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Bikinis 2o12 Top 5 SumMer must have’s High fashion vs StreEt Style MAY 2012 £1.50

Charity Shopping, How it’s done!

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Page 7. Editors letTer/contacts Page 8-9. TOP FIVE Must have’s Page 11. Bikinis Page 12-13. ShopPing in West Quay, Southampton Page 15. Budget buys Page 16-18. JewelLery Designers Page 20. Why high-streEt fashion is fashionable Page 21. Favourite high-streEt store of the month Page 23. Expensive vs budget Page 24-27. Fashion trends this sumMer Page 31-33. Charity shopPing Page 34-36. WOLFE Page 38-39. .com buys


Page 40. SunglasSes Page 43-45. Fashion students Page 46-48. Shoes Page 50-51. AcCesSories

StreetStyle Magazine, London BN2E 13E

Page 53-54. StreEt style blogGers Page 55-56. One item, Four difFerent loOks Page 58. Flip flops Page 59. Lingerie Page 62-63. What’s in your wardrobe? Page 65. Nails

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Editors & Design Diretors: Cerie Powell - Ceriepowell@ Charlotte Page - Charlottepage@ Shamim Williamson

Contents Page

StreEt Style. 2012

Page 5.

Editors LetTer

!"#$%&'() *+$$+& StreEtStyle Magazine,

Welcome, to the first edition of StreetStyle Magazine. StreetStyle is the first magazine to feature affordable fashion from the high-street, catering to the desire for fashion on a shoestring budget. This issue will feature an interview with Georgia Williams (page 15), sharing her opinions on why budget fashion is best. Shamim Williamson has the low down on the designers of the future as she speaks to fashion students from all over the UK, who share their knowledge and inspirations with you (page 43). New up and coming band Wolfe are exclusively interviewed by Charlotte Page (page 34). They discuss their individual styles and who has fashion envy in the group. Cerie Powell discusses the creativity of hand-made jewellery, putting their own personal stamp on fashion. In addition StreetStyle provides you with the latest summer trends from sunglasses to bikinis, shoes, accessories and lingerie, helping you to achieve an on trend, fashion forward look that won’t break the bank.

StreEt Style. 2012

Page 7.



-./0123/4&5678&861&./9821/0&:..;<&721&=.2&863<& <17<./>&-1::&6121&721&861&8.?&=3@1&+ABB12&BA<8& 67@1C<D&E7@1&7&?11;&7/0&<11&5678&F.A&863/;D

&'()$*+,-.($$$ !"#$%&'()*#

TexMex crop top £30. Long blue and red dress £55 both Asos Multi-colured cotton shorts £32 Zip crop top £30 Aztec dress £42 all Topshop.

This trend was big last Summer; there is just no stopping it. It continues to be just as popular this year becoming this seasons most vibrant look. Inject some tribal graphics into your wardrobe with strong hues and prints, adding a splash of colour to your wardrobe.


For this Summer’s trend think old school ice cream parlour. The candy hues are feminine and pristine with peppermint green, powder pink, sunflower yellow, crisp coral and frosty blue filling the shops. Combine with subtle floral prints to Dusty Rose top £28 finish off the look. Light blue demin dress £40 both

Dorothy Perkins Crocket top £30 Topshop. Multi coloured cut out dress £20 Playsuit £40 both Miss Selfridge

Page 8.

StreEt Style. 2012

!"#$%&' Choose shockingly bold bright colours and wear with camel tones for the perfect contrast this season. Colour blocking neon’s will make you stand out from the crowd, do you dare to wear? Here are some of the most electric pieces on the high-street.

Heart back pink dress £55 Multi coloured skirt £20 both Topshop. Orange Jacket £40 Bright yellow dress £35 both Miss Selfridge. Bright Jeans £25 Dorothy Perkins.

()"'*+), #-'.#")/

Black and gold leggings £20 Topshop. Flower leggings £20 Miss Selfridge. Sleeveless shirt £28, Scarve print top £30, sleeveless top £26 all Dorothy Perkins.

H&Ms recent collaboration with Italian Fashion house Versace, has inspired the high-street with the labels signature print of rich, decadent floral motifs paying homage to the late Gianni Versace. This over-thetop pattern is most definitely a fashion statement.,

'.0&',1,'&"#.)' Spots and stripes are huge trends this season so make sure you jump on the band wagon and mix and match them. These two patterns work beautifully together. They complement each other, try mixing together different sizes and colours for that perfectly clashed chic look.

StreEt Style. 2012

Striped shorts £32, striped jeans £40, striped shirt £20 all Topshop. Polka dot top £28. Polka dot dress £35 both Dorothy Perkins.

Page 9.


Floral Urban OutfitTers: £32

Gingham Dorothy Perkins: £10 & £10


Tropical £16 & £14

StreEt Style. 2012

Aztec Topshop: £30

Page 11.


Page 12.

Monique Edwards, 20 from Southampton wears: Jumper-Charity Shop, Leggings-Topshop, Shoes-Schuh Original Images

Hannah Williams, 21 from Cheltenham wears: Top-River Island, JumperPrimark, JacketVintage, Shoes-Office, Necklace-Topshop

!"#$%%&#'#$()*#$%#+%,$-'.*$%/01#!"1$#2,'3#1-%**)/4#5"/$("#$%#*)5&#%,$#$-"# 4)(61#7"#$-%,4-$#-'8#'#4("'$#+$(""$#1$36"9#:-)1#)1#7-'$#7"#;%,/8<

Lauren Cammerson, 17 from the West End wears: Leggings-Republic, Top-Peacocks, Shoes-Converse, Jacket-Primark.


Monica Sutherland, 18 from Southampton wears: Top-Urban Outfitters, BottomsH&M, Jumper-Criminal Damage

StreEt Style. 2012


Tida Bradshaw, 20 from Southampton wears: Top-Vintage, JacketNewlook, Jeans-Vintage, Shoes-Urban Outfitters, Necklace-Topshop

Stacy Burk, 18 from Southampton wears: Top-Urban Outfitters, Leggings-Ebay, JumperCharity Shop, JacketZara, Scarf-Charity Shop, Shoes-Blitz

StreEt Style. 2012

Tara Durden-Lyte, 18 from Southampton wears: Top-H&M, Jumper-Primark, Leggings-Newlook, Trainers-JD Sports

Holy Clapham, 18 from Bournemouth wears: Top-Zara, Jacket-Topshop, Shorts-H&M, ShoesNew Look

Page 13.


Budget Buyer

2*3/'&!(4&55&!6-7(89(:/36(;3<$%!6,$3" &-(!(=<>'*$(=<#*/7(-%*()&55("*.*/(=<#( !"#$%&"'()&$%(!"(*+,*"-&.*(,/&0*$!'1 "#$%&!'%()!*+,-!.%/!0--(!0/1)-2!0/.3()4! ! Ever since I got my first allowance from my mother, when I was 13, I used to search for things in the market that looked similar to things in the magazines I was reading.

5#6%! .%/! 7-8/9-! 2%! 0/.! +(.2*3()! 8/'': ;73<-4 Yes! I believe that there are always pieces out there that are at least half the price, you just have to hunt for them. I explore the shops and go to different towns and charity shops. Vintage shops are great for finding affordable items that fit in with the season’s fashion.

=#>*+2! &+9! 2*-! '+92! 2*3()! .%/! 0%/)*2?! &*-7-!&+9!32!87%@!+(1!*%&!@/<*4

I bought a blue and yellow shirt from H&M, which was 7.99, I then made it into a crop top, something I can wear for summer and now I suppose.

A#>*+2! +7-! .%/7! 8+,%/732-! $3)*:B27--2! 9*%;94

I love Zara as they have great versions of the catwalk trends. I also love River Island and you can’t go wrong with Primark, digging around for their best buys, you wouldn’t even know they were from Primark when I’m finished with them!

Original Image

C#>*%!39!.%/7!92.'-!3<%(4! It has to be Kelly Brook; she dresses great for her shape and really experiments with trends from different eras, especially the 50s.

StreEt Style. 2012

Page 15.

& & % % " & " $ % $ $ " $ " $ & " # $ % # " " " ! "# !"$$ & & ! #" "% "% $ $ " & ! "$ "$"% # # $ " " $ ! ! " # " ! y er s. elL er w n je ig e es d a d m - ng d n mi a h co e t ndi ur p-a o v u fa ng â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s you e yl st t e S t eb reE th t S om fr

Page 16.

StreEt Style. 2012, original images



StreEt Style has beEn on the hunt for some of the best creative individuals whose pasSion for fashion has seEn them take style into their own hands. We have hand picked two of our favourite up and coming jewelLery makers, whose hand-made designs wilL be top of your must have lists once you seE their beautiful pieces featured exclusively in StreEt Style. Love Birds Necklace Cute Little Birds on Branch Necklace £14.62

!"#$%&' ()*$* Silent Roses is the name given to the creative range of jewellery hand-made and designed by Mel of Denmark. Each and every item is made by Mel alone and all pieces have their own individual story to tell. The Silent Roses collection is inspired by all things from nature, animals and people, to music, movies and all the wonderful things in the world that have sparked Mel’s creativity and desire to turn them into fashionable statement items that you’ll want to wear for every occassion.

“!"#$%&'()*$*'*+$,-*','#,%./,.$' 0$',##'/%1$2*&,%1 ”

All of Silent Roses pieces are beautifully unique and would be the finishing touch to any outfit. Every piece has such character which makes Silent Roses jewellery a staple item for all the fashion conscious. Intricately detailed and stunning individuality, will have everybody envious of these fashionable accessories. Tell a story with your jewellery. Make a bold statement with Silent Roses for an on-trend look in all situations.

Patina Swallow Birdcage Necklace Gold Bird House Verdigris Swallow Necklace £15.89

StreEt Style. 2012

Page 17.


!"#$%&'% ()*&'+% Lace in Spring is a stunning collection of earrings, pendants, rings and bracelets, all the craftsmanship of Chinese designer Pan. All these products are hand made by Pan and made to measure to ensure they are perfectly designed for you. The Lace in Spring collection is very heavily inspired by fairytales and features some great storybook items, perfect for the child inside all of us.

Antique brass resin blue eyeball pendant alloy earrings £5.08

Every piece is different in some way, which is the beauty of hand-made jewellery. These pieces are truly unique, with every item having its own personality and making every wearer individual. Relive your childhood with Lace in Spring and indulge in the fashionable delights of this wonderfully, magical jewellery.

Page 18.

“!"#$%&'%()*&'+%&,%"% -$"*"./$%0"&*12"/$ ”, original images

White unicorn with oval blue resin alloy ring £4.13

Antique bronze 3D hollow-out elephant pendant alloy chain £3.17

StreEt Style. 2012


Why the High-streEt can be: !"#$%&'"()* !"# $%&# '()# *+$,)-*'..$# /&+# 0'*1-2%%(3# %(# "('45,$# 6&*+# ,%.)# '# /'47# %4-+()48# /'(7'94# +1)4# ,%%5# 4%# "&(+1)(# +1'4# +1)# 1971-*+())+:# With top designers such as Versace, Stella McCartney and Marni launching their own exclusive ranges at H&M, High end fashion can now be introduced into your wardrobe at the fraction of the price tag. For those style conscious fashionistas, the high-street can be just as chic with clothing influenced by designers and the catwalk meaning you get to wear the look but without going into your overdraft. High-street fashion can be for the skint yet stylish. Just because you shop high-street doesn’t mean you don’t know your fashion. For instance just look at Topshop, how far has this high-street brand made a name for itself among designer royalty, with celebrities and stylists constantly being spotted in their ‘favourite’ high-street store, and seen adorning a range of embelishments from Topshop. Fashion icon Kate Moss is such a huge fan that she’s even designed her own range for the store.

Images sourced from, PR Shots and GPS Styles.

Above: Floral blazer £20, Floral trousers £14, Pink bikni top £6, Gold stud hoop earrings £2.50 all Primark.

Right: Lime bodycon dress £8, Blue duffle bag £8, Pink visor £2.50, Pink neon hoops £2, set of neon bangles £3, Pink ring £2.50 all Primark.

Above: Denim waist coat £12, Floral trousers £10, Black boobtube £5, Gold necklace £4, Sunglasses £2, Neon wedges £16, Flower belt £5 all Primark.

Page 20.

Right: Floral Top £10, Floral Wide leg trousers £14, Wedges £16, earrings £2.50, Sunglasses £2 all

With celebrities wearing high-street and even our very own fashion forward Princess Kate Middleton (everything she wears seems to sell out in seconds) we can’t seem to get enough of these high-street labels. The reason being, you can get the latest fashions on a budget. Now tell me who doesn’t love a good old bargain. So here I am telling you how the high-street can be pocket friendly as well as trend setting. The highstreet today has never been quicker at turning catwalk trends into affordable clothes. Meaning that we get to steal their style first, mixing designer with high-street. These high-street outfits are being sold so similar to their designer counterparts, that it takes a sharp eye to spot the difference, and now the designers themselves are getting in on the action with big name collaborations meaning we can now buy designer looks at high-street prices. Topshop was the first high-street store in 2005 to debut its first collection at London Fashion Week; this has created huge opportunities for style-hungry women to get cut-price designer labels. With fashion constantly changing, there is no point spending so much money on something you are going to wear a couple of times. So, instead of buying that REALLY expensive haute couture designer piece that will go out of fashion next season, think Primark. Just take a look at the fashion trends from the streets; you will find some of the most fashionable must-haves that will get you drooling.

Above: Stone dress £35 from Dorothy Perkins.

StreEt Style. 2012

!"#$%&'())' ! " *'+() # $%&#'!($%


Breaking the rules and daring to be difFerent, Topshop stands head and shoulders above the rest to steal StreEt Style’s prestigious High-streEt store of the month award. What makes Topshop’s Spring/SumMer colLection the best for 2012?


Topshop’s aztec prints and bright neon colours have caught Street Style’s attention to take the crown as our favourite high-street store this month. Their summer collection breaks all the traditional rules of fashion. Combining three-dimensional prints with outrageous flashes of colour, which takes trend clashing to a whole new level. Taking inspiration from the Spring/Summer catwalks, Topshop wins the award for bravery by daring to break away from our fashion expectations and making a statement with their trend-setting achievements.,

Intricate tribal printing transforms the common associations of summer, steering away from the boring floral prints reproduced time and time again. Topshop’s innovative collection ensures you will be looking chic and on-trend for the Summer. Pick up your must-have items to make a statement this season. Stand out from the crowd with Topshop and embrace bright, bold pieces that will make you the envy of every fashionista in the country.

StreEt Style. 2012

Page 21.


FulL Skirt DresS, £159,,,,,,,

Lemon Textured Skater DresS, £35. MISS SELFRIDGE


VS Cheap

This month we have paired Ted Baker with High-StreEt brands to find you the best deal, and as it’s sumMer, we’ve chosen the colour YelLow!

Tie Front SleEvelesS Shirt, £26. WAREHOUSE

Bow Neck Detail Top, £99

SkinNy jeans, £79

Contrast Leather ShopPer, £149

StreEt Style. 2012

Boyfriend Fit Chinos, £28 TOPSHOP YelLow Striped Canvas ShopPer, £14.99 NEW LOOK

Page 23.

DresS, £50. Shoes, £60. Necklace, £18.50.

Page 24.

StreEt Style. 2012

This month’s high-StreEt campaign: MisS Selfridge

! "#$%$&''( ) Fashion

Model Left: DresS, £45. Shoes, £60. Rings, £7. Model Right: DresS, £40. Shoes, £55. Bracelet, £8.

Model Left: DresS, £39. Shoes, £60. Bracelet, £8. Model Right: Top, £40. LegGings, £20. Shoes, £60. Bracelets, £10. Necklace, £12.

Top, £39. Shorts, £15. BoOts, £30. Socks, £3. Necklace, £16.50.

y t i r g a n i Ch opp Interview


Josie, a student from Southampton


University has always had an eye for those delectable


found in charity shops. She searches through the







into her fashionable treasure,


a whole new shopPing experience. Josie, when did you decide that you would try your luck with charity shopping? “I’m in my third year at university and really started charity shopping in my first year. I met new friends who had also dabbled in it and found that I had no money for the bigger stores so tried out a few charity shops, my first few times weren’t the best of successes but I carried on, charity shopping is all about patience, if you don’t find something one day don’t fret, you probably will another”. What would you say was the best way to charity shop?

Original Images

“The best way is to go with enough time; you don’t want to be in a rush, you may miss things! Take your time, look through every rail and be open minded, maybe try out something that you wouldn’t normally go for”.

StreEt Style. 2012

Page 31.

It’s extremely cheap!

“Charity shopPing is alL about patience”

Do you think charity shopping is cost efficient? “Very, I wouldn’t normally spend over ten pounds and if I did this would buy a lot! It’s amazing buying something that you really like and cannot wait to wear and spending one pound fifty! I really recommend it if you’re a struggling student or money is a problem because it is extremely cheap!” What has been one of your best buys? “My best buy? Umm this is hard I have so many! I really like my cream top originally from next, ladies wear. It cost just one pound! And is perfect for the summer!” Is your wardrobe bursting at the seams then? “Yes! I’ve had to buy a rail, its perfect though, easy to find what I’m looking for! I went home one weekend and my mum told me to stop spending, i calmly told her it was cheap and cheerful and wasn’t a strain on my student loan. She was soon over it as i took her charity shopping the next day and found her a beautiful dress for her to wear that evening! Have you told all of your friends? Yes! We spend hours together in charity shops trying to the find something amazing, there is a lot of competition because you want to be the one to find that amazing top or that great pair of shoes and when your friend gets there first its quite upsetting, i just make sure that i borrow it from time to time ha ha! Would you recommend charity shopping? “Definitely, go for it, you feel much better about the amount you have saved and every girl loves a new outfit! I’ve charity shopped all over, Southampton, Brighton, Essex and my hometown Kent and believe me there is a lot out there that’s just waiting to be bought, and its cheap!”

Page 32.

StreEt Style. 2012

“You don’t want to be in a rush, you may misS things! Take your time, loOk through every rail and be open minded”.

Summer scarf used as top found in Essex but with no label

Red Seethrough top found in Brighton made by - Karen Millen

Cream short top found also in Brighton made by - Next, Ladieswear/petite

Colourful shorts found in Southampton made by - Bay

StreEt Style. 2012

Page 33.


!"#$% An urban, edgy and feverishly exciting new band has arrived.






form the band, Wolfe. Their music becoming a hit with almost







part ofa bands look; so what do the girls know? !"#$%&'()*%+'(%,#+%+'(-%.#/*,%)''01,$+)2%3,4


C: I would say we have an east London, vintage inspired style with a gothic edge. L: I would say the style of the band is dark, edgy, understated yet fashionable! We love to find hidden gems in random vintage shops and mix and match whatever we find in the wardrobe. N: Dark folk inspired with a contemporary edge. V: We have a vintage look but not really twee girly vintage. Kind of dark edgy and alternative vintage! Wow I sound super cringe.

C: Urban Outfitters L: My favourite high street store would be Urban Outfitters! N: Urban Outfitters V: Most people say Topshop don’t they? It is good but; I am going to be wild and say H&M. I love H&M it’s definitely underrated.

C: I shop in charity shops, vintage stores and markets, though some high street shops such as Urban Outfitters and American Apparel are great as they also stock vintage clothing. L: We do like our vintage shops however we do hit the high street as often as possible. Topshop and Urban Outfitters are definitely my favourite fancies! Especially the restored vintage section in Urban Outfitters there’s always a tasty number in there. As for Topshop I do have to say they have great accessories that can transform an outfit. I’m hooked on big rings and chunky collars. Also I love the range of ear cuffs they have started doing! N: Yes, but also at vintage style markets. V: Yeah definitely! You’ve got to love the high street shops. It’s particularly good to get your staple basics from the high street. A good pair of black jeans and things like vest tops are perfect, the rest we mix and match between online boutiques, vintage and charity shops around London and Brighton.

Page 34.

C: Because they have really good quality clothes. I love the styles of most of their stock. L: Just because it is very trendy but not try hard. The clothes are both edgy and stylish which I love; you also get the vintage section that no one can deny is pretty fantastic. N: I love general, versatile, smart/casual and vintage themes, which they have, that can be worn for any occasion. V: Price wise, H&M give you a lot more for your money. Some stuff is even cheaper than Primark now! You also are very unlikely to find someone else wearing the same thing. They have great simple clothes; you can wear them with loads of different things. I’m also the same size in everything and it’s always a nice fit!

!"#$%&'()*%+'(%,#+%+'(-%62-,'/#)%,$+)2%3,4% C: I love Levis shorts, baggy jumpers and vintage patterned tops. I really love Gillian Zinser from 90210; I basically stalk her, as I love everything she chooses. L: Oh god I don’t know how I would describe my personal style!!!!! I’m very open to trying new fashion and styles that

StreEt Style. 2012

Original Images



From left: Victoria, Natalie, Laura and Charlotte come out (never say never). I do love dresses though! All type of dresses!! At the moment my favourite are cut out sides or short at the front and long at the back. N: I’d say sophisticated but casual vintage look with a slight sexy edge. I love Fearne Cotton for her 60’s inspired high-necked elegant looks. Alexa Chung for her slight boyish but sophisticated style and Olivia Palermo for her sexy but incredibly stylish and on trend style. V: Ooh tricky… I’d say I do the whole dark vintage look but maybe slightly rocky? Wow that sounds horrid. I’m into girly stuff but I like a lot of grey and blacks and vintage shorts with

56#7"%89#.+$#7&#+(&#+88#'&($#+99,)-&9# -"#.*"//,24:; baggy jumpers and lots of rings and jewellery. I think actually, it completely depends on my mood, it’s all the same kind of vibe but sometimes I find myself wearing a girlie dress and another day I’ll be in shorts, a crop top and creepers.

!"#$"%#&'&(#)*+(,-$#.*"/0 C: Yes, its definitely different, but I love finding a bargain! L: Definitely shop in charity shops! They are the best. Oversized cardigans and shirts are my favourite and the odd little dress that can be easily altered into a real treat. N: Yes occasionally, I am getting more into it recently as my mum is actually a bit of a charity shop veteran and has been pestering me to come along with her, as we both love finding bargains. V: I do I do I do. I have to be in the right frame of mind because it can be such hard work but you do find some absolute steals in them. There is always some really nice vintage stuff hidden away. They are particularly great for granny-style cardigans. I have tons!

StreEt Style. 2012

1*+-#,.#"2&#"3#$"%(#3+'"%(,-&#(&)&2-#*,4*#.-(&&-#.*"/# /%()*+.&0# C: I bought a really nice purple tie-dye dress with tassels on the back from Topshop. L: Definitely my multi coloured tribal body con dress! I just love it! It looks wicked with studded boots. N: Ooh I’d say a royal blue, long sleeve, military style, low-necked playsuit from Topshop’s vintage section. What a great find. V: I reckon it’s probably a pair of black suede studded heeled boots from a shop called Shoe Zone in Brighton. They’re Jeffery Campbell copies and were an absolute BARGAIN.

1*"#7"%89#$"%#.+$#*+.#-*&#<,44&.-#+99,)-,"2#-"#*,4* .-(&&-#.*"//,240 C: Vikki! L: O god I really don’t know eeeekkkkkkkk N: I’d say myself, as the others tend to explore the vintage/ charity side of things a bit more, although I’m being swayed more recently! However I would say we are all very addicted to shopping in general! V: Wow that’s a hard one. Hmm. I would say Laura is the most addicted to clothes and fashion. The twins probably shop more on the high street than she does, recently they’ve been pulling out some absolute gems that they’ve bought; it’s made me quite jealous! I do have a bit of a problem though. I can’t go shopping and not buy things. So I guess it’s between the twins and me.

=(&#$"%#&2',"%.#"3#+2$#"3#$"%(#<+29>?+-&.#.-$8&0 C: Yes I love all the girls’ styles but am especially jealous of Vikki’s style. She lives in East London so has a really cool natural style! We are all always borrowing her clothes. L: Nope! Everyone likes different things, which is really cool and we all have our own preferred style! This works well as there are

Page 35.

:;'70%'<%)'8%6(7%#$070%"-+%01'*70%"-+% -'7%7'%<'*3$7%9"=.%01.*70>+*$00$0???% )'#$$$$%"%,.7%'<%71"7@A always things we can borrow and swap around! N: Definitely Vikki for her edgy vintage look and endless amount of amazing shirts/cardigans she pulls out! Also she has a lot of friends in the fashion industry, which comes in very handy for us obviously. V: Definitely. I think everyone in the band has a really different look. I seriously envy Nat’s clean and polished aspect, she always looks perfect and elegant even if she’s just in jeans and a jumper! I love Char’s laid back sort of festival vibe. Laura is a fashion genius; she has such a good eye for stuff. She has a really creative, individual style. I can’t pick just one of them!

N: I’ll definitely be pulling out the high-wasted shorts and baggy printed tees and will definitely festival up my usually sophisticated style and be a bit more adventurous. V: I reckon its still the same style but just a Summer less layering etc but not dramatic changes like suddenly wearing bright flowery dresses. I have started getting in the Summer purchases already! Lots of low cut vests and shorts and not to forget maxi skirts/dresses…loveeee a bit of that! I’ve put my Winter fur coat away (its fake don’t worry haha) and I’ve got all of my crop tops ready to go.

!"#$%&'(%")*$"+&%,$$-%,./.-.%01'22.-34 C: No not yet! But H&M seem to always have nice bikinis and are always reasonably priced. L: Definitely not bikini shopping! Need to get the bikini body before the bikini shopping! N: Nope, not yet although I’ve definitely window-shopped recently in Topshop as love some of their high waisted bottoms. I found an amazing all in one strapless, royal blue, polka dot all in one swimsuit with a really low back. Although not so good for the tan lines! Not that I have to worry about that too much anyway. V: I have. I’ve brought two! But only because I’m going to Coachella Festival! Otherwise I leave that until the real Summer like July! I got mine from Primark actually; it’s such a hit or miss in there (mainly miss) that I’ve stopped bothering! But actually they had some nice simple ones in there that were quite flattering!

From Left: Natalie, Victoria, Laura and Charlotte

5.))%&'(%,$%61"-3.-3%&'(*%07&)$%-'8%71"7%0(99$*%.0 1$*$4 C: Yes I really want to get some brown suede pumps and some more denim Levis Shorts. But apart from that will be sticking to what I already wear. L: Won’t exactly change my style but will be taking the black tights off and the dresses might get shorter (just for weather purposes).

Page 36.

Charlotte in Tie-dye dress with tassles on the back

StreEt Style. 2012

!"#$%&'() .combuys

!"#$"%&"'()*##)$%(+,)$)"#$-+./$0.12#$)-$0%23$40$(-5#$ 6*%..%1+)$61*&1%+(7$8)*##)$8)/.#$"1($2-50-(#9$(-5#$ &*#1)$%)#5($:*-5$-4*$:1;-4*%)#$-+.%+#$()-*#($(-$)"1)$ /-4$21+$&#)$04*2"1(%+&$)"#$6#()$649&#)$64/($-+.%+#7$ <+)#*+#)$("-00%+&$519#$#1(/7

Blue and YelLow scarf print dresS £39

Neon American Lips Printed teE £16

Diana Vickers GirafFe Print Tunic DresS £49 Grey Crop Aztex Top £16

Love Label printed shorts £22


Jeans £25

White SeE-through dresS £50 Ice Cream sweat £20 Jean Playsuit £40

High-Waisted shorts £20

Page 38.

Premium BraletTe with heavy beading £55

StreEt Style. 2012,,,,

Floral Bright shorts £22

HatTie Top £12

Liz Crop Top £15 Elizabeth Blouse £18

Blue Shorts £10

PenNy Crop Top £20

Layla LegGings £10

Soya Shorts £15,,,,

Aztex Top £12 Bird Print ButTon Front Playsuit £24.99 Gail Blue Top £8.99

Blue Jean DresS £20

RihanNa High Waisted Shorts £31.95 High Waisted Shorts £10

StreEt Style. 2012

Balsi £8.99

TianNy Striped Bralet Top £21.99

Page 39.


ASOS Round Sunglasses With Pink Mirrored Lens £12.00

AJ Morgan Fervis Stripe Sunglasses £15

ASOS Flat Top Round Sunglasses £15

Mauricio Stein For ASOS Handmade Square Sunglasses With Cut Out Lens £45.00

!"##$% !&'($! Page 40.

StreEt Style. 2012,

ASOS Oversized Retro Sunglasses £12.00


!""#$#%"$&'(%)*+$ ,#-."+#( Joely WoOdward, 21, studies fashion and performance sportswear design at the university colLege of Falmouth in CornwalL.

!"#$%&'$()(*$*%+,-% .,*$%#/,-$%0#*"&,'1% People’s different perspectives on it and how trends repeat themselves in a twisted way.

!"#$%5,%+,-%('6,+% 5(*&7'&'7%$"(%.,*$1 Well as a sportswear designer I love designing wetsuits and excerise gear the most. As a fitness freak myself you have to think about the flexibility of an item and how it will increase performance.

:,2%2,-85%+,-% 5(*;)&/(%+,-)%*('*(% ,0%*$+8(1% I like to be casually different, to put my own mark on something but not stand out from the crowd too much.

!"#$%&*%+,-)% *",99&'7%9"&8,*,9"+1

!"#$%#)(%+,-)% 0#<,-)&$(%$)('5*%)&7"$% ',21%

If something ‘boring’ fits well and makes you feel comfortable, make it your own and make it fresh.

I love native prints. Also pastels have made a come back. Perfect for spring/ summer.

=#<,-)&$(%>(*&7'()*1% I don’t really have any favourite designers but I do love the brands Candy Wetsuits and Obey. They are very different, check them out.

?'(%&$(.%,0%;8,$"&'7%,)% #'%#;;(**,)+%$"#$%+,-% ;,-85'$%8&<(%2&$",-$1% My vans, they are practical for everything from skating to hitting the town on a night out without the pain of heels.

!"#$%&*%+,-)%/(*$% 2,)3%$,45#$(1

Original images

A wetsuit collection inspired by native shape that I have recently done. I could really have fun with it, making them quirky and colourful.

!",%&*%+,-)%*$+8(% &'*9&)#$&,'1% I am a huge fan of Volcom as a brand, they sell both style and a lifestyle. Joely with the skating clothes she designed for a project.

StreEt Style. 2012

Page 43.

!",%&*%+,-)%*$+;(% &'*:&)#$&,'1%


I wouldn’t say that I had a particular person that I look to for style inspiration as such, however if I see something I like on the TV, tumblr, in magazines or on the street then I might try it out. I think its much more interesting to pinch little elements from random sources, then it’s a much more individual statement.

Zoe Askew , 20, studies Fashion and Textiles at the University of West London, in Ealing.

!"#$%&'$()(*$*%+,-% .,*$%#/,-$%0#*"&,'1% I specialised in knitwear, and so I would say that. I really enjoy all the elements of it, how you can get so many different shapes and patterns from one ball of wool and some needles! I really find that there is so much that you can do, and that a concept can come from the smallest most insignificant thing and be turned into a work of art.

!"#$%5,%+,-%('>,+% 5(*&9'&'9%$"(%.,*$1

<,2%2,-;5%+,-% 5(*=)&/(%+,-)%*('*(% ,0%*$+;(1%

Absolute favourite is Burberry Prorsum (Christopher Bailey) just because he uses such wonderful tones of colour, and their overall look is fabulously British. Another designer is an Eco designer, Ada Zanditon, she has awesome concepts, and her digital art is great. I also like Mark Fast, just because his knitwear is amazing.

!"#$%&*%+,-)% *",::&'9%:"&;,*,:"+1

I tend to pick clothing styles that are quite relaxed and informal, with very subtle colours. I don’t like anything that is uncomfortable to wear or fussy to look at. Jeans, a t-shirt and a pair of Converse trainers make me very happy.

!"#$%#)(%+,-)% 0#7,-)&$(%$)('5*%)&9"$% ',21% I’m not usually a fan of overbearingly bright colour palettes, but this season’s pastel theme is really nice. Another thing I like is the range of digital printed fabrics that are everywhere at the minute. I quite like mixing up some of the other trends (metallic, baroque styling, drop waist) with these to create a statement.

Be logical. I always find that if I see something I really like, then it has to work with other items I already own. If it doesn’t then I don’t buy it. It saves me from having too many spontaneous items that I’ve never worn.

?'(%&$(.%,0%=;,$"&'9%,)% #'%#==(**,)+%$"#$%+,-% =,-;5'@$%;&7(%2&$",-$1% My leather jacket! Somehow this item works with everything! Jeans, a long dress, leggings, almost anything! Also, my Michael Kors watch, practical choice!

The best thing is coming up with a design and testing it out, trying to make it work, and then finally getting to the making process. Seeing the garment how you originally planned it in your head actually working out is a good feeling.

!"#$%&*%+,-)%/(*$% 2,)3%$,45#$(1 My last semester work was based on tailoring, which was quite a challenge. However I achieved a good tailored coat that had knitted aspects to it.

Page 44.

Right: The tailored coat that Zoe made. Below: A knitted piece that she is currently working on.

StreEt Style. 2012

!")%&'%()*+%'$(4-% &6'>&+#$&)62% I don’t have one particular style inspiration, personally I don’t really have much style. I get inspired by other peoples style, although catwalk shows are lovely, even if they don’t always display the most wearable clothes!

3).%.)*41%()*% 1-'5+&,-%()*+%'-6'-% )7%'$(4-2% Christina Marie Stone, 21, studies Fashion Design and Development at Southampton Solent University

I mix it up. One day I’ll be dressed all pretty and girly in pink/bows/flowers and the next I’ll be in black jeans and an oversized t-shirt. It really depends on my mood and what I’m planning to do with my day.

!"#$%#+-%()*+% !"#$% &6$-+-'$'% ()*% 7#8)*+&$-%$+-61'%+&9"$% 6).2% ;)'$%#,)*$%7#'"&)62% I find the way trends cycle really interesting and how everyone has a different vision of what they think is beautiful.

Definitely the bright pastels we’ve seen all over the catwalk. I love bright colours so it’s really refreshing to finally see some colour coming through to the high street. I’m bored of neutrels!

?#8)*+&$-%@-'&96-+'2% My favourite couture house is Valentino. I love everything they design, it would be my dream to work there. I also adore Karl Lagerfeld and what he does for Chanel. I think he’s an amazing person and very inspiring.

!"#$%&'%()*+% '")>>&69%>"&4)')>"(2 I think people should be investing in key pieces which will last a long time, it would be nice to reduce our consumerist lifestyles a little. I often look at something and mentally decide how much I’m willing to pay for it, if it’s more than that when I look at the price tag I won’t buy it.

:6-%&$-;%)7%54)$"&69%)+% #6%#55-'')+(%$"#$%()*% 5)*416<$%4&8-%.&$")*$2% I couldn’t live without watches. I wear one everyday and have at least 12 of them. I don’t know why I love them so much but I do!

!"#$%1)%()*%-6=)(% 1-'&96&69%$"-%;)'$2 I love making dresses, my ‘handwriting’ (the style of my designing) is very feminine so I enjoy designing anything that’s pretty, I use alot of detailing in my work, that’s kind of my thing. I always use the best quality fabrics I can afford and I think it makes such a difference to the end result.

!"#$% &'% ()*+% ,-'$% .)+/%$)01#$-2 It’s hard to say, probably the things I am making now for my final collection, it’s like a culmination of all the things I’ve learned so far.

A few pieces from Zoe’s final collection.

StreEt Style. 2012

Page 45.



Make a statement this sumMer with fun, fancy foOtwear. Bright colours are key for an on-trend loOk this season so get shopPing and pick up a pair of StreEt Styleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s faves! Page 46.

StreEt Style 2012,



StreEt Style 2012








Page 47.

!"#$%&'()*+)),"-&./0 1(%,&.20

3%),"%$4+5%$6,&.789:: ;4<(<&./=


Page 48.



StreEt Style 2012



!"#$%&!!'! £15, ACCESSORIZE

()&*'%'+! £16, TOPSHOP £5, F&F at TESCO




£8, BHS








£8.50, TOPSHOP

Page 50.

StreEt Style. 2012

Images sourced from,,,,,, direct.,,,, PR shots and GPS Styles.

As we alL know acCesSories are key to finishing ofF any outfit, whether you’re on a night out or chilLing at a music festival make sure you are at the top of the trends with these must-have acCesSories.







£3.50, TOPSHOP



('%+! £20, RIVER ISLAND






StreEt Style. 2012

Bottom photo: Swimsuit £15, Sunglasses £5, Earrings £4, Necklace £6.50, Bangles from £5 all Matalan.

Page 51.




For experimental fashion advice WishWishWish is the perfect blog to folLow. This brilLiant blog takes a focus on alL things vintage. For some great style advice and tips for the best vintage loOks, StreEt Style advises you to take a loOk and be truly inspired.,

Carrie has been nominated in a number of fashion magazine polls for the UKs best blogger and we can see why. Her vintage style is inspiring for all the fashionistas out there who arenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t afraid to stand out from the crowd and indulge in some great vintage delights posted daily.

If vintage is your thing and even if its not, its worth taking a look at for some inspirational style advice and some brillliant tips on the best places to shop for some budget vintage buys. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not just her name she has in common with the famous fashion forward Miss Carrie Bradshaw of Sex and the City, Carrie has a great eye for putting together show-stopping outfits to stop you from blending in with your surroundings. And the best thing about it is, she shares it with all of us, so get online and take advantage.

StreEt Style. 2012



Wish Wish Wish is a vintage fashion blog set up by fashion student Carrie. Originally from Somerset but now living and embracing the great city of London, she has pieced together some of the best style advice and fashion tips to cater to your vintage needs.

Page 53.


With tips on charity shopping and the best way to search the half-price rails in Topshop, Jen makes budget buying easy for all of us. A Little Bird Told Me is the blog that proves fashion can be affordable, showing us how to achieve an on-trend look that will make you the envy of any fashionista.



A Little Bird Told Me is the perfect blog to follow for tips on finding budget purchases that won’t break the bank. Jen Holmes, an online writer from Leeds, shares her passion for bargain hunting in second hand shops and shopping on a shoe-string budget. With the analogy that to be stylish doesn’t take a millionaire’s bank account, Jen uncovers the hidden gems of the high-street.

Lady M Presents is the blog with alL the insider information from the fashion world. An editorial style has encouraged an online magazine feEl, informational and entertaining, makes Lady M Presents a StreEt Style fave!

This is a great blog to follow if, like the most of us, fashion has become your life. With fantastic exclusives from the catwalks, Lady M makes sure you know where to go shopping to find all the ontrend, cheaper alternatives. Give yourself a head start in the fashion stakes and make sure you get that on-trend look before everyone else.

Page 54.



Lady M Presents, provides you with all the fashion scoop you won’t find anywhere else. It’s editorial style makes each and every post as exciting as the last. Lady M is the creation of Rachel MontagueEbbs, a regular contributor to the BBC on television and radio. Her insider links to the wonderful world of fashion and true passion for the whole industry makes this blog deserving of recognition.

StreEt Style. 2012,

A LitTle Bird Told Me is the ultimate budget fashion blog, ofFering a helping hand in the search for the best bargains on ofFer at alL of our favourite High-StreEt strores.A blog that represents everything StreEt Style stands for is definitely worth a read.




Original Images

!"#$%&'(%$)**'+%,+-.&%/)01#00'+$%023%#$%.%*)$0%".4'5%('%624'%#0%$2%*)7"%0".0%('84'% $096':%.%622;%12+%.66%277.$#2&$<%="62'%>.0'+$2&5%?@%1+2*%A2)0".*302&%*2:'6$<

B'$0#4.6%C22; Using your new summer top, team it with a pair of vintage high-waisted shorts to get the perfect festival look Urban Outfitters top, £25 is teamed with burgundy high-waisted shorts also from Urban Outfitters, £32 and necklace from H&M, £7.

StreEt Style. 2012

Urban Outfitters top, £25 is teamed with denim high-waisted shorts from a charity shop, £4 and bandeau, £2 from primark.

Page 55.



Urban Outfitters top, £25 is teamed with jeans from Topshop, £25 for the perfect daytime look.

Urban Outfitters top, £25 is teamed with leggings from H&M, £8 and a dinner jacket found in a charity shop £8 as well as a necklace from Urban Outfitters, £14.

!"#$%&'&'"()&'#% Want to be involved with your favourite high-street buy and pose for StreetStyle magazine? Name............................... Age................. Why we should choose you.......................................................................................................................................... .......................................................................................................................................................................................... .......................................................................................................................................................................................... .... Address............................................................................................................................................................................ ........................................................................................................................................................................................... Telephone............................................

Page 56.

StreEt Style. 2012

Page 58.

Look into buying yourself a great pair of Flip Flops this Summer. StreetStyle have picked out some of the best for both style and comfort, making them your Summer must have! Here are our favourite top five fabulous flip flops, enjoy!

From Top; Monsoon baby-girl flip flops £18. Accessorize thread flip flops £10.Accessorize Retro Flip Flops £6. Accessorize pink flip flops £8. Brantano zebra flip flops £6.

StreEt Style. 2012,,,




L veLingerie,,,,,,

Fancy spicing up your sumMer with some sexy Lingerie? Here are the high-streEts best buys

Topshop: Pink Cotton Bra £18, Briefs: £7 New Look: Bra £15, Briefs £8

Ann Summers: Bra £30, Briefs £14

StreEt Style. 2012

Simply Yours: Bra £29, Knicker £14

Debenhams: Bra £20, Briefs: £10

Marks & Spencer: Bra £16, Briefs: £7.50

Simply Yours: Bra £50, Knicker £30

Page 59.


!"#$%&'() *+%#,+&0+ ) / . )*)+, 3 ( ' ' & % !"#$ (+1&2'" '"

Urban Outfitters £28

?#8(8+ 8(1-2+ )"&$')+ #$(+ #+ .%#))-.+ #28+ )'#,%(+ 9#$8$&>(+,-(.(<+7&6+.#2'+ @&+ 9$&2@+ 9-'"3+ 4"()(+ 4&,)"&,+ )"&$')+ #$(+ #+ Topshop £30 @$(#'+ ,$-.(<+ @$#>+ '"(1+ 9"-%(+7&6+.#23 A(&2+ -)+ #2&'"($+ '$(28+ '"#'+ -)+ >-@+ '"-)+ )611($B++ C'+-)+#+"#$8+%&&/+'&+,6%%+&00+ #)+7&6+8&2'+9#2'+'&+%&&/+ %-/(+ 7&6+ "#:(+ =6)'+ .&1(+ 0$&1+ #+ $#:(3+ !"&&)(+ #2+ #..())&$7+ %-/(+ '"-)+ >#@+ '&+ .#$$7+ &00+ '"(+ '$(28+ ,($0(.'%73

Page 62.

4"-)+ 56-$/7+ 8#-)7+ '&,+ 9-%%+ 1#/(+ 7&6+ '"(+ (2:7+ &0+ #%%+ 7&6$+ 0$-(28)3+ ;($0(.'+ 0&$+ '"(+ )611($+ )(#)&2<+ =6)'+ '(#1+ 9-'"+ )"&$')+ #28+ )#28(%)+ 0&$+ #+ >(#."+ %&&/+&$+#+,#-$+&0+.&%&6$06%+ =(#2)+ '&+ )'#28+ &6'+ 0$&1+ '"(+.$&983

Miss Selfridge £15

StreEt Style. 2012,,, PR shots and GPS styles.

Every month we bring you our favourite picks from the high-streEt.


/"$7" ? 4 , 6 " ,:A/ *+; : ' @+ :$(

Topshop £40

3,&" 1)&" ,/" '" +0-&" *5&(1" *+,/" /0::&5<" ,*" ,/" &%&5).+&5&"$("*+&"+,-+" /*5&&*;" =$0" 4'(" .&'5" ,*" /08*#&*)" .,*+" *+,/" *$6" $5" )$0" 4'(" -$" 70##" $0*" .,*+"'"5'(-&"$7"4$#$05/;" >&'5"'*"'"7&/*,%'#"7$5"*+&" 0#*,:'*&" 7&/*,%'#" 4+,4" #$$?;"

Miss Selfridge £42

!" #$%&" '()*+,(-" .,*+" /*01/2" 3+&/&" 40*&" +,-+" .',/*&1" /*011&1" /+$5*/" '5&" 6&57&4*" 7$5" 15&//,(-" 06" .,*+" '" 6',5" $7" +&&#/" $5"15&//,(-"1$.(".,*+"'" 6',5"$7"4$(%&5/&"*5',(&5/" '(1"'"8'--)"90:6&5;" 3+&/&" 45&':" 6#'*7$5:/" '5&"'":0/*C+'%&"*$")$05" /+$&"4$##&4*,$(;"3+&)".,##" ($*" $(#)" 15&//" 06" &%&5)" $0*7,*" 80*" *+&)" .,##" -$" .,*+" &%&5)*+,(-" ,(" )$05" .'515$8&;"D&7,('*&#)"'(" ,(%&/*:&(*"-,5ls.

Topshop £18 E'/F0&/" '5&" *+&" (&." 45$6" *$6;" >&'5" .,*+" +,-+" .',/*&1" *5$0/&5/<" $5" /+$5*/" #,?&" *+,/" 6',5" 75$:" 058'(" $0*7,**&5/" 7$5" *+&" 6&57&4*" 4$(*5'/*" '(1" '" /*)#,/+" :,G" $7"8$#1/"'(1"85,-+*/;"

Topshop £22


A/"6,4? /" :$(* $7"*+&" +;

River Island D&:,(;" B+&4?;" H'1&1;" £45 B+&4?;" B$#$0570#;" B+&4?;" >+$" 1$&/(A*" #$%&" *+&/&" 058'("1,/*5&//&1"/+$5*/;"!" .'(*"*+&:"($.2"

!" ?($." ,*/" 4$:,(-" 06" *$" /0::&5" 80*" ," 4'(*" 5&/,/*" *+&/&" :,#,*'5)" 8$$*/<" .&'5" *$" ?&&6" )$05" 7&&*" :01" 75&&" '*" 7&/*,%'#/" '(1" 4'55)" $(" .&'5,(-" *+&:" *,##" .&" +,*" *+$/&".,(*&5":$(*+/"'-',(;"

StreEt Style. 2012

Urban Outfitters£40

Page 63.

StreEt Style. 2012

Urban Outfitters Limeade nail polish, £6

JazZ up your loOk this SumMer with some bold finger nails. StreEtStyle has sourced some of the best colours that the high-streEt has to ofFer. Male a bold statement with your nails this season.

Urban Outfitters Parma nail polish, £6

ffe, £6.50 New Look, Nail rock pink gira

New Look, Miss s nail roack valentines, £6.50

Nails in beam, £6

Nails in eclipse, £6

Nails in green, £6,,,,,


!"#$%& #"'()

Page 65.


A handy notepad to jot down alL of your favourite StreEtStyle items ...

Page 66.

StreEt Style. 2012

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