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Rugby The rugby six nations kicked off with a bang, with England beating Wales, 26-19. In the dying minutes of the game, England

RBS Six Nations

made sure to stay on their side of the pitch, Jonny Wilkinson

Fixture Schedule 2011. BBC

scoring a penalty six minutes before the whistle. France vs.

Wales v Eng­ Friday 4th February ­ land ­ 7.45pm ­ Italy v Ire­ Saturday 5th February land ­ 2.30pm ­ France v Saturday 5th February Scotland ­ 5pm Saturda y 12th F ebruary Italy ­ 2 ­ Englan .30pm dv Saturda y 12th F ebruary v Wales ­ Scotla ­ 5pm nd Sunday 13th Feb ruary ­ Ir France ­ eland v 3pm

Italy v ruary ­ 26th Feb y a rd tu a S v .30pm England Wales ­ 2 ebruary ­ F th 6 2 y Saturda d v pm ­ Scotlan France ­ 5 February th 7 2 y a Sund 3pm Ireland ­

Saturday 12th March ­ Italy v Fran ce ­ 2.30pm Saturday 12th March ­ Wales v Irela nd ­ 5pm Sunday 13th March ­ England v Scot land ­ 3pm

Scotland saw France win 34-21 with the French flair returning after a defeat in November against Australia. England vs. Italy was a game to be remembered with an astounding 59-13 win for the English. We saw Chris Ashton score four tries, the first player to score four tries in any six nations championship match. Ireland vs. France saw Ireland lose 22-25 but started strongly getting to half time three points ahead. France only came back stronger with Maxime Medard scoring the winning try. England vs. France saw England triumph 17-9, meaning they could be in with a chance of winning the RBS six nations championship. 2003 is the last time England won, so if they keep up their game you never know. Team manager Johnson said ‘England will not rein back their attacking intent against France just because the game is of such significance,” and they

­ Scotland v Italy ­ Saturday 19th March 2.30pm m ­ Ireland v England ­ 5p Saturday 19th March m 5p 7.4 ­ les Wa v e ­ Franc Saturday 19th March


didn’t rein back. The six nations is seeing some exciting and challenging games, so keep up with games to come and lets see who will rein champions of the 2011 six nations.


The six nations  2011


Lee Brown, 22. Which team do you think will win? Nick Collier, 25. L: Tom Page, 16. Ben T: Gardner, 18 and D: N: Darren Lok talk B: to Sport World Is there an upcoming match you are looking forward to? about their L: views so far on the Six Nations: T: smashed Italy and played a great game.

England, they’re playing well England France

England to win


the six nations and came out and played the best they have so far but unfortunately O’Gara managed to score a drop goal to take Ireland into the lead.

D: England playing well N: How rubbish Ireland is as they still have a good team

B: How good England looks to be honest. And how average Wales have looked.

Besides the top of table clash between England and France it has to be the England v Wales’s game, I will be attending Twickenham to soak up the action

I am looking forward to watching England vs. France on Saturday 26th February as they are the only two teams What team are you supporting in the six nations? in the six nations that have successfully won all of their L: England naturally, I have supported games. them from a young age and have never doubted them. They are a great team. D: England vs. France, hardest game.

T: I am supporting England in the six

nations because I am English and I enjoy the way that they play. They have great discipline and all are very good sportsmen on and off the pitch.

D: England. They work hard and put all there energy into the game and impress me with the end results.

N: Supporting England B: I’m supporting England, my whole

family and friends do, we all get together and have a great day watching and supporting our team.

N: England vs. France going to be huge B: England vs. France. Whoever wins will win the tournament I think

Has anything suprized you? L: Italy’s performance against Ireland

really surprised me; as the underdogs they were in the lead until the dying seconds

T: The biggest surprise for me was when

Italy played Ireland in the first weekend of

What has been your hightlight so far? L: England’s 15 tries and thumping of Italy T: My highlight so far has been when

England beat Italy 59-13, as England didn’t try and show off they just kept to their plan and won comfortably.

D: England beating Wales N: Smashing Italy with lots of tries as it was thought that it was going to be hard

B: England thrashing Italy, it was a great match tries, after tries. Brilliant they



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Tips and Advice


Sexually Transmitted  Diseases,  a  problem  with  the  ex,  Charlotte  Page  is here to help advice and solve these  dilemmas.

Girlfriend and  I  have  been  together  for  over  a  QMy  year  now,  I  do  love  her,  but  we  go  out  in  a  group  and her best friend is always there. She makes me  laugh, she’s gorgeous and I look forward to seeing  her. I don’t want to do anything because it will hurt  my girlfriend, but there’s a part of me that wants to  be honest? situation  is  a  sticky  one  and  the  only  advice  AThis  I  can  give  is  to  go  with  your  instincts.  However,  chances are as your girlfriends best mate she isn’t  likely to risk her friendship for you.  If you are having  feelings for somebody else maybe you are not fully  happy in your relationship. However being attracted  to someone else is only natural, it could only be a  short­term thing, this does not mean you are in love  with them. I hope this helps and you make the right  decision.


February 2011


QRecently I have missed my ex girlfriend, we split up  almost  three  months  ago  so  I  should  have  moved  on,  but  I  can’t.  So  many  things  remind  me  of  her  and when they do I feel lonely. We had a great re­ lationship  but  fought  all  the  time  so  would  it  be  a  good  idea  to  get  myself  back  into  it  again?  Would  she want to be with me again?

"()' "*' +' ,-.+)$"%/0$1' 2"(' 3$..' +.3+2/' 4%5' A!"#$%&' things remind  you  of  them,  but  if  the  relationship 

Tips and Advice ended and you knew it was best for the both of you,  <340?% (9-.$% 3-2% $34#% )-.'/% (55*)$% ,-."% "*'($4-0#34&+% you should try and stick it out, as it does get easier.  are you ready to make such a commitment so soon?  You should absolutely talk to your ex about the way  There is no harm in waiting to see how things devel­ you  are  feeling,  you  need  to  know  where  she  is  in  -&%-8*"%$4:*6%<('?%$-%,-."%;4"'5"4*0/%$-%!0/%-.$%23($% this situation because if the feeling is mutual you may  would be best for the both of you. be able to work through it, but think about it carefully  because there was a reason why you broke up in the  !"#$%&'()*+%,-.%/-01$%2(0$%$3*%&(#$%$-%"*&*($%4$#*'56 lot  of  the  lads  talk  about  their  visits  to  the  clinic,  QA I use protection every time but feel I should go and 

I really fancy my Girlfriend and enjoy having sex with  Q her but more often than not I can’t get an erection, it’s  really  affecting  our  relationship.  Is  there  something  wrong with me?

This is something you need to get checked out, the  A check  myself  out,  is  this  necessary  as  I’ve  heard  it  easiest way would be to go to your GP and ask them 


isn’t the best experience for men?

AGoing to a Sexual Heath Clinic is always important,  condoms can split and oral sex can give you an STI. 

for advice with which they will offer you a consultation  $-%!0/%-.$%45%$3*"*%4#%(0,%:*/4)('%)-0/4$4-0%$3($%:(,% be causing your erectile dysfunction. Another possi­

It’s a  necessity  to  get  checked  out.  Depending  on  bility may be that you are simply nervous and need  how sexually active you are, you should visit a clinic  to relax. every three months. A lot of what you hear can be ru­ mours, so don’t be put off by the horror stories you’ve  been told. My advice would be to go and get yourself  checked,  it’s  not  unbearable  and  easier  than  being  kicked in the balls!

I was showering at the gym the other day and looked  Q around and noticed that my penis was considerably  smaller  than  any  of  the  other  guys  in  there.  I  have  never  seen  it  as  a  problem  and  have  had  no  com­ plaints! Should I be concerned or is this normal?

A lot of men have the same insecurities about their  Q7%3(8*%9**0%24$3%:,%;4"'5"4*0/%5-"%$2-%,*("#+%#3*%3(#% A just told me that she is pregnant. I do want kids in the  &*04#% #4@*+% 4$% 4#% 0-$340>% $-% 2-"",% (9-.$6% <3*% #4@*% -5% future  but  I  am  not  ready  yet,  I  feel  awful  and  don’t  your penis does not make you any better or any worse  want to tell her because I don’t know what her reac­

in the bedroom. My advice would be not to compare 

tion will be?

yourself to other men and be happy with yourself and 

A<34#%4#%(%#4$.($4-0%-0',%,-.%)(0%/*)4/*+%,-.%24''%0**/% to be  sensitive  to  her  feelings  because  she  will  be 

what you’ve got. Don’t worry you are absolutely nor­ mal!

feeling extremely confused herself and need the sup­ port from you. Sitting down with her and discussing  what’s best for the both of you is extremely important,  and the decision you make is life changing either way.

QI have  never  been  the  type  to  have  a  serious  rela­

tionship but things have changed. I’m in love with my  girlfriend and want to take things to the next level by  asking her to move in with me. I know it’s a big move  but is it the right one? I don’t want to scare her off,  as she is someone I see myself being with for a long  time.

40% 24$3% (% &("$0*"% 4#% (% 94>% #$*&% $-% $(?*+% ,-.% A=-840>% need to know that your Girlfriend is on the same level. 


February 2011



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fondest memories, lying on a beach with a new group of friends; sight seeing and experiencing different cultures, the only thing to ruin this incredible experience is if you forgot to pack your camera! The importance is significant. Be organised, put everything into piles so you know what you have and haven’t got. Use the list above to help, tick each one as you go along to be sure. Remember you don’t need to pack everything, leave as much as you can at home, travelling is not paradise and lugging around home comforts will only slow you down. So we know the essentials, the only thing left is to get out there, have an amazing experience and enjoy yourselves!

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tBackpack: (Big enough to fit everything in!)You will be wearing this backpack everyday so be sure to buy the best. tEssential Clothes: T-shirts, trousers, shorts, jumpers, underwear (a weeks worth), boots, flip flops, raincoat and a hat. tToiletries: Stick to the essentials; shampoo and conditioner, toothbrush and toothpaste, brush and deodorant. tFinances, documents: Cash, card and any travel checks, airline tickets, visas, accommodation bookings, guides, photo ID. tFirst Aid Kit: Plasters, savlon, pain relief, water purification tablets, cough medicine, insect repellent, tissues and any other form of aid that you use personally. tValuables: Sunglasses, camera, mobile phone and PASSPORT! tOther basics: Eating utensils, torch, sleeping bag, sleeping mat, mosquito netting, travel alarm clock, lock and don’t forget your travel adaptor! Packing is of the upmost importance, without your backpack and essentials you won’t get past passport control!


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Robert Reid joins us to talk about Lonely Planet‘s new book - THE TRAVEL BOOK takes readers around the world with stunning photos and a unique perspective. RRP £29.99 (

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!"#$%$&%'&%()$"%*&+,% -&.)/0%1"&20 %#.,&#'3

t(FU IPME PG ZPVS OFUXPSL QSPWJEFS and ask: Is my phone enabled for international roaming? (It can take up to three weeks for them to process this, make sure you leave enough time!) Ask them what they charge, give specifics on the places you will be visiting, make sure you know for sure as they can change at short notice. Finally ask whether your handset will work in the places you are visiting, some phones do not work in all countries. t"MXBZTSFBEUIFTNBMMQSJOU ZPVOFFE t'SPNUIFTU+VMZ6,USBWFMMFST to know whether you will be charged for in the EU are protected by the new EU incoming calls, also check the price of roaming regulation. So set yourself a limit texts delivered and received. so you can’t go over and waste money. The roaming regulation means you don’t get charged for listening to voicemails! To find out more go to, information_society/activities/roaming/ regulation/index_en.htm#new_rules

4#.5 is a great site to look at before travelling abroad, you can click on the countries you will visit and it will tell you about the vaccinations you have to get, It’s as easy as that, the hard part is braving the needles!


t(FU UIF CFTU EFBM ZPV DBO  BTL ZPVS network providers whether they have packages on offer specifically for travellers. t*GZPVBSFUSBWFMMJOHUPPOFDPVOUSZJUT easier to buy as SIM card on arrival, it will only work there and you can top it up as you please. t5BLFXJUIZPVBOJOUFS national electrical adaptor. t"TLZPVSQSPWJEFSUIFOVNCFSUPEJBM to use international roaming. t"EEUPPVSQIPOFMJTUUIFOVNCFSPG the British Embassy, high commission or consulate in the country you are visiting, your hotel/hostel number and tour guide. t'PS TFDVSJUZ KPU EPXO UIF NPCJMFT serial number, your phone number and you operator’s customer services.

JAN/FEB 2011


Everyone has made the mistake of using there phone abroad, arriving home to find a £200 phone bill is not something you want to happen. Here are some pointers to follow so you can relax with the thought of phoning home without blowing the money saved for the trip.

Work 2011  
Work 2011  

These are designs/content that i did in a project where we had to create DPS for an editor of their own magazines.