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Marketing System Session For Shops


What Is Our Product?

• Based on diaries write down % of each product category our customers enquire about • What are our opportunities to sell more product? • How do we present this product to our customers?


What Are Our Guarantees?

• Do we live by and implement all our guarantees? • Do they fit with our shop positioning and USP?


What Is Our USP?

• What services or products that we offer our customers are unique to us? • Do they set us apart from our competition • Do our sales people fit with our positioning and USP?

STEP 10.

Our Goals

• What is the shop profit, enquiry, commission and $ per file goals? • Where do we sit in the marketplace? • Do we want to change and if so how?

STEP 11.

Customer Retention & Acquisition

• What can we do to keep our customers and to get them to refer people to us? • How can we improve the shop walk-in enquiry and conversion? • How do we attract new customers?

STEP 12.

Shop Presentation

• What can we do to make our shop and front of shop more inviting and attractive so people want to walk-in? • What service standards do we have to ensure customers have an excellent initial and ongoing impression of us?

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