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Let collaboration flow.

With issuu Collaborate, your entire team works simultaneously in the planning and production of each publication.

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Publish with ease.

Within minutes of uploading, your publication is beautifully presented on desktops and mobile devices around the world.

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Build a better audience.

In addition to millions seeking their favorite content on issuu, tap into your social networks and embed on your site or blog.

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Is that a future publishing mogul we see?

Digital publishing as easy as upload, enhance, repeat.

Drag, Drop and Delight

Simply upload your document and we’ll convert it to display beautifully everywhere.

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iOS, Android and Everywhere Else

Once published, it is automatically viewable in the issuu universe on desktops and mobile web, along with tablets and smartphones via our free native apps.

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Let Your Readers Interact

For more reader interactivity, enhance your publications with URLs, YouTube and Vimeo embeds, Shopping links and more.

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My, what an amazing audience you have.

Don’t just build an audience, build a better one.

Bring it Home, Share Everywhere

Beyond issuu’s global universe, find an even greater audience by embedding your publication on your site or blog, and seamlessly sharing it across social networks.

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Stats Down to the Page

Use issuu’s advanced analytics to help get a better understanding of what your audience is reading, for how long and what they’re sharing.

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Ah, the joys of seamless collaboration.

Ready to stop herding your team like cats?

Whip Your Workflow Into Shape

As part of Optimum’s features, issuu Collaborate is the easiest way for lean editorial teams to plan and produce publications from start to finish, all in one place.

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Use Flatplan for Your Workflow

Your flatplan keeps editors, contributors and ad-sales staff on the same page as tasks are assigned and assets are gathered.

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Adobe InDesign® Integration

Upload materials, preview and approve layouts with powerful Adobe InDesign® integration.

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Atlas engages their world.

Although issuu’s audience numbers are massive, the founders of Atlas recognize consistency and quality are what truly drive readership.

issuu gives us a platform for offering Atlas to the whole world for free. There are so many people coming to Atlas — you can’t beat that.
Olivia Bossert
Editor in Chief of Atlas

Draze knows and grows.

Draze, a 1-year-old yoga magazine, is a prime example of how easy issuu makes it to turn creative vision into a growing business.

By the third issue, we understood with our positioning and issuu’s hard-hitting stats that we could charge a lot more for ads.
Abizer "Beez" Kapadia
Creative Director of Draze

Ready For Action.

Customized Reader

Customize your reader with a logo, background image and ad removal, as well as create a standalone reader so your audience can link directly to your publication.

Auto-detected Links

All URLs that are part of your document before it’s uploaded are automatically converted to active links once your publication goes live.

Scheduled Releases

Keep your editorial calendar running like a well-oiled machine by scheduling publication release dates up to 30 days in advance.


Use issuu’s API tool to automate uploads, customize integrations with your site and efficiently upload your entire back catalog.

Visibility Options

Give readers a direct link to your publication, allow downloads for offline reading, or, choose to keep it unlisted, so it’s only visible to the people with which you share it.


Have issuu print your publication to distribute anywhere in the world … the good old-fashioned way. Pre-ordering not required.

SEO Ready

Your publications are more easily found through web searches because we automatically optimize them for search-engine visibility.


Remove Related

Control whether related publications are shown beside your content on embedded readers.


Non-Member Downloads

Give those without an issuu account the ability to download your publications for offline viewing and sharing.

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