Berfelz, Walkerton, ON pair $8,000 High Selling Donor Cow: EXAR Empress 2429 (Northern Improvement 4480) to William Walthir, Stillwater, OK for $10,000

Herd Bull Options - An Opportunity for Herd Improvement As bulls are being pulled from breeding herds and heading home for the year, it is time for producers to make decisions regarding keeping their breeding bulls or culling them to be replaced next year. Since BSE occurred in Canada, many producers took a straight forward approach to herd bull management at the end of the breeding season. Mature bull prices were so low that as long as a bull remained sound, he would stay in the herd for the next year. 2010 has seen butcher bull prices at high enough levels that the current market creates some options when it comes to evaluating herd bulls. From a cow herd management standpoint, the increased salvage value gives producers an

opportunity to improve the overall cowherd genetics without significant additional expense. To change up the breeding program and introduce new genetics can be the most powerful method of genetic

improvement in the breeding herd. There are several factors to consider when deciding to keep or cull herd bulls. First is whether the farm has the pen space and facilities to winter all the bulls, second is the soundness and body condition at the end of the breeding season, and then a look at the current slaughter bull prices versus the feed and maintenance costs of the bulls through the winter months. Slaughter bull prices have climbed in 2010 as a result of increased demand for trim and grinding product. Although this price increase has resulted in a significant increase in domestic bull slaughter over last year (20,687 head, up 85% over the same time in 2009) the higher price level has held fairly steady. Butcher bull prices in Alberta last week were $69.08/cwt, (up $19.25/cwt over a year ago). Given a mature herd bull weighs 1900 to 2200 pounds, the value of each bull ranges from $1,313 to $1,520 per head. That same bull would consume 2% of their body weight daily in a hay ration through the winter (38-44 lbs per day) at an approximate cost of $1.14 to $1.32 per head per day (assuming an average hay cost of $60/ton). If a bull consumes this much feed starting in the fall until the pastures are green in the spring (assume Oct 15 to May 15 or

210 days) the cost of feed per bull would range from $239 to $277 per head. Further calculations show that the sale value of these bulls plus feed cost savings would leave a minimum of $1,552 to $1,797 to put towards a new bull in the spring. In addition to feed costs, there are also bedding costs, vet and medicine costs, risk of bull injury, mortality, fertility risk over the cold winter, and yardage costs (labor, fuel, utilities, repairs and maintenance, etc.) to carry a bull through the winter. Herd bull economics of higher salvage values plus the feed and maintenance savings listed above creates a nice opportunity to replace a mature bull with a semen tested bull next year. The bottom-line is given the struggles experienced marketing herd bulls post breeding season since 2003, the current economic situation to replace these animals that have been in herds for years, or have been moderate performers, has not been this appealing for years. It is something to consider when making longer term management decisions for the herd, as herd bulls influence overall fertility and production more than any other single animal in the herd. re-printed with permission from Canfax. Canfax has been providing expert analysis of markets and trends in the ever changing North American beef industry for over 30 years. To sign up to access a variety of Canfax's market information services and receive the Weekly Market Reports go online to and keep up to date on the cattle market in Canada.

$2,000 to the Alberta

Junior Angus Association

Pahl Miss Magic 144X donated by the Black Magic Sale & purchased by Remitall Cattle Inc., Olds, AB



to the Supporters of our Fund Raisers at the Black Magic Sale October 1, 2010

$2,000 to the Dick Turner

Memorial Scholarship Fund & Alberta Angus Association

Signed print “The Black Angus� by Angela Davidson donated by James Arnott & purchased by Benchmark Angus, Doug & Mike Munton, Lethbridge, AB

PLUS $800 raised for STARS

from the Black Magic Toonie Bar

Special Thanks to all Buyers & Bidders See you again next year ! Angus World

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Prince Edward Island Gold Show Honorees The PEI Angus Association is proud to announce that Frank and Iva Mutch of Earnscliffe Angus Farm are the 2010 Gold Show Honorees for the Angus show at Old Home Week in Charlottetown on Friday, August 20th.

Frank and Iva have been raising Angus cattle since shortly after they got married in 1955. In fact, Frank and Iva purchased their first purebred Angus cow in 1961. All of their children grew up showing Angus

cattle in 4-H and today some of the children, and grandchildren continue the tradition of breeding and showing Angus cattle. Frank and Iva grew their Purebred Angus herd in the 1970’s and 1980’s to about 50 cows and always had an Angus bull in the pasture. Frank has served as a director for the PEI and the Maritime Angus Association, as well as the Maritime Angus field man. He was also inducted into the Atlantic Agricultural Hall of Fame in 1991 for his dedication to the agriculture industry on PEI. Frank and Iva were active around the show circuit for many years, competing at shows all across Eastern Canada, including the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto, the Montreal Agricultural show, Atlantic Winter Fair, Old Home Week ; Angus shows in Crapaud, Dundas, Fredericton, St. John, and Windsor; 4-H shows and Maritime Angus Field Days. Their living room wall, filled with Champion photographs dating from the 1960’s all the way to 2001, is a testament in itself to the dedication and success they

have had breeding Angus cattle. They exhibited Angus steers at the PEI Easter Beef Show and Sale, and have sponsored the Champion Angus Perpetual Trophy for the last number of years. They have consigned to Angus sales across the Maritimes including the Maritime Angus Field Day Sale, the Angus in Action Sale, and have sold cattle privately to cattle breeders in six Canadian provinces. Frank and Iva have also been active in their community serving as leaders in the local 4-H club, and Iva keeping active in the Women’s Institute. They were, and still are always ready and willing to help out with community activities if need be. Frank and Iva dispersed their last Angus cow a few years ago, however they still keeps up on all the association happenings and they are a fixture in the stands at any cattle shows going on in the Maritimes. Frank also enjoys checking out the Angus cows in his front field (he likes to claim they are his own!).

Old Home Week Angus Show Old Home Week Angus Show, Charlottetown PEI Bull Calf Class Split #1 1) HMF Stockman 5X, James Worth, Cornwall, PEI 2) KJDF Mr. Xcitement 84X, Kurt & Jenn Duncan, York Point, PEI 3) KJDF Xplorer 80X, Kurt & Jenn Duncan, York Point, PEI (6 in class) Bull Calf Class Split #2 1) Cable Head Kodiak 16X, Richard Palmer, St. Peter's Bay, PEI 2) Greenback Executioner 1X, Robert Holmes, North Wiltshire, PEI 3) RG Jacob 12X, Wilfred Gilby & Family, Belnan, NS (4 in class) Grand Champion Bull HMF Stockman 5X Reserve Grand Champion Bull KJDF Mr. Xcitement 84X Heifer Calf Class Split #1 1) JEM Erica 12X, Ernie & Joanne Mutch, Vernon River, PEI 2) JEM Classy Lady 7X, Ernie & Joanne Mutch, Vernon River, PEI 3) Wheatley River Colleen 2X, Glen & Ronnie Ford, Winsloe, PEI (6 in class) Heifer Calf Class Split #2 1) JEM Miss Lark 15X, Ernie & Joanne Mutch, Vernon River, PEI 2) Bannockburn Valley Rose 12X , Bannockburn Valley Farm, Cornwall, PEI 3) Miltonvale Polly Cobe 1X, Miltonvale Angus, Winsloe, PEI (5 in class) Yearling Heifer Class Split #1 1) Miltonvale Annie Cobe 1W, Miltonvale Angus,

Winsloe, PEI 2) Wheatley River Wyoming Velvet 4W, Glen & Ronnie Ford, Winsloe, PEI 3) Bannockburn Valley Dolly 3W, Bannockburn Valley Farm, Cornwall, PEI (5 in class) Yearling Heifer Class Split #2 1) Cable Head Queen 6W, Richard Palmer, St. Peter's Bay, PEI 2) Wheatley River Lady Winter 3W, Glen & Ronnie Ford, Winsloe, PEI 3) SMW Mistress 117W, MacKinnon Homestead, Kinross, PEI (5 in class) Yearling Heifer Class Split #3 1) Wheatley River Stacey 12W, Glen & Ronnie Ford, Winsloe, PEI 2) Bannockburn Valley Trill 41W, Bannockburn Valley Farm, Cornwall, PEI 3) HMF Erroline 1W, Corey Ford, Charlottetown, PEI (6 in class) Junior Champion Female Miltonvale Annie Cobe 1W Reserve Junior Champion Female Cable Head Queen 6W Two Year Old Cow/Calf Class 1) JEM Classy Lady 19U, Ernie & Joanne Mutch, Vernon River, PEI 2) Esker View Polly 1U, Miltonvale Angus, Winsloe, PEI 3) Cable Head Queen 3U, Richard Palmer, St. Peter's Bay, PEI (7 in class) Mature Cow/Calf Class Split #1 1) JEM Miss Lark 21N, Ernie & Joanne Mutch, Vernon River, PEI 2) Bannockburn Valley Rose 2L,

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Bannockburn Valley Farm, Cornwall, PEI 3) JEM Erica 9R, Ernie & Joanne Mutch, Vernon River, PEI (4 in class) Mature Cow/Calf Class Split #2 1) New Force Colleen 1T, Glen & Ronnie Ford, Winsloe, PEI 2) Bannockburn Valley Pride 12T, Ken & Carolyn Lisson, Apohaqui, NB 3) Bannockburn Valley Rose 4S, Bannockburn Valley Farm, Cornwall, PEI (5 in class) Senior Champion Female JEM Miss Lark 21N Reserve Senior Champion Female JEM Classy Lady 19U Grand Champion Female JEM Miss Lark 21N Reserve Grand Champion Female JEM Classy Lady 19U Get of Sire Class 1) Kurt & Jenn Duncan 2) Bannockburn Valley Farm Breeder's Herd 1) Richard Palmer 2) Glen & Ronnie Ford 3) Kurt & Jenn Duncan (4 in class) Progeny of Dam 1) Glen & Ronnie Ford 2) Kurt & Jenn Duncan 3) Ernie & Joanne Mutch Premier Breeder ~ Ernie & Joanne Mutch Premier Exhibitor ~ Ernie & Joanne Mutch

40th Annual Preview Angus Show Results Preview Angus Show ~ Brampton, ON September 19, 2010 Judges: Luc & Chantal Noiseux Bull Calf Class Split #1 1) Brantnor’s Mandate 18X, Brantnor Angus 2) Loupen NW Edwin 6 X, Loupen Cattle Ranch 3) DCC Tiger 204X, Debus Cattle Co (6 in class) Bull Calf Class Split 2 1) WLL Attraction 17X, Whiskey Lane Livestock 2) GF Mercedes 8607 Xcaliber 17X, Gilchrist Farms 3)Upper Glen Battleship 7X, Upper Glen Angus (5 in class) Bull Calf Class Split 3 1) Bellstar Blackhawk 1X, Bellstar Angus 2) WMC Payday 4X, Worth-Mor Cattle Co 3) Red Majestic Kahuna R 108X, Majestic Cattle Co (8 in class) Champion Bull Calf Bellstar Blackhawk 1X Reserve Champion Bull Calf WMC Payday 4X Junior Yearling Bull Class 1) Young Dale Grandeur 110W, Tullamore Angus Senior Yearling Bull Class 1) Soo Line Kodiak 9211, Greg Hill 2) Brantnor Predominant 10W, Brantnor Angus 3) Sunset Grid 5W, Timber Trail Angus (6 in class) Champion Yearling Bull Soo Line Kodiak 9211 Reserve Champion Yearling Bull Brantnor Predominant 10W Two Year Old Bull Class 1) Red Majestic Chieftan 120U, Majestic Livestock 2) CJ Freedom 212U, Tullamore Angus 3) HF Kodiak 182U, Kevin McNaughton (6 in class) Champion Senior Bull Red Majestic Chieftan R 120U Reserve Champion Senior Bull CJ Freedom 212U Heifer Calf Class Split #1 1)Upper Glen Barbara 17X, Upper Glen Angus2)WilMar Bextor Erroline 6X, Loupen Cattle Ranch 3) Wil-

Mar Beulah 11X, Loupen Cattle Ranch (5 in class) Heifer Calf Class Split #2 1) WMC Delia 18X, Worth-Mor Cattle Co 2) Locust Grove Erica 25X, Locust Grove Angus 3) WLL Kallia 18X, Whiskey Lane Livestock (6 in class) Heifer Calf Class Split #3 1)GF Evening Tinge 1X, Gilchrist Farms2)Brantnor’s Edam 16X, Brantnor Angus3)JPD Black Jilt 11X, JPD Angus (5 in class) Heifer Calf Class Split #4 1) istle Ridge Flora 5X, Tullamore Angus 2) Bailey Acres Barbara 1X, Bailey Acres Angus 3) Clair Lane Forever Lady 2X, Clair Lane Stock Farm (6 in class) Heifer Calf Class Split #5 1) Red Arch Gold Bar Gamma 105X, Gold Bar Livestock 2) Upper Glen Blackbird 2X, Upper Glen Angus 3) Red MajesticPatricia C 108X, Majestic Livestock (5 in class) Heifer Calf Class Split #6 1) Brantnor’s Favorite 1X, Brantnor Angus 2) WLL Kallie 1X, Whiskey Lane Livestock 3) Hawthorne Patricia, Hawthorne Angus (7 in class) Champion Heifer Calf Brantor’s Favorite 1X Reserve Champion Heifer Calf Red Arch Gold Bar Gamma 105X Junior Yearling Heifer Class 1) Clover Lane Chantelle, Hawthorne Angus & Clover Lane Angus 2) Angus Hills Anne 45W, Sonny Way Angus 3) Upper Glen Lucy 21W, Upper Glen Angus (4 in class) Senior Yearling Heifer Class Split #1 1) DSMR Royal Lady 38W, DSMR Stock Farm 2) Harpery Barbara 67W, Harprey Farms 3) Locust Grove Daisy 27W, Locust Grove Angus (7 in class) Senior Yearling Heifer Class Split #2 1) Brantnor’s Flora 19W, Brantnor Angus 2) WLL Blackfoot Lady 19W, Whiskey Lane Livestock 3) Soo Line Mayflower 9255, Tullamore Angus (7 in class) Senior Yearling Heifer Class Split #3

Grand Champion Feamle Highgrove Miss Middlebrook 3U

Reserve Champion Female Hawthorne Queen 6W

Grand Champion Bull Red Majestic Chieftan R 120U

Reserve Grand Champion Bull CJ Freedom 212U

1) Red Arway Roberta 15W, Gold Bar Livestock 2) Bailey Acres Barbara 3W, Bailey Acres Angus 3) Locust Grove Blackbird 11W, Scott MacDonald (6 in class) Senior Yearling Heifer Class Split #4 1) Hawthorne Queen 6W, Hawthorne, Sunset Acres & Argue 2) Timber Trail Jestress 3W, Timber Trail Angus 3) Clover Lane Winona, Cedarview Angus & Clover Lane Angus (5 in class) Senior Yearling Heifer Class Split #5 1) JL Gertie 9027, First Line Angus 2) Harprey Miss Middlebrook 5W, Harprey Angus 3) Trev Blackcap Matrix 13X, JPD Angus (4 in class) Senior Yearling Heifer Class Split #6 1) Red Vancise Princess 534W, Gold Bar Livestock 2) Curraghdale Bonnie 12W, Curraghdale Cattle Co 3) WLL Mary 3W, Whiskey Lane Livestock (7 in class) Champion Junior Heifer Hawthorne Queen 6W Reserve Champion Junior Heifer Timber Trail Jestress 3W Two Year Old Cow/Calf Class 1) Highgrove Miss Middlebrook 3U, Gold Bar Livestock 2) WMC Favorite, Worth-Mor Cattle Co 3) First Line Queen 16U, First Line Angus Mature Cow/Calf Class 1) JPD Pride 46X, JPD Angus 2) Sunset Shedaisy 1N, Hawthorne Angus 3) First Line Trinitee 19T, First Line Angus (4 in class) Champion Senior Female Highgrove Miss Middlebrook 3U Reserve Champion Senior Female WMC Favorite 25U Grand Champion Female Highgrove Miss Middlebrook 3U Reserve Champion Female Hawthorne Queen 6W Supreme Champion Angus Red Majestic Chieftan R 120U Premier Breeder ~ Brantnor Angus Premier Exibitor ~ Brantnor Angus

Premier Breeder & Premier Exhibitor Ron & Linda Bryant, Brantnor Angus Angus World

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Saskatchewan Angus Gold Show - Prince Albert Bull Calf Class 1) PHP Investor 12X (SAV Wall Street 7091) Hall’s Cattle Company 2) DFCC 32T Rebel 15X (Eastondale Break Away 32'07) Double F Cattle Company 3) FCR Prowler 28X (HF Tiger 5T) Triple L Angus (6 in class) Yearling Bull Class 1) EXAR Marathon 9291B (BC Marathon 7022) Justamere Farms 2) Justamere 1036 Iron Will (EXAR King 1036) Justamere Farms 3) Brookmore Total 22W (KCF Bennett Total) Double F Cattle Company (4 in class) Mature Bull Class 1) Justamere 406S Stabilizer (Justamere 253 Bada Bing 406S) Justamere Farms 2) Bar E L Unforgiven102U (SAV Net Worth 4200) Wilbar Farms Ltd Grand Champion Bull Justamere 406S Stabilizer Reserve Champion Bull EXAR Marathon 9291B Heifer Calf Class 1) Six Mile Beauty Queen 390X (Soo Line Kodiak 8050) Six Mile Ranch 2) DIF Dolly 6X (SAV Net Worth 4200) Dusty-Inn 3) DFCC 5T Wow 11X (HF Tiger 5T) Double F Cattle Company (8 in class) Yearling Heifer Class Split #1 1) DFCC 32T Forever 75W (EastondaleBreak Away 32’07) Double F Cattle Company 2) Justamere 406S Blackbird (Justamere 253 Bada Bing 406S) Justamere Farms Ltd 3) Red H70 Quantock 43 MS 785W (Red SSS NK 43R) Hill 70 Quantock Ranch Ltd (10 in class) Yearling Heifer Class Split #2 1) DFCC 32T Hot Girl 37W (Eastondale Break Away 32’07) Double F Cattle Co 2) Justamere 1036 Rosebud 705W (EXAR King 1036) Justamere Farms Ltd 3) Royal Pride Dolly 33W (SAV Net Worth 4200) Tim ompson (10 in class) Champion Junior Female DFCC 32T Hot Girl 37W Reserve Champion Junior Female DFCC 32T Forever 75W Two Year Old Cow/Calf Class 1) Six Mile Real Beauty 803U (SAV Net Worth 4200) Six Mile Ranch 2) EXAR Miss Pat 83018 (HSAF Bando 1961) Justamere Farms Ltd 3) Eastondale Lady Bonnie 69'08 (Dryland Max 533) Eastondale Angus (6 in class) Mature Cow/Calf Class 1) Howe Ms Cornerstone 145P (Ebon Hill Liberty 13’01) Bar CR Angus 2) PSF Rosebud 12T (TC Grid Topper 355) Hall’s Cattle Co 3) DIF Dolly 18P (Bonview New Design 878) Dusty-Inn Farm Corp (5 in class) Champion Senior Female Six Mile Real Beauty 803U Reserve Champion Senior Female Howe Ms Cornerstone 145P Grand Champion Female Six Mile Real Beauty 803U Reserve Grand Champion Female DFCC 32T Hot Girl 37W Breeders Herd 1) Justamere Farms Ltd 2) Double F Cattle Co Get of Sire 1) Justamere Farms Ltd 2) Double F Cattle Co Page 46

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Grand Champion Bull Justamere 406S Stabilizer

Grand Champion Female Six Mile Real Beauty 803U

Reserve Grand Champion Bull EXAR Marathon 9291B

Reserve Grand Champion Female DFCC 32T Hot Girl 37W

Grand Champion Bull - Junior Show Brookmore Total 22W

Reserve Grand Champion Bull - Junior Show FCR Full Extent 1W

Grand Champion Female - Junior Show - Open Six Mile Real Tibbie 901W

Reserve Champion Female - Junior Show - Open Six Mile Real Beauty 803U

Grand Champion Female - Junior Show - Owned EXAR Miss Pat 83018

Reserve Champion Female - Junior Show - Owned Eastondale Lady Bonnie 69’08

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Saskatchewan Junior Angus Show - Prince Albert Prince Albert, Saskatchewan August 5th, 2010 Judge: Ryan Archdekin Open Division Heifer Calf Class 1) DIF Dolly 6X (SAV Net Worth 4200) Kelsey Dust 2) DFCC 5T Wow 11X (HF Tiger 5T) Jacob Feige 3) FCR Lady 4X (FCR Hy-Power 22U) Taylor Phillips 4) DFCC 5T Sweet ang 1X (HF TIGER 5T) Garret Feige 5) Red Triple L Lemay 26X (Red Northline Rec 341R) Brookelynn Tetzlaff 6) FCR Erica 24X (HF Tiger 5T) Emily Froehlich Champion Heifer Calf DIF Dolly 6X Reserve Champion Heifer Calf DFCC 5T Wow 11X Yearling Heifer Class - 1st Split 1) Justamere 406S Blackbird 847W (Justamere 253 Bada Bing 406S) Jim Fox 2) Red H70 Quantock 43 MS 785W (Red SSS NK 43R) Teddy Creech 3) Wrights 96 Sandra 6W (Ankonian Werner Wildfire) Katie Wright 4) DFCC 32T Forever 75W (Eastondale Break Away 32'07) Garret Feige 5) Eastondale Annie K 71'09 (Lookout Huck 25T) Erika Easton 6) Rosebud of Deere Rose 2W (Muirhead’s Mr 108T) Shyla Rothwell Yearling Heifer Class - 2nd Split 1) Six Mile Tibbie 901W (SAV Final Answer 0035) Callie Gibson 2) DFCC 32T Hot Girl 37W (Eastondale Break Away 32'07) Jacob Feige 3) PHP Miss Diana 93W (SAV Wall Street 7091) Justin Hall 4) Justamere 1036 Rosebud 705W (EXAR King 1036) Jon Fox V 5) Eastondale Susan 56'09 (B Hills FRL Duration 606) Miranda Frey 6) Royal Pride Dolly 33W (SAV Net Worth 4200) Tyler MacDonald

Reserve Champion Female Six Mile Real Beauty 803U Best Pair of Females (born the same year) 1) DFCC 32T Foerver 75W & DFCC 32T Hot Girl 37W, Garret & Jacob Fiege 2) FCR Erica 24X & FCR Lady 4X, Emily Froehlich Owned Division Yearling Heifer Class 1) EXAR Blackbird 9048 (BC 7022 Raven 7965) Tyra Fox 2) Red MLSW Ms Trophy 120W (Red Lazy MC Smash 7S) Colin M Haydock 3) Eastondale Countess 78'09 (Lookout Huck 25T) Tag Clemence Champion Junior Female EXAR Blackbird 9048 Champion Junior Female Red MLSW Ms Trophy 120W Two Year Old Cow/Calf Class 1) EXAR Miss Pat 83018 (HSAF Bando 1961) Jon Fox V 2) Eastondale Lady Bonnie 69'08 (Dryland Max 533) Erika Easton Champion Senior Female EXAR Miss Pat 83018 Reserve Champion Senior Female Easatondale Lady Bonnie 69'08 Grand Champion Female EXAR Miss Pat 83018 Reserve Champion Female Eastondale Lady Bonnie 69'08 Bull Calf Class 1) PHP Investor 12 (SAV Wall Street 7091) Justin Hall 2) Wrights Lead Time 60X (Wrights Lead On 813U) Katie Wright 3) FCR Prowler 28X (HF Tiger 5T) Emily Froehlich 4) Eastondal Duramax 25'10 (B Hills FRL Duration 606) Erika Eastondale

Champion Junior Female Six Mile Tibbie 901W Reserve Champion Junior Female Justamere 406S Blackbird 847W

Champion Bull Calf PHP Investor 12 Reserve Champion Bull Calf Wrights Lead Time 60X

Two Year Cow/Calf Class 1) Six Mile Real Beauty 803U (SAV Net Worth 4200) Callie Gibson 2) Wright’s Avocet 810U (Red Wright’s Get 'R' Done) Katie Wright 3) H70 Quantock 4336 MS 1177U (SAV 004 Density 4336) Connor Creech Mature Cow/Calf Class 1) PSF Rosebud 12T (TC Grid Topper 355) Justin Hall 2) DIF Dolly 18P (Bonview New Design 878) Kelsey Dust 3) Eggen Fame Miss 8P (DMM Fame 15M) Garret Feige Champion Senior Female Six Mile Real Beauty 803U Champion Senior Female PSF Rosebud 12T Grand Champion Female Six Mile Tibbie 901W

Yearling Bull Class 1) Brookmore Total 22W (KCF Bennett Total) Garret Feige 2) FCR Full Extent 1W (SAV Net Worth 4200) Emily Froehlich Champion Junior Bull Brookmore Total 22W Reserve Champion Junior Bull FCR Full Extent 1W Grand Champion Bull Brookmore Total 22W Reserve Champion Bull FCR Full Extent 1W

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Crossbred Class - Female born in 2009 1) Allie (Black Angus) Dusty-Inn Farm Corp. Grand Champion Crossbred Female Allie Showmanship Junior Champion – Garrett Feige Reserve Junior Champion – Tyra Fox Intermediate Champion – Teddy Creech Reserve Intermediate Champion – Katie Wright Senior Champion – Justin Hall Reserve Senior Champion – Callie Gibson Grooming Junior Champion – Brooklyn Tetzlaff Reserve Junior Champion – Garrett Feige Intermediate Champion – Katie Wright Reserve Intermediate Champion – Colin Haydock Senior Champion – Kelsey Dust Reserve Senior Champion – Erika Easton Team Judging Junior Champions Brooklyn Tetzlaff & Garrett Feige Intermediate Champions Tag Clemence & Wacey McCaw Reserve Intermediate Champions Colin Haydock & Tyler Macdonald Senior Champions Erin Toner & Katie Wright Reserve Senior Champions Miranda Frey & Erika Easton Literature Junior Champion – Brooklyn Tetzlaff Intermediate Champion – Katie Wright Reserve Intermediate Champion – Colin Haydock Senior Champion – Erika Easton Reserve Senior Champion – Shyla Rothwell Photography Junior Champion – Brooklyn Tetzlaff Intermediate Champion – Katie Wright Reserve Intermediate Champion – Colin Haydock Senior Champion – Erin Toner Reserve Senior Champion – Miranda Frey Print Marketing Junior Champion – Brooklyn Tetzlaff Intermediate Champion – Katie Wright Senior Champion – Erika Easton Reserve Senior Champion – Erin Toner Grand Aggregate Junior – Brooklyn Tetzlaff Intermediate – Katie Wright Senior – Erika Easton Spirit of Youth Award Erin Toner

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Olds Fall Classic Black Angus Show Judge: Brent Stewart, Russell, MB Black Angus Show Heifer Calf Class Split #1 1) Reid Angus Georgina 13X, Reid Angus, Cochrane, AB 2) REM Soo Beauty 6X, Remitall Farms, Olds, AB 3) Hills of Home Obession 15X, Greg Schierman, Innisfail, AB Heifer Calf Class Split #2 1) Remitall F Tibbie 14X, Remitall Farms, Olds, AB 2) Reid Angus Millenium Mama 11X, Reid Angus, Cochrane, AB 3) Six Mile Lassie Lee 63X, Six Mile Ranch, Fir Mountain, SK Champion Heifer Calf Reid Angus Georgina 13X Reserve Champion Heifer Calf Remitall F Tibbie 14X Yearling Heifer Class Split #1 1) DMM Miss Essence 61W, Miller Wilson Angus, Bashaw, AB 2) DMM Miss Essence 63W, Miller Wilson Angus, Bashaw, AB 3) KX Pride 1W, Tierra Sol Cattle Co, Carstairs, AB Yearling Heifer Class Split #2 1) Belvin Lady Blossom 14’09, Belvin Angus, Innisfail, AB 2) Belvin Lady Blossom 4’09, Belvin Angus, Innisfail, AB 3) DMM Top Lass 22W, Miller Wilson Angus, Bashaw, AB Champion Junior Female Belvin Georgina 14’09 Reserve Champion Junior Female DMM Miss Essence 61W Two Year Old Cow/Calf Class 1) Belvin Georgina 18’08, Belvin Angus, Innisfail, AB 2) Remitall Tibbie 516U, Remitall Farms, Olds, AB 3) Six Mile Real Beauty 803U, Six Mile Ranch, Fir Mountain, SK Mature Cow/Calf Class 1) DMM Diamond Mist 8F, Miller Wilson Angus, Bashaw, AB 2) Lone Star Miss Bloomindale 1P,

Lone Star Angus, Sylvan Lake, AB Champion Senior Female DMM Diamond Mist 8F Reserve Champion Senior Female Belvin Georgina 18’08 Grand Champion Female DMM Diamond Mist 8F Reserve Champion Female Belvin Georgina 18’08 Bull Calf Class Split #1 1) DMM Iron Spirit 40X, Miller Wilson Angus, Bashaw, AB 2) Coldstream Scotty 174X, Coldstream Angus, Airdrie, AB 3) Reid Angus Matrix 33X, Reid Angus, Cochrane, AB Bull Calf Class Split #2 1) DMM Junction 1X, Miller Wilson Angus, Bashaw, AB 2) Hills of Home Net Worth 38’10, Greg Shierman, Innisfail, AB 3) Fleming Right Time 0007X, Fleming Stock Farms, Granum, AB Champion Bull Calf DMM Iron Spirit 40X Reserve Champion Bull Calf Coldstream Scotty 174X Yearling Bull Class 1) DMM Creed 75W, Milller Wilson Angus, Bashaw, AB 2) GGRR Net Worth 11W, Pederson Livestock, Edgerton, AB Champion Junior Bull DMM Creed 75W Reserve Chmapion Junior Bull GGRR Net Worth 11W Two Year Old Bull Class 1) SAV Prodigy 8101, Remitall Farms, Olds, AB 2) Justamere 406S Stabilizer 507U, Justamere Farms, Lloydminster, SK 3) Reid Angus Advantage 11U, Reid Angus, Cochrane, AB Champion Senior Bull SAV Prodigy 8101

Reserve Champion Senior Bull Justamere 406S Stabilizer 507U Grand Champion Bull SAV Prodigy 8101 Reserve Champion Bull Justamere 406S Stabilizer 507U Breeder’s Herd Class 1) Miller Wislon Angus, Bashaw, AB Get of Sire Class 1) Miller Wilson Angus, Bashaw, AB

Grand Champion Female DMM Diamond Mist 8F

Grand Champion Bull SAV Prodigy 8101

Reserve Champion Female Belvin Georgina 18’08

Reserve Champion Bull Justamere 406S Stabilizer 507U Page 48

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Olds Fall Classic Red Angus Show Judge: Brent Stewart, Russell, MB Red Angus Show Heifer Calf Class Split #1 1) Red Lauron Blackbird 74X, Lauron Angus, Didsbury, AB 2) Red Cinder Miss Tokum 9X, Cinder Angus, Barrhead, AB 3) Red Lucky 7 Rosie 6X, Lucky 7 Cattle Co, Leduc, AB Heifer Calf Class Split #2 1) Red Ter-Ron Brandy 15X, Ter-Ron Farms, Forestburg, AB 2) Red Six Mile Sierra 211X, Six Mile Ranch, Fir Mountain, SK 3) Red Lazy MC Firefly 31X, Lazy MC Angus, Bassano, AAB Heifer Calf Class Split #3 1) Red Lauron Blackbird 1X, Laron Red Angus, Didsbury, AB 2) Red DMM Lass 19X, Miller Wilson Angus, Bashaw, AB 3) Red Cinder Biebird 1X, Cinder Angus, Barrhead, AB Champion Heifer Calf Red Ter-Ron Brandy 15X Reserve Champion Heifer Calf Red Six Mile Sierra 211X Yearling Heifer Class Split #1 1) Red Redrich Cherokee 147W, Redrich Farms, Forestburg, AB 2) Red Redrich Tess 270W, Redrich Farms, Forestburg, AB 3) Red Jock Miss Peggy KAR 9W, Jock Ockerman, Dewberry, AB Yearling Heifer Class Split #2 1) Red Six Mile Lakoto 16W, Six Mile Ranch, Fir Mountain, SK 2) Red Six Mile Cheta 702W, Six Mile Ranch, Fir Mountain, SK 3) Red Ter-Ron Rebecca 21W, Ter-Ron Farms, Forestburg, AB Champion Junior Female Red Six Lakoto 16W Reserve Champion Junior Female Red Six Mile Cheta 702W Two Year Old Cow/Calf Class 1) Red Glesbar Leah 029U, Miller Wilson Angus, Bashaw, AB 2) Red Redrich Cherokee 248U, Redrich Farms, Forestburg, AB 3) Red Lazy MC Miss 1U, NCJ Cattle Co, Taber, AB Mature Cow/Calf Class 1) Red YY Patty 701T, Lazy MC Angus, Bassano, AB 2) Red Glenrose 7M Countess 41T, Glenrose Angus, Camrose, AB Champion Senior Female Red Glesbar Leah 029U Reserve Champion Senior Female Red Redrich Cherokee 248U

Grand Champion Female Red Glesbar Leah 029U Reserve Champion Female Red Redrich Cherokee 248U Bull Calf Class Split #1 1) Red Ter-Ron X-Factor 001X, Ter-Ron Farms, Forestburg, AB 2) Red Lazy MC Honky Tonk 11X, Lazy MC Angus, Bassano, AB 3) Red CGC X-Box 2X, DC Angus, Daysland, AB Bull Calf Class Split #2 1) Red DMM Glesbar Barndance 35X, Miller Wilson Angus, Bashaw, AB 2) Red Redrich Glory Road 248X, Redrich Farms, Forestburg, AB 3) Red Cinder Pocket Rockets 440X, Cinder Angus, Barrhead, AB Champion Bull Calf Red Ter-Ron X-Factor 011X Reserve Champion Bull Calf Red DMM Glesbar Barndance 35X Yearling Bull Class 1) Red Ter-Ron Real Deal 01W, Ter-Ron Farms, Forestburg, AB 2) Red Lone Stone Pursuit 81W, Cinder Angus, Barrhead, AB 3) Red Cinder In Focus 112W, Cinder Angus, Barrhead, AB Champion Junior Bull Red Ter-Ron Real Deal 01W Reserve Champion Junior Bull Red Lone Stone Pursuit 81W Two Year Old Bull Class 1) Red Lazy MC Cowboy Cut 26U, Lazy MC Angus, Bassano, AB 2) Red DNRA Ultimate 1U, Doug & Dot Noad, Rimbey, AB Champion Senior Bull Red Lazy MC Cowboy Cut 26U Reserve Champion Senior Bull Red DNRA Ultimate 1U Grand Champion Bull Red Ter-Ron Real Deal 01W Reserve Champion Bull Red Lone Stone Pursuit 81W Breeder’s Herd Class 1) Lazy MC Angus, Bassano, AB 2) NCJ Cattle Co, Taber, AB Get of Sire Class 1) Cinder Angus, Barrhead, AB 2) NCJ Cattle Co, Taber, AB

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Grand Champion Female Red Glesbar Leah 029U

Reserve Champion Female Red Redrich Cherokee 248U

Grand Champion Bull Red Ter-Ron Real Deal 01W

Reserve Champion Bull Red Lone Stone Pursuit 81W

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Orangeville Fair - Angus Show Results Judge: Mr. Scott Cornish, Indian River, ON September 5, 2010 Bull Calf Class Split 1 1) Brantnor’s Mandate 18X (SAV Mandan 5664) Ron & Linda Bryant 2) Locust Grove Final Answer (SAV Final Answer 0035) Tom & Judy McDonald 3) NW Edwin 6X (SAV Net Worth 4200) Loupen Investments Ltd. (7 in class) Bull Calf Class Split 2 1) WMC Payday 4X (PVF All Payday 729) WorthMor Cattle 2) JPD Pioneer 1X (SAV Pioneer 7301) Lori & Darryl Chalmers 3) Locust Grove Xtra Worth (SAV Net Worth 4200) Tom & Judy McDonald (6 in class)

18X (Angus Glen 338 Right Time 1T) Worth-Mor Cattle 3) Locust Grove Marion 9X (SAV Net Worth 4200) Tom & Judy McDonald (6 in class) Heifer Calf Class Split 3 1) Upper Glen Blackbird 2X (SAV Bismarck 5682) Rick Stull 2) Brantnor’s Favorite 1X (Gambles Hot Rod) Ron & Linda Bryant 3) Brantnor Erica 4X (SAV Mandan 5664) Ron & Linda Bryant (7 in class) Champion Heifer Calf Upper Glen Blackbird 2X Reserve Champion Heifer Calf Brantnor’s Favorite 1X

Junior Yearling Bull Class 1) Young Dale Grandeur 110W (Young Dale Trogan 41T) Bill Jackson Senior Yearling Bull Class 1) Brantnor Predominent 10W (SAV 004 Predominant 4438) Ron & Linda Bryant 2) HH Obama 120W (SAV Net Worth 4200) Helen Hawke 3) Glen Lovat Eureka 1W (SAV Net Worth 4200) Loupen Investments Ltd. (4 in class)

Junior Yearling Heifer Class 1) Upper Glen Lucy 21W (N Bar Emulation EXT) Rick Stull 2) Upper Glen Erroline 19W (Leachman Saugahatchee 3000C) Rick Stull Senior Yearling Heifer Class Split 1 1) Brantnor’s Flora 19W (SAV Mandan 5664) Ron & Linda Bryant 2) Soo Line Mayflower 9255 (Beverly Hills Centennial 503) Bill Jackson 3) J P D Middlebrook Lass 11W (Buffalos Conclusive BN46) Lori & Darryl Chalmers (9 in class) Senior Yearling Heifer Class Split 2 1) TREV Wild Fire Bessie 8W (Ankonian Werner Wild Fire 96) Greg Hill 2) Harprey Miss Middlebrook 5W (SAV Net Worth 4200) Harprey Farms 3) GF Mercedes Wisdom 2W (Leachman Saugahatchee 3000C) Hasson Cattle Co. (9 in class)

Champion Junior Bull Brantnor Predominent 10W Reserve Champion Junior Bull HH Obama 120W

Champion Junior Female TREV Wild Fire Bessie 8W Reserve Champion Junior Female Harprey Miss Middlebrook 5W

Two Year Old Bull Class 1) GF Mercedes Ultimatum 6U (Leachman Saugahatchee 3000C) Steve & Shelley Rankin 2) C J Freedom 212U (TC Freedom 104) Bill Jackson 3) TJF Freedom 172U (Western Freedom 505) Lori & Darryl Chalmers

Two Year Old Cow/Calf Class 1) WMC Favorite 25U (Hyline Right Way 781 calf by B C Lookout 7024) Worth-Mor Cattle 2) Hawke Here’s 2U (C A Future Direction 5321 calf by TC Freedom 104) Helen Hawke Mature Cow/Calf Class 1) J P D Pride 46S (Cudlobe Millennium 6M calf by S A V Final Answer 0035) Evan Chalmers

Champion Bull Calf WMC Payday 4X Reserve Champion Bull Calf Brantnor’s Mandate 18X

Champion Senior Bull GF Mercedes Ultimatum 6U Reserve Champion Senior Bull C J Freedom 212U Grand Champion Bull Brantnor Predominent 10W Reserve Champion Bull GF Mercedes Ultimatum 6U

Premier Breeder Ron & Linda Bryant Premier Exhibitor Ron & Linda Bryant Supreme Bull over All Breeds Brantnor Predominant 10W

Grand Champion Female TREV Wild Fire Bessie 8W

Reserve Champion Female Harprey Miss Middlebrook 5W

Champion Senior Female J P D Pride 46S Reserve Champion Senior Female WMC Favorite 25U Grand Champion Female TREV Wild Fire Bessie 8W Reserve Champion Female Harprey Miss Middlebrook 5W

Heifer Calf Class Split 1 1) Wil-Mar Bextor Errolline 6X (CRA Bextor 872 5205 608) Loupen Investments Ltd. 2) Upper Glen Grand June 18X (Upper Glen Sirius Black 8T) Rick Stull 3) Upper Glen Barbara 17X (Upper Glen Sirius Black 8T) Rick Stull (7 in class) Heifer Calf Class Split 2 1) Locust Grove Erica 25X (B C C-J C L Emblazon 038-287) Tom & Judy McDonald 2) WMC Delia

Breeders Herd Class 1) Brantnor Angus, Woodville, ON 2) Worth-Mor Cattle, Campbellford, ON 3) Lori & Darryl Chalmers/JPD Angus, Shanty Bay, ON (6 in class)

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Fall Commercial 2010*

Get of Sire Class 1) Ron & Linda Bryant, Brantnor Angus, Woodville, ON 2) Tom & Judy McDonald, Locust Grove Angus, Milton, ON 3) Rick Stull, Upper Glen Angus, Georgetown, ON

Grand Champion Bull Brantnor Predominant 10W

Sorry, no Reserve Champion Bull photo

Interior Provincial Exhibition Angus Show British Columbia Gold Show ~ September 1-5, 2010 Judge: Garner Deobald Mature Cow/Calf Class 1) Wynbrooks Barbara 10M (SAF Fame) Symens Land & Cattle 2) Sealin Creek Burgess 49P (Angus Acres Heads Up 188L) Dan & Janette Speller (2 in class) Two Year Old Cow/Calf Class 1) Belvin Georgina 18’08 (Belvin Panther 21’04) Belvin Angus G & M Hamilton 2) Summit Angus Eline 76U (Sealin Creek Big Deal 88R) Allison Speller 3) Red Copperhead Additude (Red Sodak Precision 7408-97) Copperhead Red Angus (3 in class) Senior Female Champion Belvin Georgina 18’08 Reserve Senior Female Champion Wynnbrooks Barbara 10M Yearling Heifer Class 1) Belvin Lady Blossom 10’09 (HF Bears Paw 32T) Poplar Meadows Angus 2) Belvin Lady Blossom 4’09 (SAV Heavy Hitter 6347) Belvin Angus 3) Belvin Lady Blossom 14’09 (Belvin Rebel 33’05) Belvin Angus (6 in class) Yearling Heifer Champion Belvin Lady Blossom 10’09 Reserve Yearling Heifer Champion Belvin Lady Blossom 4’09 Senior Heifer Calf Class 1) Poplar Meadows Blossom 5’10 (HF Tiger 5T) Poplar Meadows 2) Poplar Meadows Blossom 2’10 (HF Tiger 5T) Poplar Meadows 3) Belvin Erica 10’10 (Belvin Ultimatum 13’08) Belvin Angus (5 in class) Junior Heifer Calf Class 1) Poplar Meadows Tibbie 12’10 (Poplar Meadows Freedom 2’08) Poplar Meadows 2) SY Xylia (Symens Land & Cattle 3) Sealin Creek Burgess 14X (Dunlouise Cortachy Boy D137) Dan & Janette Speller (3 in class) Heifer Calf Champion Poplar Meadows Blossom 5’10 Reserve Calf Champion Poplar Meadows Tibbie 12’10 Grand Champion Female Belvin Georgina 18’08 Reserve Grand Champion Female Belvin Lady Blossom 10’09 Senior Bull Calf Class 1) Red Copperhead Express, Copperhead Red Angus 2) SY Xander 50X (KG Cowman) Symens Land & Cattle (4 in class) Junior Bull Calf Class 1) Summit Angus Cortachy Boy 3X (Dunlouise Cortachy Boy D137) Allison Speller 2) Red Copperhead Grizzly (Red SSS Bruin 111U) Copperhead Red Angus Bull Calf Champion Red Copperhead Express Reserve Bull Calf Champion SY Xander 50X Yearling Bull Class 1) Bushs Cool Runnings, Symens Land & Cattle Junior Bull Champion Bushs Cool Runnings Two Year Old Bull Class 1) Poplar Meadows Freedom 2’08 (TC Freedom 104) Poplar Meadows Angus

Senior Bull Champion Poplar Meadows Freedom 2 ‘08 Grand Champion Bull Poplar Meadows Freedom 2’08 Reserve Grand Champion Bull Bushs Cool Runnings Breeders Herd 1) Poplar Meadows Angus 2) Symens Land & Cattle Co Premier Breeder Poplar Meadows Angus Tanya & Monty Belsham Premier Exhibitor Poplar Meadows Angus Tanya & Monty Belsham

Grand Champion Female Belvin Georgina 18’08

Reserve Champion Female Belvin Lady Blossom 10’09

Grand Champion Bull Poplar Meadows Freedom 2’08

2010 & 2011 Major Angus Sales We are looking forward to seeing you at these major Black & Red Angus Events

Oct 30

LLB Black Angus Female Sale, at the farm, Erskine, AB Nov 5, 6 D Bar C & Circle G Simmental & Angus Complete Herd Dispersal, at the farm, Lacombe, AB Dec 4 Saskalta Giant Black Angus Cow Sale, Saskatoon Livestock Sale, Saskatoon, SK Dec 4 Remington Land & Cattle Co. Bred Commercial Heifer Sale, Highwood Auction Mart, High River, AB Dec 8 Remington Land & Cattle Co. Bred Commercial Heifer Sale, Fort Macleod, AB Dec 11 6th Annual Atlasta Bull & Seriously Black Female Sale, Atlasta Farm, Sylvan Lake, AB Dec 14 Remington Land & Cattle Co. Select Female Sale, featuring Angus, Simmental & Yieldmaster Females, at the ranch, Del Bonita, AB Dec 20 Mountain View Farms Black Angus Dispersal, Virden, MB Feb 14 Ole Farms Black & Red Angus Bull Sale, at the farm, Athabasca, AB Mar 1 Remington Land & Cattle Black & Red Angus & Simmental Bull Sale, at the ranch, Del Bonita, AB Mar 5 5th Annual Cutting Edge Black Angus & Simmental Bull Sale, Rimbey Agri-plex, Rimbey, AB Mar 12 25th Annual LLB Spring Spectacular Bull & Female Sale, athe the ranch, Erskine, AB Mar 16 Angus for the Future Black Angus & Female Sale, Westerose, AB Mar 18 Bowerman & Guests Black Angus Bull Sale, Meadow Lake Auction, Meadow Lake, SK Apr 1 Triple J Farms 3rd Annual Angus Bull Sale, Whitewood, SK Apr 2 Rancher’s Choice Black Angus Bull Sale, Medicine Hat, AB Apr 7 Crowfoot Cattle Co. Red & Black Angus Bull Sale, at the ranch, Standard, AB Apr 8 Fertile Valley, David & Dennis Johnson Black Angus Bull Sale, Sask Livestock Sales, Saskatoon, SK Apr 12 Lacombe Bull Sale, Lacombe, AB Apr 13 Cooke Livestock Black Angus Bull Sale, at the ranch, Blackie, AB For information or catalogs on any of the above sales, please contact us.

Douglas J. Henderson

& Associates Ltd. Doug & Linda Henderson

Reserve Champion Bull Bushs Cool Runnings Angus World

P.O. Box 5900, Lacombe, AB T4L 1X4 Phone (403)782-3888 Fax (403)782-3849 Doug’s Cell: (403)350-8541 View catalogs online at: Fall Commercial 2010*

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Donald “Sandy” Longshore Sandy was born March 7, 1919 at Calgary, Alberta and passed away at home on September 15, 2010 at the age of 91 years. As a young boy he lived in Calgary with his mother and twin sister Dot and older sister Hazel. He then moved to Stettler for a short period of time then on to the original homestead near Byemoor. At the age of 12, Sandy purchased his first cow for $12.00 from money he made trapping weasels. It was a start, not the greatest cow, poor udder. He learned from his mistakes. This marked the beginning of his life as a rancher which he did his entire life. In the years to follow, Sandy and his wife Elsie lived and farmed in the Byemoor Community where they were very active in their community. He loved ranching and the people connected with it. Sandy belonged to the Hereford and Angus Association and established a herd of purebred cattle, first Herefords then Angus identified as Bar-E-L a herd which enjoyed numerous successful champions and sales – a herd respected by many in the industry. As a young man,he was a good athlete and won his share of races. He was a great skater but says he spent more time shoveling snow and than skating. He liked a good movie, hated a bad one – Clint Eastwood and John Wayne were sure bets. Sandy loved music, dancing and a good party. Sandy talked a lot about the ‘30s, how tough it was, no money, little food, poor growing seasons, really hard to make a dollar. These years really shaped his character, honesty, every dollar meant something. He worked for $10 a month plus “room and board”, he said he was grateful for the job. Sandy was never one to be free with

his money, he came by it the hard way. A deal was made on a handshake and you could trust that his word was his bond. He started with nothing, and gradually increased his inventory. Sandy would buy cattle from anyone with some for sale. No auction marts in those days. He would drive them home on horse back, feed them for awhile and then move them to market, usually in Calgary. Sandy quite often paid cash, he said it was easier to make a deal with cash, sometimes a box of chocolates thrown in. Sandy attended Olds College. It was an open winter the first year he attended. His dad told him he would have to come home early, they would be in the field. Sandy replied, “If I started something, I am going to finish it!” He enjoyed his time at college! The first purebreds arrived in late ‘30s early ‘40s. Shorthorns, then horned Herefords. In the early ‘60s he started buying Polled Herefords bulls, he got tired of training horns. The Polled Hereford herd grew to one of the most respected herds in Canada, 50 years of Herefords. The herd named Bar-E-L was Clarence, his dad’s brand and was passed on to Sandy. Years went by, annual sales were held, local bull sales, etc. Sandy loved to tell stories, mostly about events in his life and there were many. Sandy loved boxing – all heavy weights, Joe Lewis, Joe Frazier, George Foreman, Mike Tyson, He never really liked Ali but he respected him. We always smiled when he said he didn’t really like hockey, too much violence! Sandy always predicted the weather, hot dry summer, long cold winter, deep snow – this year really threw a curve at him, he said the wettest year in 100 years – I think he’s right. Sandy liked to read history, local history of Endiang, Byemoor and Big Valley. Sandy had a gift – water well witching. He did this for many people over the years with excellent results. Sandy loved a good horse but particularly a good team. He took a lot of pride in raising them. He liked the gentle dispositions of Belgian and Percherons; he hated a Clydesdale. He sold many teams that topped sales at Calgary and Stettler horse sales. His trips to Denver, to the National Western Stock Show were eventful. His first trip he was joined by Tommy McCarty – long time friend. They checked in at the Brown Palace, the hotel at the time - $7 a night. The following morning they decided this was out of their league so they went down the street and found a

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room for $2 – my how times have changed! In the late ‘80s early ‘90s, the trend was to make cattle bigger and taller, consequently that focus was a poor one, and predictability, soon left our herd and market dried up. Sandy made up his mind to switch to Angus, first some blacks were purchased and then the reds were added, another wise move, one he never regretted. Many friendships were developed along the way, great fun and hospitality was always a draw for Sandy. He always talked about the great cattlemen and friends he admired: John E. Blume, Bill Chapman, Louis Latimer, Jim Brown, Sam Henderson, Shorty Skocdopole and Charlie Mckay, to name a few. The Canadian Hereford Association honored Sandy with his 50 Year Pin. His love for the business was as strong now as it was 50 years ago. A week ago he thought he would like to go to Rob Hamilton’s sale, and Jim King’s dispersal. “I am sure there would be some cattle we could use”, were his words. Sandy was always pleased when the cattle did well in competition or topped sales. This past year, we showed the Reserve Champion Red Angus Bull at the National Western in Denver, he was sure proud of that. The seven banners that Bar-E-L won at the World Angus Forum last summer, he showed to everyone that stopped by. Bar-E-L being named the ‘2009 Alberta Angus Breeder of the Year’ was certainly a direct tribute to Sandy and his dream as a seed stock producer. Sandy is survived by his loving children Don (Helen) Longshore of Red Deer, AB, Wayne (Christine) Longshore of Slave Lake, AB, Doreen (Stewart) Ainsworth of Mayerthorpe, AB, Murray (Arlene) Longshore of Westlock, AB and Dave (Lynne) Longshore of Stettler, AB. Grandchildren Aleah (Chris) Farmer, Cheryl (Neil) Luipasco, Lori (Jeff) Berry, Leanne (Dale) Zukowski, Greg (Tracey) Ainsworth, Donna (Larry) Arthur, Grant (Claire) Ainsworth, Merissa (Chris) Epp, Paige Longshore, Dallas (Eliza) Longshore, Tanis and Jenna Longshore. Great grandchildren Josh, Blake, Madison, Bradley, Mathew, Sydelle, Callie, Cadence, Jade, Shaylyn, Lindsay, Carson, Denver and Oliva as well as numerous cousins, other relatives and many friends. Sandy was predeceased by his loving wife Elsie on November 16, 2005, sisters Hazel and Dorothy and parents Clarence and Elizabeth Longshore.

Alberta Angus Association Message

Hello from Alberta. As we move into fall, the wet weather has delayed harvesting across the province, but the forecast has hopefully started to turn around. The Alberta Angus Association has a number of events going on this fall. The first Alberta Angus Gold Show of the year, being held at the inaugural Olds Fall Classic Show, will run October 1st-3rd. With over 160 Red and Black Angus entered, the Fall Classic is an exciting new event. All of the breed champions from the Fall Classic will also qualify for the RBC Supreme

Challenge. The second Alberta Gold Show, which is also the National Angus Show, will be held at Farmfair International, November 8th to 13th. For entry information go to The AAA Annual Meeting will be held Saturday, December 4th in Crossfield. Presentations will be made for the 2010 Commercial and Purebred Breeders of the year at this event, so plan to attend. Once again, the AAA will be hosting Steak Fry’s at Angus Feeder Calf sales in Central and Northern Alberta this fall. The dates this year include: Westlock October 25 Veteran November 1 Viking November 2 Stettler November 5 Provost November 8 If anyone is interested in sponsoring, or volunteering with, the steak fry’s please contact the AAA office. Also watch for the Southern Alberta Angus Clubs annual steak fry’s in the southern region. Thank-you to the SAAC for all their efforts.

I would like to thank Remington Cattle Company for their gracious donation of Remington Jamoca 49X, the 2010 AAA donation heifer. The heifer will be raffled off, with tickets selling for $10. The draw will be made at the AAA Annual Meeting, Saturday, December 4th at Crossfield. Tickets will be available at the Olds Fall Classic Show, and Farmfair. If you would like to purchase tickets you can also call the AAA office at 1-888-556-9057. I would also like to remind everyone of the AAA “One Stop Sponsorship”. This is a sponsorship package that includes heifer tickets, Angus Angle Advertising, show and steak fry sponsorship, among other benefits. For details about the three sponsorship levels, go to the Alberta Angus website,, or call the office. I would like to wish everyone the best of luck this fall, and I hope to see you at the different fall events. Colton Hamilto President Alberta Angus Association

Manitoba Angus Association Message

Fall has been progressing nicely in Manitoba over the past few weeks. At the time of this writing the rain has seem to stopped and the weather forecast says it should

be clear for the rest of the week. hopefully the weatherman will be right this time. Harvest is about half done in the southern region of the province, but i have herd that the norther half is having a little more trouble due to wet conditions. The price of calves seem to be holding steady, but cull cows and bulls have been dropping a few cents each week. Fall is always an exciting time in Manitoba. On November 4-7 in Brandon we will be having our fall gold show. I am sure there will be a strong turnout this year with some great competition. The Keystone Klassic/ Red coat is also being held together again this year on Dec-4 at the keystone centre in Brandon. The quality of cattle is always outstanding at this sale with

many of the top Manitoba breeders as well as a few breeders from Saskatchewan consigning cattle. Please feel free to contact me to get any information on any events happening this fall in Manitoba, and don't forget we are hosting the AGM and the National Show next year. I am Very excited and glad that we are hosting these two events and hope that everyone will participate in them. I hope the rest of the fall goes will for everyone and i will be happy to see you in Manitoba at some of our events. Shawn Birmingham Manitoba Angus

Ontario Angus Association Message

As summer winds down and fall begins to replace one of the hottest summers in recent memory our clubs in Ontario have been busy manning our Angus booth at a couple of farm shows that take place in Ontario each year. Special thanks to everyone who took time

out of their busy schedule to man these booths for a day or two, and a very special thanks to the members who supplied cattle for these displays. It seems that at these farm shows one of the most asked about topics is the Angus tags. Most people know that they exist but not too many seem to use them or know how to access them. When you do explain how to access the tags I’m not sure that we have convinced them how easy it is to get them. I’m sure that most people we talk to will still make the trip to the local farm store just because it’s easier to do. These producers have obtained some information from the supplier of their bull but that is as far as they take it. Somehow we have to bridge that gap and get tags into these new producer hands. If anyone has a suggestion I’m sure we in Ontario would like to hear it. On the other side of this tag issue is the packers involved in the Canadian Rancher Endorsed program.

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I had a conversation with a packer recently and one of his major concerns is finding enough green tag cattle to maintain his good standing in the Canadian Rancher Endorsed program. We need somehow to solve these issues if these programs are to move forward. As our round of fall purebred sales continue it’s good to hear and see that the demand for our Angus cattle continues as strong as it has been in recent years. Let’s hope this demand continues throughout our upcoming fall stocker sales as well. A large turnout of exhibitors and cattle ensured an excellent Preview show held in Brampton recently. It was good to see so many juniors participating in the Junior Show as well. Until next time Richard Tanner President - Ontario Angus Association

Maritime Angus Association Message

The Maritimes have enjoyed a great summer weather wise and now fall is upon us. I hope that many of you in other parts of the country have gried out or cooled

down. The grain crops came off very early here and now soybeans and potatoes are being harvested. Our Maritime secretary, Betty Lou Scott is recovering nicely from her surgery this summer and her prognosis is good so we wish her all the best. Very large and successful Angus shows were held in Charlottetown and St. Mary's in August and up next are Sussex and Halifax to wind down this region's show season. Five of the ten heifers from PEI chosen for the Royal Winter Fair junior show are Angus. Congratulations to Ellen Dixon, Patrick Holland, James Worth, Colby MacQuarrie and Katie McAloney on their selection to the team. Nova Scotia and New Brunswick have not been selected at time of writing.

Our annual "Angus in Action" Sale is scheduled for October 16th in Nappan, N.S. This event showcases top quality purebred and commercial Angus cattle from Maritime breeders. For information on this sale check out the PEI Angus Association website at or myself at . Green Tag Angus sales are scheduled for October 12th and Nov. 16th at Atlantic Stockyards in Truro N.S. Contact Sean Firth at 902 893 9603 to consign. Feeder prices are stronger and cull cows seem to be in high demand and hopefully the finished price will follow. Good luck to everyone this fall. Tim Dixon, Maritime President

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Fall Commercial 2010*

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Canadian Angus Junior Ambassador Since I was named the 2010-2011 Junior Ambassador I have had the opportunity to meet many new people within Canada and outside of Canada as well. Being able to attend the CAA Annual General Meeting in Halifax was a great experience. I think it is import as Angus breeders that we all get together and discuss our breed and industry to keep us going in a progressive manner. The hospitality that the Maritime Angus Association put on was spectacular. The next event that I was able to attend was Showdown 2010 in St. Hyacinthe, Quebec July 8-10. It was great to see and meet many new juniors that are passionate about the breed and industry like I am. Having never been to Quebec it was a great opportunity for me to see some different cattle and genetics as well as promote the Canadian Junior Program to some new youth. A huge thank you to the Laurie Noiseux and all the work that she put into the show especially with all the translating! While being Ambassador I was allowed one International trip to an Angus related event of my choice. Well the opportunity came up for me to go to Denmark August 29 – September 6th for the 2010 European Angus Forum. I was also able to have a travel partner in Matt Fleury, last year’s ambassador, come with me. I chose to go to Denmark as it was the meeting of many European countries so I would be able to speak with more than one country. It was also meaningful for me to go there as my family sent cattle to Denmark and the Czech Republic in the early 90’s. Before the forum started Matt and I were able to stay with Elizabeth and Soren Riis Vestor of Hedebo Angus for a couple nights. Soren had imported some of my Dad’s cattle and has one of the most progressive herds in Denmark. Soren toured us around some other herd in his area that we would not see on the forum tour. We saw Riis Red Angus who had a lot of Canadian Red genetics in their herd. Soren even took us to see an old Limestone mine that was turned into a tourist area. It was great to be able to stay with Soren and Elizabeth and they provided great hospitality. After staying with Soren and Elizabeth Matt and I headed into Copenhagen for the start of the European Angus Forum. We had a chance to look around the city of Copenhagen for an afternoon and it is a very unique and old city with a lot of history. The next day, September 2, we were up bright and early to board the bus and meet some of the participants. There were

participants from Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Czech Republic, Portugal, Ireland, Scotland, Holland, and Switzerland. The first day consisted of two farm visits and driving in the south part of Denmark. We visited Bakkens Angus, Lis and Erik Magnussen. Lis is the current secretary of the Danish Angus Association. The next farm visit was to Monline Angus which is a herd with both Black and Red cattle. We were treated to a fantastic lunch and afternoon at Monline. Our next stop was our ocean side hotel, with fabulous views! Again we were treated to an awesome roast beef supper! The next day we were up bright and early to head to our next farm, Hogsgard Angus, Carsten Petersen. A farm with great cattle set in the rolly hills and lush green grass of the Danish countryside. Next we were off to catch a ferry to go from the south of Denmark to the Northern part. For two kids from Saskatchewan, with no large ferries, it was neat to see and ride on this huge ferry. It was fully equipped with a cafeteria, a Wii, tv’s, places to sleep and lot’s of games. Once we had reached our destination we were off to Markdalgaard Angus, Berit and Henrik Madsen. After touring their great set of cows we were treated to some incredible Danish pastries and coffee! Our next place was a little less cattle related as we travelled through the Rebild National Park. That evening we treated again to a fantastic meal including Salmon, roast beef and a Danish dessert. After supper the European Forum meeting took place. During there were a couple speakers from the Danish Beef Cattle board talking about breeding cattle in Denmark and the Danish Angus breeding program. At the conclusion of the meeting there were some short messages from the participating countries on their National Angus circumstances. After some socializing it was off to bed to get some rest for the final day of the tour. The first place we seen that day was the National Breeding Testing Station at Aalestrup. The Danish Angus Assoc sends letters to breeders that have some of the top bull calves in Denmark and ask them to bring the calves to the testing station to be feed and tested. It is optional for breeders to send their bull calves but it will offer them some more numbers about their bulls. It was really need to see the process on how the test station measures how much feed a bull eats and how the bulls are monitored all the time. We then loaded the bus again and were off to Ajshoj

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Angus, Rigmor and John Hansen. Visiting this place was also a pleasure for me as they had imported some of my Dad’s cattle back in the 90’s. I was even able to see some descendants of our cattle. We were treated to a spectacular lunch; there was no shortage of great food in Denmark! The last farm that we toured was Thy Angus, Peter Eliassen. Once again we were treated to some great Angus cattle and some fantastic afternoon desserts and coffee. On our way to our last hotel we drove through Thy National park and were able to stop by the Ocean beach. It was a beautiful white sand beach, but it was a little cold to go swimming so we just got our feet wet and pictures taken. The final evening on the tour was in celebration of the 40th Anniversary of the Danish Aberdeen-Angus Association. We were once again treated to a beautiful three coarse meal. The food in Denmark was fantastic. It was a fun filled final evening with dancing, visiting and celebrating. There were about 100 people at the final banquet that evening. Over the course of a week Matt and I had made some life-long connections and met a lot of great Angus people. All the people on the tour were enthusiastic and proud of their herds and the Angus breed. I would like to thank all the Danish people for welcoming us with open arms and taking the time to show us their cattle and farms. I would also like to thanks Soren Riis Vestor and his wife Elizabeth for letting Matt and I stay at their home. I have prepared a list of top 5 things that I learned while in Denmark: 5. They do not have trucks! They pull their two-horse trailer with their car and their open wagon for cattle with the tractor. 4. Everyone rides a bicycle. In Copenhagen we did not have to worry about getting hit by a car but getting run over by a bicycle. 3. They have VERY narrow roads that have too many curves and bend! A road we would call a one-way was a two-way over there. They also drive very, very, very fast on these narrow roads. 2. They may have smaller herd sizes than us but the Danish people are just as enthusiastic about the cattle industry and the Angus breed. 1. The hospitality and welcoming attitude is incredible. There was never a shortage of food or someone to talk to. It made us feel right at home even if we had a little language barrier! So far my experience as being Ambassador has been fantastic. I have had the opportunity to meet many great people throughout the breed. I look forward to seeing everyone down the road at the fall shows and sales. Erika Easton

Canadian Junior Angus Association

Hello Angus Breeders! I hope that everyone is having a good fall. The Canadian Juniors have had a busy summer and will continue to be busy throughout the fall and winter.

Erika Easton - President Box 410, Wawota, SK S0G 5A0 306.739.2805 - Cell: 306.577.7457 email: Laurie Noiseux - Vice-President 20, Rang Elmire, Rout 235, St Paul D’Abbotsford, QC J0E 1A0 450.379.9989 - Cell: 450.230.4143 email: Miranda Frey - Secretary Box 60, Oxbow, SK S0C 2B0 306.483.2720 - Cell: 306.485.8019 email:

The 6th Annual GOAL (Guiding Outstanding Angus Leaders) conference will again be held in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan February 19-21, 2011. Please note that this is a weekend ahead of what it has been in the past. We are running the conference Saturday to Monday as the Monday is a holiday in most provinces. The weekend will include an evening out to the Western Development Museum, water sliding and tons of fun, along with presentations and workshops! We have a great Keynote speaker lined up in Dr. J. Scott Vernon. The deadline for registration is January 10, 2010. Look for the form in our newsletter or on the web-site and I hope to see you in February! This year our donation heifer will be coming from Lazy MC Angus of Bassano, Alberta. The heifer will be selling by Dutch auction at the Masterpiece Sale in Regina November 24. The CJAA appreciates all the support that Angus breeders have given us and we would like to thank everyone who contributes to our donation heifer program which funds our scholarships.

Sean Enright - Treasurer 70 Kennelly Road, R.R. #2, Renfrew, ON K7V 3Z5 613.649.2313 - Cell: 613.433.7655 email: Jori Taylor (BC) 505 New Dale Road, Prince George, BC V2N 5Z6 250.330.4423 email: Amanda High (AB) Box 1810, Fort Macleod, AB T0L 0Z0 403.553.3524 - Cell: 403.393.8555 email:

Angus World

The CJAA has five board positions that will be up for election. There will be openings in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario and the Maritimes. The director positions are 2-year terms that would take effect July 2011 at Showdown. Nominations must be submitted to Belinda Wagner by January 31, 2011. Serving on the CJAA board is a great opportunity for enhancing skills and friendships that will help you out wherever life takes you. It is also a great opportunity to help build the Junior program in Canada. Contact any current director for more information or call the CJAA office if you are interested in applying for the board. Also, another reminder that Showdown 2011 will be held in Weyburn, Saskatchewan July 21-23, 2011. There will be entry forms and more information out soon so watch for them! Erika Easton CJAA President

Emily Puch (AB) Box 101, Pincher Creek, AB T0K 1W0 403.627.4129 - Cell: 403.627.7994 email: Megan Kemp (MB) Box 70 Pilot Mound, MB R0G 1P0 204.825.2488 - Cell: 204.825.7480 email: Andrew Dixon (PEI) R.R. #3, Cornwall, PEI C0A 1H0 902.675.2229 - Cell: 902.394.3519 email: Belinda Wagner Junior Programs Coordinator Box 3771, Regina, Saskatchewan S4P 3N8 (306)757-6133

Fall Commercial 2010*

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Canadian Angus Association - President’s Message

As I write this message, summer is fading and the busy fall season is upon us. Hopefully the weather holds and fall harvest and field work can be completed without any troubles. Fall is a busy time for Angus breeders with many show and sale cattle being readied for the fall run. My thanks go out to those breeders who put in the extra time and expense to exhibit their animals out in front of the public. This is also a huge time of the year for our commercial partners as the fall run of feeder sales are just around the corner. Due to the efforts of our commercial field staff and numerous breeders and regional clubs, Angus feeder calf sales are more and more popular, and these good Angus cross calves are demanding premiums across the country. Please find the time to support a few of the Angus feeder calf sales in your area and connect with the buyers and cattle people that take our genetics and “put them on the plate”!

It is with mixed feelings that I announce the news that Doug Fee will be retiring effective July 1, 2010 as the CEO of the CAA. The good news is that Doug has agreed to a 6-month consulting contract that will greatly help in the transition to a new leader of our staff and office. Doug did a tremendous job with our Association for 16 years and led us through many successes including establishing our own registry, joint evaluations with our American counterparts and being a huge part of growing our breed to the overwhelming leader in the Canadian purebred cattle industry. Doug will be sorely missed but this is also an exciting time as we transition into a new era for our Association. Doug and I just returned from the American Red Angus Convention as well as several Directors attended the American Angus tour in Montana, which occurred at the same time. The demand for our genetics from members of both American Associations is very high and part of that is due to our compatibility with our joint run EPDs. As many of you have noticed, the date for submission of data has been moved up to October 10 to accommodate some changes in the EPD data collections. Due to the joint run with the American Simmental Association, our data set went from 2.4 million data observances to 9 million. Even with cowboy math that sure speaks to more accurate predictions with our EPDs. I was assured that the formulas for hybrid vigor and other issues with multi-breed EPDS have been addressed and even though some numbers have changed, there will be very few ranking changes.

While in Missouri I had the pleasure to hear a speech by Trent Loos. He is a seventh-generation Nebraska rancher that has had his fill of people spreading misinformation about modern agriculture and the rural people that make a living producing food for the public. It was a very enlightening talk and made me think about the media and the rhetoric that is being spread about our industry. I always thought that cattle ranchers were somehow “better” than those people that cage up chickens. The simple fact is that Agricultural producers are trying to produce protein etc, in the most efficient way possible. Our competitor may be the chicken producers but our enemy is the Bob Barkers of the world that are trying to shut us down and ruin our way of life by spreading misinformation to a disconnected public. I plan to be on the road for much of the fall and hope to see many members in different parts of the country. Ownership linkage is a huge part of helping our Board of Directors govern in a responsible way. Please feel free to contact myself or any of the Directors by phone or at any of the shows, provincial meetings or other events around the country. Until we meet again, Kirk Wildman

Canadian Angus Foundation

The CanadianAngus Foundation is the charitable arm of the Canadian Angus Association. The Foundation functions to preserve and expand the Angus breed for future generations through education, youth development, scientific research and historical restoration.

This past summer with the assistance of a government grant, the Foundation hired student Amanda Suhan to sort and catalogue the vast amount of Angus material stored in the basement at the Canadian Angus office. Doug Cass, director of the literary and archives at the Glenbow Museum spent some time at the Angus office perusing our inventory and offered Ms. Suhan some valuable advice on preservation of the material. He has offered to store our more fragile material in a climate controlled environment at the Glenbow Museum. The cost would be in the form of a donation to the museum. The material would remain in the ownership of the Canadian Angus Association and could be returned to us, if we someday, have our own climate controlled archives. The Foundation will consider the offer in the near future . We would like to thank all of you who

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utilized the donation envelopes mailed with the annual report. Your generousity is greatly appreciated. More envelopes are available at the Canadian Angus office. The Canadian Angus Board is considering digital files for some of the old registrations, etc., as the amount of material is piling up and causing a shortage of storage space. The Foundation Board is open to suggestions from our membership relating to fundraising. Please send your suggestions to Michael Latimer at the Canadian Angus office. We need funds in order to carry out our programs, such as the archives, Junior Ambassador Program, scholarships, etc. Best Regards Gary Harron , Chairman, Canadian Angus Foundation

Canadian Angus Association Board of Directors

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Canadian Angus Association - CEO Message


Doug Fee

Why do you raise Angus cattle is a question each of you ask yourselves regularly. I suppose this could also be asked the opposite way for those who don’t—why don’t they raise Angus? Another question our seedstock producers need to think about is what they need to do to attract and retain good commercial customers. There are some breeders who have developed a good export market. We have sold a lot of Angus to Europe, Asia, South America, Mexico and even the United States. This reflects very well on the quality of genetic offerings from those Canadian breeders but the strength and basis of a strong genetic base and a good breeding program is the ability to produce the seedstock needed by the commercial cattlemen right here in Canada. The Angus breed has enjoyed tremendous growth during the past 20 years and the Association remains strong. We are able to retain our position as the nation’s largest purebred beef breed because our members are producing what the commercial cattleman needs to meet the market demand. The Association invests heavily in programs designed to help our commercial members get top value for their cattle. Our new Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed program seeks to verify and promote branded beef

A S S O C Ask the CEO Why did the Association write commercial I cattlemen to identify animals with potential genetic problems? A recessive This question was asked in two ways: by a breeder concerned that the Association was interfering in his T relationship with a customer and by a commercial cattleman very upset that he may have avoided a I problem if someone would have told him there was a recessive gene that may contribute to lost calves. O The Association’s position has been that we must N be transparent and hopefully help all breeders avoid

programs that are based on Angus genetics. Our tag program was established to provide a tool for cattlemen to prove their animals have a minimum of 50% Angus genetics. We invest heavily in promoting and sponsoring feeder calf sales and work to encourage order buyers, feeders and packers to seek out Angus genetics with a view to increasing the possibility of quality carcass cattle. Recently our support of the Canadian Cattlemen’s Beef InfoXchange System (BIXS) was invested to help our commercial customers find an easy way to participate in an ambitious program to help add value and collect valuable information on the animals they are raising and feeding. Angus members should be very pleased with our investment in commercial programs because they will never be successful unless their commercial cattle buyer is. We will be officially announcing a new promotional partnership with Cedar Creek Estates Winery soon. Elsewhere in the magazine there is an explanation of the program and introduction to our partner in promotion. Although we have discussed this at meetings in British Columbia for several years, there will still be some who scratch their heads over a promotion of a beef breed with a winery. There are some simple reasons. Firstly, red wine and beef is a common mix and they are often paired together. Secondly, it’s another great opportunity to get the Angus name associated with a quality product. The Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed program is quietly expanding with our ultimate objective still to be able to identify more and more locations where you can send your friends to buy quality Angus products. The most significant complaint we’ve had from our partners is that there are not yet enough tagged cattle available—it’s a great problem that you

can help solve. Activity in the Association remains strong. Registry activity, which seems to be a major benchmark, is ahead of last year. We had a tremendous summer with over 16,000 registrations completed in a single month. Staff was swamped during that period trying to keep up but now that fall is here they are caught right up—just in time for the rush of activity brought on by fall weaning weights and fall sales. I’d like to eliminate the word “defect” from my vocabulary. Another Association refers to “recessive conditions” but there are two facts we need to keep in mind. First and foremost we do not have a major problem. There have been less than 10 reported animals affected by the recessive conditions that can now be identified by DNA test. The second thing is that it is important to identify them because by identifying carriers you will avoid matings that may cause problems. There are those who may think transparency, that is identifying carriers, creates the perception that there is a problem. The actual fact is that transparency will help you avoid problems. It has certainly caused some breeders real grief and the Board will debate if their policy was the best or not but it is a fact we will not have nearly as many affected animals as we would otherwise have had because the test exists to identify the carriers and avoid problem matings. The fall sale catalogues are beginning to pour in. It’s a little sad to see some dispersals, but life moves on for people and every dispersal offers new herds the opportunity to purchase the benefits of a mature breeding program. May those of you with sales this fall do well and may those of you looking to purchase do so wisely.

sire or dam have tested positive for a genetic defect, we took the position that everyone deserved to know so they could test their animal and if there was a potential problem they could make an enlightened decision. The good news is that there have been very few defects reported and with full disclosure of all tested carriers we can avoid any more.

returned to us the animal will not have EPDs unless it had a sire, dam or progeny in our herdbook. When Registry staff imported the animal into our herdbook they would also have added the American EPDs. The EPDs would be updated at the next evaluation when you report your calves’ weaning weights. If there are no calves, the EPDs would not be included in the data returned from the US. Anyone experiencing this quirk should call the office and the EPDs can be manually entered again. This does not happen to many animals but when it has occurred, we have confused people and we understand why. We are seeking an automatic fix but have not yet found how we can get two computers to communicate better.

genetic problems. We have learned that not everyone reads pedigrees and understands all the new acronyms. It’s also been pointed out that there are many people who don’t use the Internet and frankly some don’t even read messages from the Association. As for notifying people who own animals whose

I used an American sire with EPDs. They have disappeared. What happened? This person obviously used an American Black Angus bull because this particular situation does not affect Red Angus. The problem arises because we contract with Angus Genetics Inc. to do our genetic evaluation on black animals. Although we merge our data with theirs for the evaluation, when data is

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Commercial Outreach The Canadian Angus Association’s commercial field staff try to help add value to commercial calves with Angus genetics. Each fall, we hire extra people and put on a lot of miles travelling across the country supporting auction market sales featuring Angus tagged cattle. Although this is our busiest time, our commercial field staff work all year, talking to and meeting with commercial producers. If you are a commercial producer who would like to talk to one of our commercial field staff about Angus, please give us a call:

Western Canada Brian Good (403) 391-4037 Ken Cox (780) 672-6860 British Columbia Jack Brown (604) 888-0862 Manitoba Blair MacRae (204) 728-3058 Ontario John Duivenvoorden (705) 431-0319 Quebec/Maritimes Wayne Gallup (819) 826-3026


Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed Program

Through our relationships with our Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed licensed participants, we are now able to develop partnerships outside the cattle industry with companies in other agriculture industries. The Canadian Angus Association, through Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed, has formed an alliance with Cedar Creek Estate Winery from Kelowna, BC. The proprietors of the winery, Ross and Gordon Fitzpatrick maintain a presence in day–to-day operations. This includes the process of developing the wine, operating the restaurant, and marketing the wine in a very competitive market. In order to compete in a competitive market, they focused their efforts on developing the best product that their land will allow and invested in some creative marketing opportunities. The motto they operate by is similar to many Angus operations: ‘respect the land, honour tradition, and pursue perfection’. The question that we have been asked and will probably

be asked again is why in the world a purebred cattle organization would form an alliance with a winery. The answer is simple: to sell more Angus beef. Canadian wine and Canadian Angus beef are very complementary products and are often marketed to the same consumer. This allows both organizations to run cross-promotions and cost share which leaves more money on the table for additional promotions. Another benefit is the ability to share our ‘industry network’ which allows us and our licensed participants to break into markets that might otherwise be unobtainable. Because this promotional campaign is unique to the Canadian market, it will be far more eye-catching for consumers who have been bombarded with a million advertisements for wine or for beef products, but have never seen promotion for a winery and beef program together.

The consumer that we are targeting wants to be educated and informed about their product. They are willing to pay for a premium product but want to feel comfortable that are not being duped. They may have selected a wine and are looking for a proper cut of beef to pair it with, or have selected a cut of beef and are looking for a wine to pair it with. Either way we want to be in a position that they feel comfortable that they are making the right choice; that choice being beef from a Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed licensed participant. There are also some direct benefits for Angus producers such as having a top quality wine that you can ‘call your own’ and give to customers as a gift, serve at your sale, or serve guests in your house with your Angus beef. It will also work for serving at your celebratory party after winning Grand Champion or for drowning your sorrows when you don’t win. Either way it should be done with a premiere product. Watch for upcoming promotions and a more detailed look at the Fitzpatrick family of Cedar Creek Estate Winery. Michael Latimer Assistant General Manager

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Canadian Angus Association - Breed Development


Why You Should Pay Attention to Genomics I spoke with a long experienced Angus breeder from BC about selective breeding and genomics. He told me that Canadian Angus breeders have used genomics so successfully that his expertise has been sought out by horse breeders looking to improve their breeding programs to successfully raise high performing horses. If you thought that Canadian Angus breeders haven’t been using genomics to successfully breed improvement towards goals like a high marbling product, high performance breeding stock and other qualities that Canadian Angus is renowned for then you’re about to be surprised. Selective breeding, choosing to breed specific animals because they excel at specific traits, puts selection pressure on the genes involved in those traits. This is genomics. There’s another generation of genomics around the corner, and there’s an incredible amount of research being done on beef cattle genomics. There is benefit to those who use Angus genetics. The advancements made in DNA technology mean that we increasingly have access to more and more information. Today, we can use DNA technology to identify specific genes in animals rather than wait until the calves are on the ground to measure the expression of those genes.

Are you looking for an Angus bull? The Canadian Angus Association makes it easy for you to find what you are looking for. Use the animal inquiry on our website to identify and locate animals that meet your requirements. The search tool allows Angus buyers to specify the sex, color, location, age, and performance criteria or estimated breeding value of the animal being sought.

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The 50K (and now 850K) marker panel is made up of thousands of genes or markers for genes that are related to or attributed towards specific traits. For example, animals with gene A have been observed to have larger rib eye areas. The markers might not be the specific gene that controls rib eye area—in fact it is likely that there will be many genes combined that contribute towards this trait—but there is a correlation between the marker and the trait. Researchers, including a large group of investigators at the University of Alberta, are working to identify the effect that each variation in the bovine genome has on different traits, specifically in Canadian Angus animals. Each beef breed might have some markers that overlap and some that are expressed different, or in other words contribute to traits differently. These genes and marker variations have to be identified and their contribution towards physical traits has to be measured. This is a huge undertaking. Feed efficiency is a particularly complex but economically relevant trait that is the subject of much research. The possible ways that genetic information can be used to improve animal health is another. One group of Canadian scientists is working with feedlots to identify which genotypes respond well to certain pharmaceuticals, and which genotypes the pharmaceuticals are simply wasted on. How will all this additional information benefit Canadian Angus breeders? The ability to identify specific genes before they are even expressed means that Canadian Angus breeders can make more accurate management and breeding decisions even earlier. Genomic information on Canadian Angus animals will give Canadian Angus breeders breeding values (EPDs) that are more and more accurate. Ultimately, genomic information incorporated into enhanced EPDs will be an improved tool in your tool box as you breed towards a specific goal. Globally, Angus breeders are leading the way in

using DNA technology to identify, and in the case of Canadian Angus breeders, minimize the occurrence of several defect-causing recessive genes. Inherited conditions are found in all beef breeds and Angus breeders are using a tool available to them to be proactive about the fact. I spoke with a breeder who is keeping several cows that have been identified as Osteopetrosis carriers with the intent to breed them to non carrier bulls and select non carrier daughters to replace these cows. This will demonstrate how a DNA test can be used to eliminate a deleterious recessive gene without losing a pedigree or bloodline. Canadian Angus breeders also apply genomics to ensure pedigree accuracy with parentage tests. The parentage test currently recommended by the International Society for Animal Genetics and used at GenServe Labs compares lengths of microsatellite portions of DNA to qualify or eliminate potential parents. SNP parentage testing is also available on the market but is not recognized for international trade and can come in different strengths (accuracies). Before adopting this technology, Angus Associations globally will need to ascertain which panel of SNP parentage has an acceptable reliability level to ensure that accurate pedigree information is maintained. The advantage to using SNP parentage is that is has the potential to be less expensive, but sometimes you only get what you pay for. And for Canadian Angus breeders we want the best tools available, including our genomics tools.

For more information on Estimated Progeny Differences (EPDs) which are the predicted breeding values for economically relevant traits Angus genetics, buyers are welcome to contact me at 1-888-571-3580.

Happy hunting for the Angus bull that suits you.

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Kajal Devani, Breed Development

Kajal Devani, Breed Development

Canadian Angus Association - CACP Dear Angus Commerc ial Members, Every day, Association sta ff work towards the succes s of our members. To do thi that benefit not only pureb s we create and manage pro red Angus producers but grams all producers who use An Many of these programs gus genetics from coast to are designed to directly ben coast. efit our commercial producer Angus tags are the only wa s. y to identify Angus genetic s in the commercial beef her Angus animal are eligible d. Progeny from one registe to wear the tags. You hav red e to tag all your animals would you use any other with a CCIA approved tag tag on eligible animals? Ou , so wh y r tag s are competitively priced Remember to plan ahead and shipped to your mailb and order early; tags can ox. be ordered this fall for spring Residents of Alberta are calving. eligible to receive the Go vernment of Albertaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Ag discount on their next pu e Verification Incentive Pro rchase of Angus tags. The gram process is easy and the dis total cost of the purchase count is taken immediately . If you bought your An applying directly to the gov off the gus tags prior to July 1st ernment for your reimburs this year and require assista ement, I am here to help Our commitment to the nce when you with that process. success of the BIXS progra m continues. Angus is firs CBBC-BIXS is a part of t beef breed association to the Beef InfoXchange Sys have a Community within tem (BIXS) as described publications. CBBC-BIXS CBBC-BIXS. by the Canadian Cattleme builds on the existing frame nâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Association in numerou work and allows the prod and purebred breeders of s industry ucers to add even more inf Angus cattle are invited to ormation to the database. join BIXS through the An can choose your level of Commercial gus community. There is participation. You can par no charge to participate in ticipate at a minimum lev to submit as much additio BIXS and you el by simply submitting the nal information as you are required information or comfortable with. Require your animals and their dat you can choose d information for produ e of birth. Once the anima cers is the RFID tag numb ls have gone through a par producer. Please visit ww ers used on ticipating processor, carcas for s data will be available to further details on the system I encourage you to call me the cow-calf , our involvement and ho or any of the staff at the As w you can be involved as sociation if you have any well. questions about any of the programs or services that we provide. Sincerely, Cheryl Hazenberg

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Canadian Angus Association - Registry Department

Record keeping is a vital part of the purebred business; it would be impossible to keep accurate pedigrees without diligent record keeping. As with most things, records will be more correct if information is recorded neatly and timely. When the Registry Department has a question about a calf you have applied for, we generate an “RFI” or Request for Information sheet, and the calf is assigned a ?number (question mark number). The question about the calf will be outlined, and on the very bottom of the RFI sheet it says: “Any changes or corrections are to be made in writing, and either faxed or mailed back to the Canadian Angus Office. Please make the necessary changes or corrections directly on this form. To ensure accuracy, we can not accept changes or corrections over the telephone. “The fee for this registration will be held for 90 days. After that time period, the fee will increase as per its age upon completion, as per the current fee schedule.

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“If you are a Performance Herd, please be aware pending animals are excluded from National Cattle Evaluations. When the data for the Spring and the Fall evaluation is extracted, the pedigree and performance records for pending animals are not included. Please respond to this Request for Information as soon as possible.” In short: Please write on the RFI sheet and mail or fax it to us rather than phone ● The fee for the calf registration is not held indefinitely; you have 90 days to sort out the requirement, after that the fee will increase. ● The birth, weaning and/or yearling weight data for the calf does not get included in the national evaluation, i.e. It will not qualify for EPDs Fee Increase: The Board made a resolution at their February 2010 meeting to increase some registration fees effective January 1, 2011. The last increase was in 1982 so our prices haven’t kept up with inflation! The good news is that those whose records are submitted in a timely manner will still get a very good rate. A calf that is registered when it is less than 4 months old will still be $15. A transfer that is sent to us with 60 days of the sale date will still be $12. Make it your goal to take advantage of these rates! The membership fee is also changing on January 1, 2011. Membership in the Canadian Angus Association will be $100 per year. Of the $100 membership fee, $33 is provided to the Angus

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World for your subscription, and $25 is provided to your provincial Angus association. Sellers of Purebred Cattle Sellers of purebred cattle are bound by the Animal Pedigree Act. See pages 28 and 29 of the Breeder Handbook, specifically Section 64, Subsection (j): “Without an express statement that the animal’s registration, identification or status as a purebred is from a jurisdiction other than Canada and that the animal will not be registered or identified in Canada by the person, sell, as registered or identified, or as eligible to be registered or identified, as a purebred, any animal without providing to the buyer thereof within six months after the sale date the animal’s duly transferred certificate of registration or certificate of identification.” If you are selling animals as purebred Angus in Canada, they must be registered in the Canadian Angus Association Herdbook, and a transfer must happen within 6 months after the sale date. A buyer of an animal that is not registered and transferred within 6 months of the sale may pursue legal action. Please visit our website at for current information and items of interest. You can contact the registry department by fax, email, or phone for any assistance you may require. Sharmayne Byrgesen Registry Department



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Box 5 Shaughnessy, Alberta, T0K 2A0

Ph. (403) 381-4609 Fax (403) 381-4900

"Bovine Reproductive Services" -30 years combined experience in Embryo Transfer -Complete Donor & Recipient Facilities -Accredited Export Service -Complete On-Farm Services Murray Jacobson ~ DVM

Davis-Rairdan Embryo Transplants Ltd. Davis-Rairdan International P.O. Box 590 Crossfield, Alberta Canada T0M 0S0 Phone (403)946-4551 Fax (403)946-5093 Website email

SERvICES OFFERED ● On-farm freezing & collection

● Licensed facility for embryos exports

● Donor care facility

● Genetic Marketing & Selection

● Recipient herd

● International Embryo Sales



RYAN DORRAN 403.507.6483 P.O. Box 2635, Didsbury, Alberta T0M 0W0 Auctioneer, Ring Service & Marketing

Angus World

Fall Commercial 2010*

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A nthony & Sherry A ndrew B ox 426,C arbon,A B T0M 0L0 Phone/Fax:403-572-3221

Bus (250)546-9420 / Cellular (250)558-6789 Comp. 19, Larkin Site, RR 3, Armstrong, BC V0E 1B0

A llW est/Select Sires For A llYour A ngus G enetics

Sealin Creek Ranch Registered Angus

Dan & Janette Speller

Serving BC,AB & SK

1-800-426-2697 Box 59, Monte Lake, BC V0E 2N0 (250)375-2268

w w w .allw allw est@ nw



Bill & Hjordis Armitage Dwight & JoAnne Mackay Blake & MaryLee Prior

Wayne & Jill Hughes & family

Jay & Lenore Davis Box 184, Acme, Alberta T0M 0A0 (403) 546-2299




MARILYN BRAITWAITE Box 8265, Saskatoon, SK S7K 6C5 A.H.T. Ph (306)931-2904 ● Fax (306)242-1563

Re us giste red Black Ang

22km Christian valley Westbridge, British Columbia


Managed by: Christy Elliot Tel: (250)446-2269 Fax: (250)764-0537

Ring Service & Livestock Service Box 128, Hazelet, SK S0N 1E0 (306) 678-4811 ✺ Cellular (403) 357-8104

Owners: Peter & Francesca Cox


Mark Stock


302 Rawlings Lake Road, Lumby, B.C. V0E 2G1 Phone: (250)547-6584 ~ Fax: (250)547-6583

ring w Sp s Ran illo

Box 70,Kinsella, Alberta T0B 2N0 (780)336-2445



Darrel & Wendy Ashbacher & Family P.O. Box 99, Halkirk, Alberta T0C 1M0

Ph: (403)884-2181 Fax: (403)884-2381


Certified Bovine E.T. Practitioner

Aberly nn A ng us


Marie Bradshaw Gordon Bradshaw 5343-39st Close R.R. #3, Site 3, Box 6 Innisfail, AB T4G 1G1 Innisfail, AB T4G 1T8 (403)227-5431 (403)227-0354 “Quality you can see. Breeding you can trust.”

Lance Savage - President 4664 Sleepy Hollow Raod, Armstrong, BC V0E 1B4 Ph/Fax:250/546-2813 Jack Brown - Fieldman 604/888-0862


Mile 11 on #2 Highway South of Dawson Creek


PUREBRED BLACK ANGUS P.O. Box 132, Dawson Creek, BC V1G 4G3

Steve Aylward (250)786-5031 Dale Aylward (250)786-5478

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Fall Commercial 2010*

Angus Farm “Quality Red & Black Angus Cattle” The Muenchraths Bernard & Alice (403)533-3926 P.O. Box 129 Russ & Shauna (403)533-3937 Rockyford, AB Kelly & Nora (403)533-3810 T0J 2R0

AllEnCRoFT AnGuS “A family operation dedicated to the perfection of the Angus breed.”

Doug, Joyce, Judy, Cindy and Tracy Allen P.O. Box 4081, Taber, AB T1G 2C6 Phone/Fax: (403)223-8008

Angus World

est. 1966

Bar Double M Angus Mark & Rachel Merrill & Family Box 132, Hill Springs, Alberta T0K 1E0

(403) 626-3369

Diamond Willow Ranch Registered Black Angus

Ted & Marci McPeak

“Quality Angus Seedstock”


Doug-Bev-John Robertson

RR #1, Stn. Mn., Airdrie, AB T4B 2A3

Box 12, Site 3, R.R. #1 Airdrie, AB T4B 2A3 (403)948-5941 /Fax (403)946-5093


Wayne and Peggy Robinson Box 36 Mossleigh, Alberta T0L 1P0 Phone (403) 934-4083

Count Ridge Stock Farm

Dwayne & Joanne Emery (780) 674-4410



From Airdrie Overpass on SH 567, 10km W., 5km N., on SH 772


(403)641-2205 P.O. BOX 576, BASSANO, ALBERTA T0J 0B0

REGISTERED ANGUS P.O. Box 31, Camp Creek, Alberta T0G 0L0





Horned Hereford

Murray and Gloria Fraser 403-787-2341

P.O. Box 122, Pincher Creek, Alberta T0K 1W0 Phone: (403)627-5676 / Fax:(403)627-4653 /

Pioneer Red Angus Breeder

Bryan & Sherry Mackenzie

Cam and Kim Fraser 403-787-2165

Fleming Stock Farms Box 1, Granum, Alberta T0L 1A0 Ph: 403/687-2288 Fax: 403/687-2088


Flint & Flint (780)855-2181

New Norway, AB

Jim & Laurel King Jamie & Meghan

Box 32, Hussar, Alberta ToJ 1So

Duncan, Cecilie, Cooper & Ricki Fleming “Quality goes in before the name goes on”




Chickadee Farm ~ Registered ~ ~ Red Angus & Polled Hereford ~

R.R.# 3, Barrhead, AB T7N 1N4 Erika Geis (780)674-5795 Brian, Kim Jenna & Robert Geis (780)674-4225

RR 4, Innisfail, Alberta T4G 1T9 - (403)227-6081 2 miles east on Hwy #590 - 1 mile north

Visitors 12 miles west of Olds Always on Hwy #27, 1/2 mile south on Welcome Range Rd 3.04 email:

Add our diamonds to Your Herd! Angus World

FARMS " Our Greatest Asset - Quality Angus"

Robert & Gail Hamilton Box 11, Site 15, R.R.# 2, Cochrane, Alberta T4C 1A2 (403) 932-5980

Fall Commercial 2010*

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Hazel Bluff Red Angus


(780)349-2768 (780)349-2960 fax email: P.O. Box 5728, Westlock, AB T7P 2P6

Quality Service Selection

Breeding stock always available by private treaty




Harry & Gaylene Irving


(403)938-7754 R.R. #2, Okotoks, Alberta T0L 1T0

Willard Leeuwenburgh Home: 403-381-3191 Cell: 403-382-1990 Fax: 403-381-9093

Jack Leeuwenburgh Home: 403-327-9618 Cell: 403-330-6123 Fax: 403-327-9629

Box 25, Lethbridge, AB T1J 3y3



lindsay & donna Penosky & Family

P.O. Box 37, Botha, AB T0C 0N0 Phone: (403)742-4337 ● Fax: (403)742-4341



Erich, Mechthild & Martin Clausen



Duane Parsonage



R.R. #3, Site 18, Box 17, Innisfail, AB T4G 1T8

“Angus - The Power Breed”

R.R. #1, Westerose, AB T0C 2V0 (780)586-2603


Box 217, Erskine, AB T0C 1G0 Ph: (403) 742-4226 Fax (403) 742-2962

19th Annual Bull & Female Sale March 14/09

Roy & Cindy Bjorklund



V Wayne Branden & Jane Morrow

Phone: (780)674-2335 ~ Cell: (780)305-4813 ~ Fax: (780)674-4398 P.O. Box 11, Camp Creek, AB T0G 0L0 -

Nagib- Krameddine R.R. #3, Wetaskiwin, AB T9A 1X1 H (780)352-0813 W (780)585-2003

Registered Angus

KBJ Round Farms P.O. Box 238, Clyde, Alberta T0G 0P0

Jim Round (780)348-5638

Barry Round (780)348-5794


- Breeders of Quality Performance Tested Angus -

P.O. Box 2044, Fairview, Alberta T0H 1L0 (780)835-3530




Richard & Joyce Lorenz

(403)728-3285 R.R. #1, Markerville, Alberta T0M 1M0

RM Cattle Co.

Murray King 780/846-2691

Richard King Ph/Fax:780/846-2476

R.R. #2 Red & Kitscoty, AB T0B 2P0 403/309-0905 Black Angus


lee & laura Brown

William & Wanda Farrell



Box 610, Delburne, Alberta T0M 0V0 (403)749-2953 email:

MINBURN ANGUS Breeding 150 Functional Black Angus Females Since 1945 Danny & Conna Warrilow Bill & Barbara Warrilow Ph/Fax: (780) 593-2205 (780) 593-2208 P.O. BOX 39, MINBURN, ALBERTA T0B 3B0

Dave & Jean Prichard 780-385-2226

Trent & Kelli Abraham

Dan & Shelley Prichard Ph/Fax: 780-385-2298 Killam, Alberta

“Visitor’s Welcome”

Doug Noad 403-660-8371

P.O. Box 22, Linden, Alberta T0M 1J0 Phone: 403/546-2010 Fax: 403/252-0041 Cell:403/803-8035 //

Rick & Deb Cones

Box 31, Millarville, Alberta T0L 1K0 Ph: (403)931-3276 Fax: (403)931-3295 email:

Ron & Laurie Hunter & family “Quality Registered & Commercial Stock”

RR 2 Didsbury, AB T0M 0W0

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Fall Commercial 2010*

Angus World


RIvERBEND FARM LTD. Bud, Barb & John McBride Box 51, Benalto, Alberta T0M 0H0 Phone: (403)746-2555 / Phone/Fax: (403)746-2630



Walter & Lyla (403) 227-2071 Chris & Stacy (403) 227-5567


The Koenning’s

Ken & Sharon Chitwood

Box 8, Site 7, R.R. #4, Innisfail, AB T4G 1T9

Ph:(403)948-3094 Fax: (403)948-6329 R.R. #2, Airdrie, AB T4B 2A4

Elllamae & Mike Box 247, Warner, Alberta T0K 2L0 Ph/Fax: (403)642-2055 email:

Premium Quality Since 1972

Shawn & Cathy

Glen, Dale, Wayne & Terry Elliott Ph/Fax: (403)832-3774 l Ph: (403)832-3112 P.O. Box 113 Seven Persons, AB T0K 1Z0




Box 115, Warner, Alberta T0K 2L0 (403)642-2041

ROyAL vALLEy CATTLE CO. RED ANGUS A Place Where Performance, Style and Meat Come Together

Box 127, Sangudo, Alberta, Canada T0E 2A0


(780) 785-3205

FAX (780) 785-2453

Registered & Commercial Red Angus

THISTLE RIDGE RANCH Ben & Carol Tams P.O. Box 4205, Taber, Alberta T1G 2C7 Phone/Fax: (403)223-4118


Box 1052, Coaldale, AB T1M 1M9 (403)345-3835 Fax (403)345-3836

SPRuCE ViEW AnGuS RAnCH Wayne Grant P.O. Box 174, Killam, Alberta (780)385-2216

Stauffer Ranches V


P.O. Box 444, Sangudo, Alberta T0E 2A0 Fax 785-3403




Ring 403.627.2511 Fax 403.627.2650 Box 2377, Pincher Creek, Alberta T0K 1W0


Purebred Black Angus since 1920

Jim & Betty Richardson (403)224-3286

Box 32, Bowden, AB T0M 0K0

Lassiter Brothers

X Angus

Box 763, Bassano, Alberta T0J 0B0 Ph: 403/641-4467 ~ Fax:403/6412355


Spring Bull Sale ● Female (Private Treaty) ● Embryos Using A.I. program & Embryo transfer to raise well balanced cattle.

Valleymere TTT Black Angus Ranch

Stacey & Michel Stauffer



Dave & Gail (780) 785-2091 Kirk (780) 785-3772

"The Home of Angus Beef Cattle" Gary Slezina

Park F w a o ll




Travis & Halley Spady & Sons 780.879.2298 Alliance, Alberta, T0B 0A0


Allan & Sherry Aitken & Sons Box 53, Eyebrow, Saskatchewan S0H 1L0 (306)759-2701

‘Black Angus - a Spady tradition for over 70 years”







Sebastian, Sarah & Julien Box 10, Site 15, RR 2, Cochrane, Alberta Canada T4C 1A2 Ph: 403.932.5590 Cell: 403.803.0730




(306) 567-4702

Angus World

Doug & Lynn McIvor Box 688, Davidson, SK S0G 1A0

Fall Commercial 2010*

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Belmoral Angus Darrell & Jacqui Bell & family P.O. Box 193, Dubuc, SK S0A 0R0 Ph: 306/877-4402 - Fax: 306/877-4402 Don & Glenda Bell - 306/877-2014

Bull Sale Annually Mid-March Whitewood, SK

Flying K Ranch Registered Red Angus Since 1972

Brian & Christine Hanel

Donna Hanel

Box 1902, Swift Current, SK S9H 4M6 (306)773-6313 email:

R.R. #1, Wymark, SK S0N 2Y0 Ph/Fax: (306)773-6984

10 miles south of Swift Current on Hwy #4 & 8 miles west


RANCHING LTD. David Flundra

Purebred Red Angus Bulls, Females & Commercial Cattle

P.O. Box 1453, Medicine Hat, AB T1A 7N4

16 km east of Walsh, Alberta

Tel: (306)662-2449 Fax: (306)662-2556

Cell: (403)502-4776

Wes & Kim Olynyk (306)876-4420 Irene Olynyk (306)876-4400 Annual Bull Sale Second Monday in April Box 192, Goodeve, SK S0A 1C0

Ho we R e d A n gu s Doug Howe (306)693-2163

Mike or Dale Howe (306)693-2127

183-325-4th SW, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan S6H 5v2 Fax (306)692-0081 //

Ranches Inc.

Don’t Roll - JustRock

Jon & Shelly Fox P.O. Box 320 Lloydminster, SK S9V 0Y2

Double AA Angus

Annual Rancher’s Choice Spring Bull Sale

Box 159, Alsask, SK S0L 0A0 Res: 306/968-2637 / Cell: 306/463-8405 5 miles east of Alsask and 2 miles north on Merid Grid

Linwood Angus

Bill Dillabaugh P.O. Box 91, Coleville, SK S0L 0K0 (306) 965-2554

Kim Robertson

Phone: 306-825-9702 Fax: 306-825-9782 Res: 306-825-9624 Email:

Functional & Competitive Elwood, Linda & Jeremy Smith P.O. Box 92, Nokomis, SK S0G 3R0 (306) 528-4422

Roger Hardy Box 455, Midale, Saskatchewan S0C 1S0 Ph: (306)458-2359 - Cell: (306)458-7521

Registered Red Angus Commercial Angus


S South Shadow Angus & Paints S A P Registered Bulls - Commercial Females - Ranch Horses

Don & Connie Delorme & Family

MANTEI FARMS ANGUS Jim & Peggy Grant P.O. Box 220, Edam, SK S0M 0v0 (306)397-2541

Cecil & Brenda, Jesse, Tyler & Calay Mantei Box 873, Estevan, Sask S4A 2A7

Keith, Linda & Stacey Kaufmann 306/454-2730


Shane, Alexis, Keaton, Kamrie, Kohen Registered & Korbyn Kaufmann 306/454-2688 Red & Black Angus P.O. Box 130, Ceylon, SK S0C 0T0 ● Fax: (306)454-2643 ●

CONQUEST, SASKATCHEWAN S0L 0L0 (306)856-4726 Fall Commercial 2010*

Classic Black Cattle For The Practical Rancher Quality Paint Horses For Versatility

“Raising Quality Cattle To Work For You”



Box 28, Robsart, Saskatchewan S0N 2G0 (306)299-4494 ~

Angus World

SPlEndoRViEW AnGuS FARM John Gottfried & Family P.O. Box 183, Luseland, SK S0L 2A0


(306) 834-2844

Luseland - .5 mile W, 12 Miles S & .25 mile W. Kerrobert - 12 miles W, Hwy# 51, .5 mile N, .25 mile W




Box 718 Maidstone, SK S0M 1M0

Les & Ethel Smith & family (306)893-4094

WRed il-Sel Angus

Est: 1980

Doreen 306/263-4407 306/263-4923 Fax Corbin, Lynette, Cole & Conner 306/263-4407 The Selody’s ~ Flintoft, SK S0H 1R0

Willows W WindyFarms W F C ollin A Sauder M ichelle Potapinski

B ox 55,H odgeville,SK S0H 2B 0 Phone/Fax:306/677-2507 w indy.w illow s@


Bruce & Ione Anderson R.R.# 2, Swan River, MB R0L 1Z0 (204) 734-2073 Red Angus "Visitors Always Welcome"

P.O. Box 29, Rush Lake, Saskatchewan S0H 3S0 ● (306)773-6873

Ph: 306/739-2988 ~ Fax: 306/739-2137 ~ Cell: 306/577-7440 email: Red Angus Bulls & Females For Sale ~ Commercial Heifers Herdsman: Gordon Murray 306/739-2177 - cell: 306/646-7980

YOUNG DALE ANGUS FARM Barry & Marj Young & Family

Box 28, Carievale, SK S0C 0P0

Box 908,

Russell, MB E 1W0 WA R0J204/773-2356 fax: 773-3579 R CATTLE CO. e-mail:



Quality Angus Cattle

visitors Always Welcome

Jack & Barb Hart General Delivery, Brookdale, Manitoba R0K 0G0 (204) 476-2607

Nberry Cree A k ANgUS Cr David & Jeanette Neufeld 204/534-2380


Box 171, Boissevain Manitoba R0K 0E0

(306) 928-4810

#636077, holland-Euphrasia Townline, RR 3, markdale, On n0C 1h0

Dealers for Merritt Aluminum Trailers Call today!!

Z RED ANGU A R Phil Birnie W Box 461, Wawota, SK S0G 5A0 S


Brent, Dale & Kelsey

Purebred Black Angus Bulls & Females for Sale.

Ian Gross



Roy & vicki Forsyth

Office Phone: (519)986-1330 Fax: (519)986-4736

Eddystone, Manitoba R0L 0S0 (204)448-2245

Registered Red & BlackAngus Fax: (204)448-2126

Allen & Merilyn Staheli Eddystone, Manitoba R0L 0S0


Website: / E-mail: “OuR STREnGTh IS CREATEd By OuR CuSTOmERS SuCCESS”

Greenbush Angus R.R. #1, Neepawa, MB R0J 1H0

Barrie & Bernice Baker (204)966-3822

Tim & Wendy Baker (204)966-3320

DunforD royal Cattle Company Stan & Eva Dunford R.R. #5 726040 Township Rd 3 Woodstock, Ontario N4S 7v9 Casey Fanta - Farm Manager - 519/467-5757 Office: 519/467-5700 ~ email:


Farms Registered Black Angus

Angus - Always in Demand

Colin & Arlene Kirkpatrick & Family Brandon, MB Ph./Fax 204-725-3597

Angus World





Don & Jeannette Currie R.R. #1, Nottawa, Ontario L0M 1P0 Ph/Fax: (705)445-1526

Fall Commercial 2010*

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Quebec Luc Noiseux et Chantal Boisvert

Service Animal Noiseux 20, rang Elmire “route 235” St-Paul d’Abbotsford, Qc J0E 1A0 Tel: (450)379-9989 Autoroute #10, sortie #55, 3 km sur la #235 Nord.

John & Donna Donaldson JD Farms 329 Brill Road, West Bolton, Quebec J0E 2T0 Tel: (450)539-1862 E-mail:

Les Fermes

Rolling Acres

Angus & Hereford

C 260 H eath R oad,Shaw ville,Q uebec J0X 2Y0 “Breeding for Foundation Cow Families”

John & Pat Duivenvoorden


1672 10th Line, Innisfil, ON L9S 3P3 ❋ (705)431-0319



“Quality Genetics and a Commitment to Service”

Jeff Whitely 1212 Safari Rd, RR #1 Millgrove (Flamborough) Ontario L0R 1V0

Home: 905-659-4071 Fax: 905-659-4316 Email:

Rideau Angus (613)258-2762 Farm R.R. #4, Kemptville, ON K0G 1J0 Doug & Carolyn Milne-Smith

D & C Cattle Co

Rob & Sandy Foubert 613/258-1062 4373 Rideau River Road, Kemptville, ON K0G 1J0


Page 72

Fall Commercial 2010*

Stephen & Paula

Laird & M ary



Fax:(819)647-3541 // steve@

Ad Index Allencroft Angus ........................................................................... 53 Atlasta Angus ................................................................................. 41 Bandura Ranches .......................................................................... 11 Belvin Angus ............................................................................. OBC Black Magic ................................................................................... 43 BJ Cattle Co. ................................................................................... 27 Blairs.Ag Cattle Co ..................................................................... 23 Border Butte Angus .................................................................. 53 Brookmore Angus ..................................................................... 26 Brylor Ranch ............................................................................... IFC Calgary Bull Sale ...................................................................... 32 Canadian Beef Breeds .............................................................. 40 Cooke Livestock ............................................................................ 35 Crowfoot Cattle Co ..................................................................... 49 DJ Henderson & Associates ........................................................ 51 Farmfair (Northlands) ............................................................ 38 Get-A-Long Stock Farms ............................................................. IBC Glen Islay Angus ......................................................................... 5 Hamilton Farms ................................................................... 12, 13 Hirsche Adams Angus ............................................................ 28, 29 JD Lann Cattle Co .................................................................. 30 Johnson/Fertile Valley .................................................................... 4 Kinared Stock Farm .................................................................... 34 Lazy S Ranch ............................................................................ 33 LLB Angus ................................................................................ 22 Mackenzie Sale Management ....................................................... 30 Masterpiece Angus Sale ............................................................ 37 Mountain View Farms ............................................................ 16, 17 Optimal Bovines Inc ...................................................................... 37 Ole Farms ..................................................................................... 3 Quantum Genetics .................................................................. 39 Saskalta Angus ............................................................................... 10 Six Mile Ranch Ltd ..................................................................... 31 Triara Superior Genetics .................................................................. 8 P&H Ranching Co ....................................................................... 24 Peak Dot Ranch ....................................................................... 6, 7, 9 Remington Land & Cattle Co ................................................. 21, 23 Remitall Farms .............................................................................. 20 Willabar Ranch .............................................................................. 57 WRAZ Red Angus ........................................................................ 36

Angus World

Events Calendar October 30 LLB Autumn Opportunity Female Sale, Erskine, AB November 5-6 Circle G Angus & D Bar C Cattle Dispersal Sale, Lacombe, AB November 5-14 Farmfair International, Edmonton, AB November 16 JD Lann Dispersal Sale, Olds, AB November 17 Hirsche Adams Angus Bull Sale, High River, AB November 20 Hirsche Adams Angus Dispersal Sale, High River, AB November 24 Masterpiece Angus Sale, Regina, SK December 2 Peak Dot Ranch Bull & Female Sale, Wood Mountain, SK December 4 Saskalta Production Sale, Saskatoon, SK December 4 Remington Land & Cattle Commercial Heifer Sale, High River, AB December 4 Red Coat Angus Sale, Brandon, MB December 4 Keystone Classic Sale, Brandon, MB December 8 Cudlobe Angus Bull Sale, Stavely, AB December 8 Peak Dot Ranch Proven Producers Cow Sale, Swift Current, SK December 8 Remington Land & Cattle Commercial Heifer Sale, Fort Macleod, AB December 10 National Angus Finals Sale, Las Vegas, NV December 11 Kinared Stock Farm Dispersal Sale, Swift Current, SK December 11 Atlasta Bull & Seriously Black Female Sale, Sylvan Lake, AB December 13 Hamilton Farms ‘Feature Female’ Sale, Cochrane, AB December 14 Remington Land & Cattle Co Select Female Sale, Del Bonita, AB December 20 Mountain View Farms Complete Dispersal Sale, Virden, MB January 29 Lazy S Ranch Bull Power 2011, Mayerthorpe, AB January 29 MC Quantock Bull Sale, Lloydminster, SK February 12 P&H Ranching Bull Sale, Innisfail, AB February 12 Soderglen Select Sale, Airdrie, AB February 21 Ole Farms Family Day Sale, Athabasca, AB February 22 Willabar Ranch Black Angus Bull Sale, Claresholm, AB March 1 Remington Land & Cattle Bull Sale, Del Bonita, AB March 2 - 3 Calgary Bull Sale, Calgary, AB March 4 Cattleman’s Connection Bull Sale, Brandon, MB March 5 Mountain View Farms ’The Final Chapter’ Sale, Virden, MB March 5 Cutting Edge Bull Sale, Rimbey, AB March 12 LLB Spring Spectacular Sale, Erskine, AB March 16 Angus for the Future Bull Sale, Westerose, AB March 18 Bowerman & Guest Bull Sale, Meadow Lake, SK March 19 Signature Series Bull Sale, Brooks, AB April 1 Triple J Farms Bull Sale, Whitewood, SK April 2 Rancher’s Choice Black Angus Bull Sale, Medicine Hat, AB April 4 Hamilton Farms Bull Sale, Cochrane, AB April 7 Crowfoot Cattle Co Angus Bull Sale, Standard, AB April 7 Lacombe Bull Sale, Lacome, AB April 13 Cooke Livestock Bull Sale, Blackie, AB April 16 Cornerstone Bull Sale, Whitewood, SK

Angus World Fall Commercial Edition 2010, Volume 18, Issue 4  

Angus World Fall Commercial Edition 2010, Volume 18, Issue 4